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SXET is a professional one-stop manufacturer for all requirements and needs businesses have with AG glass. We’re offering many different types and varieties of glass to businesses worldwide!

If you’re looking for anti-glare glass that’s etched to decrease the levels of glare and reflection you’re just on the right page!

AG Glass Cut to Size as per Your Requirement

Roughness: 0.04um – 3um, Gloss: 10-140

Transmittance: 5%-91%, Haze: 2%-70%

Custom AG glass

SXET is a professional AG glass manufacturer, we can do any custom AG glass as your demand. With more than 12 years of experience in OEM service, we can meet any order for your need.

Anti glare glass

SXET is an expert manufacturer in China, we can do color silk screen printing on glass, AG glass can be used for TV, LED, LCD display screen, etc.

Anti glare lens

We can cut ag glass panel to any size and silk-screen printing on ag glass as per your needs. SXET glass can do 0.33mm -6mm thickness AG glass for your projects.

Custom anti glare glass

As a professional ag glass supplier in China with over 12 years of experience, we can make custom ag glass for computers, TV, touch screen, etc

Anti glare tempered glass

SXET is a professional ag glass factory, with over 12 years of experience focusing on OEM order service, we can cut ag tempered glass to any size as per your request.

AG glass panel

At SXET, we can do any AG glass sheet for your projects, Custom shape, color printing, holes drilling, and so on.

AG Glass One-stop Solution and Manufacturer

If you’re looking to resell or distribute SXET’s AG Glass, you can contact us, too! From pre-made glass panels and custom panels, AG and AR glass – to Corning Gorilla Glass, we will never disappoint you!

Wherever you are in the world, you can definitely trust us and our lineup of products for your needs. Just like hundreds of other businesses in and around the country, you can trust us to help you produce the AG glass you need!

The pros and the advantages of choosing SXET’s AG Glass include:

  • Flexibility and versatility in usage and application
  • Wide range of sizes and dimensions
  • Many colors and hues are available
  • Translucency and transparency are customizable depending on your needs and wants
  • We use CNC machines to produce and manufacture the glasses

The wide variations of our AG Glass are flexible and diversified!

Apart from being used in the shower, you can also choose SXET’s AG Glass for other applications and uses, some of which include, but are not limited to:

  • TV & Advertising display
  • For display screen
  • Cars, trains, and aviation vehicles, and mediums
  • For glass sheets
  • And many more!

Call us or fill out the contact form we have and we’ll send a free quotation your way!

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AG Glass – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

AG Glass has been part of the most in-demand products in the glass industry. Because of its properties, a lot of businesses and organizations saw their importance in the market.

This sparked a ton of viable applications for AG glass in the glass industry. And currently, there are hundreds to thousands of AG glass suppliers roaming in the market.

Should you be unsure of what AG glass is, don’t worry – we got you!

Today, we’ll talk about what AG or anti-glare glass is. But, apart from that, we’ll also help and assist you in terms of understanding where you can find the best AG glass wholesalers in the market.

What is AG Glass?

AG Glass, short for anti-glare glass, is a type of glass that is used in electronics for the aid and the assistance of visual performance. The texture brought about by the anti-glaring property produces a frosted, kind of blurry surface. This is exactly the texture that’s needed to keep light from bouncing and reacting with the glass surface.

This is an image of what AG or Anti-Glare Glass looks like

To help you with a more concrete example, say you need to use the ATM; and it’s about noon until the afternoon. While you’re using the ATM, you’re not clearly seeing the display because of the light from the sun. That means, that machine does not have AG glass installed.

AG glass

From its term alone, this type of glass prevents glaring, which enables the user experience to be better.

What’s the Difference Between AG Glass and AR Glass?

People think that AR glass and AG glass are the same – but, they’re actually far and different from each other.

The image on the right is with AR glass; while the one on the left is soda-lime glass

To help you understand it better, AG glass is a type of glass that helps you avoid and prevent glare by diffusing its surface.

AR Glass, or anti-reflective glass, on the other hand, is a type of glass that’s coated on either one (1) or two (2) sides. The purpose of the optical coating on AR glass is to increase the transmission of light and remove reflections.

AR glass VS AG glass

Here are the differences between these types of glasses:

How to Identify Them

To be able to identify AR or anti-reflective glass, place an AR glass and a regular soda-lime glass in front of a paper screen or a computer screen. The soda-lime glass or the regular glass will appear darker; the AR glass will be clearer.

You can and will see AG glass, on the other hand, by placing it under fluorescent light. From the front-end of the glass, check if the tube is dispersed, then that means that it’s due to the treatment surface of the AG Glass. If the tube is clear and visible, then what you have is not an AG Glass.

Process or Procedure

AR glass is made and is usually optically coated to reduce the reflectiveness and, therefore, have a rise in transmittance. This figure can go up to a total of 99% and reduce reflectiveness to less than 1% if you’re curious to know.

On the other hand, AG glass is usually proceeded by either spraying or etching. What this does is change and modifies the reflective surface of the glass to a surface that’s diffused, which produces a matte effect.


Both AG and AR glasses have atypical processes over regular soda-lime glass.

In fact, you can use AG glass for outdoor displays such as ATMs, cash registers, subway ticketing machines, advertising screens, and so on. They’re effective when it comes to strong light.

AR glass, on the other hand, is highly efficient and effective when it comes to controlling the light that passes through it.

Therefore, we can say that it’s best and highly effective for procedures and processes for automobiles, airplanes, photo frames, greenhouse glasses, devices and instruments, and so on!

Large size glass panels

AG glass used for TV & Advertising display

Uses and Applications of AG Glass

While we were able to discuss some of the most customary uses of AG glass, we wouldn’t fail you in terms of providing a more detailed and more in-depth range of applications of AG glass.

Automotive and Aerospace

The Aviation, Space, and Defense (ASD) industries use AG glass for some of their devices and equipment.

Some of which include car navigation equipment, navigation screens, advanced picture frame, and many more.

You can find the use of it in cars, trains, airplanes, motorcycles, and many more!

Medical Industry

Because of the rather harsh environments in the production or the manufacturing sector of the medical and healthcare field, customers always like to put strict and tight standards for display screens.

This includes glass covers, surgical lights, medical equipment like ECGs, and others that have a digital screen.

Consumer Electronics

Nothing beats the popularity and the fame of laptops and computers, as well as tablets and smartphones. Not to mention, some display screens, too.

Have you ever experienced a time when you’re using your PC or your laptop, or even your smartphone or your tablet and you’re not seeing the display clearly because of the sun?

This is because the glass does not have anti-glaring properties. While most manufacturers and companies use Corning Gorilla Glass, some manufacturers partner it up with AG glass for a better and much more convenient experience!

Where Can You Find the Best AG Glass Manufacturers?

Across the entire planet, there are multiple and numerous AG glass manufacturing companies.  You can find one you can trust in the Americas in Europe, and even in Africa.

But, if you’re looking to get the best and the highest quality of AG glass, you can never go wrong in choosing a Chinese AG glass supplier.

Some of China’s go-to companies when it comes to AG glass suppliers include the following:

Out of all these options, SXET is the country that’s the most trusted and the most relied on by businesses and organizations that aren’t only in China, but in other countries as well!

We’ll get to why you should choose SXET as your AG glass manufacturer in a later part of this guide.

Where Can You Purchase AG Glass Wholesale?

You can purchase wholesale AG glass products from manufacturers and suppliers.

There are many wholesale AG glass manufacturers and suppliers you can trust in the market

Whether you choose a company or a manufacturer in China, or if you prefer suppliers in the west, you can get it wholesale!

One of the advantages, though, of choosing a Chinese AG Glass wholesaler would be the substantially lower and cheaper rates and prices!

AG toughened glass

  AG Glass VS Clear Glass

Benefits and Advantages of Using AG Glass

Ever since the time AG glass was invented, it immediately and easily became the standard for display-type of screen. From usage in mobile devices, computers, terminals, vehicle screens, to televisions, and others.

AG Glass or anti-glare glass can get you a ton of benefits

But apart from those uses, what other pros and benefits can use AG glass give you?

Improved Visuals and Display

Of course, the top reason why you would want to get AG glass is because of visuals and display. That’s the main and the primary purpose of it anyway – to be able to showcase and display content without glaring.

Whether you use it for outdoor or for indoor purposes, AG glass will never fail you.

Better Physicality and Appearance

Another advantage that using AG glass can give you is that it has a better appearance. Imagine regular glass, you’ll be able to see through it on either side, right?

With AG glass, the performance side of the etched side has a kind of matte texture. This texture is responsible for the blocking of glare, which allows the performance to be topnotch.

Performance Side Says It All

Following the matte texture and roughness of the etched or sprayed side, you really don’t have to doubt the performance side.

When you take a look at it, you’ll realize and feel that it’s more than what your expectations were. No matter how direct or how pointed the light is to you, the performance side will do what it can to help deflect it.

These are a few of the different pros and benefits you can get if you choose to use AG glass for your products and projects.

So, if you’re now interested in working with a Chinese AG glass wholesaler, how do you import or order from one?

How To Import and Order AG Glass From China?

You can choose air or sea freight in importing AG glass from China

Importing AG glass from China isn’t actually difficult. As a matter of fact, we can keep the different ways in a few points, including:

Air Freight

This type of delivery or freight is known and considered to be the fastest and the most urgent. But, this privilege comes with a price you have to pay!

You can’t just get away from receiving it in less than a month if you wouldn’t be paying for it, you know!

Sea Freight

Do you need to pick a delivery or a freight methodology that’s the least expensive but is sure that will come to you? If so, then what you need is sea freight.

From its term alone, it’ll be carried by shipping containers and will follow schedules. Therefore, you might not get it in a few weeks – but it wouldn’t be more than two (2) months.  

Rail Freight

Last but most definitely not the least is rail freight. It’s the transport wherein it’ll be delivered by train.

NOTE: This freight or delivery option is only applicable to countries and cities that border China. You would need to choose from the sea or air freight if you’re from another continent or region.

Why Choose to Work With a Chinese AG Glass Wholesaler?

China is known to be the hub of cheap and affordable items, and this is mainly because of the fact that labor and raw materials aren’t expensive here.

The myth that circulates the planet about China having low-quality products is clearly false. If that is true, why would Western companies place their full trust in Chinese manufacturers for their businesses?

Without further ado, here are the reasons why you should choose a Chinese AG Glass manufacturer for your wholesale needs:

Price and Rate

It’s not unknown to many that Chinese products are generally cheaper and more affordable. A similar case applies to anti-glare glass.

You can get good and high-quality AG glass at the best rates – you wouldn’t have to stress about it!

Quality of Glass

China is home to thousands of manufacturing companies. This is why the only weapon they have against competitors is quality.

They’re doing everything they can to improve and enhance their products.

So, they would, more often than not, focus on the quality of AG glass. They’ll experiment and innovate so that more companies and businesses would choose them!

Easy Communication

Many Chinese manufacturers might not be that good when it comes to the English language, but you can be given the guarantee and the assurance that they’ll be in close communication and contact when you work with them.

These are some of the reasons why choosing a Chinese manufacturer in purchasing AG glass wholesale is the best choice for you!

How Do You Test the Quality of AG Glass Products You Got From China?

So, you already asked for a sample of the products, how would you test it?

Conducting a test is necessary even if the company you’ll be working with isn’t Chinese. Why? – Because testing it will give you knowledge if the products are up to your expectation and to the standard that you’ve set.

Here are a couple of the tests that you can do to assess the quality of the AG glass products you’ve ordered:

Fragmentation Test

This test defines tempered glass’s safety levels. In addition to that, it’s also a way to help you find out the strength and stress levels of your AG glass.

Chemical Resistance Test

This particular test carries out the assessment or the evaluation of the coatings of the glass. In the case of anti-glare glass, the performance side, which was sprayed and etched, would undergo testing to see if it will be capable of resisting what it needs to resist.

Manual Light Test

The primary use of AG glass is to still show display even if it’s shone direct light. This is the reason why it’s the most sought-after type of glass in ATMs, automotive, and aerospace, as well as other products.

Generally, this test will evaluate the AG glass’s ability to still show the display under increasing focuses of light.

These are some of the tests you can do to check and evaluate the capacity and the overall capability of your AG glass.

What Import Documents Do You Need in Purchasing From a Chinese AG Glass Manufacturer?

In choosing a Chinese AG Glass manufacturer for buying in bulk or in wholesale, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary documents to make the purchase.

Here are some of the documents and the files you need to be successful in exporting AG glass to your country from a Chinese supplier:

Sales Contract

The sales contract is the document that serves as the terms and conditions (T&Cs) about the transaction or the shipment of the goods from China to the destination country.

Packing List

The packing list is the file that has the rundown of the commodities that are to be sent. It serves information about the contents of the packages or the baggage.

Invoice (Proof of Payment)

This document is the “formal” declaration for the payment of the goods; and in this case, AG glass.

The commercial invoice shall be shouldered by the exporter and will serve as evidence that the transaction has taken place.

Certificate of Origin

Now, for this document, this one will be prepared by the exporter. The purpose of the Certificate of Origin is to provide proof and evidence that the products came from China and not someplace else.

Bill of Lading

The bill of lading or the BOL is the document that details the merchandise or the products being shipped. Shipping companies are the ones to provide this for proof and evidence to show insurance companies and the customs.

Import and Export License

This license or declaration is usually asked and required by the customs office. It’s a list that contains details about the information of the goods that are exported and imported.

These are the documentation you need to take note of. If this is your first attempt at importing, worry not! We here at SXET Glass will give you all the assistance you need!

Before we get to why we’re the best AG glass wholesaler you can work with, let us discuss the different types of glass you can import from China.

Different Types of Glass Can You Order From a China AG Glass Manufacturer

Out of all the different types and kinds of glasses, which ones can you import from China to your country?

You can import many types of glass from China to your country!

Here’s a list of some of the glasses that you can order:

Corning Gorilla Glass

Do you have a smartphone or a device manufacturing company or business? Using Corning Gorilla Glass can be what you need!

It’s deemed and considered to be the most sought-after type of glass in the consumer electronics industry, and it’s also something that’s used in other sectors, such as the automotive and the aerospace sectors as well!

Anti-Reflective (AR) Glass

AR glass or anti-reflective glass, from its term alone, is a type of glass that blocks off a reflection.

This is most often used for privacy and for some effects in engineering and architectural applications.

Anti-Glare (AG) Glass

Also dubbed as non-glare glass, this type of glass is useful because it blocks glare off of the surface.

If regular glass makes it hard for you to see the display of the contents of the surface, you can be given the assurance that AG glass would not!

Laminated Glass

Laminates are part of the few and the most prominent glasses in the industry.

Its fame was due to the glass being able to keep compact even when it breaks or shatters. The security of laminated glass is what sells it to businesses and companies!

These are just four (4) of the most common glasses you can purchase from China. There are others in the market; you can find them out by sending your supplier a message about it!

But when it comes to AG glass, which is the best manufacturer to tryst and rely on?

Which Chinese Anti-Glare Glass Wholesaler Should You Work With?

For many years, SXET never failed to provide high-quality products to businesses and establishments.

Over time, we have proven the efficiency and effectiveness of our anti-glare (AG) glass. Continuously, we are developing and enhancing it to the fullest and the highest levels that we can.

Why SXET Should Be Your Primary Choice for AG Glass Manufacturing?

Apart from the fact that SXET is capable of providing pre-made and custom AG glass, you can also trust us because:

  • We are housed by a Research & Development (R&D) that’s focused on continuous improvement
  • SXET Glass meets CE, ISO, SGS, and NZS 2208 Certified
  • Whatever your terms are, we will do our best to adhere and to abide by it
  • All our glass undergo inspection and evaluation before production and distribution

Therefore, when you decide to choose us, you’ll never be disappointed! We’ll get you quality AG glass at the best, the most competitive, and the most affordable rates without compromising quality!

Besides the fact that we have the most competitive rates and prices, we can also get you a high-quality custom anti-glare glass!

You can get it in both retail and wholesale! If you’re doubting our quality, you can ask hundreds of our clients worldwide – and we promise to never fail or disappoint you!

Work with us and get world-class quality AG glass at the cheapest and most affordable rates possible!

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