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SXET will never fail you if you find yourself in need of ITO coated glass. For whatever application you need it for, and no matter how big or small the ITO coated glass units you need are, we’re sure that we’ll be able to help you!

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SXET’s large supply of Indium Tin Oxide glass will always be applicable to whatever application you have of it. Whether you need it for research and development, for scientifically inclined use, or for industrial use, we can supply you with all the ITO glass you need!

You can high-end ITO glass slides from SXET that can be fully customized depending on your need! SXET is an ITO coated glass manufacturer that can produce plain/transparent ITO glass slides or colored ITO glass slides, wherever you might need it!

SXET’s supply of ITO glass substrates will be within your expectations. You can have us produce premium quality ITO coated glass substrates that have multiple applications! Whatever size, thickness, and style or shape you want your ITO glass substrates to be, we will help you!

You will never be disappointed with SXET’s ITO coated plastic as we’re adept in producing custom thicknesses and sizes of it for you! We’re always prepared to bring the best out of the products you can purchase from us! You can purchase and get ITO coated plastics that have thicknesses that are on the average of 300 mm x 300 mm x 1 mm.

If you ever find yourself in need of ITO coated glass slides for research, scientific purposes, or for industrial applications, and even automotive and aerospace applications, you can trust SXET for it! You will never be able to find an ITO coated glass manufacturing company as adept, versatile, and as skilled as SXET!

SXET can produce ITO coated glass plates that are in thicknesses from 0.33 mm up to 6 mm, with customizations all around the product! You can have us manufacture bulk or wholesale ITO coated glass plates in all shapes, forms, and sizes!

Your Leading ITO Coated Glass Manufacturer

Thanks to the dedication and the sheer will of our experts and engineers, we here at SXET have been part of the best and most trusted ITO coated glass suppliers in the country running for more than 11 years!

We’ve produced and manufactured vast choices and options of ITO coated glass units for businesses and companies from all around the world!

The options for our ITO coated glass don’t just revolve on 2D or flat panels, we can also be your manufacturer if you need and require 2.5D, 3D, stepped, and even beveled edging profiles!

Being the best ITO coated glass factory in the country, we’re able to produce a ton of high-quality ITO coated glass that offers high and extreme levels of optical transmittance and electrical conductivity! Getting our ITO coated glass substrates will never disappoint you!

Why Choose SXET’s ITO Coated Glass?

Unlike other ITO coated glass manufacturers in the market, we’ll educate you deeper in terms of the uses and applications you can have for our ITO coated glass! You’ll be able to use it whether you’re in the automotive industry, the research & development (R&D) sector, the aerospace sector, the manufacturing and processing industry, and many more!

  • SXET can produce bulk or wholesale ITO coated glass slides, substrates, and many more!s
  • Custom ITO coated glass substrates and products are always readily available
  • Lead time runs for about 7 to 12 days from the payment date

Other than our ITO coated glass substrates, you can also entrust to us the production of all glass fabricated products and types, such as keyboard glass, Powell lens, lens protectors, camera glass, Gorilla Glass, and many more!

Contact us to learn more about all the preparations you need in purchasing wholesale ITO coated glass from the best ITO coated glass supplier in the country!

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ITO Coated Glass – The Complete FAQ and Buying Guide

While there are tons of ITO coated glass manufacturers in the industry, you will find it challenging to choose the best one for your application. Other than fact that ITO coated glass suppliers are widespread in the market, their products differ, too!

In this buying and FAQ guide, we will be going over the top things you need to take note of in choosing ITO coated glass. Not only will we be giving you information on the best ITO coated glass, but we’ll also unravel the things you need to look for in choosing one!

  1. What is ITO Coating?
  2. What is ITO Coated Glass?
  3. What is ITO Plate?
  4. Where Are ITO Coated Glass Units Used?
  5. How to Clean ITO Coated Glass?
  6. ITO Coated Glass Slides
  7. Are ITO Coated Glasses Transparent?
  8. ITO Coated Plastic Sizes
  9. Where Do You Use ITO Coated Plastic?
  10. What Are the Best Sizes of ITO Coated Coverslips?
  11. How Can We Determine Where the ITO Coating on a Glass Is?
  12. How Does FTO Glass and ITO Coated Glass Differ?
  13. What Glass Types Can You Use For Producing ITO Coating Glass?  
  14. What Are ITO Coated Quartz Glasses?
  15. Where Can You Find the Best ITO Coated Glass Substrates?
  16. Benefits of Choosing SXET For Your ITO Coated Glass

What is ITO Coating?

ITO coated glass substrate looks like

Figure 1 – Image of what an ITO coated glass substrate looks like

ITO coating is a type of coating on a glass that’s short for Indium Tin Oxide, which is a type of coating that’s used for glass substrates.

These ITO coatings are popular and known for their ability to have low sheet resistance but at a high transmittance level, making them the best and most ideal for use in the research and development industry.

ITO coatings are transparent types of glass that are conductive.

What is ITO Coated Glass?

ITO glass looks like

Figure 2 – An instrument holding an ITO coated glass for demonstration

It is the type of glass that possesses an ITO coating on either one (1) side or both (2) sides of the glass’s surface.

ITO coated glass units have high transparency levels but at a low resistance rate. You’ll find the most use of ITO coated glass substrates when a conductive surface is needed (along with high optical transparency).

What is ITO Plate?

ITO Plate, short for indium tin oxide (ITO) coated glass plate is a type of transparent glass plate that’s covered and layered with ITO coating to have high levels of electrical conductivity and decent amounts of resistivity.

An ITO coated glass plate is one of the few raw products of ITO plates and is transformed to other types of shapes, forms, and sizes depending on the application it’ll be used for.

Where Are ITO Coated Glass Units Used?

The uses of ITO coated glass are spread across a wide variety of business sectors and industries.

Clear ITO coated glass

Figure 3 – ITO coated glasses that are in the same size

However, the most common of them would be in research and development (R&D), scientific industry, automotive industry, structural or construction industry, electronics industry, and many more!

Their high optical transparency is part of the many reasons why they’ve opted to buy businesses, companies, and manufacturers in various business sectors. In addition to that, the thermal and chemical resistances they have are also found to be useful in a lot of business industries, too.

How to Clean ITO Coated Glass?

ITO coated glass in different size

Figure 4 – A newly cleansed and sonicated ITO coated glass substrates in different sizes

While many people consider cleaning ITO coated glass substrates differently, it has been reported that the best and most ideal way of cleaning them would be via the process of sonicating them in acetone, and then in IPA or isopropyl alcohol for about thirty (30) minutes.

After the process, it is imperative that you remove the organic solvent that has been the result of the cleaning procedure.

ITO Coated Glass Slides

From their term alone, these are glass slides that are comprised of ITO coated glass substrates.

Frosted ITO coated glass slides

Figure 5 – Two (2) frosted ITO coated glass slides

They’re useful in this sense because of the fact that they’re able to fabricate polymer cells based on polymeric semiconductor blends.

Many ITO coated glass manufacturers offer ITO coated glass slides. In fact, it’s part of the primary uses of it in the market!

Are ITO Coated Glasses Transparent?

ITO glass properties

Figure 6 – ITO coated glass components have high levels of transparency

Yes, the natural color of ITO coated glass units is transparent. This is because of the fact that they’re used widely in applications that requires transmittance and transparency to be at the top.

However, there are instances and scenarios where businesses need color-printed ITO coated glass so that it matches the application or the themes that they have for the project.

To answer your question, yes, ITO coated glass units are transparent in nature. But, don’t be surprised when you encounter them having colors.

ITO Coated Plastic Sizes

You’ll be able to find multiple ITO coated plastic substances, ranging from PET, PC, PE, or other types of thermoplastics that are in varying sizes!

Among the most common would be 100 mm x 200 mm x 1 mm. But, here with us at SXET, we can produce custom ITO coated plastic sheets and cells all depending on your need!

Where Do You Use ITO Coated Plastic?

ITO coated plastic, akin to ITO coated glass substrates and cells, are flexible and versatile to the extent that you’ll never have any shortage of where you can use them.

As a matter of fact, you will find the use of these ITO coated plastics in various sectors and industries. Among the most common use, you can have for them include LCD/OLED screens and devices, electrical sector or industry, capacitive touch components, sensors, and many more!

What Are the Best Sizes of ITO Coated Coverslips?

The best and most typical sizes of ITO coated coverslips run at about 22 x 40 mm in size and about 0.16 to 0.19 mm in thickness.

This would already include the passivation layer that is present on the exterior or the outer layer of the material or the layer where the coating or the deposition will occur.

Nevertheless, as we mentioned above, you can customize the size of the ITO coated glass you want to purchase so that it would perfectly fit your requirement!

How Can We Determine Where the ITO Coating on a Glass Is 

Normally, ITO coated glass only covers one (1) side of the glass substrate. But, how can we distinguish what’s coated and not? Is there a way to know whether or not the ITO coating is applied on either the top or bottom part of the substrate – or both?

As per experts and professionals regarding this matter, the best way is to use a multimeter. Using a multimeter, switch to the resistive measurement mode and touch the surface using the probes.

If it gives you a conductive result, then that is where the ITO coating is. Remember, glass is non-conductive, but the ITO material that’s deposited onto it is highly conductive.

How Does FTO Glass and ITO Coated Glass Differ?

FTO glass, short for fluorine-doped tin oxide, is another type of glass coating that’s used in the same situation as ITO or indium tin oxide glass.

FTO coated glass looks like

Figure 7 – An example of what an FTO coated glass looks like

But, what are the uniqueness of these two in-demand products? How can you distinguish which is which? Do they have the same color?

To help you understand the differences between them further, here’s a quick table you can use as a guide:

FTO Coated GlassITO Coated Glass
Can work well in temperatures of about 600°C.Best and most ideal on temperatures at 350°C.
Under visible light, they boast of high and extreme levels of transparency.Under visible light, they can offer low-to-medium transparency levels.
Best when it comes to physical abrasion and other types of surface wear.Better when it comes to physical abrasion and other types of surface wear.
Typically more expensive and costly compared to ITO coated glass.Cheap and affordable compared to FTO coated glass.
Usually transparent and colorless but can be subjected to color printing.Usually transparent and colorless but can be subjected to color printing.

These are the differences and the distinctions in identifying what FTO or ITO coated glasses are! It’ll be difficult to differentiate physically or using the naked eye, but once you get to know these details, you’ll definitely be able to determine which is which!

What Glass Types Can You Use For Producing ITO Coating Glass?

ITO coated glass' material

Figure 8 – PMMA or polymethyl methacrylate that can be used for ITO coated glass

Originally, tempered glass is the only type of material considered to be the most ideal in creating and fabricating ITO coated glass.

However, several ITO coated glass manufacturers innovated and introduced the usage of other glass types, such as:

Polycarbonate (PC)

They’re used because of their ability to be easily processed, as well as their good weather resistance property. Polycarbonate materials also boast of their 92% guaranteed transparency and an HB pencil hardness level.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Due to its cheapness and affordability, PVC or polyvinyl chloride is also a popular choice among businesses and companies. They’re not just cheap, you can also expect them to have excellent levels of flexibility and versatility.

You can’t count on them for durability and strength, though.

Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA or Acrylic)

Ranging as one of the most durable materials, PMMA or acrylic materials guarantee transparency levels of over 93% on the scale. It’s easy to process and is lightweight. However, they’re known for having poor levels of heat resistance as well as being brittle.


Possessing excellent and high levels of resistance, BK7 is also part of the top raw glass types used as ITO coated glass in the industry. It offers about 93% of total optical performance and can be enhanced and developed further using anti-reflective (AR) coatings.

Regular Float Glass or Soda-Lime Glass

Regular float glass or soda-lime glass is the first category of glass in this sense. It’s the usual glass that rarely has any type of additional property. However, it’s the most susceptible to being strengthened, toughened, and improved every single way.

It’s also the cheapest type of glass the market has to offer when it comes to the raw glass types of ITO coated glass.

Fused Quartz or Fused Silica

Last, but most definitely not least are fused quartz or fused silica glass types. These types of glasses are part of the most commonly used ones because of their sheer strength and durability. It can easily resist any type of modification or change in its properties, thanks to its high strength.

What Are ITO Coated Quartz Glasses?

They’re indium tin oxide (ITO) coated glass units that are made from fused quartz or fused silica. Many people consider them as the regular ITO coated glass next to tempered glass because of their strength, hardness, and their translucency levels.

You’ll be able to find many ITO coated quartz glass suppliers in the market! There are those from Alibaba, AliExpress, Made In China, and many more!

Where Can You Find the Best ITO Coated Glass Substrates?

If you’re interested to know where you can find the best ITO coated glass units, going with a Chinese manufacturer will be your best bet!

Other than the fact that you can get it from them cheaply, you’ll also be able to find many of their products as the ones that are perfect for your business!

Benefits of Choosing SXET For Your ITO Coated Glass

For many years, businesses, corporations, and enterprises in and around China have considered us their go-to company for their ITO coated glass needs.

Our business has been well known for its ultimate accuracy and precision when it comes to the customization of products. Apart from that, here are the following benefits of choosing our ITO coated glass over the products of other ITO coated glass manufacturers:

  • We can produce special thicknesses of ITO coated glass depending on your need
  • Our ITO coated glass units have excellent scratch resistance capabilities
  • SXET can produce ITO coated glass layers that have single and double-surface layers
  • We can customize the surface finishing technique of our ITO coated glass units

From north to south and east to west, we can be your go-to ITO coated glass manufacturer! We will never let you down with the products we can produce!

Other than ITO coated glass, SXET can also produce and manufacture many different types and kinds of glass for you, such as Gorilla Glass, lens protectors, phone glass, custom glass panels, and many more glass fabricated products!

Dial us today and we will send over a free quote of the wholesale ITO glass substrates, ITO glass sheets, and ITO glass coverslips you need! Talk to us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

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