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SXET Glass is the leading producer in manufacturing custom mirrors, and the skills applied in doing so are also effectively used when it comes to manufacturing custom mirror cut glasses. Orders of custom mirror cut glasses have escalated since people prefer having unique products and personalized to pave the way in the market.

SXET have been in mirror deep processing since 2009, with over 10 years of processing’s experience, we can cut any mirror for your business, just provide us your drawing or sample, we will settle all things for you.

Custom Mirror Cut to Any Size, 1.8mm-6mm Thickness

SXET Glass is a recognized and certified manufacturer of mirrors with ten years’ experience to back up the expertise in the industry. We have successfully worked on thousands of orders if not millions, which have built us in terms of bettering ourselves in what we do and improving as the demand in orders is changing over the years. The custom mirror is one of our specialties, and you can get as specific of details as you want to be provided you make it clear on your order.

Custom mirrors are mirrors with different ideas, styles, and designs on them. Mirror customization can include areas such as its thickness, reflectiveness, type of mirror, shape, size, finishing, edges, silvering, coating, coloring, etc. These custom mirrors are meant to bring out the personality of the designer since you can see the ownership of the stylist.

The orders that SXET Glass has received of custom mirrors were used in multiple ways. However, most of these customers wanted to use them as decorations in various places to bring in that glamour, beauty, light, or comfort that mirrors add to a room. Custom mirrors make masterpieces of art as well, especially in hallways and commonly shared spaces.

Custom mirrors might vary depending on the specifics of the customer but there are common benefits that these pieces from SXET Glass offer. Our custom mirrors benefit our customers in

  1. Bringing in light in a room
  2. Improve the reflectiveness in a space
  3. For security in offices and public places
  4. Keep the tie tied, makeup in place, and generally grooming in check.
  5. Safety in vehicles.
  6. Decorations in different rooms.

Custom mirrors from SXET Glass are included in multiple applications, and the alternatives never run dry. Some of the ordinary applications include

  • Automotive engineering during the assembly of vehicles
  • Construction when installing windows and doors
  • Beauty for the sake of fashion shows and personal grooming
  • Interior décor for arts

SXET Glass has been working on multiple custom glass orders for the last decade. We can guarantee you both the quality and quantity needed to get the best custom mirror for you. We get things correctly from the different sizes, shapes, edges, etc., since we have various machinery used to execute the orders in our workshop. It makes it simple for us to work on multiple orders at a time and avoid issues with the delivery period required.

We have a team of able staff who specialize in different fields from the sales department, designers, manufacturers, machine operators, packaging, and delivering department. With such an alignment, we work everything from within avoiding and inclusions of third parties who might tamper with your order at any particular stage. We also have a minimum order of 50 pieces of custom mirror that tells you how much we can handle in terms of orders.

Other than custom mirrors, SXET Glass also majors in products such as mirror glass, tempered mirror, custom mirror, gorilla glass, etc. you have to name what you want concerning glasses and mirrors, and we have it.

Place your custom mirror order now through our online platform and get an instant quote of the same.

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Custom Mirror – The Complete FAQ Guide

What is Custom Mirror?

A custom mirror is a type of mirror that has specific designs and is made depending on the requirements and style inquired by a customer. Mirrors can be customized in different forms and styles and it is primarily the reason why you can never fail to distinguish different mirrors from place to place. Customization of mirrors ranges from the type of silvering to the type of glass used in manufacturing the custom mirror, thickness, shape of the mirror, size, style on edges, type of frame, type of mirror, and functionality of the custom mirror. For every single custom mirror order, we get specific designs and styles since the ever working department of innovations in different firms always bring out the best from the competition available.

Wall mirror

Custom mirror cut to size

How Can You Custom a Mirror?

The main aspect of customizing a mirror is to have an open mind and be willing to try new designs regardless of the odds of success. As mentioned earlier in the several ways of customization, you can choose different glasses to work with, try out several silvering styles, work with the thickness, curve the edges differently, put on a unique frame, and also try out the different types of a mirror and see which one works best with your design. There isn’t a proper standard rule for customizing a mirror since it is always a trial and error type of sequence as you get to learn what works best.

Custom size mirror

How Many Frames Are Available for Custom Mirror?

Mirror frames differ in multiple ways and choosing one will entirely depend on someone’s taste and preference. The place where you intend to install the custom mirror may also dictate the kind of frame that you’ll get. Frames are differentiated in terms of the shapes, patterns involved, the material used to make the frame, fitting of the frame, size of the frame, and the design. There are many types of frames which include gallery frames, modern frames, floating frames, deep-set frames, canvas prints, tabletop frames, or the photo holders’ frames. Each custom mirror will work well with a specific type of frame so it is important to consider that before choosing one.

Round mirror

Is Customizing a Mirror Expensive?

Customizing a mirror is of a fair price for the normal tasks which might include the thickness of the mirror or shape of the mirror. However, when it comes to issues such as the frames required for the custom mirror, finishes, type of silvering, and the size of the custom mirror, then the price will be more considering the time, material, and effort required to pull off those specifics. The price is usually dictated by the design and also the time frame which you want to be prepared. If you want a complex custom mirror and you want them done as soon as possible then you will pay more for that. The prices, however, is one that you will agree with the manufacturer after you both explain your points and reasons.

Can You Customize the Edges of a Mirror?

It is very possible to customize the edges of a mirror. The edges are part of the noticeable differences in different custom mirrors and it is one part that a lot of attention is put on. Different edges can be executed and they all rely on the angle to be achieved and are affected by the thickness of the glass. Some of the common edges include beveled edge, double bevel edge, triple bevel edge, ogee edge, miter edge, bevel ogee, flat polished edge, pencil polished edge, seamed edge, chamfer edge, waterfall edge, and clean-cut edge. All these are different edges that you can work with and you have to choose the edge wisely especially if you are fitting your mirror in a sunken space or a frame.

Mirror cut to size

What is the Thickness Range for Custom Mirror?

The common and standard thickness of an ordinary mirror ranges from 4 to 6 mm. For a custom mirror, you can request either a thinner or a thicker mirror beyond those ranges but that will cost you an extra cost since it takes a lot of expertise to tangle around with the thickness of the mirror. When choosing the thickness of a mirror, you should consider factors such as the application to be done since for custom mirrors to fit windows and doors, they have to be thicker than the usual dimensions.

Tempered mirror

Can You Customize the Lighting of a Mirror?

While customizing a mirror, the lighting aspect can also get some changes here and there. The amount of silvering that you include on the glass to transform it into a mirror can change the kind of lighting that can go past the mirror. However, the lighting can only be tampered with if you have ordered a custom mirror glass since it is the one where you will require some light to see through from the interior part. Lighting depends on the source of light that is there for the mirror to reflect rather than the mirror itself that’s why it only works for the reflective mirrors since they have some aspect of ordinary glass that can be worked on.

Led mirror

Can You Re-Cut Custom Mirrors to Accurate Size?

You can cut custom mirrors to accurate size during the process of manufacturing. That will however depend on the type of glass that you’ve selected since it might affect the effect of cutting. Cutting will only apply for mirrors that are made of ordinary glasses since tampered glasses cannot be adjusted considering the kind of process they went through lest they will shatter in the process. In terms of accuracy, manufacturers have their way around that and they always come through on orders which require specific sizes since you can temper a mirror after cutting it to size.

What Glasses Are Best for Custom Mirror?

The best glasses to be customized are normal glasses. These typical glasses are not toughened or treated in any way and the rawness provides room for customization. At this stage, the glasses can be cut, the edges can easily be curves, the surfaces can easily be polishes, fitting it easier, and designs can be executed simply. However, this particular glass won’t offer the duration and toughness needed for a custom mirror to last for long. Tempered glass is another option although there are limited options for customizing a mirror.

Gold mirror

How Many Different Shades Can You Use to Custom a Mirror?

There is a single shade of custom mirrors since the silvering only offers a reflective property and nothing more. As for custom mirror glass, the silvering will only affect the reflective aspect but adding a tint will affect the vision from the glass aspect. The shades of images, however, are affected by the lighting. The amount of light, whether natural or artificial, will affect the quality of the image. We can see the shades from that perspective since it differs from place to place.

What Are the Variety of Paints in Custom Mirror?

You can include paints in mirrors if you want to achieve an extra look which will give you some level of satisfaction. Two paints are recommended to be great for any custom mirrors because of their individual properties. These mirror paints are;

  • Acrylics are paints that when applied, will retain the same look of a mirror as soon as it dries. It’s simple to scrap off this paint when you want to repaint so that’s a plus.
  • Enamels are similar to acrylics as they also retain the mirror’s look when dry. However, this paint is hard to dry taking about three weeks as the curing time so it is important not to touch the painted time for that while. It is much stronger and can be washed.

These two paints are the basis of any other paint if you want to include a topping and they should be painted using a soft paintbrush or an artistic brush.

Tinned mirror

Can A Custom Mirror Increase in Strength?

If you want to add some toughness in your mirror then customizing it in that direction is very much possible. If you have used ordinary glass to make your mirror, then you can take the piece through the tampering process so that it can be toughened up and be able to withstand force. However, if that is what you wanted from the beginning, then you can include in your order that you want a custom mirror made of toughened glass which will be a much better solution. You will then have a mirror in your design and one manufactured using tempered glass.

Does Customizing a Mirror Involve Toughening it?

Part of the alternatives to mirror customization is toughening the mirror. Customers have the alternative to choose if they want a toughened glass or an ordinary glass to be the basis of their mirror. The best approach for this quest is to choose a custom mirror that will include two sheets of toughened glasses with the silvering done all over it. You can decide to either use mercury or evaporated aluminum for this process for the best results. Toughening a mirror is the best approach to having a durable product.

Can You Change the Vision of a Mirror While Customizing it?

You cannot change the vision of the mirror in the middle of a manufacturing process mainly because the views are primarily based on the shape of the glass used. If you wanted a particular custom mirror, then it is important to be clear on what you want from the beginning since most companies don’t change an order past the point where the sample is confirmed and the manufacturing process is underway. It is important to state so since if you need a plan custom mirror then a flat glass will be used but if you need a concave or convex custom mirror, then some curve should be attained as well as the shape before the silvering process arrived at.

How Do You Make Custom Mirror Frame?

Custom mirror frames require a lot of work to be perfectly executed. The first step involved designing the whole frame and putting into detail every single aspect that you intend to include in the design. Frames differ in the material so specifying that will lead you in the right direction in terms of who to approach on that. You will then go ahead and get the materials and the necessary tools for the entire frame. You will begin with measuring the dimensions then cutting the piece to size. You will then begin to create the space where the mirror will be fitted so that’s extra cutting. Polishing will follow on all the edges then if any specific details are the time to include them. Finishing touches will be the last part then painting. You should customize a frame when you already have the mirror since it makes it easier while taking measurements.

How Can You Custom Cut a Mirror?

If you have a mirror and maybe you want to take out the part with dark spots especially the edges, then you can custom cut the mirror. You will require a few tools to execute the process so that is what you should get in the first place. The steps involved include;

  • Remove the mirror from the fitting.
  • Detach it from the frame (if applicable).
  • Clean the mirror using a soft cloth and warm water.
  • Dry the mirror using a dry clean cloth.
  • Place the mirror on a flat surface
  • Mark the section to cut.
  • With a glass cutter, score the mirror.
  • Snap out the spoilt part.
  • Polish the sharp edges.
  • Refit the mirror to a new or similar position.

Can You Get the Specifics of Your Custom Mirror?

It is possible to have even the tiny bits of details on your custom mirror provided you are working with a manufacturer who understands the style and have the staff and machinery to perfectly execute the piece. You will, however, need to explain what you would want so that notes can be taken on all the specifics to make work easier. A sample will further be sent to you with the desired details so that you can approve or make corrections on the same until you are fully satisfied that it is what you want. Although you can get all the specifics, the manufacturing period might be longer because of the detailing.

What Machinery Are Used for Customizing a Mirror?

The same machines used for customizing glass are the same ones that are used for customizing a mirror. These machines include the;

  • CNC machining for the shaping, edge cutting, and polishing the glass to be used for the mirror.
  • Drilling machine for any required holes for cases of pinning these custom mirrors on walls.
  • Silkscreen printing machine for painting if requested by the client.
  • Ultrasonic bath cleaning machine for getting all mirrors treated and cleaned up.

For a manufacturer who also processed glass, then that is a plus since they need not get glass panels from a third party.

Is Custom Mirror Better than Normal Mirror?

A custom mirror is way much better than normal mirrors due to several properties;

  • A normal mirror is not tough enough but a custom mirror can be tempered upon request.
  • Normal mirrors are usually thin but you can increase the thickness through customization.
  • A customized mirror is durable since it goes through a treatment process, unlike a normal mirror.
  • A customized mirror is unique due to the inclusions of designs and styles done to it.

What Materials Are Used for Custom Mirror?

The materials used for custom mirrors don’t differ from those used for normal mirrors. As for the glasses, you can use a typical glass or a tempered glass. You can choose any form of silvering from mercury, evaporated aluminum, silver, and other metal sprays, or molten form of these metals. The materials of the frames might also differ from words, metal, plastic, or glass. Despite the similarity in materials, the process of manufacturing custom mirror and normal mirror is different so that is where the distinguishing factor lays.

Does Custom Mirror Have a Warranty?

Most of the glass is made to be very durable and all mirrors which are from such glasses, come with a warranty. This is because the process which they go through is meant to last the user for a long period and that is what gives the customers confidence. A warranty is a sort of guarantee that the product is of utmost quality and is expected to serve its purpose for a prolonged time. However, not all custom mirrors have a warranty especially for those with complex designs since a part has to be compromised to achieve some styles and that might affect its long-lasting especially if the pieces aren’t taken good care of.

Is Custom Mirror Delicate During Delivery?

The most delicate part of the whole procedure from the moment a quote is given to when it is delivered in the process of delivery. This is primarily because anything can go wrong if proper measures are not adhered to. Delivery includes the packing part which is very crucial to ensure that the order arrives at the customer in one piece and as good as they left the workshop. The concern about delivery is that it is usually beyond the manufacturers’ reach unlike how storing is just there in the warehouse. Relying on third parties, especially for orders from overseas, does not always go right but hoping that they will deliver on their end and that trust is important for a good work relationship.

Do You Get to Know The Requirements Before the Work Starts?

For every custom mirror order, the manufacturer has to get all the requirements needed by the customer to work on the pieces. Manufacturers work with orders, unlike retailers who get the products then wait for the customers to come. So in this case, a client should describe the kind and nature of the custom mirror that they want us to manufacture for them then we shall sit down with them and analyze the project so that we can get all the details correctly before moving forward. One important issue is the approval of the client before we set the gears on our machinery going.

Do You Get Advice For Your Desired Custom Mirror?

Most manufacturers prefer to educate their customers on the probability of executing particular projects and be honest with the kind of difficulties that they might face. Some projects require risks to be taken and in such custom mirrors, a warranty isn’t offered since a customer will have to sign on that if they are willing to take the risk. Manufacturers offer advice on the material to be used, the procedure of fitting, the possible changes to be made, and the direction to take. This advice might or might not change the perspective of customers but eventually, the order will be done the customer’s way.

Does Customizing Mirror Increase the Quality?

Mirror customization is the primary step to upscaling the quality and worth of a mirror. If you have an ordinary glass, then you are in a position of getting the normal market price. However, for a custom mirror, you will decide on what price to set considering it is the new piece in town. The adjustments in thickness, surface polishing, silvering, finishing, edges, and design will change the value of the mirror to a better one. It is primarily the reason why customers go for custom mirrors because they are worth more than the normal mirrors.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Custom Mirror Quote?

Custom mirror quotes are instantly obtained the moment you visit our website. However, the first quote is usually a draft of the actual quote. Our salesperson team will come to assess the fitting of these custom mirrors so that they can get the exact measurements as well as the scene where they will be used. After the assessment, you will get the actual quote from our assessing officer who will also give you a time frame that will be used to manufacture the entire order. Even though, the draft quote doesn’t fall far from the actual quote.

What Are the Best Designs for Custom Mirrors?

Most of the unique custom mirrors are those that adapt to a pattern that is not common. Most of the old designs in terms of the frame are very rare to achieve and so valuable and that is what many competitive customers order for. However, customers also consider using mercury as the silvering agent to upscale the worth, and considering it is molten, you can make any form of a mirror from the plane, convex, and concave. Custom mirrors are also unique on the edges as there are different shapes which you can work on depending on the angle that you prefer. The custom mirrors made of tempered glass are also the best in terms of durability.

Are there Fitting Regularities for Custom Mirror?

The design of the custom mirror especially the edges will highly affect the process of fitting. Fitting a custom mirror is complicated for the big pieces since they require a lot of handling and it is not a task to do alone. There are regularities from the manufacturer for those customers who prefer to fit their custom mirror. If you happen to mess up the piece along with your fitting procedure, then you are liable for any further customization if the custom mirror can no longer fit in your space. It is advised that if the fitting might be complicated, you better higher pros to do the job since they will handle your custom mirrors with much care and they know their way around the task.

What Shapes Can be achieved in Mirror Customization?

There are multiple shapes that customers request and they all depend on the design and style that you want to achieve. The shapes which are commonly customized include square, rectangle, circle, oval, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, etc. However, that is not the end of shapes since you can add some style to each shape to come up with a different design altogether. For instance, some of the designs you can achieve with these shapes include geometric mirrors design, decorative design, sunburst design, teardrop design, etc. A simple color can appear dull but if some style is added to it then you can create a masterpiece.

Can You Recycle a Custom Mirror?

You can recycle a custom mirror in multiple ways as long as you have many ideas on your mind. However, do not think of recycling it to use it as a mirror again since it is impossible especially for a case where you have a damaged custom mirror made of tempered glass. It is important to consider the ideas that involve other applications such as decorations, otherwise, you should just dispose of them to avoid any accidents. Custom mirrors made of ordinary glass should be disposed of immediately after the break.

Does Custom Mirror Break Easily?

Most of the custom mirrors are made of toughened glass and that makes it hard for them to break. Toughened glass is much stronger than ordinary glass and it tends to withstand a much more level of force compared to what a normal glass would do. However, it is not proper to assume that all the custom mirrors are made of tempered glass and that opens up an opportunity of having weak and fragile mirrors if a standard glass was used.

Is Custom Mirror Reusable?

It all depends on the type of materials chosen to manufacture the mirror. In most cases, it is hard to reuse such a glass, especially if involves physical damage to the custom mirror. A custom mirror made of tempered glass will shatter impairing reflection while that one made of standard glass will break into multiple pieces making it dangerous. If it is a case of a mirror rot, then those mirrors made of ordinary glass can get a fix and be back in shape quickly. All you need to do is cut or repair the rotted part and you can re-fit and re-use the custom mirror. Custom mirrors with tempered glass can only be re-silvered on the affected parts since cutting the part is not an option.

What Different Ways Can You Customize Mirrors?

Customizing mirrors is not limited to edges and silvering alone. You can go as far as customizing the shape, the frame, the thickness of the mirror, the size, etc. it all depends on what the client wants and the level of satisfaction on the line.

Does Customizing Include the Color of Mirror?

Yes, it does, if you want to, then coloring the mirror can be part of the customization process. As the colors and way of painting has been mentioned before, it is important to ensure that you choose the right paints for the job as well as the correct tools to properly execute the job. Something to also note is the fact that painting is to be done at the back of the custom mirror and that it can be a preventive measure from mirror rot since the multiple layers can keep off the silvering from moisture but it can still work against you if not done properly.

Can You Customize an Old Mirror?

The best way to approach mirror customization is by working on a piece that you already have. You cannot do a lot since it requires machinery from a manufacturer, but there are a couple of changes that you can pull off and ensure there is a new look on your custom mirror. For an old mirror, it is all about an upgrade and the things that you can change from home are the silvering since there is mirror paint sold, include a layer of paint, remove a mirror rot, re-cut the mirror to size, add a frame, and re-fit the final custom mirror on a different location or the same if that is what you previously intended to do.

What is the Minimum Order for Custom Mirror?

We deal with large scale orders since we can produce large quantities of the custom mirror at a go. The minimum order quantity that you can make is 50 pieces.

Is Fitting of Custom Mirror Difficult?

The fitting of custom mirrors depends on the kind of application that you intended to have when placing your order. Some fittings can be simple while some will be difficult and at such a point, you should opt to call upon a pro to do the job for you.

Where Can Custom Mirror be used?

There can be multiple uses of custom mirrors depending on the kind of design that you ordered for. Custom mirrors can be for;

  • Decoration – the interior décor has embraced custom mirrors as a good inclusion for their ideas for decorations in different places on hallways and in houses.
  • Vision – the custom mirror can be fitted in washrooms, car side mirrors, and also at the top corners of buildings for good vision.
  • Construction – most office windows and doors are made of custom mirrors and it is an industry that has hugely benefitted from our products.
  • Complementing products – items such as tabletops and wardrobe mirrors can be planted by custom mirrors since that is the only part required to complement these products.

Can We Handle the Specifics of Custom Mirror?

We are more than capable of handling any form of order as long as the specifics are indicated. We send the samples for the main reason of making adjustments in case a client wants to change a thing or on the design presented to us.

Is There a Sample for Complicated Custom Mirror Designs?

As mentioned above, a sample is primarily sent to the customer especially for orders with complex designs. The purpose of this sample is to confirm with the client that what we are about to manufacture aligns with their needs according to their order. However, we don’t begin the manufacturing process if we don’t get the approval of the final design.

Are Custom Mirrors Safe?

Part of the reason why mirrors are customized is to ensure that they are safe in the kind of environment that they will be fitted. The first consideration is the edges of these mirrors, they are usually polished and made so smooth such that even if they will be mounted without a frame, they will still be safe. Tempering of custom glass is also a step towards safety as tempered custom mirrors tend to shatter instead of breaking which contains all the small pieces preventing them from cutting anyone who might tough them. The framing also ensures the edges are away from young ones who might be drawn to them.

How Long Does the Manufacturing of Custom Mirror Take?

For a custom mirror, you cannot tell the long period which will be used to manufacture the piece. The reason behind this is that all the factors involved will be put into consideration to ensure it is not about the period but by offering quality products. However, the normal period of manufacturing is two weeks for an ordinary custom mirror. The custom mirror order might take either the exact time, slightly longer or less time to be completed. The length of sending the samples and getting back to the client for confirmation will also use up some time.

Are Custom Mirror Delivered?

Custom mirrors are delivered to all our customers regardless of where they are. Depending on the different destinations, a proper delivery means will be agreed upon between the manufacturer and the client to ensure we work well together. The different means of delivery are through carriers, train cargoes, air cargo, and ship cargo.

How Do You Order Custom Mirrors?

When you have a particular design or if you need consultation on your order, then you have to contact us. We will carry you through the different alternatives that will work for you then you will get a quote which is the way of ordering. A quote has your details and the product that you want and some description of the latter down to the specifics and amount of pieces you require.

How Much Do Custom Mirrors Cost?

There is a price for every single piece of custom glass since the designs, styles, and materials differ from order to order. With that in mind, you should also note that custom mirrors are more expensive than ordinary glass due to the quality that they possess.

How are Custom Mirrors Transported to Clients?

Before we can ship our products to a client, we ensure that we do proper packaging to ensure that they are safe. The packages include packaging papers, wrappers, and carton boxes which will ensure that the custom mirrors are firm enough and not moving around inside the boxes. Moreover, their custom mirrors should be placed in a vertical position along the delivery period and with supporting materials so that they might not fall.

Can You Do a Custom Mirror Replacement?

If your custom mirror is broken or is rotten beyond usage, then you can decide to replace it. Replacing might be either a similar piece due to installation space and technique or you might choose a different style to brighten up space with something new. You will have to order a new piece and upon delivery fit it on your own or with the help of a pro.

What Impact Does a Custom Mirror Make?

A custom mirror is meant to bring glamor, comfort, and a whole new vibe to space. If it is in construction, then you will have a different looking building since the windows will catch the eye of every by-passer.

What is a Custom Mirror Glass?

A custom mirror glass is a mirror glass that has gone through some edits here and there. There are limited means of customizing a mirror glass since its purpose is to serve with both sides. The kind of customization for mirror glasses can be done on framing, edges, and thickness since they are the properties that can be changed on a complete piece. However, for cases of one on an order, the silvering and size can be customized to fit your specifications. It all depends on what you envision.



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