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In the manufacturing of 3D glass, SXET has been the most trusted by businesses and companies like you from all across the globe! 

For many years, our wide selection of 3D glasses here at SXET has undergone progressive improvement and development to further suffice all of your requirements. Whether you need it for its appearance and aesthetics for your products to be unique, if you want it for its strength and durability, or for the transparency it has, SXET’s 3D glasses will definitely cater to your needs.

3D glass

SXET is a professional 3D glass manufacturer that can supply 3D glass with different thicknesses( 0.4mm – 6mm), colors, sizes, and adhesive bonding.

3D tempered glass

SXET is a professional 3D tempered glass factory that can produce different shapes of 3D tempered glass for your projects.

Custom 3D glass

SXET is a professional 3D glass manufacturer that focuses on custom 3D glass deep processing, with more than 12 year+ of experience for OEM service, we could be flexible with any order, no matter big your order is.

3D curved glass

SXET is a leading 3D curved glass manufacturer,  we have been in the glass deep-processing field since 2009.  We can fabricate custom 3d curved glass for your projects.

3D glass cut to size

SXET is an expert 3D glass manufacturer, we can cut 3D glass to size for your needs. We can offer you different 3D glass with different thicknesses, includes color printing, adhesive bonding, and any more.

Curved glass for watch

3D glass has been widely used in consumer electronics like mobile phones and laptops, watch, smart wristbands as well as appliances like televisions and display screens, too!

The Leading 3D Glass Manufacturer and Supplier - SXET

You can take advantage of all the features and benefits of SXET’s 3D glass! You can purchase the 3D glass that we offer here at SXET in many different colors. 

From the regular transparent to Bronze, Euro or Dark Grey, Dark Green – even Dark Blue or Ford Blue, we’ll work it out to get the exact specifications of the 3D glass you need! 

Your orders of 3D glass can be within the range of 0.4 mm to 6 mm. The best part about that is you can customize and specify the edging of the 3D glass for your needs! You can have a stepped edge, a beveled edge, or even 2D, 2.5D edges! 

SXET’s 3D glasses are something you’ll never be able to see elsewhere as you can choose to have it undergo an ultrasonic bath to make sure that it’s free from all unnecessary dirt, dust, and debris. 

You can get SXET’s 3D glasses that are almost 5 times stronger than regular float glass. In addition to that, you can expect that your 3D glasses will have temperature resistance properties that reach up to 200 degrees Celsius. SXET’s curved glasses also have weather and scratch-resistant features, which will be for your overall benefit. 

The 3D glasses you can get from us have safety features, too! These features are the things that can help you avoid accidents and dangers. Overall, you can order custom 3D glasses from SXET that’s specific and accurate to your business needs! 

3D glass has been widely used in the consumer electronics like mobile phones and laptops, as well as appliances like televisions and LCD screens, too! 

And out of the many 3D glass suppliers in the market, SXET is the best because:  

  • We offer affordable and competitive rates and prices for all our products 
  • We can help you in any shape of the 3D glass you need! 
  • Adhesive bonding and hole drilling can be applied and performed 
  • Lead time takes only 7 to 12 days 
  • We offer eco-friendly products and services! 
  • We can produce color-printed 3D glasses specific for your business needs 

SXET’s 3D glass will be more than just added aesthetics to your devices! 

In case you’re wondering where you can get the best glass products, purchase SXET’s 3D glass and never face disappointment ever again! 

Dial us or send us an inquiry via the contact form on our website and get a free estimate of the orders and products you need! 

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3D Glass – The Complete FAQ Guide

3D glass is one of the many trends in today’s consumer electronics and smart devices. What started as the evolution of television quickly dominated the smartphone and the smartwatch market.

While many people are left not educated about what 3D glass is, this guide will be your complete guide in figuring it out.

We’ll not just focus on what it is and how it can help you – we’ll also talk about its future appearance in the market.

Is 3D Glass the Same as Bent Glass?

3D glass, curved glass, bent glass – they’re all the same.

3D glass

Image of how a small 3D curved glass looks like

The label “3D glass” has been approved because its appearance is seen in three (3) different angles and dimensions.

So, if you’re starting in the glass industry and you encounter 3D glass, don’t think about the 3D glasses kids use in movies! Don’t be confused about what it really is!

Difference Between 2.5D and 3D Curved Glass

We know that 2-dimensional or 2D glass or screens are the regular screens we have.

Custom 3D glass2.5D glass

3D curved glass                                                                               2.5D glass

They are flat and they do not have any type of curved design; so what is 2.5D glass?

The 2.5D curved glass is a type of glass that’s mostly used in the smartphone industry. What this simply means is that the edge of the screen has a slightly curve design. But, the primary body is still flat; it’s just the edges somehow warped at a certain angle.

3D curved glass, on the other hand, is the type of glass where you see the body is warped and curved at an angle, too.

Unlike 2.5D glass, the main length also follows the bend – it’s not just slightly bent on the edges. This is what differentiates 2.5D curved glass from the 3D or the bent glass that we know.

How Much Does 3D Glass Cost?

Finding our how much 3D glass costs requires a simple three-step process, and that involves:

Step 1: Finding a Manufacturer

Before you ask the price, it is important to find the manufacturer to work with.

Here in China, there’s no other trusted 3D glass supplier but us at SXET. We’ve been the leading 3D glass wholesaler in and around the country. We mostly supply businesses in the electronics sector such as televisions, laptops, screens and monitors, smartwatches, mobile phones, etc.

So you found a manufacturer, the next step is to tell them about the product you need.

Step 2: Specifying the Product Needed

Manufacturers have a lot of businesses on their plate. So, being specific with what you need will help you.

Be accurate with the type of 3D glass you’re looking to get, the size you want to purchase, etc.

Step 3: Asking For a Free Quote

After finalizing all of those – it’s time for a quote! Most, if not all 3D glass suppliers offer free estimates and quotations to their clients.

Don’t be afraid to ask because probably, you’re not the only one asking. There you have it! You now have the rate or the budget you need for the volume of 3D glass your business requires.

This is actually the best and the most effective approach. Should you see a different rate online, you might be attached to that rate and forget about other factors involved.

Different type of glass' edge

2D glass vs 2.5D glass vs 3D glass


Is a 3D Glass Expensive?

Generally speaking, though, 3D curved glass can be quite pricey compared to regular glass. Because of its versatility and its diversity in the market, you’ll find it as the type of glass most manufacturers yearn to have.

So, if you plan on using 3D curved glass on your manufactured products, you need to be prepared for the rates and the prices because it’ll be more costly than how much you were spending with flat and regular glass.

What Can a 3D Glass Do?

Different shape of 3D glass

Different shapes and forms of 3D glass

Well-formed 3D glass can give you quite a few benefits and advantages, and they are:

Better Strength and Durability

If you think that the idea behind 3D glass is just for aesthetics or physical reasons, it’s not. One of the assistances that 3D glass can give you is stronger units and more durable glasses.

As a matter of fact, 3D glass can also help in minimizing deflection.


Of course, nothing beats the main reason why people purchase 3D glass – for physical and aesthetic reasons.

Apart from the fact that it’s seen as a unique type of material, you will also be in awe of the smoothness, beauty, and flexibility of the design.


And lastly, the advantage that you can get in choosing 3D glass is its ability to allow natural light to pass through it. Unlike straight-cut glass, 3D glass can bounce the light off of its edges, allowing it to travel throughout the surface.

And while you think all of these are simple, they actually have significant effects in the areas and industries where 3D glass is used.

Is 3D Glass Strong?

Yes, 3D glass is strong and is shock-resistant. Because of the procedure on how it’s manufactured, its strength is comparable to that of annealed and heat-treated glass.

This is actually the main reason why it’s one of the options for the display of electronic devices and gadgets.

What is 3D Glass Used For?

Because of its specialized functionalities, you can find many uses and applications for curved or 3D glass.

Curved glass for MP4 display

3D glass for MP4 and other screens and displays

It’s widely used in a couple of sectors and industries such as the residential industry, engineering, and architectural industry, as well as the marine, and military industry.

However, the top industry that uses 3D glass is the electronics industry. It is the type of glass widely used for the display screens of mobile phones, smartwatches, televisions, laptop screens and monitors, cameras, etc.

Thanks to its developed properties, such as shock and impact resistance, and its heightened strength properties, it found its way and is now used in every industry that we know of.

Why is 3D Glass Popular in Smartphones and Other Digital Devices?

Over the course of a few years, many mobile phone giants and manufacturers found and figured out that bending or curving the edges of the screen increases the aesthetics of the device.

3D glass for smartphone

Example of a 3D glass application on a smartphone

It does not only give you that sophisticated look, but it also gives off this pleasing and refreshing feeling that the edges wouldn’t be a hindrance when you perform activities on your device.

If you think that it’s all because of the aesthetics, it’s not.

As a matter of fact, many users have claimed that the transformation of screens from regular 2D – to 2.5D – and eventually 3D curved glass had a tremendous effect on their experience.

Is 3D Curved Glass Easy on the Eyes?

Based on a study done by Samsung, having curves on a display screen like a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or television is a lot easier on the eyes compared to the conventional flat screen we have been used to.

As a matter of fact, it’s even better the bigger and the larger it gets! It’s not only aesthetically-pleasing, but you can also find it easier and more convenient to use, too!

How Do You Measure 3D Glass?

The different labels on how you can measure 3D glass

Unlike measuring regular 2D glass where you have to look for the width and the length, 3D glass involves a more complex process because of the “curve.”

Understanding Terms

In measuring 3D glass, it is imperative that you know a few terms that will help you in measuring 3D glass:

  • Radius – The radius is the distance from the exact center of the circle to the circumference.
  • Circumference – The perimeter of the cylindrical shape or of the circle; which is also the distance around the circle; and
  • Diameter – The straight singular line that passes through the center of the circle; its endpoints must lie within the circle.

The process of measuring or computing the size of 3D glass is never done in just one step, unlike how you would measure straight glass. In fact, you would need to do it in different parts and segments.

All circles are 360 degrees. So, for instance, if it involves ¼ of the circle, then you have a measurement of 90 degrees.

What You Need to Get For Measurement

What’s involved in measuring 3D glass would be the thickness, the chord, the height, and the depth of the curve.

The chord is the line segment between any two (2) points on the curve. The depth is the length between what the highest point of the curve is and the chord. Lastly, the angle is measured via the degrees of the bend.

Once you have all of these in check, then you will be able to measure the 3D glass that you have!

How Is 3D Curved Glass Made and Manufactured?

The creation of the manufacturing process of 3D glass involves the creation of the glass first.

Inspection procedure in the manufacturing of 3D glass

But, to help you with a more detailed solution, here’s how the process usually goes:

Glass Creation

How would you be able to create 3D curved glass without glass? So, the very first step in the creation or the manufacturing of 3D glass is to make sure that you have the glass with you!

It’ll be hard to create 3D glass without a glass, wouldn’t it?

CNC Cutting

When the glass is ready, the glass is then cut and formed to the most appropriate size and shape. For instance, if you want a rectangular 2.5D glass for a screen or a monitor, then the glass will specifically be cut for this purpose.

Glass CNC Machining

The usage of CNC is employed for better, more accurate, cleaner, and higher quality cuts.

Molding and Engraving

After the right size and dimensions are achieved, the next step is to mold and engrave the glass. Engraving is the procedure that’ll help you take care of the margins that are unnecessary.

Then, using a metal with a mold or a cut-up surface (depending on your shape or form), the glass is placed over it before it enters the fourth step, which is…

Hot Bending Process

When the temperature reaches a certain point, the glass will start to melt and liquefy.

For a few minutes, you have to allow it to take on what your real desired shape is before you take it out.

Cooling and Cleaning

It’s now in the 2.5D or the 3D shape you want it to be. You release it from the kiln or from the furnace and you allow it to cool via the air only.

Using chemicals and other types of external artificial sources can bring more bad than good.

Then, ultrasonic washing or other types of washing is employed and performed to rid the glass off of impurities and other substances that are unnecessary.

Polishing and Chemical Strengthening

Polishing the newly manufactured #d glass involves the grinding of edges to achieve dimensional requirements, grinding of the surface, as well as rounding of the edges.

Glass Chemically Tempering

Glass chemically strengthened

Should you have any other type of polishing procedure, you can apply it to this process. The chemical strengthening part will be the process that would reinforce your 3D curved glass, improving all of the properties that it has such as strength, toughness, durability, malleability, etc.

If you initially thought that the creation of 3D glass would involve sophisticated and high-end materials, then you’re wrong! This is usually how 3D curved glass is made.

However, there are 3D curved glass manufacturers that employ the use of computer numerically controlled or CNC machines for the shaping, curving, heat treatment, annealing, and tempering of the glass.

What are the Sizes of 3D Glass You Can Purchase?

The sizes of 3D glass will depend on what your manufacturer is capable of. But, here at SXET, we like to keep it at the figure where we’re comfortable.

We can help you in producing 3D glass that is within the thickness of 0.4 mm to 6 mm and a size of 345 mm x 435 mm, with the minimum size being 3 mm in diameter.

Are There Custom 3D or Bent Glass?

More often than not, 3D curved glass is purchased in the custom needs and requirements of clients.

Custom-designed 3D curved glass

It is seldom that clients purchase pre-made 3D glass, so yes; you can actually purchase custom or specialized 3D glasses that your business needs and requires.

General Features of 3D Curved Glass

The key benefits of using 3D curved glass in the display and electronics sector is dependent on the manufacturer.

Curved glass for phone cover

However, the general features that 3D glass can get you are:

  • Higher impact strength and developed damage resistance
  • Superior aesthetics and design
  • Better chemical durability
  • Higher levels of light transmission

Can You Laminate 3D Glass?

Yes, you can ask your 3D glass manufacturer or supplier to laminate the 3D glass that you plan on ordering.

Laminating 3D curved glass helps and assists in increasing some of its properties, which include moisture resistance, heat resistance, durability, as well as wear and scratch resistance.

Is 3D Glass Scratch Proof?

This particular property or trait will already depend on the finishing of the curved glass.

If you can remember the procedure on how 3D glass is made above, then you will see in the final step that there’s what we call “finishing.” This is the procedure where all the additives to the glass will be made.

To give a concrete example, the finishing procedure of Gorilla Glass is ion-exchange, and it’s where the glass is submerged into a large potassium-sodium salt bath. While in the process, bigger-sized potassium ions (from the bath), migrate and move into the surface of the glass (replacing the original smaller sodium ions).

So, if the glass has been treated and finished with the most appropriate coating, then you can expect your 3D curved glass to be scratch resistant – or even scratch proof.

3D Curved Glass Designs

While 3D glass is taking over the electronics or the smartphone market, many people think that it’s the end when it comes to designs.

Different types of glass dimensions

But, in reality, the designs for 3D curved glass on smartphones and other electronic devices are limitless. There will always be newer and more updated 3D glass designs for mobile phones, televisions, laptops, tablets, and even smartwatches.

Is 3D Curved Glass Annealed?

More often than not, 3D curved glass is annealed and is quenched to strengthen and improve all of the desirable properties it has.

In case you don’t know what annealing is, it simply is the process of heat-treating glass at a certain temperature and cooled back down again.

The purpose is simple – and it is to decrease levels of hardness (reduce brittleness), increase ductility and malleability, eliminate stress, improve bending and strength, and so on.

Can You Trust Chinese 3D Glass Suppliers?

Most of the 3D glass suppliers in the market get from no other place but here in China for all their products and assemblies.

The notion of Chinese manufacturers just producing low-quality products isn’t true. As a matter of fact, it is even the other way around.

Many businesses and companies from North and South America, from Europe, Africa – and other parts of the globe will tell you that Chinese 3D glass products are just up to no good. They do this so that you’ll choose them instead of us! When actually, they got their products from China!

There are many Chinese 3D curved glass manufacturers in the industry that needs to be brought into the market.

Why Trust Chinese 3D Glass Wholesalers

There are many different reasons why you should consider working with a Chinese 3D glass supplier, like us here at SXET.

Of course, there’ll be reasons that are more superior than others:

Better Profitability

What do you get when you work with a Chinese manufacturer? – Low prices. It’s inevitable, whatever to look for and wherever you go, Chinese manufacturers and suppliers will always have better rates and prices.

Apart from the highly affordable workforce in the country, supplies and materials are also abundant, which, all the more, adds up to the reasons why almost everything is cheap.

Wider Product Range

Did you know that most innovations start from Chinese manufacturers? – And did you know that the idea of placing 3D glass in devices came from China?

Lower, cheaper, and more affordable prices aren’t the only benefit you can get – you’ll also have higher chances of being the FIRST to introduce various products in the country you are in!

Less Risk   

With a Chinese 3D glass supplier, there’ll always be less risk involved, and it’s because of the lower-than-the-usual startup fee!

You will never consider your experiences to be put at such a high risk when you work with a Chinese 3D glass manufacturing company like us here at SXET!

Which Chinese 3D Glass Manufacturer Should You Work With?

For more than a decade, SXET has been specializing in multiple glass panes.

From regular flat and 2D glass panes, we developed and transformed our business and went onto 3D curved glass panes as well as other types of glass like anti-reflective glass, non-glare glass – and so on!

Compared to other 3D glass manufacturers, SXET is employed with the best, the most skilled, and the most experienced engineers and workers in the glass creation industry – some of which even started manually turning and rotating globs of molten glass!

Why is SXET the Best 3D Glass Supplier in the Market Today

Since 2009, we here at SXET have been focused on the production of high-quality glass. All of the 3D glass we produce and manufacture here at SXET are used by world-renowned businesses and corporations.

If you find yourself in need of a 3D glass manufacturer, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Whether it’s 2D, 2.5D, or 3D curved glass – to chemically strengthened glass, stepped glass, curved glass, or etched-surface glass, SXET will be an email or a call away.

Apart from the wide array of available products we have, you can also bank and count on us to help you with whatever type of finishing you need! Whether you need anti-reflective (AR) or anti-glare (AG) coating, or if you require an anti-fingerprint (AF) finish, we’re ready to help!

Get world-class quality OEM products and services without fearing the cost and the rate. Dial us or shoot us an email and we will work to give you the best and the most competitive rates and prices within 8 hours!

What is SXET’s MoQ of 3D Glass?

Unlike other 3D curved glass wholesalers, we here at SXET would not pressure you into purchasing. In fact, we can specify and customize your orders – from the type and kind of 3D glass you want to the number of orders you need!

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