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When it comes to custom cut glass, there is no-one more experienced than SXET. At SXET, we custom cut glass exactly to your specifications and requirements. No matter what size, shape, color, thickness, and glass type you require in your custom cut glass, SXET guarantees high-quality and exceptional performance.

No matter what kind of look, design, style, or natural glass shade you want in your custom cut glass, we do it all here at SXET and provide the custom cut glass you’ve been dreaming about.

Large size glass panels

SXET can custom cut glass for display screen in any size, any color printing is available

Custom glass panel

We can offer you any glass’s shape, just give us your drawing or sample, we can do any glass for your projects

With more than 10 years of experience in glass deep processing, SXET can process Float glass, AGC glass, Gorilla glass, Borosilicate glass, Quartz glass,Sapphire glass.

Tempered glass

SXET can fabricate 0.4mm to 19mm thickness, meanwhile, we also can do color printing, hole drilling.

Round tempered glass

We can do custom edge as your needs, such as plat smooth edge, beveled edge, stepped edge, 2.5D edge, 3D edge, curved edge

8mm Tempered glass

Custom Cut Glass with Holes Drilling, the Min hole is 0.3mm, multi-holes are available.

Custom Cut Glass as per Your Design

SXET 10+ years of field experience in glass manufacturing and supplying, and our glass experts are talented enough to custom cut glass to your exact specifications. At SXET, we believe that custom cut glass is the best way to give you the glass that reflects your requirements and needs. Most importantly, SXET is not limited to custom cut glass sizes, thickness, shape, design, glass types, surface finishing, etc., and can custom cut glass exactly to your specific requirements.

Our experts will give you a free consultation, so your custom design and specifications can improve. Furthermore, if you feel insecure about your custom cut glass thickness, size, or other needs, we will take precise measurements. No matter what, you will use your custom cut glass; SXET got you covered from every angle.

SXET is also famous for its edge profiles and a vast library of glass types for custom cut glass. We will also make sure that your custom cut glass is strong, robust, heat-, fire-, shock-, and pressure-resistant, as well as can tackle versatile environments including heavy rain, storms, heatwaves, etc.

Our edge profiles for custom cut glass include Flat, Bullnose, Single, Double, Triple Beveled Edge, Mitre, Waterfall, and many more. Additionally, our glass types for custom cut glass include Clear, HD, Low-Iron, Tempered/Toughened, Laminated, Gorilla, Quartz, Dragontail, Float, AGC, Schott, and many more.

SXET will make sure and protect your home and furniture through the custom cut glass even in heavy use and versatile conditions and environments. Through SXET custom cut glass services, you can have a full customized glass for your tabletops, wood furniture, both indoor and outdoor furniture, doors, windows, partitions, stairs, balconies, frames, and many more.

Ensure a smooth and reliable custom cut glass production with SXET state-of-the-art machinery. SXET not only facilitates you with the custom cut glass but also with every single related process. At SXET, we believe in your success and aim to ensure that our custom cut glass can effectively and efficiently serve you.

With over ten years of experience in custom glass cutting, designing, and manufacturing along with providing additional glass services like Toughened Glass, Laminated Glass, Glass Rounds for Table Tops, Tempered Glass Panels, Gorilla Glass, and many more, SXET take pride in their level of experience and customer service.

AT SXET, we never feel satisfied until you got the glass product you exactly desired and satisfied with the results. Contact SXET to find what we have stored for you and order your custom cut glass today.

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Custom Cut Glass – The Ultimate FAQ Article

For more than 10+ years, SXET has provided quality custom cut glass services to global clients from China.

Since our founding, we’ve manufactured custom cut glass for many clients throughout the world.

You require a piece of custom glass with a specific size, edges, thickness, shape, and other custom specifications; SXET offers a custom cut glass to fit your needs rapidly and cost-effectively.

This FAQ guide will help you understand who we are and how we offer the best custom cut glass in the market.

What Is Custom Cut Glass?

Custom cut glass is a method adopted to precisely cut and shape a specific custom glass that otherwise is nearly impossible.

With the right technology, machinery, pattern, and experts, you can achieve what is called “perfection” in your custom cut glass.

Cutting the glass in a custom shape using a state-of-the-art automated cutting system to obtain extreme precision in cutting is our way to custom cut glass.

At SXET, we custom cut glass in various shapes and designs so that you can have an exceptional and precisely cut piece of glass based on your specific measurements.

8mm Tempered glass

Figure 1: Custom Cut Glass


How You Custom Cut Glass?

The glass comes in a large panel and needs to be cut exactly and precisely as required based on the measurements provided.

In order to achieve accuracy, precision in the custom cut glass is required.

Usually, custom cut glass only can be performed by skilled staff.

At SXET, we have many tools that can custom cut glass quickly, efficiently, and based on the required dimensions.

If your custom cut glass has a minimum thickness, then SXET uses CNC machines to precision cut the glass

Suppose your custom cut glass contains maximum thickness. In that case, we use bigger state-of-the-art machinery to undertake the cutting operation.

Furthermore, custom-cut glass can be tricky for some manufacturers, but for SXET, it’s a piece of cake, and no one does it better than us.

SXET offer crystal clean cut with smooth edges.

Glass CNC Fabricating

Figure 2: The Process of Custom Cut Glass


How Much Does Custom Cut Glass Cost?

Custom cut glass is not as expensive as some people think.

However, most of the manufacturers custom cut glass without optimizing the cutting process and waster a lot of raw material, which can cost you 5x more.

At SXET, our custom cut glass process is fully optimized.

We have minimized the raw material waste to decrease the overall cost for you.

Furthermore, we also use our machinery and human resources in a way that requires less energy without affecting the overall custom cut glass quality and performance.

Through SXET, you can have a custom cut glass of 12mm thickness starts from $100.

Additionally, a tempered custom cut glass can cost you a bit more because of the toughening process.

SXET way of custom cut glass is cost-effective and with utmost precision.

Do You Offer Custom Cut Glass for Table Tops?

In short, Yes! SXET’s custom cut glass gives you the highest-quality and perfect custom glass table tops.

Whether you require a custom cut glass table tops for decoration and style or you want it for safety, you can always rely on SXET custom cut glass.

The following are a few things you need to know about custom cut glass for table tops:

  • Custom cut glass enables you to customize your table tops from size fully, thickness, shape, edge work, glass type (including tempered, laminated, frosted, and many more) to glass color and coating surface finishes, and engraving.
  • SXET custom cut glass table tops when you place your final order after giving us the information; we required to start the custom cut glass process. Because in this way we are able to guarantee the quality of our custom glass table tops.
  • It’s also important to know whether you want security, safety, and strength in your glass table tops or style, beauty, and slim glass as well as you also can have both.

Round glass table tops

Figure 4: Custom Cut Glass for Table Tops


Do You Offer Custom Cut Glass for Windows?

At SXET, we offer different custom window solutions through the custom cut glass.

SXET helps you customize your glass windows because there is nothing bad or worse than an environment with foggy or sunroom with dull skylines.

Instead of just replacing it, we offer much better custom options in a cost-effective way that will also improve the performance and require low-maintenance.

SXET custom cut glass to fit all your traditional window applications, including some unique ones.


Figure 5: Custom Cut Glass for Windows


How You Custom Cut Glass to Size?

Customize your glass for shape, size, thickness, edge work, glass type, and color; cutting it exactly how you prefer is what custom cut glass to size stands for.

At SXET, we make sure that whatever you need, including custom glass table tops to frameless glass showers, we have you covered.

SEXT use CNC machines and automatic glass cutting machines to custom cut glass to size.

After receiving your detailed specifications, requirements, or measurements, we start the custom cutting process.

Then we check the custom cut glass precision and accuracy.

Afterward, we test your custom cut glass to confirm its standard performance and quality.

Glass is functional and offers many design features.

SXET creatively uses these features so you can have a complete grip over your custom cut glass to size.

Is Custom Cut Glass Cost-Effective?

At SXET, we always make sure that each of our glass services is providing you a cost-effective solution and custom cut glass is one of them.

In short, yes! Our custom cut glass is cost-effective because of a few general things we take care of.

  • We always try to reduce raw material waste as much as possible to optimize resources; SXET also does this because we want a pollution-free environment.
  • AT SXET, we use high-quality glass material to perform well even in tough conditions, which reduces the maintenance cost.
  • Our experts do not make any mistakes, which leads to minimum defect custom cut glass pieces. Furthermore, that also saves time and effort.

So, that’s how SXET provide cost-effective custom cut glass services.

What are the Applications of Custom Cut Glass?

There are many ways custom cut glass can be utilized, such as interior design and for construction.

However, the following are some applications of custom cut glass:

  • Glass table tops
  • Antique furniture protectors
  • Wood furniture glass tops
  • Display Cases
  • Roof and Balcony windows
  • Glass Shelves
  • Staircases
  • Pool fencing
  • Glass doors and walls

The beauty of custom cut glass is that it does not depend on a specific application or use.

You can use it for your custom environments or furniture with a unique custom design.

Glass panel

Figure 8: Custom Cut Glass for Protection

What are the Advantages of Custom Cut Glass?

Through SXET, you can have several custom cut glass advantages.

Some of these advantages are the following:

  • Custom cut glass ensures your custom glass will turn our just the way you imagined it based on the exact shape, size, thickness, glass type, and color
  • Superior strength custom glass in a rapid way
  • Custom cut glass gives life to your custom designs enabling your vision to take physical form
  • Custom cut glass guarantees the uniqueness of each custom glass by including one-of-a-kind
  • Eco-friendly solution to your custom glass needs
  • Cost-effective and require low-maintenance

Never limit yourself while working with SXET. You also can save time, energy, and money through our custom cut glass services.

What are the Benefits of Laminated Custom Cut Glass?

Laminated glass is known for its strength, durability, and shatterproof.

Furthermore, it also gives a stylish, beautiful, and colorful look to your custom cut glass.

Functionality wise, laminated glass is the best in class.

This custom cut glass type is known for its heat, shock, fire, and pressure resistance.

Most importantly, in order to achieve a healthy environment, custom cut laminated glass is great because it absorbs most of the UV rays.

At SXET, our laminated glass type is made out of a minimum of two tempered glass panels, which are merged together through lamination.

You can add custom colors and designs to this lamination layer to give your custom cut laminated glass a unique and custom look.

Laminated custom cut glass is perfect for table tops, windows, and skylights.

Custom tempered glass

Figure 10: Colored Laminated Custom Cut Glass


What are the Benefits of Tempered Custom Cut Glass?

Tempering makes a strong and durable piece of custom cut glass.

Choose it when you need high durability, strength, style, and more robust custom cut glass.

SXET makes it in a way so it can be cost-effective and require low-maintenance.

Tempered custom cut glass is safe when it breaks.

Additionally, the tempered custom cut glass will not shatter in normal circumstances.

It will also provide you resistance against heat, fire, and shock.

Custom glass panel

Figure 11: Tempered Custom Cut Glass

What are the Benefits of Fire-Rated Custom Cut Glass?

Tempered glass is not generally fire-rated unless it is required to be one.

At SXET, we use a thermal curing process to make tempered custom cut glass fire-rated to be heat-resistant and withstand higher temperatures.

Fireplaces require fire-rated custom cut glass to assure safety and protection for heat, smoke, and fire damage.

Hence, SXET offers fire-, smoke-, and heat-resistant tempered custom cut glass, so you can easily use it as fire-rated glass in fireplaces and other similar environments.

Fire-rated custom cut glass

Figure 12: Fire-Rated Custom Cut Glass

What is the Best Thickness for Custom Cut Glass?

Whenever it comes to choosing the right thickness for your custom cut glass, SXET offers a number of choices between 2mm to 19mm of glass thickness.

Most importantly, which one to choose depends on your needs and preference.

As a rule of thumb, the thicker a custom cut glass, the stronger it will be.

There is no static answer to this question, but you can have one by connecting with one of our experts at SXET.

At SXET, we know the beauty of custom cut glass that you can have through your desired thickness based on your custom needs.

What Glass Types are Available for Custom Cut Glass?

SXET uses different glass types for custom cut glass so that you can have a vast library of possibilities and custom options when choosing us.

At SXET, we offer the following glass types to fulfill your custom cut glass needs:

  • Tempered/Toughened Custom Cut Glass
  • Gorilla Custom Cut Glass
  • Laminated Custom Cut Glass
  • Clear and HD Custom Cut Glass
  • Low Iron, Grey, and Bronze Custom Cut Glass
  • Quartz Custom Cut Glass
  • Dragontrail Custom Cut Glass
  • Float Custom Cut Glass
  • AGC Custom Cut Glass
  • Schott Custom Cut Glass

Each glass type is fully customizable so that you can have the best custom cut glass.

How Much Weight Can Tampered Custom Cut Glass Hold?

It depends on the tempered custom cut glass thickness.

Furthermore, SXET also maximize your tempered custom cut glass properties so your custom tempered glass can handle more weight.

In general circumstances, a simple tempered custom cut glass of 11″ x 16″ (width x length) size and 3/16″ thick can handle 300 pounds (136 kg) easily.

Additionally, SXET can further enhance tempered custom cut glass strength based on your needs and give you the required solution.

How You Custom Cut Tempered Glass?

At SXET, we custom cut tempered glass before the toughening process and in the same manner as we custom cut clear glass.

First, we make sure that you have given the following options to choose from so we can have a proper idea about your custom cut glass needs.

You choose the glass thickness, glass type, strength you want, resistances you prefer in your custom cut glass, edge work, corner finishes, and drilling if your custom cut glass is for Patio tables or similar.

Then we start a custom cut glass process based on this information using CNC and other automatic glass cutting machines for the utmost precision.

Finally, we start the toughening process on this custom cut glass.

In the end, we quality check the final piece through testing and measurements.

How You Custom Cut Laminated Glass?

At SXET, we custom cut laminated glass in the same way we do clear and tempered glass.

The whole process remains the same.

Additionally, after custom cut glass, we start the laminating process.

Now the important thing is in custom cut laminated glass; you also have the choice of which color, design, or art you want your lamination layer to be.

Afterward, we design the lamination layer based on your custom option and merge the tempered custom cut glasses through it.

What Glass Shapes You Offer for Custom Cut Glass?

At SXET, you can have your custom cut glass in whatever shape you want.

Either you have your custom cut glass shape, template, or sketch, or you can select one from our following standard glass shapes for your custom cut glass:

  • Square, Rectangle, Round, Oval/Ellipse, or Race Track Oval
  • Left Slope Rectangle, House, Arch, Trapezoid, or Regular Hexagon
  • Arch Top, Right Slope Rectangle, Arch Top & Bottom, Arch Side, or Right Triangle
  • Triangle, Pentagon, Irregular Hexagon, Regular Octagon, or Irregular Octagon
  • Quarter Round, Quarter Round Notch, Semi Circle, or Irregular Shape

As a glass manufacturer, SXET is proud to offer a wide variety of glass shapes for your custom cut glass to improve its look according to what you desire.

How Is Your Custom Cut Glass High-Quality?

At SXET, we make sure that our custom cut glass never breaks and requires extremely low-maintenance.

We use high quality and top-tier raw glass material for custom cut glass.

Near SXET, precision cutting is what affects the most in the quality of custom cut glass.

And we make sure that every piece of custom cut glass exactly reflects what you desired.

Cover glass

Figure 20: Custom Cut Glass for wearable products


How to Order Custom Cut Glass from SXET?

SXET start custom cutting your glass after you place your order on our website.

After clearing the payment and your requirements through our custom cut glass custom options, we start the custom glass cutting process.

You can rest assured that SXET will manage your custom cut glass’s quality and performance cost-effectively.

We also take good care of the packaging of your custom cut glass so that it can remain safe on its journey to you.

What Type of Glass You Custom Cut?

SXET has the experience, latest machinery, and expert staff available through which it can custom cut nearly every type of glass with utmost precision.

Whether it’s bronze, grey, low-iron, acid-etched, and frosted glass, or it is acrylic, laminated, tempered, or polycarbonate glass.

SXET is able to custom cut them all exactly in the way you required.

What Kind of Custom Cut Glass Can You Expect from Us?

At SXET, we believe in your satisfaction, and your satisfaction is our reward.

SXET focuses on precision custom cutting glass and choosing high-quality raw material for your custom cut glass.

Furthermore, SXET also gives thousands of different custom options for your custom cut glass so you can perfectly describe to us what you want.

Through our knowledge and experience, SXET also managed to provide you a cost-effective solution.

You can expect high-quality and exceptional performance custom cut glass from us that will satisfy from every side.

What are the Available Thicknesses You Offer in Your Custom Cut Glass?

SXET enables you to select from a vast library of available thicknesses for your custom cut glass.

Through SXET, you can have from 2mm to 19mm thick custom cut glass.

Let SXET help you in this, pick thickness according to your application.

  • 3mm and 2mm thickness of custom cut glass used for lightweight table tops and indoor use

It is mostly used to give a stylish custom look to your furniture.

  • 4mm and 5mm thickness of custom cut glass used for furniture, kitchen, and living room table tops
  • 6mm thickness of custom cut glass used for table tops that require protection, including furniture
  • 10mm thickness of custom cut glass used for heavy, unsupported furniture and glassworks
  • 12mm thickness of the custom cut glass is ideal for heavy glass use
  • 19mm thickness of the custom glass is ideal for strong and unsupported glassworks, including skylines, glass walls, protection windows, and many more

Most importantly, you can also have custom cut glass in your preferred thickness, and we will be at your service.

What Maximum Size of Custom Cut Glass You Offer?

SXET does not limit itself to custom cut glass sizes.

We know the importance of your custom cut glass needs and can offer up to 160″ x 90″ sized custom cut glass to size.

Furthermore, SXET focuses more on your custom size instead of following some pre-defined sizes for custom cut glass.

How Long It Take to Custom Cut Glass?

After receiving your order, what is only left is your preference and selection from our custom options for custom cut glass.

Afterward, our custom cut glass process starts and usually takes approximately 4-6 business days.

Furthermore, how long it takes is more dependent on how big your order is.

Once your order is completed, we quality check every single custom cut glass piece by performing a series of tests.

After your payment is clear, we pack your order with great care and ship it immediately.

Additionally, we also facilitate you with tracking so you can have a complete track of your custom cut glass order.

What Corner Finishes You Offer for Custom Cut Glass?

For each custom cut glass shape with edges, corner finishes matter a lot.

In order to create a clean line, corners are the perfect objects.

At SXET, we give you options that enhance your custom cut glass beauty and style as well as make them safe.

We offer the following corner finishes:

  • Eased Corner:In order to obtain smooth custom cut glass corners, Eased corner finish is utilized
  • Radius and Polished Corner:Cutting the custom cut glass corners to around radius and then polishing them in order to obtain an exceptional and bright corner look
  • Clip and Polished Corner:Cutting the custom cut glass comers to a 45-degree angle and them polishing to have a unique and shiner look

What Edge Types You Offer for Custom Cut Glass?

SXET has exceptional edge types for your custom cut glass.

The appearance of custom cut glass matters, and edge works can also increase its usability.

The following are some glass edge types for your custom cut glass to choose from:

  • Seamed Edge
  • Ogee Polish
  • Pencil Grind & Pencil Polish
  • Flat Grind & Flat Polish
  • Bevel

Most importantly, SXET does not limit you to these edge types and offers services through which you can have your unique custom edge work for your custom cut glass.

Edge Types for Custom Cut Glass

Figure 27: Available Edge Types for Custom Cut Glass

Can You Drill Custom Cut Glass?

Some people think that drilling tempered or laminated custom cut glass is nearly impossible, but we do it with great precision and risk-free.

Sometimes, drilling is required in custom cut glass to fit in some designs.

If you are going to use your custom cut glass as a Patio table top, it must have a central hold.

And this central hold will be created through drilling.

At SXET, we drill custom cut glass with great precision and quality.

What Colors Do You Offer for Custom Cut Glass?

At SXET, we offer standard and non-standard (custom) color options to paint custom cut glass.

SXET offers painting custom cut glass for tabletops, shelving, mirrors, and more.

However, all custom cut glass we paint is tempered low-iron for more clarity.

SXET also offer element designs in coloring for beautiful, antique, and stylish detail to your interiors.

The following are some standard color options (gloss and matte both) for custom cut glass:

  • Aqua
  • Black
  • Blush
  • Bronze
  • Cream
  • Mist
  • Navy
  • Sand
  • Slate
  • White

Additionally, SXET also offers custom coloring options for your custom cut glass.

What Tints Do You Offer for Custom Cut Glass?

At SXET, we sometimes use tint glass where the color is required to be a part of custom cut glass naturally.

Tinted custom cut glass reduces the light-emitting properties of the glass so you can have a more naturally darker or colored custom glass based on what tint we have applied.

There are also enormous benefits to having tinted custom cut glass in your environment.

Furthermore, what glass tints SXET offers for your custom cut glass mostly depend on your custom cut glass type and thickness.

However, the following are some standard tints we use for custom cut glass:

  • Clear Tint Glass
  • HD Tint Glass
  • Light Gray Tint Glass
  • Dark Gray Tint Glass
  • Low-Iron Tint Glass
  • Solex Tint Glass
  • Bronze Tint Glass
  • Satin Etch Tint Glass
  • P-516 Tint Glass

Additionally, SXET also offers solar-cool bronze and Frosted GlueChip like exceptional tint colors for your custom cut glass so you can have the best-looking custom cut glass.

What Coatings and Surface Finishes You Offer for Custom Cut Glass?

SXET offers some best-in-class coats, including anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint, which are very useful sometimes.

You can achieve anti-reflective custom cut glass through mostly one- or two-sided coating to completely eliminate light reflection.

Additionally, anti-fingerprint custom cut glass coating can be mostly achieved through an oleophobic (anti-smudge) coat.

It gives you a surface that is resistant to dirt, dust, oils, and fingerprints resulting in a custom cut glass surface that is ultra-clear and easy to maintain.

You can also have your custom cut glass with glossy, etched, metallic, and iridescent surface finishes.

What Textures Do You Offer for Custom Cut Glass?

SXET uses the latest glass cutting techniques, and its custom cut glass gives you more choices than ever.

Custom cut glass textures are another method through which SXET is providing visual interest.

Furthermore, the custom cut glass textures SXET offers are the following:

  • Flat: Flat custom cut glass texture gives you a smooth finish with a standard reflection.
  • Rippled: It represents a subtle variant of the flat custom cut glass.
  • Low: It contains small dimples of consistent depth, shaping a continuous pattern across your custom cut glass surface.
  • Random: Irregular random peaks and ruts on the custom glass surface
  • Relief: Like ceramic custom cut glass, mostly used for decorative inserts

At SXET, we also offer many latest introduced textures and styles as custom cut glass technology continues to advance.

What is Bronze Custom Cut Glass?

Bronze custom cut glass gives a coppery-tinted glass look with a little bit of glare reflection.

You can specify the bronze glass shape, size, thickness, edge work, corner types, and even you can have an umbrella hole in the center.

SXET also can offer bronze custom cut glass with tempered glass type for more durability and strength.

Bronze custom cut glass is more suitable for table tops, patio tables, shelves, and mirrors.

Custom cut bronze glass

Figure 33: Bronze Custom Cut Glass


What is Grey Custom Cut Glass?

Gray custom cut glass is famous because of its rich and unique smokey gray-tinted glass look.

Most importantly, SXET offers gray custom cut glass with a vast library of custom options to have a versatile design customized exactly in the way you want.

The most basic and interesting thing about grey custom cut glass that you can use it anywhere you would normally use simple glass.

Custom cut grey glass

Figure 34: Grey Custom Cut Glass


What is Opaque Custom Cut Glass?

Opaque custom cut glass is one of the most aesthetically attractive for unique custom home environments.

This custom cut glass is mostly used for privacy by giving a full blur shade.

SXET gives full customization of your opaque custom cut glass.

At SXET, we custom cut opaque glass in a similar way; we custom cut every other glass.

However, suppose you also required your opaque custom cut glass to be tempered.

In that case, it’s a bit different and also will go through a toughening process.

It’s one side smooth, and the other has a slight texture.

Opaque custom cut glass is ideal for shower doors, office apartments, cabinet glass, product displays, and many more.

Custom cut opaque glass

Figure 35: Opaque Custom Cut Glass


What is HD Custom Cut Glass?

Our HD custom cut glass is the clearest glass in the glass market today.

It is a glass in which the iron particles are removed to permanently remove its greenish tint coloring.

At SXET, our experts remove the iron particles in the way so you can obtain an ultra-cleat “HD” custom cut glass.

The invisible nature of SXET HD custom cut glass result in the following characteristics:

  • Reduced to a null greenish tint
  • Increased light transmission
  • Completely colorless appearance
  • Exceptional clarity

HD custom cut glass has the most uses.

It can be utilized as skylights, wall partitions, windows, shelves, museums, art exhibits, and many more.

Low-Iron glass

Figure 36: HD “Low-Iron” Custom Cut Glass


How Technology Allows You to Custom Cut Glass?

At SXET, we achieved precision in custom cut glass through enhanced technology.

SXET can offer thousands of custom options for your custom cut glass and handle a wide range of custom cut glass projects simultaneously with the help of technology.

Our custom cut glass services are cost-effective because our processes and environment are fully optimized.

We have optimized our processes and environment with the help of technology.

SXET CNC machines and other state-of-the-art automatic glass cutting machinery are technologically enhanced and considered the best in quality and performance.

How SXET is the Best in Custom Cut Glass?

SXET is China’s high-end custom cut glass and other glass related services provider.

SXET delivers premium quality custom cut glass services at incredibly lower prices because of its cost-effective solutions.

Our success rate is over 99%, and we ship our custom cut glass internationally.

SXET sturdy packaging, fast custom glass cutting, and reliable shipping make it one of the best.

SXET is a trusted brand through which you can have long-lasting and high-quality custom cut glass.

SXET also believes in “precision.” Precision is the most important thing near us, and that’s what makes SXET’s custom cut glass best in quality.

Additionally, your satisfaction is our success, and the custom cut glass’s accuracy is the key to achieving this.

What Features Enhance the Quality of Your Custom Cut Glass?

Experience true custom glass quality with SXET premium custom cut glass features.

The primary goal of SXET is to offer top-tier and best in class custom cut glass that will exceed your expectations.

SXET is a full custom glass services provider from China and uses traditional methods to custom cut glass.

Most importantly, SXET has the ability to precisely custom cut glass with quick turnaround times.

SXET enhance your custom cut glass quality by utilizing the following features:

  1. Custom Glass Fabrication: SXET offers a library of custom options for your custom glass manufacturing and fabrication, including custom glass cutting.
  2. Precision Cutting: SXET uses CNC machines and other automatic precision glass cutting machines for utmost precision glass-cutting.
  • Edge-Work & Polishing:We offer a variety of custom options related to edge work and polishing for custom cut glass.
  1. Custom Glass Tempering: SXET advanced custom cut glass is stronger, safer, and resistant against versatile conditions, fire, heat, and shock because of our use of tempered/toughened glass.

What is the Best Custom Cut Glass for My Custom Space?

At SXET, we specialized in custom cut glass.

Our experts have enough knowledge to facilitate you about which custom cut glass is best for your custom space or environment.

We understand your needs and prioritize them because whatever you will have in the end will be based on your needs, specifications, and requirements.

Through exact measurements, SXET can ensure that your custom cut glass will fit your custom designed space or not.

At SXET, we offer a vast library of custom options related to custom cut glass for many applications, including frameless shower doors, skylines, and windows to complex commercial glass panels, museum glass, and office partitions.

SXET 10+ years of experience with the responsive staff and great knowledge as well as selective highest quality glass material will give you the best custom cut glass that will fulfill your every need.

How You Custom Cut Glass for Household Furniture?

At SXET, we offer an extensive library of glass types ready to be custom cut exactly based on your requirements.

Most importantly, there is no limit to custom options we offer for custom cut glass for household furniture.

The most important part of custom cut glass for household furniture is understanding your needs and providing us the exact measurements about your required custom cut glass.

Additionally, our experts will facilitate you so that you can briefly and accurately give us the information we required.

Your household furniture can be table tops, desktops, shelves, cabinets, custom doors, antique furniture, or railing, with many more.

However, our custom cut glass can be customized in a way so it can be a part of your household furniture.

How You Grind Custom Cut Glass?

At SXET, we also provide scratch-free and high-luster edge grinding for custom cut glass.

However, SXET uses a grinding process when you require the tightest tolerances in your custom cut glass.

Our technologically enhanced glass cutting and grinding equipment allow you to have exceptionally smooth edges and a highly-functional aesthetical look.

SXET utilizes state-of-the-art technology and CNC machines to grind your custom cut glass and offer you versatile, easily customized, and dependable glass grinding settings.

SXET can perform Blanchard, Cylindrical, Surface, Contour, Edge, Precision, and Optical grinding on your custom cut glass according to your specific requirements.

In order to have safer handling, SXET offers grinding services.

At SXET, we even can grind up to the one-inch-thick custom cut glass.

We also offer a wide range of custom options for each beveling, polishing, and grinding to give your custom cut glass the focus and precision it requires.

What Factors to Consider When Custom Cut Glass?

SXET is one of the most trusted names in the glass cutting market and offers custom cut glass that can fit perfectly and look exceptional.

No matter your custom cut glass’s size and shape because SXET is experienced in handling every type of custom cut glass.

Great attention to details is key to high-quality custom cut glass.

Additionally, several facts can be important to consider before setting your custom cut glass requirements or ordering one.

So, keep the following factors in mind before ordering your custom cut glass from SXET:

  • Thickness: Correct thickness can add durability and sometimes reduce costs.
  • Shape: You can ask and have any virtual shape you want for your custom cut glass.
  • Edge Work: Complex edge grinding, including custom ones, can increase custom cut glass uniqueness.
  • Glass Type: If you want your custom cut glass to withstand high heat, pressure, explosive, shock, then you must have tempered glass type.

There are many others, but these are some important ones to consider for your custom cut glass and proven to be high in importance and can greatly impact your custom cut glass.

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