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SXET has been in the frosted glass deep process since 2009, with more than 12 years of experience in customized service, we can do any frosted glass for you, such as any shape, drilling, painting, any more.

SXET’s frosted glass is a blurred or obscured glass type that is used for increased privacy and enhanced decoration. Its matchless blurred properties let you have a private environment without blocking the light. It is developed with a blend of toughened glass which makes it stronger than any other ordinary glass.

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SXET’s frosted glass comes with a firm structure that makes it scratch and damage-resistant. It cannot break as SXET manufactured frosted glass is tempered to a great extent. You will find a smooth surface of it rather than being rough. There are a lot of color options for SXET’s frosted glass that you can choose from.

SXET offered frosted glass is 5 times stronger and firm than ordinary glass. It protects you from the harsh UV rays of the sun while letting the sunlight come in. SXET’s frosted glass lets you control the inside temperature of your environment, thanks to its temperature-resistant properties.

We provide a frosted glass that is easy to clean and maintain because of the smooth surface finishes. Whether it be your office wall, home door, or bathroom wall, no matter how long or short-sized frosted glass you require, SXET has got you covered. In addition to these uses, SXET’s frosted glass can also be used in various other customized areas. You just need to tell us the requirements and we will make it a reality within the shortest time possible. SXET offers you a lot of size options to make your frosted glass fit to any size.

The shape options that SXET’s frosted glass comes with are countless as you have the opportunity to make it in whatever shape you want. Decorations and home items are made attractive by using SXET’s frosted glass because we are offering a wide range of color options from which you can choose from your favorite one or tell us what you want the color, shade, or tint to be.

Surprisingly, SXET provides you the ability to make a frosted glass with customized thickness as lower or higher as you want. SXET’s frosted glass also comes with a great glass tolerance along with the possibility to provide various edges as you like. From beveled to flat and 2D or 3D, SXET provides a ton of edging options by using the latest edge cutting machines.

You will have a free designing service to customize the SXET’s frosted glass according to your needs. Our largest frosted glass manufacturing capability of 20,000 pieces per day is one of the biggest in the market.
We value your requirements and money, therefore, SXET offers free sample delivery right to your doorstep. SXET is specialized in manufacturing all types of glasses like tempered glass, toughened glass, gorilla glass, frosted glass, etc. So, order now to instantly get a free designing of your customized frosted glass.

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Frosted Glass – The Complete FAQ Guide

This is a comprehensive and complete guide that lets you know each and every piece of information about frosted glass.

It includes all the types, uses, comparisons, manufacturing, and all other necessary details of frosted glass.

So, before you end up deciding something related to frosted glass, read this guide.

1. What is a Frosted Glass?

Frosted glass is an opaque sheet of glass that is not clearly visible but light can pass through it.

It is made with the process of either sandblasting or acid etching.

Frosted glass provides obscuring visibility while not limiting the luminous effects.

It is mostly used in areas where privacy is a major concern because of its unclear and obscuring visibility.

You can find frosted glass in bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, kitchen gardens, and attics, etc.

It can be found in various textures, patterns, or colors in the market.


Figure 1: Frosted Glass

2. What is Frosted Glass Used For?

Frosted glass is used for various purposes and in various places.

Because of its opaque properties, it is widely used where privacy is kept like offices or bathrooms.

Frosted glass has numerous uses as follows:

  • It is used as cover glass in bathrooms
  • Frosted glass is used for front doors
  • It is also used as a bathroom window
  • For all types of home doors
  • It can also be used for stairs
  • During the interior design of a house
  • It could be used as a showpiece
  • As office walls
  • Bedroom and kitchen walls or windows
  • Roofing and attics

In addition to these, you can also use frosted glass for your custom purposes.


Figure 2: Frosted Glass Usage

3. What are the Advantages of Frosted Glass?

There are various advantages and benefits of using frosted glass as follows:

  • Frosted glass protects from harsh Ultraviolet (UV) rays coming out from the sun.
  • Light is not blocked by frosted glass.
  • There is increased privacy that you can get by frosted glass because of its blurred visibility.
  • It provides increased security because the glass used in frosted glass is strong than normal glass.
  • Frosted glass helps maintain the indoor temperature by got getting affected by the outside temperature.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • You can have a lot of options to make it more appealing and attractive according to requirements.

4. Can You See Through Frosted Glass?

No, it is quite difficult to see through the frosted glass because it has opaque visibility.

Frosted glass is meant for privacy and it is against the rule to see beyond the glass.

Therefore, this factor is considered as a major requirement while manufacturing frosted glass.

However, if you want to have a low level of visibility through your custom frosted glass, you can contact us.


Figure 3: Frosted Glass Visibility

5. How Much Expensive is Frosted Glass?

Frosted glass can cost you a bit more than the ordinary clear glass.

In typical terms, it may cost you around $100-$200 more than the normal glass for household items.

However, the price greatly depends upon the number of customized requirements you have.

Despite the fact that frosted glass is a bit higher-priced than normal glass, its benefits worth the money.

6. Is Frosted Glass Safe?

Yes, frosted glass is safe as a tempered glass because it has two major properties as follows:

  • It offers a great deal of privacy which makes it safe for having private environments like offices, bathrooms, etc.
  • The structure of frosted glass provides it a strong foundation of anti-damage properties which makes it directly safe.

Moreover, you can have a safer frosted glass than the ordinary ones by getting in touch with us.

7. Does Frosted Glass Let Light In?

Frosted glass is greatly used in home decor because it provides a perfect blend of natural light and room lights.

It surely lets the light pass through it which makes it a perfect option for various uses in daily life.

Frosted glass creates a comfortable and luminous environment by letting the light pass through it.

That’s why it is widely used as walls, doors, or windows where you would have used wood, curtain, or other options.

Figure 4: Frosted Glass Light In

8. Which Side of the Frosted Glass Faces Out?

You should always try to face the frosted glass inside your usage area and the other smoother side as outside.

This is because the outer side will be more open to getting dirt than the inner side of frosted glass.

Since the outer side will be a bit smoother than the frosted inner side, you will find it easier to clean it.

Usually, the side of frosted glass which faces out is the outer side of your use like the outer environment of your office, etc.

9. Does Frosted Glass Work at Night?

Yes, frosted glass can work at night as well while protecting your privacy and increased safety.

However, when compared to daylight time, you may observe a decreased amount of work.

That is because it works best when the inner environment is less bright than the outer environment like in sunlight.

However, there are various types of frosted glass that you can use which provides almost equal working through the day and night.

You can contact SXET to have more details about its working capability throughout the day.

10. Can You Cut Frosted Glass to Size?

Yes, SXET glass manufacturing can provide you frosted glass cut to size possibility.

We do specialized engineering to provide you the required cut to size features of the frosted glass.

There are various size, shape, color, and shading options that you can choose from to make you frosted glass look alive.

Moreover, we can offer an accurate cut to size service to have more realistic frosted glass for any complex use or daily use.

11. What are the Features of Frosted Glass?

The frosted glass comes with a lot of features as follows:

  • Frosted glass provides more toughness than ordinary glass.
  • It offers more safety and privacy because of the obscure properties.
  • Frosted glass allows lights to pass in even in the day and night.
  • It comes in various different patterns and possibilities.
  • Frosted glass doesn’t easily get dirty.
  • You can make frosted glass from a number of glass material types.

12. Can Tempered Glass be Frosted Glass?

Yes, tempered glass can be frosted glass as per your requirements.

Typically, high-quality frosted glass is made with the properties of tempered glass.

The reason why some people prefer frosted glass is the possibility of privacy and decorations on it.

SXET also offers high-class frosted glass which is also tempered glass.

13. How Frosted Glass is Made?

Frosted glass is made using a number of innovative ways.

Usually, it is made by a process called sandblasting or acid etching of a normal glass but SXET offers a more reliable method.

We make it tempered glass by applying the processes of making it harder and tough for various uses.

Although sandblasting or acid etching are also used during the process while getting it cold after these processes.

Finally, it is cleaned after all the polishing and finishing with the latest glass panel cleaning process.

After all the manufacturing, its quality is assured to see if it exactly matches your requirements.

Figure 5: Frosted Glass Manufacturing

14. What are the Types of Frosted Glass Available?

The frosted glass comes in various types because of its increased usage.

Its types are as follows:

  • Acid Etched Frosted Glass:

As the name suggests, the process of acid etching is used to make the frosted glass in this type.

You can make various intricate patterns, colors, or paints on the frosted glass in this type.

It is also called French Embossing as it is used in various decorative items. It admits light while providing a controlled vision.

  • Sandblasted Frosted Glass:

It is made through spraying at high velocities on the glass that is why it is called sandblasting.

Sandblasted frosted glass provides more privacy control as it reduces the level of visibility.

It is mainly used for private environments like the shower walls or the bathroom windows.

  • Satin Frosted Glass:

Satin frosted glass can be made either by sandblasting or by acid etching but it is performed on clear glass.

That is why it is somehow clearer than the other two types.

It offers more light passage but a normal level of privacy control. It could be said as a normally frosted glass type.


Figure 6: Frosted Glass Types

15. How Private is Frosted Glass?

Frosted glass is made for addressing the concerns of privacy and it could be said as a “private glass.”

It is an extremely private glass type with the magical capabilities of passing the light through it as well.

You can use frosted glass to get equal benefits day and night and your private environments like the bathroom get always protected.

For more privacy and safety, SXET provides a blend of frosted glass with tempered glass.

16. What is the Difference between Frosted and Obscure Glass?

Obscure glass is a wider term that covers every glass that provides a bit of reduction in transparency.

It covers a lot of glass types as well as frosted glass as one of its types.

Since frosted glass offers a lot of reduction in transparency, it is believed to be one of the most prominent obscure glass types.

In a nutshell, there are no major differences between these two glass types.

17. How Do You Compare Frosted Glass Vs Sea  Glass?

Sea glass can be physically or chemically weathered to have the properties of frosted glass.

Surprisingly, sea glass can be found naturally on beaches along with bodies of saltwater.

However, it cannot be used commonly as a frosted glass because its size is somehow limited and short than the frosted glass.

Figure 7: Sea Glass

18. How Do You Compare Frosted Glass Vs Clear Glass?

Frosted glass is a type of glass made translucent and blurs while the clear glass is completely transparent.

The uses of these two are also quite different as frosted glass is usually used for decorative or privacy purposes.

In the meanwhile, clear glass can pass more light with almost zero privacy.

Both are used for different purposes and the manufacturing process also varies.

19. Is Frosted Glass Transparent or Translucent?

Frosted glass is translucent as it is made blurry by applying various methods like sandblasting or acid etching.

Frosted glass cannot be completely transparent as it is against its basic properties.

Transparent glass cannot fulfill the decorative or privacy concerns, therefore, frosted glass is completely translucent.

20. Is Frosted Glass Stronger than Ordinary Glass?

Yes, frosted glass is stronger than ordinary glass because of the material used in it.

Specialized manufacturers like the SXET uses more robust methods to make frosted glass with toughened glass properties.

These properties of sturdiness make the frosted glass undoubtedly stronger than the ordinary glass.


Figure 8: Frosted Glass vs Clear Glass

21. Can Frosted Glass be Unfrosted?

It depends upon the method you have applied to make the frosted glass.

If you have made a frosted glass using factory methods like acid etching, it is quite difficult to unfrost it.

For other methods like spraying on ordinary glass, it is more likely to remove the frosted element from it and make it an unfrosted glass.

There are various chemicals that can do the unfrosted job by just simply applying them on the frosted glass surface.

22. Can Frosted Glass Break?

If the frosted glass is made through a quality manufacturer like SXET, it is very difficult for it to break.

Even we do extreme measures to make the frosted glass stronger and make it unbreakable.

Tempered or toughened glass is used to be a frosted glass that guarantees its firmness.

You can rely on the frosted glass to withstand stronger hits and other usual pressures.

23. Can You Drill Frosted Glass?

Yes, we can do drilling in the frosted glass during its manufacturing.

SXET uses precise drilling on the frosted glass to help you make it usable after drilling holes in it.

These fixed holes will help you get the most out of your frosted glass.

No matter how small or large you want the drilling to be in your frosted glass, we can make it for you according to requirements.

24. Can Frosted Glass be Tinted?

Yes, it is possible to tint frosted glass on either some of its surface or the entire one.

There are a lot of options available to make your frosted glass get tinted.

You just need to provide us a design containing your desired tint color or shade and we will get back to you with the actual product.

Figure 9: Frosted Glass Color and Tint Options

25. Can Frosted Glass be Painted?

Yes, painting a frosted glass is possible but it can only be done during the manufacturing period.

This is because the frosted glass is put to its final shape after the complete manufacturing cycle and no alterations are possible.

However, we can paint the frosted glass to any color you want according to your requirements.

26. Can Frosted Glass Get Wet?

No, frosted glass is specially made to provide a water-resistant behavior.

That is because it is widely used as a shower wall or in bathrooms and we cannot bear water-damages in it.

Frosted glass may get wet but it will get dry sooner than any other glass specialized for this.

However, in the case of some printed patterns on the surface of frosted glass, getting wet is quite possible.

27. Can Frosted Glass be Recycled?

Recycling the frosted glass depends upon the technique of its manufacturing.

As if the frosted glass is made using non-chemical techniques, it is possible to recycle it.

The non-chemical techniques include sandblasting which makes it eligible for recycling.

Recycling the frosted glass which is made using toughened glass or tempered glass is not possible because of its properties.

28. Can Frosted Glass be Made Clear?

The main feature of frosted glass is to be non-clear as of its concrete requirements.

No one will consider it a frosted glass if it is a clear and transparent glass because a frosted glass is always blurred in a small or large extent.

Without the opaque property, it will lose its main purposes of manufacturing namely, privacy and decoration.

However, you can convert a clear glass into a frosted glass by applying some procedures.

29. Can You Have Frosted Glass With Pattern?

Yes, you can get the frosted glass with almost any pattern you want according to your specified needs.

These patterns could be of any shape like flowers, birds, or any other customized shape.

SXET offers a firm pattern property to the frosted glass during its manufacturing process.

This is done because the frosted glass cannot be manipulated after it is finally made.

However, there are some plastic films that are filled with patterns to paste onto your frosted glass or ordinary glass.

This is not an authentic and reliable way to provide a pattern to the frosted glass but it also works in a lot of cases.


Figure 10: Pattern on Frosted Glass

30. Can You Have Frosted Glass With Clear Border?

Yes, SXET provides you the ability to have frosted glass with clear borders.

It adds a blend of attraction to your frosted glass in some cases.

We only make the areas frosted where you require them to be and other parts are left clear according to your preferences.

This also applies to all types of your frosted glass dimensions as it can be done on small items like windows to large items like decorative doors, etc.


Figure 11: Frosted Glass Cleared Border

31. Is Frosted Glass Smooth?

Yes, some of the types of frosted glass offer a smooth inner and outer surface.

For instance, the acid-etching frosted glass and the satin frosted glass are smoother than the sandblasting frosted glass.

The smoothness of a frosted glass mainly depends upon your requirements.

However, SXET can provide you a customized level of smoothness with realistic frosted glass properties.

32. Is Frosted Glass Opaque?

Frosted glass can be said as translucent as it allows light to pass through it.

Whereas, the properties of opaque do not imply it because light cannot pass from opaque surfaces.

In most frosted glasses, people prefer to make it translucent because it offers them more visibility inside their usage areas.

For example, a translucent surface will allow sunlight to pass through it in the morning while the opaque will not let it pass.

However, if you want to have an opaque surface of the frosted glass, you can contact us and we will provide it according to your preferences.

33. Will Acetone Damage Frosted Glass?

A high-quality frosted glass cannot get affected by the usage of acetone or any other vanishing chemical.

Frosted glass will not get damaged by it due to its swift properties but you need to make sure the outer frame of the frosted glass is not getting in touch with the acetone.

If the frosted glass is made using some temporary methods like attaching a frosted film to clear glass, acetone can ruin this sort of frost.

34. Will Paint Thinner Remove Frosted Glass?

A paint thinner cannot remove frosted glass because frosted glass is made with firm properties.

You can use paint thinner on the surface of frosted glass without any worries.

These chemicals can only affect a frosted glass if it’s made with insufficient methods.

SXET uses fully-tested and innovative methods to make sure that there is no flaw in your frosted glass.

35. What Thickness Options are Available for Frosted Glass?

You can have various thickness options available for your customized frosted glass.

Usually, these thickness options start from 3mm of thickness up to a thickness of 20mm.

However, SXET can provide you more than this according to your requirements because it plays a vital role in the suitability of your frosted glass placement.

Thickness is done during the material cutting and shaping process of frosted glass.


Figure 12: Frosted Glass Thickness Options

36. How Much Temperature Can a Frosted Glass Withstand?

SXET offers you the ability to have a frosted glass with more temperature-resistance.

Your frosted glass can withstand more than 250 Degrees Celsius and this is enough for daily usage.

However, if you want a frosted glass with more temperature-resistance, we can provide it to you according to your requirements.

The temperature-resistance property of frosted glass becomes higher when tempered glass or toughened glass is used during its manufacturing process.

We use these glass types to provide you the best quality of frosted glass with unbelievable temperature-resistance.

37. Can You Scratch Frosted Glass?

How much scratch-proof your frosted glass depends upon how rough it is.

Since there are different types of frosted glass, you will have a variety of scratch-resistance.

For more rough surfaces like sandblasted frosted glass, scratches can happen but in rare cases only.

When smoother surfaces like that of acid-etching and satin frosted glasses are concerned, these are almost scratch-less.

Along with the surface factor, there is also an important factor which is the material type of glass used in the development of frosted glass.

If it is made using a toughened or tempered glass, it will be absolutely scratch-proof.

Otherwise, the frosted glass may get some scratches in rare conditions.

38. Which Shapes Can You Make of Frosted Glass?

There are various shaping options for you to make a frosted glass.

SXET offers a wide variety of shapes to you for having an idea of what will look better but you can always come with your customized shape preferences.

The common shape types for frosted glass are as follows:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Oval
  • House
  • Arch
  • Arch Top
  • Right Slope Rectangle
  • Trapezoid
  • Regular Hexagon

In addition to these shapes, you can have various shape patterns by contacting us.


Figure 13: Frosted Glass Shape Options

39. Can You Do Edge Polishing on Frosted Glass?

Yes, SXET provides you a wide range of edge options to choose from for your frosted glass.

Some of the common edge types available to you for frosted glass are as follows:

  • Cut, Swipe, or Seemed Edges
  • Beveled Edges
  • Pencil Grind Edges
  • Pencil Polished Edges
  • Flat Polished Edges

Apart from these edge options, there are a lot of others we can provide to you according to your preferences and needs.


Figure 14: Frosted Glass Edge Options

40. How to Package the Frosted Glass?

Most prominent glass manufacturers like the SXET packs the frosted glass in very firm packaging.

This packaging includes two layers: one inside each frosted glass item and the other for entire batches of it.

Each frosted glass is wrapped around a plastic sheet for protecting it from damages.

After an entire batch of these frosted glasses is packed, these are further placed into a carton or a wooden box for more firmness.

According to the shipment destination, every order is analyzed to have sufficient packaging for these fragile items.

41. Can You Color Frosted Glass?

Yes, SXET can color your frosted glass in a lot of ways.

We have a wide variety of color options for you to make your frosted glass one of the eye-catching ones.

No matter if you want to have an entire color printing over the glass or just a part of it, we have got you covered.

Just tell us which color you want to have on your frosted glass and we will provide it to you in a realistic way.

42. What Custom Options are Available for Frosted Glass?

There are various custom options available for frosted glass to you by SXET.

These options are as follows:

Customized Size of Frosted Glass:

The size of frosted glass remains a major requirement and you can have your frosted glass in a lot of sizes.

These size options could be as small as a small window screen to large as office walls and so on.

Customized Shapes of Frosted Glass:

SXET offers you a wide range of shape options for your frosted glass project.

These shapes could be any custom shape like a rectangle, square, round, oval, etc.

Customized Colors of Frosted Glass:

You can have custom colors to be painted on your frosted glass.

These are not the normal colors, every color is added with specialized machines to make it durable and do not get fade out.

Customized Edging and Thickness:

From beveled to flat, there are a lot of edging options available to you by SXET.

Now you can have a thickness of as low as 2 or 3mm to a greater one like 20mm.

Custom Material Selection and Polishing:

SXET gives you the control to choose which raw material you want to choose for making your frosted glass.

It can be a tempered or toughened glass or a simple clear glass along with many other finishing and polishing options like protective coatings, etc.

43. Why is Frosted Glass Translucent?

Normal glass could think of like cooled ice with no substance in it that’s why it looks transparent.

On the other hand, frosted glass is mixed with some small particles like sand, therefore, it looks translucent.

Frosted glass is originally mixed up with some elements having translucent properties.

That’s why SXET believes in manufacturing a frosted glass with genuine particles and without just making a clear glass and then painting it with some color etc.

44. Which Glass Material Type is Used for Frosted Glass?

A lot of glass types can be used to make frosted glass.

Some of the most common glass types used by SXET to form a frosted glass are as follows:

  • Tempered or Toughened Glass
  • Gorilla Glass
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Quartz Glass
  • Clear Glass

However, you can come up with your own preferences to make a frosted glass and we are ready to provide you.


Figure 15: Toughened Frosted Glass

45. Where to Buy Frosted Glass?

You can buy frosted glass from prominent glass manufacturing markets.

One of the most prominent markets is the Chinese glass manufacturing market.

The reason for choosing to buy frosted glass is that you will get a high-quality product at a relatively less cost.

Some of the prominent manufacturers of this market are SXET glass manufacturing which has over a decade of experience developing frosted glasses for international clients.

46. Which Tools are Used to Make Frosted Glass?

There are many tools that can be used to manufacture frosted glass.

It all depends upon the type of frosted glass you want to make as different types require a different set of operations.

Sandblasting process machines are used for this type of frosted glass.

For acid-etching, etching machines are used which uses chemicals to form a frosted glass.

Different steps of the manufacturing process also require different tools like for cleaning ultrasonic bath cleaning is used.

There are specialized color printing, edge grinding, and hole drilling machines involved in the frosted glass manufacturing process as well.

47. How Fast Can You Make Frosted Glass?

How fast a frosted glass can be made depends upon the number of specified requirements by the customer and the production ability of the manufacturer.

SXET, as a leading frosted glass manufacturer, can manufacture a typical frosted glass order within a single day.

If all the requirements and the design considerations are clear then SXET can do it even in more speed.

But it’s not all about the speed, the quality of a frosted glass plays the most important role in the success of it in the long run.

48. Can You Make Design of Frosted Glass?

Yes, SXET can provide you design services for your frosted glass project.

Surprisingly, we can offer you free design samples to get you started with your frosted glass manufacturing.

These designs address all types of requirements including the size, shape, coloring, thickness, and all other related ones.

You can also have a design of pattern you want to make on your frosted glass.

Our provided designs are 100% realistic and offer reliable glass products.


Figure 16: Frosted Glass Designing Services

49. Is Frosted Glass Better than Ordinary Glass?

Frosted glass is better than ordinary glass in a lot of ways but you need to figure out the requirements at first.

The reasons why frosted glass is better than the ordinary one are as follows:

  • Frosted glass is stronger than ordinary glass
  • It is more durable and reliable than ordinary glass
  • It is more resistant to damages
  • Frosted glass offers enhanced privacy than the ordinary glass
  • It looks more appealing for decorative purposes

As far as the benefits of ordinary glass are concerned, there is only one major benefit that is its reduced cost.

50. How Durable is a Frosted Glass?

If the frosted glass is made by a professional manufacturer like SXET, it can last for more than 50 years.

Moreover, it also depends upon the type of raw material used in the frosted glass.

As if you use toughened or tempered glass, you may get even more durability than the usual.

For ordinary glass is used for the manufacturing of frosted glass, the durability decreases.

51. What Should be the Qualities in Your Manufacturer of Frosted Glass?

A good glass manufacturer can save you a lot of time and effort while providing you the best services.

You can label a manufacturer of frosted glass as a good one if it has the following qualities:

  • Rich experience of manufacturing frosted glass before.
  • Usage of the latest tools and techniques to make frosted glass.
  • Have a good production capability per day to handle your peak requirements.
  • Have an international shipment history.
  • Follows glass manufacturing quality standards.
  • The prominent image in the industry and market.
  • The manufacturer of the frosted glass must have global shipment capability.
  • It should have a trusted customer’s feedback.

52. How to Import Frosted Glass from China?

Importing a frosted glass from China comprises of various steps.

Some of the major steps are as follows:

  • Contact the manufacturer and get a price quote
  • Clear all your requirements
  • Confirm your order by clearing the payments
  • Provide shipping details
  • Select your preferred shipment type
  • Track your shipment until it gets to you.

However, the import process of frosted glass may get affected by some external factors.


Figure 17: Import Frosted Glass from China

53. What is Your Production Capacity of Frosted Glass?

The production capacity of SXET of frosted glass is over 20,000 pieces per day.

In a typical environment, SXET can deliver even faster but it largely depends upon the complexity included in the design.

If the selected design of the frosted glass is a complex one with a great number of orders, the capacity can be a bit lower to preserve the quality.

This is one of the largest frosted glass production capacities in the world.

54. Do SXET Provide Free Samples of Frosted Glass?

Yes, SXET can provide you free samples of frosted glass if you have a bulk quantity order.

We will only charge you the labor cost and all other costs like the materials, tooling, etc. will not be charged.

Surprisingly, all of these free samples are shipped at your doorstep for free.

You will find a rare number of glass manufacturers who provide this facility as it is directly a trait of a good manufacturer.

55. What is the Return Policy and Warranty of Frosted Glass?

SXET offers a one-year warranty on all frosted glass products with a sound return policy.

The warranty starts from the purchasing date and lasts until a year.

If you find any flaws during this period, you can contact us and we will provide you a free replacement of the broken items.

However, all the glass products manufactured by SXET are quality-rich and there are not considerable reports of warranty claims.

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