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Over 12 Years of Experience in Custom Glass Panel Manufacturing

AR&AF Coating, Anti-reflective Coating, Optical Coating, AG Etching

Glass Panel  One-stop Solution & Manufacturer

Glass Panel One-stop Solution and Manufacturer

SXET Glass is an expert glass panel supplier situated in China and your go-to solution to all matters related to the custom glass panel.

Give us your drawing or sample, we will make some custom glass panel samples for you for reference. If you don’t have a drawing or sample, just give us your thought, we will design for you then start to make some custom glass panel samples after receiving your confirmation.

According to your request, all custom glass panels are under CNC machinery processing, meanwhile, you have tight tolerance, so we can do any glass shape for your projects.

Fully color printing, with advanced silk-screen printing machinery & technique, we can print any colors on the custom glass panel for you.

Custom 3D glass

You can get a curved glass panel from SXET glass, we can curve glass as your needs

Large size glass panels

SXET can do any custom glass panel for a wide range of LCD displays, Advertising panels – outdoor electronic monitors & systems, TV screen, smart switch & smart home, smart lock, facility cover, machinery control panel, wearable, electronic, and so on

Custom cut tempered glass

SXET can manufacture 0.4mm – 15mm glass panel, and we can print any color on the glass panel for you.

Custom tempered glass panel

SXET can make a glass panel with a customized edge, such as 2.5D, 3D, Stepped Edge, Beveled Edge, and so on.

Screen printed glass

SXET can do full colors printing on a custom glass panel as your demand, just give us your drawing or sample, we can do glass panel as your need

Silk-screen printed glass

SXET can offer you a custom glass panel with AG coating/AG etching, AR&AF coating, anti-reflective coating,  optical coating

Custom Cut Glass Panel According to Your Request

As a professional custom glass panel manufacturer, SXET  supplies custom glass panels in different shapes, sizes, and colors. SXET  uses various materials such as Corning gorilla glass, AGC glass, Schott glass, Dragontrail glass, Float glass, and any more to come up with your ideal custom glass panel.

There are different colors that SXET  can work with upon your request for your custom glass panel. They can be in the form of tinted glass, faux stained, color mix, and paint.

SXET uses different approaches to achieve your custom glass panel inquiry. They include custom edge cutting, adhesive sticking, hole drilling, edge cutting, AG etching, and AR & AF coating.

SXET can work with your specific dimensions and design to deliver custom glass panel shapes as inquired as for the sizes and shapes.

The custom glass panels products manufactured by SXET  are eco-friendly and fully support your project’s needs. We also offer reasonable custom glass panel prices to our customers.

SXET  manufacture custom glass panels that can be used in different fields. These custom glass panels are used in walls, windows, doors, kitchen, and bathrooms for offices, buildings, and homes for the architectural approach. Our custom glass panel can also be used in decorations and fixtures, LCDs, TV screens, advertising panels, smart switches in smart homes or machinery, and so on.

At SXET Glass, CNC machining, surface finishing, color printing, drilling, adhesive sticking, and edge cutting are all done from within. All custom glass panels go through an advanced CNC machinery that can achieve any shape. SXET Glass can do up or down 0.05mm tolerance, upon your request.

For over ten years, SXET has packed experience in custom glass panel manufacturing. We own machinery for CNC manufacturing, a silkscreen printing workshop, and an ultrasonic bath cleaning workshop. From past projects, SXET Glass has had a good reputation with our customers.

Other than the production of custom glass panels, SXET  also manufactures large-sized glass panels, tempered glass panels, toughened glass panels, and screen-printed glass.

Custom Glass Panel Processing Technique

With over 10 years of experience in custom glass panel deep process service, we can apply various techniques of any custom glass panels processing to meet your projects.

Custom edge cutting – such as 2.5D, 3D, beveled edge,  and all edges are polished.

Holes drilling – Multi-hole are available, holes processing by CNC or laser machinery.  We also can do Concave holes as well.

Adhesive sticking – We can stick 3M glue/tape to the glass for you in need. We will use original brand glue material to ensure you receive high-quality products.

Edge cutting – Stepped edge, beveled edge, 2.5D & 3D edge, custom edge cutting is available.

AR & AF coating, AG etching.

Glass CNC Machining

Glass panel design

Silk-screen printing

Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning

A Custom Glass Panel Application:

The custom glass panel can be used in a wide range of:

LCD displays

Advertising panels – outdoor electronic monitors & systems

TV screen

smart switch & smart home

smart lock

facility cover lens

machinery control panel

Electronic, and so on

Why Should You Choose Us?

SXET Glass has got ten years’ experience in the manufacturing of custom glass panels. We have been doing this for a while now, and over the years, we have improved to better our quality and efficiency. We also have a lot of positive customer response from our custom glass panels to interacting with them.

The Ultimate Guide FAQs for Custom Glass Panel

How Can You Get a Quote?

There are two ways to get your quote. The first option is visiting our offices with your product specifications from which we can discuss the charges together and arrive at a quote. If you prefer online services, you can send your specifications through our website to provide you with a quote.

What is the Process of Getting a Custom Glass Panel?

The first thing to do is to give us the specs for your custom glass panel. You’ll then get a quote of the same, and you will be required to review and approve the quote. Depending on the kind of piece you want we will send our technicians to the actual site and take professional measurements. The measurements allow us to get the exact scenario of what we’re working with and significantly affect the installation process. Usually, a down payment of about 50% is to activate the process of manufacturing. The manufacturing process involves cutting, polishing, tempering, and assembling any required hardware. Upon completion, we will then schedule an installation date together so that we can get your custom glass panel to the desired spot.

Large size glass panels

2mm custom glass panel for advertising display

What Makes the Price in the Quote Vary?

There isn’t a fixed price for a single custom glass panel specifically because there are many considerations to put in place, and all these pieces don’t get created equally. The first feature to consider is the thickness of the glass the thicker, the more costly it gets. In some cases, some hardware, e.g., metal clips and u-channels, are required for finishing since they’ll get used for installation, and that affects the cost of your piece. The type of glass to be used hugely affects the price since you have to spend to get quality. The treatment options that you’d like to use will also influence the overall cost.

Are the Price Estimates for My Custom Glass Panel the Actual Final Project Cost?

The quote that we’ll give you, before visiting the site where the installation will get done, only serves as estimates of what the price might range from. Those figures are usually close to the actual price. Speaking of the final project cost or the exact price, our technicians will visit your space and take measurements. A sales associate will be part of the team that’ll visit you, and he/she will provide the final project cost.

What are Other Considerations Put in Place before Taking Measurements?

Well, there is a precise procedure that’s in the measurement process. Since we work with either large or small fixtures, you must make our work easier by playing your part. For example, if you want to renovate your bathroom and ordered a custom shower glass, you have to work on the shower floor and do all the tile work before we come in for measurements. It helps to get accurate dimensions that will fit perfectly in the intended space. Taking measurements takes about two hours.

How Long Will It Take to Manufacture My Custom Glass Panel?

Once everything is set, and we’ve arrived at an agreement, and a deposit gets paid, we will begin manufacturing your piece immediately. The process will take about a week, depending on the complexity of the work. We can do the tempering and polishing on site upon request, although we usually do it back in the factory.

What is the Manufacturing Process?

There’s a lot to do in the manufacturing process. If there’s a request for hardware, we first get them delivered; then, we inspect them to see if they are what we wanted. We will cut the glass panels according to the shape of the piece you ordered and work on the thickness. We polish the edges afterward to offer a smooth feel and look. Depending on the kind of order, we make the precision cuts for the hardware fixtures and fit them. The final procedure was to tamper with the glass, which is part of the safety guidelines. At this point, no further adjustments are doable since the glass will eventually shatter. It is also important to note that you can no longer make changes to your quote once we commence the manufacturing process.

Tempered glass panel1mm Custom glass panel for facility cover

Can I Install Custom Glass Panel on My Own?

It’s neither safe nor recommended that you do a DIY custom glass panel installation, especially if it involves more than one glass panel. The reason behind this is because;

  • We make use of professional tools to make accurate and precise measurements.
  • The process can be dangerous if not done correctly.
  • Once tempered, a custom glass panel can’t get recut if it doesn’t fit.
  • We have certified pros who do the job diligently and puts into consideration every vital aspect.

How Long Does It Take to Install Custom Glass Panels?

The installation period of a custom glass panel usually depends on the spot where it will get fitted. However, the average time used is one to two hours. One of the services we offer during the installation period is removing a damaged glass panel if you were replacing one.

What Kind of Warranty Comes with Custom Glass Panels?

Each custom glass panel has its warranty policy, so once you have a quote, you’ll get informed of the warranty available for your order.

I Have a Specific Design. Can You Handle It?

Definitely! We have an excellent track record with our past project performances, and our customers can testify to that. Regardless of the kind of design you want, we do our best to get the exact taste to your liking and ensure that you are fully satisfied. We have a team of professionals who bring out the best in their work and exceed your expectations in the process.

Toughened Glass Panel

A custom glass panel with beveled edges

Do You Bring in Sub-Contractors to Do Part of the Job?

No! We have a team comprising experts in different fields who work together to execute the projects entrusted to us flawlessly. From those who take measurements, who deal with sales, who run the machines during manufacturing, and who install. We do everything on our own.

What are Custom Glass Panels for?

There isn’t a clear definition for this because the panels we manufacture serves different purposes depending on the order and application. However, most of the orders we’ve received over time include custom glass panels for TV and mobile phone screens, electronic systems, smart fixtures and devices, and machinery controls.

How Do You Differentiate Custom Glass Panels?

Well, that’s very simple. First, the major difference lies in the application of the custom glass panels. These custom glass panels also differ in their;

  1. Sizes and shapes (the application majorly dictates this)
  2. Types of finishing done on them (whether to the edges or the surface)
  3. Color (this affects the lighting or shade that is to be achieved)
  4. Process of manufacturing (whether simple or complex since it affects the duration period)
  5. Layers/sheets involved (majors on the durability or resistance).

Are We Capable of Handling Your Order?

We show confidence in every single order that comes our way. In terms of specifics, we can work to achieve the exact idea you have and make it a reality. We also have a minimum order quantity of 50, which explains why we can take any form of order presented to us. We also value our customer perspective as we sit down with them or communicate so that you get to explain what you want and proceed when both parties are on the same page. We are able to effectively meet your needs both in quality and quantity demanded.

A custom glass panel with silk-screen color printing

Over What Period Do You Receive Your Quote?

It’s either from our official website or our offices (A building, Hongfa industrial park, Xixiang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China). You will immediately get your quote upon making a move. However, in cases such as machinery controls or large fixtures, we have to send our team of experts to physically assess the measurements and the complexity of the situation upon which you will get a final quote. It is important to note that the initial and final one doesn’t have any significant differences in such cases.

What Does the Quote Contain?

There is much to consider in the list of items included in the quote issued to you. The first and most important part is the breaking down of the costs and what it will cover. Every quote should contain the total cost, which breaks down into the individual cover costs with the details of the job’s specifics that equal the final amount. In the same quote, you will also get to know the cost that covers the parts included plus the labor cost involved. Delivery and installation costs are extras and usually are included upon request by a client.

What is the Go Ahead Policy for an Order?

After the submission of a quote, we usually follow up the order with a common procedure. Before we can begin the mass production, we have to do a sample, which will be used to reference correction and assessment. We send the sample to the client for free, although for cases where it is a complex design, the client will incur some costs. Upon delivery and going through the sample, the client will resend it for approval or corrections. Until we get an actual sample product which our client will be fully satisfied, we can’t move on to production (although we are rarely in such a situation). As soon as the sample is approved, we use it as a reference for the production of the quoted project to come up with the custom glass panels.

Custom glass panel

Custom tempered glass

What Makes Our Products Stand Out?

We attest that the quality of our custom glass panels is undeniably exceptional. One selling factor of our custom glass panels is that they are eco-friendly, meaning they have minimal to null risks to the environment. Another key reason is that we are very flexible to work with any specific needs and still provide the same quality level. We offer moderate pricing to our clients (which many can testify to), which is a plus considering how diligent we work on orders. Every custom glass panel that goes through our manufacturing process achieves a size tolerance of +/- 0.05mm, which is very accurate considering any possible errors in a normal setting.

What Impact and Benefits Arise from Our Custom Glass Panels?

There are multiple benefits of opting for our custom glass panels. Some of them include;

  • Durability – All our custom glass panels are built to be efficient and last for a long provided you take good care of the products.
  • Quality – A lot of efficiencies are put in place to provide custom glass panels of the best quality.
  • Specifications – We ensure that we clearly understand our clients’ needs to manufacture the best possible product according to their order.
  • Right finishing – We work on the edges and surfaces to come up with the best finishes possible.
  • Time frame – Regardless of the order’s quantity, we make sure to deliver as soon as possible.

What Form of Manufacturing Do We Use for Custom Glass Panel?

We own a CNC machinery that is the best for the specific field of custom glass panels that we work with. The machinery provides accuracy and efficiency in the production process.

Which Varieties of Glass do We Work With?

There are a variety of glasses that we use for our manufacturing. They all offer different levels of finishes and application. The glasses include;

  • Float glass
  • AGC glass
  • Dragontail glass
  • Corning gorilla glass
  • Schott glass.

3D glass

A custom glass panel with curved edges

How Can You Differentiate a Gorilla Glass from a Tempered Glass?

In producing tempered glass, you’ll have to heat different layers of the glass which will be followed by a quick response to cool it. Tempered glass has four layers (is multilayered), and each layer serves its purpose; two protective films at the top and bottom and two which deal with the display. This alignment makes the glass five times more durable than ordinary glasses, and it breaks differently. The glass is commonly used as protective screen covers and is reusable.

Corning gorilla glass is light, damage-resistant, and thin. It is primarily used to make screen covers for devices frequently carried around but once broken, and they cannot be recycled. Manufacturers of this glass are situated in the US. These glasses only have three versions (2.0, 3.0, and 4.0, 5.0, 6.)

How do You Know What Type of Glass Works Best for Your Project?

To select the custom glass panel that’s ideal for you, we would require you to tell us the kind of application that you have planned out for the products. Whether they are to be used for the screen covers or as protective glasses, we will know and advise you on what kind of glass to choose from. The complexity of the design presented in the quote might also affect the type of glass used to achieve specific shapes and sizes, and you will need a glass that can be cut through several times without breaking.

Which are the Different Types of Finishing for Custom Glass Panels?

We receive orders with different specifications, and each might demand an exact type of finishing to ensure that they come outright. For our case, here are the types of finishing that we are excellent at (not that we cannot go beyond those);

  • Color printing includes drawing on the surface of the custom glass panel and coming in different designs. We can deal with any drawings as long as you send them in any form that is in PDF, DXF, DWG, etc.
  • Surface finishing involves getting the authentic feel and texture to your custom glass panel on the surface that affects a lot, such as risk to scratching or breakage. Surface finishing involves different coating types such as AG etching, AR&AF coating, optical coating, anti-reflective coating, etc.
  • Edge cutting – With this, we get to give our clients the exact kind of shape they requested in the quote. Our customized edge finishes include beveled edge, 2.5D, 3D, stepped edge, etc.
  • Drilling – Upon request, we tend to drill holes through some custom glass panels. The kind of holes we make through holes or blind holes and the minimum hole measures 0.1mm. We either use our CNC machinery or laser machinery.
  • Adhesive sticking – We can stick several glasses together to come up with a complete product, and we use a 3M glue or tape to execute that exercise.

Toughened glass panel

3mm custom glass panel

Between Edge Cutting and Drilling, Which One Comes First?

When working on a custom glass panel project that requires both edge cutting and edging, you will have to follow a procedure. There isn’t an actual process of doing so for all projects since it depends on the glass involved. However, in most cases, the drilling comes first since we have fine and smooth holes from our use methods. Edge cutting comes later since it is more of exterior than drilling, and it is also a general finishing method.


How Can You Follow Up on an Order?

From the moment you submit a quote, the process to work on your order begins. Whether we need a further assessment of the dimensions or not, you will be informed. When our work in the factory begins and the manufacturing of your order is underway, you’ll receive an update that everything is lined up and the process is ongoing. Upon completion, you will also be contacted to give you a timeframe to complete the procedure and lay down your custom glass panels. The latter will also be accompanied by a request or prefer to be delivered for your custom glass panels or present yourself for personal collection. Upon the request and if agreed, you will hand over the custom glass panels to our carriers, and we will provide you with a tracking number so that you can follow up on the delivery. We value our customers so much, so we like carrying them through every step of the way.


How is Our Customer Service?

Our customer service desk is always operational during working hours to make your requests known or raise any concerns. We make sure that we take every question on custom glass panels seriously and give you a response as soon as possible. You can reach us at +86 13826910365 and expect an agent to attend to you immediately.

Are You Guaranteed Safe Delivery?

Yes, we are. Even though delivery is not included in the quote unless mentioned earlier, we guarantee you a safe delivery upon request. We have a whole team that serves different purposes, and there is a specific group that deals with delivery. They pack the custom glass panels in carton boxes or wooden cases to avoid breakages, especially for the edges. They will then inform you as soon as they get the order from the factory and all through as they head to your location. It is more efficient that we use our staff rather than a third party company to build on trust to our clients.

Do You Pay for Installation and Delivery?

We don’t get many requests on installation since most of our clients are in the assembly industry, but those that come are charged that extra cost. Installation and delivery are not included in the initial quote unless you enquire about the same, after which we can consist of the charges on the final quote. However, for large orders, we tend to do free delivery to clients within our area.

Is there Any Assessment before Installation?

Although we work so diligently, we always ask our clients to assess the final products to give us feedback on their quality. It is very important to us since it helps us grow and know where we can change or improve.






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