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Custmomized Corning Gorilla Glass, Anti-Scratch, 0.33 - 2mm Thickness

Custom Cut Corning Gorilla Glass to Size

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The Leading Corning® Gorilla® Glass Supplier

SXET can manufacture Corning Gorilla Glass to any shape as per your drawing or sample, such as Rectangle, Square, Round, Oval, and so on.

0.33-2mm Thickness

Any Color Printing is Available

Surface Finished: AR&AF Coating, AG Etching, Optical Coating

Gorilla glass with holes drilling
SXET can cut corning gorilla glass to any size for you
glass lenses
SXET can fabricate corning gorilla glass 3 material into different shape for your special needs
Custom gorilla glass
SXET is a leading corning gorilla glass supplier, over 10 years in gorilla corning glass deep processing
Gorilla Glass
SXET can printing any colors on corning gorilla glass for your projects, just give us your drawing, we can do any corning gorilla glass for you
glass lenses
At SXET you can get customized corning gorilla glass from 0.3mm to 2mm thickness for camera cover, device cover, and so on
Cover glass
SXET is a one-stop gorilla corning glass solution and manufacturer, customized service for more than 10 years

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    Your Best Corning Gorilla Glass Supplier in China

    SXET also can drill holes on gorilla glass according to your request. We will use CNC machinery or laser to drill the holes, and the Min size is 0.1mm in diameter. We can print colors on corning gorilla glass for your projects. Any color printing is available. Just give us your drawing, PDF, DWG, AI, CORE, and so on. We are using the silk-screen technique, the thinnest printing layer is 8um.

    As a professional corning gorilla glass supplier, we have been in the gorilla corning glass deep-processing field since 2009. In the past 10 years, we have many customers around the world, no customer complain about our glass’s quality, you will get a competitive corning gorilla glass price with high quality from SXET.

    Corning gorilla glass also calls gorilla corning glass, this glass material is producing by Corning. The gorilla corning glass is tough and it is built with a high scratch resistance technology. A modern gorilla corning glass efficiently protects your phone’s screen glass from getting scratched even by metals such as coins, keys, and knives. It safeguards your screen glass even when it falls on hard surfaces a number of times.

    The most unique feature of the Gorilla Corning glass is that it has an atomic configuration that is formulated to the glass, therefore, making it tough and damage resistant in a very efficient way.

    It is also a chemically strengthened glass that is built with a proprietary glass composition which gives it efficiency in resisting deep scratches that may make your glass to break.

    Several laboratory tests reveal that the gorilla corning glass has very high damage resistance.

    It has one of the best scratch resistance technologies when compared with its competitors from other glass manufacturers.

    It survives without deep scratches up to 17 drops from hard surfaces and you can trust it not to break as a result.

    0.3mm - 2mm Thickness
    SXET can cut corning gorilla glass in various thickness, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1mm, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm
    Customized Edge Cutting
    SXET can fabricate custom edge for your special needs, 2.5D, 3D, belved edge, stepped edge.
    Holes Drilling
    SXET can drill holes on corning gorilla glass as per your drawing. Processing by CNC or laser machinery, it depends on your needs.
    Color Printing
    SXET can make any corning gorilla glass with color printing for your projects, any color is no problem.

    Corning gorilla glass: The Complete Guide

    Are you tired of having deep scratches and brakes on your devices and electronics glasses and screens?

    Are you tired of always changing or replacing your device’s screen glass whenever they fall?

    If yes, then get your gadgets and electronics that need some sheets of Gorilla Corning Glass for protection.

    Have you been searching for answers to many of your questions on Gorilla Corning Glass? Search no further; here is a comprehensive collection of answers for your frequently asked questions on Gorilla Corning Glass. It contains a lot of valuable and organized information on Gorilla Glass Corning to enlighten you and help shape your choice and want for Gorilla Corning Glass. The questions and answers are straightforward, straight to the point, and very easy to understand.

    Gorilla glass sheet


    What Are the Advantages of Corning Gorilla Glass?

    • One of the advantages of Gorilla Corning glass is that it is damaged resistant. Research shows that the glass can efficiently withstand several multiple drops and pressure. Therefore, making it excellent protection for your device and electronics against deep scratches and screen brakes.
    • Another advantage is that it is very suitable for use on any of your devices and electronics as it does not cause touch screen interference.
    • Also, it has a fantastic lightweight; it does not affect the weights of devices, electronics, and any product.
    • Lastly, it is an excellent choice for providing glass covers for portable devices and electronics.

    In conclusion, Gorilla Corning glass serves to protect your glass and screen, as well as, to optimize your devices and electronics and products to resist deep scratches, scrapes, and brakes. It saves you the worries of having mood swings and heartbreaks over broken glasses and screens. Its primary purpose is to protect your device and electronics from damages.

    Color printing on glass

    What Is Corning Gorilla Glass?

    Corning Gorilla  Glass is a thin, hard, tough, crystal clear, and scratch-resistant glass. It is built to protect your computers, laptops, phones, Mp3s, Digital Camera, Television, DVDs, and Cars, many other devices, and electronics as well.

    Corning Inc developed it in 1960. It is made from alkali-aluminosilicate, a mixture of oxygen, aluminum, and silicon dioxide.

    Custom screen lens

    Is Corning Gorilla Glass  A New Invention?

    No, it is not a new invention!

    Initially, it was named Chemcor and was developed in 1960 by Corning Inc. Also, it was initially used for racing cars because of its lightweight and toughness for resisting scratches.

    Many top companies such as Apple, Samsung, HP, Gionee, Sony, Techno, etc. use it for manufacturing their devices and electronics.

    Research shows that over 5-billion devices and manufacturers of different technologies have incorporated Gorilla Corning Class due to its high scratch-resistant technology.

    Glass lens cover

    Can You Print Colours and Images on Gorilla Corning Glass?

    Yes, you can print your colors, photos, and images on Gorilla Corning Glass.

    According to Corning Inc, photo and image qualities have been added to the glass. Therefore, the Gorilla Corning Glass is pretty much like paper; different colors, images, and designs can be printed on the toughened glass to make it look even more beautiful and suit different projects.

    What Devices and Technologies Use Corning Gorilla  Glass?

    Corning Gorilla  Glass is used to manufacture cars, DVDs, Mp3s, phones, tablets, laptops, video games, televisions, digital cameras, smart wristwatches, and many other electronics.

    It is very suitable for manufacturing smart electronic devices since it is very good for fingerprint technology. It has a very smooth surface, and it is crystal clear.

    Gorilla gass 3

    What Are Some Characteristics and Facts of Corning Gorilla Glass?

    The Gorilla Corning Glass has the following characteristics;

    • Thin, hard, and tough
    • Scratch-resistant
    • Lightweight
    • Hard to break
    • Not easily scratched

    Gorilla glass 4

    Can the Gorilla Corning Glass Be Scratched?

    Yes, it can be scratched, but only when you subject it to several waves of high-pressure abuse!
    It is vital to note that the gorilla corning glass is not scratchproof.

    Gorilla glass anti-scartch

    Is Gorilla Corning Glass Unbreakable?

    No, it is not unbreakable.

    It does not make your device, your electronics, or any of your technology unbreakable. It, however, makes it highly scratch-resistant.

    Therefore, it is safer to think of it as a substantial protection technology against deep scratches and scrapes on the glass.

    Silk screen on custom gorilla glass

    Is Gorilla Corning Glass A Lightweight Technology?

    Yes, it has a fantastic lightweight feature, so don’t think your device and electronics will be too heavy.

    It maintains this feature while incorporating other elements, such as being hard and tough against deep scratches and breaks.

    Glass cover lens

    Does Printing on Corning Gorilla Glass Affects The Touch-Screen Feature?

    Yes! Printing of colors and images on the Gorilla Corning Glass affects the touch screen and fingerprint function.

    Is Gorilla Corning Glass Better Than The Regular Glass?

    Yes, it is better than regular glass because of its high resistance to deep scratches and breaks. It is less likely to be shattered or damaged.

    Its hardness makes your device and other electronics more scratch-resistant and protected.

    What Are The Things Used For Making  Corning Gorilla Glass?

    Gorilla Corning Glass is made from alkali-aluminosilicate, a mixture of oxygen, aluminum, and silicone. This makes it hard and tough enough to withstand the pressure that leads to cracks and screen breaks.

    Is Corning Gorilla Glass The Best For Your Devices, Cars, And Other Technologies?

    Yes, it is, and here is why!

    The Gorilla Corning Glass is tough. It is built with a high scratch resistance technology for the safety of your devices, electronics, and many other technologies.

    It has a crystal clear surface and can be designed with colors and images to suit your tastes and designs.

    Camera lens glass

    Why Is Corning Gorilla Glass Unique?

    The unique feature of the Gorilla Corning glass is that it has an atomic configuration formulated to the glass. As a result, it makes your glass tough and damage-resistant in a very efficient way.

    It is also a chemically strengthened glass built with proprietary glass composition. This gives it efficiency in resisting deep scratches that may make your glass break.

    Camera glass lens

    How Tough Does Corning Gorilla Glass Withstand Pressure?

    Several laboratory tests reveal that the gorilla corning glass is very tough and has very high damage resistance.

    It has one of the best scratch resistance technologies when compared with its competitors from other glass manufacturers.

    Studies show that pressure of up to 50kg cannot crack or break the Gorilla Corning Glass.

    AR glass

    What are The Advantages of Having Corning Gorilla Glass In Your Devices and Technologies?

    Its job is to protect your glass from getting scratched, shattered, and even breaking.

    It is also built to make the fingerprint experience more efficient.

    You can print your colors, pictures, and images to give it a modern look.

    Why Do You Need A Corning Gorilla Glass?

    It would be best if you use Gorilla Corning Glass to efficiently protect and prevent the glass of your device and other technology from deep scratches, scrapes, and breaks. Trust me; it saves you all the extreme mood swings and heartbreaks.

    Now you know all about Gorilla Corning Glass and its importance in your devices and electronics.

    You know that tough screen glass withstands pressure from resisting deep scratches and brakes from multiple drops. You are also aware that the Gorilla Glass Corning technology has been developed to the point that you can even print your colors and high definition images. Most importantly, you now know the answers to your questions.



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