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Large Glass Panel, Custom Cut Large Glass Panel in Different Thickness

SXET’s large glass panels are wide panels of glass to be used in various environments where large-sized glass is required. Now you can have these large glass panels in any size you want because SXET is an experienced and leading glass manufacturer and supplier.

SXET offers wide options for customizing large glass panels to fulfill your requirements flawlessly. We offer customizations of size as there could be different sizes of large glass panels with our innovative and robust machining. No matter how you want the shape of your large glass panels to be, we can make it all for you, such as round, eclipse, square, so on, and so forth.

Frosted glass sheet

We can offer you large glass panel for building in different thickness from 5mm to 19mm

Acid etched glass

We can do glass surface finish as your request, such as frosted glass, Acid-etched, AG etched, Anti-reflective coating, any more.

Large size glass panel

At SXET glass, you can get any glass size for the display screen from 0.4mm – 6mm thickness

Tempered glass

You can get large glass panels for houses, such as window, shelves, showers, and so on.

8mm Tempered glass

SXET can drill holes on large glass panel according to your request

Glass panel

SXET can fully support color printing on the large glass panels for your projects. Any color is available.

Your Professional Large Glass Panel Manufacturer - SXET Glass

SXET’s large glass panels come with the properties of various glass types, from toughened glass to Gorilla Glass and many others. Surprisingly, SXET’s large glass panels are resistant to breakage and damages. Being a professional glass manufacturer and supplier, SXET offers large glass panels with the ability to resist heat and have fire-rated properties.

It is made with extreme measures to bear even the unusual temperatures of more than 250 Degrees Celsius. Due to its ability to be weather impact-proof, it is widely used in outdoor environments as well. SXET’s large glass panels, despite their vast characteristics, are made five times stronger than the regular glass panels.

You can use SXET’s large glass panels in various indoor and outdoor environments like glass doors, windows, partition walls, home décor, etc. You can use them in complex adjustments where normal glass is difficult to fit in. It remains an ideal choice for wide dimensional projects.

Additionally, your large glass panels wouldn’t look attractive if we miss the coloring and shading part. Yes! Now we can provide you these large glass panels with your preferred color choices. Alongside these, there are a ton of pattern options waiting for your approval. You can have a blend of colors and patterns either on the entire large glass panels or a part of them.

Our CNC machining for small thickness and advanced glass manufacturing for large types can make your large glass panels a reality with style and perfection. Not only that, now it’s your choice to adjust the thickness of these large glass panels with flexible lower and higher values.

When it comes to edges, you will be lucky to have SXET’s large glass panels because they are super-edgy and completely customizable. If a flat polished edge doesn’t suit your requirements, you can choose the curvy beveled one and so many others.

Whether you want to have strong and sturdy large glass panels or blurry and translucent ones, it all depends upon your needs to choose an appropriate glass type for your project. Besides that, SXET can provide you a lot of other quality-rich glass products like toughened glass, Gorilla Glass, tempered glass, clear glass, Quartz glass, Dragontrail glass, Float glass, AGC glass, Schott glass, and many others.

SXET always provide quality-oriented large glass panels with perfection and the lowest rates possible. So, order large glass panels to get the ultimate benefits now!

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Large Glass Panels – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This is an ultimate guide to let you know all about large glass panels.

It is filled with all the necessary information related to large glass panels, such as how these are made, applications, installations, and others.

Therefore, before getting into the buying process of large glass panels, read this guide.

What are Large Glass Panels?

Large glass panels are the wide-shaped sheets of glass made for use in large environments.

Usually, quality-manufacturers like the SXET makes large glass panels with good quality raw materials like tempered glass.

Your large glass panels are easier to fix to a place where it is required, such as windows or doors, etc.

Large glass panels are specialized to fulfill your needs of almost all glass requirements.


What Large Glass Panels are Used?

Due to the versatility of large glass panels, you can use them in various places.

The most common applications of large glass panels are as follows:

  • Glass Partitions:

Large glass panels are widely used in glass partitions in either home or office environments.

  • Home or Office Doors:

This is the most common usage of large glass panels as you can make large-sized, beautifully-shaped, and attractively-colored large glass panels as doors.

  • Windows:

Due to the wide structure of large glass panels, you can use them as windows of your home, office, factory, or other places.

  • Table Tops:

With the blend of beautifying attractions of large glass panels, you can use them as tabletops to look unique.

  • Furniture:

Large glass panels are mostly used as furniture as well because most of the furniture items require wide-shaped glass with specialized properties.

  • Usage in Kitchen and Bathrooms:

You can use large glass panels in various places in your bathrooms or kitchen. Most kitchen appliances can also need large glass panels.

  • Other Specialized Usages:

In addition to all the above-mentioned usages, you can also use large glass panels in various other specialized environments, and we will provide you these according to your requirements.


How Do You Manufacture Large Glass Panels?

Manufacturing large glass panels consist of various processes and specialized tasks.

These processes are as follows:

  • Glass Panels Cutting:

In this first phase, glass is cut and shaped according to your size and shape requirements.

All of the raw materials of large glass panels are also taken under consideration.

  • Large Glass Panels Processing:

These large glass panels are made the actual glass by passing through a couple of processes.

These processes depend upon your requirements of glass type, such as for tempered glass, SXET uses either physical tempering or chemical tempering.

The glass is mixed up with all the elements, which are exactly according to your defined properties of large glass panels.

  • Final Finishes and Quality Checking:

Any type of edges, protective coatings, the usage of adhesives, specialized colorings, etc., of large glass panels, is done in this process with extreme quality considerations.

In the end, these large glass panels are tested to be friendly to your specified requirements.



Which Glass Types Can You Use to Make Large Glass Panels?

A good quality glass manufacturer like SXET can use a number of glass types to make large glass panels for you.

We provide the following types of glass to make specialized large glass panels for you:

  • Clear Glass
  • Tempered Glass or Toughened Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Gorilla Glass
  • Quartz Glass
  • Dragontrail Glass
  • Float Glass
  • AGC Glass
  • Schott Glass

In addition to these, if you have another requirement for the large glass type or other raw materials, you can get in touch with us.


What is the Most Durable Type of Large Glass Panels?

The best type of large glass panels depends upon the requirements you have, but in the usual scenario, it is tempered large glass panels.

The reason for their superiority is the properties your large glass panels will have, such as ultimate strength and hardness.

These large glass panels will not easily break, and they are scratch, heat, and fire-resistant to a great extent.

What are the Advantages of Using Large Glass Panels?

Large glass panels are used because of their unlimited benefits and advantages.

Some of the major benefits of large glass panels are as follows:

  • These glass panels are two to five times stronger than ordinary glass.
  • Large glass panels are easier to install because of their clear structure.
  • These panels are reliable and durable for keeping in permanent positions.
  • Large glass panels provide a lot of customizable options and space to put different patterns or colors on them.
  • These glass panels can be used in versatile environments.

The number of these advantages increases as you add some additional properties by using some specific raw materials.

What are the Essential Features of Large Glass Panels?

Large glass panels come with various features as follows:

  • Large glass panels are compact in design.
  • These panels can be sized and shape in various dimensions without compromising the quality.
  • Large glass panels offer a swift and robust structure to be durable for longer times.
  • The outer surface of large glass panels are smooth.

Moreover, there are various other features, such as the quality of design and toughness prior to your requirements.

From Where to Buy Large Glass Panels?

Buying large glass panels can be a challenging task because there are different variations in the market.

Having good-quality large glass panels is only possible through a good quality manufacturer.

You should always buy all the glass products from premium manufacturers like SXET glass manufacturing China.

What is the Cost of Large Glass Panels?

Since there are different glass types for making large glass panels, the cost of these panels is also different.

Typically, you can have pieces of large glass panels for $10 to $20 per piece.

If you are going to buy large glass panels with tempered or laminated properties, the price could go high.

Similarly, the price can be lower, like $5 to $7 per piece of large glass panels if you require normal glass specifications.

What are the Types of Large Glass Panels?

SXET can provide you a wide range of large glass panels to fit your requirements.

Usually, toughened large glass panels are considered one of the best types of them.

There are different types of large glass panels as follows:

  • Colored large glass panels
  • Laminated large glass panels
  • Tempered large glass panels
  • Other customized large glass panels

You can tell us to make some specialized large glass panels with customized properties as well.


Is Large Glass Panels Expensive?

No, large glass panels are not expensive because they have a bunch of options to choose raw materials and other customizations.

Usually, a piece of large glass panels could be cheaper than a normal glass panel or otherwise.

How Fast Can You Manufacture Large Glass Panels?

The time required to manufacture large glass panels depends upon your custom requirements.

It is because some large glass panels consist of complexities that require some more time to be spent.

Typically, SXET can manufacture various large glass panels within a single day.


Can You Laminate Large Glass Panels?

Yes, SXET can laminate large glass panels for you exactly according to requirements.

The process of lamination is done during the manufacturing process by putting a lamination layer in between the glass panel.

If these large glass panels are tempered, the tempered layers are kept on both sides of the laminated one.


Can You Cut Large Glass Panels to Size?

Yes, SXET can cut large glass panels to size according to your specialized needs and demands.

We apply progressive procedures to make your large glass panels fully customizable.

From the inner structure of your large glass panels like thickness to the outer surface like shapes and shades, everything will be completely in your hands.

Does Making Large Glass Panels Compromise Quality?

Manufacturing large glass panels do not compromise their quality at all if it’s made through a competent manufacturer.

Due to the material used in these large glass panels, quality is kept at the best level.

For example, if we take tempered glass as a material, there will be nothing to worry about because of its strengthened properties.

All of these properties are inherited from these large glass panels, which then shows their class and quality.

Can Large Glass Panels be Scratch-Proof?

Yes, large glass panels can be truly scratch-resistant because of the possibility of blending them with good quality materials.

However, some large glass panels with normal glass types are not scratch-proof.

This is because some customers require less-costly large glass panels for their regular requirements.

The ability of large glass panels to be scratch-proof largely depends upon what your requirements are.


Can Large Glass Panels be Impact-Resistant?

Large glass panels can bear great impacts no matter how extreme they are unless those impacts are something out of the usual ranges.

Due to the variety of glass types, there are variations in the impact-resistance factor.

For example, toughened large glass panels will show great resistance to impacts, while large clear glass panels will be open for impact damages.

Can You Make Large Glass Panels with Heat-Resistance?

Yes, SXET can provide you large glass panels with the ability to resist heat at its best.

These large glass panels will be resistant up to 400 Degrees Celsius of temperature and can easily be used in hot environments.

In case you don’t want to use specialized glass types like toughened glass, the heat and temperature resistance factor reduces to a minimum of below 100 Degrees Celsius.

That is why the quality of glass used in these large glass panels matters a lot and can provide you fire-resistance as well.

How Much Stronger are Large Glass Panels?

The strength of large glass panels depends upon the type of glass material used in them.

If these are toughened large glass panels, these will be five times stronger than the normal glass.

In the case of laminated or Schott glass, the strength can be higher.

You can always contact SXET for how strong you want these large glass panels to be, and we will do the rest.

Which Machines You Use to Make Large Glass Panels?

Since large glass panels are wider in size and structure, their manufacturing also depends upon various machines.

The usage of manufacturing machines also depends upon the glass type, but the usual machines are as follows:

  • Glass panels material cutting machine
  • Glass panels coloring machine
  • Precise glass panel drilling machine
  • Ultrasonic bath cleaning machine
  • And many others.


In How Many Sizes Can You Cut Large Glass Panels?

You can have as many sizes of large glass panels as you want because SXET has the capability of cutting them exactly according to your size specifications.

Typically, large glass sheets come with a size of 2.5 x 3.6 meters, but you can have more or less than this.

These large glass panels are usually wider in sizes with large, extra-large, and extreme-large variations.

Can Large Glass Panels be Cut to Any Shape?

The shape is the primary aspect that defines the attractiveness and usability of large glass panels.

SXET can provide you almost any shape of these large glass panels because we have the tools and techniques to make them exactly as you want with precision.

The commonly used shapes of large glass panels are square, round, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, oval, parallelogram, octagon, and many others.

Alongside these, we have comprehensive shape ideas to make your large glass panels a success by exploring the shapes library.


What Thickness Option You Provide for Large Glass Panels?

The minimum and maximum large glass panel thickness that SXET can provide varies upon glass types.

This is because various glass shapes with customized designs might require you to have extra thickness.

In normal terms, we can provide a glass thickness of 1mm to 19mm with complete accuracy all around to large glass panels.

However, if you have some other requirements, you can get in touch with us to see the possibilities.

Can You Provide Custom Edges to Large Glass Panels?

Yes, SXET can provide you custom edges for your large glass panels.

These large glass panel edges will be according to your customized edge designs and requirements.

Some of the most common edge options for large glass panels are as under:

  • Flat Polished Edges
  • Pencil Edges
  • Triple OG Edges
  • OG Beveled Edges
  • Waterfall Edges
  • Bull Nose Edges
  • Miter Edges
  • ½ Beveled Edges
  • ¾ Beveled Edges
  • 1 Beveled Edge
  • ¼ Beveled Edges
  • 1 ½ Beveled Edges
  • Double Beveled Edges
  • Triple Beveled Edges

Additionally, you can come up with your own edging requirements for large glass panels without any worries.


Can You Stick Adhesives to Large Glass Panels?

Yes, SXET can stick various adhesives to your large glass panels for better stickiness.

Glue is the most common adhesive used during the manufacturing process of large glass panels.

Alongside it, there are various other options available waiting for your requirements.

If you want to have some parts of these large glass panels to show the adhesive properties and the other parts not to, we can also enrich your glass panels with this ability.

Can You Color Large Glass Panels?

Since these large glass panels are used in various home decorations and other critical environments, coloring them will be a great capability.

That’s why SXET can provide you a wide range of colorings to apply to your large glass panels.

These colors are not limited to just standard colors like blue, red, green, etc., but we can also offer tint and shading abilities in a variety of colors.

The most commonly used colors for large glass panels are as follows:

  • Euro Bronze
  • Golden Bronze
  • Dark Bronze
  • F – Green
  • Euro Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Blue Grey
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Blue
  • Ford Blue
  • Ocean Blue
  • Pink

These are just a few coloring possibilities as there are hundreds of them in our designing libraries.

We can also suggest you best color combinations for your large glass panels according to your needs.


Can You Add Tolerance to Large Glass Panels?

Primarily, glass tolerance is kept directly proportional to the thickness of large glass panels.

We can provide you a wide range of tolerance options for your large glass panels, but the most commonly used ones are as mentioned below:

  • For 4, 5, and 6mm glass thickness, tolerance is ±0.2mm
  • For 8, 10, and 12mm of glass thickness, tolerance is kept at ±0.3mm
  • For 15mm glass thickness, tolerance is kept at ±0.5mm
  • For 19mm glass thickness, tolerance is kept at ±1.0mm

Moreover, if you want to have more or less than these tolerance values, you can get in touch with us to make the most out of your large glass panels.

Is it Possible to Drill Holes on Large Glass Panels?

SXET understands the importance of drilling in large glass panels and can provide this facility.

Due to the factors specified, holes can ease the process of glass installation and various other usages, and we use high-precision holes drilling mechanisms to make them a reality.

These holes in large glass panels will not only be exactly the same as the designs but also attractive to look at.

Large glass panels especially need holes if you are planning to use them as doors, mirrors, and other furniture items.


What Customizable Options are Available for Large Glass Panels?

For large glass panels, SXET offers one of the top customizations to fulfill your specific requirements.

No matter how complex your large glass panels are, we are here to convert your designs into great and realistic glass panels.

  • Glass Panels Material Type:

From the dozens of glass material types like tempered, clear, etc., you can have all these material usages possible for your large glass panels.

  • Customized Glass Panels Size and Shape:

Now you can take control of your size and shape requirements of large glass panels. Almost any of your sizes and shape can be cut according to your demands.

  • Customized Glass Panel’s Thickness and Tolerance:

SXET provides you the capability of making large glass panels exactly according to your thickness and tolerance needs.

  • Drillings and Edging:

No matter how many drills you want to add to your large glass panels along with the customized edges, we can do it for you.

  • Colorings and Final Finishes:

Tints, shades, colors, protective coatings, and all other types of finishes can be applied to your large glass panels on demand.

How Can You Import Large Glass Panels from China?

You can simply import these large glass panels from China by getting in touch with SXET and mentioning your requirements.

You will be given a price quotation that will exactly be according to your given requirements and designs.

After confirmation from your side, the payments are expected to be made from your side.

You will be asked to mention your complete address to ship your large glass sheets.

We will send your shipment, and it will reach you within 3 to 4 weeks.

Can You Offer Latest Designs of Large Glass Panels?

With the experience of more than ten years, SXET has one of the largest design libraries for your large glass panels.

We have served countless international clients and knows the trending designs of large glass panels very well.

SXET can definitely offer you top designs, and that will be absolutely free.


What is the Average Life of Large Glass Panels?

The average lifespan of large glass panels can vary because of their structural elements.

However, regular large glass panels can last up to 50 years with regular usage.

How You Ship Large Glass Panels with Safety?

Shipping large glass panels with safety is a huge challenge, and SXET takes it seriously.

We use plastic films to wrap your large glass panels with belts and wooden boxes to provide them more firmness.

During the delivery in containers, we also assure that nothing harms your large glass panels by assessing the placements.

Can You Provide Free Samples of Large Glass Panels?

Yes, SXET can provide free samples of large glass panels to make sure you get the quality products.

We can deliver these samples to your doorstep, no matter wherever you reside.

So, just get in touch with your requirements of large glass panels to get these free services and benefits now!

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