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SXET Glass is the ultimate destination for all matters glass-related. We are here to offer you the solutions to all your questions, concerns, and inquiries about gorilla glass 3 manufacturing, and we bet we’ve got just the right answer to all that. Here in China, we are recognized for our multiple designs and excellent customer service accompanied by quality products to top it all out.

At SXET Glass, we proudly manufacture Gorilla Glass 3 for the sole purpose of ensuring that your phone has enough protection as you would want it to serve you. The Gorilla glass series is primarily focused on offering mobile phones the experience they would enjoy upon using their devices. The basic function is to be used as screens of devices, and they come in different forms, shapes, and sizes depending on what phone is in your pocket or purse.

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SXET can cut gorilla glass 3 to any size for the camera’s cover, AR&AF Coating

Gorilla glass with holes drilling

SXET can drill holes on gorilla glass 3 for your projects, and all edge is smooth

Custom gorilla glass

Customized gorilla glass 3 can be used for the device’s cover, such as LCD display, MP4/MP3 display screen, remote control, any more.

Glass panel

SXET can print any color on gorilla glass 3, just give us your design drawing, then we can give you what you want

Cover glass

SXET can cut gorilla glass 3 to any size, any shape for you, such as rectangle, square, round, oval, and so on.

Gorilla glass with adhesive

SXET can bond adhesive on glass for you to assemble other parts, like plastic, aluminum, metal, and so on.

Custom Gorilla Glass 3 Manufacturing, More Than 10 Years Experience

SXET Glass boasts of a 10-year experience in glass manufacturing, and with each year, we were able to improve in different sectors. We can now handle anything thrown on our end in terms of orders, which makes us a top pick in Gorilla Glass 3 manufacturing in China.

Gorilla Glass 3 is the third introduction that came to be in the series of Gorilla Glasses. Gorilla Glass 3 was an improvement from 2; it had a couple of additional features to it. The glass is referred to as the ideal scratchproof glass around, but why is it so? The process in which Gorilla Glass 3 is taken through involves several stages of ion-exchange procedures and heating to make the glass smooth, tough, and scratch proof. Did you know that Gorilla Glass 3 is the end product of the fusion of several toughened glasses? No wonder it can survive a drop from some distance.

We, as SXET Glass, are happily presenting our Gorilla Glass 3, which is packed with a lot of features and benefits with it. Firstly, Gorilla Glass 3 is well known for its scratch proof property that makes it unable to show any marks if you mistakenly pass it through some sharp object. To add to that, here are several other features of Gorilla Glass 3;

  • Toughness – The compiled and compressed tempered glass used to come up with Gorilla Glass 3 gives the glass the strength to withstand some force level.
  • Smoothness – The surfaces are effectively polished to ensure that they get the perfect level of smoothness.
  • Excellent display – Gorilla Glass 3 has a great view when you use it; whether on a sunny day or in darkness, it keeps the display at its best.

On the benefits end, Gorilla will serve you for as long as you can handle it as long as you take good care of it. The durability comes from the way the glass is manufactured and what the brand stands for. SXET Glass always delivers products of the highest quality, and our Gorilla Glass 3 offers that.

The primary application for SXET Glass’s Gorilla Glass 3 is for installation on most mobile phones. One of the notable clients is phone companies who aspire to add something extra to their new devices. Gorilla Glass can also be applied on tablets or other devices that the quality will serve well.

SXET Glass is more than able to meet your needs both on quality and quantity. We have an excellent team from the sales bracket, production, packaging, and delivery. We have experts who can work with you to attain the best dimensions and what you project your order. SXET also sends you a sample of the Gorilla Glass 3 order you inquired about so that you can approve it before we move forward. We also have excellent machinery that can produce large quantities upon request by a client.

Gorilla Glass 3 aside, we also work on projects related to tempered glass, custom glass panel, and cover lens. When presented with a quote, we work together with our clients to assist you with professional advice on the best option to settle with that’ll favor you.

Send us an inquiry to get a good price for your projects.

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Gorilla glass 3 – The Complete FAQ Guide

What is Gorilla Glass 3?

Gorilla Glass 3 as known as gorilla glass 2320 is the third generation of the Corning series of Gorilla Glass, and it has its upgrades from the last version with definite differences. It was first introduced in 2013 by CES, and it is built to be more scratchproof than Gorilla Glass 2 (three times more). The Gorilla Glass 3 can resist the normal deep scratches that ordinary glass would get. Gorilla Glass is chemically strengthened, although it goes through a process that makes it tougher before the former.

The anatomic configuration is adopted to come up with the glass, which gives it its toughness and ability to resist any damage, which is the primary feature of this glass. The process of manufacturing Gorilla Glass 3 involved immersing the glass in molten alkaline to give it a slat bath by use of an ion. The process is purposely to create a compression residual, which will stress the glass’s surface, eventually reducing the glass’s tendency to break.

Gorilla glass material


What are the Different Varieties of Gorilla Glass 3?

Corning released several different types of Gorilla Glass 3, and they each have a specific feature that distinguishes them. These different glasses are

  • Gorilla Glass 3
  • Gorilla Glass 3+
  • Gorilla Glass 3 with Native Damage Resistance

The main differences lie in the extra feature provided, thickness, and the application to be adapted.

How Does Gorilla Glass 3 Differ from Regular Glass?

Regular glass is manufactured with amorphous solid material, while Gorilla Glass 3 is manufactured with toughened glass. The other differences include

  • Manufacturer – Gorilla Glass 3 is the only manufacturer by Corning and certified companies, while different companies manufacture the regular glass.
  • Scratching – Gorilla Glass 3 is more scratchproof than ordinary glass.
  • Application – Ordinary glass has different forms and colors and can be used in multiple formats, while Gorilla Glass 3 is common in electronic devices.

Gorilla glass VS AGC glass

Gorilla glass 3 VS Tempered glass

How good is Gorilla Glass 3?

You cannot exhaust the list of goodness that Gorilla Glass 3 offers, although there are several noticeable ones. One of the selling factors is that Gorilla Glass 3 is more scratchproof than many available glasses. The glass is also durable and of excellent quality, which offers you a great lifeline of the screen and one to go for. The strength that Gorilla Glass offers is one aspect to consider as the glass can withstand a great deal of pressure.

Can Gorilla Glass 3 be Broken?

It is rare to break Gorilla Glass 3 since the way it is manufactured, the heat and chemical treatment make it tougher than the ordinary glass. Furthermore, Gorilla Glass 3 is an end product from tempered glass, which is the glass used to provide toughness. Tempered glass by itself is tough to break as it can withstand pressure. However, it is essential to note that being hard to break doesn’t mean that Gorilla Glass 3 is break-proof. If the glass is up against a superior force than the one limited to, it will shatter rather than break. It is a similar behavior seen in tempered glass, and it is an advantage since you won’t lose out on anything.

What are the Common Reasons for Gorilla Glass 3 Breakage?

The most common reasons you can end up with a shattered Gorilla Glass 3 screen are probably because of dropping your device. The way the device will fall off your hands, bag, or car and the height in which the fall will fly through, including the impact and ground involved, will positively determine if the glass will shatter or not. It is hard to find a crack due to squeezing of items in a purse or from your pockets, so the only reason is to put on a lot of pressure on the phone’s screen that the glass can’t sustain.


What are the Varieties of Gorilla Glass?

Several types of Gorilla glasses have been produced over the past few years. Each new invention usually has a new inclusion or an improvement from the former. The following are the varieties of Gorilla glasses produced

  • Gorilla Glass Victus
  • Gorilla Glass DX + Antimicrobial
  • Gorilla Glass DX
  • Gorilla Glass 1
  • Gorilla Glass 2
  • Gorilla Glass 3
  • Gorilla Glass 4
  • Gorilla Glass 5
  • Gorilla Glass 6
  • Vibrant Corning Gorilla Glass

Which is the Best Gorilla Glass?

You can’t fully settle on a single Gorilla Glass 3 since they all individually stand out on different factors. Some are great scratchproof, and others are tougher, others have great displays, others are smoother to touch and feel, etc. Gorilla Glass 3 can be the best option considering its average overall performance, although it would be unfair to take out all the other glasses’ capabilities and quality.

How Strong is Gorilla Glass 3?

Gorilla Glass 3 is a better version of 2 that was improvised to fit particular aspects of quality. The selling factor for Gorilla Glass 3 is the ability to withstand scratches, which assists in the general strength of the glass. The kind of finishing which the glass goes through by a series of chemical surface treatment gives it the scratch-resistant ability which prevents Gorilla Glass 3 from getting any deep scratches which are the reason why glass becomes weak. Gorilla Glass 3 also goes through an ion exchange process that toughens it. It is important to note that Gorilla Glass 3 is meant to resist scratches but not force or pressure.

Gorilla glass toughness test

Gorilla glass 3 tough testing

Gorilla Glass 3 vs. 4?

As mentioned earlier, Gorilla Glass 3 is tough enough to withstand some drops or squeezes, but what makes it when it is put to the test with Gorilla Glass 3? The two have only one year difference in their release dates, and the former was invented in 2013 while the latter was introduced in 2014. Gorilla Glass 4 is superior to 3 since it is better positioned to withstand the pressure of falling from a distance. Gorilla Glass 3 can shatter after a drop from some particular heights, especially any north of 1 meter, while four is capable of surviving twice as much as the former would.

On the brighter side, Gorilla Glass 3 is more scratchproof than Gorilla Glass 4, and you can less clearly see a scratch on it than the visual that you’d typically have if you saw through 4. They are both equally scratch-resistant, although Gorilla Glass 4 has the upper hand on this.

What are the Differences between Gorilla Glass 5 and 3?

Gorilla Glass 5 was introduced in 2016, a later date compared to the previous generation (Gorilla Glass 4). Gorilla Glass 5 was the second project when Corning decided to focus on durability and adapt to tempered glass as Gorilla Glass 3 seemed to be more fragile at particular heights. With 5 came aspects such as lighter in weight, more strength, durability, and less thick. However, there was still a weakness that became more prone to the former version, 4, since Gorilla Glass 5 was not scratch resistant. It was strong, but the couple quickly got scratches, something 3 is pretty good at protecting your screen. It is by now evident that as the Gorilla glass series moved on, there were strengths and weaknesses along the way.

Can Gorilla Glass 3 be removed?

Gorilla Glass 3 can be removed if you want to replace it, which should be at a stage where you can no longer use it. The only way to remove it is by sending it to the phone’s manufacturers or certified technicians since a DIY can turn wrong real quick. Heat should be used to loosen the edges. There is a piece of specific equipment set to be used to be of great help overall.

Is Panda Glass better than Gorilla Glass 3?

Panda glass is included in the list of tough glasses, although there are a few question marks here and there. Gorilla lass 3 is well known for its durability, toughness, and scratchproof, but that is not the same case with Panda Glass. Unlike the former, Panda glass is tough enough to withstand some pressure level, although it is less effective when it comes to scratches. Panda Glass can quickly get scratches, making it less effective, especially for device screen applications.

Is Gorilla Glass 3 Worth it?

The actual question should have been when you should get your Gorilla Glass 3 since it is more than worthy when using it. Besides offering you the toughness you might desire for the screen of your device, you will get a highly rated scratchproof glass that tops the list of Gorilla glasses when it comes to this feature. It means that you can freely enjoy your screen’s smooth texture all through and stay with the screen for a while if you avoid dropping it.

What Benefits are There in Using Gorilla Glass 3?

It is one step to get a Gorilla Glass 3, but it’s a whole new process for what you will benefit from when choosing the glass. So what are the upsides of using Gorilla Glass 3?

  • Toughness – the glass is tough enough to resist some level of force.
  • Cheaper than the newer versions of Gorilla Glass
  • Durability – the glass can last for long if you decide to take good care of it.
  • Scratchproof – no other glass beats the level of resistance from scratch that is offered by Gorilla Glass 3


What are the Cons of Using Gorilla Glass 3?

Well, everything has a weakness, and Gorilla Glass 3 is not an exception. So what are the downsides of the glass?

  • It is more fragile to breakage compared to the following Gorilla glass inventions.
  • The glass is heavier than the newly invented Gorilla glasses.
  • Gorilla Glass 3 is relatively thicker compared to the newest Corning inventions.

Is Gorilla Glass 3 Waterproof?

One distinguishing factor from all the glasses produced is that only the ordinary glass is built not to be waterproof, and this is specifically after breakage. Most of the toughened glasses, including Gorilla Glass 3, shatter when exposed to too much force, but they don’t detach from the whole piece due to the procedure used for manufacturing. It will ensure that no water will penetrate the glass to the device.


Is Gorilla Glass 3 Tougher than Ordinary Glass?

It is so clear how fragile ordinary glass is compared to Gorilla Glass 3. The latter has a better chance to resist damage and is more durable as the treatment process during manufacturing made it more challenging and stronger. The multilayers indicate that the glass can fight off some pressure level, although not too much to make it shutter.


Can You Recognize Gorilla Glass 3 by Eyes?

Similar to tempered glass, there is a way you can identify Gorilla Glass 3 using your eyes. You will need some sunlight, a new glass, and a lens to see through the indicators. When holding the glass against the sunlight, you should see some clear pattern all over the screen when you use the lens. The patterns should be uniform, considering the material used to manufacture Gorilla Glass 3 is tempered glass.

How Can You Test if a Piece is Gorilla Glass 3?

There are many ways of testing if the glass is indeed Gorilla Glass 3. Some of the proven methods include

  • Trying to scratch the surface to see if there will be any significant marks left.
  • Try hitting the glass or dropping it to see if it can withstand some level of force.
  • The feel is supposed to be super smooth.
  • The glass should be firm and not bend easily.

Can Gorilla Glass 3 Protect Your Phone?

Gorilla Glass 3 is an excellent solution for your devices. You will be assured that your device will be protected from scratches, and you will also have some resistance from forces. You will also have a smooth feel when using the device. You will also have a waterproof glass that can save you the worry of reviving your phone if you happen to contact water.

Why Should You Opt For Gorilla Glass 3?

There are multiple reasons why Gorilla Glass 3 is the best you can go for glass quality. There is the durability assurance, which is a lot to ask for from regular glasses but freely provided by the Gorilla Glass 3. You’ll also enjoy the luxury of having a Scratch proof device since the glass has a smooth touch that keeps away scratches. The quality also goes as far as the glass’s toughness, which is unquestionable considering the amount of pressure it can take before the glass shatters.

How is it safe, Using Gorilla Glass 3?

One of the features that Gorilla Glass 3 possesses is the fact that it shatters instead of cracking. Shattering is the act of breaking through, showing off multiple cracks although the surface is still intact, and so is the glass. It means that if caught up in a drop accident, you’ll always have your screen in one piece, although it might look ugly. You will then stay out of harm since there’ll be no pieces hanging around which might piece you or cut you when using your phone.

Does The Broken Parts of Gorilla Glass 3 Fall Out?

In shattering, Gorilla Glass 3 parts will remain intact, although you can see that cracks on the screen. One of the common aspects is that one small shutter at the corner of the screen probably where the phone fell on because the entire screen shatter. However, you will still use your screen regardless of the situation, but you might experience some level of difficulty in operating it, which might frustrate you even more.

How is Gorilla Glass 3 Pricing Compared to Normal Glass?

With excellent quality comes higher prices, so it is only fair to say that although Gorilla Glass 3 will cost a bit higher than ordinary glass, it is worth the services you’d receive. However, the prices might differ for Gorilla Glasses since the newer the glass, the more expensive it will be.

Can You Drill Gorilla Glass 3?

Unfortunately, you cannot drill through the Gorilla Glass 3. Similar to the tempered glass, the multilayers will make it difficult to penetrate through the glass. However, the big concern is that immediately the drill bit will touch the glass’s surface, then the glass will completely shutter.

Gorilla glass with holes drilling

Gorilla glass with holes drilling

Is Gorilla Glass 3 Heavier?

The compression involved makes it thinner than ordinary glass, although standard glass can be reduced to smaller dimensions. Compared to the newer versions of the Gorilla glass, three is thicker than all of them. It does put a question mark on the glass’s weight, although the thickness is meant to provide efficiency, although there can’t be any significant changes.

What is the Different Thickness of Gorilla Glass 3?

It is tough but crucial to cut down the thickness of Gorilla Glass 3 if you are to satisfy a particular client’s needs. The usual range is between 0.4 mm – 0.55 mm, although, upon request with the right machinery, something can be done for you to ensure we meet the needs of the clients.

Can Gorilla Glass 3 Affect Your Phone’s Display?

The quality of display won’t be affected when you use Gorilla Glass 3, and then it should be by making it better. From the exterior, you won’t have trouble dealing with scratches, and from the interior, it is adapted to show everything on your screen delay with perfect lighting clearly.

Can you Cut Gorilla Glass 3 to Accurate Shapes and Sizes?

Yes, but before production. However, it can ultimately be impossible to use toughened glass since you can no longer cut it after the strengthening process is done on the glass.

Can You Reuse Gorilla Glass 3?

You cannot reuse nor recycle Gorilla Glass 3 when its work is done. The shattering process makes it impossible to recycle the glass since the multiple layers involved are structured to be used only once, so if faced with damaged glass, you can only dispose of it since it can’t function again.


Is Gorilla Glass 3 Scratch-able?

Gorilla Glass 3 is built to be a scratchproof glass, and it beats all the Gorilla glasses in this property. It would be best if you did not force some sharp object to prove the claim wrong since you will only be damaging your glass; instead, note that it is difficult to get a scratch on the glass.

Gorilla glass anti-scartch

Gorilla glass with anti-scratch testing

What is the Quality of Sensitivity and Touching on Gorilla Glass 3?

The feel of the Gorilla Glass 3is relatively smooth and easy to tough on. It makes things simple for you when using your calls since you can slip from a page to the other, dial, and also type what you want at ease. The sensitivity levels are high, and you shouldn’t worry about that.

How to Manufacture Gorilla Glass 3?

The manufacturing process of Gorilla Glass 3 is fixated on the regulation of temperature and the treatment that it undergoes. The glass is first put in an alkaline potassium salt molten at temperatures as high as 750 °F. On the other hand, larger potassium ions from the glass replace the smaller sodium ions from immersion. As ions’ exchange continues, a layer with high residual compressive stress is created on the surface. It is what increases the toughness of Gorillas Glass 3, gives it the crack-proof ability and ability to handle any flaws, which are the properties that make the glass able to prevent damage.


Gorilla glass 3  processing by CNC machinery

What is the Custom Option for the Gorilla Glass 3?

Over 6 billion devices wear Gorilla Glass 3, and that signifies the ability to customize the glass. One major factor in the customization is the size of the screen and the shape of the edges. That’s what most of the glass differs from; however, you can still customize the color of Gorilla Glass 3, although the thickness is one questionable factor since compromising that might make it weaker. The manufacturing process is all but the same, but finishing might differ depending on the client’s demands.

Custom glass panel

Gorilla glass processing as your request

How to Check the Quality of Gorilla Glass?

The easiest way to test for the quality of Gorilla Glass is by trying the glass by what it is well known or built for. For instance, Gorilla Glass 3 is meant to be a scratch-resistance glass, so to test it, you should get a sharp object and see how far it can handle the cutting and if there will be any evident scratches on the surface. As for the last series, Gorilla Glass 5 and 6, you can get a compressing tool or one that can exert some form of pressure and put the glass on the test to see how much force it can endure. If the odds are high, then it is of high quality, but if not, then it is questionable.

How to Package the Gorilla Glass 3?

When your order is complete and ready for delivery, there is one more step involved that is very crucial – the packaging. Gorilla Glass 3 can be delicate if mishandled, and it is essential to use the best means possible to ensure they arrive at the client in one piece. It is best that we first put a protective sleeve on the lower end of the glass, usually where the installation is done, and leave the display clear to see. We then put the glass in a well-fitted and perfect package made of carton, and all the pieces are well arranged into a box, ready for the next delivery spot.

Glass packing

Gorilla glass 3 packing within wooden box

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