Glass Holes CNC Drilling as per Your Drawing
The Min Hole is 0.1mm

Custom Glass With Mult Holes CNC Drilling According to Your Requeest

We here at SXET can give you results that point towards why we’re deemed as the best when it comes to CNC drilling.

For many years of building our reputation, a lot of corporations, entities, and companies like you have placed their full and complete trust in us for the CNC drilling they need for their businesses.

You can count on us if you need precise and accurate drilling processes on your Gorilla Glass, your chemically strengthened glass, even anti-reflective (AR) glass, and many more!

We understand that as a business, you want everything to be perfect. From the creation and the fabrication of the glass products to the drilling and the making of holes for whatever application you’ll be using it for.

Glass CNC Drilling Series Products

Cutting gorilla glass

Gorilla glass with holes drilling

CNC Machining

Glass CNC Grinding

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    Glass CNC Drilling, The Min Hole is 0.1 mm - SXET

    SXET has met a ton of quality standards that pertain to our glass products, as well as the CNC drilling procedures we perform in our manufacturing plant.

    If you initially thought that our CNC drilling applications are limited to raw glass materials, think again! Our CNC drilling capabilities are applicable to ALL the products that we offer, which stretches from regular float glass, Gorilla Glass, tempered glass, frosted glass, to stepped glass, 3D glass, ultrathin glass – literally every glass product you can think of!

    Being the best CNC drilling manufacturing company in the region, we can give you the assurance that you will get your products in the best and the highest qualities you can get! All you have to do is to submit sketches and drafts of how you want the CNC drilling holes to appear on your product.

    Glass CNC Cutting
    All glass processing by CNC machinery, the tolerance is +/-0.05mm
    CNC Glass Drilling
    All glass' hole drilling by CNC machinerr, all edge is smooth

    SXET does not choose its clients – our clients choose us. Never did we turn down any of our clients’ requests when it comes to CNC drilling. No matter how complex or how complicated it may seem, we get the job done!

    So, whether you’re in the defense and military industry, the consumer electronics industry, the architecture and engineering industry, or any other type of industry that needs glass, you can trust us!

    • We can promise affordable and competitive rates and prices for all our products
    • Lead time will run only for 7 to 12 days after the confirmation of payment
    • Other than CNC hole drilling, we offer CNC glass machining for cutting and shaping
    • We have excellent pre and after-sales services to cater to all concerns and inquiries

    Don’t waste your time by getting samples from other CNC drilling manufacturing companies. When you experience working with us here at SXET, we’re sure that you wouldn’t ever feel the need to look for a new CNC drilling supplier ever again!

    Talk to us through our email, our hotline, or by filling out the quick quote form that we have on our website and be given an estimate within a few hours!

    The complexity and difficulty of your requests won’t matter. With our expertise in CNC drilling, as well as our cutting-edge machines, we can give you the best and the highest quality of products you need for your business!

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