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At SXET, our methods of manufacturing curved glass are technologically advanced and automated. Each piece of curved glass has to be custom made depending on your specific measurements. You can have the strongest, shock-resistant, and heat-resistant curved glass that can handle great temperatures and pressure.

Our curved glass can handle a temperature of up to 600°C. Additionally, SXET curved glass can easily handle 10,000 psi (pounds per square) surface compression and 9,700 psi edge compression. Further, the properties of this curved glass can only be determined after evaluating your specifications.

Clear curved glass

SXET is your expert clear curved glass supplier in China. We offer different thicknesses and custom any size as per your drawing.

Color printing curved glass

As a professional curved glass manufacturer in China, we can meet your request, no matter you need clear curved glass or silk screen printing curved glass.

Custom curved glass

SXET as a curved glass one-stop solution manufacturer in China, with over 12 years of experience, can produce any curved glass as per your thought.

Tempered curved glass

SXET can make physical tempered or chemically strengthened curved glass as per your need.

Bent glass

Bent glass is known as curved glass, as a professional bent glass manufacturer in China, SXET can offer custom bent glass according to your request.

Curved glass for car screen

Custom curved glass with color printing for the display screen as per your needs, such as TV screens, Advertising screens, MP4 screens, and so on.

Your Leading Curved Glass Supplier - SXET Glass

At SXET, our curved glass structures can bear tremendous load and pressure because of our advanced glass bending technologies and state-of-the-art machinery. Moreover, SXET maintains curved glass properties by utilizing new and advanced techniques. Curved glass can be used in buildings, architecture, furniture, malls, stairways, skylines, and many more. Curved glass is known for its uniqueness, and its use in architecture will only increase the overall strength and style.

Our custom-made curved glass production is cost-effective and features elements that make it unique. Our skilled staff of engineers is experienced enough to manufacture any type of curved glass you want. As well as, SXET offers thousands of custom options for its curved glass so you can shape the curved glass in the exact way you imagined.

At SXET, our experienced staff can completely avoid optical distortions caused during curved glass manufacturing. And we can limit the cylindrical shapes and concave shapes when applying coatings to your curved glass. Our curved glass is immensely safer, stylish, and completely customizable.

The custom options SXET offer for its curved glass includes design, style, shape, size, thickness, color, tint, surface finish, coating, edges, glass type, and many more. In order to further enhance our curved glass quality and performance, SXET uses a standard way of performing quality tests on its finalized curved glass.

These quality tests enable us to ensure that every piece of manufactured curved glass is up to 99% precise and accurate and contains less than a 1% scratch and flaw ratio. After a complete test, your order is packed perfectly, so even versatile conditions and environments cannot affect it on its way to you. At SXET, we mostly use laminated or tempered glass to enhance your curved glass properties further.

We also offer colored curved glass to enhanced the look of your furniture or buildings. Most importantly, we prefer a pollution-free environment, and there is nothing more helpful to fulfill this purpose than glass. SXET curved glass manufacturing process is entirely optimized and cost-efficient. We do not waste material and energy as well as use our resources very carefully

That’s one of the reasons why SXET and its products are eco-friendly. SXET is a well-established glass manufacturer from China and also offers toughened glass, tempered glass panels, glass tabletops, mirror/glass cut to size, custom cut glass, round glass, and many other related services to its customers internationally.

Contact SXET and get your free quote today! For further information, SXET experts are available to assist you by any means. SXET will support you 24/7 in your next custom curved glass project.

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Curved Glass – The Ultimate FAQ Guide



At SXET, we believe in technology and what’s great about it is that it allows us to push our limits to an unknown dimension.

And what form of curved glass and its shapes we have today is just beautiful and strongest than ever.

The world is ready for curved glass, and SXET is here to offer the latest architectural curved glass designs.

In case you are more interested to learn more about curved glass, this FAQ guide is for you that unfolds detailed curved glass knowledge.

What is Curved Glass?

The visual appearance and style are not the only aspects of driving millions toward the curved glass.

Curved glass is robust, long-lasting, and highly efficient.

The most interesting thing about curved glass is that it’s the most beautiful glass that also can be exceptionally heated -, fire-, shock-, and impact-resistant.

Curved glass minimizes deflections and is considered excellent in structural applications.

Curved glass is also known as bent glass and comes into existence after a detailed process of reheating and shaping it into a desired bend or curve over a metal mold and left to cool in the position.

The curved glass can be easily found as a part of vehicles, buildings, furniture, stairways, and architecture.

How is Curved Glass Made?

In short, glass is heated until it became soft and then formed into a curved shape over a metal mold through a proper bending process.

At SXET, we offer many custom options for curved glass, and every single aspect is able to customize.

After your custom requirements, we process and categorize them and start the curved glass manufacturing process.

We use a heat-treated bending process, and after achieving the desired look, style, and design, we rapidly cool down the successfully curved glass.

We quality test the glass to make sure that it reached the strength and curvature you desired.

Our curved glass manufacturing process is fully optimized, and that’s why we completely avoid optical distortion and limit to cylindrical shapes and concave shapes when finalizing your custom curved glass.

Bent glass panel

Can You Cut Curved Glass?

The curved glass cutting involves fully automated computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines.

At SXET, we also use semi-automated cutting machines to enhance cutting precision in curved glass.

We make sure that every curved glass piece we cut to size is accurate and based on the measurements you provided.

Our experts can get precision of +/- 0.1mm in size, +/- 0.1mm in squareness, and +/- 0.1mm in straightness means you can rely on our cutting methods completely.

We shape the curved glass by cutting to patterns that recognize critical dimensions and shapes perfectly.

Curved glass panel

Is Curved Glass Expensive?

SXET is a complete glass supplier and also supplies curved glass ranging from top-tier tempered curved glass to high-performance laminated curved glass.

Furthermore, these all are completely customizable to your specific needs.

Curved glass gives a creative look and can be in many colors, tints, coatings, finishes, edges, thicknesses, sizes, shapes, glass types, etc.

It means anything is achievable with SXET curved glass.

So many options mean the price and overall cost of a final piece depend on these curved glass custom options.

Custom curved glass is considered a high-end product and sometimes can be too expensive.

However, our curved glass solutions make it affordable and surprisingly inexpensive because of our cost-effective manufacturing process and little to no waste of energy and resources.

SXET is confident in its prices, and nobody beats us in price and quality.

Bent tempered glass

What is Tinted Curved Glass?

At SXET, we combine the functionality of curved glass with tints aesthetics.

To improve coloring without affecting the properties and performance of your custom curved glass, we use the tinted glass type.

SXET offer the following tints for curved glass:

  • Green
  • Bronze
  • Grey
  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Rose

It’s the beauty of working with SXET that we can also apply your custom tint to curved glass.

Choose the tint, and SXET process it further to output a finalized tinted custom curved glass.

This exceptional tinted curved glass is perfect for architects, artists, and designers.

Bent curved glass

What is Tempered Curved Glass?

It is heating glass to approx. 700° Celsius and cooling its outer surface rapidly gives us a glass that is robust and provides resistance against fire, heat, shock, and impact.

As well as, tempered curved glass is more durable.

With SXET enhanced technology and experienced staff, we are able to make tempered curved glass with great precision.

Furthermore, our tempered curved glass offers you better durability, safety, and bigger glass sizes.

Additionally, our tempered curved glass doesn’t lose performance even when used in the most challenging structures.

After you select the glass type for your curved glass, we perform cutting, edging, and other similar processes before the toughening process.

Then we perform bending and tempering at the same time so the output can be a custom curved tempered glass.

SXET is able to output tempered curved glass with better durability, safety, and bigger glass sizes, even for challenging structures.

Tempered curved glass

What is Laminated Curved Glass?

The basic concept of obtaining a curved laminated glass is through the permanent bonding of two custom curved glasses together with an interlayer of lamination.

Several glass types also can be used to obtain a custom laminated curved glass.

This number of glass layers can be increased, and a custom multi-layer laminated curved glass is possible.

Laminated curved glass is interestingly decorative and extremely functional.

You can choose a custom art for the lamination layer, and your curved laminated glass will reflect the same.

Curved toughened glass

What is Tempered Laminated Curved Glass?

Combining two custom tempered curved glasses with an interlayer of lamination gives us a custom tempered laminated curved glass.

No curved glass is stronger than this one, and it can absorb high-pressure waves and even explosion shocks easily.

In addition to being a protection glass, tempered laminated curved glass is also highly durable and can last a lifetime.

What is 3D Curved Glass?

It’s a top-tier curved glass used for high-end products with increasingly smaller and wider radii.

Mostly, this curved glass is tempered to enhance its physical properties.

3D curved glass is more and more requested for top-end projects.

3D curved glass is a multi-directional bend resulting in a complex curvature.

In the SXET dictionary, the principle of 3D glass bending is extremely simple.

A 3D glass is also a low-iron glass that is crystal clear and up to 99% transparent and contains no greenish tint.

Precision bent glass

What is Perfectly Concave and Convex Glass?

It is a curved glass that can be either tempered or laminated, and its first half is concave, and the second half is convex.

It also represents a perfect combination of prismatic technology.

This curved glass can be consisting of multi-layers of tempered or simple curved glass.


Figure 10 – A Perfectly Concave and Convex Glass

What are the Types of Curved Glass?

The structure or curved glass describes its type. There are generally three types of curved glass:

  • The simple curved glass
  • The curved tempered glass
  • The curved laminated glass

However, there are many glass types that can be used, but no matter how many customizations you required for your custom curved glass, it will end up being in one of these.

It’s important for you to know that if you require your curved glass to be tempered, then toughening and curving processes will be done simultaneously, and it will be rapidly supercooled.

This tempering process creates the center tension within the pane of your custom glass that makes it up to 5x stronger than any other.

Do You Offer Curved Glass Customization?

In short, yes! SXET offer thousand of custom options for its curved glass.

Through SXET, you will have the desired look and shape of your curved glass.

SXET is not limited to anything and is flexible enough o fulfill your every need related to curved glass.

Bespoke curved glass

What are the Glass Types for Curved Glass?

The curved glass can be of three types (simple, tempered, or laminated), and a perfect glass type can define the most suitable output.

But, what different glass types SXET offers for your curved glass is also an important factor.

Some of these glass types are beautiful, crystal clear, and the others are strong and colorful.

SXET offer many glass types available for curved glass, and some of them are the following:

  • Toughened/Tempered Curved Glass
  • Gorilla Curved Glass
  • Laminated Curved Glass
  • Clear and HD Curved Glass
  • 3D and Low-Iron Curved Glass
  • Grey and Bronze Curved Glass
  • Quartz Curved Glass
  • Dragontail Curved Glass
  • Float Curved Glass
  • AGC Curved Glass
  • Schott Curved Glass

Each glass type SXET offers for its curved glass is completely customizable, and we enable you to be fully creative.

What are the Custom Options for Curved Glass?

At SXET, our success is your complete satisfaction, and we achieve it by giving you freedom of curved glass customization.

SXET offers curved glass customization through its custom options, which helps architects, designers, artists, and creators the most by giving them complete freedom over the curved glass.

In this way, you can enhance your productivity and uniqueness in your custom curved glass.

That’s why because the custom options we offer them are exceptional and great.

SXET offer you the freedom of curved glass customization through the following custom options:

  • The shape of Curved Glass
  • Type of Curved Glass
  • Glass Type of Curved Glass
  • Size of Curved Glass
  • The thickness of the Curved Glass
  • Edge Work of Curved Glass
  • Cutting, Drilling, and Grinding of Curved Glass
  • Tints for Curved Glass
  • Colors for Curved Glass
  • Coating for Curved Glass
  • Surface Finish for Curved Glass

These are categories and contain further hundreds of custom options for you to discover through SXET.

Custom curved glass

What is the Maximum and Minimum Thickness for Curved Glass?

At SXET, we offer enough to turn your imaginations into excising realities through our curved glass.

We offer different thicknesses for your custom curved glass so you can have a perfect masterpiece for your project.

In order to enable the accuracy of the design and shape of your curved glass, thickness matters a lot.

Some complex curved glass shapes can be achieved through minimum thicknesses and others through maximum thicknesses.

However, SXET offers a minimum of 2mm thickness and a maximum of 19mm thickness for your curved glass of any type.

What is the Maximum Size of Curved Glass?

In order to measure the size of your curved glass, the circle geometry is important for you to know.

At SXET, the maximum size we offer for your custom curved glass is 6m x 3m.

SXET is able to extend this limit completely, but we think it is the ideal size because as bigger your custom curved glass is going to be, the more difficult it will for you to handle it.

Moreover, the maximum angle of a curved glass considered achievable is 90°.

But, SXET, with its technologically enhanced machinery, can slightly increase this limit to fulfill your needs.

Additionally, small radius sizes can create tight curvatures and U-bends for you to have more decorative and stylish custom curved glass.

What are the Applications of Curved Glass?

Curved glass has many uses, and it is utilized in a wide range of contemporary applications.

The use of curved glass is considered important and luxurious in modern society, and using it adds an exceptional and visually-appealing extra dimension to your design.

The following are some applications in which a curved glass can fit perfectly:

  • Curved glass balconies
  • Piece of curved glass furniture
  • Curved glass partitions
  • Curved glass canopy
  • Curved glass for windows
  • Curved glass for doors
  • Shopfronts
  • Curved glass pool fencing and balustrades
  • Revolving curved glass doors
  • Elevators and lifts
  • Covered walkways and curved glass skylights
  • Bay curved glass windows
  • Curved glass shower screens
  • Curved glass display cases
  • Food cabinets
  • Curved windscreens

Curved glass has many more applications based on how you like your environment, buildings, and furniture to be.


What are the Features of Curved Glass?

At SXET, our custom curved glass features something for everyone, including architects, designers, and artists.

You can find a perfect combination of color, thermal, and strength properties for any sized curved glass project.

SXET’s curved glass features the following:

  • It comes with a unique pure look
  • Single or double glazed with Low E coated surface for enhanced U value of your custom curved glass is available
  • Support a proper and standard encapsulation
  • Can be incorporate transparent heating for specific applications
  • Can be a pure source of high visible light transmission
  • Offer superior resistance to imposed thermal and mechanical stresses
  • Offer impact, heat, and fire resistance to perform exceptionally
  • Can offer anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint coatings

Through SXET, you are able to have much more; all you have to do is just ask.

What are the Benefits of Curved Glass?

At SXET, we make sure that you can get every single benefit curved glass has to offer.

In general, curved glass has many additional benefits, including UV protection, resistance against heat, fire, shock, impact, and many more.

Through SXET, our curved glass can offer you the following crucial benefits:

  • Offer noise-free environment, can block extremely loud noises
  • Have an effective control over a wide range of frequencies
  • Offer protection against fading and dullness
  • Absorb UV rays and offer protection
  • Offer a healthy and safer environment
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Can be HD clear
  • Available in a vast library of tints
  • Improved energy performance
  • Our strong curved glass options even protect against bullets
  • Resists the penetration of high-speed fired objects
  • Fire- and heat-resistant
  • Shock-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Can be waterproof, anti-fingerprint, and anti-reflective
  • Offer two- and three-dimensions view
  • Robust and durable

Moreover, if you are looking for more exciting possibilities that curved glass can offer, SXET can be helpful.

Color printing curved glass

What are the Specifications of Curved Glass?

The curved glass is needed to have an extreme amount of impact and shock resistance before it is utilized in residential or commercial environments.

And for this, curved glass is needed to be toughened, laminated, or tempered-laminated.

In order to achieve a perfect design and perfect protection for your environment, you must focus on the thickness, radius size, and angle of the curve of your curved glass.

Furthermore, it’s also important to decide whether your curved glass is going to be cylindrical or non-cylindrical.

Curved glass panels

What are the Characteristics of Curved Glass?

At SXET, we believe that curved glass is a perfect fit for many configurations for a large variety of applications because it has outstanding characteristics.

The following are some of these characteristics our custom curved glass offers:

  • Guarding
  • Balustrading
  • Protection against extreme noise
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Protection against injury
  • Exceptionally robust and strong
  • Protection against vandalism and burglary
  • Protection against bullets and other similar objects
  • Protection against explosions
  • Protection against heat and fire
  • Protection against shock

These are some of the standard characteristics our curved glass holds, and we can extend these based on your custom needs.

Custom curved glass

What is the Curved Glass for Table Tops?

Curved glass is one of the best options for your tabletops.

Curved glass table tops are becoming a new tradition and are considered perfect when it comes to style and shape.

At SXET, our custom curved glass table tops enable you to increase the beauty and strength of your tables.

A perfectly shaped curved glass tabletop is enough to make a difference and provide a robust and beautiful solution to your tabletops.

What is the Terminology of Curved Glass?

The terminology of curved glass defines the structure and shape of your curved glass.

The terminology of your curved glass is consisting of the following:

  • Arc length
  • Chord
  • Depth
  • Height
  • Glass Thickness
  • Radius

Sometimes, the convex and concave surface matters a lot to achieve some complex and unique curved glass shapes.

Degrees of your curved glass bend is also important for us to understand completely.

Large curved glass

Is Bent Glass Different from Curved Glass?

In general, glass can be bend according to a specific design or structure.

After the process of bending a glass, we get a bent glass as an output.

Bent glass and curved glass is the same and mostly found in vehicles, architectural designs, rails, and doors.

Due to the curved glass brightness and purity, it holds a great value, and at SXET, we understand it.

How is Curved Glass Measured?

The process of measuring curved glass is important, and with the proper knowledge, it can become much more manageable for you.

If you want your custom curved glass to be exactly as you imagined, then you need to know how to measure it.

There are three things important to keep in mind whenever measuring the curved glass; its circumference, radius, and diameter.

When the radius of curved glass is the same distance from the center of its circumference, it’s where a curved glass is perfectly balanced.

However, sometimes your curved glass can be complex and include convex/concave, curves, and angle measurements.

Additionally, measuring the curve of your glass involves depth, angle, and chord.

In case of any query or information, the SXET staff will be happy to assist you even with your measurements.

Custom curved glass that’s used as a coffee table

What is the Use of Curved Glass in Architecture?

The curved glass for architecture is highly versatile and holds unlimited possibilities for you.

At SXET, our curved glass is extremely durable, safer, and offer maintenance ease.

The architectures like;

The Dancing House (Czech Republic), National Theater (Beijing), Kunsthaus Graz (Graz), and the Rotating Tower of Dubai are live examples of how useful curved glass can be.

The use of curved glass in architecture can serve you in the following ways:

  • Partitioning
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • The Building Design
  • Entrance
  • Lifts
  • Furniture

Curved glass is aesthetically pleasing, and its perfect use is in architecture.

10mm hot thermal bending glass

How Your Curved Glass Technology is Enhanced?

SXET enhanced its curved glass technology dramatically through creativity, state-of-the-art machinery, and using exceptional glass.

Our experience, skill, and knowledge are increasing every day because every piece of custom curved glass we manufacture is unique and gives us experience and something new to learn.

We optimized and increased our curved glass manufacturing process and extremely decreased the waste of resources and raw materials.

Moreover, our curved glass technology enables us to offer you more affordable solutions than ever.

At SXET, we believe that the quality and modern curved glass structures can make a difference.

SXET can design curved glass architectural pieces according to your taste because we are specialized and offering our services for 15+ years.

What is the Future of Curved Glass?

Our world is curved, and so should the glass designs with time.

The more people understand the latest architectures, furniture, and environments are successful because of curved glass.

The curved glass is bringing the beauty of form with function to the design and applications of tomorrow.

At SXET, our curved glass is technologically enhanced and can create a new potential for the world of glass.

What are the Methods for Curving Glass?

Many efforts have been made to enhance and improve curved glass technology.

In order to increase the overall quality of your curved glass, different methods are utilized.

There are many finalized curving glass methods that are technologically enhanced and include;

  • Hot Bending
  • Lamination Bending
  • Cold Bending (Bending and Tempering)

However, SXET mostly utilized the bending and tempering glass method because it’s the only one that is attractive to modern applications and designs.

At SXET, our curving glass methods bring elegance and energy to your designed space.

Curved  display glass

How Much Can Curved Glass Bend before it Breaks?

At SXET, we don’t believe in limits, and the curved glass can form any shape, including complex ones.

However, a conventionally treated curved glass can bend 20% more from any other.

Moreover, the minimum bend radius of curved glass is 1.1 meters.

No matter what the curved glass type is, including Low-E, soft coat, or refrigeration, it can be curved as much as needed.

What are the Dimensions of Curved Glass?

Curved glass can be measured through its dimensions, and a unique design and shape can be achieved through proper knowledge.

To measure the depth of the curve, it is important to specify the concave/convex or centerline of your curved glass design.

However, it’s important always to state which surface a curved glass dimension applies to.

The following are some points through which you can define the dimensions of curved glass:

  • Glass Thickness
  • Outside Girth
  • Outside Radius
  • Height/Length
  • Outside Chord
  • Outside Depth
  • Tangent

How Curved Glass is Heat Strengthened?

The heat-strengthening curved glassworks on the same principle as tempering the curved glass.

The core difference between these both processes is that the heat-strengthening process is slower cooling and more increase in curved glass heat-resistant property.

The heat-strengthened curved glass became approx. 3x stronger than untreated curved glass.

At SXET, our heat-strengthened curved glass can withstand a constant temperature of up to 245 degrees C.

Curved glass balustrade

What are the Bending Shapes for Curved Glass?

The glass can be curved in different shapes depending on what you required.

At SXET, we even offered you complete freedom over bending shapes of curved glass and did not limit your options.

However, the following are some standard bending shapes we offer for curved glass:

  • Cylindrical


  • Cylindrical Bending with Flat Parts


  • Spherical Bending


  • Conical Bending


  • Parabolic Bending


  • 5-Shape


  • Ellipse


  • Semicircle 180-degree


  • Variable Radius

Curved glass panels

Contact SXET because there are many other suitable curved glass bending shapes for your specific needs.

What is the Maximum Achievable Angle of Curved Glass?

There is not a static answer to this question, and the maximum achievable angle of curved glass can vary.

It mostly depends on the thickness of your curved glass, and secondly, it depends if your curved glass is simple or tempered.

The curved glass between 2mm – 12mm thickness, the maximum achievable angle is 160 degrees.

However, the curved glass between 13mm – 19mm thickness, the maximum achievable angle is 145 degrees.

Moreover, with SXET, you can achieve more; just let us know.

Large curved glass

What is Hot Bending for Curved Glass?

Hot bending is a glass curving/bending process.

The hot bending process consists of molds to shape the glass, and then it is heated up to 580–600 °C.

However, the glass bending can be based on gravity and associated with mechanical bending press forces the glass into the desired shape.

Hot bending gives us access to a wider range of curved glass shapes and allows us to maximize productivity.

It’s also important for you to know that the use of hot bending requires lamination for all architectural applications.

Bent glass

What is Cold Bending for Curved Glass?

Cold bending is only useful when the curved glass is already tempered.

Performing cold bending on tempered glass can increase its mechanical properties.

Cold bonding is mostly performed at a natural temperature.

Mechanically, it is the process of bending the glass into a specific shape with the help of a frame.

However, it’s very hard to judge the cold-bent curved glass durability.

What is Lamination Bending for Curved Glass?

Combining the cold- and hot-bending processes with lamination are called lamination bending.

It’s ideal for bending lamination glass that requires curves after the tempering process.

The lamination bending process works between 120–140 °C of temperatures.

Moreover, the process of lamination bending for curved glass offers many possibilities for making very flexible shapes.

What is the Maximum Width and Height You Offer for Curved Glass?

Sometimes, the glass contains complexity and detail in design, so it requires a bigger glass.

Curved glass with more detail can create exceptional effects and an aesthetic look.

At SXET, there is no limit to curved glass height and width, but we care about our customers and offer curved glass sizes that can be easily handled.

You can achieve a maximum width of 2700mm and a maximum height of 4600mm while working with SXET.

How You Offer Curved Glass Design Freedom Without Sacrificing Performance?

At SXET, our curved glass offers you the freedom to create innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs.

The curved glass SXET offers incredibly useful in environments, building, or furniture requires enhanced soft curves with great straightness, corners, and edges.

SXET never compromises on the purity of glass and performance. That’s why our curved glass allows transparent views without visually disturbing frames.

SXET gives you enough freedom so you can customize your curved glass to be in the form of simple cylindrical shapes to the exceptionally complex 3D free form curved glass shapes.

SXET’s curved glass opens up a vast library of design possibilities for you.

We offer thermal, solar, impact, shock, and strength performance in our curved glass, and our glass can withstand versatile conditions easily without reducing its visual appearance.

How Your Curved Glass is the Best?

SXET believes in quality, and our selection of high-quality glass enables us to achieve the best result possible.

Our fully optimized, curved glass manufacturing process is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and efficient.

SXET designed curved glass can withstand anything by maintaining high performance and aesthetic appeal.

At SXET, our staff is so experienced that we can achieve a uniform and homogeneous appearance of curved glass.

Moreover, SXET knows how to eliminate the visual disturbances, roller waves, distortion, and discoloration of the coating of your curved glass so you can have the best custom-made curved glass in the market.

What are the Different Finishes for Curved Glass?

You can have exactly what you desire in addition to more potential strength properties in your curved glass.

At SXET, each individual curved glass piece is mostly laminated or toughened with great precision.

We offer different types of surface finishes for curved glass.

SXET offers different coatings, colors, and protection layers for curved glass.

You can have the following surface finishes for your curved glass:

  • The anti-reflection coating
  • The anti-fingerprint coating
  • Waterproof coating
  • UV protective surface finish
  • Heat-protection finishing
  • Shatter protective finish

SXET also facilitates you by offering etching, grinding, printing, and structuring for your curved glass.

Our experts do it with utmost precision and without damaging your curved glass surface.

Is Hole Drilling Available for Curved Glass?

In short, yes! Hole drilling is available for curved glass, and at SXET, we do it with great precision.

In case your design is a complex one or contain interior notches, we can pattern cut these and accomplish an accurate cutting and drilling.

The drilling of tempered or laminated curved glass is performed before the lamination or tempering process to increase the efficiency and performance of your curved glass.

What are the Standard Shapes for Curved Glass?

The curved glass is all about shapes.

The vast library of illusions and effects can be achieved through different curved glass shapes.

SXET is able to process every custom shape and can output high-quality curved glass in your custom shape.

However, the following are some standard shapes for curved glass we offer:

  • Shallow Cylindrical Bend; arc not to exceed 58° (Shape – A)
  • Cylindrical Bend; arc exceeds 58° but remain within 90° (Shape – B)
  • Curve-Tangent; within 1/3 of the total girth (Shape – C)
  • Curve-Tangent; Exceeds 381/2° of arc (Shape – D)
  • Curve-Tangent; Curved portion within 90° of arc (Shape – E)
  • The curve between 90° and 128° (Shape – F)
  • Not-Circular Curve; Concave and Convex Shape (Shape – G)
  • Central Curved Glass; Within 90° (Shape – H)
  • Tangent-Arc-Tangent; Curve 90° (Shape – J)
  • Curve Between 128° and 180° (Shape – K)
  • Two Curves each not exceeding 90° (Shape – L)
  • Deep Curve plus Tangent; Curve exceeds 90° of arc (Shape – M)

These are a few standard shapes for curved glass, and we also offer some complex ones and can process your custom shape.

What are the Different Edgeworks for Curved Glass?

The edge work can increase the beauty and style of your curved glass as well as can make it incredibly safer.

There are different edge finishes available, and each one is exceptional and reflects uniqueness.

At SXET, we offer the following edge works for your curved glass:

  • Pencil Polish
  • Triple Pencil Polish
  • Freehand Broken
  • Beaded Bevel
  • Beveled Polish
  • Bullnose
  • Bullnose Bevel
  • Mitre
  • Seam
  • Three-Sided Prism
  • Flat Polish
  • G.

SXET’s latest curved glass manufacturing technology is able to process any kind of custom edge work for your curved glass.

What is the Life-Span of Curved Glass?

The life-span of your curved glass depends on its base.

The glass type of your curved glass mostly declares that how long it will last.

The average life of a standard/simple curved glass without any protective finishing is between 5-7 years.

However, the life-span of tempered curved glass is around 80 years.

At SXET, our curved glass is known as ideal for applications that require longevity and require resistance against every versatile environment condition.

SXET offers scratch-proof, impact-, shock-, and heat-resistant curved glass solutions, so our curved glass can perform exceptionally even for a lifetime.

How You Maintain Uniqueness in Curved Glass?

The custom options we offer for our curved glass plays an important part in maintaining the uniqueness of your curved glass.

Moreover, SXET only has high-quality glass, and that’s why we are trusted and reliable to make your design a reality.

At SXET, we believe that the curved glass uniqueness is its reflection of its manufacturing process and the purity of the raw materials used for this curved glass.

We use top-quality raw materials for your curved glass, and our manufacturing process is fully optimized and standard.

In the end, our quality tests confirm the quality and uniqueness of your curved glass.

That’s how we maintain the uniqueness of your curved glass by utilizing high-quality raw material, a technologically enhanced manufacturing process, and quality testing.

What is Anti-Reflective Curved Glass?

Anti-reflective is a coating that is applied to a curved glass in order to eliminate its reflection and increase light transmission.

At SXET, we achieve the anti-reflective curved glass by reducing its surface glare and increase its substrate brightness and transmission.

In this way, our anti-reflective curved glass offers better contrast definition over a specific wavelength range.

What is Anti-Fingerprint Curved Glass?

Anti-fingerprint is a coating that creates an oil- and touch-resistant surface on your curved glass.

This curved glass is impervious to oil, prints, dust, dirt, and other particles that can affect its cleaner surface.

Anti-fingerprint curved glass is exceptional for furniture and applications which involve objects and human interaction.

How to Import Curved Glass from China?

Importing curved glass from SXET can fetch you great fortune and can fulfill your needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

SXET’s curved glass is top-quality and easy to import for our international customers.

It’s important to take the following points in mind before importing curved glass from China:

  • Identify your requirements twice because what you will receive is exactly what you will ask for.
  • You must know that SXET offers hundreds of custom options for your curved glass, so dig deep before making a final decision.
  • After you give us the required information and requirements about the curved glass, place your order.
  • Clear the payment, and we will start the curved glass manufacturing process.
  • We will pack and secure your order so even the versatile conditions cannot affect your curved glass.
  • Track your curved glass order and get prepared for arrival.

After receiving your curved glass order from SXET, make sure that our manufactured curved glass is of the same quality as we promised.

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