Custom Gorilla Glass as per Your Drawing

SXET is the OEM factory of gorilla glass deep processing, we can fabricate gorilla glass with color printing, anti-reflective coating, AG etching, optical coating, AR&AF coating. We can offer a 0.33 mm to 2 mm thickness for your projects. Send us your drawing, such as PDF, DWG, DXF, AI, CDR, or send us your samples. SXET will produce the best gorilla glass for your business.

0.33mm-2mm Thickness

2.5D, 3D Edge, Stepped Edge

Surface Finished: AR&AF Coating, AG Etching, etc

Adhesive Bonding


Glass panel

With a flexible production capacity, SXET  can manufacture gorilla glass from 0.4mm to 2mm thickness, meanwhile, we also can do anti-reflective coating, AG etching, AF coating for your special needs, etc.

Cover glass

SXET focus on high-grade gorilla glass material manufacturing, with over 10 years experience in glass deep processing, we can cut gorilla glass to any size according to your drawings.

Custom gorilla glass

At SXET, we can cut any gorilla glass shape as per your design, we can cut any edge such as 2.5D, 3D, etc, and all edge is smooth

Custom tempered glass

SXET can do custom gorilla glass from  0.4mm to 2mm thickness with AR&AF coating adhesive bonding, color printing.

Glass lens

Gorilla glass 3 is a wide variety of used for industries, SXET focus on gorilla glass deep processing and offers high-grade quality glass for our clients.

Custom glass panel

At SXET, we can offer any custom cut gorilla glass shape to meet your special projects, such as rectangle, square, oval, etc. And hole drilling is available.

Gorilla Glasss One-stop Solution and Manufacturer in China - SXET

If you need a gorilla glass for your project or cover your facility. SXET is the best gorilla glass manufacturer in China for your business.

As a professional gorilla glass manufacturer in China, we have been in the gorilla glass deep-processing field for more than 10 years. You can get any glass shape from SXET glass, such as a rectangle, square, round, oval, and so on.

SXET can manufacture different glass edges for your projects, such as normal polished edge, 2.5D edge, 3D edge, beveled edge, stepped edge, curved edge, the custom edge is available.

As an expert gorilla glass manufacturer, we have been in the gorilla glass deep process field since 2009, all gorilla glass is processing by CNC machinery, with the advantaged CNC machine, we can do any glass’s shape for you with tight tolerance, up or down 0.05mm, it’s up to your request.

For the raw material of gorilla glass, we can offer gorilla glass 2, gorilla glass 3, gorilla glass 4, gorilla glass 5, gorilla glass 6, all gorilla glass material is an original brand. We will choose suitable gorilla glass material for your project, and make the best quality products for you.

SXET glass is a professional gorilla glass deep-processing manufacturer, we can do custom gorilla glass with customized edge cut for you, like as 2.5D edge, 3D edge, beveled edge, stepped edge, and all edge is polished and smooth. SXET also can bond adhesive on glass for you to bond other parts.

SXET can fabricate the largest size gorilla glass is 430x340mm, and the Min size is 3mm in diameter. All glass is processing by the CNC machine, so all edge is smooth.

We also can do hole drilling and all edge is smooth. The Min hole is 0.1 mm in diameter. We also use a laser machine to do multi-holes according to your drawing.

Gorilla glass is damage and scratch-resistant, and the toughest glass material, gorilla glass is very good to use for device cover to protect your facility. Gorilla Glass can be used for wearable, smartphones, devices, displays, and so on.

SXET  is a one-stop gorilla glass solution and manufacturer in China, send us an inquiry to get the best price.

Glass Cut

Glass CNC Machining

Glass CNC Grinding

Glass CNC Fabricating

Gorilla glass also called corning glass or corning gorilla glass, using for a wide range of LCD displays, Advertising panels – outdoor electronic monitors & systems, TV screen, smart switch & smart home, smart lock, facility cover, machinery control panel, wearable, electronic, and so on.

SXET glass has a strong production capacity, we can fabricate more than 10000 pcs gorilla glass a day. All gorilla glass processing by CNC machinery, so you can control the tight tolerance, up or down 0.05mm, it depends on your request.

We can also provide you gorilla glass coating with AR&AF, Anti-reflective, optical, etch, and so on. With more than 10 years of experience in custom service, we can offer low gorilla glass costs for your projects.

Gorilla glass is unscratchable glass after tempering, it is much tougher, not easy to be broken.

Gorilla Glass: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you searching for a durable and strong protective tool for your iOS devices? Then, all you are looking for is a Gorilla Glass. 

Unlike other glasses on the market today, Gorilla Glasses are not only strong but also light-weight. While they protect your iPhone, you would have no challenges carrying them around. 

If you have little or no idea of how Gorilla Glasses perform, this guide is all you need. In the post, we will review the vital information you have been looking for about Gorilla Glasses. 

This FAQ guide offers you every essential information you need about the Gorilla Glass. It includes vital frequently asked questions on Gorilla Glass as well as the answers to them. Each answer provided is well-researched, detailed, and informative.

There you have it! The ultimate guide to Gorilla Glass. You can always check our FAQ section for more information. 

FAQ List:

  1. How to Make a Custom Gorilla Glass?

  2. What is Gorilla Glass?

  3. Is Gorilla Glass Strong? 

  4. Is Gorilla Glass Unbreakable?

  5. What Are The Versions Of Gorilla Glass and Their Differences?

  6. Can Gorilla Glass Scratch?

  7. Are Screen Protectors or Tempered Glass Still Needed?

  8. Why Do I Need Gorilla Glass?

  9. Where to Buy Gorilla Glass? 

  10. What’s The Thickness of Gorilla Glass? 

  11. Which Gorilla Glass is Used in Realm 7? 

  12. How Gorilla Glass is Made?

  13. What Gorilla Glass is on iPhone x? 

  14. What Gorilla glass is on Galaxy S10?

  15. Why is the  Gorilla Glass Scratch Resistant?

  16. How Long Should Gorilla Glass Last? 

  17. How’s The Corning’s Gorilla And LCD Glasses Different?

  18. What Is The Ionic Stuffing Process? How Does It Matter In Gorilla Glass Manufacturing?

  19. Does The iPhone Use Gorilla Glass?

  20. How Is Chemcor Different

  21. From Gorilla Glass?

  22. Is Gorilla Glass Expensive?

  23. How Tough Is The New Gorilla Glass 6?

  24. What Is The Newest Gorilla Glass?

  25. How To Remove Scratches From Gorilla Glasses?

  26. When Should I Change My Gorilla Glass?

How to Make a Custom Gorilla Glass?

SXET is the best gorilla glass manufacturer in China.

Over years of experience in gorilla glass fabricating

The best gorilla glass price for your project

A wide range of gorilla glass’s thickness for you

Below is the gorilla glass manufacturing process guide.

1. Gorilla glass raw materials collected.

2. Gorilla glass materials cutting

3. Glass shape grinding

4. Custom edges grinding

5. Holes drilling, CNC, or laser drilling

6. Gorilla glass tempering

7. Ultrasonic bath clean

8. Colors printing

9. Surface finishing

10. Adhesive sticking

11. Pack

CNC Machining

What is Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla glass is a durable product and scratch immune glass from Corning. This device protects the screen of your Smartphones, tablet, iPhones. It is a great protective tool for MP3 players and other electronic devices. 

Gorilla glass is not an ordinary glass that you would find anywhere. It was invented in 2005 by Corning’s company. Corning company builts from Alkali-Aluminosilicate. It also designs it to be immune to scratches, impacts, cracks, and other damages to electronic devices’ displays. The glass is light weighted, crystal clear, thin, and pleasant to touch screen devices.  This means, gorilla glass doesn’t affect the weight of your product nor interfere with the touch screen.

glass lenses

Is Gorilla Glass Strong? 


Gorilla glass earns its strength through different processes of dips into a molten salt, potassium-ion exchange bath that compresses the sheet to make sodium ions exit the glass. 

This chemical process makes it less likely for your electronic devices to damage or the screen to break when you drop it. 

Is Gorilla Glass Unbreakable?

Gorilla glass won’t make your electronic devices unbreakable if subject to abuse. Although, Gorilla glass is durable when it comes to a life event that could cause your phone screen to scratch, ding, or break.

According to the latest development in Gorilla Glass by Samsung, everything depends on versions and a few other factors like thickness. 

What Are The Versions of Gorilla Glass and Their Differences?

Gorilla glass 1

The first version of gorilla glass made its debut with the iPhone. It had an Oleophobic coating that minimizes fingerprints, smudges with the display of 1.5mm thickness, and outsources plastic scratch-resistant screen, which was a big deal at the time. Corning got its technology to about 250 smartphones in their first-generation before the iPhone. This was the inception of commercialization for the Corning gorilla glass brand.

Gorilla glass 2

At CES in 2012, corning launched gorilla glass 2 with 20% thinner than the first version. The update to gorilla glass 2 was the thickness, and it could resist 50kg of pressure without breaking or cracking. The glass was resistant as before; it let manufacturers develop lighter, thinners of their models. Smartphones like Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S3 came with gorilla glass 2.

Gorilla glass 3

Gorilla glass 3 focused less on thickness but has more resistance. According to Corning’s report, third-generation prevented up to 40% of the scratches on the screen. This same generation presented native damage resistance (NDR).  Corning honored the third version of its tech with an increase in resistance compared to other versions. Gorilla glass 3 appears on models like Samsung Galaxy S4, the Moto G, and the Moto X at 2013 CES.

Gorilla Glass 4

This version was twice as strong as its prototype when it was launched in 2014. According to the lab survey, 70% of mobile phone screen damage was due to drops, so Gorilla Glass 4 was developed on this idea because it came with the idea of resisting drops. Few models like Galaxy Note 5 and Zenfone 2 laser came with GG’S fourth generation

Gorilla Glass 5

Gorilla Glass 5 was introduced with the report from a lab test of surviving 1.6 meters drops in 2016. It came with more resistance to drops and more multiple strengths than the earlier versions.  Corning also guarantees that gorilla glass can prevent a crack in up 80% falls onto rough surfaces at the height of 1 meter. Galaxy Note 7 came with gorilla glass 5

Gorilla glass 6

Gorilla glass 6 came with the real fame of standing 15 consecutive drops from 1 meter to an extremely rough surface without breaking according to rigorous lab testing. It was launched in 2019. It is twice the strength of Gorilla Glass 5. It is used on the latest galaxy S10. 

Gorilla Victus 

Gorilla Invictus is the latest 2020 version of gorilla glass with a hardness rating of 622-701

What is gorilla glass

Can Gorilla Glass Scratch?

Gorilla glass is not scratch proof but scratch resistant. Gorilla glass can resist scratches to a large extent with everyday use materials like coins, keys, blades, nails but not with dust and diamond though.  Dust will make scratches on your phone if you wipe it with your hand. 

With the new development, Gorilla glass comes with native damage resistance that improves the glass composition at the atomic level. Native damage resistance makes the glass better to withstand deep scratches and retain strength if a scratch occurs. 

Are Screen Protectors or Tempered Glass Still Needed?

It was mandatory in the past to use screen protectors, but with the latest development in gorilla glass, the use of screen protectors has become less necessary. Tempered glass protects your screen from breaking when it drops, and some people do use it for maximum protection of their display. However, gorilla glass has made its landmark with scratch resistance display, and people vouch for it. So there is no need for a screen protector or tempered glass.

0.7mm gorilla glass

0.7mm Gorilla glass with color printing

Why Do I Need Gorilla Glass?

No one is too careful to avoid mistakes or accidents with devices when it falls or scraps, but gorilla glass reduces the risk of the total damage of your device from everyday abuse. Gorilla glass is also authentic, durable, and appeals to sleek designs. It is thin, light-weighted, and smooth to touch. Its typicality to retain strength and ability to withstand damage makes you need it more. Gorilla glass is more armor for your devices.

Fact: Gorilla glass is manufactured in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. Over the years, credibility and durability speak for gorilla glass. And most latest electronic devices are made from gorilla glass.  

Where To Buy Gorilla Glass? 

SXET Glass is one of the most popular and reliable Gorilla Glass producers in China. Aside from China, this manufacturer sells its product to other places around the world. All you have to do is to order the Gorilla Glass that best suits your choice. You can be sure that this brand will deliver nothing but the best. 

At SXET Glass, there are Gorilla Glass of different varieties. The company offers Gorilla Glass for IOS devices such as iPhone X and lots more. The glass is also available for Samsung and smartphones. 

Apart from SXET Glass, you can buy your Gorilla Glass at online markets like Amazon, eBay,, and many more. 

What’s The Thickness of Gorilla Glass? 

Unlike other mobile device glasses on the market today, Gorilla Glass is very thick and sturdy. It has a standard glass thickness of about 2.0mm. 

The thickness level also goes as low as 0.4mm. There are other thickness levels of 1.1, 0.8, and 0.55. 

Therefore, the thickness level you can get depends on your preference or your gadget. For instance, IOS devices such as iPhone X or Samsung X10 require a high level of thickness than an MP3 player or other electronic devices. 

Most importantly, the thickness of the Gorilla Glass keeps your mobile device safe from scratches or damages. 

Cover glass

0.4mm Gorilla glass

Which Gorilla Glass Is Used In Realm 7? 

Realm 7 comes with a Gorilla Glass 3. However, Gorilla Glass 3 has a poor level of thickness than some other kinds of Gorilla Glasses. Nevertheless, it resists scratches, damages, and other harms off your mobile device. 

Likewise, this glass doesn’t make your Realm 7 heavy or difficult to carry around. Gorilla Glass 3 also adds extra aesthetics to the look of your Realm 7. 

Aside from Realm 7, you will also find Gorilla Glass 3 on devices like Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus 4, and many more. 

How Gorilla Glass Is Made?

Unlike other glasses on the shelves, building a Gorilla Glass comes with special effort, design, and material. Corning uses an alkali-aluminosilicate which is not only chemically strengthened but also strong. During production, the Gorilla Glass earns more strength via the ion exchange process. 

After manufacturing, this glass stays in a bowl of molten salt with a mixture of sodium ions for a short time. The more the ions become markedly tight, the more the strength of the glass. 

In a nutshell, building a Gorilla Glass is simple but requires professional guidance and help. Once you have well-built your Gorilla-Glass, you can be sure it would keep your iPhone safe for a long time. 

Glass CNC Grinding

What Gorilla Glass Is on iPhone X? 

iPhone x has the Gorilla Glass 5 on it. This kind of glass is one of the most effective and sturdy. Unlike other Gorilla Glass classes, this model is damage resistant. As long as it doesn’t fall from a high place or hit by a heavy object, the glass keeps it safe and strong. 

Aside from iPhone X, Galaxy Note 7 also comes with a Gorilla Glass 5. It prevents up to 40% of scratches or any form of damages. 

What Gorilla Glass Is On Galaxy S10?

The gorilla glass on Galaxy S10 is the Corning gorilla glass 6. Corning gorilla glass is an improvement on the glass 5 version. It boasts of some impressive features, which  includes:

Ability to survive drops from up to 1.6 meters on and rough and hard surface and still have top-notch scratch performance.

It is two times better in scratch performance than the Aluminosilicate glass It is two times better than the gorilla 5. Gorilla Glass 6 is one of the best screen protectors.

Why Is The  Gorilla Glass Scratch Resistant?

The process of making the gorilla glass is what makes it scratch-resistant.

The production involves a chemical process known as the Ion-exchange- a purification technique involving a high degree of heat.

The process involves dipping the glasses in molten potassium salt at about 400 degrees Celcius. 

This causes the swapping of the larger ion with the smaller ions. The larger Ions take more space and fuse together. After cooling, compress stress is found on the glass.

The surface coating becomes highly compressed at the atomic level. All these make the glass significantly more resistant to daily usage.

Glass lens

1.1mm Gorilla glass for a phone cover

Which Gorilla glass Is The Best?

The best Gorilla glass is the Gorilla glass Victus.

The Gorilla glass Victus is not only the latest addition in the gorilla glass family but also the toughest.

According to Corning, “the Gorilla glass Victus significantly improves both drop and scratch performance for the first time in the glass family.”

Its impressive features include:

Ability to survive drops from up to 2 meters 

It is four times better in scratch performance than Aluminosilicate glass.

Compared to gorilla glass 5 and gorilla glass 6, Gorilla vVctus has a lower softening point.

It also possesses a superior surface quality and has a high resistance to scratch and contact damage. As of now, Gorilla Victus is the toughest Gorilla glass out there.

Will Gorilla Glass Shatter?

The Gorilla glass will not shatter when it drops.

Corning, the manufacturer of Gorilla glass, claims some version of their gorilla glass, like the gorilla glass 6, won’t shatter when you drop them from a height of about 1meter.

Although the gorilla glass is highly reliable in protecting your mobile and can withstand high pressure, this is not to say when you slam your mobile on the floor; it wouldn’t shatter.

It is scratch-resistant, not scratch proof. Gorilla glass has a hardness rating of 6.5 out of 10. So there is a limit to its resistance. Using any object that has a more excellent rating on its will cause damage.

How Long Should Gorilla Glass Last? 

Gorilla glasses are designed for durability and sturdiness. They often last for a lifetime. However, the duration or durability of your Gorilla Glass all lies in its maintenance.

Gorilla Glasses, when maintained, last for long period. Since it doesn’t fall from a high location, you don’t have to change or replace it with a new one. 

Likewise, the durability of the glass also determines how long you will stay put with your mobile device. Ensure that you perfectly maintain your Gorilla Glass. 

How’s The Corning’s Gorilla And LCD Glasses Different?

These two glasses are somewhat similar. Firstly, they are industrially manufactured through a similar process. Chemically, they contain almost the same amount of Aluminum silicate. They also play a similar role- they strengthen your screen’s surface. The only difference, however, is that they serve two entirely different purposes. The Gorilla Glass, for instance, shields the most exterior end of your screen’s surface while the LCD substrate is used internally in the liquid display panel of a screen. Not to be confused, the Gorilla Glass and LCD glass such as the EAGLE LCD are both available in advanced electronic screens to offer double protection.

1mm Gorilla glass

1mm gorilla glass

 What Is The Ionic Stuffing Process? How Does It Matter In Gorilla Glass Manufacturing?

Is gorilla glass quite stuffy? Yes, stuffy but is more advantageous to your screen. There is also a good explanation for this insignificant flaw- The ionic exchange process. The ionic exchange process is a chemical phenomenon where heavy ions are squeezed into the surface of your screen. This makes the screen a little stuffy and condensed.

In the industrial process of manufacturing Gorilla glass, the glass is first dipped in a bath containing a liquid solution of a Potassium salt of extremely high temperature. The Gorilla Glass, which contains sodium salt, initially is forced to exchange its sodium ions for a much thicker and heavy potassium ion. When the glass is left to cool, the Potassium ion dissolves into the glass and forms a rigid tension on the glass’s surface.

The ionic exchange process strengthens the Gorilla Glass excessively and makes it highly resistant to any form of damage that may incur from daily use. The ionic exchange process is responsible for this stuffy feature. The ionic process is highly maximized by the Gorilla Glass, making it act like a war-shield, extremely tough and compact.

1.1mm gorilla glass

Gorilla glass tough test

Does The iPhone Use Gorilla Glass?

Yes, iPhones use gorilla glass. iPhone as well as Corning has been great partners for more than 12 years. For every iPhone designed since 2007, the glasses are all glasses from Corning. Aside from iPhones, the brand also makes glasses for iPads, Apple Watch, and other iOS devices. 

The latest iPhone 11 and 11 pros both use Gorilla Glass 6. Unlike the other models of Gorilla Glass, this version makes iOS devices durable and water-resistant. In fact, the latest Samsung device, Galaxy Note 10 Plus also uses Gorilla Glass 6. 

How Is Chemcor Different From Gorilla Glass?

Firstly, Chemcor and Gorilla glass are two different generations of strengthened glass, Gorilla Glass being more recent. Corning manufactured Chemcor in 1960 under the Chemcor brand.  Using its experience and knowledge gained from decades of research and experimenting, Corning began its quest to develop strengthened glass for electronic devices in the 2000s. This led to the discovery of the Gorilla Glass.  The process behind Corning’s excellent hardened glass success rate is the Fusion draw manufacturing process. This fusion process results in a very thin surface glass with high resistance to damage.

Is Gorilla Glass Expensive?

Corning builds Gorilla Glasses with the budget of users in mind. These devices aren’t expensive, rather they are worth their prices. The price of a Gorilla Glass varies from one model to another. A gorilla glass can cost as low as $3. Likewise, it can cost as high as $200 or more. However, you have to consider the price of the glass before you opt into buying one. For instance, if you have a low budget, it is advisable to buy Gorilla Glasses that won’t break the bank. 

Notwithstanding, Gorilla Glass is a material you can invest in. By purchasing a durable and efficient Gorilla Glass, you won’t have to visit the market soon. 


How Tough Is The New Gorilla Glass 6?

Gorilla Glass 6 is a tough and sturdy screen protector from Corning. Unlike the previous models, the manufacturer builds this device to last for a lifetime. Irrespective of how hard or rough the surface is, this glass can survive a drop from about 1.6 meters. If you are an excellent care-free phone user, you don’t need a screen guard or protector with Gorilla Glass 6. The manufacturer designs the glass to serve all phone functions. Aside from its toughness, Gorilla Glass 6 is also scratch-resistant. Its ability to resist damages or scratches is top-notch. 

What Is The Newest Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass Victus is the latest model of Corning products on the shelves. Manufactured in 2020, the protector comes with lots of amazing features and functions you would definitely love. Unlike other versions of Gorilla Glass, Gorilla Glass Victus can hold a fall from up to 6ft and 6in. That’s not all! It is built to resist scratches twice more than previous protectors on the market today.

What’s more, the model is also portable and easy to carry from one location to another. It is evident that we should expect bendable glass soon. 

How To Remove Scratches From Gorilla Glasses?

Removing scratches from Gorilla Glasses is easy and fast. In fact, there are different ways you can get rid of this dirt. For instance, you can remove scratches using the whitening toothpaste. All you need to do is to put enough toothpaste on the grit and clean the glass gently. Ensure you clean the glass with water after. 

What Are The Natural Source Materials For Gorilla Glass?

Glass is made from naturally existing materials. Glass is industrially made from a combination of rocks and some other natural elements under very high temperatures. Glass itself can also occur as a natural material. When lightning strikes any area where molten lava is present, glass is naturally formed.

Glass has existed for over a million years. Humans have also been making glass by heating rocks in glass crucibles. The methods of producing glass have not changed. Perhaps, the basic process of production is still the same today. The Gorilla Glass is manufactured majorly from silicon oxide, which can be gotten from rocks. Other materials include limestone and sodium, which are also naturally existing materials. 

When Should I Change My Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glasses are designed to last for a long period. However, there are periods when they are damaged or cracked. Ensure you replace your Gorilla Glass when you find any damages or scratch with it. It is believed that scratched glasses can harm the smartphone. 




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