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You can always bank and count on us here at SXET, no matter how difficult or how complex your products need to be. In fact, we offer multiple glass manufacturing and glass processing services! Thanks to the highly advanced glass processing machines we have, we will be able to do all the custom glass processing services you need!

Some of the most common glass processing and glass fabricating procedures we are skilled at include:

  • Glass Cutting and CNC Cutting or Water Jet Cutting
  • Glass Chemically Strengthened Tempering or Heat Tempering
  • CNC Drilling or Laser Drilling
  • Color Printing
  • Glass Bending
CNC Machining

SXET can provide the manufacturing of custom glass products using CNC manufacturing machines and equipment! From regular glass cutting, glass drilling, to various advanced and cutting-edge CNC glass cutters, CNC glass drilling, laser cutting and drilling, and many more!

Glass CNC Grinding

You can bank and count on SXET for the CNC grinding that you need for your glass fabrication and glass-processed units! We can produce various glass products that have specific edge profiles from the flat and regular 2D edge, 2.5D edge, 3D edge, stepped edge, beveled edge, and so on!

Glass CNC Fabricating

SXET can perform high-quality CNC drilling for whatever application you need! We can produce and manufacture drilled pieces for your glass screen protectors, camera glass units, camera screen protectors, Gorilla Glass, and many more!

Laser cutting

SXET’s advancement and innovation in the industry allowed us to have better and more fruitful cutting procedures through the help of cutting shape glass laser cutting machines. Our laser cutting machines and equipment are used for the cutting of regular float glass, Schott Glass, AGC or Dragontrail Glass, Gorilla Glass, and many more! Laser cutting is so fast, it can save much time.

Laser Drilling

Other than CNC drilling, SXET also employs the use of laser drills in the process of custom glass processing and glass fabrication. Whatever design, style, and form you need, we’re sure that we’ll be able to produce it for you through the help and the aid of our laser drilling machines! You can get hundreds of holes in one glass as your needs.



Color Printing

Want to add a bit of color to your glass products? If so, then SXET can absolutely and definitely help you with that! We are a company that utilizes various color printing procedures for our glass units, but the most common procedure is through silk screen printing! Send us a copy or a sketch of your design for us to create the custom glass you need!

Custom Glass Processing as per Your Design

SXET’s custom glass manufacturing services are deemed and looked at as the best and the most reliable in the entire country. Many other glass suppliers and glass manufacturing companies tried to do what we do, but ended up failing.

SXET has no secret formula in custom glass fabrication and glass processing. What we have, though, is a complete set of highly skilled and highly experienced engineers and experts who all exceed the expectations that we and our clients have from them.

Many other glass manufacturing companies in China are following the footsteps of our company. From glass fabricating, custom glass manufacturing, to glass deep manufacturing – we’ve been the role models!

These are only some of the most common glass processing services, but that doesn’t mean that SXET is limited to that! SXET’s glass manufacturing factory is populated with the industry’s best and most-advanced and cutting-edge equipment!

We are also skilled and capable of providing other services such as etching, bonding, curved edging, bonding, and many more! You can count on us to follow the complete and comprehensive glass fabrication process from the sourcing and getting of raw materials – to ultrasonic bath cleaning sessions, and custom packaging!

Apart from glass processing and glass manufacturing, you can also expect all our products to be coated and treated using various methods such as AR coating, AG coating, AF coating, and many more!

Can SXET Offer Custom Glass?

Yes, you can get a custom glass from SXET, regardless of what you’ll be using it for. SXET can offer high-quality custom glass for electronic product covers, custom glass for smart home devices, custom glass for wearable devices, custom glass for smartphones, and many more!

You will never run out of options when it comes to custom glass when you choose SXET as your custom glass manufacturing company! Get any shape, form, and dimensions that you need for your custom glass – you just have to send us the drawing or the sketch of your product and we’ll do it for you!

Since glass is one of the most popular materials to use for devices, you can count on us here at SXET to get high-quality materials for your products, too! So long as it’s within our range of 0.33 to 6 mm thickness, we can get it for you! We have tolerance ranges of about ± 0.05 mm for manufacturing custom glass products so, don’t worry!

SXET As Your Custom Glass Manufacturing Company

For more than a decade, SXET has been specializing in glass manufacturing and glass fabrication. All our custom glass products can be used in various business sectors and industries.

Our custom glass products are often used for front covers, battery covers, laptop and smartphone covers, screen protectors, electronic covers, watch trackers, smartwatches, and many more!

  • We use different types of glass materials for our products (Schott Glass, AGC or Dragontrail Glass, Gorilla Glass, regular float glass, etc.)
  • Color printing is available and can be given upon request
  • We do not have an MoQ or a minimum order! Get it for the exact amount you need!
  • We can provide 2D, 2.5D, 3D, and curved edges for your glass products
  • Surface finishing processes are available: anti-reflective (AR), anti-fingerprint (AF), anti-glare (AG), aluminum coating, AG etching, ITO coating, and many more!
  • Lead time is within 7 to 12 days from the payment confirmation date
  • We can give you the option for bonding, whether you want adhesive bonding using 3M glue and OCA bonding

If you ever find yourself in need of glass manufacturing in China, we’re just a call or an email away! You can count on us to produce whatever type of glass product, be it made from regular float glass, Gorilla Glass, Schott Glass, AGC or Dragontrail Glass, and many more!

Business Advantages of Choosing SXET As Your Glass Fabrication Company

Unlike other glass manufacturing companies, SXET will never leave you with questions in your mind. We offer excellent pre and aftersales services to get on with the assistance that you need!

  • We have more than a decade of experience in the glass manufacturing and glass fabrication process
  • We provide complete OEM orders and glass fabrication products
  • We don’t just focus on custom glass for smartphones and wearable devices, we can help you with custom glass for equipment touch screen, industrial applications, and other industries, too!
  • We have a dedicated glass manufacturing factory and a factory for glass fabrication

Wherever you are in the world, we can give you the guarantee that we’ll give you the best and the highest quality of glass manufacturing and glass fabrication that you need!

Our expertise and skill in glass manufacturing paved way for us to become the most-trusted glass fabricating and glass manufacturing company in China. You can trust and count on us if you need regular float glass, Gorilla Glass, chemically strengthened glass, optical glass, screen protectors, camera glass, phone glass, tempered glass, and many more!

Have a view of all the glass fabrication products that we have here in our website!

Do you want to experience world-class quality glass fabrication processes without costing a fortune? Are you looking for high-quality glass manufacturing in China?

Work with us here at SXET Glass and we’ll show you global standard without the need to spend a lot of money! Reach out to us by dialing our hotline, by shooting us a message on WeChat, or by sending us an email!

Glass Cut

Glass CNC Machining

Glass CNC Grinding

Glass CNC Fabricating

Glass Manufacturing – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Ever wondered how the glass materials on the everyday items we use are made? Thanks to glass processing, everything became easier! Companies just need to order custom glass products to attach and assemble to the devices they need!

Here in China, there are only a few selected glass processing companies that can guarantee precise and accurate work.

That’s what we’ll be guiding you through today. We’ll not just be going through some of the things that you need to know about glass manufacturing, but, we’ll also be giving you the best tips in finding the custom glass manufacturing company you can work with!

  1. What is Glass Processing?
  2. Gorilla Glass Manufacturing Process
  3. What Glass Manufacturing Process Skills Do You Have?
  4. Chemically Strengthened Glass vs. Tempered Glass
  5. Can You Perform Drilling on Glass?
  6. What Glass Types Can You Utilize As Phone Glass?
  7. Can You Print on Glass?
  8. Can You Perform Adhesive Bonding on Glass?
  9. What Glass Materials Can Be Processed?
  10. How Is Camera Glass Manufactured?
  11. What is the Usual Procedure of Custom Glass Processing?
  12. How is Glass Fabrication Done?
  13. Is Custom Glass Processing Available?
  14. What Are Glass Processing Machines?
  15. Glass Manufacturers Near Me
  16. Custom Glass Manufacturers
  17. How to Manufacture Mobile Tempered Glass?
  18. Who Manufactures Gorilla Glass?
  19. Watch Glass Manufacturers
  20. Phone Glass Manufacturers
  21. Curved Tempered Glass Manufacturers

What is Glass Processing?

Glass processing is the procedure or the methodology of producing or manufacturing glass that is attached and integrated into other devices or material things.

Figure 1 – A product of glass processing

The most common products of glass processing include phone glass or camera glass, smart device glass, wearables, and other things of the like.

You’ll be able to find a lot of glass processing companies in the market, you’ll never run out of options!

Gorilla Glass Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of Gorilla Glass is quite similar to how regular glass is made since it’s also glass.

Process of how Gorilla Glass is manufactured

Figure 2 – Process of how Gorilla Glass is manufactured

Probably the main difference of their entire procedure would be the strengthening and the additive technology or the treatment process.

Nevertheless, here’s the process of how Gorilla Glass is produced and manufactured:

  1. The raw materials are added into the pool that is to be melted and turned into molten material.
  2. During the process, shards of transparent glass, as well as decolorizing agents are added into the mixture.
  3. After this procedure, the molten materials are left and is separated and is passed, and fed to a trough that’s known as an “isopipe.”
  4. This overfills the trough until it flows to both sides, creating a flat-surfaced glass.
  5. After this, the glass is left to be cooled and is annealed.
  6. To further strengthen and add the properties of Gorilla Glass that we know of, it undergoes the ion-exchange process. This process helps the glass to be stronger, more durable, and more flexible, perfect for its use in all the business industries and sectors it’ll be utilized in.

How Does the Ion-Exchange Process of Gorilla Glass Happen?

The ion-exchange process of Gorilla Glass is a molten salt bath that sizzles at about 400°C.

Gorilla Glass installed on an iPhone

Figure 3 – Gorilla Glass that has undergone ion-exchange installed on an iPhone

The newly manufactured glass is submerged into this to strengthen and to further expand its versatility and durability.

During this process, the small sodium ions on the glass’s composition transfer to the salt bath, while larger potassium ions get transferred to the glass. It’s kind of a replacement process in which the large potassium ions occupy the spaces where the sodium ions are.

Due to this, several things happen, which include:

  • It produces a compressive stress layer on the glass
  • It allows potassium ions to diffuse far to the surface
  • There are more stress-resistant properties that are produced

What Glass Manufacturing Process Skills Do You Have?

Glass CNC cutting

Figure 4 – Glass CNC cutting, one of the glass manufacturing processes we’re skilled at

Here at SXET, we’re proud to say that we are equipped with all necessary glass manufacturing and glass processing skills that are perfect for the needs of businesses that need and require thin processed glass.

Some of the most noticeable glass manufacturing and glass processing skills we have include:

  1. Glass CNC Cutting or Laser Cutting
  2. Glass Drilling (CNC) or Laser Drilling
  3. Custom Glass Edge Cutting and Profiling
  4. Glass Silk Screen Printing
  5. Adhesive Bonding
  6. Surface Finishing
  7. Heat Tempering and Chemical Strengthening

Should you require other specialty-glass-specific skills and processes, we’re only a call or an email away!

Thanks to the skill, experience, and expertise of our engineers and experts, we can assure you of a precise and accurate glass processing procedure!

Chemically Strengthened Glass vs. Tempered Glass

Both of these finishes are for the protection and the security of the glass.

iPhone 11 gorilla glass

Figure 5 – Image of a chemically strengthened glass for a smartphone

But, how are they different? What are the distinctions between glass units that are chemically strengthened and heat tempered?

There are certain differences between them even if they’re both aimed at the same goal. To let you know what these are further, here’s a table that would discuss each of them separately.

Chemical Strengthening Heat Tempering
The common process for thin glass and other thin display applications (usually under 3mm). Best suited for strengthening glass products that are above 3mm.
Usually done in salt bath (ion-exchange process) Usually done through subjecting the glass unit to high-fluctuating temperatures.
The material can be developed and be made more durable in hours (eight (8) to sixteen (16)). The glass can be tempered in minutes to hours, depending on the thickness.
Makes the glass better in harsh environments, which can be chemical, natural, or physical. Ideal in stresses in the physical sense.
Better in a sense where it can be protected from reactive situations. Better in a sense where they’re more impact and stress-resistant.

These are the primary differences in chemical strengthening and tempering. If your products are thin glass for display, going with chemical strengthening would be the better and the more liable option.

Can You Perform Drilling on Glass?

Yes, as a matter of fact, glass drilling is one of the procedures to produce and manufacture glass units for display.

Glass drilling

Figure 6 – SXET can perform comprehensive glass drilling procedures

Think about glass screen protectors, phone glass, and other types of glass that are used in the development of displays, you see holes on their surfaces, right? Those holes are made via glass drilling and are often results based on the client’s requests.

For hole drilling, glass fabrication companies utilize either laser drilling machines or CNC glass laser drills.

What Glass Types Can You Utilize As Phone Glass?

There’s a wide variety of glass types used as phone glasses. But, the most common include Gorilla Glass, 3D tempered glass, Dragontrail Glass, and Panda Glass.

3D tempered glass used forsmartphone

Figure 7 – 3D tempered glass can be used as phone glass

The criteria in choosing the type of glass to be used on phones would depend on the following:

  • Strength and Durability
  • Glass Clarity and Quality
  • Flexibility

These factors would be the basis of whether or not the phone glass you’ll be purchasing would be efficient and effective.

Can You Print on Glass?

Color printing on glass

Figure 8 – SXET is an expert in color printing on glass

Yes, many companies perform printing on glass products, especially if they’re going to be used for a certain type of device.

Color printing on glass is often used as a type of distinctive feature on glass types. To explain it to you in a better and clearer sense, think of a camera protector that is colored. More often than not, these color-printed camera protectors would match the specific color of the device it’ll be used for.

The most common colors that are printed on glass include red, blue, green, yellow, rose gold, silver, and black.

Can You Perform Adhesive Bonding on Glass?

Adhesive bonding

Figure 9 – Adhesive sticking or bonding is among the many skills we have here at SXET

Yes, in fact, it’s one of the primary glass processing methods used by glass manufacturing and glass processing companies.

Adhesive bonding is a procedure that installs an adhesive onto the glass unit so that it can easily be glued and stuck onto the device or the material that it needs to be used on.

The most common type of adhesive is 3M glass glue or tape. The strength and the stickiness of the adhesive will depend on the functionality and the use of this particular glass.

Other than 3M glass glue or tape, other brands and types of glass glue are used, so long that it has a butyl formula, which is effective in bonding glass-to-glass or other glass-to-non-porous materials.

What Glass Materials Can Be Processed?

You’ll be able to find a lot of different types of glass materials you can produce and manufacture through selective glass processing.

You can produce and manufacture phone glass, camera glass, glass screen protectors, wearable devices glass, smart home devices glass, and many more. Usually, the glass materials that you want to subject to glass processing would be the materials that are to be used in an electronic sense like television screens, smartphone screens, dead front panels, touchscreen display panels, and many more!

The whole point is that glass materials that you can process and manufacture via glass fabrication would be those that have internal operations and functions.

How Is Camera Glass Manufactured?

Manufacturing process of camera glass

Figure 10 – Inspection, a part of the manufacturing process of camera glass

The manufacturing process of camera glass mainly involves the usage or utility of specialized glass – sapphire glass, among others and the development and improvement of its properties and overall quality.

To give you a more detailed and thorough take on this, here’s the process of how camera glass lenses are made and manufactured.

Step 1: Sourcing of Materials

The materials needed to produce and manufacture the camera glass are sourced. The most common and seen material in camera glass manufacturing is sapphire glass, and this is due to its natural resistance against scratches, corrosion, and other light and subtle damages.

Apart from that, other materials that would contribute to the manufacturing process will be gathered and collected as well.

Step 2: Cutting of the Glass

Once all materials are sourced and collected, the next step that camera glass manufacturing companies do is that the cut and size the glass according to the recommended size and dimensions they want to achieve.

The glass cutting procedure would usually be done using high-quality CNC glass cutting machines and laser cutters.

Step 3: Shaping

Depending on the device, the shape of the newly cut glass will be made. Glass shaping is done to specify and to initially create the required form of the camera glass.

You can consider shaping as a subset of cutting because it is always almost done in urgency after the former.

Step 4: Grinding

When it’s cut and shaped according to the size and dimensions aspired, the next step that manufacturers do is that they perform grinding to eradicate the rough and splitting edges of the glass that has recently been cut and shaped.

The grinding procedure is done and achieved using advanced and cutting-edge glass grinding and glass processing equipment.

Step 5: Inspection

After those initial steps, experts and engineers perform inspections on the camera glass to see and assess if they already meet the requirements of the project.

The initial inspection would check and verify the following:

  • If the product meets the size requirement
  • If the product is shaped according to the needs of the client
  • If the product is safe to use and is not dangerous

Step 6: Polishing and Treatment

When it’s achieved, further polishing is done on the glass’s surface. Not only would polishing transform the overall physique of the product, but it can spawn all unnecessary inconsistencies of the glass so you can easily weed them all out.

This step also applies the treatment of the glass, whether it’s going to be submerged in molten bath salts for chemical strengthening or if it’s going to be heat tempered.

Step 7: Ultrasonic Bath Cleansing

After being polished and treated, the glass will be subdued to ultrasonic bath cleaning, which is a comprehensive procedure that removes all particles such as dust, dirt, and other things off of the glass unit.

This is an important process because unwanted particles could modify and change up the outcome or the results of the camera glass manufacturing process.

Step 8: Surface Finishing

And the concluding process, surface finishing is applied on camera glass to give its final touch. Surface finishing procedures could include anti-reflective (AR), anti-glare (AG), anti-fingerprint (AF) or anti-smudge, and anti-scratch.

And that is the process of how camera glass is made and manufactured.

NOTE: Not all camera glass manufacturing companies follow this specific structure. Some stray from this and have their own processes, so, it is imperative to check your future camera glass manufacturer’s production procedure.

What is the Usual Procedure of Custom Glass Processing?

Custom glass processing product

Figure 11 – Custom glass processing product

Most, if not all custom glass fabrication companies follow the same 4-phase structure in manufacturing processed glass.

This structure includes (1) Sourcing or Gathering of the Glass, (2) Creation of the Glass, (3) Surface Finishing the Glass, (4) Inspecting the Final Product.

The vast majority of glass manufacturers produce glass products in this way. Why is it standard, you may ask? Well, this procedure is usually standard due to the fact that this completely covers the steps in producing custom glass.

Let us dig and delve deeper into this particular topic.

Sourcing or Gathering of the Glass

The first step that these glass manufacturing and glass fabrication companies do is that they source out and gather the materials that they need to create and manufacture the glass.

The type and the kind of glass that they produce will depend on the product that they’re going to use it for. For instance, if they’re going to produce custom glass for phone glass, they would most likely get and source out Gorilla Glass, Panda Glass, or AGC or Dragontrail glass.

Should they be tasked to produce screen protectors, they might need 3D tempered glass, flexible tempered glass, and so on.

Once they gather all of the materials they need to produce and create the glass, the next step is to create the glass product.

Creation of the Glass

The creation of the glass product is a complex procedure that would entail various processes. Most of these processes would be directed towards the complete and comprehensive creation of the glass unit that they are to produce and manufacture.

More often than not, the creation of the glass would include the following steps:

  1. Cutting of the glass
  2. Grinding of the glass
  3. Smoothening the edges of the glass
  4. Drilling the glass (if necessary)
  5. Polishing the glass
  6. Cleaning the glass (ultrasonic bath cleaning)
  7. Inspecting the glass

After this, the glass manufacturing company or the glass fabrication company would proceed to the next step, which is…

Surface Finishing the Glass

Once the glass has successfully been produced and manufactured, the next thing that glass fabrication companies would do is that they would perform surface finishing on the glass.

Surface finishing could be anything from applying anti-reflective (AR) coating, anti-glare (AG) coating, anti-smudge or anti-fingerprint (AF) coating, anti-scratch coating, optical coating, aluminum coating, ITO coating, and many more!

The coating would be the first layer of property that the glass would have. For instance, if you would install anti-reflective (AR) coating on it, then the glass will be resistant to reflections and other things of the sort. If it’s anti-glare glass, then it would make your glass resistant to glare and other types of inconsistencies.

Inspecting the Final Product

After creating, manufacturing, and surface finishing the glass, the next and final step that glass fabrication companies would do is that the would inspect the final product to see if it’s within the requirement and the expectations of the client.

Everything would be checked from the overall structure of the glass, its properties, as well as the various technical parameters that it has.

This is the 4-step process that glass fabrication and glass manufacturing companies follow whenever they are going to produce or manufacture custom glass products.

How is Glass Fabrication Done?

The process of glass fabrication is done by getting raw glass products, then processing them to meet the needs and the demands of clients and customers.

Glass fabrication processes

Figure 12 – Glass cutting, one of the glass fabrication processes

There are various processes and methods involved in glass fabrication, some of which include glass drilling, chemical strengthening, heat tempering, glass CNC and laser drilling, as well as other things of the like.

After these processes, the next thing that glass fabrication and glass manufacturing companies would do is that they would add the different features and properties that are needed in the glass. These could be anything from treatments, coatings, and other types of additional properties that the glasses would need.

Is Custom Glass Processing Available?

Yes! As a matter of fact, there are a lot of high-quality glass processing companies you can run to if you ever find yourself in need of custom glass products.

Most of the time, these would also be the same companies that you can count and bank on if you need regular or pre-made glass products.

This is because they need to expand their reach and their capabilities in the market in order for them to be chosen and to be worked with by businesses, companies, corporations, and other entities that could be potential clients.

Custom glass processing goes as far as customizing and specifying everything from the size of the products needed, the style, design, colors, and even the properties and the features of the glass fabricated product.

What Are Glass Processing Machines?

Glass processing machines or equipment are devices or machines that are used by various glass manufacturing companies in producing or manufacturing glass.

Glass polishing machine

Figure 13 – A worker operating a glass polishing machine

There are a lot of glass processing machines and equipment in the market, and it would be difficult to master all of them.

But, we’ve done due diligence and decided to list down some of the industry’s most-needed and most-wanted glass processing machines.

Glass Cutting

  • Laser Glass Cutting Machines
  • CNC Glass Cutting Machines
  • Water Jet Glass Cutters

Edge Grinding and Polishing

  • Traditional Glass Polishing Machines
  • CNC Glass Polishing Machines

Glass Color Printing

  • Silk Screen Machines
  • Digital Glass Printing Machines

Glass Treating or Coating

  • Roller Glass Coating Machines
  • Automatic or CNC Glass Coating Machines

These are the most common glass processing machines you’ll find in the market today. There are other types of these machines but they would either be close or multi-functional.

So, don’t be confused when you encounter other glass processing machines in the market. They could just be different terms but the exact type of machine or equipment could be the same.

Glass Manufacturers Near Me

You’ll be able to find a lot of glass manufacturers in your location when you search “glass manufacturers near me.” As a matter of fact, search engines would give you the closest ones within your vicinity, and therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems contacting or working with them.

The problem with this is that the business or the company that you might get to work with might not be adept and skilled enough to get and to provide everything that you need!

Therefore, the next best thing to do is to contact a world-class quality glass manufacturing company, like us here at SXET.

We are China’s top glass fabrication and glass manufacturing company and we cater to all businesses and companies that need our help, regardless of where you are in the world!

Custom Glass Manufacturers

If you ever find yourself in need of custom glass manufacturers to supply you with the glass fabricated products that you require for your devices, it might be hard or difficult for you to find a company or a manufacturer that you can fully trust and bank on.

As a matter of fact, this might be where you’ll spend the most time.

Not all glass manufacturing companies can offer custom glass products. So, it would be your responsibility to check and assess whether or not a glass manufacturer can offer custom products. You can always ask!

Here with us at SXET, you can get all the different types and kinds of custom glass products that you need! Whether you think you need custom glass for smartphone displays, custom glass for wearable devices, custom glass for electronic device covers, and so on, we’re sure that we’ll be able to help you!

Whatever kind or type of custom glass you need, we’ll be a call or an email away! We work with bulk orders, single orders – you name it!

How to Manufacture Mobile Tempered Glass?

The manufacturing procedure of mobile tempered glass units does not only require skill, it also requires experience.

Mobile tempered glass

Figure 14 – Mobile tempered glass that’s finished and polished

That is why the collective experience of our engineers and experts here at SXET will be more than enough and sufficient to provide you with the type of mobile tempered glass that you need!

While the general and the standard procedure of manufacturing and fabricating mobile tempered glass is a one-road process, we do it kind of differently here at SXET!

Here’s a quick summary of how we perform and manufacture mobile tempered glass units!

  1. We source out the material that we are going to use for our mobile tempered glass. The materials will, of course, depend on the needs and the overall requirements of our clientele.
  2. From there, we perform cutting, shaping, and further forming of the mobile tempered glass according to their instructions and their needs.
  3. The heating or the strengthening procedure that we perform involves submerging and subjecting the mobile tempered glass in ovens that contain high temperatures, usually about 600 to 650°C.
  4. We add several layers to our mobile tempered glass units and we merge or fuse them using strong and effective adhesives. Our procedure involves a process that’s made out of and comprised of a silicon layer.
  5. After that, we perform the treatment deposition or the coating that the mobile tempered glass units would require. This is an imperative step as these would be the coatings that would make it scratch-resistant, glare-resistant, fingerprint-resistant, and so on.

And that’s the process or the procedure of how we produce and manufacture our tempered glass! This is general and standard, so we did not include company secrets that separate us from the rest of the manufacturing companies that offer mobile tempered glass units.

Who Manufactures Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla glass sheet

Figure 15 – SXET can produce and manufacture the best-quality Gorilla Glass for your products

There are various companies that manufacture and produce OEM or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Gorilla Glass units. Originally, Corning, the founder of Gorilla Glass, was the sole provider and manufacturer of Gorilla Glass.

As time went on, several Chinese glass manufacturing companies and businesses were able to pick this up, allowing the market to expand and develop.

Now, you’ll be able to find a lot of Gorilla Glass manufacturing companies in the market like us here at SXET! We are deemed and considered as the top Chinese Gorilla Glass supplier that can produce thousands of Gorilla Glass units for companies and businesses across the globe!

SXET performs glass deep processing, which contributes to the creation or the manufacturing of Gorilla Glass units that aren’t generic. We can produce Gorilla Glass that has AG etching, AR or anti-reflective coating, optical coating, and many more!

Our Gorilla Glass units can be within 0.4 mm and 2mm thickness that’s specific to the projects or the devices that you need them for!

Watch Glass Manufacturers

Ever feel the need to work with a watch glass manufacturing company but you’re not sure how to choose them? The market is filled with a ton of watch glass manufacturers and you might be missing some of the best ones!

There isn’t a foolproof way to land working with a world-class watch glass manufacturer, and there would never be. In fact, it’s always a challenge that is often undertaken and underestimated by many.

So, here are the top tips and strategies that you can do to land working with a good-quality watch glass manufacturer.

Know Your Needs

The most important thing to consider would be what your needs are. Do you require high-quality products in longer time frames? Or, rather go with a manufacturer that can deliver with urgency and not quality?

Some companies would have both, so be sure to check them out.

Find Out About Their Business Habits

Learning about how a watch glass manufacturer handles its clients is an integral part of the business. Do they offer the necessary presales services? Are they able to offer aftersales services? Can they provide high-quality customer experience or customer service?

Sometimes, working with a company that communicates more effectively is a lot better than a company that can give you high-quality products but isn’t effective when it comes to communication.

What Materials Can They Work On?

Wouldn’t it be better for your business if you worked with a watch glass manufacturer that’s skilled, adept, and at the same time, experienced in working on a wide variety of materials?

It’s always better to go and work with glass manufacturing companies that are adept and skilled in working on various types of glass materials.

In searching for a company, it’ll always be great to find a company that is knowledgeable in working on different glass materials, so, learning is key!

The glass cover of your wearable devices – smartwatches in this case – should always be top-quality. Since it is within the expectation that it’ll be used and tampered with often, you always need to be ready for wear and tear. That being said, it’s important that you find a good-quality watch glass manufacturer for it.

Phone Glass Manufacturers

Similar to finding watch glass fabrication companies, the path of searching for phone glass manufacturers can be a challenge, too.

You’ll be able to find a lot of phone glass manufacturers in the market, in fact, you will never experience a shortage of it. So, the primary difficulty that you might encounter would be by checking if they’ll be capable of providing you with the products that you need.

In addition to the strategies and the tips that we gave in finding watch glass manufacturers, here are a couple of other great pieces of advice you can follow to be successful in your search for the next phone glass manufacturer you’re going to work with.

  • Try to check on their previous clients and see what their comments and feedback are
  • Research about their skills and other fields of expertise they have
  • Read online forums that direct to them and their products
  • Ask about anything technical or specialized in their field

Sometimes, the expertise of a phone glass manufacturer is overlooked as everything. When, in fact, their credibility, focus on client retention, and their communication are part of the things that need to be considered and looked at, too.

Here at SXET, we can give you a full package of the phone glass manufacturing procedure that you need! We’ll be open to answering all questions and inquiries, as well as any type of aid or assistance that you need!

Curved Tempered Glass Manufacturers

For smartphones and other smart devices, curved tempered glass units are the best and the most useful components, that, without them, it will be difficult to assemble and complete the devices.

Should you be in dire need of a curved tempered glass manufacturing company to work with, doing a simple Google search can immediately solve the dilemma! As a matter of fact, you’ll find an abundance of glass manufacturing and glass processing companies that are offering complete and comprehensive processing of curved tempered glass units!

The real question would be if the company you are going to work with will be able to suffice your requirements.

Validating and checking every corner of a business is critical and tedious, and therefore, it is something that might take most of your time. To shave off that awful experience, we’re offering our products and our expertise here at SXET for you!

We’re China’s top curved tempered glass manufacturing company and we’re more than ready and prepared to help and assist you with the curved tempered glass that you need!

Whether you need a curved tempered glass that has a 2D edge, a 2.5D edge, a 3D edge, a stepped edge, or a beveled edge, we’ll be a buzz away!

Top 20 Glass Manufacturing Companies in China

While China sits at the top of the glass manufacturing and glass fabrication ladder, there are hundreds, if not thousands of companies that share the same activities.

Luckily for you, we took the time to gather all information on the top 20 glass manufacturing companies in China.

SXET Glass Co., Ltd.

Across the country, SXET Glass Co., Ltd. is the top glass fabrication and glass manufacturing company that’s trusted and banked on by businesses and companies from all around the world.

We are skilled and knowledgeable in the fabrication of products using various types of raw glass materials such as AGC or Dragontrail Glass, AGC Glass, Schott Glass, Gorilla Glass, regular float glass, and many more!

Get custom glass fabricated products from us without the need to shell out a fortune! We can work on bulk or wholesale custom glass fabricated products that are specific to what you need!

Get to know us and how you can use our products to your advantage by dialing us!

Lens Technology

Lens Technology is one of China’s top lens and glass fabrication products. Being established in the market in 2003, it slowly crept up the ladder and became one of the best through sheer innovation and willingness to adjust to client demand.

They are the company that you want to work with if you need specialized optical lenses for whatever purpose you may need them for.

Want to know more about our business? Reach out to us and learn more about what all our other offers are!

BIEL Crystal

Founded back in 1987, BIEL Crystal is one of the oldest and most traditional glass fabrication and glass manufacturing companies. It is led by some of the industry’s most well-known and most famous engineers and experts, which have one goal in common – to become the country’s leading glass fabrication and glass manufacturing company.

Just like us here at SXET, BIEL Crystal is also a company that can offer various custom glass products for smartphones and smart homes, such as fingerprint modules, watch covers, cover glasses, back glasses, and many more!

Give our team a quick ring and find out how you can get the best quality of glass manufacturing the SXET way!

Ofilm Group

If you’re looking for high-tech and advanced glass fabrication and glass manufacturing procedures, Ofilm Group can be a part of your considerations.

Founded back in 2002 in Shenzhen, China, Ofilm Group is part of the industry’s leaders as they’ve greatly scaled from being a regular lens manufacturer to being a fully advanced and technical glass fabrication company and expert.

Ofilm Group is leaning towards being the top glass manufacturer in the field of optoelectronics and they’re slowly going to that path.

Contact us and ask for an estimate or a quote for the products that you require!

You can purchase almost anything from us here at SXET, from display and interaction devices, optical lenses, camera modules, sensors, and more!

Shen Xun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Shen Xun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in the creation and manufacturing of custom glass products for all different types of business industries and sectors.

Focusing on innovation and creativity, they expanded their business reach as they’re able to cater to the needs of businesses and companies in various continents, such as North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and more!

Whatever type of glass you need, Shen Xun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will be ready to help and assist you! Get ahold of our team at SXET to learn more about how you can improve and develop your business!

Honbom Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Honbom Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is one of China’s top-selling glass fabrication and manufacturing companies. Similar to other manufacturers in the industry, Honbom is also capable of producing custom glass products wholesale!

They’re part of the few companies that trail-blazed the use of glass in electronics. You can get a cover glass, optical glass, camera glass, phone glass, screen protectors, and other types of products from them, too!

Holitech Technology Co., Ltd.

In our ever-changing world, it would be difficult to find a custom glass fabrication and manufacturing company that you can stick with until the end.

But, with Holitech, you can actually be free from that dilemma. Focused on Science, innovation, and technical advancements with the integration of custom glass products, you’ll surely be able to find whatever you’re looking for with them!

Some of the top-selling products you can purchase from them include medical displays, smart wear, tablet or computer display, industrial displays, electronic papers, POS machines, and many more!

Contact us to know more about how you can proceed to do business with us!

Zheijang Firstar Panel Technology Co., Ltd.

Are you trying to find a comprehensive manufacturer that can offer custom glass fabrication and processing that would be within your expectations?

Zheijan Firstar Panel is one of China’s glass manufacturing companies that’s focused on the improvement and the development of lifestyle, through the use of advanced tools and devices.

Being dedicated to the future, you can definitely place your complete trust in them if you need 3D glass, custom glass for smart bracelet and watches, car compasses, touch screen electronic components, and many more!

They can make sure that all your requests will surely be accommodated and that you won’t be left with a doubt!

Dial us or shoot us an email and you can receive a free quotation or a free estimate of the services you need!

Kaimao Technology Co., Ltd.

Kaimao Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the few remaining glass manufacturing and glass fabrication companies that offers a complete set of processes and products from regular glass cutting, CNC cutting, to anti-fingerprint (AF) spraying – and even 3D polishing and electroplating!

You can consider them as your go-to company should you be in dire need of these processes. And while they’re a new company, you can count on them as their business models have been patterned from some of the industry’s top technical and experienced glass manufacturers and experts – SXET, among others.

Get a free quotation or a free estimate from them without burning a hole in your pocket! Contact us now!

SiChuan Xu Hong OPTO-Electronic Technical Co., Ltd.

Specializing in high aluminum glass and 3D cover glass, it’s an understatement to say that Sichuan Xuhong Opto-Electronic Technical Co., Ltd. is a virtuoso in this field.

They can help you with all your requests with their eyes closed, and that’s just the beginning! Back in 2019, the company received multiple recognitions for their overall performance in the industry, as well as the quality of the products they were able to deliver to their clients.

Get all custom glass products you need from anti-glare (AG) etched glass, electronic glass processing services, to cover glass for flat and curved displays!

Sichuan Xuhong Opto-Electronics Technical Co., Ltd. can be your main man! Reach out to us to learn more things about our offers!

Wdlsy Technology Co., Ltd.

Wdlsy Technology Co. Ltd. is a glass manufacturing company that you can bank and rely on for all the glass fabrication needs you have. They started out as a regular glass manufacturing company, but transitioned into providing and offering various high-tech glass products, too.

Wldsy Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in a lot of different glass fabrication products, from the usual float glass to the advanced LCD, LED, coated, tinted, and other types and kinds of glass.

Hom Layde Technology Co., Ltd.

Hom Layde Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the main leaders in the industry of glass fabrication and glass manufacturing.

They specialize in the creation and the manufacturing of transparent or see-through LED. For their efforts, they were able to seize the position of the top glass fabrication experts in the field of LED and displays.

You can consider them as your best bet if you are looking for billboard advertisement screens, large LED screens, and many more!

Interested to get high-quality LED display glass for custom electronic devices? Contact us and get a free quote!

Sai Ye Technology Co., Ltd.

One of China’s most trusted glass fabricating experts is Sai Ye Technology Co., Ltd. For years, they’ve continuously provided their clients the quality and the volume of custom glasses that they needed.

From regular OLED screens, premium LCD parts and components, and even regular 3D curved or bent glass, you can count on them!

Unlike your regular glass manufacturer, you can trust Sai Ye Technology Co., Ltd. to help and assist you even if you need custom glass fabricated products!

Our special team of customer service representatives will never disappoint you! Get ahold of us now!

Sen See Lay Technology Co., Ltd.

Sen See Lay Technology Co., Ltd. is a breed of glass fabricating and glass manufacturing experts from various regions in China. They decided to form a team, a few years back, which resulted in the birth of Sen See Lay.

Now, they have a dedicated glass manufacturing factory that never runs out of orders and processes. You can consider them as your glass manufacturer if you ever find yourself in need of custom glass fabricated products that are fully processed and assessed.

You will never have any uncertainties or doubts when you decide to work with them as they can give you a complete guarantee of your orders.

Shengyu International Group Ltd.

This company is a company that you can continuously trust and bank on if you ever find yourself in need of a reliable glass fabrication expert.

Established back n 2006, you’ll truly be able to find everything that you’re looking for. They specialize in the production of many different types and kinds of glass – from bullet and fireproof glass, insulated glass, silver and aluminum glass, color tinted float glass, heat-reflective glass, and many more!

Get ahold of our team to learn more about what you can get if you choose to do go with SXET’s products!

Hunan Vision Stained Glass Co., Ltd.

No other glass fabrication expert is more talented and skilled when it comes to stained and colored glass than Hunan Vision Stained Glass Co., Ltd.

If their name didn’t give their skill out, I don’t know what will. You’ll be able to buy many kinds and types of stained glass from them. From opal glass, textured glass, ring mottle glass, cathedral glass, and many more!

Employed by some of the glass fabrication industry’s most skilled and most experienced engineers, you will really not have any more requests! Contact our team to know what types of glass you need!

Guangzhou Kaho Special Glass Co., Ltd.

From their name alone, you would already have the idea that the glass products they’re offering aren’t simple. Kaho Special Glass Co., Ltd. is one of the few custom glass fabrication manufacturers that are focused on bringing client experience and quality products all at the same time!

Their products revolve around different types and kinds of mirrors, glasses, and just recently, they added virus protection products to the roster.

Guangzhou Kaho Special Glass Co., Ltd. is a company that’s led by innovation, creativity, and resilience in being China’s most trusted glass manufacturing company.

Contact us and let us know what you need to get a free quotation or a free estimate!

Sinoy Mirror Inc.

Straying from what’s the trend, Sinoy Mirror Inc. is one of the rare custom glass manufacturing companies in the industry.

The company is focused on the production or the manufacturing of vinyl-backed safety mirrors, as well as aluminum mirrors, which wouldn’t be of use in the industrial sector.

Some of the best products that they have are solar mirrors and colored mirror glasses, which are hits for the household and the commercial setting.

You can learn more about what else they can offer by reaching out to us via our email or via hotline!

Weifang Star Glass Co., Ltd.

Since 2004, Weifang Star Glass Co., Ltd. has stayed true to its promises. They always made it a point to produce and manufacture reliable glass fabrication products, as well as perform glass manufacturing processes and techniques for those who are looking for it.

Some of Weifang Star Glass’s hottest and most popular products include laminated glass, tempered glass, frame mirrors, home mirrors, insulated glass, and many more!

Reach out to us to get a free quotation or a free estimate of whatever your orders are!

Five Steel (Tianjin) Tech Co., Ltd.

The last, but most definitely not least is Tianjin or Five Steel Tech, Co., Ltd. At first glance, you wouldn’t expect them to be a company that’ll be capable of producing and manufacturing custom glass products.

But, if you continue to learn about them, you will see and notice that they’re part of the few businesses that’s been in the industry long enough to help you with some of the most complex and most avoided projects.

Five Steel Tech Co., Ltd. specializes in commercial custom glass products that are mainly used in the construction or the structural industry. However, you can also consider them as your go-to company if you ever need help with glass processing and glass fabrication!

Leave us a message or contact them directly for more information about how you can use their services!

These are China’s top 20 glass manufacturers that range from regular glass manufacturing, to advanced glass fabrication. While all of them can give you promising results, you’ll never be able to find a glass supplier as effective and as efficient as SXET. We offer a vast library of glass fabrication products that you can use for your home, for building your smart home, for smart devices, and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About SXET’s Glass Manufacturing Capability

  1. What Glass Manufacturing Processes Can SXET Perform?
  2. What Raw Glass Materials Can SXET Work On?
  3. Can SXET Produce Glass Fabrication Products?
  4. What Surface Finishing Techniques Can SXET Do?
  5. What are the Payment Terms Does SXET Accept?
  6. What is the Lead Time of SXET’s Glass Manufacturing Procedure?

What Glass Manufacturing Processes Can SXET Perform?

SXET is a glass manufacturing company that can also be the glass fabrication and glass processing company you can trust.

For more than a decade, we’ve been focused on not just one type of glass manufacturing process. As a matter of fact, we’ll be able to help you with whatever method or process you need!

SXET specializes on the production of glass fabrication products, as well as other basic glass products as well. We can do:

  • Glass Cutting
  • Glass Edge Polishing and Grinding
  • Glass Drilling and/or CNC Laser Drilling
  • Surface Finishing or Coating Treatments
  • Glass Beveling
  • Glass Color Printing
  • And Many More!

What Raw Glass Materials Can SXET Work On?

Being the top and the most-trusted glass manufacturing company in China, you can count on our knowledge and expertise that we’ll be able to help you produce and recreate glass fabricated products using a whole wide variety of raw glass materials.

We can work on regular float glass, Gorilla Glass, Schott Glass, AGC or Dragontrail Glass, and many more!

Can SXET Produce Glass Fabrication Products?

Yes, SXET is an expert when it comes to the glass fabrication process. Thanks to the collective skill and experience of our engineers and experts, we can give you the assurance and the guarantee that we’ll be able to produce custom glass fabrication products for you!

Whether you need custom glass for electronic product covers, custom glass for smartphones, custom glass for smart home devices, or any custom glass fabricated product, we got you!

What Surface Finishing Techniques Can SXET Do?

SXET is equipped with cutting-edge machines and equipment that are the pathways to the successful coating treatments and surface finishing techniques that you need!

We can help you with surface finishing techniques such as anti-glare (AG) etching, anti-reflective (AR) coating, anti-fingerprint (AF) or anti-smudge coating, anti-scratch coating, optical coating, lacquering, and aluminum coating!

If you have a new idea in mind, let us know so we can check if we’re able to do it for you!

What are the Payment Terms Does SXET Accept?

SXET is flexible when it comes to payment. We accept anything from MoneyGram deposits, Western Union, Bank Transfers, T/T, Apple Pay, Paypal, and many more!

Shoot us a message and we’ll be more than happy to help and assist you in finding out what the best payment terms are for you!

What is the Lead Time of SXET’s Glass Manufacturing Procedure?

The lead time for all our orders runs a span of 7 to 12 days after payment confirmation. Should you require a sample of the product that you’re looking for, we can send it within 7 to 12 days, too!

Our overall expertise and skill in glass manufacturing and glass fabrication allowed us to be the a company that you can completely trust if you need regular float glass, Gorilla Glass, chemically strengthened glass, screen lens, 3D tempered glass, camera glass, phone glass, quartz glass, and many more!

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