Custom Gorilla Glass as Your Needs Within 0.33 - 2mm Thickness

SXET has been China’s top choice for businesses like you when it comes to Gorilla Glass. For years, we have manufactured the highest quality of Gorilla Glasses to businesses and companies similar to what you offer!

SXET’s Gorilla Glass can be fitted and shaped to whatever shape and dimensions you want! Thanks to our highly advanced CNC machinery and equipment, you can get specific and accurate Gorilla Glass shapes, forms, and dimensions!

Gorilla glass

As a professional gorilla glass fabricating manufacturer in China, we can process a series of gorilla glass materials for your business, such as gorilla glass 2, gorilla glass 3, gorilla glass 4. The thickness is 0.33 mm – 2mm.

Corning gorilla glass

As an expert corning gorilla glass supplier, SXET can make any corning gorilla glass for you with 0.33 – 2mm thickness, any custom shape is no problem. Get a free sample for test!

Gorilla glass 3

At SXET, we can do custom gorilla glass 3 for a phone cover, device cover, digital products’ cover, and so on.  All glass is processing by CNC machines, the tolerance is +/-0.05mm.

Gorilla glass 4

Gorilla Glass 4  is tougher and anti-scratch, at SXET you can get custom precision gorilla glass 4 for your device.

Gorilla glass screen protector

SXET is a gorilla glass processing one-stop and manufacturer in China.  Here you can get a gorilla glass screen protector for a series of phones, such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. And all gorilla glass screen protectors at a competitive price.

Custom gorilla glass

Custom gorilla glass as your demands, as a gorilla glass manufacturer, we can do any custom gorilla glass for your business, no matter you are using gorilla glass for screen cover, display cover, protector cover, we can meet all your needs.

Gorilla Glass Cut to Size According to Your Drawing or Sample

We are not like other Gorilla Glass manufacturers. In fact, you can count on us here at SXET to help you produce oval, round, rectangle, and even square Gorilla Glass!

In addition to that, the scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, and drop-resistant Gorilla Glasses you can get can be fabricated to different thicknesses.

You can have us produce and manufacture Gorilla Glass from 0.4 mm, up to 2 mm of thickness for your projects! Whether you need pre-made Gorilla Glass or you want to order custom Gorilla Glass wholesale, SXET can promise to deliver!

SXET’s Gorilla Glass manufacturing can be thermally tempered, chemically strengthened, and even coated with a lot of different procedures and treatments such as anti-reflective (AR) coating, anti-glare (AG) etching, anti-fingerprint (AF) or anti-smudge plasma spraying, and many more!

Why SXET’s Gorilla Glasses Are Topnotch and High Quality

You can trust us here at SXET to be your Gorilla Glass supplier; we can give you the best and the highest quality of Gorilla Glass, thanks to our highly skilled operators and glass experts.

You will be able to use SXET’s Gorilla Glass in a wide array of applications, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, LCD screens and displays! You can also use it for non-consumer electronic applications, too!

  • We can offer a lead time that has a range of 7 to 12 days from payment confirmation
  • We can perform hole drilling applications and adhesive sticking for your Gorilla Glass
  • Free quotations and estimates of the products and services is available upon request!
  • We produce and manufacture Gorilla Glass using high-tech and advanced CNC technology
  • Color-printing on your Gorilla Glass is available and applicable
  • We offer environmentally-friendly processes and products!

If you aim for quality for your Gorilla Glass, SXET will be the best company to work with! We can perform 2D, 2.5D, 3D edging to your products. Not only that, you can count on us if you need stepped and beveling edges too!

SXET is an expert glass processing manufacturer in China, we have been in this field since 2009. We can make any custom glass as your needs, not just gorilla glass, includes phone glass, camera glass, cover lens, 3D glass, AG glass, anti-reflective glass, chemically strengthened glass, etc.


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Gorilla Glass – The Complete FAQ Guide

Nowadays, what’s considered to be one of the most durable types of glass is Gorilla Glass. If you’re not sure what Gorilla Glass is, then you’re just on the right page!

For the benefit of everyone, including beginners, we’ll give you details about what Gorilla Glass is. In addition, we’ll also help you find the best corning gorilla glass manufacturer to work with!

So, without further ado, let’s head right onto the topic!

What is Gorilla Glass?

Corning is a company in the United States that is focused and is known for glass manufacturing.

Gorilla glass material

A quick snap of the first Gorilla Glass generations

Their forte in specialty glasses and ceramics, but they’re also inclined in advanced optics. You can think of Gorilla Glass as “Corning Gorilla Glass” as they’re the company that started it.

Gorilla Glass is a kind of glass designed to be utilized in a wide range of applications. It’s used in televisions, cars, buildings – but their largest market? – Smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

As of the moment, there are 6 billion+ devices across the planet that has Corning Gorilla Glass installed; and it’s spread through more than 45 world-renowned brands.

Where is Corning Gorilla Glass Made From?

Originally, the way manufactured produce Gorilla Glass is from alkali-aluminosilicate, which is a specialized glass that’s toughened and strengthened.

Corning Gorilla Glass Made From

Alkali-Aluminosilicate, one of the materials made in creating Gorilla Glass

The feature that separates alkali-aluminosilicate is its ability to be durable and strong, and thin without being fragile or easily broken and damaged.

Alkali-aluminosilicate is formed by the combination of silicon, aluminum, and oxygen. The chemical bonding and strengthening of the glass is what makes it strong and durable – but is it unbreakable?

FUN FACT: The reason why it’s named Corning Gorilla Glass is that the “Gorilla” is what signals and signifies the strength and the durability that the glass has; it signifies the strength in which the glass can protect and secure the display of the mobile device.

What Phones Use Gorilla Glass?

Many smartphones and other devices utilize Gorilla Glass.

Thanks to its wide popularity, it has been deemed and considered to be one of the best, if not the most sought-after types of raw glass in the market.

A lot of world-renowned brands and corporations rely on Gorilla Glass for their technologies. Some of the best and the most common of them include:

  • OnePlus Smartphones
  • Sony Xperia 1
  • Samsung Galaxy and Note Phones
  • Higher Versions of iPhones
  • And Many More

NOTE: These are just some of the most popular smartphones and devices that are used in the market. There are a lot more devices that utilize Gorilla Glass, and it’s too much to mention. To find out if your phone uses Gorilla Glass, you can do a simple Google search.

What is the Difference Between Gorilla Glass and Tempered Glass?

One of the most common misconceptions that people have when it comes to distinguishing Gorilla Glass is that it’s the same as tempered glass, but it’s not.

As a matter of fact, they’re far different from each other. For one, tempered glass is a type of glass that has been “thermally tempered.” Tempered glass can be from whatever type of glass there is – and Gorilla Glass can be tempered, too.

Here’s a simple table that differentiates the two (2):

Tempered Glass Gorilla Glass
The hardness ratings of tempered glass is usually within the 7H or the 9H Mohs scale. Gorilla Glass has Vickers hardness ratings that range from 620 to 710.
Applications of tempered glass is above another substrate or type of glass. Gorilla Glasses are used for the raw glass material of phones, tablets, and other devices.
Tempered glasses are shatter-proof and thin. The primary properties of Gorilla Glass is its lightweight, scratch-resistance, impact-resistance, and thinness.
The most common applications of tempered glasses are on top of screens such as laptop screens, tablet screens, smartphone screens, and the like. Gorilla Glass applications encompass tempered glass; you can use it for LCD display screens, marketing and advertisement screens, phones, laptops, tablets, digital kiosks, touch screens, and many more!

Distinguishing is kind of easy. And in fact, you can easily tell if one’s a Gorilla Glass or just tempered glass.

Nevertheless, you can use Gorilla Glass, along with Dragontrail Glass, Schott Glass, and other types of glasses, and have them tempered.

History of Corning Gorilla Glass

You might have read or heard that it’s now installed on over 6 billion devices, and that is true! However, the primary applications for Corning Gorilla Glass isn’t only for devices.

As a matter of fact, the first use of the product was for the industrial and the commercial sector – it was back in the 1990s.

Back then, they were used for pharmaceutical, aviation, and for automotive uses. The main thought that people had about Corning Gorilla Glass is its lightweight applications.

Then, in 2005, that’s when they started to try and use it for electronics. It was only brought into electronics when Apple used it for its screens.

Is Corning Gorilla Glass Unbreakable?

Many businesses advertise Gorilla Glass as unbreakable glass, and a lot of people are excited with this feat.

While this is true at some point, it’s not really “unbreakable.” When it comes to low-level impact and pressure, you can expect Corning Gorilla Glass to resist damage and brokenness.

But, extreme situations such as breaking it with a hammer, letting it fall from a tall distance, or being subject to extreme impact, can make it broken and damaged.

Nevertheless, Gorilla Glass can be labeled and deemed as “unbreakable” if we’re talking about scratches, light damages, dents, and the like. The formability and malleability of Gorilla Glass are superb – you can expect them to adapt well to the environment where it’s in, that’s why it’s known to be one of the strongest, the most durable, and the toughest type of glass there is.

What Can Gorilla Glass Really Withstand?

The most common notion for Gorilla Glass is its capability of withstanding scratches, impact, and a few dents.

Apart from these, though, there are other things and factors that Gorilla Glass is able to withstand.

Bends and Curves

The latest version of the Gorilla Glass, which is the Gorilla Glass 6, has undergone bend tests, which came out pretty successfully.

In the tests, the glass curved, but it didn’t break.

3D glass

Burn Tests

Various types and classifications of Gorilla Glass have also undergone a couple of burn tests, where flame has been applied to it such as a lighter and a gas-held torch.

Surprisingly, the glass didn’t have a hole, it didn’t get deteriorated under low-to-moderate heat. However, when the highest temperatures and the largest of flames have been applied, it was damaged.

Impact Test

One of the most impressive things about Gorilla Glass is the fact that it’s able to withstand immense impact and pressure.

A hammer test was done on Gorilla Glass and the reaction of the glass to the impact was astounding. The LCD or the display has already gone off, it showed a shattered display. But, the Gorilla Glass remained intact and was able to withstand the pressure and the weight of the hammer.

It didn’t break not did it get cracked and sliced!

Gorilla Glass vs. Dragontrail Glass

Gorilla glass VS AGC glass

Gorilla glass VS AGC glass

We’ve been discussing what Gorilla Glass is for the past couple of pages, but have you ever read or known about Dragontrail Glass?

For the benefit of everyone, including those who are beginners in the industry, Dragontrail Glass is a type of raw glass just like Gorilla Glass. They’re slightly comparable and share almost the same properties.

But, Gorilla Glass wouldn’t be tagged and deemed as the best if it weren’t for its widely-known properties, right?

Now, here’s a quick comparison of Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail glass.

NOTE: This comparison will be based on relevant and informative data. It’s not 100% specific as some Gorilla Glass manufacturers offer Dragontrail Glasses too. This can be your reference for your option of choosing which the best glass is for your application.

Vickers Hardness Rating

Hardness is known to be the overall condition and quality of being hard. You’ll easily be able to recognize it because it is the trait or the property in which a certain material can resist deformation.

Vickers is one of the authorized rating procedures, and there are others such as Rockwell, Brinell, etc.

The Vickers hardness rating of Dragontrail Glass plateaus at 673. Gorilla Glass, on the other hand, stretches to about 720, depending on the type and the version you’ll get it for.

Usage and Applications

Many people think that Gorilla Glass is solely used for smartphones and tablets when in reality, it’s actually used in other applications and industries as well.

Some of the industries where Gorilla Glass is used include computer displays, LCD screens and displays, kiosks, interactive touch panels, television displays, laptops, and many more.

Dragontrail Glass, on the other hand, is usually just used for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.


Manufacturing Procedure

The procedure in which Gorilla Glass is manufactured isn’t quite normal. In fact, the way how Gorilla Glass is manufactured is through a process called the ion-exchange method. It is the process where the sodium ions on the glass’s surface is changed and modified into larger and more compressed potassium ions.

Dragontrail Glass is manufactured through a method called the float process where it’s subjected into a furnace with a heated temperature. In other terms, the float glass process is also referred to as the Pilkington process.

The ion-exchange method is what separates Gorilla Glass from Dragontrail Glass; it’s what adds up to the hardness, toughness, and the durability that it has.

Properties and Characteristics

One thing that can actually impress you when it comes to Dragontrail Glass is the fact that it shares many different properties with Gorilla Glass. Some of which include:

  • Scratch Resistance
  • Damage Resistance
  • Drop Resistance
  • Lightness (Lightweight Property)
  • Thinness
  • Durable

They share these properties, but, the only deficit that Gorilla Glass have with Dragontrail Glass is that it can offer more when it comes to the content and the level of quality.

Glass Type

Both Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass are alkali-aluminosilicates. Which means that they’re based on the same materials before they’re manufactured and made.

These are the differences between Dragontrail and Gorilla Glass. As you may have noticed, the differences are slight. But, that doesn’t take away the fact that Gorilla Glass has been deemed to be more effective than Dragontrail Glass.

Why is Gorilla Glass Strong and Durable?

To understand why Gorilla Glass is durable and strong, the procedure in which how it’s done must be understood.

Gorilla glass toughness test

Image of a clip testing Corning Gorilla Glass

As a matter of fact, its strength comes from the procedure of Ion-Exchange where larger ions are injected into the surface of the glass, thus, creating compression.

These ions replace the originally smaller ions present in the glass naturally. Then, when the glass cools down, the larger ions compress the glass, making compressive layers that make the surface tough and strong.

How is Gorilla Glass Made and Manufactured?

The strengthening procedure of how Gorilla Glass is reinforced

The manufacturing procedure of Gorilla Glass can be simplified into a few steps, and they are:

Step 1: Blending and Mixing of Raw Materials

Many individuals think that the materials of the powder are different types of sand. However, it’s not. The complexity of the Corning Gorilla Glass is what makes it special and unique.

It contains a Science that remains unbeaten by any other type of glass in the world. These materials are blended into glass composite.

Step 2: Melting and Conditioning

After they’re melted, they’re conditioned and melted into a mixture until they’re formed into a molten state.

It’s heated and is sustained in a molten state for days until the time it’s done and finished.

This molten glass is fed and is placed into a narrow container, which is overfilled until the molten material flows on both sides evenly. This procedure is known and dubbed as fusion forming.

Step 3: Glass Forming

When it overflows, it rejoins at the bottom part of the trough; they’re then drawn for the forming of a thin glass sheet.

Step 4: Ion-Exchange Process

This procedure is the chemical strengthening procedure wherein the larger particles of ions are stuffed and are compressed onto the glass surface.

When the glass is placed in a molten salt bath and heated at about 400 degrees Celsius, the small sodium particles leave the glass indefinitely and that’s where larger potassium ions replace them, making them stronger, more durable, and highly efficient.

NOTE: The Gorilla Glass manufacturing procedure does not involve the touching of the human hands. It’s made and manufactured by robots.  

Is There a Gorilla Glass Screen Protector?

As we all know, screen protectors are added durability and security for our smartphones and other mobile devices.

They block up an instant touch and impact the surface of our phones, should they be subjected to scratches, dents, and those of the like. But, is there such a thing as Gorilla Glass screen protectors?

Many Chinese Gorilla Glass manufacturers are now offering Gorilla Glass screen protectors. These screen protectors are often used as an added substrate to the phones and tablets that we have.

If you’re curious about it, you can contact a Gorilla Glass supplier. They’ll almost always tell you that they’re producing it even if they haven’t done so – because it’s actually easy!

When you choose us here at SXET as your Gorilla Glass manufacturer, we will provide you with the Gorilla Glass screen protector you always wanted to have! Big thanks to our machines and our equipment, we’re sure that we’ll be able to give you the Gorilla Glass screen protector that you yearn for!

Different Versions of Corning Gorilla Glass

Understanding the types and the versions of the Gorilla Glass requires attention to the timeline of when they were made.

Different version of corning gorilla glass

Different generations and versions of Gorilla Glass side-by-side with soda-lime glass

So, if you’re in need of purchasing various versions of Gorilla Glass, here are the different versions:

Gorilla Glass 1

The first version of the Corning Gorilla Glass was sold within the years 2005 and 2006. However, they were first seen in the market when they were installed to an iPhone, which was in 2007.

Gorilla Glass 1 laid its hands on just around 250 devices.

Gorilla Glass 2

What comes next is the Corning Gorilla Glass 2, which was released during the CES in 2012.

Unlike the 1st version of the Gorilla Glass, the Gorilla Glass 2 was about a twentieth thinner but is capable of holding up to a maximum of 50 kg in pressure.

Gorilla Glass 3

The 3rd version of the Corning Gorilla Glass is where NDR or Native Damage Resistance was introduced.

What this meant was that it’s capable of resisting and preventing scratches on the display of up to 35%.

Gorilla Glass 4

In the year 2014, the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 was released. It was the version where they developed the idea of making the glass drop-resistant.

Gorilla Glass 5

Akin to the GG 4, the 5th generation or version of the Gorilla Glass was mainly primed on being resistant to drops.

As per testing, this generation was able to survive 1.6 meters of drops.

Gorilla Glass 6

Lastly, this latest GG version was aimed at resistance.

The Corning Gorilla Glass 6 was made and engineered to be able to withstand a total of 15 drops from 1-metered surfaces.

Gorilla Glass 3 vs. Gorilla Glass 5 vs. Gorilla Glass 6: What Are the Real Differences?

We’ve given you too little information about the different versions of Gorilla Glass. But how do they really differ in terms of effectiveness and efficiency?

Many people think that all versions of Gorilla Glass is the same, but, they’re actually far from that reality. So, let’s try and differentiate the different traits, properties, and effectiveness of the different types and versions of the Gorilla Glass.


Before Gorilla Glass versions 5 and 6, the toughest, strongest, and the most durable of all is none other than Gorilla Glass 3. It’s strong, lightweight, and it’s thinner than its predecessors. It was also invented to be scratch-resistant.

Then came Gorilla Glass version 5, which offered durability and strength that is double what Gorilla Glass 3 had.

Gorilla Glass 6 has been the bomb. Since its release, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and monitors have strictly shifted from Gorilla Glass versions 3 and 5 to 6.

Thanks to its better optical clarity, more effective touch sensitivity, and multi-layered strength, it is the best.


It’s no wonder that the Gorilla Glass 3 is the cheapest and the most affordable of all three. Since it’s the oldest, you can consider it to be fit with whatever your budget is.

The Gorilla Glass 5 had a place in people’s minds that it was going to be the most expensive, until the time Gorilla Glass 6 has been released.

It is the most expensive but it was the one that boasted more features and functionalities, and a higher success rate in terms of dropping, weight, pressure, and impact.

Regardless of the type, Gorilla Glass never disappointed clients. Especially with us here at SXET, we’ll be able to manufacture and produce the Gorilla Glass that can change the entire revolution of the market – our Gorilla Glass products will transfer all the business to you!

Benefits and Advantages of Using Gorilla Glass

Are you hesitant to figure out if Gorilla Glass is the one for you? You shouldn’t be! Why? – Because here are some of the pros and the benefits of choosing Corning Gorilla Glass:

Damage Resistance

Compared to regular glass, Gorilla Glass is more durable and is more damage-resistant. Being damage-resistant means that the glass is capable of resisting damage when they’re used or when they’re dropped.

In addition to that, they’re also more scratch-resistant and are more capable of resisting heat and high temperatures.

Thinner But Stronger and More Durable

One of the main signatures of Gorilla Glass is that they’re more durable and they’re stronger. Unlike the regular types of Glass, which can break easily, Gorilla Glass’s thinness wouldn’t be a culprit for its breaking.

Physicality and Appearance

Should you be concerned about the beauty and the physicality of Gorilla Glass, you should not! Corning Gorilla Glass is considered to be one of the best and the most beautiful in the market.

The beauty and the level of appearance it has do not compromise its quality!

These are just three (3) of the benefits that are sought after by people whenever they are to use and purchase Gorilla Glass.

Are There Disadvantages of Using Gorilla Glass?

While Gorilla Glass might seem to be all for positivity, it’s not as perfect as how people perceive it to be.

To be frank, why do you think they keep on improving it? Why is there a Gorilla Glass 6 if it’s perfect in its state already?

Here’s a list of some of the downsides of deciding to use Gorilla Glass:

  • Creating and manufacturing them will cost a lot of money; they’re also not easy to create
  • Various chemicals and substances are used to create it. From its powder form alone, it’s already a mix of complex substances and materials
  • Because of its expensive rates, it’s one of the factors why smartphones and mobile devices are expensive
  • Unlike other types of glass, Gorilla Glass is not 100% scratch-proof. Yes, it may be scratch-resistant, but there’s no sign or even documentation that it’s not going to be scratched
  • There have been reports that the manufacturing procedure of Gorilla Glass utilizes silver, which is toxic that when they come in contact with microbes, they’ll be destroyed

These are just some of the disadvantages and the cons of using Gorilla Glass – but hey, the pros absolutely outweigh the cons!

Applications of Corning Gorilla Glass

While many people think that Gorilla Glass is only used for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices – it’s actually used in other applications too.

Camera cover

Gorilla Glass can be used in different devices

Vehicle or Automotive Industry

Because of its lightweight functionality, automotive manufacturers use this so that it can be at par with the speed and acceleration of the vehicle.

Sports cars use Gorilla Glass in order to achieve top-speed and power without making the vehicle too worked up.

Military Industry

Like all other countries, the Military in the country utilizes innovation and advancements, too. Therefore, we can say that they are using Gorilla Glass for their projects and their developments.

For one, it has been reported that the Military uses Gorilla Glass in HUDs or heads-up displays in helmets and fighter jets.

Commercial and Industrial Industry

Apart from more actionable sectors and industries, you can also consider using Corning Gorilla Glass for the development or the construction of your commercial establishment.

For instance, if you’re looking to establish or build a commercial real estate property, say, a shopping mall, a retail outlet, a theater, or a food court, you can use Gorilla Glass to achieve sophistication and security at its finest!

These are some of the customary sectors where Gorilla Glass is used apart from electronics. Who knows? You might need or want it to be installed as part of your home’s security measure one day!

Physical Properties of Corning Gorilla Glass

 If we were to discuss these, we can categorize it into four (4) different main properties, namely:

  • Thinness
  • Lightness
  • Hardness
  • Scratch-Resistance


Thinness is the measurement of how the glass would be manufactured – if it’s going to be mms thick or if it’s just going to be below the two (2) mm line.


Weight is one, if not the biggest factor in glass because of the impact that weight can have on the activity.

For example, try to think of a sports car having heavy glass instead of Gorilla Glass. Do you think that it’ll be able to accelerate at the speed it’s expected to be at?


Hardness is the property that discusses a material’s measurement of being hard or tough. The MOHS scale is a measurement of hardness, wherein it runs from one (1) being the softest, through ten (10), being the hardest, using various minerals.

Gorilla Glass rates nine (9) in the Mohs scale, where regular glass is only at seven (7) and diamonds are at ten (10).

Basically, Corning Gorilla Glass is nearer and is much more comparable with diamonds than regular glass.


Gorilla glass anti-scartch

Scratch resistance is the ability and the capability of glass to resist scratching in an everyday-use scenario.

If regular glass’s wear and tear process make its surface scratched, Gorilla Glass is not like it. In fact, you would need a heap of activities and impacts before you can even scratch it.

Thanks to the chemical composition and strengthening of Corning Gorilla Glass, you can be confident in terms of safety and security!

These are what the mechanical properties of Corning Gorilla Glass are that you would want to know before purchasing.

Corning Gorilla Glass vs. Dragontrail Glass

Gorilla glass VS AGC glass

When it comes to smartphone glasses, there are no other options but Corning Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass.

Image of a Dragontrail Glass being stronger than soda-lime glass

While the latter is something that’s far less known and popular in the industry, it’s actually competing with Gorilla Glass in terms of innovation and properties.

But, how would you distinguish Dragontrail Glass from Gorilla Glass? Here are a few of the most distinctive functionalities that they have:

  • The strengthening procedure of Gorilla Glass is the Ion-Exchange Method. Dragontrail Glass, on the other hand, utilizes the float process to strengthen the surface
  • On the Vickers Hardness Scale, Dragontrail Glass had a rating of 5959 to about 674, while Corning Gorilla Glass had a rating of 622 up to 701
  • Corning Gorilla Glass is also eligible to be used in a wide array of applications, while Dragontrail Glass is only used and utilized in PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones and devices
  • In Dragontrail Glass, it remains crack-resistant even if there are scratches on the surface, Gorilla Glass, however, cracking could occur if they’re abused and overused.

Those are some of the key indifferences between the two (2).

Gorilla Glass Price

This is probably one of the most asked and the most wondered questions about Gorilla Glass – how much does Gorilla Glass cost?

Finding out its price will be extremely difficult due to the fact that there are hundreds of Gorilla Glass OEM manufacturers in the market. In addition to that, the difficulty adds up because purchasing Gorilla Glass wholesale from retail is different.

The best way to find out how much it would cost you to have Gorilla Glass manufactured is to ask for a free quotation or a free estimate from your manufacturer.

Ask and inquire to your Gorilla Glass manufacturer how much it would be to purchase Gorilla Glass for its wholesale price. They might ask you for an MoQ or a minimum order quantity – because you’re going to purchase wholesale – but don’t worry, some don’t!

Furthermore, you can also inquire for the retail rates and prices of Gorilla Glass. Most Gorilla Glass manufacturing companies offer free quotations, so don’t be shy to ask!

Where Can You Find the Best Gorilla Glass Manufacturer?

While many people consider purchasing from Corning themselves, it’ll be expensive and too costly if you do so.

Since they’ve introduced Corning Gorilla Glass in the market, they have every right to position their rates and prices to be high.

The beauty of choosing Corning to be the manufacturer to work with is that you’ll be free from the worry of you receiving fakes and counterfeits. However, the drawback is that it’ll cost you triple what you can settle if you choose a Chinese Gorilla Glass manufacturer.

If you want the same quality of Corning Gorilla Glass, you can trust and rely on us here at SXET, China’s top choice for Gorilla Glass.

We have been deemed and considered as the best not only because of the quality of our Gorilla Glass but also in terms of other factors, too, such as:

  • We offer Gorilla Glass that is custom and specified to your needs
  • We can cut, slice, and re-shape the Corning Gorilla Glass you’re looking for
  • The packages that we have are secured and are safely stored
  • You can bank and count on us for designing and for the sketching of your Gorilla Glass

Can You Purchase Corning Gorilla Glass Wholesale?

Yes, you can actually purchase Gorilla Glass wholesale and part of the benefits of it is that you can get it for the best and the most competitive rates!

Across the entire planet, we, at SXET, are considered to be one of the best and the most trusted Gorilla Glass suppliers and manufacturers.

For many years, we’ve done nothing but provide excellent and world-class quality products to our clients and our customers!

Apart from the fact that you can purchase Gorilla Glass in bulk from us, we can also help you create and manufacture custom Corning Gorilla Glass, too! Whether you’re going to need it for devices and technology, or if you’re going to use and utilize it for industrial equipment, we’re just a call or an email away!

Why is SXET the Best Gorilla Glass Supplier?

SXET is China’s one-stop-shop for all the different types and kinds of Corning Gorilla Glass. We’re simply the best, due to:

  • We utilize Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machining
  • We employ the best and most experienced tempered glass experts and professionals
  • All of the sources for our raw materials are reliable and are trustworthy
  • We have a Research & Development (R&D) team to specify the customer needs you to have

Those are just some of the reasons why SXET is considered to be China’s top and most sought-after Gorilla Glass manufacturer!

In addition to that, we’re also known as the one-stop-shop Gorilla Glass manufacturer because of the additive services we have – we can print on colors, we can customize sizes and shapes, and many more!

We Utilize CNC Machinery


Gorilla glass manufacturing

Akin to how Corning, Inc. manufactures and produces their Corning Gorilla Glass, no human hands touch our glasses raw.

Whether you need a full set of Corning Gorilla Glass, or if you’re looking for already-cut pieces, we can accommodate to your needs!

Before we send our products up for distribution and manufacturing, we laminate and cover it before we prepare it for packaging. We even multiply the soft cushions inside it so that the glasses in the package remain in place!

This is so that even if clients touch it, there wouldn’t be any fingerprints or risks of marking on the surface of the glass.

NOTE: SXET’s Gorilla Glass manufacturing technique does not require the intervention of humans. All of the machineries and state-of-the technologies and equipment that we have

Delivery Time When Ordering Corning Gorilla Glass

Glass packing

Ideally, the lead time that we have is 11 days for samples and for retail. For bulk orders, however, the time is 7 to 9 working days.

When it comes to delivery, it’ll be within 2 to 3 weeks from the time of order confirmation.

Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ) of SXET

Should you purchase from us, the Minimum Order Quantity or MoQ we have is 50 pcs.

Going over 50, of course, can open up opportunities for you to get discounts and promotional offers!

We give most of our best deals to our clients that make a large purchase, and we give them many different networks for their business too!

Is SXET the Best Gorilla Glass Wholesale Manufacturer?

Glass panel factory

The glass processing methods that we have here at SXET are far different from how other Gorilla Glass manufacturers perform.

We prioritize the quality of our work over quantity and we subject all of our products to extreme testing, assessments, and calibrations.

Never did any of our clients send us negative feedback when it comes to the quality of our Gorilla Glass!

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