Your Professional Glass processing Manufacturer
Your Professional Glass processing Manufacturer
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Custom Glass Manufacturing and Printing Solutions Partner

We are a one-stop shop for glass processing and printing solutions. From glass raw material selection to a completed glass processing product, you can count on us. Specializing in custom glass manufacturing, we excel in crafting bespoke shapes, color printing, and advanced surface treatments.

Custom precision glass can be used for Smart Wearable Devices, Smart Home Devices, Digital Cameras, Security Cameras, Smartphone Covers, Display Screens, Smart switches, 3C Products, Medical equipment, etc.

Glass Surface Treatment and Custom Edges Processing Solutions for Your Business

As a professional glass processing manufacturer, SXET can also design for you if you don’t have a drawing, give us your idea or a sample, and we are going to design a drawing for you for reference. Then start to make a sample for the quality test.

We offer fully customized surface treatments, like as Anti-reflective Coating, Anti-glare Etching, Optical Coating, ITO Coating, Aluminum Coating, Gold Coating, Chromium Coating, etc. Meanwhile, we can do custom edges as per your request, such as 2.5D RoundedEdge, 3D Rounded Edge, Curved Edge, Stepped Edge, etc.





Types of Custom Glass We Offer

Phone glass

SXET is skilled in producing glass material for your smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, electronics, etc! We’re the top phone glass manufacturing company in the whole of China so you don’t have anything to worry about!

Custom glass lens

SXET can be your go-to glass manufacturing company in China if you need any type of glass lens. We can create and produce custom lens glass products to how you need them!

Screen printing glass

We’re skilled, experienced, and adept in performing silk screen glass printing processes to what you need. Unlike other glass fabrication manufacturers, SXET will neither be late nor be delayed in producing the silk screen glass units that you need!

Gorilla glass 3

Custom gorilla glass one-stop solutions with over 12 years of experience, we’re able to create a specific Gorilla Glass shape for your needs. Selecting corning gorilla glass thickness from 0.33 mm to 2mm.

Camera glass

Should you be involved in the business of selling mobile devices like smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and even webcams, computer monitors, laptops, and the like, you’ll need good-quality camera glass for it.

Curved glass sheet

SXET can be your go-to curved glass supplier or manufacturer, wherever you are in the world! You can get an order of the curved glass that you need for car displays, smartphones cover, electronics, security products, and more.


AG glass

SXET is skilled and capable of producing AG or anti-glare glass for display and design applications. You can make use of the anti-glare glass you’ll be purchasing from us for all different purposes such as for monitors, mobile devices, billboards, kiosks, ATMs, and many more!

Non reflective glass

We’re not just limited to producing AG or anti-glare glass – we can also be your go-to manufacturer of anti-reflective glass!


Optical glass

Should you be in the business of creating lenses for cameras, eyeglasses, or even security devices, SXET can create the optical glass that you need for it, too! We can create and produce custom shapes and forms for it, too!


Your Reliable Glass Factory in China

As a leading glass supplier in China, we excel in fabricating high-quality glass series products to meet your unique needs. With robust custom production capabilities, we can create custom glass in any shape you desire.
Focusing on precision glass processing since 2009, SXET brings over 12 years of experience to seamlessly meet your special requirements. Utilizing the most advanced machinery, we guarantee the production of high-quality glass products.
Devoted to providing ultimate and premium glass fabrication and manufacturing services globally, we are adept, skilled, and experienced in producing OEM glass products for businesses in industries that demand excellence. Entrust us with all your glass fabrication and production needs, including CNC glass machining, Laser cutting, Water jet cutting, CNC drilling, laser drilling, edge polishing, adhesive and glass bonding, and more!

Glass Manufacturing Capabilities

Glass CNC Cutting/Laser Cutting

Glass CNC Machining

This glass manufacturing process involves the cutting of the glass using CNC machinery. CNC glass cutting is usually the first step in any glass processing and glass manufacturing method.

SXET is also skilled and capable of performing laser cutting to produce precise and accurate custom glass products for your business


CNC Glass Drilling/Laser Drilling

Glass laser cutting

CNC drilling, on the other hand, is the process done to produce a series of holes in the glass product. It’s usually done so that it goes and fits well to the machine or the device you’ll be using it for.

Other than CNC glass drilling, we can also help you if you require laser drilling for your glass products.

The Min hole is 0.1mm, processed by laser machinery or CNC machinery, all edges are smooth. Through holes or Concave/blind holes are available.

Glass Silk Screen Printing

Color Printing

Silk screen printing has been deemed as the most common and the most used procedure for printing on glass surfaces or glass products. Any colors printed are available, just give us your drawings, such as DWG, PDF or DXF, and so on.

Edge Cutting

Glass CNC Grinding

Depending on the type of edge you want, we have all the needed procedures to create and come up with the specific glass edge you’re looking for. such as 2.5D, 3D, beveled edge, stepped edge, and so on.

Surface Finished


Anti-reflective coating(AR coating), Anti-glare Coating(AG Etching), Anti-fingerprinting coating(AF coating), Optical Coating, ITO Coating, Aluminum Coating, etc.

Adhesive Bonding

Adhesive bonding

3M glue/tape&OCA glue bonding, another adhesive is available

A wide variety of glass materials to choose.

Glass material

Gorilla glass/Corning gorilla glass, AGC glass, Schott glass, Dragontrail glass, Quartz glass, Float glass, and more.


Chemical Strengthening

Glass Chemically Tempering

Just like heat tempering, chemical strengthening is a process done in order to strengthen and make the glass more durable.

Expert Glass Fabrication, Over 12 Years of Experience in OEM Order Service

Manufacturing Capability

With more than 12 years of experience in glass processing, we can do any glass for your projects. All glass is processed by advanced CNC machinery, any glass shape is available. We can do up or down 0.05mm tolerance, it is up to your request.

We can offer you Float glass, Gorilla glass, AGC glass, Float glass, Quartz glass raw material, etc. We are going to use a type of raw glass material for your products, it depends on your special needs.

Custom Edge Cutting

Several customization options that our customers can choose including:

2.5D edge

3D edge

Stepped edge

Beveled edge

Custom edge cutting is available

How to Get a Custom Glass From SXET glass?

Give us your design drawing or samples. We can also design for you if you don’t have a drawing

Samples for confirmation

Order processing



Glass Processing Workshop

CNC Machining
CNC manufacturing
Silkscreen printing workshop
Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning
Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning workshop

Send us Your Inquiry


    What’s your MOQ?

    Our MOQ is 10 pieces.


    Can I visit your factory?

    Welcome to visit our factory in Shenzhen China. Fly to Shenzhen, we will pick you up, just need about 30 minutes by driving.

    What’s your lead time?

    For samples, the lead time is 11 days, for bulk orders, the lead time is 9-12 working days after receiving the deposit.

    How to package?

    Wooden case or carton box packing to assure safe shipping.

    Can you do samples for reference?

    Samples for free, you just need to pay samples charge for custom samples with special need.

    Can you design for us?

    Yes, we can design a drawing for you for reference. Just give us your idea or a picture, we can do a complete drawing for you.

    What glass material you can choose?

    We can offer you a wide range of glass materials, such as float glass, Schott Glass, AGC Glass, Gorilla Glass, Dragontrail Glass, even Panda Glass, etc.


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