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For 12+ years, we have proven the strength and resilience of our Research & Development (R&D) team in the business. That being said, we have been able to produce highly customized anti-glare etched glass units used in the electronics industry, the manufacturing and industrial sector, smart home products, camera covers, car display screens, marketing or advertising billboards, and many more.

  • We produce OEM anti-glare etched glass products
  • Tempering of the AG etched glass products can be done upon request
  • We can deliver your products within 7 to 12 days after payment
  • You can choose from 3D edge, 2D edge, 2.5D edge, smooth edge, beveled edge, or even custom edge
  • We don’t have a minimum order (no MoQ)!

SXET Glass: Your Reliable Anti-glare Glass Manufacturer in China

For years, SXET has been in the business of producing anti-glare (AG) etched glass, as well as many other types of glass units in the market. Our special skills allow us to produce custom AG etched glass that our clients want and need without them shelling out a lot of money.

SXET Glass has controlled manufacturing procedures in adding acid etch to create diffused uniform surfaces on your glass units.

We can help you achieve anti-Newton, high-resolution, and premium quality AG etched glass units within the budget that you have! The best part about that is we can give it to you in the exact style, size, shape, and form that you want!

You can order our anti-glare etched glasses tempered, chemically strengthened, or laminated. Whatever purpose you have for it, we’ll go and help you without question.

SXET has a few sets of sizes, thicknesses, gloss, and color in stock, and we’ll show them to you so if you require one within those specifications, you won’t have to wait for days – we’ll ship and bring them to you in an orderly fashion after payment.

We produce high-quality anti-glare glass units that have excellent levels of durability, high resolution, effective glare reduction, as well as chemical and acid resistance!

Don’t worry about flexibility and versatility, we always give free samples to our clients that require our products. This is so they wouldn’t need to doubt the effectiveness, quality, and overall efficiency of the glass units we are offering.

SXET’s packaging is layered into three (3) parts: inner packaging, carton packaging, and wooden box packaging for superior strength and durability. When your orders get delivered to you, don’t worry, those will be extremely protected and secured!

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Anti-Glare Etched Glass– The completely Buy FAQ Guide 

SXET’s vast supply of anti-glare etched glass is formidably the best and highest quality in the market. In fact, we’re the top choice for anti-glare glass units all over China.

Here’s a list of the most or frequently asked questions we receive about anti-glare etched glass units. We’ll give you straight, direct, and informational answers to all of these so you can determine whether or not we’re the best pick as your anti-glare etched glass manufacturer.

  1. What is Anti-Glare Etched Glass?
  2. How Does Anti-Glare Etched Glass Function?  
  3. Etch Glass Screen Protector
  4. AG Film
  5. Premium Anti-Glare Etched Glass
  6. What Are the Uses of Anti-Glare Etched Glass?
  7. Anti-Glare Etched Glass Benefits
  8. Anti-Glare Etched Glass vs. Anti-Reflective Glass
  9. Anti-Glare (AG) Etched Glass Sizes and Thicknesses
  10. What Are the Effects of Anti-Glare Etched Glass?
  11. How Are Anti-Glare Etched Glasses Made?
  12. Can You Color Anti-Glare Etched Glass?
  13. How to Cut Anti-Glare Etched Glass?
  14. Is UV Protection the Same as Anti-Glare?
  15. Difference Between AG Film and Anti-Glare Etched Glass
  16. Where Can You Buy High-Quality Anti-Glare Etched Glass?

What is Anti-Glare Etched Glass?

AG glass

Figure 1: An image of a single anti-glare etched glass unit

Anti-glare etched glass is the type of glass that is etched with a layer that has anti-glare properties. Don’t confuse yourself, though, because anti-glare (AG) etched glass and acid-etched glass are two (2) different things.

These two (2) glass types are different altogether, and to help you with it further, let’s discuss the overall function of these anti-glare etched glass units.

How Does Anti-Glare Etched Glass Function?

Anti glare tempered glass

Figure 2: Anti-glare etched glassworks to diffuse the light that touches the glass’s surface

Its main purpose is to break up light reflected images, making sure that the user is able to focus on the display on the glass instead of the images that are reflected from it.

AG etched glass units actually refer to screen surfaces that are coated and finished with a specialized technique referred to as glass etching.

AG films or thin-layered films are a lot different because they’re literally “films” that are placed on top of screen surfaces or glass units to complement the screen, not to be part of the entire glass unit.

Etch Glass Screen Protector

Custom AG glass

Figure 3: An anti-glare etched glass screen

SXET can help you if you need an etch glass screen protector. An etch glass screen protector is a type of glass unit that’s not like the regular screen that’s installed a screen protector on. Contrary to it, it’s a glass unit that has a surface that’s been etched so that it can deflect glare and reflection. We can supply etch glass screen protectors that are specific for smartphones, tablets, advertising screens, computer screens, and many more!

AG Film

Thin anti-glare glass film

Figure 4: An example of an anti-glare (AG) thin film

SXET can also supply you with AG films, if you want an easier, a more convenient, and a more reachable approach. Our AG films span from regular or standard-sized ones to big and large ones for marketing and advertising boards (billboards). We can help you produce whatever size, thickness, and shape you need your AG films to be!

Premium Anti-Glare Etched Glass

Figure 5: A premium-quality anti-glare (AG) etched glass unit

For supreme and superior-quality anti-glare etched glass units, we can help you, too! Our premium anti-glare (AG) etched glass products are superior to the extent that they’re like the steam deck unit, but you can buy and purchase it at a very much affordable rate. Let us know what specific size, shape, or form you want, and we’ll get it fixed and done for you!

What Are the Uses of Anti-Glare Etched Glass?

Anti-glare etched glass application

Figure 6: An image of a finished product of an anti-glare etched glass unit

Since it’s made from glass, the applications of these anti-glare etched glass are for machines and equipment that have glass units.

Ideally, the most common applications and uses of these anti-glare (AG) etched glass products and units include:

  • Smart Home Devices, Machines, and Equipment
  • Cameras and Camera Covers
  • Monitors and Screens (TVs, Laptops, Projector Boards, etc.)
  • Car Display Screens
  • Smartwatch and Wearable Devices
  • And Many More!

The different applications anti-glare (AG) etched glass units have encompass the traditional use of regular glass screens and glass units.

Anti-Glare Etched Glass Benefits

The etching of anti-glare properties on a glass screen or screen surface has many different advantages and benefits. Among those, the most common ones that actually make them a top-selling product in the market include:

  • They reduce reflection and glare on a glass surface
  • It can provide clear presentation of the glass surface
  • It has properties that can give an anti-fatigue look on the glass surface
  • Anti-glare (AG) etched glass products have anti-fingerprint, anti-friction, and anti-scratch properties

While both AG films and anti-glare (AG) etched glass units offer some type of a diffusion effect on the surface, the latter is stronger, more durable, and a lot more resistant to corrosion, oxidation, scratches, pressure, and other common impurities.

AG film, on the other hand, is the material that’s not that durable, but is extremely lightweight, replaceable, and easy to work on.

Anti-Glare (AG) Etched Glass Sizes and Thicknesses

Custom anti glare glass

Figure 7: Different sizes and thicknesses you can purchase AG etched glass for

You can purchase anti-glare (AG) etched glass products in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. How big, small, or thick they are will depend on how you like it.

Here at SXET, we can help you produce anti-glare (AG) etched glass products in all different ways you want. We do, however, have a minimum size for it, and it’s 3mm in diameter.

The maximum size, on the contrary, is 1200mm x 800mm. You can choose any size of it in between these two (2) figures, and we’ll create and produce it for you according to what you’re looking for.

Anti-Glare Etched Glass vs. Anti-Reflective Glass

Optical glass cut to size

Figure 8: An anti-reflective glass, which is different from an anti-glare (AG) etched glass

Many people do not know the difference between anti-reflective (AR) glass and anti-glare (AG) glass. They think of these two (2) materials as the same.

But, if you look at it closer, you’ll see that they are two (2) very different types of glasses.

Here’s a quick table to help you identify what an anti-reflective (AR) glass is and what an anti-glare (AG) glass is:

Anti-Glare (AG) Glass Anti-Reflective (AR) Glass
Formed by chemical spraying or chemical etching on the surface of the original glass. Applied through chemical coating on the surface of the glass.
Changing the surface of the glass into a different state, and thus diffusing the surface. Increases the light transmittance, but reduces reflectivity.
Reduces reflection through diffusion. Reduces reflection through better and higher quality light transmittance.
Under fluorescent light, the surface texture or quality is dispersed. Under light, it’s clearer and much more visual.

These are just four (4) of the most notable differences between AR glass and AG glass. The rest are more technical in a sense that they’re notable but if you do certain tasks like drench them in chemicals, etc.

As a buyer or a business, it’s important that you know the differences between AR and AG glass because you won’t be ripped off when you’re completely sure of what you’re purchasing.

There are some anti-glare (AG) etched glass manufacturers that will give you products that aren’t really AG glass but are AR glass, and will tell you that it’s just the same. We here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. are telling you that they are not!

You need to ensure that you know what you’re entering so you won’t be tricked or scammed!

What Are the Effects of Anti-Glare Etched Glass?

Custom optical glass

Figure 8: An example of what happens when sunlight touches anti-glare (AG) etched glass

The effects of having your glass screen etched with anti-glare material is similar to that of the advantages and benefits of having one.

To let you know and to help you understand it a little better, using anti-glare etched glass units can bring you the following effects:

Break Incident Light Reflected Images

One of the primary effects you’ll experience would be the break up of light reflected images. If the original surface is highly reflective, then making it an anti-glare (AG) etched glass will break up its reflectivity and allow light to pass through it. The images reflected will be broken and will be diffused.

Better View or Visualization of the Display

Due to the first effect, this 2nd effect will transpire. The image that the glass ought to display will be better, clearer, and will be more visible to the naked eye. One example would be smartphone screens. If it is transformed into an anti-glare etched glass unit, then the light will diffused through the surface naturally, allowing the image to be displayed better and more effectively.

Does Not Become Highly Reflective

Lastly, because of its state, the glass’s surface will not be highly reflective any longer and its diffusion will make it a glass unit that’s been procured and finished accordingly.

These effects make it the reason why it’s an exceptionally recommended material in the field of technology.

How Are Anti-Glare Etched Glasses Made?

The process of creating anti-glare etched glass units is common and especially easy compared to the creation of other glass finishes and types.

In fact, we’ll walk you through the process of how we here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. do it!

QUICK NOTE: This is just the structural method of how our experts and professionals do it. This may change depending on the type of AG etched glass you need and want, but overall, here’s the skeletal framework.

  1. The finished glass unit is prepared for the acid bath process.
  2. It’s then submerged into an acid bath, that will etch one (1) or both the surfaces of the glass unit.
  3. After that, it’s cleaned and printed, according to the specifications of the client.
  4. It’ll be inspected by a professional before it’s sent to the cleaning chamber again.
  5. Finally, the quality will be assessed, and this will determine whether the glass is ready for packaging and sending or if it needs to be redone.

As mentioned above, this is only the structural process of anti-glare etched glass products that come out of our manufacturing plant here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. The exact way will depend on the type, style, and kind of anti-glare (AG) etched glass you need.

Can You Color Anti-Glare Etched Glass?

Anti reflective glass glazing

Figure 9: An image of a colored/tinted AG etched glass

Yes, in fact, the process of printing on anti-glare (AG) etched glass products is done via silkscreen printing. There are other ways of coloring AG etched glass, but so far, silkscreen printing is what we sticked with here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. because it has been the best, the most accurate, and the most cost-efficient of all.

Several companies use thermal heat printing and digital printing, but tests have proven that they are either extremely expensive or the prints wear off easily.

With our high-tech and advanced silkscreen printing procedure, you’ll get away with high-quality prints on your anti-glare (AG) etched glass products!

How to Cut Anti-Glare Etched Glass?

Cutting anti-glare (AG) etched glass should be no problem, especially if you’re going to purchase it from an AG etched glass manufacturing company like us, SXET Glass Co., Ltd.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology in processing all our units, including anti-glare etched glass.

For the cutting process, we use power cutters and machines to cut the glass units accurately and precisely. Here’s an overview of the process of how we cut anti-glare (AG) etched glass units.

  1. The glass product is cut, sized, and shaped to the one needed by the client.
  2. After that, it’s mounted onto the cutting machine to start the cutting process.
  3. Then, the cutting machine is set to the correct cutting speed and cutting power.
  4. Once done, an inspector will check the glass unit for any impurities or imperfections.
  5. If they deem that it’s okay, it’ll be sent to the sorting and packaging area where it’ll be packaged, then sent to the respective clients.

We rarely make mistakes in cutting these, and we often cut anti-glare (AG) etched glass units in bulk, or as according to the needs of our clientele. Contact us and we’ll specify the anti-glare (AG) etched glass units you need for your business!

Is UV Protection the Same as Anti-Glare?

UV protection and glare protection are two (2) entirely separate and different things, and people often get confused about the two (2) and which is which.

For starters, UV protection is the protection against ultraviolet (UV) gamma rays. Its main purpose is to deflect and block out ultraviolet rays from penetrating the glass unit.

Glare protection, on the other hand, is the protection of the glass surface from glare, which could result to altered visual or vision, and even inability to see through the display.

Both protections have the same purpose – to help and benefit the user of the glass. But how they function and what their purposes are, are different.

Difference Between AG Film and Anti-Glare Etched Glass

Rear vision mirror

Figure 10: An anti-glare (AG) etched film used for car mirror windows

AG Film and anti-glare etched glass are children of the same parent – anti-glare. They’re different, but not entirely. As a matter of fact, their only difference lies on their physicality.

To help you understand it a bit further, here’s a description and a comparison of these two (2) components.

AG film is just a thin material that’s main purpose is to diffuse light, in order for it not to glare up to the inner part of the glass. You’ll see the usual applications of AG films on phone screens and computer screens.

Anti-glare etched glass or AG etched glass, on the other hand, is a glass type where the screen’s surface is “etched” or “embedded” so that the light that passes through it is diffused.

Unlike AG films, AG etched glass units are whole glass products and not just additives. AG films are just additional or supplementary materials on glass screens and surfaces.

Overall, both AG films and anti-glare etched glass units have the same purpose. It’s just that, one is fitted more to other applications than the other.

Where Can You Buy High-Quality Anti-Glare Etched Glass?

There are numerous sources for premium quality anti-glare etched glass. You’ll find a lot of manufacturers in the U.S., Canada, and even the United Kingdom (U.K.). However, the prices and rates you can get them for would also be extravagant.

So, if you want to shave off a lot of money in ordering your anti-glare etched glass units, work with a Chinese anti-glare etched glass manufacturer like with us here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd.

We’re a premium company catering to many different companies and businesses in different business sectors and industries. We specialize in producing custom-made glass products and units that have various finishing touches and surface procedures – one of which is anti-glare etched glass.

One of the best things about choosing us is that you can get it custom to what you specifically need. We can guarantee the exact shape, size, form, color, and even the etching style that you want!

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