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Your Best Mirror Glass Supplier in China - SXET Glass


SXET focus on mirror deep processing for more than 10 years, we can cut mirror to any size for you

Custom cut mirror

SXET can do décor mirrors by your drawing, décor mirrors can be used for home, office, any more.


Building mirror

If you need a building mirror for your project, SXET can offer you the best quality of building mirror

Large mirror

If you want to get a large mirror, SXET is the right manufacturer you have in China. SXET have been in the mirror processing for more than 10 years, we can do any mirror size for you

Round mirror

Customized round mirror for you business,  SXET can do any mirror’s shape for you

mirror cutom cut

If you need decorative, please contact SXET to get a good price

Custom Mirror Cut to Any Size, 1.8mm-6mm Thickness

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