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A complete custom glass table tops solution from SXET can protect your tables and furniture while enhancing their visual appearance. SXET has been manufacturing standard and customized glass table tops for 10+ years and providing its customers with a top-notch solution.

At SXET, we are experienced in making glass table tops of the exact size and shape you wanted, and we never compromise on quality. Glass table tops are known for their beauty, style, and strength. With a little touch of glass table tops and your furniture/tables can shine like new. Glass table tops are meant to be strong, reliable, versatile, and we manufacture them in a cost-effective way so that they require low-maintenance.

Round tempered glass

SXET can cut round glass table tops to any size to fit your request

Rectangle glass table tops

SXET can manufacture rectangle glass table tops in various of thickness, 4mm – 19mm thickness

Custom glass table tops

SXET custom glass for table tops, custom shaping, custom edging such as beveled edge, smooth edge, any more.

Glass for table top cut to size

SXET offers you glass for table top cut to size from 4mm – 19mm, curved glass or bent glass for table top is available

Gray glass table top

SXET can do color glass table top for your business, such as gray glass table top, black glass table top, and so on.

Oval glass table top

We can cut any glass’s shape for table top, such as round, square, rectangle, oval, bent glass.

Your Best Glass Table Tops Manufacturer and Supplier in China- SXET Glass

SXET glass has successfully served thousands of customers with our capability to custom cut, size, drill, bevel, polish, glass type making, glass edging, and a wide variety of surface finishing options, including coloring. Our custom options also make sure that you will find and exactly get what you are here for.

We can make glass table tops for many purposes include; covering furniture, safety, resistance against extreme environmental conditions, for outdoor furniture, for indoor furniture, for furniture that require resistance against fire and heat, for furniture that requires strength and resistance against impact, force, pressure, and shock.

Glass table tops can benefit you in many potential ways like; they are a perfect solution to maximize your furniture appearance and create an illusion of space in your environment so you can feel more style in it. Additionally, we make glass table tops in a cost-effective way and much less expensive than wood.

We use Clear, Float, and similar glass for maximizing your furniture look, and we use tempered/toughened, laminated, and similar glass for maximizing the safety and strength of your furniture. SXET also offers unique glass table tops edge works, including Beveled Polished, Flat Polish, Ogee Polished, and Pencil Polished edge work.

The glass table tops are useful for dining, furniture, coffee, metal, wooden, patio furniture, conference tables. SXET experts work with you from selecting the glass table tops design to quality check and shipment. While working with SXET, you can have complete control over your glass table tops look and size. Most importantly, as part of the SXET team, we offer you free estimates for all the glasswork we do, so there’s full transparency in all our costs.

We want you to be comfortable, and every glass table top is done with care. SXET is one of the best reliable glass manufacturers from China that provide its services internationally. Making custom glass table tops is an easy task for us, and we do it with great care as well as to meet your requirements and as exactly as you required.

At SXET, we focus on glass table tops quality and performance, and we believe in your satisfaction. Our glasswork also includes Toughened Glass, Toughened Glass Panels, Custom Tempered Glass, Gorilla Glass, and many more. Be sure to check other services from SXET. Most importantly, order your custom glass table tops now.

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Glass Table Tops – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

FAQ list for quick check some info you would like to know


Our FAQ guide is helpful in many ways; you can get a complete understanding of our top-quality glass table tops manufacturing procedure and how we offer full glass table tops customization by providing you the best custom options in the market.

Furthermore, working with SXET is a peace of mind for you, and our table tops custom options let you get your glass in the way you like.


What Are Glass Table Tops?


Glass table tops are considered essential to be placed on any vintage, traditional, or modern table base.

High-quality glass table tops are known for gaining a stylish and modern look to the tables.

Transparent glass table tops are exceptional and create a solid illusion of space in your environment.

Most importantly, glass table tops are made out of different types of glass, contain different types of characteristics, and offer different types of advantages.



Are Glass Table Tops Safe?


Yes! However, different types of glass material can be used to make glass table tops, and some basic types of glass material cannot be safe for glass table tops.

Some glass types provide stress, heat, fire, and breakage resistance and have proven a good safety glass type.

For example, tempered, toughened, gorilla, and laminated glasses are used to make glass table tops to get maximum safety and protection.

Additionally, making glass table tops from Clear glass, Quartz glass, Dragontrail glass, Float glass, AGC glass, and Schott glass is considered a top-quality way to manufacture exceptionally safer glass table tops.


What Are the Advantages of Glass Table Tops?


Using glass table tops for your furniture can give you many unique benefits. Some of them are the following:

  1. Glass table tops are the perfect solution to achieve maximum table style with a beautiful appearance and low maintenance as well as, in a cost-effective way possible.
  2. The use of glass table tops can create an illusion of space in your environment and help it appear more efficiently organized.
  • Furthermore, it creates an easy display area with a vast majority of stylish options.
  1. Additionally, glass table tops are less expensive than wood and can save you cost by minimizing the maintenance required.
  2. Glass table tops create a beautiful and unique spark when exposed to sunlight and give the environment a natural look.

Most importantly, we help you fully customize your glass table tops from shape and size to glass type and surface finishes.

So, you can get the perfect and desired glass table tops that can fit your theme.


Are Glass Table Tops Tempered?


In order to add strength to your glass table tops, tempering is important.

Tempered glass table tops are four to five times stronger than regular/simple glass and provide resistance against every kind of environmental hazard.

For example, tempered glass table tops become fire, stress, and heat resistant and provide a high level of security.

However, in a rare even of tempered glass table tops breakage, it breaks in harmless small pebbles.

Most importantly, tempering glass table tops is always a good choice because it adds strength to your glass table tops.

Tempering glass table tops do not change their appearance or weight.


Figure: Tempered Glass Table Top


What Is the Maximum and Minimum Glass Table Tops Thickness?


At SXET, we are able to manufacture glass table tops from a minimum of 2mm to a maximum of 19mm thickness.

However, this limitation in thickness cannot stop us from making what you desire, and our fully customizable glass table tops can fit the purpose of your visit completely.

Furthermore, glass thickness sometimes depends on the glass table tops design and your specific needs and requirements.


Figure: Standard Thicknesses for Glass Table Tops


How Do You Manufacture Glass Table Tops?


Having perfect glass table tops on your furniture can make it stand out, and how we manufacture your customized glass table tops gives the finishing and quality, you desired.

Manufacturing glass table tops completely depends on their glass types.

However, there is a standard way we follow to manufacture your customized glass table tops.

  1. First of all, you select a glass type for your glass table tops
  2. Then we cut the glass based on the size you required
  • We apply other processes based on your finalized glass table tops design
  1. We set the edging and corner finishing of glass table tops
  2. In the end, we apply the surface finishes you required on the finalized glass table tops

Most importantly, you can customize each of the mentioned steps to get a fully customized final product.

Additionally, we quality test the glass table tops in detail so you can get the top-notch pieces.


Figure: Custom Manufactured Glass Table Top


What Types of Glass Is Used for Glass Table Tops?


We have enough glass type options to fulfill your specified requirements.

Like, in most cases, the customers require safety as their first priority in glass table tops.

And sometimes, they require heat, fire, stress, and breakage resistance as their first priority in glass table tops.

Some of the most demanded glass types for glass table tops are the following:

  • Tempered/Toughened Glass
  • Gorilla Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Clear Glass
  • Quartz Glass
  • Dragon trial Glass
  • Float Glass
  • AGC Glass
  • Schott Glass

At SXET, we have a vast library of glass types for glass table tops.


Figure: Famous Toughened Glass Table Top


How to Choose the Perfect Glass Table Tops?


There are thousands of glass table tops to choose from, and whenever it comes to which one is perfect, it can disturb you.

At SXET, we sure that our custom options for glass table tops help you find the ring fit for your theme.

Glass table tops come in a huge variety of colors, sizes, patterns, layering, and thickness.

So, with SXET glass table tops customization, you can find a suitable and perfect fit for your modern or contemporary environment.

We believe that the right glass table tops can make a huge difference in someone’s house, room, or office appearance.


Figure: Custom Tempered Glass Table Top


Can You Paint Glass Table Tops?


In short, yes! You can have your desired paint on the glass table tops. However, painting glass table tops can be a bold move, but the payoff is much more satisfying.


Figure: Standard Glass Table Tops Color


There are many ways paint can be applied to glass table tops, and mostly it depends on the glass type used.

Because a particular paint can be required to paint a specific glass type, for example, we use dry, spray, and brush colors to paint a clear/standard glass.


Figure: Custom Colors for Glass Table Tops


Can You Recycle Glass Table Tops?


At SXET, we try to make our environment a healthy and clean one as well as pollution-free.

A glass table tops waste can be a reason for pollution and unsafe environment.

Hence, we try to recycle as much glass table tops waste as possible to achieve an ideal environment for you to live in.


What Are the Essential Features of Glass Table Tops?


Glass table tops are very useful components of the home and office environments.

What makes them so unique is their exceptional features. The following are some features glass table tops offers:

  1. Glass table tops are strong and can’t break easily
  2. They are sturdy and can withstand the extreme environmental conditions
  • These table tops are fashionable and can be easily designed into any shape required
  1. Glass table tops are versatile and can be used perfectly with the combination of wood and other different metals
  2. Their light reflection presents a clear view of the related environment

At SXET, we manufacture dense, rigid, and tough glass table tops because we know that the tougher the glass gets, the more resistant it becomes.


What Are the Applications of Glass Table Tops?


Glass table tops can be used for versatile purposes. However, the best way to define its applications is to know what glass type will be used.

Anyway, the following are some common uses for glass table tops:

  • For protecting the furniture from scratches and liquid
  • As the dining table top
  • As furniture base top
  • As the coffee glass table top
  • Table tops with metal frames
  • Table tops with wooden tables
  • Used as a structural surface on top of something
  • Round and rectangular glass table tops for patio furniture
  • Useful for stock table tops
  • As office conference table tops

We believe that every condition is unique and requires a unique customized solution, and that’s why our customized glass table tops fulfill your every glass related need and requirement.


Figure: Glass Table Tops for Conference Tables


Can You Cut Glass Table Tops to Size?


SXET enables you by giving you the freedom of customization of your glass table tops.

Our experts with state-of-the-art technology custom-cut your glass table tops so we can guarantee the top-tier quality of your glass.

For example, you can choose a clear, HD, opaque, polar, bronze, or gray glass and can set its size through dimensions, and we will cut your custom glass table tops to size.

Most importantly, you can select the shape, size, glass type (like you can choose tempered glass), edge finishing, and glass thickness, and we will manufacture and cut the glass table tops based on your requirements.

Take your glass designing creativity and imagination to the next level with our custom options for glass table tops.


Figure: Custom Designed Glass Table Tops


What Is Toughened Glass Table Tops?


Toughened/tempered glass table tops are known as the strongest table type for your glass table tops.

It is one of the best and most required glass types for table tops because it’s five times denser than regular glass.

Toughened glass table tops are crystal clear, stronger, and safer for environments frequently visited by children and elders.

Toughened glass table tops also provide resistance against heat, cold, and humidity and can withstand any versatile weather condition, which makes them ideal even for outdoor.


Figure: Toughened Glass Table Tops


How Many Shapes Can You Make of Glass Table Tops?


At SXET, we can manufacture any type and shape of glass table tops.

From square/rectangle, circle, arch, rounded, pentagon, and quarter round to half-circle, triangle, half-circle notch, and quarter-round notch, there is nothing in shape that we can’t manufacture.

Additionally, we are specialized in making custom shaped glass table tops.


Figure: Glass Table Tops Different Shapes


What Are Customizable Options Available for Glass Table Tops?


We offer different custom options for glass table tops so you can have the product that suits your style and fulfill your needs.

SXET offers custom-cut glass table tops in a vast library of shapes, sizes, glass types, edge finishing, thickness, and surface finishes.

Our high-quality glass table tops are made to meet your every requirement in the most cost-effective manner.

Our custom-cut glass table tops are suitable for a variety of tables, including dining, coffee, desks, antique, and conference room.

Some of the most common custom options for glass table top shapes we offer are; Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle, Racetrack, Octagon, Pencil Polish, Flat Polished Edge, Beveled Edge, Decorative, and many more.

The Glass types we mostly offered are Laminated, Tempered/Toughened, Gorilla, Clear, Quartz, Dragontrail, Float, AGC, and Schott glass.

Furthermore, we offer glass thicknesses from 2mm (minimum) to 19mm (maximum).

However, this limit can extend for some designs, so contact SXET experts if your desired thickness out of this range.

You can also get a vast majority of cutting and grinding options on your glass table tops.

Additionally, the custom options we provide on glass table tops edges are pencil polished, beveled, and flat polished edges.

In last, we offer glass table tops coloring and surface finishing custom options so you can have the product that suits and match your environment.


How Can I Import Glass Table Tops from China?


Importing glass table tops from China has proven a successful tactic for various businesses, and it can also be a fantastic opportunity for you.

SXET helps you import and makes the process extremely easy for you. First of all, identify your glass table tops specific needs and requirements.

Then place the order and clear your payment method. We will help you arrange and ship your glass table tops and facilitate you to track them.

At last, receive the shipment and assess the quality. Furthermore, in case of any issue, consult with our professionals at SXET, and we will assist you happily.


How SXET Improve the Glass Table Tops Quality and Performance?


At SXET, we focus on the quality and performance of our manufactured glass table tops.

We want them to be top in quality and reliable in performance. We achieve this by selecting the right raw material for your custom glass table tops.

We focus on your requirements and process them until we find the most suitable solution to fulfill them.

Afterward, our experts start the manufacturing process and assure the quality of each glass table top by testing.

As the last step, all finalized glass table tops are measured through some standardized steps to check if they can perform efficiently.


Figure: High-Quality Custom-Made Glass Table Top


What Is the Cost of Glass Table Tops?


The cost of glass table tops is not static. However, we can estimate it.

To get an idea for the glass table top price, a piece of 2000 x 1000 clear float glass with polished edges, 6mm thick can cost you $150.

Furthermore, toughened glass table tops of the same specifications can cost approximately $300.

Our custom options help you get the glass table tops of the right specifications and show how much the total order will cost you.


What Are the Characteristics of Glass Table Tops?


Glass table tops are supposed to be strong, clean, and beautiful. The following are some common characteristics that glass table tops possess:

  • Durability: Toughened glass table tops are durable and easy to clean and are safe and heat-resistant.
  • Style: A vast library of shape, color, patterns, and edging gives you unlimited style options
  • Versatile: Glass table tops require low-maintenance and are long-lasting


Can Glass Table Tops Be Cut?


Yes, glass table tops can be cut perfectly. Cutting is a crucial step in the manufacturing of glass table tops. Because cutting a wide-sized piece of glass to fit the table-frame is crucial.

However, if you have toughened/tempered glass table tops, then they must be heated before starting the cutting process.


Figure: Perfectly Glass Table Tops Cutting


Can Glass Table Tops Be Drilled?


In short, yes! Sometimes, it requires more attention and cares about drilling the toughened, gorilla, laminated, and other similar glass types of table tops.

At SXET, no matter what glass type you are choosing for your glass table tops, we can meet your drilling requirements precisely and with 100% accurate results.


Figure: Drilled Glass Table Top


Can Glass Table Tops Be Laminated?


There can be a majority of reasons why you want laminated glass table tops.

The glass table tops can be laminated to achieve a specific style, design, or look and maximize safety and minimize maintenance.

Two toughened/tempered glass panels combined with a lamination layer can help bring your own design to life and make a long-lasting impression.

Most importantly, laminated glass table panels are extremely durable, strong, and fashionable.


Figure: Stylish Laminated Glass Table Tops


For How Many Years Glass Table Tops Can Be Useful?


It depends on the glass types of glass table tops. Some glass types like toughened, laminated, or gorilla glass table tops can stay strong for 80+years.

Other glass types like Standard, Clear, and Float glass table tops can be useful for 30+ years.


In How Many Designs You Make Glass Table Tops?


At SXET, we believe that presentation is an important ingredient in manufacturing glass table tops.

Hence, designing glass table tops is one of our core-focuses. It is important that your glass table tops match with your environment and furniture as well as set the right tone and become the spotlight.

We don’t have a limit to our glass table tops designs and provide detailed customization. Some of our most common glass table tops designs are the following:

  • Round Glass Dining Table Top


  • Rose Gold Rectangular Glass Table Top


  • Minimalist Modern Glass Table Top


  • Black Smoked Glass Table Top


  • Geometric Round Glass Table Top



Additionally, these are not the only designs we made but facilitated our customers with hundreds of more unique glass table top designs.

Most importantly, we are specialized in designing custom glass table tops and can fulfill your design requirements with complete precision.


How to Measure Quality and Performance of Glass Table Tops?


Glass table tops are tested and examined to identify their quality and performance.

If the glass contains visible defects, imperfections, or mechanical damage, then it can affect the overall performance and not suitable.

Furthermore, if bubbles, blisters, inclusions, stress raising cord, scratches, chips, damage, forming issues, or component interactions are faced during the glass table tops examination, then they are declared unfit and poor in quality.


Are Glass Table Tops Unbreakable?


In the majority of cases and under usual environmental conditions, yes!

However, toughened, tempered, and laminated glass table tops are strongest and cannot break easily as well as the required high amount of power and pressure to break them.

Additionally, the other glass table tops can be broken if they are not manufactured and required to be strong.


What Is the Most Appropriate and Best Thickness Value for Glass Table Tops?


It mostly depends on your glass table top design and application. If it’s a dining table, then a thicker glass table top is a standard option.

Additionally, if your table is at least 27″ in diameter, glass table tops of a minimum of 1/4″ thickness are the most suitable option.

In general, 1/2″ and 3/8″ glass table tops thickness is the best option.

However, smaller tables such as patio and coffee require a glass table top of 1/4″ for most durability and attraction.


What Type of Edging and Corner Finish Do You Offer for Glass Table Tops?


To give your glass table tops an exceptional look, we offer four types of standard edging and corner finishes for glass table tops.

The following are some standard and most common ones we offer:

  1. Beveled Polished Edge: Clean, fancy, and sophisticated glass table tops angles


  1. Flat Polish Edge: Shiny and glossy edges


  • Ogee Polished Edge: “S” shape


  1. Pencil Polished Edge: Popular and standard edge look as well as rounded and polished edge


Most importantly, we can manufacture glass table tops in your desired or fully customized edging/corner finish with top-tier quality.


How Can Glass Table Tops Provide Protection to Your Furniture?


Glass table tops are also valuable for your vintage furniture protection. Furthermore, it also gives a unique look to your furniture along with the protection.

Clean glass table tops can protect your furniture from any kind of liquid and impact because they are impact-resistant.

However, toughened/tempered glass table tops can protect your furniture from pressure, shock, heat, and fire because they are heat-, fire-, impact-, and shock-resistant.

Solid glass table tops that are manufactured in a way to be strong and provide protection can withstand any impact and weather condition.


What Is the Difference Between Glass Table Tops and Glass Table Covers?


Two sentences that can define the difference between glass table tops and glass table covers are:

Glass table tops mean that your table’s or furniture’s top is made out of glass.

Glass table covers, on the other hand, are a glass panel that is rested on the top of an actual table for protection and decoration. However, both preserves the look and value of your furniture.



What Is the Standard Glass Table Tops Thickness for Indoor Glass?


Indoor glass table tops can be used for different tables, including; dining room, kitchen, office desktop, conference, and coffee.

SXET experts recommend using a 1/4″ thickness glass table tops for standard use and 3/8″ for protective and safe use.

For maximum strength and safety for indoor furniture, we suggest choosing 1/2″ thick glass table tops.


What Is the Standard Glass Table Tops Thickness for Outdoor Glass?


The outdoor glass needs to be strong and resistant against versatile weather conditions.

Furthermore, the outdoor glass is needed to be impact-, pressure-, heat-, and fire-resistant.

However, if you are going to use a toughened/tempered, laminated, gorilla, or any other glass type with strong physical properties, then we suggest using glass table tops with a thickness of 1/2″, 1/4″, 1/8″, or 3/32″.

It will be your preference for the type and thickness of glass table tops to choose that will suit your furniture and environment.


Why Is Choosing Glass Type of Table Tops Considered Crucial?


Selecting the glass type for your table tops is a crucial decision, and either using an ordinary glass or toughened and any other strong glass can make a big difference.

Accidents can happen at any time, and we can’t prevent them or stop them; what we can do is minimize the effect of accidents.

SXET does it by toughening the glass table tops so they can withstand higher impact, pressure, and shock, and in case of an accident, no harm can do.

It’s also important to understand how ordinary glass table tops and toughened glass table tops break.

When ordinary glass table tops break, it breaks into large sharp pieces that can injure anyone near its radios.

However, when toughened glass table tops break, it breaks in small harmless pebbles.

Hence, as a result, the glass type of table tops must be carefully selected.


What Glass Table Tops Finishes You Offer?


SXET offers a range of glass table top finishes from glass type and polishing edges to surface treatments and paint.

For example, we offer dry, spray, and brush coloring options, and we also offer to apply colors and designs to your glass table tops through lamination.

Choose a shape, measure, and customize your finalized glass table tops in your specific ways.


Figure: Spray Painted Coffee Glass Table Tops


Why Should You Choose Tempered Glass for Your Glass Table Tops?


Tempered glass is known to be extremely stronger, and choosing it can give you much safer results.

It is ideal for applications that require strength as a feature in glass table tops.

For example, outdoor furniture and tables require strength and resistance against extreme environmental conditions, and that’s why tempered glass is the only way to fulfill this requirement.

Most importantly, it never shattered, and that’s why it’s called “safety glass” and used in dangerous environments.


Can You Cut Glass Table Tops That Has Already Been Tempered?


First of all, once we successfully manufactured glass table tops based on your given requirements, then it’s final.

Make sure about your needs and requirements before confirming your order.

In extreme cases, it is possible to cut glass table tops that have already been tempered but in very careful environments.

For example, the tempered glass table tops must be heated before the cut, and then the cutting process is started.


How Do I Choose the Right Size Glass Table Tops?


We have different glass table tops sizes available that are standard; however, if you want a customized solution, you must have the glass dimensions you want us to manufacture.

Additionally, measure the furniture/table and provide our experts with these measurements; we will give you the most suitable glass table tops sizes to choose from.

Choose the most appropriate one from these with the required glass table tops thickness and customized color, look, and design.


Figure: Perfectly Sized Glass Table Tops


Why Does Glass Table Tops Sometimes Appear Green?


The greenish shade that is reflected from glass table tops is actually due to the ironing effects used during the manufacturing.

You will observe that this effect is most noticeable when you observe the edges of these table tops.

If it’s sometimes you do not want in your glass table tops, then SXET also manufactures a variety of other crystal-clear glass table tops.


Figure: Greenish Tint in Glass Table Tops


What Are Heavy Glass Table Tops?


Heavy glass table tops are ones that are 3/8″ or 1/2″ thick. Furthermore, heavy glass table tops are ideal for larger tables, including dining and conference tables.

These table tops are must stronger and durable as well as a smart choice for large tables for holding heavy elements and pressure.


Figure: Heavy Glass Table Tops


How Are Glass Table Tops Safer?


Every glass table top we manufacture at SXET is safe. Only the glass table tops that have rough edges and Sharpe corners that are also not safer to hand can be proven dangerous.

Our every glass product comes with proper finishing and is extremely safe to use and handle.

Furthermore, we can extend the glass table top’s safety by toughening the glass through the tempering process.


What Are Touched Corners in Glass Table Tops?


Touched corners are also called eased corners and can be achieved in glass table tops through a proper sanding process.

The sanding process makes the glass edges safe and gives them a frosty look.

Furthermore, we polished the edges to give the glass table tops an exceptional look.


What Are Rounded Corners in Glass Table Tops?


Rounded corners on glass table tops can be achieved by cutting the glass’s Sharpe edges into the form of curved edges.

Afterward, the glass edges are polished to give it a unique and smooth look.

The rounded corner glass table tops are only preferred for the furniture or tables that are in oval or round shape.

However, you can fully customize the glass table tops edges and make them look exactly like you want them to be.


What Are the Clipped Corners in Glass Table Tops?


A clipped corner is a term that defines the glass corners clipping process.

The clipping of glass table tops refers to the process of cutting the corners of the glass table tops exactly at a 45-degree angle.

The clipped corners of the glass were then polished to give them a proper look.

The clipped corners in glass table tops are mostly required when a decorative look is required or sometimes for safety measures.


How SXET Provide Low-Maintenance and Cost-Effective Glass Table Tops?


At SXET, we follow a standardized glass table tops manufacturing process with state-of-the-art machinery.

Hence the chances of defects in our manufactured pieces reduce, which also minimizes the cost.

Furthermore, we provide toughened/tempered, laminated, and many other strong glass table tops that can withstand nearly every weather condition, pressure, force, impact, and shock.

As well, our glass table tops also provide resistance against fire and heat.

That’s what makes our glass table tops most robust and can be used for an extremely long time, and minimizes the required maintenance.

That’s how SXET provides low-maintenance and cost-effective glass table tops.


Why Choose Glass Table Tops?


There are multiple reasons why you have to choose glass table tops, and some of the most common ones are the following:

  1. Glass table tops are considered ideal for stands, tables, and maximum of indoor and outdoor furniture
  2. Glass table tops have the capacity to give a new look to old furniture
  • Glass table tops also can be proven as a protective layer for your furniture
  1. They save you from paint or any additional maintenance and can reduce damage
  2. Provide resistance against extreme environmental conditions
  3. Provide resistance against fire and heat
  • Glass table tops are strong and can withstand any force, pressure, and shock

At SXET, we provide some best-quality glass table tops with full customization on every step of manufacturing.


What Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing Perfect Glass Table Tops?


Glass table tops can be chosen for a number of reasons. However, when glass table tops are used for cover, they do not have to be tempered.

Otherwise, tempered glass table tops are preferred to achieve a maximum safety output.

The following are some factors to consider before choosing the perfect glass table tops for yourself:

  1. The glass table tops should be strong enough to withstand any environmental force
  2. If you want to use the glass table tops in the house or in environments, involve children, make sure to choose toughened glass table tops
  • Choose the glass table tops with proper and polished edges
  1. Make sure about the glass table top thickness and see if it can fulfill your requirements
  2. Select the proper size for your glass table top, and if there is some cutting or drilling required, make sure to tell us
  3. Select the glass type from the vast library of options
  • Select a proper design with the proper paint
  • If you have any other requirement related to glass table tops surface finishing, let us know

Most importantly, contact SXET experts to get more guidance related to manufacturing customized glass table tops.


Are Glass Table Tops Cheaper Than Wood?


Absolutely yes! Glass table tops are cheaper than wooden tables. The manufacturing process of glass table tops is also not as complex as wooden.

However, manufacturing glass table tops is naturally a cost-effective way to produce table tops.


In What Conditions Glass Table Tops Shatter?


Fortunately, the chances of a tempered/toughened glass table tops shattering are close to none.

However, the following are some rare conditions in which it can shatter:

  1. Some minor damage during installation can be a possible reason for its shattering
  2. Binding of the glass table tops in the frames and glass is known to expand, and a sudden change in temperature can break them, but it happens rarely
  • Pieces with internal defects can shatter
  1. Inadequate thickness of glass table tops can be a reason for their shattering

Additionally, that’s the reason why we suggest using glass table tops with a minimum of 2mm thickness.


What Is the Process of Customizing the Glass Table Tops?


You can ask SXET to customize your glass table tops by using the following customization process:

  1. Select the size of the glass table tops by measuring their dimensions
  2. If you have any cutting and drilling requirements, share them with us
  • Select the glass type and edging of your glass table tops.
  1. Select a color, design, and shape of glass table tops or give us your unique ones
  2. Inform us if you have any other surface finishing requirements

As the last step, you will confirm your requirements, and we will start manufacturing your customized glass table tops.


How Glass Table Tops Maintain Uniqueness in Design?


Our glass table tops begin with the cutting process, and every finished piece maintains its uniqueness.

You will know how no other home, office, kitchen, dining room, or conference room looks exactly like yours.

Furthermore, adding custom colors and surface finishes to your custom glass table tops makes them one-of-a-kind pieces.

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