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SXET is a leading glass manufacturer in China that makes custom tempered glass with quality. We are a one-stop solution for all of your glass manufacturing needs. SXET custom tempered glass is manufactured for different industrial use.

SXET is a professional glass manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience.

SXET can manufacture custom tempered glass in different sizes, from the smallest ones like the smartwatches to larger ones. We also provide you the ability to manufacture your custom tempered glass in almost any shape like square, oval, rectangle, etc.

Custom tempered glass

SXET can cut custom tempered glass to any size for you

Custom cut tempered glass

SXET custom cut tempered glass from 0.4mm to 15mm thickness, all edge is smooth

Ultra clear glass

SXET  produce clear tempered glass as per your requirement, 4mm – 19mm

Color tempered glass

SXET can fabricate grey tempered glass, bronze tempered glass, blue tempered glass for you.

Tempered glass panel for desks

SXET custom tempered glass can be used for PC, desk cover, TV display, shower, stair, and smart electronic cover, etc.

12mm float glass

SXET fabricate custom safety glass from 3mm – 19mm

Custom Tempered Glass Manufacturing According to Your Request

There are many types of custom tempered glass that SXET can provide you, like tinted glass, colored glass, or shaded glass with your desired design pattern. SXET offers various thickness options for your custom tempered glass, like 0.8mm up to the higher ones. SXET offers various edge options for your custom tempered glass like flat edges, beveled edges, ,curved edge, 2D or 3D edges.

With a tolerance of +/- 0.05mm, you can easily assemble the custom tempered glass to other parts. SXET offered custom tempered glass that is scratch-resistant and smooth-surfaced. It cannot be easily damaged or break because it is toughened and hardened by using the latest machines.

SXET custom tempered glass cannot scatter as its surface is treated with scatter-proof processes throughout manufacturing. We provide easy to assemble custom tempered glass by using various adhesives to make it more efficient for you.

SXET can also provide you various protective coatings to make it even more safe and reliable. These coatings are anti-reflexive, anti-fingerprint, and all other optical coatings. SXET’s custom tempered glass is resistant to high impacts and temperatures so that you can use it in any environment without worrying about its compatibility.

You can use custom tempered glass provided by SXET for making screens for different electronic devices as well as other materials. It could be tabletops, household items, and whatever you want to make with them.

SXET has a large custom tempered glass manufacturing capability of over 20,000 pieces per day. Our automatic production line helps you maintain your stock even in the peak season.

We can also provide you free samples of custom tempered glass to check the quality of our glass before you order a large quantity of it. For each order, you will get detailed pictures of the production of your customized order.

SXET custom tempered glass will be shipped right to your address because we offer worldwide delivery with continuous tracking of your shipment. We use the latest CNC machining to make custom tempered glass that makes it even more quality-rich than other manufacturers. Additionally, we adhere to all the international quality standards of making a perfect custom tempered glass for you. Not only the custom tempered glass, but the SXET can offer you various other glass manufacturing capabilities like Gorilla Glass, glass panels, cover lens, etc.

All of our manufacturing items pass through quality-checks to ensure world-class quality at your doorstep. So, order custom tempered glass now to SXET, and don’t forget to mention your requirements or request a price quote!

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Glass CNC Grinding

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Custom Tempered Glass – The Complete FAQ Guide

This guide will help you choose a high-quality custom tempered glass.

It covers all the important aspects regarding custom tempered glass such as its design, manufacturing, and shipment, etc.

So, before you order a custom tempered glass, read this comprehensive guide.

1. What is Custom Tempered Glass?

Custom tempered glass is a toughened glass which is strengthened through various processes.

The outer surface of the tempered glass is compressed and tension is put on the inner surface.

The reason why it is called custom is that you can order it according to your customized requirements.

Custom tempered glass is much stronger and harder than ordinary glass. That is why it considered the best solution for developing various products.

Your customized tempered glass can have your desired thickness, size, shape, color, holes, and edging.

Custom tempered glass can only be made by an experienced and professional glass manufacturer like SXET.

Custom tempered glass

Figure 1: Custom Tempered Glass

2. What are the Applications of Custom Tempered Glass?

Custom tempered glass has various applications as follows:

  • It is used to make protective screens for various electronic devices.
  • Custom tempered glass can be used to make screen covers of handheld devices like smartphones etc.
  • It can be used as a safety layer on various machine screens.
  • Handling devices like remote controls can also be empowered with custom tempered glass.
  • Custom tempered glass can also be used in making household items.
  • From smartwatches to smart TVs, custom tempered glass is equally usable.
  • Glass shelves, tabletops, and shower doors, PC, stairs, deck railing, greenhouse, etc.
  • Screens of your customized products etc.

Use of custom tempered glass

Figure 2: Uses of Custom Tempered Glass

What is the Custom Option for the Custom Tempered Glass?

Custom glass shapes, such as rectangle, square, round, oval, and so on,  SXET can produce any tempered glass for you

Custom tempered glass edge, such as smooth edge, beveled edge, step edge, etc.

Colors silk screen printing

Hole drilling

Surface finish: AR coating, anti-reflective coating, AG etching, and so on

3. Can You Make Custom Tempered Glass in Any Size?

Yes, SXET can provide you custom tempered glass in any size you want.

If your size requirement is of small device screens like smartwatches or smartphones, it is completely possible.

For large size requirements, we also have all the available sizes that you want.

TVs, furniture coverings, or household items are perfectly possible.

Every size your design requirements will provide, we will do it with absolute quality and perfection.

4. What are the Available Shapes of Custom Tempered Glass?

Shapes can differ from product and product and SXET can provide your custom tempered glass in almost any shape.

Our usage of latest techniques makes it possible to manufacture custom tempered glass according to your shape requirements perfectly.

These shape options could be as follows:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Rack Track Oval
  • Left Slope Rectangle
  • House
  • Arch
  • Arch Top
  • Right Slope Rectangle
  • Trapezoid
  • Regular Hexagon
  • Arch Top and Bottom
  • Arch Side
  • Right Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Irregular Hexagon
  • Pentagon
  • Regular Octagon
  • Irregular Octagon
  • Quarter Round
  • Quarter Round Notch
  • Semi-Circle
  • Irregular Shape
  • Sketch/Template

Custom tempered glass shape

Figure 3: Custom Tempered Glass Shapes

5. What Dimensions are Available for Custom Tempered Glass?

Custom tempered glass can be manufactured in almost any dimension according to your needs.

SXET uses state of the art machines to make your custom tempered glass with customized dimensions.

The length and width of your design could be accomplished with tailored suggestions to make it look more unique and efficient.

6. Which Glass Types can be Used for Making Custom Tempered Glass?

Custom tempered glass is made using a toughened glass type.

The glass is hardened enough to support your glass strength requirements.

SXET provides you the ability to make custom tempered glass by using various glass types as follows:

  • Clear Tempered Glass
  • Colored Tempered Glass
  • Tinted Color Tempered Glass
  • Acid Etch Tempered Glass
  • Other customized tempered glass types

Type of custom tempered glass

Figure 4: Custom Tempered Glass Types

7. How Many Thickness Options are Available for Custom Tempered Glass?

There are various thickness options provided by SXET for your custom tempered glass.

The thickness of custom tempered glass could be from 0.4mm up to 15mm and so on.

These are as follows:

  • 1/8 inches
  • 5/32 inches
  • 3/16 inches
  • ¼ inches
  • 3/8 inches
  • ½ inches
  • ¾ inches

Apart from these, you can always inquire if you have another thickness requirement.

Thickness of custom tempered glass

Figure 5: Custom Tempered Glass Thickness

8. What are the Processes of Making Custom Tempered Glass?

For manufacturing custom tempered glass, different procedures are applied as follows:

  • The raw material is cut according to your size, thickness, and shape requirements.
  • Edges are made with respect to the edging needs.
  • Custom tempered glass is drilled wherever required.
  • Final finishes are applied like coloring and polishing.
  • Protective coatings are also applied as per requirements.

9. Which Tools are Used to Make Custom Tempered Glass?

Different tools are used to make custom tempered glass because there are various manufacturing processes.

At first, the glass is cut and adjusted according to size, shape and thickness requirements by using CNC machining.

Afterward, the glass is tempered through a furnace by almost 600 degrees Celsius.

Just after heating, it is passed through a cooling procedure.

Final finishing is also made using CNC machining and it could be said as the main tool is the CNC machine for making custom tempered glass.

10. How Many Edging Options are Available for Custom Tempered Glass?

No matter how complex your requirements are, SXET can provide you almost any edging possibility.

The most common edges used by most of our clients are as follows:

  • Flat Edges
  • Pencil Polished Edges
  • Beveled Edges
  • Flat Polished Edges
  • 2D Edges
  • 5D Edges
  • 3D Edges

Custom tempered glass edge

Figure 7: Custom Tempered Glass Edges

11. What are the Benefits of Custom Tempered Glass?

Custom tempered glass comes with various benefits or advantages as follows:

  • Custom tempered glass perfectly fits your design requirements.
  • Its finishing can be made smooth and flawless.
  • Any of your size, shape, thickness, and color requirements can be fulfilled.
  • It’s a cost-effective way of manufacturing glass because of its durability.
  • Custom tempered glass can be produced at a fast production rate as you want.
  • It is visually more stable and clear than ordinary glass.
  • Custom tempered glass is easy to clean.
  • It can bear high temperatures.
  • There are quite fewer chances of shattering and breakage of custom tempered glass.

12. How Much Time is Required to Manufacture Custom Tempered Glass?

The time required to manufacture custom tempered glass depends upon the manufacturer’s capability and complexity.

Normally, a high-quality manufacturer like SXET, can manufacture more than 20,000 items of custom tempered glass per day.

Most of the times, custom tempered glass is made in different batches.

After having those stats, we can evaluate that manufacturing a set of custom tempered glass only takes less than an hour if the requirements are clear.

13. What is the Best Method for Manufacturing Best Quality Custom Tempered Glass?

The best method to manufacture a high-quality custom tempered glass is to use CNC machining.

That is because it guarantees swift manufacturing along with perfection, efficiency and complete adherence to the design requirements.

14. Does SXET Manufacture Custom Tempered Glass?

Yes, SXET manufactures custom tempered glass with the latest techniques backed by a decade of professional experience.

SXET uses CNC machining and produces quality versions of custom tempered glass every time.

The client satisfaction history of SXET is far more than anyone in the custom tempered glass market.

Glass CNC Machining

Figure 8: Custom Tempered Glass Manufacturing

15. What is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Manufacture Custom Tempered Glass?

The most cost-effective way to manufacture a custom tempered glass is by the usage of latest tools especially CNC machines.

The reason behind this factor is that CNC machines eliminates the risk of shattering or any other flaw.

It always cut the tempered glass in a perfect way in less time.

16. Can Custom Tempered Glass Break?

No, custom tempered glass cannot break easily in regular routine.

However, by the usage of extreme or irregular forces, it may get damaged.

Tempered glass is hardened at the best level to make sure that it doesn’t break in regular circumstances.

Custom tempered glass breakage

Figure 9: Custom Tempered Glass Breakage

17. How Custom Tempered Glass is Saved From Shattering During Manufacturing?

Custom tempered glass can be saved from damage as well as shattering by using quality manufacturing methods, tools and techniques.

One of the best methods is to use CNC machines to perform complex tasks like cutting, shaping, and edging.

Other complex tasks like hole drilling are quite vulnerable to shatters and should only perform using CNC machines.

18. How Much Does a Piece of Custom Tempered Glass Cost?

The cost of custom tempered glass depends upon your requirements.

On average, a piece of custom tempered glass can cost you around $8.

However, if the product size is large or has complex design needs, the price may rise than the average cost.

19. How to Check the Quality of Custom Tempered Glass?

You can check the quality of a custom tempered glass by assuring the following aspects:

  • Assure that the size and shape requirements are accurately fulfilled.
  • There are no cracks on the tempered glass even minor ones.
  • Make sure that the surface of the tempered glass is smooth.
  • The edging should be properly cut with no variations.
  • If there is any color or protective coating, make sure the colors don’t fade from any part of the glass.
  • Make sure that the glass has a clear view.

20. Which Methods are Applied for Edging Custom Tempered Glass?

There are various methods to make edges of custom tempered glass that varies from design to design.

Some of the most advanced methods that SXET uses are as follows:

  • Flat Edging: There is no need for polishing in this method because the client requirement is a smooth flat edge.
  • Smoothing Edging: In this method, a glass smoother machine is used to make the tempered glass smoother.
  • Bending Edging: The edges which require bending are passed through a bending machine which perfectly makes a smoother and customized edge.

Glass CNC Grinding


Figure 11: Custom Tempered Glass Edge Grinding

21. Can SXET Provide Design Service for Custom Tempered Glass?

SXET has a number of designing professionals that use best practices to make innovative designs.

You can either select from our standard library of custom tempered glass designs or ask for a brand new design.

SXET can offer you a free designing/drawing service for your custom tempered glass project as well.

Glass panel design

Figure 12: Custom Tempered Glass Design

22. Is Designed Custom Tempered Glass Totally Achievable?

It depends upon the manufacturer’s capability and the realistic design properties.

If you have given an order to a quality-manufacturer like SXET, you can achieve 100% adherence to your custom tempered glass needs.

Manufacturers with less experience and unavailability of the latest tools may lead you to less than 70% design adherence.

Eventually, if you have complex designs, always refer to quality-manufacturers with a good reputation.

23. Can you Do Color Printing on Custom Tempered Glass?

Yes, SXET applies a number of innovative methodologies to color print your custom tempered glass.

Whether you want to apply colors to your entire tempered glass or have a shade on it, we can do all these.

Tint colors are also possible on your custom tempered glasses.

Color Printing

Figure 13: Custom Tempered Glass Color Printing

24. Which Protective Coating Types Can you Provide for Custom Tempered Glass?

Protective coatings can be added to make an extra layer of safety and perfection into your custom tempered glass.

Protective coatings that SXET offers include Anti-Reflexive (AR), Anti-Fingerprint, and other Optical coatings.

Other customized coating options are also available such as color coatings etc.

All of our protective coatings are applied through latest coating machines and processes.

25. Can you Use Adhesives with Custom Tempered Glass?

SXET provides you the ability to use adhesives with your custom tempered glass products.

The type of adhesives can be 3M adhesives, glues, or tapes.

It will help you assemble your custom tempered glass with other parts of your final product.

However, if your requirements demand some other sort of adhesive material, we can provide you those as well.

26. How Much Tolerance Can you Provide to Custom Tempered Glass?

Tolerance also helps you assemble other parts of your finished product with the glass easily.

Most of the prominent glass manufacturers like SXET can offer you a real tight tolerance.

Usually, the cutting tolerance is kept at more or less 1/16 inches.

This is a high-tolerance amount but it can be adjusted according to your requirements.

27. Is Hole Drilling Possible on Custom Tempered Glass?

Hole drilling is possible on a custom tempered glass before passing it through the heating furnace.

That is because drilling small or big holes is a complex task and it could only be done by following professional practices.

SXET uses the latest CNC machining to make the drilling of the hole possible in your custom tempered glass.

Glass CNC Fabricating

Figure 14: Custom Tempered Glass Holes Drilling

28. Is the Safety of Custom Tempered Glass Compromised?

No, if the manufacturer of custom tempered glass uses qualitative methods, safety is guaranteed.

Customizing a tempered glass is a normal and regular activity that requires some proven tools.

It is not the case that the tempered glass can break after its production or during it.

29. Are Standard Tempered Glass Options Better than Custom Tempered Glass?

No, the standard tempered glass options are not better than the custom tempered glass.

The reason is that the requirements of clients are fulfilled without compromising the exact quality of the tempered glass.

Any of the properties of tempered glass such as toughness or hardness is never kept below the primary features.

Therefore, custom tempered glass is always better than standard tempered glass.

30. What is the Average Life of Custom Tempered Glass?

If cared for properly, your custom tempered glass could have a life of more than 50 years.

The aspects that directly affect the quality are the environment of the glass in which it is placed, its quality and usage.

The more you use it properly while maintaining its cleanliness, the more life span you will get.


Figure 15: Custom Tempered Glass Lifespan

31. Is Custom Tempered Glass Scratch able?

Custom tempered glass has a smooth surface with a toughened core that makes it scratch-resistant.

Being scratch-resistant is a major property of custom tempered glass.

However, insufficient production can lead to scratches.

In a nutshell, for having a completely optimal custom tempered glass, always look for experienced manufacturers like SXET.

Custom tempered glass scratch-resistant

Figure 16: Custom Tempered Glass Scratch-Resistant

32. Why It is Important to look for Rich-Experienced Custom Tempered Glass Manufacturer?

Highly experienced manufacturers of custom tempered glass can provide you quality work.

You will have the following benefits after having your project done by a high experienced manufacturer:

  • The production rate will be fast.
  • The quality of custom tempered glass will be without any compromise.
  • Usage of the latest tools and techniques will improve the durability and efficiency of your glass.
  • You will have a world-class finished product.
  • Tempered glass will have all its properties at its full.
  • There will be comparatively fewer chances of damage/shattering.

33. What are the Qualities of the Best Manufacturer of Custom Tempered Glass?

There are a lot of manufacturers of custom tempered glass but the best ones like SXET have the following qualities:

  • Quality manufacturers always have a rich experience in making custom tempered glass.
  • These manufacturers use the latest tools, techniques, and processes to make custom tempered glass.
  • They are always reliable because of their commitment to quality and adherence to quality standards.
  • Good manufacturers always have a good production rate with a professional workforce.
  • The raw material used by these manufacturers is of good quality.
  • They can provide custom tempered glass at reasonable prices along with good shipment capabilities.

34. From Where Can you Get the Best Manufacturers of Custom Tempered Glass?

You can get the best manufacturers from the Chinese tempered glass market because it has worldwide export without compromising the quality.

SXET is one of the renowned manufacturers of custom tempered glass that has a large customer-base all around the world.

Usually, you can get the most reasonable prices from this market with quality as compared to the other parts of the world.

Glass panel factory

Figure 17: Custom Tempered Glass Manufacturer

35. How Can you Request for a Price Quotation from a Manufacturer of Custom Tempered Glass?

You can request a price quote from a manufacturer by following the process given below:

  • Write down your requirements of custom tempered glass like size, shape, color, thickness, edging, etc.
  • Reach out to your selected manufacturer’s website.
  • Find contact information or get in touch through the contact us form.
  • Write all of your requirements in the query box along with your contact information.
  • You will soon receive the price quotes.

36. How Can you Order Custom Tempered Glass?

Ordering a custom tempered glass consists of the following steps:

  • Open the manufacturer’s website like the SXET’s website.
  • Request a price quote to have a pre-understanding of the cost factors.
  • Fill the order form while mentioning your requirements and giving your contact information.
  • Click on the order button or email the manufacturer with your order details.

37. How Can you Import Custom Tempered Glass from China?

Importing custom tempered glass from China includes ordering it as the first step.

You should always ask the manufacturer about the import options to your country and select from those choices.

These choices could be through sea-transport or the air-transport etc.

Custom tempered glass import

Figure 19: Custom Tempered Glass Import

38. How to Safely Transport Custom Tempered Glass?

To safely transport custom tempered glass, SXET packs each glass in a plastic covering sheet.

After it, an equal amount of batch glasses are put into a set of carton boxes.

The best safety practice that the SXET does is put these carton boxes into strong wooden boxes as a last step.

39. What is the Custom Tempered Glass Production Capacity of SXET?

Surprisingly, SXET provides the production capacity of 20,000 pieces of custom tempered glass per day.

All of these glass items are quality-checked and finalized according to your requirements within a single day.

40. Can you Get Free Samples of Custom Tempered Glass?

Yes, you can get free samples of custom tempered glass.

Only the cost of workmanship will be charged and the samples will be sent right to your doorstep.

41. In Which Countries SXET Can Send Shipment of Custom Tempered Glass?

SXET offers the shipment of custom tempered glass globally.

No matter where you want to import custom tempered glass, we will arrange it for you.

Custom tempered glass global shipment coverage

Figure 20: Custom Tempered Glass Global Shipment Coverage

42. What is the Return Policy of Custom Tempered Glass?

The return policy of SXET regarding custom tempered glass is of one year starting from the purchasing date.

It will replace your damaged piece of custom tempered glass with a new one for free within one year.

43. Does SXET Offers Warranty of Custom Tempered Glass?

Yes, there is a warranty of one year by SXET on all the custom tempered glass items.

It offers free replacements within the warranty period.

Warranty starts from the date of purchase and ends after one year from that date.

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