Custom Low Iron Glass as Your Request

SXET’s complete lineup of low-iron glass sheets, substrates, and even low iron glass cut to size have been deemed as the country’s most reliable and most banked on.

Being the best and the top low iron glass supplier in China for many years, we will never disappoint you with our products. Whether you need it for your business, for the construction of a house, and even if you are planning on re-merchandising them, we can help you with it!

  • We can produce custom low iron glass sheets for your preference
  • The light transmission rate of our low-iron glass products is always above 97%
  • We can specify the low iron glass to your needs (toughening, tempering, etc.)
  • SXET can produce ultra-clear low-iron glass products
Low iron glass Sheet

Our library of low iron glass sheets are stable and we can produce it in any way, size, and dimensions you like! The minimum thickness of our low-iron glass sheet products are at about 0.33 mm in thickness – but we have a production tolerance range of more or less 0.05 mm!

Toughened low iron glass

Need toughened low iron glass for a much more physical and a much more objective use? SXET can produce these toughened low iron glass units for you! We’re able to execute optimum production of tempered, toughened, and chemically strengthened low-iron glass products for you! Get the usual transparent color for toughened low-iron glass or have it color-printed all according to your needs!

Ultra-clear low iron glass

Other than the usual low-iron glass products you can purchase from other manufacturers, you can trust and rely on our skill here at SXET as we are skilled in producing ultra-clear low iron glass! You’ll never be disappointed with our work! Our ultra-clear low-iron glass will be extra effective in industries and sectors that require clear displays!

Low iron glass cut to size

Whether you need a full low-iron glass substrate, low-iron glass sheets, and even low-iron glass aquariums, SXET can be your go-to company for it! We can provide hard specifications for custom and cut to size low-iron glass units particular to what you need them for. We have a particular range of production, but we can negotiate with the specific or the custom size you want your low-iron glass to be!

Clear low iron glass

From the usual and regular low iron glass, ultra-clear low-iron glass, to just the usual clear low-iron glass, our engineers can assist you produce what you specifically want and need! We utilize advanced machinery and equipment for your clear low-iron glass products and you can count on it 100% of the way!

Tempered low iron glass

Should you want your low-iron glass products to be stronger, more durable, and much more reliable, then you can count on us here at SXET for the tempered low-iron glass products you require! We never ran out of options as to how we can improve and develop our tempered low-iron glass units, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with it, too!

The Leading Low Iron Glass Supplier in China

SXET’s expertise in the manufacturing/production of low-iron glass has been appreciated by a lot of companies, businesses, and enterprises from all around the world! Our low-iron glass boasts of the optical clarity and transparency it has compared to other products of manufacturers!

Our company is skilled in the production of custom low-iron, ultra-clear glass in terms of style, color, design, size, and dimensions. You can send to us a drawing or a draft of the exact low-iron glass that you need!

The experts and professionals that we have here at SXET can perform a lot of polishing procedures such as lamination, silkscreen, bending, and toughening, heat tempering, chemical strengthening, and many more! Most of our professionals can make and produce it from the soda-lime glass as well as other types of glass to create the perfect

You can choose other edging types and profiles such as the usual 2D edge, 2.5D edge, 3D edge, stepped edge, beveled edge, and others!

The main features of our low-iron glass include excellent and optimum optical performance, precise and accurate thickness, high levels of light transmittance, smooth and flat surfacing, and many more! SXET’s ultra-clear glass has a light transmittance upwards of 97%!

Our low-iron glass units are flexible and versatile that you’ll be able to make use of them in many different business sectors and industries!

Choose us as your low-iron glass supplier if you need ultra-thin or ultra-thick products that are custom to your needs! We’re able to produce a whole wide variety of styles for these ultra-white glass units, just reach out to us!

Why SXET’s Low-Iron Glass Units Are the Best

You can make use of our low-iron glass for a lot of different usages and applications in the architectural sector, the lighting sector, the furniture industry, the retail and commercial industry, the chemical or laboratory sector, and many more!

  • SXET can produce bulk or wholesale ultra-white glass or low-iron glass
  • You can customize the low-iron glass orders specific to your business needs!
  • SXET can use many different types of raw glass products such as soda-lime glass, Gorilla Glass, tempered glass, etc.
  • Lead time is within 7 to 12 days after payment confirmation

Being the top low-iron glass manufacturer in the market, you can count and rely on our products to be licensed and certified across all different international standards such as ASTM C1036, EN572, ISO 9001, and many more!

Never hesitate to give us a call or leave us a message if you are looking for high-quality ultra-clear glass units even if you’re on a budget!

Other than being the best low-iron glass China manufacturer, we’re also skilled and adept in the production of other glass processing products and materials such as 3D tempered glass, Gorilla Glass, anti-reflective (AR) glass, curved glass, keyboard glass, and many more!

Ring us up or send us an email over to get a free quote or estimate! You’ll never be able to find a low-iron glass manufacturer as skilled and as adept as us ever again!

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Low-Iron Glass – The Comprehensive Buying Guide

Can’t find a good and reliable low-iron glass supplier? Do you want to know what the best properties and features of low-iron glass are?

In this buying and FAQ guide, you will not only learn the ins and outs of purchasing good-quality low-iron glass, but you will also learn how you can work with the best low-iron glass manufacturer in the market!

This complete all-around guide will teach you everything you need to know about low-iron glass and what things you need in order to ensure that your products will never be low-quality!

  1. What is Low-Iron Glass?
  2. Where Do You Use Low-Iron Glass?
  3. What Are the Benefits of Low-Iron Glass?
  4. Disadvantages of Low-Iron Glass
  5. Clear Glass and Low-Iron Glass: What’s the Difference?
  6. Low Iron Glass Aquarium
  7. What is Toughened Low-Iron Glass?
  8. When Do You Need Low-Iron Glass?
  9. Can You Purchase Custom Low-Iron Glass?
  10. What is the Natural Color of Low-Iron Glass?
  11. Low-Iron Glass Cut to Size
  12. Is Low-Iron Glass Stronger?
  13. What is the Light Transmission of Low-Iron Glass?
  14. Extra Clear Low-Iron Glass
  15. Where Can You Find Top-Quality Low-Iron Glass?

What is Low-Iron Glass?

Low-iron glass, from its term alone, is a type of glass that’s made from silica material with little or small contents of iron.

Low iron glass

Figure 1 – Sample image of a shaped low-iron glass unit

The purpose of the substantially low iron in this mixture is to remove the tint that can naturally be present on the surface of the glass, which usually are on the thicker glass units.

Also commonly referred to as optically clear glass, you can bank and count on its clarity and the property of it being extremely neutral and versatile.

Low-iron glass is a popular choice for a lot of households as they’re able to provide clarity and transmittance unlike any other type of glass in the market.

They’re extremely useful and versatile to the extent that you’ll be able to use them for a wide array of applications. That brings us to the next part of this guide, which is…

Where Do You Use Low-Iron Glass?

Ultra clear glass

Figure 2 – Ultra clear glass

You would never have any shortages in finding applications or uses for low-iron glass. Because of its optimum and extreme quality, low-iron glass units are used for maximum color neutrality, allowing more natural light to pass through.

Therefore, here are some of the most concrete applications where low-iron glass units are mostly used.

  • Decorative elements for furniture and ornaments
  • Markerboards
  • Glass dividers and separators
  • Glass walls
  • Aquariums
  • Display cases for museums (artifacts, artwork, sculptures, etc.)
  • Skylights and fixtures
  • Windows and doors
  • And many more!

Low-iron glass is so flexible and versatile that you’ll be able to use them for a ton of different applications!

What Are the Benefits of Low-Iron Glass?

Ultra white glass

Figure 3 – Low-iron glass units have a ton of benefits, especially if you need them for their properties

In determining and finding the benefits of these low-iron glass products, it is imperative to know and understand its properties to have a better sense of how advantageous and beneficial it can be.

So, here are some of the best things or pros of using low-iron glass products for your applications.

  • Low-iron glass boasts ultimate and extreme clarity and optical performance
  • Contains ferric oxide content of about 0.1 percent
  • Does not have a bluish-green tint because of the low volume of iron
  • Low-iron glass’s transparency can be enhanced up to about 6%
  • Low-iron glass is flexible and versatile – it can be used in a wide range of applications

NOTE: These benefits and advantages of using low-iron glass are only the general ones. You’ll be able to find more of them when you start using them for your own business.

Disadvantages of Low-Iron Glass

And while the advantages seem to be a bit overwhelming, there are actually a couple of cons and drawbacks to using low-iron glass.

  • The light transmission is not as perfect as everyone thinks of it
  • Tints and shades wouldn’t be reliable when you inculcate it into a low-iron glass product, whatever form it is
  • The strength and durability of low-iron glass as a raw material will be dependent on the further processing methods and steps that will be done to the glass

Clear Glass and Low-Iron Glass: What’s the Difference?

Because of its physicality and properties, you might find low-iron glass to be the same as clear glass. But, that’s not actually what the case is.

Low-iron glass VS clear glass

Figure 4 – An example of regular float glass (greenish tint)

In this part of the guide, we’ll be discussing the distinctive factors that low-iron glass hascompared to regular clear glass and vice versa. Before we get deeper into it, let’s have a brief discussion on these two (2) types of glasses are.

Clear glass is the type of glass that has a substantial amount of iron in it compared to low-iron glass. Due to a large amount of iron in clear glass, it produces a somewhat light green tint, which becomes prominent when the glass gets thicker and thicker.

A perfect example of a low-iron glass

Figure 5 – A perfect example of a low-iron glass (does not have greenish tints)

And just because it’s deemed as clear glass does not necessarily mean that it is the clearest. In fact, low-iron glass units are clearer and could perform better in terms of optical clarity and light transmission. This brings us to the next part, which is to discuss low-iron glass…

Low-iron glass is the type of glass and is more commonly referred to as extra clear glass or optically clear glass. With the light iron content in the mixture, the light-greenish tint on the surface of the glass, giving it a smoother and a much more accurate shade/tint relative to the light that passes through it.

Here’s a table that further discusses the differences and distinctions between low-iron glass and regular glass.

Low-Iron GlassRegular Clear Glass
More transparent and more see-through than regular glass.It’s clear, but it’s not the clearest glass in the market.
Can give 100% smoothness, color fidelity, and clarity.Has a smooth acid-etched surface, but is not entirely or 100% free-flowing.
91% visible light transmittance (VLT).83% visible light transmittance (VLT).
The added iron in the molten formula isn’t controlled.During the molten formula, the iron content is decreased to reduce the greenish-tint hue.

These are the differences and distinctions of regular clear or standard float glass from low-iron glass units and products.

So, you already know what to look for and what to know when you get on with your journey of finding the specific or particular type of glass that you use for your business.

Low Iron Glass Aquarium

A lot of fishery businesses utilize low-iron glass for their aquariums because of the fact that low-iron glass can guarantee exceptional optical clarity and light transmission, allowing the contents of the aquarium to be more visible.

Low iron glass aquarium

Figure 6 – An aquarium that’s made from a batch of low-iron glass

In addition to that, low-iron glass, compared to regular clear glass, low-iron glass units have better and higher heat transmission. What this means is that the percentage of solar energy that is going to pass through it will be more and a lot volumized than the usual clear/standard glass.

You’ll be able to find a ton of low-iron glass aquarium products in the market, particularly on Amazon, eBay, as well as glass-dedicated websites and stores, too!

What is Toughened Low-Iron Glass?

Toughened low iron glass

Figure 7 – Low-iron glass products that are toughened and strengthened

Basically, toughened low-iron glass is the type of low-iron glass that’s been surface finished and polished for it to have higher strength, better durability, and stronger surfaces.

The idea of toughening or strengthening it roots from the applications you’ll need it for. To cite an example, toughened low-iron glass units are primarily used in the retail and commercial sector, as well as the residential sector for walls, doors, windows, separators, dividers, and many more!

Sheer strength is what’s needed for these types of low-iron glass products. In fact, toughened low-iron glass products are seen as the better and the more effective alternative to tempered glass.

When Do You Need Low-Iron Glass?

Low iron glass Sheet

Figure 8 – An application of low-iron glass for a window panel

The best time that you can use low-iron glass is when you need to utilize glass that requires high levels of display and sophisticated elements.

Due to the maximum brightness, clarity, and transmittance that it offers, you can count on it better compared to regular and traditional clear glass. Moreover, the added 0.01% ferric oxide content gives as much as 10 times more iron content than traditional or regular float glass.

Can You Purchase Custom Low-Iron Glass?

Custom low iron glass

Figure 9 – Custom-made low-iron glass from a low-iron glass manufacturer

Yes, as a matter of fact, the production of custom low-iron glass is something that most, if not all low-iron glass manufacturers specialize in.

This particular skill is deemed to be the most needed and most sought-after in the market. Why? – This is because there isn’t a specific type, kind, shape, or size of low-iron glass that’s needed in all business sectors and industries.

You’ll find many different manufacturers and suppliers of low-iron glass products in the market that you can count on to help you produce custom low-iron glass units! For instance, you can count on us here at SXET for whatever type of low-iron glass you need!

We’ll talk about that a little bit later. For now,

What is the Natural Color of Low-Iron Glass?

Compared to other types and kinds of glass units, low-iron glass contains a purer and more transparent color. If compared to regular or standard clear glass, it will have a less greenish tint because the iron oxide content in standard glass units is more prominent.

Clear low iron glass

Figure 10 – The neutral color for low-iron glass is usually transparent; it is see-through

So, technically, the natural color of the low-iron glass is transparent – it’ll be colorless. However, several low-iron glass manufacturing companies can produce color-printed low-iron glass units depending on the needs and the requirements of the clients.

Low-Iron Glass Cut to Size

Figure 11 – A cut to size low-iron glass unit

Aside from custom low-iron glass products, you can also search the market for low-iron glass units that are cut to size. Meaning, you can get whatever size, shape, and dimension you need for your business or your application.

As opposed to what a lot of people believed in, standard low-iron glass units aren’t the only products you can find. Low-iron glass suppliers and manufacturers like us here at SXET can produce low-iron glass units that are cut to size.

The main benefit of purchasing low-iron glass cut to size is the fact that you’ll be able to specify the size and the overall shape and form of your low-iron glass. This allows better and much more effective use of the glass if you ever need any of its properties and characteristics.

Is Low-Iron Glass Stronger?

This question is relative and is dependent on the type of glass you’re comparing it to.

Tempered low iron glass

Figure 12 – An image of a toughened/tempered low-iron glass product

In reality, though, there’s no difference when it comes to the strength and durability of low-iron glass products to regular float glass or standard glass.

Strength and durability will depend on the surface finishing products and techniques that have been used for the processing of the glass, not the iron content that a particular glass product has. Therefore, the strength wouldn’t be determined by identifying whether a glass is low-iron or not.

Generally, there are other types and kinds of glass that are much stronger; that holds more strength than these low-iron glass products – Gorilla Glass, among others.

So, in answering this question, the resolution will actually be different depending on the surface finishing or processing that’s done to the glass unit.

What is the Light Transmission of Low-Iron Glass?

The difference in light transmission of standard float glass and low-iron glass

Figure 13 – The difference in light transmission of standard float glass and low-iron glass

Light transmission is the measurement of the wave movement (electromagnetic) through a material, passing through it.

The transmission of light through low-iron glass can be up to a maximum of 91 percent in comparison to the 83 percent of regular float glass or standard clear glass.

What this basically means is that light can pass through it quite more efficiently and effectively compared to float glass because of its overall transparency. This is the property that makes it the most effective in various business applications and uses – like what we have discussed above.

Extra Clear Low-Iron Glass

Low iron glass

Figure 14 – A singular extra clear low-iron glass unit

Other than the traditional low-iron glass you can purchase in the market, you can also find extra clear low-iron glass to be better and more effective, especially in the business sector or industry that begs for design.

But, since low-iron glass already contains a lower amount of iron, the procedure in making or in manufacturing extra clear low-iron glass will have differences compared to the usual and traditional low-iron glass units.

Here with us at SXET, we can guarantee better quality, clearer, and much more optimized extra clear low-iron glass that you can use for a wide range of applications.

The sensitivity of our extra clear low-iron glass encompasses the things that you’ll usually find on regular low-iron glass products and units.

Where Can You Find Top-Quality Low-Iron Glass?

The market is filled with many different low-iron glass suppliers and manufacturers and therefore, you may find it difficult to choose between different suppliers and manufacturers in the long run.

But, if you’re looking to get optimum-quality low-iron glass products without paying for high rates and prices, work with a Chinese low-iron glass supplier and manufacturer.

It’s a known fact that Chinese low-quality manufacturers are the go-to suppliers or manufacturers of various companies, businesses, and enterprises from all around the world. Hearsay and rumors about Chinese products having bad quality are not true, in fact, it’s the other way around!

To help you with it even further, here are some of the benefits, pros, and advantages of choosing Chinese low-iron glass manufacturers and suppliers:

  • There’s high profitability and a better chance to market
  • Lead and delivery times will be shorter, faster, and more efficiently
  • Production will never be an issue regardless of the size of your orders
  • The possibilities of changing or modifying your products are limitless
  • Labor costs are cut – this reflects the lower costs of the products

These are just some of the many benefits and advantages of choosing a Chinese low-iron manufacturing company, and this will be reflective especially if you’re under a tight budget!

Top 10 Low-Iron Glass Manufacturers in China

It’s common knowledge that China is the hub for the best and top low-iron glass suppliers and manufacturing companies for whatever product you may need either for personal use or for business.

But, out of the hundreds, even thousands of low-iron glass suppliers in the country, the following are the top and most sought-after low-iron glass suppliers.

SXET Glass Co., Ltd.

Being the best low-iron glass supplier in China, SXET will never make you regret your decision of where to get the high-quality low-iron glass units you’re looking for.

We are the top and the most-trusted low-iron glass supplier and we’re more than happy to supply you with wholesale low-iron glass products whatever application you need of it!

We can produce raw low-iron fabricated glass in whatever shape, size, dimensions, and even color! Want to know the budget you need to prepare for it? Contact us and we’ll send over a free estimate!

Moon Worldwide Glass Co., Ltd.

Getting their inspiration from us here at SXET, Moon Worldwide Glass is a manufacturer that’s not only focused in the production of wholesale low-iron glass, but also in terms of retail and merchandise!

Moon has several outlet stores and shops scattered all around the country, and the exhibits they visit and attend to are also inclined to the production of other types of glass, too!

If you’re interested to know how much budget you’ll need for it, you can shoot us a message or dial our hotline! Never overpay for the low-iron glass units that you need ever again!

Bulk Rock Glass Industry Co.

Originally a manufacturer of raw float glass, Bulk Rock Glass is one of China’s most popular and most sought-after supplier of low-iron glass, too!

From producing low-iron glass units, adding some surface finishing touches to it, as well as other elements that would enhance and develop its overall physicality, you can count on them!

But, because they’re a new and young company, you can’t give your 100% trust in them as they do not accept large volumes of orders. And if you want to purchase wholesale low-iron glass products, you can definitely bank on us here at SXET!

Leave us an inquiry and expect an answer and a resolution within a few hours!

Xupeng Sunflex Glass Co., Ltd.

Xupeng Sunflex Glass Co. Ltd. Is a company that has initially started in the industry producing a vast wide range of solar glass products and units in whatever shape, type, size, and dimensions. But, over time, they saw the opportunity and the demand for low-iron glass, and therefore, they produced it!

Whatever business, company, or enterprise you are in and if you find yourself in need of a reliable low-iron glass supplier, Xupeng Sunflex can be your go-to place!

However, unlike us here at SXET, they’re not really skilled and experienced in producing them in bulk, so if you need it, reach out to us here at SXET!

Hebei Zaida Special Glass Co.

Zaida Special Glass Co. is Hebei’s fruit when it comes to low-iron glass. Starting in the industry being the top and most recognized supplier/manufacturer of Gorilla Glass and other types of fabricated glass, they transitioned and migrated from being just that to being a top-notch low-iron glass manufacturing company.

You’ll never be disappointed with your decision of choosing Hebei Zaida’s low-iron glass units wherever you are in the world!

But, if you require more than just quality and you want supreme client experience, get it from us here at SXET! Reach out to us and we’ll shoot over a free estimate or a free quote of the products that you need!

Singhoy Dongguan City Glass, Inc.

Singhoy Dongguan City Glass is considered as part of the top low-iron glass suppliers and manufacturers in China because of its intricate care for quality and tests before the release of the product.

Unlike other manufacturers, Singhoy Dongguan is not a cheapskate when it comes to quality assurance. In fact, they get and try to tackle everything from the strength, durability, down to the flexibility and versatility of the low-iron glass units they produce!

Contact us to get a better sense of what you can get for the low-iron glass units you need here at SXET!

Fohsheng Mirror Inc.

Fohsheng Mirror Inc. is a manufacturer that’s not just focused on end products, but for raw products as well. Akin to us here at SXET, they’re able to produce a heap of low-iron glass products to be used in a wide array of industries, including:

  • Residential and Commercial Construction Industry
  • Advanced and Technical Electronics Sector
  • Equipment and Devices Manufacturing
  • Retail and Merchandise Industry
  • And Many More!

You wouldn’t have any trouble or problem working with them if you need a library of low-iron glass products for your business!

And if you’re not sure about the quality, you can place your full and complete trust in us here at SXET! We’re skilled and capable of manufacturing wholesale low-iron glass products wherever you are in the world!

We’re a call, an email, or a chat away and we’ll be right with you!

Shanghai Laurel Specialty Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

Rooting from Shanghai, the city that has everything you need, Laurel Specialty Glass Tech Co., Ltd. Is part of China’s most trusted suppliers and developers of low-iron glass products.

Being one of the youngest and newest manufacturers in the market, we’re able to introduce and inculcate various techniques and strategies not only in the production but also in the designing of their low-iron glass products, too!

Want to know the ins and outs of using low-iron glass? Get that information from us here at SXET and we’ll surely not disappoint you!

Xinyu Nova Lead Glass Inc.

Primarily involved in the production and manufacturing of lead glass, Xinyu Nova Lead Glass Inc. moved and transitioned from being a regular raw lead glass producer and manufacturer, to being a full-fledged, full-time low-iron glass and Gorilla Glass manufacturing company, too!

They’re equipped with some of the industry’s most reliable engineers and professionals and they will never miss out on deadlines and submissions.

However, you might not like or admire the way their production is, as they’re incapable of manufacturing thousands of orders a week because they focus on quality most of their time.

So, if you want a low-iron glass manufacturing company that’s skilled and capable of producing high volumes of low-iron glass products, you can bank on us here at SXET!

Reach out to us and get free quotations and free estimates of the low-iron glass products you need!

Special Matti Shenzhen Glass Co, Ltd.

Special Matti Shenzhen Glass Co., Ltd. Is a company that’s been trusted and relied on by many businesses and corporations from all around the world when it comes to glass products.

They’re skilled and capable of producing a wide range of low-iron glass products whatever shape and size you need!

Equipped with an army of professionals, engineers, and experts, you can get custom low-iron glass units and products that are ideal for the business sector and industry you are in.

Should you require different types and kinds of low-iron glass and you’re not sure with the budget you need, reach out to us here at SXET and we’ll shoot over a free estimate or a free quotation of your orders!

Frequently Asked Questions About SXET’s Low-Iron Glass

  1. What Materials Does SXET Use to Produce Low-Iron Glass?
  2. What Applications Does SXET’s Low-Iron Glass Units Have?
  3. Can SXET Produce Custom Low-Iron Glass?
  4. What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ) of SXET?
  5. Benefits of Choosing SXET’s Low-Iron Glass

What Materials Does SXET Use to Produce Low-Iron Glass?

While the typical method of producing or manufacturing low-iron glass is via silica sand, SXET can prove you otherwise! We here can help you in producing low-iron glass using other types and kinds of materials that are eligible and easily applicable!

As a low-iron glass manufacturing company, you can bank on us if you ever find yourself in need of a supplier that’s flexible when it comes to pursuing your needs, requests, as well as customizations with the low-iron glass you need!

What Applications Does SXET’s Low-Iron Glass Units Have?

Unlike other uses for low-iron glass units that several manufacturers and suppliers have, SXET’s low-iron glass units are boasting of versatility and flexibility in all different angles!

Our low-iron glass units are efficient and effective when it comes to all different business sectors and industries. We’re able to produce all different types and kinds of low-iron glass for aquariums, case displays, electronics, furniture and fixtures, automotive and aerospace applications, and even military and defense!

You will never run out of options for what uses and applications you can have for SXET’s low-iron glass! You’re always going to find our products fitting to whatever use you need them for!

Can SXET Produce Custom Low-Iron Glass?

SXET is one of the low-iron glass suppliers and manufacturing companies that’s the most known when it comes to the production or the manufacturing of low-iron glass products.

We’ve been trusted by countless businesses and corporations from all around the world with the hopes of producing the low-iron glass products they need.

Whatever shape and size of low-iron glass you’re looking for, and whatever shade, tint, or color you require, SXET’s lineup of professionals and experts can produce the low-iron glass units that you want!

What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ) of SXET?

SXET, being the top and the most trusted low-iron glass supplier in the country, is one of the few low-iron glass manufacturing companies that do not have any MoQ or minimum order quantity.

We’re popular because of the fact that we’re able to produce low-iron glass products without any minimum order requirement or quantity! Purchase whatever you need for your business!

Benefits of Choosing SXET’s Low-Iron Glass

There are a lot of benefits and advantages of choosing our low-iron glass products, but part of the most relevant and most significant ones include, but are not limited to:

  • We can use a multitude of glass fabricated products to produce low-iron glass units
  • SXET performs many different glass processing methods and glass fabrication processes
  • We are employed with some of the industry’s most skilled and most talented engineers and professionals
  • Color-printing will never be a problem for the low-iron glass products you need

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SXET’s fine line of low-iron glass products has been deemed to be the best and most reliable in the whole of China. For more than a decade, we have always listened to what our clients needed and wanted and we never failed to give all of them what their requests are.

Other than our low-iron glass products, SXET can also be your go-to supplier/manufacturer if you need different glass products and glass fabricated orders such as chemically strengthened glass, heat tempered glass, 3D tempered glass, Gorilla Glass, optical glass, glass switch plates, and many more!

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