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Keyboard glass

SXET a professional keyboard glass manufacturer in China, at SXET you can get custom keyboard glass for your business within 0.4mm – 6mm thickness, the tolerance is +/-0.05mm.

Transparent glass keyboard

SXET is an expert glass processing manufacturer, we can do any transparent glass keyboard as per your drawing.

Glass mechanical keyboard

SXET is a leading manufacturer of glass mechanical keyboards, we can produce high-quality glass products for your needs.

Glass touch screen keyboard

If you are looking for the best glass touch screen keyboard, you are in the right place. SXET can do the high-value keyboard glass for your business.

Glass touch keyboard

SXET is one best glass touch keyboard manufacturer in China. We can cut glass touch keyboard to any size as per your requst.

Glass computer keyboard

SXET is an OEM glass processing manufacturer, we can do high-value glass products for your computer keyboard

You can choose to get your keyboard glass units from us here at SXET in the exact form you want and need it to. Whether you want it covered and coated with anti-glare (AG) acid etching, if you want it to have anti-reflective properties, if you’re looking to have it plasma sprayed to avoid fingerprints and smudges, you can request to us!

Not only that, SXET’s keyboard glasses aren’t only limited to white and transparent colors. With our color-printing technology, we can help you by producing or by manufacturing color-printed keyboard glasses in the color you want it to be in!

Our excessively sophisticated keyboard glass products will definitely be what you need! You can have it manufactured with beveled edges, stepped edges, 2.5D, and even 3D edges!

Choosing us here at SXET to be your keyboard glass manufacturer will definitely be worth your time, efforts, and money!

Why is SXET’s Keyboard Glass the Best?

The usage of keyboard glass encompasses the traditional keyboard. Due to its aesthetics and its sophistication, you’ll find a ton of uses for it in the research and science industry, the technological and gaming industry, as well as the consumer electronics industry, and many more!

That’s not the best part about SXET’s keyboard glass – the best part is you have the chance to order custom keyboard glasses the way you want it to be!

You can choose from float glass, Schott Glass, Dragontrail Glass, AGC glass, Panda Glass, and other types of raw glass materials!

Through the use of our cutting-edge and state-of-the-art machines and equipment, we’ll be able to manufacture and produce specific keyboard glass units that are exactly what your business needs!

  • We can help you with adhesive sticking on your keyboard glasses upon request
  • Color-printing is available – you can choose from a wide range of different colors
  • We can promise you an estimate lead time of about 7 to 12 days after payment
  • We can deliver promising quality OEM products
  • Hole drilling, etching, and shaping are all available upon request
  • We perform ultrasonic bath treatments to all products

You’ll never have to think about where you can get the best keyboard glass manufacturer when you try our products out!

Apart from keyboard glass, you can also trust and rely on us if you need non-glare glass, optical glass, Gorilla glass,  screen glass, and many more!

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Keyboard Glass – The Complete FAQ Guide

Perhaps you’re involved in the electronics industry and you want to move up a notch from what your competitors are offering by innovating on keyboard glass.

If you’re not 100% sure of what a keyboard glass is, fret not! In this guide, we will be giving you all the information you need to know about keyboard glass! From understanding what it is to unraveling all the benefits and advantages you can get from it!

But wait, there’s more! We will also give you too little information so that you can work with the best keyboard glass manufacturer in the market!

What is a Keyboard Glass?

There are multiple meanings and definitions of what keyboard glass is. That will depend on how you have come to know it.

An image of a keyboard glass – fully flat without any keys embossed

It could be a glass touch screen keyboard, which is something that’s slowly becoming more and more popular in the market. It’s the type or the kind of keyboard where it’s made of 100% glass, hence the term glass touch screen keyboard.

Or it could be the glass-like cover of keyboards to protect and keep it safe from dust, dirt, as well as other types of debris.

In this guide, though, we’ll discuss keyboard glass that does not have keys – all-glass touch keyboards, which is actually one of the most sought-after types of keyboards in the market.

How Does a Glass Keyboard Work?

Most people don’t have a full grasp of understanding how keyboard glasses work. When, in reality, they work, function, and operate the same way how regular keyboards do.

A quick photo of how a keyboard glass is connected to an external device

You simply have to plug them into a device that has a USB port or jack, like a laptop or a computer.

The only difference that glass keyboards have with the conventional keyboards that we know of would be the fact that keyboard glasses don’t have keys. They’re 100% glass and their sensors are touch-sensitive, meaning, you would have to tap on the keyboard glass in order for it to press like how you would press a keyboard.

Where Do You Use Keyboard Glass?

You use keyboard glass units in the same devices and technology where you use regular keyboards.

Glass touch smart keyboards being used in the medical field

They include computers, laptops, manufacturing machines, and the like. As a matter of fact, you can find them being used in a ton of different business sectors and industries, such as:

  • Medical and Medical Device Industry
  • Aerospace and Defense (AS&D) Industry
  • Consumer Electronics Industry
  • Production and Manufacturing Industry
  • And Many More!

Take note, though, that these aren’t the only business industries and sectors you can use glass touch screen keyboards on.

You’ll find that it’s mostly used in the laboratory or the medical industry sector.

Different Types of Keyboards

Contrary to what most people believe in, there isn’t just one type or kind of keyboard in the market.

An example of what an ergonomic keyboard looks like

You can find a myriad of types of keyboards in the market, glass touch keyboards – among others. But, to help you even further in knowing and identifying them, here are some of the different types of keyboards:

QWERTY Keyboards

These are the most common, and quite frankly, the one that’s actually the ancestors of all the keyboards that we know today.

QWERTY keyboards are designed to function and have a layout like regular and old-fashioned typewriters.

Numeric Keypads

Numeric keypads are extensions of the regular keyboards that we know, and not all keyboards have numeric keypads.

Think of it as if it’s some type of accessibility feature of keyboards.

They’re “numeric” keyboards because of the fact that they’re just numbers on a keypad with symbols and the [RETURN] or the [ENTER] button.

Wireless Keyboards

These are the types of keyboards that are wireless. Unlike conventional keyboards that you need to plug into a USB port or jack, these keyboards can connect and link to devices using Bluetooth.

Ergonomic Keyboards

Ever since the issue of ergonomics has blasted the market, the rise of ergonomic keyboards has increased.

They’re neither far nor different from how regular QWERTY keyboards work. The only advantage and difference of ergonomic keyboards would be the fat

Glass Keyboards or Keyboard Glass

These are the types of keyboards that we’ll be focusing on today.

Glass touch smart keyboards are keyboards that aren’t made out of plastic. They’re made from pure glass and the primary advantage of using these keyboard glasses revolves around accessibility, style, and functionality.

These are the different types and kinds of keyboards that you can find in the market! They’re not everything, but according to the hierarchy of popularity, they’re the most sought-after and the most popular products in the market today.

Regular Keyboard vs. Keyboard Glass: Similarities and Differences

As we have mentioned above, there aren’t too many differences between regular keyboards and glass touch screen keyboards.

One of the main advantages of a glass touch keyboard over a conventional keyboard

But, in what ways are they similar or the same?

Here are some of the points and factors that you can try to look at if you’re going to compare them:

Feature or Functionality Regular Wired Keyboard Keyboard Glass
USB-ready Yes Yes
Loud Clicking Sound Yes No
Easy-to-Install Yes Yes
Versatile or Flexible Yes Yes
Easy to Clean Yes Yes
Sensitive to Damage or Breaking No Yes


As you may have noticed, there aren’t big differences in comparing glass touch smart keyboards from the regular and the traditional keyboards that we have.

But, when it comes to functionality, value, and overall operability, you might be surprised with what keyboard glasses have to offer.

What Are the Advantages of Keyboard Glass?

You can avoid the sipping of external materials on keys with glass touch screen keyboards

You’ll find a ton of different benefits and advantages in using keyboard glass in replacement of the traditional and the conventional glass that we have.

Some of these include:

Higher Value

Compared to silicone and plastic keyboards, glass touch screen keyboards hold more and better value because of the simple fact that they’re made entirely of glass.

We all know that glass is more valuable than plastic, and therefore, it upholds much more value than the conventional silicone or plastic keyboards that we use.

Design and Aesthetics

Did you know that the makers and the manufacturers of glass smart keyboards are able to produce unlimited types and kinds of designs?

This is due to the fact that glass keyboards or keyboard glasses are easy to be printed on.

As a matter of fact, most businesses and companies that manufacture and produce glass touch keyboards offer customizations when it comes to the design and the overall style of their products.

If you want a more aesthetic and a more sophisticated look, going with keyboard glass will be what you need.

More Hygienic

How do you clean and disinfect regular keyboards? It would most often include cleaning everything down to the hinges and the spaces of each key, right?

With glass touch screen keyboards, though, you just need to clean the surface because it doesn’t contain any space or hinge between each key!

They’re easier and more convenient to clean and disinfect because you’ll just have to clean a flat surface.

No Sound/Less Noise

Another primary benefit of using a glass touch smart keyboard is that it can give you the assurance that it will not make or produce loud and noisy clicking sounds when you press the keys.

As opposed to using mechanical keyboards, which produce loud and noisy clicking sounds (especially if you’re a fast-typer), you will hear minimal sounds when tapping on keyboard glass.

More Resistant and Durable

In comparison to the traditional and the conventional keyboards that we have, glass keyboards have been proven to be stronger, more resistant, and more durable.

This is due to the fact that glass is more resistant, and is more robust than of silicones and plastics.

As a matter of fact, keyboard glass units will be able to resist vibrations, impacts, as well as scratches. You can also expect glass keyboards to resist corrosion more efficiently and more effectively than of their ancestors.

These are some of the many benefits of choosing glass touch keyboards over the plastic or the silicone keyboards that we’re used to see.

Are There Disadvantages in Using Glass Touch Screen Keyboards?

While you may think that keyboard glass units are all rainbows and butterflies, they’re not.

Low-light and being difficult to read – one of the few disadvantages of glass touch screen keyboards

In fact, there are a couple of drawbacks in deciding to use keyboard glass units instead of the usual and traditional keyboards. These disadvantages and cons include, but are not limited to:

They’re Not Cheap

As what many of us would expect, glass touch screen keyboards, or simply keyboard glass units aren’t cheap as compared to that made from silicone or plastics.

While the rates and prices would differ from one manufacturer to another, try to imagine the price of keyboard glasses to be around 200 to 300% more expensive than a mechanical keyboard.

Adjustments Might Be Hard

Part of the common reasons why the use of these glass screen keyboards is in the medical field is because of the fact that they don’t require too much typing.

Oftentimes, they’ll just have to type in too few characters in their database.

Another thing worth noting would be the adjustment rate and period of the people who would be using it. You can think of it to be as easy as typing on a smartphone, but imagine the change and the modification in the size of it.

It’ll be easy and simple, but the adjustment period might be something you have to consider.

More Fragile

In comparison to regular keyboards like silicone or plastics, glass touch screen keyboards are going to be more fragile and more prone to breakage and damages.

This is due to the fact that glass is brittle and it’s easy to put cracks and damages on it.

Now that you know what the main disadvantages and drawbacks of using glass touch screen keyboards are, it’ll be easy for you to avoid them. Considering the fact that almost all of these are easily workable and manageable, these things don’t mean the end of the world.

How is a Glass Keyboard Made?

The entire procedure of how a glass touch screen keyboard is made can be summed up into a few different parts, and that’s what we’ll be doing today.

An image on how a keyboard is programmed, being prepared for manufacturing

Since the method in producing it does not actually fall far from how regular or traditional keyboards are made, we can simply imagine the procedure of manufacturing or producing keyboard glass.

Nevertheless, here’s the complete and comprehensive process on how you can create and produce keyboard glass:

Manufacturing or Production of the Glass

The first step in producing and manufacturing keyboard glass involves the forming and the shaping of the surface or the exterior.

Instead of using plastic or silicone, manufacturers of this product use glass. They shape it to the size and the dimensions required end-to-end.

Moreover, they tend to leave out the bottom part open in order for the electronic board to be inserted to the device.

Once all of those are in place, they proceed to the programming and the aligning of the keys.

Alignment and Programming of the Keys

This involves electronic experts to ensure that all of the areas of the electronic part of the keyboard would function like how they would.

They usually test it out using CAD programs. This is also where the soldering of all the contacts and buttons are made.

More often than not, the calibration, testing, and experimentation phase of glass touch screen keyboards take place between 6 to 8 months before proceeding to full production.

Finalizing and Production of Glass Keyboard Unit

After it’s been tested and finalized, the next step would be to latch it onto the keyboard glass. Technicians would then connect and link the cables to ensure that each tap on a button on your glass touch screen keyboard would be a success.

This is the usual and the regular procedure in the creation or the production of keyboard glass.

Is There a Laser Keyboard?

It may sound futuristic, and you might even find it to be impossible, but some engineers and experts were able to come up with laser keyboards that work with hologram lasers.

An example of a laser hologram projection keyboard

These are the machines and devices that can project an image of a keyboard onto a surface – just like what it says, a hologram laser projected keyboard. You’ll be able to find a multitude of these hologram laser projection keyboards in the market.

NOTE: These laser hologram keyboards are battery-powered. Most of them have battery lives that are within the ranges of 700 to 1,200 mAH.

There are those, however, that have battery lives and limits that can go as high as 2,000 mAH. But, those are hologram laser keyboards that are part of the top and the highest quality of laser keyboards in the market.

How Do You Use Hologram Laser Projection Keyboards?

Using laser projection hologram keyboards is actually easy. In fact, you can accomplish it in just a few simple steps.

To be able to successfully use laser keyboards, here are the steps you can take:

  1. Attach and load up the batteries needed by the device that would project the hologram of the keyboard.
  2. After that, position the camera, which will be what will release the beam to the surface where you want it to be the surface where you’ll be typing.
  3. Some laser keyboards function like a glass touch screen keyboard glass where it doesn’t need any type of infrared laser above the virtual keyboard. There are those, however, that need it in order to record the keystroke that you’ll make on it.
  4. Turn it on and see the projection of the laser on the surface.
  5. After that, perform a couple of tests to see whether or not it’s functioning or if it’s properly working.

That’s the general sense of how laser keyboards work. You may find it close – even similar to how keyboard glasses work. It’s just that instead of being touchscreen on glass, the keyboard is projected to whatever surface you point the camera to.

What is a Glass Mechanical Keyboard?

A glass mechanical keyboard is a type of mechanical keyboard that’s made of glass instead of plastic or silicone at the bottom.

An image of what a glass mechanical keyboard looks like

Technically speaking, a glass mechanical keyboard is just a regular mechanical keyboard, which has lighting capabilities, but instead of plastic as its base, you have glass or film coating for it.

Part of the main benefit of using glass mechanical keyboards is that it offers a more beautiful and more aesthetic feel to the keyboard compared to the plastic and the silicone version of it.

The transparency and the translucency that it has will make the lights of each key appear better.

Is a Glass Mechanical Keyboard the Same as a Glass Touch Screen Keyboard?

Now, you might think that a glass mechanical keyboard would be the same as a regular keyboard glass, but, in reality, they’re not the same.

A glass touch smart keyboard being used for accessibility with a smartphone

As a matter of fact, these glass mechanical keyboards are more comparable to the conventional or the regular keyboards that we know in the market.

One good tip to easily be able to identify glass touch smart keyboards is that they’re flat and the keys are printed or painted instead of being embossed. The flatness of these glass touch keyboards is what makes them unique and more sought-after by businesses and companies.

Glass mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, appear just like how a regular mechanical keyboard would. It would have separate and segregated keys for each item instead of just appearing to be a flat piece of glass.

Keyboard Glass Price

Rates and prices for these glass touch smart keyboards will vary from one manufacturer to another. As a matter of fact, there are a couple of points you need to consider to determine and identify their prices.

Some of these factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturer or Supplier Who Produced It
  • Features and Functionality
  • Type or Quality of Glass Used
  • Durability and Longevity of All Materials Involved

Generally, though, the median price of glass touch screen keyboards would be around $160 to $300. There are cheap ones that you can purchase below $100 but that might not be as durable and as efficient as how you would expect good brands of glass touch keyboards to be.

Going over that amount would be extremely lucrative, in fact, it may have a couple of features that are for professional fields like the medical field, the manufacturing field, etc.

Properties and Characteristics of Keyboard Glass

We now know the benefits and advantages of using glass touch screen keyboards, right? What about the properties and characteristics of them?

An image on why glass touch smart keyboards should be what you’re using

Here are some of the most notable properties and characteristics you need to consider before purchasing keyboard glass:

Resistance and Durability

This particular property refers to the overall strength of the glass touch screen keyboard to resist impact, scratches, as well as damages to the surface as well as the internal parts and components of it.

The better and higher the resistance and durability, the longer you can use your keyboard glass.


Sensitivity is the characteristic of the glass touch screen keyboard that would be about how easy it is to press or tap on a key.

Unlike using a conventional keyboard, the rubber contacts would not matter because the keyboard would directly be pressed on the surface of the glass.


Transparency is the property or the characteristic of the keyboard to be visible inside and out. Although keyboard glasses aren’t 100% transparent, you will notice that most of the components of it would visible through the interior of the casing.

Flexibility and Versatility

Lastly, this property refers to how well the keyboard glass is capable of being used in any environment.

For instance, would it be possible to use it under highly reactive environments and instances? Would it be safe and easy to use it under extreme temperature conditions?

These are the characteristics and properties of glass touch screen keyboards you need to look for! Of course, they aren’t everything – but they make up most of the entirety of what you need to find.

That brings us to our next point, which is…

What Should You Look For in a Keyboard Glass?

After knowing all of these things and information, you might think that landing on high-quality glass touch smart keyboards isn’t actually a bad thing.

In fact, you’re already equipped with the knowledge on how you can find them. One thing remains uncertain, though, what do you need to look for in a keyboard glass?

This question is actually relative because you’d have to find and consider its specifications, as well as its properties depending on what use you’ll have for it.

So, the basic and the simplest answer to this will depend on your needs directly.

Are you trying to find the best-looking and the highest-quality glass touch keyboards? If so, go for those that are offering a complete set of RGB-lighting glass keyboards.

Do you want the glass touch smart keyboards that contain a track pad in itself, too? Or are you more concerned about its durability and longevity?

The choice is actually yours – but the general things that you would want to see in these keyboard glasses include:

  • Resistance to Chemical Reactions, Which Can Lead to Cracking and Damaging
  • Ease of How You Can Clean and Disinfect It
  • The Glass Keyboard That Has the Right Mix of Sensitivity; or The One That Where You Can Set the Touch Sensitivity
  • Glass Touch Smart Keyboards That Have Its Own Track Pad
  • And Many More!

Is There a Wireless Glass Touch Keyboard?

If you’ve already read articles and pieces about glass touch screen keyboards, then you’ve already had a glimpse of what it is.

Yes, there are certain manufacturers that were able to construct wireless glass touch smart keyboards. Similar to a regular silicone or plastic keyboard glass, you can connect it to your device via Bluetooth and with a USB adapter.

It also comes with a USB cable for charging the glass screen keyboard, as well as a user manual on how you can use and operate it if you’ll be using it for the first time.

However, there are Bluetooth-enabled glass keyboards that don’t require a USB adapter, just through Bluetooth.

Are Glass Touch Smart Keyboards All Fingerprint-Proof?

Not all glass touch smart keyboards are fingerprint-proof. In fact, the anti-fingerprint or anti-smudge technology that these glass keyboards have are added during the manufacturing or the production of the glass.

Yes, it’s added as early as that, and therefore, it’s not something that all keyboard glasses have. There are tons of keyboard glass manufacturers and suppliers that offer other types of treatment to the glass such as anti-reflective (AR) coating, anti-smudge or anti-fingerprint (AF), and many more!

Don’t beat yourself up too much by settling for less – you will be able to find a ton of highly-treated keyboard glasses in the market.

Where Can You Find High Quality Keyboard Glass?

There are multiple companies and manufacturers that offer keyboards made of glasses. More often than not, these businesses and companies produce and manufacture keyboard glass to provide more aesthetics to the product.

However, some construct and engineer it to make the lives of people with special needs better, easier, and more convenient.

There are those that have special LED backlights, transparent icons and displays, and the like.

You’ll find many businesses or companies that offer different types and kinds of keyboard glass from various countries around the world.

In fact, a lot of retail stores consider Chinese keyboard glass suppliers and manufacturers to be their go-to solution!

Which Chinese Keyboard Glass Supplier Should You Work With?

We know that Chinese keyboard glass manufacturers and suppliers all offer superior quality, but out of all the options you have, which company should you work with?

For many years in delivering exceptional quality keyboard glass products, you can consider us here at SXET to be the manufacturer you can trust for your business.

Unlike our competitors and other keyboard glass manufacturers from other countries, we here at SXET focus on the intent and the overall functionality of our glass touch smart keyboards.

That doesn’t mean, though, that we already take the quality for granted. As a matter of fact, most of our clients come back to us for other glass fabrication products that they need!

Other Products We’re Offering

Besides being the best keyboard glass manufacturer in the whole of China, SXET can also be your go-to solution if you’re in dire need of the best Gorilla Glass raw glass products, chemically strengthened glass, cover lens glass, custom glass panels, and many more!

Dial us today or shoot us an email and be sure to get world-class quality keyboard glass wherever you are in the world!

Get all of the orders you need shortly, for our lead time is just 7 to 12 days from the date of payment confirmation!

When you work with us, you will never feel the need to contact a different glass touch screen keyboard manufacturer ever again! Don’t waste time by shuffling through all keyboard glass suppliers – choose us and enable your business’s growth!

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