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If you ever find yourself in need of a cover glass manufacturer, working with us here at SXET will be your best bet! Whatever type of factory or manufacturing plant you search for, we here at SXET will never disappoint you!

A myriad of businesses and companies like you communicate and interact with us on a regular basis. In fact, you can consider us as your go-to company for the mass supplication of your cover glass!

Glass cover

SXET will always be the best glass cover manufacturer you’ll work with. We’re capable of producing multiple kinds and types of cover glass for the device, machine, or equipment that you need! We’re housed with experts and engineers in the field of glassmaking!

Phone glass cover

It doesn’t matter what type of phone or mobile device you have. SXET is skilled and is experienced enough to produce various types of phone glass covers that are precise and entirely accurate to what you’re looking for!

Cover lens

At SXET, We can produce and manufacture cover glass lenses that can be up to 1.2 m x 1.2 m in size that have tolerances of ± 0.05 mm. This particular measurement will depend on the use and the specific application you’re going to use the cover glass for.

Glass lens cover

SXET is housed with state-of-the-art technology, machines, and equipment to produce custom glass lens covers, no matter what type of camera you have. Whether you need it for a smartphone camera, a laptop camera, a webcam, or even a DSLR camera, we got what you need!

Glass lens cover

We can produce thousands of microscope cover glasses per day! You can consider us as your go-to cover glass manufacturing company for all types of coverslips you need! May it be glass or plastic coverslips, we’re sure we’ll be able to help you!

Watch cover glass

Do you have a smartwatch and you’re looking for a glass cover for prolonged and heightened protection and security for it? We here at SXET can produce the specific watch glass covers that you need for your business!

Cover Glass, Glass Cover Manufacturing, Over 12 Years Experience - SXET

All of the cover glass units you can get from us here at SXET will be of a high quality. You also hold the option of what particular type of feature or functionality you want your cover glass to have.

SXET can create and produce advanced and specific cover glass units that are accurate to your business needs. Being the top and the best cover glass manufacturer in the entire country, you’ll have all of your cover glass units styled and designed in the best ways possible.

Whether you want it to be coated and plasma sprayed with anti-smudge or anti-fingerprint coating – or if you’re looking for non-reflective coating, we got you!

When you work with us, your cover glasses will be cut, formed, and shaped using highly advanced and cutting-edge computer numerically controlled (CNC) machineries and equipment! You’ll never have to worry about getting inaccurate and non-precise cover glass measurements, thanks to the combined advancements, technology, and experience that our experts have!

Do you need cover glasses that have 3D edge, beveled edge, or stepped edge? Are you looking for cover glasses that are chemically strengthened or heat-treated accordingly? Purchase any of the cover glass units that we have here at SXET and we’ll never disappoint you!

Why SXET’s Cover Glasses Are the Best in the Market

Unlike other cover glass manufacturers, we here at SXET focus on accuracy and quality. We’re adamant about giving all our clients promising OEM cover glasses whether they need it for the smartphones they manufacture, their tablets, their monitors, televisions, and even cameras!

You will never feel the need to look for a different cover glass manufacturer when you decide to work with us! In fact, here are some of the benefits of choosing us as your cover glass supplier:

  • We can perform adhesive sticking of 3M glue and tape to your cover glasses
  • We can guarantee a lead time of 7 to 12 days from payment confirmation
  • Color printing on cover glasses is available upon request
  • Hole drilling, non-glare acid etching, and even anti-reflective coating is available
  • We inspect and assess all cover glass units produced and manufactured three (3) times

Herewith us at SXET, you will never be disappointed with the quality of work. We’re always ready and prepared to provide extremely durable and tough cover glass units wherever you are in the world!

Besides cover glasses, you can also refer to us should you need help with the manufacturing or the production of curved lenses, screen lenses, camera glasses, non-glare glasses, and many more!

No matter how far you think you are from China, we will make it to a point to help and to assist you with the cover glass units you need! Reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to provide a free quotation or a free estimate to cater to your needs!

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Glass CNC Fabricating

Cover Glass – The Complete FAQ Guide

In case you’re wondering about where you can get high-quality cover glass, you’re just on the right page! SXET is deemed and known as China’s top-selling cover glass manufacturing company.

Needless to say, you’ll not only get high-quality cover glass, but we’ll also help you strategize when it comes to procuring what you need for your business!

This guide has been made not only for companies and businesses involved in cover glass manufacturing, but it’s also for those who are looking to start any operations that include the trade and the selling of cover glass!

What are we waiting for? Let’s get right to this comprehensive FAQ guide!

Cover Glass Function

The cover glass is a flexible and versatile kind of glass that you can use for many different applications.

Cover lens

Sample image of how a cover glass looks like and how it functions

Apart from being used as a cover for technological devices, you can also bank and count on it if you’re looking for some type of protection or cover for touchpads and panels.

Here at SXET, you can make use of all the cover glass units you’ll be purchasing.

What is a Microscope Cover Glass?

Microscope cover glass or coverslip

A microscope cover glass or coverslip

Also known as microscope slides, microscope cover glasses are thin sheets of glass that you can use to hold substances and materials that you’ll be examining and looking at under a microscope.

Oftentimes, these microscope cover glasses or microscope slides are within 18 and 25 mm on each side.

Unlike other cover glass manufacturing companies, we here at SXET can make different types and kinds of microscope cover glass units. Our skills and masteries aren’t just limited to

Cover Glass Phone

SXET will be the best choice you’ll have if you’re looking for cover glass for phones.

Microscope cover glass or coverslip

A cover glass for a large smartphone or a tablet

While you have many other sources for options, such as PC Mag, Alibaba, Swappie, Joom, and even Amazon, you wouldn’t be able to find a cover glass supplier that can offer rates and prices as low as how we do it!

If ever you’re worried about the quality, don’t! Even if our rates and prices are low, we can give you the guarantee and assurance that the quality of our cover glasses will never be compromised!

Phone Glass Cover

Phone glass covers are part of the most relevant and significant additives you can have for your device.

Microscope cover glass or coverslip

Sample image of a glass cover for mobile

This is because without it, the screen or the phone glass of your smartphone will be prone to damages.

Nowadays, there are tons of options for cover glass for phones. You can purchase them from BodyGuardz, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and many other sources!

However, all those sources where you can get cover glasses in retail get their tools and materials from none other than Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

This is mainly due to the reason that getting it from them is cheap and affordable. Why go through them if you can work with a cover glass manufacturing company directly? It’s easier, more convenient, and faster!

Phone Glass Cover Price

The rates and prices for phone glass covers depend on quite a few factors, some of which include:

  • Manufacturer you’ll be working with
  • Wholesale or retail
  • Styles and designs you’re looking to get

Generally, though, you can expect phone glass cover rates and prices to be in the range of $15 and $30 per piece. That is, if you plan on purchasing or buying them at their retail prices.

Buying phone glass covers in wholesale, on the other hand, will be cheaper. The range would just be less than $10 per piece, while still, of course, dependent on the style, design, size, and features that it has.

Here at SXET, we can get you the best phone glass cover prices and rates! Deciding to choose us as your cover glass manufacturer will not only get you big savings, you will also have the chance to build a long-lasting relationship with other manufacturers and suppliers.

Rear Camera Glass Lens Cover

Rear camera glass lens cover

Sample image of a rear camera glass lens cover for a ViVo smartphone

With the rise of smartphones and devices that have bulging cameras, the need for rear camera glass lens covers rise, too.

And that’s something you can expect us to be masters of here at SXET. Over the years, we’ve been developing and further enhancing the versatility and flexibility of our products.

We’re making them fully flexible to the extent that you can make use of them not only for smartphones but also for other devices and equipment as well!

In the latter part of this guide, we’ll discuss even further the different applications you can have for cover glass!

Replacement Glass Lens Cover

Should your products be broken or damaged and you’re looking for a replacement glass lens cover, we here at SXET got you!

Replacement glass lens cover

Smartphone with a broken glass beside its replacement glass lens cover

Whether you need regular float glass, Dragontrail glass, Schott glass, ACG glass, and even Panda Glass, we got just what you need! The replacement glass lens covers that we have here at SXET can deliver promising quality without the need to pay for it lucratively.

Cover Glass Thickness

The thickness measurement for cover glass for display and microscopic applications would be around 0.3 mm up to 2 mm.

However, the generalized and the median thickness for it would be within the 0.7 mm and 1.4 mm measurement.

Here with us at SXET, we can offer you cover glass units that have tolerance levels of about ± 0.05 mm. Whatever your request is, no matter how difficult or how complex it might be, you can bank and count on us!

Watch Glass Cover Replacement

If you’re looking for a replacement for the glass covers of your smartwatches, SXET’s team of engineers and experts are more than capable of producing and manufacturing them!

Watch glass cover replacement

iWatch Glass Replacement image from a clip or a video

The model, unit, and design do not matter. You can purchase whatever type, shape, and form of cover glass you might need for your business!

Of course, you can go with the option of purchasing it on eBay, Alibaba, Made In China, as well as Amazon and other e-commerce websites. The challenge you’ll have with it is the fact that you might not be able to get everything that you need 100% exactly.

With us here at SXET, you’ll never a problem if you need custom watch cover glasses!


Apple Watch Glass Cover

Our company is so adept and so skilled to the extent that we’re able to create all the versions and the variations of Apple watches.

Apple watch glass cover

Image of an Apple Watch glass cover

Whether you need cover glasses for your Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch series 3, 5, 6, and further, you can truly bank and count on us!

Smart Watch Cover Glass

Watch cover glass

As mentioned above, it doesn’t matter what type of smartwatch you have. Our team of engineers and experts here at SXET are more than skilled and capable of producing the smartwatch cover glass you need!

The shape, size, and dimensions – all of those don’t matter. When you give us the sketch or the sample of the cover glass style you need, we’re sure that we’ll be able to do it!

Glass Coverslips

Glass coverslips

Sample image of glass coverslips that are used for microscopes

Glass coverslips are the parts or the components you use for microscopes. Oftentimes, the measurement of these glass coverslips is around 22 mm x 22 mm (square), on the flip side, its rectangular version is at 24 mm x 50 mm.

Here with us at SXET, there’s no limit to the size, dimensions, and measurements of the cover glass slips that you need. Contact us for custom glass coverslips and we’ll be more than happy to help you with it!

Plastic Coverslips

Apart from cover glass slips, several manufacturers also use plastic coverslips in the likes of polycarbonate (PC), acrylic glass, and the like.

Plastic coverslips

Plastic coverslips – they’re very much different from glass coverslips

We here at SXET have been continuously improving the quality of our coverslips. Whether it’s real glass you’re looking for or if you’re after plastic coverslips, you will never have any problems.

Your requirements will always be within what you expect, wherever your business is, and whatever business type you have!

12mm Circular Glass Coverslips

12mm Circular glass coverslips

Cover glasses that are 12 mm in diameter that is thin

12 mm is the standard size of glass coverslips that are circular or round. Of course, though, you can purchase circular glass coverslips in different sizes, those that fit what you’ll be using them for well.

For instance, if you’re going to use these circular glass coverslips for dead front panels, panel boards, and other applications of the kind, you can customize its size.

Just like when you work with us here at SXET, you’ll not have any troubles or problems if you decide that you’ll purchase our cover glass. We won’t limit your options to what the standard is. As a matter of fact, we’ll even guide you as to how you can submit to us a copy of the type and kind of cover glass product you want!

Apple Watch Cover Glass Screen Protectors

Are you looking for cover glass screen protectors for your Apple Watch? Do you want to purchase those that have high quality?

Screen protector for Apple Watch

Apple Watch screen protector

While you’ll find a ton of them online, especially if you take a look at what you can purchase from Amazon, iMore, Belkin, and the like, it’s always better to go and inquire directly to a cover glass manufacturer, right?

Going with a direct cover glass manufacturer like us here at SXET offers tons of benefits. In fact, some of the most common would include, but are not limited to:

  • Higher profitability rate
  • Less stress on where to find products and items
  • No worries about how long the next mass production would be
  • Better and faster time to market

Take note, though, these are only some of the general pros and benefits of working directly with a cover glass supplier. Choosing us here at SXET to be your cover glass supplier will be a truly different experience!

What is Cover Glass Lens?

It’s a type of glass unit used for various devices and appliances.

12mm Circular glass coverslips

Sample image of what a cover glass lens is

Deemed and labeled as “cover glass lens” because you usually use them as cover, for instance, for smartphones, it’s the exterior of the glass that you see.

You can understand and identify them easier because of their term, which is “cover glass,” and basically, it serves as a type of cover for the machine, device, or equipment.

Where Do You Use Cover Glass?

Due to recent technological updates, the function of cover glass now encompasses what it’s primarily made for.

Cover glass for touchscreen

Cover glass for touchscreen and digital panels

Traditionally, cover glass units are made as a type of cover for machines, devices, and equipment.

To give you a type of example, it’s the type of glass you use for the screens of automated teller machines or ATMs, smartphones and smart devices, and others.

Now, you’ll be able to see it being used and applied to a wide variety of business sectors and industries. Some of which include:

  • Consumer Electronics like smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Advertising Machines like interactive standees, digital billboards, light-changing panels
  • Industrial Machines like digital dial pads
  • Scientific and Medical Equipment like microscope cover slides, medical instrument covers, etc.
  • Touchscreen Displays like dial pads, dead front panels, all-in-one machine boards, etc.
  • Complementary equipment like navigators, touchscreen stereos, etc.
  • And many more!

How is Cover Glass Made?

The process of making cover glass is not different from how regular glass is made.


Image from a clip of how cover glass units are manufactured and produced

One large change or modification that it has, though, is the fact that it’s usually checked and assessed multiple times before it becomes available for packaging and distribution.

To help you with it, here’s the procedure of how cover glass is made:

  1. The first step is CNC cutting. The raw glass material is cut and formed according to the shape, form, and the dimensions required.
  2. After that, the next step is CNC engraving. In this procedure, the glass product is engraved depending on the style and the design that the client needs or wants.
  3. Once the engraving is done and accomplished, the next step is ultrasonic bath cleaning. This process entails the comprehensive cleaning of the glass material before it gets deposited into the bending or the forming equipment.
  4. Although not always, glass hot bending is the process or the method used to bend and curve glass. The 4thstep usually involves the bending of the glass.
  5. After that, the next step is double-side polishing. This process results in smoothened and faired edges of the cover glass.
  6. Then, the soon-to-be finalized cover glass undergoes heat tempering. This is the process that strengthens and hardens the cover glass to its full potential.
  7. After that, the 2ndround of ultrasonic bath is done. This is to ensure that nothing will be attached or stuck to the glass after all the procedures it has been through.
  8. Then, silk screen printing and baking are done to the glass material. Silk screen printing is among the many different processes done to print color, image, and design on the surface of the glass.
  9. Depending on the needs of the client, cover glass coating is done on the product or output. It can be anti-reflective (AR), anti-glare (AG), anti-smudge or anti-fingerprint, etc.
  10. Before packaging, visual inspection and several performance checks are made to the glass unit. This is to ensure that it fits the needs and overall specifications of the clients and customers.

This is the general method or procedure done to produce and manufacture cover glass units. But, always remember that not all cover glass manufacturing companies use this particular method.


Some might have these jumbled up, while some might adapt to this accurately and precisely. It’ll actually depend on the cover glass manufacturing company you’ll be working with.

It’ll be good to ask them about it if you’re interested to know how it’s made and how it’s produced. It’s always nice to be aware of how cover glass units are made, right?

What Are the Typical Cover Glass Specifications?

Now, we know that cover glass units are not all the same.

As a matter of fact, many of them differ in quite a few factors. But, if you are going to choose a cover glass, you need to make sure that you have all of these things covered:


Basically, thickness refers to how thick the particular material is. The girth or how thick it is will be the one to dictate how heavy or how light it is.

When it comes to cover glass, though, it’s not advisable to have a thick piece of material. Instead, the thinner it is, the better. But, of course, so long as they’re strong, durable, and long-lasting, you can ensure that it’s going to be thin.


The weight of the cover glass refers to how heavy it is, not considering the fact of where it’s going to be used.

Don’t overthink about weight, it’s simply just how heavy the particular cover glass is.


Transmittance is the measurement of the amount of light that’s capable of passing through without either absorbing or reflecting it.

To understand it better and easier, these transparent glasses will have transmittance levels of about 100%. On the flip side, opaque glasses will have low-to-zero transmittance.

Haze and Glare

Haze and glare are two (2) of the things that we last want to see in our glass. To dissect it, haze is an occurrence that’s usually caused by the scattering of the light as it passes through it.

Glare, on the other hand, is light that’s reflected on the lenses’ front sides so that the eyes do not see it easily.


Reflectivity or reflectiveness is a type of measurement that allows light to reflect from the material. Basically, the more reflective glass is, the more you’re not able to see through it.

When it comes to cover glass, you want it to have median levels of reflectivity. Going too high on it or too low might not give a good experience to the users of the device or the equipment.

Scratch Resistance

This is in line with how the glass will be used. Scratch-resistance refers to the ability of the glass to resist and be able to withstand activities that could potentially cause damage to it in the form of scratches.

To cite a good example, imagine your smartphone. The front part of its glass should be scratch-resistant. Why? – Because if it’s not, then if you use it even if you maintain and care for it accordingly, it will have subtle scratches onto it.

Drop Resistance

Last but most definitely not least would be the drop or impact resistance. If you’ve been living under a rock, most smartphones, especially the newer ones undergo drop tests.

These tests are placed in order for a particular device to be checked and assessed if it’s secure enough from being shattered when pressure, force, or impact is applied onto it.

While all of these might not be as beneficial as you might think, learning to look at them will give you an advantage in choosing which best cover glass is for your application.

If you ever find yourself working with us here at SXET, don’t worry, we got it all for you! Whatever properties and specifications you’re looking at, we’re more than sure that we will be able to get it for you!

Being the best cover glass manufacturer in the whole of China, you can expect the quality of all our outputs to be at their best.

Benefits of Purchasing From a Cover Glass Manufacturing Company

Because of the fast-paced movement of the glass business, you’re aware that you have a ton of options in choosing where to purchase wholesale cover glasses that you need.

You have Amazon for retail products – they also have bulk or wholesale products there; you have Alibaba if you’re looking for cheap products; you have Made In China, which is filled with hundreds of cover glass suppliers; you have India Mart if you’re more confident in working with an Indian manufacturer, and many more!

Out of all the options you have, are you aware of what the benefits and pros are of working with a cover glass manufacturer?

You Can Create Custom Cover Glasses

No matter how hard you try to look for the specific style and design on Amazon, eBay, and other websites, you wouldn’t be able to find the exact one you need, especially if it’s for an unbranded device.

The beauty of working with a cover glass manufacturing company is that you can customize the cover glass to your liking.

You Can Eliminate Any Delays in Production or Manufacturing

If you ever feel that you’re tired of waiting on the production or the manufacturing of your products, you’ll never have any troubles when you work with a cover glass supplier.

If you purchase in bulk or in wholesale, you’ll immediately be able to eliminate the problem of delays and inconsistencies on your orders.

What more if you choose to work with us here at SXET! Not only will we get you high quality cover glasses for your devices and equipment, but you can also be sure that we’ll deliver what you need on time!

You Can Be Free From the Troubles of Being Inconsistent

Have you ever had an experience where your cover glasses are always inconsistent? It can be with the size, the style, the cuts, the dimensions, etc. Are you just tired and fed up of experiencing these types of issues?

Work with a cover glass manufacturer and be free from all these worries!

You’ll Be Able to Get Your Orders Cheaply and Affordably

Of course, the advantage and the benefit everyone has been waiting for – you’ll be sure that the rates and prices of your cover glasses will be affordable!

Most, if not all retail stores price their items almost – even double or triple its manufacturing cost or price. So, to be safe from these inflations and these lucrative rates, consider working with a cover glass manufacturer!

All of these and more when you make up your mind of working with a cover glass manufacturing company.

But, if you choose us here at SXET, you won’t just get advantages! You’ll be able to get privileges whatever it is when it comes to your business!

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Phone Glass?

Phone cover glasses are part of the components that make up your device. No matter what type of device it is, if you’re replacing your phone cover glass, it’ll really take a toll on your budget.

Depending on the damage dealt, you can expect the rates and prices of your phone cover glass to be somewhere around $100 to $300. This will typically depend on how bad the damage has been, as well as the type of phone glass used for your device.

To give a concrete example, let’s say you have an iPhone 6S. The iPhone 6S, being one of the older versions or models of the iPhone, is not using a high version of the Gorilla Glass. So, you can expect to have it repaired (via Apple Repair) for about $129.

On the flip side, if you have a Samsung S10 Plus, since it utilizes Gorilla Glass 6, which is one of the newer and more updated versions of the Gorilla Glass, can cost anywhere between $200 and $250.

Different Raw Glasses You Can Use As Cover Glass

There are a ton of different options to choose from if you’re looking at different glass types to use as a cover glass.

Among the most common of them include, but are not limited to:

Regular Soda-Lime Glass (Float Glass)

Before there were anything else, cover glass manufacturing companies used the traditional float glass, also known as soda-lime glass to create the cover glass products their clients are looking for.

The regular and the usual soda-lime glass that we know of is the float glass that we hear often. One downside of it, though, is that it’s not as strong and as flexible as other types of glass.

But, the primary advantage of using soda-lime glass is the fact that it’s cheap, easily affordable, and ultimately available. You won’t have a hard time finding it, that’s why soda-lime cover glasses are known and deemed to be one of the best in the market.

Low Iron Soda-Lime Glass

The next level that comes after regular soda-lime glass, is, of course, low iron soda-lime glass. It barely has any difference with soda-lime glass, just a bit stronger, more durable, and more flexible.

Of course, the price of these low iron soda-lime glass products would slightly be higher than that of traditional cover glass, but you can expect its properties and specifications to be better, more effective, and more efficient than regular float glass or soda-lime glass.

Aluminosilicate Glass

Aluminosilicate glass, or more commonly referred to as Gorilla Glass, is one of the most sought-after products and items today.

NOTE: Even if Gorilla Glass is the most popular product of it, it’s not limited to just Gorilla Glass. There’s also Panda Glass and Dragontrail Glass as they’re also composites of aluminosilicate glass.

This type of glass is comprised of various elements and compounds, some of which include, but are not limited to aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, alkaline earth, and the like.

You can consider aluminosilicate glass to be the strongest type of glass because the finishing process is usually done through the ion-exchange process.

Here at SXET, we don’t just utilize a specific type of glass – we’ll let you choose what kind of glass you want and we’ll work on it as best as we can.

You can choose from all the types of glass units that we have, whether you want your cover glass to be made out of Schott Glass, AGC Glass, Dragontrail Glass, and so on, we got you!

Aluminosilicate Cover Glass vs. Soda-Lime Cover Glass  

Let’s do a quick comparison of aluminosilicate cover glass and soda-lime cover glass. For this, we’ll have to discuss everything from what its properties and specifications are – to the overall physicality of these products.

You’ll easily be able to understand it better if we compare it using a table.

  Soda-Lime Cover Glass Aluminosilicate Cover Glass
Cost of Material 1x (not expensive glass type) 5 to 15x more expensive than soda-lime cover glass
Thickness of Material Up to 10 mm depending on the use or the application. Usually just up to 2 mm.
Strength of Material Low-to-medium strength. Not designed to withstand extremities of pressure and impact. High resistance to drops, impact, pressure, and the like.
Color of Material Usually only dark colors are available. Any color would be good for
Treatment Procedure No treatment procedure done. Ion-exchange process.
Applications Applicable in situations and scenarios where strong glass isn’t required. Can be used even for situations and sectors that require highly durable and strong glass units.

Do note, though, that the price of the cover glass will vary on the thickness of the glass, as well as the process of treatment that has been done with it.

For instance, chemically strengthened glass units would typically be more expensive than that of heat tempered glasses, whether it’s regular soda-lime glass or aluminosilicate glass.

Comparing soda-lime glass to aluminosilicate glass is like comparing 1 to 15 – 15 being the strongest, the most durable, and the longest-lasting, while 1 being the weakest.


What Edging Processes Can You Do With Cover Glass?

Different edging profiles of cover glass

Different edging profiles of cover glass units

There are tons of different edging processes you can do to the cover glass units you have. You can choose from regular 2D edge, 2.5D edge, 3D edge, stepped edge, beveled edge, and even custom edges!

Here with SXET, there’s no limit on the type of edge you want for your cover glass! We have everything you need!

What is the Purpose of a Watch Cover Glass?

Don’t confuse yourself when cover glass is partnered up with different types of devices. Looking back at what we discussed above, the primary purpose of cover glass is to serve as a cover or protection.

Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that watch cover glass is existent in order to protect your smartwatch from any type of subtle-to-harsh damages.

Are Coverslips Glass?

Yes, coverslips are glass. For a brief recall, coverslips are the pieces of glass used for microscopes.

They’re made out of glass, yes, however, it’s not just limited to that. There are some coverslip glass manufacturers that make use of polycarbonate (PC), acrylic glass, plexiglass, and many others!

Just like with us here at SXET, we don’t just use traditional glass to create and produce coverslips. You can rely on and trust us if you need different materials for your cover glass.

What Bonding Methods Are Used For Cover Glass?

Bonding and fusing different types and kinds of glass aren’t just singular. As a matter of fact, you have tons of options and choices to decide on.

However, the most common and the most used bonding method is none other than fusion bonding, adhesives, and anodic bonding.

All of them have their distinctions and strengths. Choose what you think would be the best for the use of your cover glass.

And in case you’re not sure where to go for cover glass bonding, look no further! We here at SXET are skilled, capable, and adept in helping you with it! Under our employ are the best, the most-skilled, and the most experienced cover glass experts that will surely be able to cater to what you need.

Can You Print Color on Cover Glass?

Yes, you can absolutely print colors and designs on cover glass. Looking back at the procedure of how cover glass is made and manufactured, part of the steps is coloring.

The best and the most relied-on color printing procedure is none other than silk screen printing. It’s easy, fast, convenient, and you’ll be able to produce tons and tons of it without being stressed out too much.

For more than a decade, no other cover glass supplier has been able to match what we’re able to offer here at SXET.

We’ve produced and manufactured the best types and the best qualities of cover glass for whatever purpose you may need it for.

Our skills and experiences encompass the usual cover glass manufacturing company. How do we say so? – Try talking to any of our previous clients. They’ll tell you nothing but good words, praise, and recommendations for working with us.

Other Products We Can Help You With

Being the best cover glass manufacturer in and around China, you can expect that our work does not just revolve around the creation of cover glass.

As a matter of fact, you can bank and count on us if ever you need any of the following glass products:

Can’t find the specific glass products you need? Don’t fret! You can shoot us a quick message or you can choose to dial us! We’ll always be ready and prepared to help you with the glass product you’re looking for!

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