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The Max Size is 12000x12000mm

Color Printed

Hole Cut

Heat Soak Processing

Large curved glass

As a professional curved glass manufacturer and supplier in China, sxet can do custom large curved glass as per your requested.

Custom curved glass

As an expert curved glass supplier, with our stronger R&D, sxet can fabricate toughened curved glass for you special within 0.33mm – 6mm thickness

Custom curved glass

SXET can offer you custom-cut curved glass for electrical appliances, electronics, display screens, etc, just give us your drawing, we can do custom curved glass in any shape.

Tempered curved glass

You can choose any custom curved glass for your smart device, car display, electronic products, etc. With a full glass process experience, SXET can meet you on any project.

Color printing curved glass

At SXET glass, you can do any color printed curved glass as per your drawing

Curved glass panels

Curved glass is also called bent glass, at sxet glass, we can manufacture any bent glass for electronic, security series products, etc.

Custom Curved Glass According to Your Request, Focus on OEM Order Service

SXET’s curved glass units are perfect and can be within whatever finishing process you want. Whether you want it coated with anti-reflective (AR) coating, non-glare coating, or optical coating, SXET’s curved glass will befit your needs!

For your curved glass, you can choose from the wide variety of raw glass materials we have such as Gorilla Glass, Schott Glass, Float Glass, Dragontrail Glass, and AGC Glass! Besides that, you can also choose from the customized edging that we offer here at SXET – you can choose from beveled edge, stepped edge, 2D edge, 2.5D edge, and 3D edge! You can even customize the edge based on your sketch or drawing!

You can purchase and get our curved glass and expect that they be treated according to your requirements. As a matter of fact, you can even request to have it heat tempered or chemically strengthened!

Should you want your curved glass to be color printed, SXET can help you! We’ve come up with a few different color printing ways and methods that produce specific and accurate colors! You can also secure precise and accurate cutting of your curved glass, thanks to the CNC machinery that we have!

Reasons to Choose SXET’s Curved Glass

Thanks to the diversity and versatility, you can find many applications in using SXET’s curved glass. You can use it for mobile devices and smartphones, laptops and computers, television screens, as well as buildings, windows, and other industrial applications!

SXET’s curved glass will truly fit whatever your requirements are!

  • You can order a custom quantity depending on business needs because we don’t have a minimum requirement!
  • Adhesive sticking of 3M glue and/or tape is available upon request
  • We can provide tailor-fit rates and prices for the wholesale curved glass units you need!
  • Lead time after payment confirmation is 7 to 12 days
  • We can help you with a free quotation or a free estimate on your orders
  • For cleaning, we perform an ultrasonic bath to get rid of dust and other external particles

Never settle for less when you can get the world-class quality curved glass with the top Chinese curved glass manufacturer! You will never be disappointed with the quality of the products we offer.

Whether you’re in Africa, Europe, North and South America, and even Australia, SXET is only a call or an email away!

We can also help you if you need 3D glass, screen lens, non-glare glass, tempered curved glass, bent glass, and others, too!

Get a glimpse of the budget that you need by finishing the form that we have! We will get you a free estimate!

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Glass CNC Grinding

Glass CNC Fabricating

Curved Glass – The Complete FAQ Guide

If you’re wondering about what curved glass is, then you’re just on the right page! In this FAQ guide, we’ll be walking you through all the important information you need to know about what curved glass is.

You wouldn’t just be knowledgeable about curved glass when you finish reading this guide. You will also be an expert in picking out the best-curved glass manufacturer and supplier!

What is Curved Glass?

You would already have an idea of what it is just from its term alone.

Sample image of what curved glass is

In the simplest and most basic terms, curved glass is a type of glass that’s bent, warped, or formed into your desired shape.

The appearance of the glass will take will be based on the form and shape of the metal mold.

Can You Curve Tempered Glass?

Yes, you can actually curve, bend, and twist tempered glass into whatever shape or form you want it to be.

The procedure on how you can curve tempered glass is as follows:

  1. The particular glass will be subject to heat – just above 630 degrees Celsius until it transforms into its molten state.
  2. After the heating process, the glass is moved into the station where it’s bent to the desired form.
  3. The molten material is then twisted and formed to the path where the glass flows, as well as across the glass.
  4. The new form is now cooled. It’s done to trap energy that’s present in the glass.
  5. When it’s fully cooled, it’s taken out of the furnace and is finished or polished depending on what the target is.

This is the usual procedure on how tempered glass is curved.

What is Curved Glass Used For?

When it was first invented, the use of curved glass was for the purpose of creating alluring and aesthetical effects.


The curved glass used for MP4/ device, fully cover your devices

Over time, though, many industries and sectors found it useful and effective in their products. Some of the most common applications of curved glass include:

  • Electronic Devices Display
  • LCD Screens
  • Enclosures and Doors
  • Windows
  • Buildings and Skyscrapers
  • And Many More!

Curved glass used for phone cover

Curved glass used for a phone cover

Due to its versatility and flexibility, you will never find any shortage of curved glass in the market!

You wouldn’t actually have any shortage of how you can use curved glass. You can use it for buildings, skyscrapers, facades, and other types and kinds of structural applications.

Can Using Curved Glass on Buildings Be Effective?

The usage of curved glass in structural and architectural applications has been considered efficient and effective.

Curved glass on buildings and skyscrapers

Because of the arch and the end of the curved glass, the load and impact resistance that it has becomes better and more practical.

As a matter of fact, based on structural data, if the arches of the curved glasses are utilized properly, it can minimize deflections and errors. You can actually consider curved glass as one of the most effective additions to your engineering or architecture.

Curved Glass Screen: 2.5D vs. 3D Glass

A lot of people didn’t even know that a 2.5-dimensional glass exists. Should you be unaware of it, too, let’s briefly and quickly discuss what it is and how it’s different from 3D glass.

2.5D glass VS 3D glass

To understand it better, 2D glass is the flat glass that we all know. It works up all the way to 2.5D curved glass.

2.5D curved glass is a type of glass that’s really not curved all the way through. It’s named and labeled as 2.5D because the only curve it has is at the brim of the glass’s surface – the edges are contoured.

3D curved glass, on the other hand, is a type of glass that’s completely curved all the way through – including the middle.

The main thing you want to remember in determining which is which, is the middle. If you see that the middle part of the glass is flat, but it has a curvature on the edges, it’s 2.5D. However, if it’s completely curved and bent from the middle – it’s 3D.

Is Curved Glass the Same as Bent Glass?

Curved toughened glass

Curved/bent glass used for device cover

Yes, curved glass is bent glass. It’s just a different term and is often used in the structural or engineering sector.

So, when you encounter this term, don’t be confused – it’s just the same!

NOTE: Bent glass is usually the term for structural utilization of curved glass like windows, doors, shower glass panes, buildings, and room partitions. Curved glass, on the other hand, is the term usually referred to if it’s for electronic parts and components such as laptops, LED displays, LCD, smartphones and tablets, and many more!

Do Curved Glass Screens Break Easily?

The same old question stands – does your curved glass break easier than a regular flat, 2D glass? Answering this relies on the extent of “break” you’re defining.

Curved glass with silk-screen printing

Curved glass with silk-screen printing

The simple answer to this question is both yes and no – let me explain.

Curved screens are more flexible and more ductile because of the engineering of the glass. Its composition is altered to a way where it’s supposed to last better than just regular flat glass.

But, akin to all types of glasses, it will break. Going back to the main question of whether or not it breaks easily, if the term “break” refers to being totaled, then no because the weight of the impact is distributed better and more evenly.

Of course, the more impact and weight applied to it, the faster and quicker it’ll break.

Is Curved Glass Expensive?

If we are to compare curved glass to regular glass, it is more expensive and more lucrative in terms of pricing.

The reason for this is simply because curved glass takes up more work. After the flatform has been made, it’s heated and is molded to the specific shape desired.

So, more work = more expensive. The typical pricing for curved glass would be based on the size and the dimensions you’ll get it for.

For example, if you’re going to get curved glass units that make up a whole square meter, it’s going to be more expensive in comparison to you purchasing a whole square meter of flat glass.

That is the idea of why curved glasses are more expensive than regular 2D glasses.

Curved toughened glass

Curved glass used for the phone battery cover

How Much Does Curved Cabinet Glasses Cost?

The prices of curved glasses will depend on quite a few factors. It’s going to be different from one manufacturer to another, as they’ll be undergoing different procedures and methodologies.

Curved glass for furniture

Image of curved glass for furniture/fixture

But, to give you some type of a rough estimate on how many cabinets curved glass units cost, it can cost anywhere between $40 and $200 depending on the depth and the complexity of the curvature, the process of how it’s made, and the additional coatings and polishing of the glass.

How Do You Make or Manufacture Curved Glass?

Many experts tag and consider the creation and the manufacturing of curved glass as a time-consuming and long process – but why so?

Tempered curved glass

Small size curved glass

Let us briefly discuss how curved glass is made and manufactured:

Step 1: Preparation of Flat Glass and Steel Pieces

All curved glass units come from flat glass – or float glass, for that matter. The flat glass is prepared; its surface is wiped using a clean microfiber cloth to rid it off of unnecessary dust and particles.

Moreover, the steel molds and pieces are also prepared. Their measurements are finalized and recalculated.

Step 2: Cutting of Flat Glass

The next step is the cutting of the float or the flat glass to the shape of how it is to be curved.

For instance, if it’s going to be for a mobile device like a smartphone, then it needs to be of a specific size. Should it be for a building, let’s say a façade of some sort, it can be retained and just have it cut during fitting.

Step 3: Cleaning of the Glass Surface

Any dirt or dust particles on the glass’s surface should be removed before it undergoes heat treatment. Why? – Because these particles can cause deformities or warp on the surface.

Ultrasonic baths aren’t the only option you have. If you have a glass cleaner of some sort that you can use to wipe the surface, then do so!

Step 4: Placement of Flat Glass on the Mold

Before the procedure, the flat glass is placed on top of the mold. It should be placed in a secure manner where the glass isn’t rocking or moving.

It should be stagnant and stable in order for it to properly flow across the metallic mold or piece. Once it’s properly placed, the next step is to…

Step 5: Heating Process

Insert the glass placed on top of the mold into the furnace. You can do it with the furnace preheated or even if it’s not preheated.

Set the starting temperature at about 720 to 800 degrees Celsius for the heat to be swiftly and quickly transferred to the glass.

Then, you need to control the temperature and decrease it once the heat transfers evenly onto the glass overall.

Step 6: Temperature Control/Annealing

Once the reduction is taking place, you would need to anneal the glass to prevent bubbles and any other type of deformity to appear on the surface.

That’s how curved glass manufacturers perform their operations to be able to provide high-quality curved glasses to their clients!

Annealing is the process of slowly cooling the glass. Its purpose is to remove and to get rid of internal stress on the glass and on the side – to toughen it as well.

NOTE: All processes don’t run like this – some manufacturers might perform it in a different way. This is just what the regular procedure of curving or bending flat glass looks like.

How Do You Bend Borosilicate Glass

Bending borosilicate glass employs the same procedures and methodologies on how you make curved glass.

The only difference is that it can be done without being inserted into a furnace. Here’s a simple step-by-step procedure on how you can bend borosilicate glass:

  1. Hold the glass horizontally, and in the hottest part of the flame
  2. Rotate it so that it gets coated with the heat – it’s evenly flamed and heated
  3. You will feel it starting to melt. When it does, all you have to do is to gently apply pressure into the way you want it to bend
  4. Bend it carefully to make sure it doesn’t break
  5. Heat it a few seconds longer before you take it out to the flame for cooling

Curved glass shower door

Can You Bend or Curve Toughened Glass?

Yes! As a matter of fact, most curved glass units used in the structural or the construction industry are heat treated and toughened glass.

You just have to follow the same procedure on how you want to bend or curve regular glass. The only difference is that the control of the heat will slightly be different since this particular glass is stronger, tougher, and is harder than regular float glass.

An alternative you can do is to curve the glass first before toughening it. It would almost always give you identical results, so if you’re doubting the effectiveness of bending toughened glass, make the curvature first then toughen it.

Curved glass shelf

Custom curved glass as per your drawing

Can You Replace Curved Glass on an Old Cabinet?

Yes, you can – just like any other furniture that has curved glass. So long as the edges that hold the glass are still intact and unbroken.

Replacing the curved glass on an old cabinet is easy, in fact, the manufacturer of the cabinet would have a spare of the glass so don’t worry!

If the cabinet was custom and was made through your request, you would need the dimensions and the exact figures of the curved glass.

That brings us to our next question, which is…


What’s Involved in Measuring Curved Glass?

Since we know that curved glass is a glass type that has too few applications, it is imperative that we know how to calculate and to compute for its measurement.

In the procedure of measuring curved glass – it’s not just the width, length, and thickness; in measuring curved glass, you need to consider the angle, the chord, and the depth of the curvature, too.

You wouldn’t really have to know how to measure curved glass because you can have and request a custom curved glass from your manufacturer. It’s just important for you to know that its measurement doesn’t just include the usual dimensions required by the flat glass.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Curved Glass in a China Cabinet?

You now know that you’ll be able to replace broken or damaged curved glass on a cabinet you bought and purchased from China. But do you know how much it’ll cost you?

The cost is at an estimated $100 to $200 for a regular curve. A regular curve means that it’s a curve that’s usual and doesn’t have unorthodox bends. For more complex designs and curvatures, though, the cost can be anywhere around $400 and $800 per replacement.

This is already cheap if the price of the cabinet sits at $1,200 and above. If the material is still intact and it’s just the glass that you need to work on, you can already consider the price to be fair.

Curved toughened glass

What is the Maximum Angle a Curved Glass May Have?

The maximum curvature on a curved glass that you can purchase is 90 degrees. You can go slightly higher than this, but you should be aware that it’ll be much more prone to breakage and cracking.

All the types of glass you see in the market that is curved and bent at more than 90 degrees could just be two (2) pieces of panes combined and attached to each other.

More so, U-bends are more common than straight L-bends because the latter can be achieved by attaching and joining two (2) or more pieces of glass panes.

What is the Advantage of a Curved Glass Phone Screen?

Why should you utilize curved glass on your smartphone screens? What’s the main benefit or advantage of using curved or bent glass for it?

Added aesthetics on a curved glass edge on a phone

Curved glass for phone cover

Here are some of the pros and advantages of using curved glass on your phone screens:

Aesthetics and Overall Design

The main and the primary benefit or advantage of curved glass is its aesthetics and its overall design. In comparison to the usual or the regular flat glass, curved glasses are better looking and more aesthetically pleasing than regular 2D flat glass.

They’re even better than the 2.5D bent glass that’s used by some mobile devices and smartphones!


Apart from its aesthetics, you can also treat curved glass as an eco-friendlier and an environmentally better option because curved glass is, more often than not, recycled from flat or regular float glass.

Float glass, Gorilla Glass, or any other type of raw glass material in this matter is made out of a mixture of sand and other particles.

Therefore, they’re made and manufactured and aren’t recycled. In the case of curved glass, though, they’re more commonly recycled. However, there are instances where these curved and bent glasses are also from freshly manufactured flat and float glass.

Lighter and Easier to Transport

With curved glass, you don’t necessarily need to have thick and multi-layered glasses. You can reduce the thickness of the glass for the curvature to run smoother and better.

Due to the fact that you can have thinner curved glass, you can expect it to be easier, lighter, and more convenient to move and transport.

Increased and Heightened Mechanical Strength

Curved glass is also known for the increased and the developed mechanical strength that it has over regular float glass or flat glass.

What this does is it allows better durability and flexibility on the glass for changing and varying temperatures.

For instance, if your device needs to undergo heat treatment or annealing for further strengthening, it’ll be better and stronger.

Is Curved Glass Stronger Than Regular Straight Glass?

You already know the answer to the question of whether curved glass can easily be broken – and it’s not because of the even distribution of force and weight.

Now, the question is, is it stronger and tougher than your regular straight, flat glass?

Curved glass is generally considered to be tougher and more durable than float glass. This is simply because bent glass is annealed, compressing the molecules, even more, producing tighter and stronger foundations of the glass.

In addition to that, most curved glasses are also resistant to shock ad impact due to the slow and moderate cooling after it has been subject to temperatures above 600 degrees during bending.

3D tempered glass

Bent glass

Can You Color Curved Glass?

In ordering curved glass from your respective manufacturer, you have the option to have it colored to the hue or the palette you want to have.

Sample images of colored glasses that can be curved

Different curved glass manufacturers utilize and perform different procedures and methodologies in coloring curved glass, so don’t be surprised if a certain supplier or manufacturer performs a different procedure from the one you know or you’re familiar with.

Color printing curved glass

Curved glass with black printing

Can a Curved Glass TV Reduce Glare and Reflections?

The curvature of the glass doesn’t really do anything when it comes to the glare and reflection. What contributes to the reduction of glare and the reflective properties of the glass are the coatings you can add to it.

You can choose from a wide variety of coatings in the market. From your regular anti-glare (AG) coating, anti-reflective (AR) coating, acid etching, and many more!

Curved glass for car screen

Can You Change the Curved Glass on Your Electronic Device?

Since curved glass is widely used in the electronics and devices industry, you’ll encounter instances where consumers would ask for a replacement of the curved glass units on the device.

To answer the question, yes, you’ll be able to change the curved glass on your devices. Whether you need to change the screen or the glass on your television, smartphone, laptop, monitor, LCDs, and others!

Curved Window Glass Vs. Flat Window Glass

A lot of people, especially residential estate owners are considering the use of curved glass for their windows. They’re thinking about it because of the fact that it’s aesthetically pleasing and more alluring than using flat window glass.

But is it really better compared to regular float glass? Here’s a quick comparison of the two (2) different types of glass:


The main and primary reason you should have in using curved glass is because of its aesthetics. Nothing beats the idea and the style of having curved or bent windows.

Using regular flat windows look and seem normal, they don’t have an interesting appeal. But, using these curved glass windows would add up a ton of aesthetics on your residential property.

Can Insulate Better

Akin to regular float glass, you can laminate or add some type of insulation to your curved glass. Having insulated glass can minimize the movement of heat in and out the surface, which can save you from both the heat and the cold.

Don’t be confused, though, insulation or lamination can be done in both curved glass and flat glass.

“Sense of Space”

Having curved glass windows also adds up to the transparency that it has. Thanks to its unnatural design, it can allow the design to project more space, as natural light wouldn’t be restricted to pass through.

On the other hand, the flat glass would somehow restrict the passage of light because it doesn’t centralize on a specific part of the glass.

These are some of the comparable points between regular flat glass and curved glass that you might want to take note of. They aren’t big deals, but they can somehow help you if you’re looking to achieve a new sense of design and style within your home.

Is Curved Glass on Windows and Buildings Repairable?

All types of glasses cannot be repaired when they get totaled. However, if they’re part of a whole, let’s say, for example, a window, what you can do is to have the curved glass of the window replaced.

If the glass is something that’s replaceable, you can outright say that the piece is repairable. However, if it’s just glass we’re talking about, repairing it would include redoing or reprocessing the entire thing.

But yes, broken and damaged curved glass on buildings and windows could be repaired. There are a lot of glass repair companies and businesses that you can count on if situations like these arise.

Custom curved glass

How Do You Restore or Replace Curved Glass Windows and Structures?

Unlike how you repair curved glass on electronic devices and appliances, replacing or restoring the curved glass on buildings, windows, and doors employs a different procedure.

It is a rather daunting and complex task, and leaving it to an expert would be the best idea. There are a lot of curved glass solution providers currently roaming the market – you’ll never have a shortage of them!

Can You Fix Broken Curved Glass With Superglue?

An age-old question, but many people still don’t seem to understand it. Using superglue, or cyanoacrylate can actually be effective if you need to fix or repair your curved glass.

The composites of superglue are actually the best candidates you can use in fixing materials like glass. With it, you’ll be able to recreate the bond you need in materials and substances that are as fragile and as flimsy as glass.

Is There Custom Curved Glass?

Yes, you can actually purchase custom curved glass in the market. Many curved glass manufacturers offer and provide this option in order for the products and the projects of businesses and companies to be exact and accurate.

If you’re not able to customize curved glass, then you would be stuck at various options. For instance, if the manufacturer you decided to work with is capable of giving you curved glass #1 for your smartphone project, but curved glass #2 isn’t at an accurate or precise cut, would you go out of the way and work with a different supplier?

You can but it’s going to be another manufacturer and another supplier relationship you have to build. So, if you have the chance or the opportunity to work with a curved glass supplier that offers custom curved glass, grab the opportunity!

At What Temperature Can You Bend Glass?

There isn’t an exact figure on the temperature at which glass bends. However, the range is within 1,400 and 1,600 Fahrenheit, which translates to about 760 to about 880 degrees Celsius.

Take note, though, that this is the initial temperature. The temperature is controlled inside the kiln or the furnace to prevent bubbling or air pockets on the surface of the glass.

Before annealing, the temperature is reduced to about 600 to 630 degrees Celsius.

Then, annealing’s range is between 454 and 482 degrees Celsius or about 850 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can a Curved Glass Be Laminated?

Yes, you can laminate curved glass – and you can do it the other way around, too. In case you’re not aware, laminated glass is a type of glass you use for safety and security.

To simplify it even further, laminated glass is simply two (2) or more glass panes or layers joined in together.

Akin to toughened glass, the results would be the same no matter what procedure comes first – laminating or curving.  Needless to say, the method of doing both must be correct and appropriate.

Otherwise, either the curvature/bend or the laminating could be below average quality.

How Do You Cut Curved Glass?  

Cutting curved glass isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s easy! However, you have to make sure that you’re armed with the right tools and equipment for it – these would include:

  • Flat surface that fits the curved glass
  • Safety glasses and/or goggles
  • Leather gloves
  • Mark the cut using a felt-tip marker
  • Scoring wheel
  • Striking tool

Now that you know what’s needed in cutting curved glass, here’s how you can cut it manually!

  1. The first thing you want to do if you are to perform the cutting manually is to ensure that you have the curved glass stable on a flat surface.
  2. Then, what you would want to do next is to mark the surface of the glass using a felt-tip marker on how you want the cut to go. In this procedure, you need to mark where the curve is on the pattern by tracing the glass on kraft paper.
  3. After that, you want to coat the scoring wheel with any type of lubricant. Based on the most recent data, though, machine oil works the best.
  4. Proceed to score the markings on the glass that you have made by being assisted with a ruler to ensure that the scoring procedure is straight.
  5. In scoring, make sure that you apply firmly moderate pressure so that the score is noticeable.
  6. To make sure that the curved glass stays stable and stagnant, use masking tape to hold the glass firmly.
  7. Cut the curve out by carefully striking the scores and pulling away at the same time to break it off.

What Devices Use Curved Glass?

If we are to talk about “devices” specifically, then there’s a lot you can consider. You can use curved glass on smartphones, laptops, computer monitors, televisions, LED displays, and other types of electronic devices of the same kind.

But generally, though, curved glass is applicable to a wide variety of industries and sectors. The most common sectors would be the structural and the construction industry wherein you can use it for windows, doors, and other types of enclosures.

You can also use it for the medical industry for medical and pharmaceutical devices and equipment like X-ray machines, digital display of monitors, chemical apparatus and equipment, and many more.

You can also use it for furniture and other types of fixtures such as cabinets, drawers, dressers, personal glass, lighting, and many more!

There will never be a shortage on how you can utilize curved glass no matter how you want to use it!

Where Can You Buy High-Quality Curved Glass Panels?

The market is filled with a lot of trustworthy curved glass manufacturers and suppliers. You wouldn’t really have any trouble finding one!

In China alone, there are thousands of top-rated raw curved glass suppliers that you can trust for the production or the manufacturing of your parts and components.

Needless to say, many businesses and companies in the U.S. and in Europe bank and count on us here in China for their curved glass. Whether they need pre-made and pre-cut curved glass, or if they’re looking for custom curved glasses, Chinese manufacturers will never fail!

Curved Glass Panels Prices: How Much Does Curved Glass Cost?

The prices and the rates of these curved glass panels will actually be different from one supplier to another.

Since not all manufacturers follow and perform the same manufacturing procedures, and not all of them use and utilize the same materials, it’ll really be different.

Another thing to consider is if you’ll be purchasing curved glass wholesale. Wholesale curved glass manufacturers offer better and more competitive rates and prices than of retail rates.

So, the best approach to know how much each piece of curved glass would be is to contact the curved glass manufacturer directly. More often than not, they’ll have an instant quote form where you just have to tell them what you need like the amount, and they’ll revert to you with the answers you’re looking for.

How Do You Choose a Curved Glass Manufacturer to Work With?

While there are tens and thousands of curved glass manufacturers to choose from worldwide, working with Chinese curved glass suppliers will be your best bet.

Apart from the multiple options you have, their expertise has been proven. Many Chinese curved glass wholesale companies and suppliers are trusted by some of the world’s hottest brands and companies.

But, how can you go about choosing the best-curved glass manufacturer to work with? Here are a few of the best things you can do:

Curved glass panels

Check Customer and Client Reviews

The first thing you want to check from their website is if there are any reviews or feedback about their products and/or their services.

You can base the trust you’ll place with the company there, or you can choose other options too. For this, you just have to make sure that the feedback and the reviews you’re reading come from the clients legitimately and that they’re not fabricated.

Assess Production Capacity

Another thing that you can check is their capacity for manufacturing and producing. Imagine that you need a supply of 10,000 curved glass panels on a daily basis, and the manufacturer you work with can only help you with 1,000 – would it fit the bill?

Ask Previous Clients

There’s no easier and better way to assess your manufacturer or your supplier than asking their previous clients.

Most manufacturers would be proud to present who their previous clients were, and they wouldn’t budge to tell it directly.

However, manufacturers and companies that are hesitant might be hiding something from you, so take note.

Out here in China, there’s no better and more trusted curved glass manufacturer but us here at SXET. For more than a decade, we have been banked on and trusted by multiple businesses and companies worldwide!

Why is SXET the Best Curved Glass Manufacturer?

Apart from the fact that we have more than a decade of experience being a company, all our staff members, experts, and our engineers have years of experience in the industry, too.

You will never have to think twice about trusting us because we have proven our skill and our adeptness in the industry!

The best part about working with us? – We don’t have an MoQ! You can specify the volume of your orders depending on what your business needs are!

Contact us today and we will be where you want us to be!

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