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Pump up the style and the design of your house, office, or whatever your property is using SXET’s high and optimum-quality glass blocks! Our glass bricks are made from quality materials and supplies from China’s most trusted suppliers, too!

You can never go wrong in choosing our glass blocks, whatever purpose they may serve you best. For you to be able to know why our glass bricks are the best, here are a few of the most notable features of our glass blocks.

Colored glass blocks

Customized 12mm tempered glass for dining table

Crystal glass block

SXET can produce any 8mm tempered glass size to meet your requirement

Custom Glass Block According to Your Requirements

SXET’s whole wide range of glass blocks and glass bricks have been circulating the market for more than a decade now. Being China’s most-selling and top-rated glass blocks manufacturer, we are equipped with the right skills, knowledge, and experiences when it comes to producing many different variations of glass bricks.

From plain glass blocks, carved and embedded glass blocks, to color-tinted, printed, and even stylized and designed glass bricks, we can help you!

All our glass blocks have natural light transparencies and translucencies that could reach upwards of 97%, guaranteeing visibility, complete with all the natural attachments and additives to them.

The appearance and overall texture of SXET’s glass blocks are all of the best and highest grades and they’re primarily used for their strength and their resilience, making them perfect components for buildings, establishments, and residential properties.

SXET’s wide library of glass block types have been an integral part of exterior and interior design in and around China. Our high-quality and high-grade glass blocks are consistent and earthquake-proof.

Our glass bricks are perfect for providing privacy, and contain exceptional thermal and sound insulation, as well as safety, strength, and security! Our glass blocks are packed with all the different features you could be looking for!

Get wholesale glass blocks and glass bricks specific to how you want and need them! Send us a copy of your draft or your sketch and we’ll be more than happy to help you with it!

Why is SXET the Best Glass Block Manufacturer?

SXET’s glass bricks are completely processed, making them flexible and versatile to be used in many different sectors and industries. You can use our glass bricks in the construction business, exterior and interior design business, furniture and fixture industry, even in the commercial and industrial sector!

You’ll never have a shortage of where you can use SXET’s glass blocks and bricks!

  • We don’t have an MoQ or minimum order for the glass bricks and blocks you need
  • SXET can use regular soda-lime glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, and many other glass types
  • You can receive your glass bricks within 7 to 12 days after making the payment
  • Surface finishing processes are available upon request (Color, Frosted)

Get all of these and more when you take your chance and work with us here at SXET to get the glass bricks and glass blocks you need!

You won’t ever find a glass brick manufacturer as capable, skilled, and as dedicated as us. Give us a go and we will never disappoint you!

From the gathering of materials, assembly of materials and items, as well as with the manufacturing and full creation of the glass unit, you can place your full and complete trust in us!

Our glass blocks have been the pillars and bases of the products of many glass brick manufacturers, you will never have a problem with it in terms of quality and quantity!

Leave a message or a call – we’ll get you the estimate or the quotation that you’re looking for!

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Glass Block Buy Guide FAQ

Glass blocks have been one of the most in-demand glass fabricated products in the market, due to their unique design and untarnished style. And here in the country, no other company is trusted and deemed as the best in glass block manufacturing than us here at SXET.

For over a decade, SXET Glass Co., Ltd. has been China’s top and number one glass block manufacturer, providing promising quality glass blocks that various businesses and companies need.

With our almost flawless and impeccable performance, we’ve been rated the best and most trusted. Here are some of the most-thrown questions and inquiries about the quality and standard of glass bricks.

  1. What Are Glass Blocks?
  2. Are Glass Blocks Outdated?
  3. Are Glass Blocks and Glass Bricks the Same?
  4. Can You Purchase Custom Glass Blocks?
  5. Can You See Through Glass Blocks at Night?
  6. Can You Print on Glass Blocks?
  7. What Are the Common Designs of Glass Bricks?
  8. Glass Blocks Sizes and Dimensions
  9. Tinted Glass Blocks vs. Frosted Glass Blocks
  10. Where Do You Use Glass Bricks?
  11. How Do You Manufacture Glass Blocks?
  12. Transparent Glass Blocks vs. Colored Glass Blocks
  13. Are Glass Bricks Stronger Than Concrete?
  14. Why Should You Trust SXET For Your Glass Blocks?

What Are Glass Blocks?

Decorative glass block

Figure 1 – A sample image of what a colored glass block looks like

Glass blocks, which also referred to and known as glass bricks, are thick slabs and pieces of glass that are primarily used in the residential and commercial sector, usually for the usage of separators, dividers, windows, doors, and even ornaments.

They’re used for the purpose of insulating heat, cold, even sound! They’re an effective means of keeping everything you need in one (1) room!

Here at SXET, we can produce the best and highest quality of glass blocks you can get, all in different styles, designs, shapes, and sizes! We’ll talk to you more about that in the latter part of this FAQ guide.

Are Glass Blocks Outdated?

Colored glass blocks

Figure 2 – An example of a modern, advanced-looking glass block

Before we start, let us discuss and clarify one thing – are glass blocks already outdated? Are they not liked by the people of today’s generation?

While glass blocks are the bomb a few decades back, they aren’t as popular as they were before today. However, its demand is starting to rise up again especially since most vintage and classic mansions house too few glass blocks.

Not to mention that these glass blocks are durable, strong, and highly resistant, it’s really something that new homeowners should consider purchasing.

Are Glass Blocks and Glass Bricks the Same?

Yes, glass blocks and glass bricks are technically the same.

Glass block bathroom

Figure 3 – A sample image of a detailed and styled glass brick

The term glass bricks are only used so that they can be identified as building blocks of a larger or a bigger component of something that’s made out of glass.

Don’t confuse yourself, you’ll definitely encounter both of these terms in your journey, but now that you know the truth, you can use this to your advantage!

QUICK NOTE: Glass brick is the term used if it’s going to be used for architecture, engineering, or construction. Glass block, on the other hand, is the term if the item is going to be used for furniture, facades, ornaments, and others of the like.

Can You Purchase Custom Glass Blocks?

clear glass blocks

Figure 4 – An engraved-custom glass brick

Yes, custom glass block designs are rapidly increasing in demand in the market. A lot of homes, commercial establishments, and even ornaments and furniture companies are using glass bricks to enhance and develop the products they’re offering.

Many homeowners, architects, engineers, and interior designers are deeply considering glass blocks and glass bricks as their primary choice for the type of sophisticated and intricate design.

Luckily for you, here with us at SXET, you’ll never have a problem if you need custom glass bricks. We can produce them in the exact ways that you want!

For us to be able to do it, you just need to send us the draft or the sketch of the glass block or the glass brick and we’ll produce it for you! Make sure that you provide complete details so we’ll know the exact requirement of how you want them to be produced and created.

Can You See Through Glass Blocks at Night?

Glass block wall

Figure 5 – It’s difficult to see-through glass blocks because of their style and design

No, it would be difficult, in fact almost impossible to see through glass blocks, even if it is night or day The composition of glass bricks filters the light that passes through it, blocking reasonable amounts of natural light through the glass block.

They’re so filtered that even if you see and look right up to the glass block, you’ll only be able to see vague and unclear images.

Can You Print on Glass Blocks?

Decorative glass block

Figure 6 – An example of a glass block that’s printed

Yes, printing on glass blocks is actually possible but it’s not a usual or a typical practice that’s done by people. Large glass bricks are made for the purpose of concealing without actually spoiling the uniformity or transparency of the material.

Some businesses and companies perform color-printing on the glass blocks instead of pictures, and this is a common practice, too.

But to answer it, yes, you can print on glass blocks no problem. There’s not a rule that restricts you from doing so. However, it’s just not the best and most ideal to do so.

The design that you can do with glass blocks would be embedding a pattern on the surface of it instead of printing it. This gives the glass block a more alluring and more captivating design without the need for further printing procedures.

What Are the Common Designs of Glass Bricks?

Now that we know glass bricks tend to be embedded and patterned, what designs and patterns are the most common?

Crystal glass block

Figure 7 – Diamond-patterned glass block with added circular shapes

The library of the designs, patterns, and templates of glass blocks and bricks actually depend on the likings of a company. Here with us at SXET Glass Co., Ltd., you will never run out of design and style options as our Research & Development (R&D) team has been producing a wide array of designs for glass blocks and bricks.

But, the best and top-selling patterns we have in our arsenal include:

  • Lattice Pattern
  • Jewel Pattern
  • Diamond Pattern
  • Water Bubble Pattern
  • Cloudy Pattern
  • Coral Pattern
  • Ice Flower Pattern
  • Double Star Pattern

NOTE: These are only our best-selling glass brick patterns; don’t think of them as the only patterns we’re able to make, because they are not.

Glass Blocks Sizes and Dimensions

clear glass blocks

Figure 8 – Glass bricks and blocks come in many different sizes and dimensions

The typical size of glass blocks that are generic comes in 8 inches x 8 inches (square). For windows, however, the standard size would be 32 inches (W) x 16 inches (L).

But, you can purchase glass blocks or bricks in various sizes and dimensions. The reason why glass block manufacturers offer customizations is for them to tailor-fit it to the size, shape, and form that their clients are looking for.

Here at SXET, you can choose from the vast library of glass block sizes and styles we offer. But, of course, you can choose the specific size and dimensions you’re looking for!

We usually require our clients to give us a few selections and then we’ll create a sample that exactly looks like the one they sent.

Tinted Glass Blocks vs. Frosted Glass Blocks

Glass blocks for crafts

Figure 9 – Clay-colored vinyl tinted glass blocks

A lot of businesses get confused in distinguishing frosted glass blocks from tinted glass blocks. But how are they really different?

Tinted glass blocks are glass blocks that have been processed so that it’s tinted from the outside. They’re not necessarily blackened out, it’s just darkened so that the amount of light that passes through it is filtered. Ideally, a ¼” thick tinted glass block would be able to allow just 80 to 90% of visible light to pass.

The tint from these glass blocks is usually just applied to one (1) side – the external or the outer side.

Frosted glass blocks or bricks, on the contrary, are those that have the “frost-like” texture effect on their surfaces.

Unlike tinted glass blocks, frosted glass blocks can be done on one (1) or both sides of the block. This will depend on the type of texture the client wants for their frozen glass block.

Here are a few other points you can take note of to help you differentiate frosted blocks from tinted blocks:

  • Tinted glass blocks offer better privacy because the light that would pass through would be minimal
  • Frosted glass blocks would be difficult to print on
  • Tinted glass blocks tend to be cheaper and more affordable because window films are cheaper
  • Frosted glass blocks are easier to produce and manufacture

Here’s the best and simplest way to identify whether what you’re dealing with is a frosted glass block/glass brick or tinted glass block. With this knowledge, you will no longer have any trouble identifying which is which!

Where Do You Use Glass Bricks?

With their unique design and rare structure, it’s safe to say that you can use glass bricks and glass blocks for a lot of different applications across various business sectors and industries.

Among the most common and the most typical applications, businesses and companies look for glass blocks and glass bricks for:

  • Furniture and Ornaments
  • Doors, Walls, and Windows
  • Facades
  • Glass Partitions
  • Home Decorations
  • Interior Wall Design
  • And Many More!

How Do You Manufacture Glass Blocks?

The manufacturing process of glass blocks tends to be a bit more complex and comprehensive compared to regular glass units.

Glass block basement window

Figure 10 – Raw and unprocessed glass block unit

Here at SXET, we perform the production or manufacturing of glass blocks with complete accuracy and precision.

To help you understand it better, here’s how we do it.

Step 1: Collection/Gathering of Materials

The first step that these glass block manufacturing companies do is collect and gather the materials they need. In this formula, there are four (4) primary components, these are silica sand (sand), soda ash, cullet (small broken glass shards), limestone.

Once these are all prepared, the machine for melting is prepared and readied.

Step 2: Melting

The next step is to gather all these and they’ll be sent to the melting machinery or equipment. The industrial oven to be used needs to be able to reach temperatures up to 1,500 °C (2,732 °F).

This would run for a few minutes up to an hour or until the consistency of the materials turn into molten glass.

Step 3: Pumping and Shearing of Molten Glass

This molten material will flow out of the melting machine, into the pumping & shearing equipment, which would shape and form half of the glass block.

NOTE: Each of the products here would be formed as half of the glass brick, not the whole piece, so don’t be confused.

Step 4: Molding and Plunging

Then, the newly formed and shaped blocks would be sent to the molding machines where they’ll be shaped, molded, and plunged so that the patterns, designs, and edges are going to be created accordingly.

Sometimes, the machine used for this is just one (combination of molding and plunging). However, there are times when the machine utilized is separate.

Step 5: Cooling Using Ambient Air

When molten material gets cooled immediately, there’s a chance that it would break. So, in order to keep the glass brick from breaking and from cracking, it should be sent to a machine that can keep a constant temperature.

The temperature needs to cool down to at least 1,000 to 600 °C (1832 to 1112 °F).

Step 6: Sealing Machine

Each of these half blocks would then be sealed, in order for its properties to stay intact and to be part of the whole equation. It is also the process that combines two (2) of the half blocks together, forming one (1) big solid glass brick.

We here at SXET perform sealing in such a comprehensive manner, giving all our clients the guarantee that the end results would be within their expectations.

Step 7: Burning

During this process, the newly unified two (2) half blocks would then be burnt so that they’re kept at a consistent temperature, to avoid them becoming brittle or weaker.

This is needed throughout the whole process because every moment, they get colder.

Step 8: Squeezing/Combining

To lock the two (2) pieces of half blocks together, they’ll be squeezed together using a plunger or a metal piece.

This metal piece would usually be exact to the pattern that’s embedded into the surface so that the pattern or the overall design would not be spoiled or ruined.

Step 9: Cooling/Annealing

When it’s securely locked in place, the block will start to be cooled down, making it harder, stronger, and more durable – it’s a process called annealing.

During this process, a constant blow of moderately cool air would be splashed onto the block so that the temperature does not fall off quickly.

Step 10: Inspection/Digital Alignment Devices

When it’s cooled down, an inspector or a quality control analyst would check the overall status and quality of the glass brick.

They usually have a checklist on what to inspect, but, the most common ones include:

  • Shape and Form
  • Size and Edge
  • Strength and Durability
  • Color

Step 11: Vinyl and Printing

Now, experts and professionals will apply vinyl to the surface of the glass brick to make it shinier and glossier. In addition to that, it also keeps the glass from becoming susceptible to scratches and other physical damages that could give it worse and lower quality.

NOTE: This is also the step where all the needed information would be printed, including the serial number, the date manufactured, the manufacturer’s seal/logo, etc.

Step 12: Final Quality Inspection

Of course, where would this all go, right? When the process is done and finished, the newly finished products would be sent to their respective owners (clients).

But, before we package them, we perform final quality assessments and inspections to them first. Unlike the first type of inspection, this inspection will check everything from the quality of the design, the overall features, the shape, the size, and many more!

Transparent Glass Blocks vs. Colored Glass Blocks

One of the hardest and most difficult questions in choosing your glass bricks is if you want it colored or if you want it to be transparent.

Glass blocks for crafts

Figure 11 – An example of a colored glass brick

There are a lot of different styles, colors, tints, and shades you can do to your glass blocks, but how different are transparent and colored glass bricks?

Here’s a table that outlines the differences of each of these glass block types:

Transparent Glass BlocksColored Glass Blocks
Temperature InsulationLight to moderate temperature insulationModerate to high temperature insulation
Sound InsulationModerate sound insulationModerate sound insulation
Decorative and AestheticsClean and neat-lookingDecorative, designed, and stylish
StrengthHigh strength capacityHigh strength capacity

These are the things that separate and divide colored glass blocks from the typical transparent or opaque glass blocks.

They don’t have much difference from one another, but, overall, colored glass blocks are typically used for applications where the light that passes through them is minimized or is decreased.

Are Glass Bricks Stronger Than Concrete?

And if you thought glass blocks don’t fall somewhere near the strength of concrete blocks, think again. Glass bricks aren’t only the epitomes of beauty, they’re also useful for their strength, durability, and resistance, too!

Yes, they are, in fact, stronger and more durable compared to concrete to the extent that they’re capable of withstanding and keeping you safe even with a force of a car crash.

Not only are they fashionable, stylish, and pleasing to the eyes, but they’re also strong, durable, and completely eco-friendly, too!

Why Should You Trust SXET For Your Glass Blocks?

SXET, for more than a decade, has been in the business of producing the best and highest quality of glass blocks, whether you want it colored, tinted, frosted, or just plain transparent!

Our procedure of manufacturing glass blocks is sure and is considered by many as their blueprint or their guide in making their own!

Some of the benefits and advantages of choosing our glass bricks over the products of other manufacturers include:

  • You can get it in just 7 to 12 days after payment
  • All our glass block products are OEM
  • We can create and manufacture glass bricks using many different raw glass materials
  • Hole drilling, etching, and further surface processing are all available upon request

Don’t waste your time with other glass brick suppliers, get world-class quality glass blocks from us now, and never worry about where you can get the best and highest quality glass bricks in the future!

Our glass blocks may be one of the best and most sought-after products that we have, but our offers aren’t just limited to that! In fact, you can also bank and count on us if you need other glass processing items such as glass switch plates, Gorilla Glass, anti-reflective (AR) glass, tempered glass, and many more!

Get the Best and Hottest Glass Blocks Today!

Whatever business you may be in and whatever type of industry you’re meddling with, our glass blocks here at SXET can definitely shave off the stress you’re feeling in finding the right glass brick manufacturer!

You will never feel like you’re overpaying when you work with us here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. as we’re always ready to assist you!

Reach out to us and be prepared to be amazed by the overall quality and standard of our glass blocks!

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