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SXET’s ITO glass is made and produced in the finest and most intricate processes possible. Being the best ITO Glass manufacturer, we can guarantee that all your orders are going to be precise and accurate, thanks to cutting-edge technology and the superior skill of our experts.

  • 0.33 – 4mm Thickness
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ITO glass sheet

SXET can be your main company if you’re looking for ITO Glass sheets that are flexible and versatile. You will never regret your decision of choosing us as your ITO Glass manufacturer! Get custom ITO Glass sheets that would meet, even exceed your expectations!

ITO coated glass

For all the ITO-coated glass products that you need, you can count on us here at SXET to get you the highest quality! We are skilled and adept in producing ITO-coated glasses that are flexible and versatile – those that you can use for whatever alignment or position you deem necessary.

ITO glass substrate

You can find top-quality ITO Glass substrates here at SXET without ever feeling the need to look for another supplier ever again. We’re capable of producing top-tier ITO Glass products wholesale without compromising their quality.

ITO glass slides

Need high-quality ITO Glass slides for your Research & Development (R&D) project or your scientifically inclined business? SXET can supply you with the best and highest quality of ITO Glass slides that have low micro-roughness and uniform transmission!

ITO glass plate

The ITO Glass plates that we can produce for you are highly effective against radiation and reflective. You can purchase and get ITO coated glass plates that have mm thicknesses that are on the average of 300 x 300 x 1.

Lcd ito glass

You can never go wrong in choosing SXET for your LCD ITO Glass should you need it for your electronic appliances or devices. Whether you need it for flat antennas for digital devices, OLED, AMOLED, or SUPER AMOLED displays, and even medical technology, we got you!

Your Premier ITO Glass Manufacturer

SXET’s ITO Glass products are known to be the most reliable and trusted when it comes to quality, efficiency, and overall effectiveness. For more than a decade, SXET has topped the charts of corporations and enterprises that produce ITO-coated glass units.

The ITO Glass we produce can guarantee the basic expectations you have with it. It has high-to-superior levels of transmittance as well as excellent optical transparency and electrical conductivity.

Compared to other glass types of its kind, our ITO Glass units are substantially more inexpensive and can be used for many different options and applications. That’s why choosing us as your ITO Glass manufacturing company will never disappoint you!

You can also request your ITO Glass units to be cut to specific sizes and dimensions, as well as have particular edge profiles for it. We can help in producing 2D ITO Glass, 2.5D ITO Glass, and even 3D ITO Glass!

Not only that, when we proceed to deposit it onto the passivation layer, we ensure that we deal with it with extreme care and precaution to avoid any errors on the material type, as well as the display.

Why is SXET’s ITO Glass the Best in the Market?

Choosing us as your ITO Glass manufacturer will shave off a lot of stress in the business. You’ll not only find it useful in the Research & Development (R&D) sector, you can use it for the electronic and electrical industry, the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, the defense industry, and many more!

  • SXET is practical and is skilled in using a wide array of glass types for ITO Glass
  • Color printing and adhesive bonding or sticking is available
  • We can guarantee a lead time of 7 to 12 days from the payment confirmation date
  • SXET’s ITO Glass units are all 100% OEM products
  • We can help you create and specify custom ITO Glass units

Wherever you are in the world and whatever business you may be in, you can place your complete trust in us here at SXET to get you the ITO Glass products you need!

Other than being the top ITO Glass supplier, you can also consider us your go-to manufacturing company if you need Gorilla Glass, camera glass, 3D tempered glass, and many more!

Reach out to us and get the best offers for world-class quality ITO Glass products!

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ITO Glass – The Complete Buying and FAQ Guide

While a lot of people don’t realize what ITO glass is, you’ll actually find a ton of benefits and advantages in using it for your business.

In case you’re not 100% sure about what ITO glass is, our guide will be focused on helping you with it! Not only will you be able to learn what ITO glass is, but we’ll also be informing you on how you can get the best ITO glass in the market!

  1. What is ITO Glass?
  2. Indium Tin Oxide Glass Formula
  3. What is ITO Coated Glass?
  4. What’s the Process of Coating ITO on Glass?
  5. What Are the Uses of ITO Glass?
  6. ITO Glass Properties
  7. What is an ITO Heater Glass?
  8. How is ITO Glass Made?
  9. What is FTO Glass?
  10. ITO Glass vs. FTO Glass
  11. How Do You Clean ITO Coated Glass?
  12. What is ITO Tempered Glass?
  13. How Thick Can ITO Glass Be?
  14. Is ITO Glass Flexible?
  15. Can You Use ITO Glass For Electronic Applications?
  16. What Country is the Most Indium Found In?
  17. ITO Glass Substrate
  18. ITO Coated Glass Suppliers
  19. What’s the Conductivity of ITO Glass?
  20. Where Can You Find High-Quality ITO Glass?

What is ITO Glass?

ITO Glass is an acronym for Indium Tin Oxide glass. It is a type of optoelectronic material that’s primarily used in both the industrial sector and the research/scientific sector.

ITO glass

Figure 1 – A sample image of an ITO Glass

In terms of which everyone will understand, an ITO Glass is a transparent glass that’s been coated out using indium, tin, and oxygen (ITO). It’s a type of specialty glass and is considered one of the unique kinds because of the optical transparency and conductivity that it possesses.

So, if you initially believed that ITO Glass is a glass fabricated product that’s produced as a whole, it’s not! The process is actually a bit simpler and easier to understand than that – we’ll get to how glass units are coated with ITO material in the latter part of this guide.

Indium Tin Oxide Glass Formula

Determining what ITO glass units are comprised of will be pretty straightforward since the name of the coating itself is straightforward.

But, to help you with it, even more, the composition or the formula of Indium Tin Oxide or ITO is In2O3 (Indium) and SnO2 (Tin Oxide).

The total and the complete formula of this particular product is In2-xSnXO3.

What is ITO Coated Glass?

Much like what ITO Glass is, ITO coated Glass is technically the same as the above.

ITO coated glass

Figure 2 – A glass substrate or layer that has ITO coating

It’s a type of glass that belongs to the group of conductive glasses called transparent conducting oxide (TCO).

This type of glass is highly and widely used in the sector or industry of research and development (R&D), but you’ll be able to find a lot of different uses for it, too.

A lot of ITO Glass manufacturers consider ITO-coated Glass units as their favorite because of the ease and convenience of installing and depositing the ITO film onto the substrate.

What’s the Process of Coating ITO on Glass?

ITO glass looks like

Figure 3 – An ITO Glass that’s been fully coated and deposited

For you to have a full and better understanding of how ITO Glass units are made, it can easily be summarized into the following:

  1. The glass unit or substrate is prepared for the coating or deposition.
  2. Then, the ITO material is readied for the process, too.
  3. Using physical vapor deposition (PVD) machines, a thin, uniform, and sufficient layer of Indium-Tin-Oxide (ITO) is spread or sputtered onto the surface.
  4. When the substrate accepts the deposition, the ITO layer will then be attached and inculcated onto the surface of the substrate, giving and transferring the properties of the ITO to the substrate.

Thus, ITO Glass coating is deposited onto the surface.

What Are the Uses of ITO Glass?

Because of its flexibility, versatility, and its thermal conductivity, you will find a lot of different uses and applications of ITO Glass.

ITO Glass applications

Figure 4 –You’ll find ITO Glass to be useful in a vast plane of applications

Although primarily, ITO coated glass is used in the research & development (R&D) industry and the science field, you can also

Among the numerous uses you can have for it, the most common and what’s considered the most useful it can be for include:

  • Touchscreen Technology (Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches, and Other Wearables)
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Microscopic Slides
  • Solar Panels
  • Aircraft Parts and Components
  • Automotive Windshields
  • Freezers
  • Windows (Energy-Efficient Ones)
  • Glass Doors
  • And Many More!

In order for you to fully understand the extent of how beneficial these ITO Glass units can be, here are some of the most common business sectors and industries these ITO Glass products are used.

  1. Research and Development (R&D) Industry
  2. Medical and Pharmaceutical Sector
  3. Aerospace and Defense (ASD) Sector
  4. Automotive Industry
  5. Military Industry
  6. Commercial and Electronics Industry

NOTE: These aren’t everything! Take note that they are just the industries and sectors that use ITO Glass more compared to others in the market!

ITO Glass Properties

ITO glass properties

Figure 5 – Image of an ITO Glass that just came out of production/manufacturing

The properties of ITO Glass revolve around its overall capabilities and capacities. To help you understand it more, here’s a quick table that outlines and discusses the properties.

Mass Density6.8 g/cm3
Wet Etching MethodOxalic Acid or HCI/HNO3
BiocompatibilityObserved to have no inhibition of cell growth. However, it’s absorbent of protein (in small amounts).
Electrical Conductivity~104 S/cm 1.3 x 104 S/cm
Poisson Ratio0.35
Young’s Modulus116 GPa

And if you think that this is everything, think again! Several ITO Glass manufacturers try adding other properties and factors to make the product more efficient and effective to be used for whatever application it best fits in!

You will be able to find out all the other properties that ITO Glass has when you come to experience it firsthand!

What is an ITO Heater Glass?

ITO heater glass

Figure 6 – Image of an ITO heater glass stacked up against each other

Also often commonly referred to as transparent ITO heater glass, these are the glass types that are comprised of transparent substrates, but coated with thin films of transparent conductive ITO to add to the resistance levels and factors.

They’re glass units that allow current to pass through the coating, serving as a heat-generation beacon that helps in the expansion of the operating temperatures of LCDs or liquid crystal displays.

Similar to regular ITO coated glass, ITO heater glass units can also be found in various industries such as the military industry, the defense industry, the marine and maritime industry, the industrial sector, and many more!

How is ITO Glass Made?

Clear ITO glass

Figure 7 – An ITO Glass that’s just being subjected to production

The manufacturing or the production method of ITO Glass doesn’t fall far from how regular glass is made. Remember, ITO glass could be any type of substrate with an ITO coating on its surface, so, it’s not going to be different from how other glass types are manufactured.

But, for you to understand it more, here’s the process to give you a more detailed and more outlined structure of how it’s produced.

Step 1: Substrate Preparation

The first step of the process is to prepare the substrate that is to be used for the coating. This will depend on what the client wants and how they plan on using it.

Preparation includes readying them to be processed or to be coated with the ITO material. Typically, the substrates and the materials that are used include Quartz or Sapphire Glass, BK7 Glass, regular soda-lime glass, and tempered or toughened glass.

Step 2: Cutting of the Substrate

After that, the substrates are then cut to size, again, depending on the size requirements. Usually, the cutting is done via laser cutting, CNC cutting, and even water jet cutting to achieve precise and accurate measurements.

Step 3: Shaping

After they’ve been cut, they’re then subjected to the process of shaping and grinding. What this does is create a type of smooth edge of the glass unit so that it’ll be safer and more secure to be used.

Shaping is necessary for this process because it’s kind of the initial process of polishing or developing the ITO Glass.

Step 4: ITO Coating Application

Once the substrate is prepared fully, the ITO coating is deposited onto the substrate. Do note, though, that the coating is not directly implemented to the surface. Instead, it’s done and deposited onto a passivation layer, which is an extra type of layer above the surface.

The most common misconception that people have with ITO Glass is that they’re deposited onto the surface, but it’s not.

Step 5: Cleaning

When the ITO coating is guaranteed stuck onto the glass unit, it’ll then be subjected to cleaning. Oftentimes, ultrasonic bath cleaning is done to ensure that the unit is removed of all unnecessary agents.

However, there are several other cleaning procedures that ITO Glass manufacturing companies do – it’s not always ultrasonic bath cleaning.

Step 6: Further Surface Finishing

When it’s done being cleaned and polished, the substrate would then be finished. There are certain types of surface finishing procedures available. But, the most common would be anti-reflective (AR), anti-glare (AG), anti-fingerprint (AF) or anti-smudge, and anti-scratch.

So, the finishing would depend on what the client needs and what the product is going to be used for.

Step 6: Testing and Inspection

Before packaging, engineers and professionals take a closer look at the material before they submit it to packaging. This is to ensure that all the qualities and characteristics are caught and met to avoid delays in the process.

Testing them needs to be comprehensive to the extent that it’ll cover every property or characteristic available.

Step 7: Packaging

And the last step that concludes the process would be packaging. The packaging would depend on the type choice of the client, especially if the manufacturers offer custom packaging.

The most common would be in a crate that’s protected and filled with safe material like bubble wraps.

This is the standard flow of the manufacturing process of ITO Glass. Most ITO Glass suppliers aren’t able to discuss this type of information because of confidentiality. But, we decided to give you a glimpse so that you know how the whole process goes!

What is FTO Glass?

If there’s ITO Glass, what is FTO Glass?

FTO glass

Figure 8 – A sample image of what FTO Glass looks like

Before we get to compare them, let us first try to get ahold and grasp what FTO Glass units are. FTO, short for Fluorine-Doped Tin Oxide, is one of the types of conductive metal oxide transparent glass units that are often used in the procedure of producing transparent electrodes.

As you may have noticed, the only difference it has with ITO is the first letter or the first compound, which is fluoride.

So, how do ITO and FTO Glasses differ? What makes them unique from one another that people find it difficult to choose which one would be best for their operations?

ITO Glass vs. FTO Glass

Custom ITO glass

Figure 9 – An example of what an ITO Glass looks like

There’s more to the difference in the first letter of these terms than there is. Kidding aside, here are the differences and distinctions between FTO and ITO Glass.

FTO Glass (FTO Coated Glass)ITO Glass (ITO Coated Glass)
Better transparency when put under visible light.Medium-level transparency when put under visible light.
Ideal for work that is equal and level.Can be used for inverted work or for any other angular applications.
Can work well at temperatures above 600°C (1,112°F).Has a maximum working temperature of 350°C (662°F).
The coating is directly coated on the substrate.Deposited to a passivation layer of a glass substrate.
Has an average grain size of 190 nm.Has an average grain size of 257 nm.
Low-to-medium thermal stability.Excellent levels of thermal stability.
Expensive because of the overall quality.Cheaper and more affordable compared to ITO coated glass.
High levels of abrasion tolerance.High levels of abrasion tolerance.

NOTE: These aren’t everything. As a matter of fact, these are just part of the most relevant and important distinctions they have.

You may have noticed a couple of factors where FTO has “higher” levels. It is rather relevant to note that the process does not automatically mean FTO Glass is better. It just has better resistance because of the compound “fluoride” that’s part of the equation.

How Do You Clean ITO Coated Glass?

ITO glass for smart phone

Figure 10 – A clean ITO Glass product that has already been styled and polished

Just because it’s enhanced and strengthened doesn’t mean that dirt, dust, and all other minor-to-major inconsistencies wouldn’t stick to the glass.

ITO Glass or ITO coated glass is just as vulnerable as regular float or soda-lime glass when it comes to these things. So, how do you clean it? What is the process of cleaning ITO Glass to ensure and guarantee that its quality is maintained?

The way recognized as the best when it comes to cleaning and cleansing ITO Glass would be through the process of sonication. Firstly, the substrate is subdued to sonication for about thirty (30) minutes. Afterwards, it’ll be subjected to IPA or Isopropyl Alcohol.

Then, to rinse it, place it under the influence of DI or deionized water for 1 to 2 minutes, then using nitrogen gas, blow dry it.

That’s the process of how you cleanse and polish ITO Glass for it to be in its final form.

What is ITO Tempered Glass?

ITO tempered glass is a type of ITO glass wherein the substrate or the base material is either regular tempered glass or 3D tempered glass.

ITO tempered glass

Figure 11 – An image of an ITO tempered glass that is yet to be formed and shaped

Don’t be confused in identifying what regular tempered glass is because the usual and regular tempered glass we know of does not have an extra layer of protection. However, the common tempered glass units we know of also have surface finishing layers like anti-reflective (AR), anti-glare (AG), anti-fingerprint (AF), or anti-scratch (AS).

So, does that mean ITO tempered glass can’t have these surface finishing procedures? No, of course not! As we know, the ITO coating on these glass substrates is deposited not exactly onto the surface, but on a passivation layer of the glass.

How Thick Can ITO Glass Be?

The thickness of ITO Glass units differs from one production to another.

Glass with a ITO coated layer

Figure 12 – An image of a thin-type of ITO Glass

Commonly, the thickness of ITO Glass could be anywhere within 0.3 mm to 6 mm. However, there are ITO Glass suppliers that produce smaller and bigger sizes than this common one.

But, don’t let your mind stray from what the usual and the average thickness is.

Is ITO Glass Flexible?

The flexibility of ITO Glass depends on the substrate or the type of glass it’s deposited to.

ITO glass used as a front panel

Figure 13 – An ITO Glass unit that’s being used as a front panel

For instance, if the ITO coating is deposited onto 3D or flexible tempered glass, then you can expect it to be flexible.

On the other hand, if the coating is deposited onto regular soda-lime or float glass, then it could be brittle.

Remember, the flexibility of the ITO Glass depends on the substrate or the type of glass that it’s installed and deposited to. Although it subtly modifies the properties and the features of the glass, it does not do it on a drastic scale.

Can You Use ITO Glass For Electronic Applications?

Yes, as a matter of fact, part of the most common uses of ITO Glass would be in the electronics industry.

ITO glass for electronic applications

Figure 14 – An ITO Glass for electronic applications

You will find it to be most commonly used as laptop screens, mobile phone screens, flat panel displays, smart windows, solar panels, touchscreen displays, and many more!

We can also consider the application of ITO Glass in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries for common devices and instruments like control units and systems, glass covers, digital windshields, and many more!

What Country is the Most Indium Found In?

There are a ton of countries that offer Indium. However, the country that is known and considered to be the largest manufacturer of Indium is China.

If we are to put it in figures and values, the total production of Indium (in kilograms) would be at 405,000. South Korea comes next at 165,000.

ITO Glass Substrate

ITO glass substrate

Figure 15 – A sample of an ITO Glass substrate being held by the operator/worker

The substrates that are used for the deposition of ITO coating would not be stagnant. In fact, several ITO Glass suppliers and manufacturing companies innovate and become creative in offering ITO Glass.

To give you some of the most common substrates in which ITO coating is deposited, they include:

  • High Index Glasses
  • Sheet Glasses
  • High Expansion Glasses
  • Plastics and Thermoplastics (PVC, PC, PE)
  • And Many More!

ITO Coated Glass Suppliers

In the market, you’ll find a lot of suppliers and manufacturers of ITO coated glass to the extent that there will never be a shortage of it.

ITO coated glass

Figure 16 – ITO coated glass being produced and supplied wholesale

Various countries are known, China – among others, to be one of the top countries that produce and manufacture ITO Glass units and products.

The vast majority of these ITO coated glass suppliers heavily rely on their engineers, experts, as well as their professionals to carry out the process due to the fact that it requires skill, precision, experience, and accuracy in depositing and in manufacturing ITO coated glass.

What’s the Conductivity of ITO Glass?

ITO Glass' conductivity

Figure 17 – ITO Glass units are known to have excellent conductivity

Conductivity level quantifies the strength of how a material is opposing the flow and the movement of electric currents on it.

The conductivity level of ITO Glass units is known to be at an electrical resistivity of ~10-4 Ω·cm, which has excellent conductivity. But, what does this mean?

This basically means that the material is prepared and ready to allow the electric charge movement within its material. So, it’s highly effective to be used in applications where there are risks involved in terms of electric charges and currents.

Where Can You Find High-Quality ITO Glass?

ITO glass substrate

Figure 18 – An example of a high-quality ITO coated glass

Since the vast majority of Indium is found and produced in China, you can, therefore, find the best and highest quality of ITO Glass in China, too.

But, as we all know, China is the hub of manufacturers and suppliers for almost all different types of things. So, how do you choose the ITO Glass supplier to work with?

There are a couple of factors that you can check before deciding to work with an ITO Glass manufacturing company. Some of the best and the most relevant include:

The Manufacturing Process

While almost all ITO Glass suppliers carry out the manufacturing process similarly, there are a few subtle steps that make others stand out from the rest.

Ensure that the ITO Glass supplier you’ll be working with performs a due inspection of the products before they even get finalized and polished. This way, they can avoid the production of erroneous and incorrect products.

Qualities and Properties of Their ITO Glass

Then, what you want to find out next would be the properties and the qualities of the ITO Glass units they manufacture. Check each of the specs and the features that the products have.

More often than not, these manufacturers would have whitepapers or labels of the specs and characteristics of their products.

Don’t be shy to ask about these because these will definitely help you determine whether or not the glass units would be effective and efficient for your application.

Lead and Delivery Time

In the business, time is money. So, the faster the manufacturer or the supplier works, the better it will be for the business.

Try finding an ITO Glass manufacturer that’s able to produce high volume of products in just a short span of time! This way, you wouldn’t worry about whether or not you’ll get your products on time; this eliminates certain fears, doubts, and uncertainties about how you’ll do your business.

Production and Manufacturing Capacity

And last, but most definitely not least would be the manufacturing or the production ability or capacity of the supplier.

This goes well with the previous factor, which is the lead and delivery time. Look for and work with a manufacturer that’s capable of producing a good volume of ITO glass units that are within your expectations.

Imagine working with a supplier that would fail to produce what you need. It can take you a bit of time to find a resolution, which can slow your business down.

And while these four (4) factors don’t seem like they’re impacting enough, when you put them all together and they are all on a positive note, your business would be indestructible.

Top 10 ITO Glass Manufacturers in China

China is the country you should go for if you’re looking for the best and the most reliable ITO Glass manufacturers.

Apart from the fact that you’ll be able to purchase them for less, you will never be disappointed with the quality of their products! Not a lot of countries are skilled enough to produce these glass fabricated products as good as Chinese companies.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 ITO Glass suppliers in China!

SXET Glass Co., Ltd.

Gaining the top spot in the country’s top ITO Glass manufacturing companies, SXET Glass Co., Ltd. will never fail you if you’re looking for quality. For more than 12 years, we here at SXET have produced and delivered some of the world’s highest quality ITO Glass units.

We supply in various regions like Southeast Asia, North and South America, and even in other parts of Europe!

We’re focused on bulk or wholesale orders for ITO Glass, and you will never regret your decision of choosing us for your products. The best part about choosing us is that you’ll never have any limitations on what you can buy and purchase from us. We can help you with raw ITO Glass, ITO Glass slides, ITO Glass substrates, and many more!

Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get you a free quotation!

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Fongshen Specialty Glass Co., Ltd.

Fongshen Speciality Glass Co., Ltd. is a company that roots from Dongguan and is one of the top ITO Glass suppliers because of its versatility and flexibility as a company.

They’re actually part of the first few businesses that offered custom ITO Glass for the commercial sector, namely: freezers, architectural windows, and many more!

Want to find out how much budget you need for it? Give us a call!

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Dongguan Copo Glass Co., Ltd.

One of the youngest and newest ITO Glass suppliers and manufacturers in the market, Dongguan Copo Glass Co., Ltd. is one of the first suppliers who were able to integrate classic and modern ways smoothly.

They’re focused on producing specifics of ITO Glass, particularly to be used in the scientific sector and industry.

Learn more about what types of ITO Glass you can purchase from us!

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Dongkang Quartz Products Co., Ltd.

Originally a manufacturer/supplier of Quartz Glass Dongkang has evolved from being a regular trading agent of Quartz Glass, to a full-fledged manufacturer of Quartz Glass – and now a supplier of ITO Glass, too.

Thanks to their excellent lineup of engineers and experts, you will never have to worry or think about where to purchase ITO Glass ever again!

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Alpha Optical Material Co., Ltd.

Started out in the early 2000s, Alpha Optical Material Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest developers of high-quality ITO Glass. Ever since they started offering ITO Glass, they’ve excelled in it by producing flexible orders to clients.

Over time, though, they became strict with production, and therefore, had a different approach when it came to offering MoQs to clients.

Want to know where you can purchase ITO Glass without MoQ? Contact us here at SXET today!

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Hebei Yuluo Glass Co., Ltd.

Rooting from the region of Hebei, Yuluo Glass Co., Ltd. is one of the top ITO Glass suppliers in the country because of their extreme and intricate attention to detail.

They are one of the first few manufacturers and companies that innovated ITO coated glass, and therefore, they’ve been known to be one of the best.

Yuluo Glass Co., Ltd. can also be the manufacturer you can work with if you are looking for other glass types that are for the same application!

Get world-class quality ITO Glass without burning a hole in your pocket from us! Let us know what you need!

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Meisheng Vaida Glass Tech

If you’re interested to know one of the manufacturers that introduced higher transparency levels for ITO Glass, then Meisheng Vaida Glass Tech is one of those!

They are part of the few groups of companies that offered extreme quality ITO Glass units, and not all of them are as versatile and adept as Vaida Glass.

You can get all the customizations you need for your ITO Glass from Vaida, and never will you regret your decision of choosing them!

Interested to learn more about how much it’ll cost you for ITO Glass? Let us know by contacting us!

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Fujian Rainshine Industrial Glass Co., Ltd.

Rainshine Industrial Glass is a company that takes its roots from Fujian. Due to their expertise and their scientific inclination, they easily became part of the top and most trusted ITO Glass manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Unlike any other, they have scientists, engineers, and chemists in their plants, guaranteeing high-quality performance and delivery.

You’ll be able to find what you need from Fujian Rainshine, just like how hundreds of companies from all around the world already have!

Let us know what types of ITO Glass you need and we’ll help you with it!

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Xiantian Clear Glass Optics

Xiantian Clear Glass Optics is one of the manufacturers that are new to the industry. They became one of the best because of their ability to market and the flexibility that they have with orders.

Just like us here at SXET, Xiantian Clear Glass Optics can fully customize the ITO Glass units you need, regardless of what you’ll be using them for.

Whether you need it for electronic applications, chemical applications, and even mining applications, they have what you need!

Never be fooled by high rates and costs again! Reach out to us here at SXET to get a free quote!

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ODA Varkin Glass Co., Ltd.

Varkin Glass Co., Ltd., or commonly referred to as ODA Glass, is one of the first companies that hovered the market of ITO Glass. Their creativity is what brought them to the top ranks of ITO Glass manufacturers alongside SXET and many others.

Unlike the vast majority of ITO Glass manufacturing companies, though, ODA Varkin Glass is never settled with a single type of product. They’re able to execute highly creative and innovative ITO Glass products specific to your needs!

Ever wondered how much it is to purchase 100 pieces of 100×100 ITO Glass? Shoot us a message and we’ll let you know exactly!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on SXET’s ITO Glass

  1. Can SXET Produce Custom ITO Glass?
  2. How Much Can ITO Glass Can SXET Produce?
  3. What Thickness of ITO Glass Can SXET Produce?
  4. What Glass Types Does SXET Use?
  5. What’s the Delivery Time or Lead Time of SXET’s ITO Glass?
  6. What Are the Payment Methods Accepted by SXET?

Can SXET Produce Custom ITO Glass?

Yes, in fact, SXET is one of China’s top ITO Glass manufacturers and is currently globally recognized as the most trusted and most relied on supplier of ITO Glass.

You can count on them and trust them to produce the custom ITO Glass that you need!

How Much Can ITO Glass Can SXET Produce?

SXET Glass Co., Ltd. is skilled and capable of producing bulk and wholesale orders of ITO Glass. Unlike many of our competitors, the quality of the glass would never be compromised!

Whether you need hundreds of orders weekly or if you need to do thousands monthly, we’re sure that we’ll be able to help you!

What Thickness of ITO Glass Can SXET Produce?

SXET can produce ITO Glass units that are about 0.33 mm to 6 mm thick. The maximum size that we can help you with is 345 x 435 mm with the minimum diameter of 3mm.

Our range tolerance for thickness runs at ± 0.05 mm.

What Glass Types Does SXET Use?

SXET is skilled and capable of utilizing many different types and kinds of glass products for the fabrication and production of ITO Glass. In our arsenal, we can use soda-lime glass, tempered glass, 3D tempered glass, Gorilla Glass, Schott Glass, AGC Glass, optical glass, and many more!

We are a versatile and flexible company that can cater to the needs of your business should you require high-quality ITO Glass products!

What’s the Delivery Time or Lead Time of SXET’s ITO Glass?

SXET can produce and deliver ITO Glass units within 7 to 12 business days from the date of payment confirmation and finalization.

If you require samples, this lead time can extend 7 to 12 days more.

What Are the Payment Methods Accepted by SXET?

SXET can accommodate a wide variety of payment methods, namely T/T, wire and bank transfers, Western Union, Money Gram, Apple Pay, Ali Pay, and many more!

Contact us so you have a range of what payment methods we are compatible with!

With SXET, you will never have any problem with the ITO Glass you’ll be purchasing. Not only are we skilled and adept in producing a wide range of ITO Glass, but we can also guarantee speed, urgency, and swiftness in all of our deliveries!

Other Products We Offer

And if you think that our expertise lies on ITO Glass alone, think again! As the best glass fabrication expert in the country, you can also consider us as your go-to manufacturer for all other glass units you need, namely Gorilla Glass, camera glass, tempered glass, 3D tempered glass, and many more!

Reach out to us today and receive a free quotation for all the orders you need!

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