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As China’s top company in manufacturing optical lenses, we can guarantee the quality, sustainability, and reliability of all the optical lens products you will get an order from us. We’re trusted to the extent that businesses and organizations outside the country ask for our products!

  • We can help you produce custom optical lens sizes specific to the application you need it for
  • UV and IR anti-reflection coatings are available
  • Our custom optical lens products can be used in a wide variety of business industries
  • We can send a free sample of the lens to you before purchasing

SXET is China’s top manufacturer of camera optical lenses. We can produce and provide high-quality optical lenses using polycarbonate (PC), ABS, acrylic glass, prism glass, quartz glass, and many more! All the camera optical lenses we produce are OEM and are of high quality!

We can also produce high-quality microscope optical lenses for you! You can choose from spherical lens, cylindrical lenses, aspheric lenses, as well as prism lenses, rifle scope lenses, and many more! Give us a draft or a sketch of the microscope optical lenses you need and we’ll send over a sample.

No matter what type of material, size, or shape you want your optical lenses to be in, we can help you by producing custom optical lenses. We use state-of-the-art, high-tech, professional equipment in the cutting, shaping, grinding, and even the polishing of all our custom optical lenses.

Light filters

SXET can also bring you unorthodox shapes of custom cut optical lenses for scientific uses and research. We’re capable of providing you with excellent-quality custom cut optics lenses, whatever shape, form, or size you need them to be

Long pass filter

SXET Glass Co., Ltd. is China’s number one optical lens manufacturer and it’s because of the quality of our products, as well as the severity of the manufacturing process we do with it. We perform all our operations inside our manufacturing plant, and we give al our clients the guarantee and the assurance that their orders will be at the top of the quality scale.

Optical filter

We here at SXET can produce wholesale optical center lenses, more commonly referred to as double convex lenses. Using high-precision quality machines, we can produce high hardness, durable, and modern optical field lenses for different types and kinds of applications. Specify the quality of optical center lenses you need and we’ll produce them for you!

Custom Cut Optical Lens Supplier - SXET glass

If you’re not sure where to get high-quality optics lens, never hesitate to work with us here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. We’re tagged and deemed as China’s most reliable and most trusted optics lens manufacturer because of many factors – one of which is due to our ability to produce mass and wholesale optics lenses in varying styles, shapes, and sizes!

Choosing us here at SXET as your optics lens manufacturer can open a lot of business opportunities that you can fully take advantage of.

Our optics lenses can be made with complete accurate customizations all according to your wants and needs. We can produce optical lenses that have surface qualities of 40 20 to scratch, and a clear aperture of > 90% of diameter.

Get the thickness you need specifically without any impurities involved! Our manufacturing procedure includes a complete and thorough investigation and testing of all products!

The clarity of our optics lenses vary all depending on the application you have for it. We’re open to producing a whole wide range of optics lenses, whether you need 5mm, 6mm, 6.35mm, even up to 8mm and even 2 inches, we can help you!

Compared to other manufacturers’ optical lenses, we make sure that the element of our optics lenses is going to be within whatever your expectations are, definitely catering to your needs.

Performance-wise, we will never let you down with our optics lenses. It’ll be as complete and as complex as how you want it to be specifically.

Whether you want your optics lenses to have a small diameter and viewing surface, or whether you’re looking for a specific type of edging profile, send us a sketch or a draft of the product you’re imagining and we’ll be good to go!

Why is SXET the Best Optics Lens Manufacturer?

For more than 12 years, businesses and organizations from all around the world come to ask for our aid if they need wholesale optics lenses.

Our optics lenses can be used in the medical field, the automotive sector, the scientific sector, security industry, manufacturing sector, electronics, and many more!

You’ll find a ton of different uses for our optics lenses whatever business sector or industry you might find yourself in!

SXET is your best bet for optics lenses if you want to experience world-class quality customer service and outstanding product standard.

  • SXET does not have a minimum order (no MoQ)
  • We can produce our optics lenses using a wide range of raw glass materials
  • Custom adhesive sticking is available upon request
  • Hole drilling and custom styling are available

Being the best optics lens manufacturer in the country, we can give you the assurance that we’ll be able to supply you with all the optics lenses that you need for whatever application you may use it for.

Give us a call or leave us a chat or an email to get a free quote or a free estimate of all the orders and the products you need!

Get superior-quality optical lenses without spending a fortune for it by choosing us here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd.!

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Optics Lens – The Complete FAQ Guide

For your optics lens needs, SXET will never fail in providing you with the best and highest quality of optical lenses.

And even if we’re considered to be the most reputable and most diligent manufacturer of optics lenses, you might still have a couple of questions you want to clarify before you decide on purchasing one for yourself.

  1. What Are Optics Lenses?
  2. What Glass Materials Are Used For Optics Lenses?
  3. What Are Optics Lenses Used For?
  4. Most Common Types of Optics Lenses
  5. What Shapes of Optics Lenses Can You Purchase?
  6. How Are Optics Lenses Manufactured?
  7. Can You Do Printing on Optics Lenses?
  8. Can You Cut Optics Lenses?
  9. What Are Solar Light Optical Lenses?
  10. Are Optics Lenses Heat Resistant?
  11. Can You Perform Custom Edging Profiles on Optical Lens?
  12. What Specifications of Optical Lenses Should You Look For?
  13. What Are Fresnel Lenses?
  14. Benefits of Optics Lenses
  15. Why is SXET the Best Optics Lens Manufacturer?
  16. Can SXET Manufacture Custom Optical Lenses?

What Are Optics Lenses?

Figure 1: An example of a thick optics lens

Optics lenses, lenses for short, are components used in the optical industry and are used as the building blocks of optical devices such as binoculars, microscopes, telescopes, digital cameras, smartphone cameras, and many more.

Their primary purpose is to control the light elements so that they’re able to produce the image and the intensity of light required.

What Glass Materials Are Used For Optical Lens?

Figure 2: A wide variety of materials are used for optics lenses

Optics lenses aren’t singled out to a specific type of material. As a matter of fact, you can choose from a wide variety of options for glass materials.

Manufacturers like us here at SXET usually juggle and play around many different glass materials, from borosilicate, quartz, thermoplastics like PC, PU, etc., calcium fluoride, standard glass, Trivex, fused silica, and more!

We here at SXET, though, have our innovations with the materials we use to produce optical lenses. What this means is that we’re not

What Are Optical Lenses Used For?

Figure 3: A camera lens – one of the most common applications of optical lenses

From their term alone, optical lenses are used for optical devices and equipment. The most common applications for these optical lenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Eyeglass or Eyewear products
  • Binoculars
  • Microscopes
  • Automation and Aviation
  • Magnifying Glasses
  • Medical Field
  • Contact Lenses
  • Astronomical Telescopes
  • Aviation and Space Flight Vehicles and Equipment
  • Automotive Parts and Components
  • And Many More!

Of course, the application for your lens would depend on the type of lens you have. Its overall effectiveness, for instance, would be better if you’re using concave or convex lenses for eyeglasses or eyewear.

That brings us to the next section of this guide to help you understand it further – what are the different types of optical lenses?

Most Common Types of Optics Lens

Figure 4: Double concave lenses for microscopes and other viewing apparatus

The general types of lenses that are determined by their shape and form, and they are concave and convex lenses.

But do you know how these two (2) are different?

Concave lenses are lenses where at least one (1) side of it is curved inwards. Convex lenses, on the contrary, are lenses where the middle part of the lens is thick – and it converges, becoming thinner in both the upper and lower edges of the lens.

Other than determining them via their shape, there are also other types of determiners of optics lenses. In fact, here are a few of the

Single-Vision Lenses

Typically used for eyeglasses and eyewear, single-vision lenses are the standard for correcting hyperopia and myopia (far-sightedness) and (near-sightedness), respectively. You know this because these would usually be the types of lenses you wear.

Standard Camera Lenses

Camera lenses are an assembly of optical lenses that are used with a camera body, and their main purpose is to conjure images either on photographic film or other media, electronically. In simpler terms, they’re the interior of the camera glass you see from the exterior.

Wide-Angle Lenses

Wide-angle lens is another type of camera lens where the focal length is smaller than the usual. With this type of setup, the lens allows more scene included in the image or the photograph, resulting in a wider-angle type of view.

Telephoto Lenses

Also known as “tele lenses,” these are camera lenses that are known to have the longest focal length, even longer than the length of the lens itself. These are used for shooting objects and subjects that are kilometers away.

Prism Lenses

The term “prism” lenses have been derived from the shape that the lenses have – it’s a prism. Prism lenses are used in both the photography and optical sector.

Prism lenses function by refracting the light when it passes through the glass so that it’s directed to a particular angle.

Bifocal Lenses

And last in the list (but not with everything) would be bifocal lenses. These are the lenses used for eyesight that have two (2) different lens powers to help with your vision.

What Shapes of Optics Lenses Can You Purchase?

Figure 5: Two (2) different-shaped optics lenses

You can purchase optics lenses in varying shapes, forms, and sizes. Since it’s a type of equipment you can use for a wide range of applications, there’s no limit to the shape of optics lenses you can purchase.

Many Chinese optics lens manufacturers even offer custom units of optics lens. You can purchase the standard oval shape that are specific to cameras and eyeglasses, you can purchase triangular (prism) shapes, dome lens, spherical, ball and semi-ball, even Fresnel lenses!

Here with us at SXET Glass Co., Ltd., you’ll never experience any shortage of the shape or form of the optics lenses that you need!

You just need so send to us the draft of the optics lens you’re looking for and that will be more than enough for us to produce sample products to you!

How Are Optics Lenses Manufactured?

Figure 6: A fully-polished and finished optics lens

The manufacturing process of optic lenses don’t fall far from how standard glass or lenses are made. In fact, here’s the usual flow of how optical lenses are made and manufactured:

Step 1: Raw Part Manufacturing/Production

The first part of the process is to manufacture or produce the raw materials of the glass product. Various manufacturers make use of different products and materials for the production or manufacturing of optics lenses.

Manufacturers and suppliers can use borosilicate, calcium fluoride, fused silica, polycarbonate (PC), polyurethane (PU), acrylic, PMMA or polymethyl methacrylate, soda-lime glass, quartz, and many more!

These products are manufactured first and cooled down, before they’re sent to the next process, which is…

Step 2: Precision Cutting/Processing

After the raw products are manufactured and produced, the next step is to cut, shape, and process these materials to produce the shape or the form that’s needed by the client. It can be whatever shape or form the client wants as long as it wouldn’t tamper with the quality of the object.

Step 3: Coating

Then, when the products or materials are cut and shaped accordingly, the next step is to apply the coating to the optics lens.

Depending on client need, the coating can be anything from anti-reflective (AR) coating, anti-fog coating, scratch-resistant coating, and even UV or ultraviolet coating.

These are among the best and most effective coatings for optical lenses, but, of course, whatever you’ll put would still depend on what your client needs.

Step 4: Blank Moulding

Then, blank moulding is done to the optics lenses. This is a replicative process that helps with the production of high-precision components without the need to grind and polish.

Step 5: Edge Profile Grinding

After that, it’s further processed and edge-grinded according to the needs of the client. For instance, if it’s going to be a dome-like piece of equipment, then, most likely, the edge would be beveled.

Step 6: Surface Finishing

Last, but most definitely not least is the process of surface finishing the optical lenses. This will determine the surface quality of the optics lens.

The process of surface finishing and polishing will depend on what the result you’re looking for is. It’s usually done using large auxiliary machineries and equipment.

This is the general structure of how optical lenses are manufactured in optical lens manufacturing plants and factories.

Not all suppliers perform this specific process to the teeth, so, it’s important to ask and inquire about this if you’re interested to know how your manufactured produces or manufactures their optical lenses.

Can You Do Printing on Optical Lens?

Yes, it’s possible to print on the surface of optical lens. In fact, this is how brands mark their products as theirs, and so that other companies won’t use their products.

Laser printing is usually the process that’s done for them for the logo or the name of their brand. This is because laser printing would not tamper with the quality of the lenses; it will just produce the image, or the right amount print on the lens’s surface.

Can You Cut Optics Lens?

Figure 7: A newly cut optics lens without an edging finish

Yes, optic lenses can be cut, shaped, and formed according to the form and shape you wish for them to have. If you initially thought that all optics lenses just have a single shape, think again!

Take a moment to think about the different businesses in various industries that use optics lenses. Each of their needs will be different in size, shape, form, color, and even effects.

So, customizing the shapes and sizes of these optics lenses would be a necessity, especially for companies that are operating on a global scale.

Here with us at SXET Glass Co., Ltd., we’ve been producing custom optics lenses for our clients worldwide, and we’ve been doing so for more than 12 years! We can specify and customize the shapes, forms, sizes, and the prints on the lenses so that it will specifically cater to the needs of our clients.

We’ll discuss more of what we’re able to offer in the latter part of this FAQ guide.

What Are Solar Light Optical Lens?

Figure 8: A solar-light optics lens for cameras

Solar light optic lenses are lenses that use the energy from the sun to function. These are specialized types of lenses that have been designed and engineered to perform in accordance to the heat and energy generated and radiated by the sun.

One of the most common examples of solar light optical lenses are light concentrators. Light concentrators, in case you weren’t aware, are used to concentrate the light that comes out of the fixture.

Solar concentrators use energy from the sun so that when the light is turned on, they wouldn’t need electricity to work and function.

It’s not usually categorized as a type of optical lens because it’s not as common as the others.

Are Optical Glass Products Heat Resistant?

Figure 9: Heat-resistant optics glass products

Yes, they are heat resistant. As a matter of fact, even standard or regular soda-lime glass are designed and made to be resistant to temperature changes. They’re thermal-shock resistant, which means they’ve been engineered not to be brittle and weak when they’re subjected to high temperatures.

And even if this is the case, several optics lens manufacturers perform heat treatments to their optical lenses so that they become more shock, pressure, and heat-resistant than what they already are.

Can You Perform Custom Edging Profiles on Optical Lens?

Yes! Similar to producing optics lenses in various shapes and forms, you can also perform custom edging on these lenses. The edges they’ll be on will define their overall look and shape, and how they’ll be used by the client.

You can purchase optics lenses in various shapes and sizes, as well as custom edges, too! But, the most common edges you can have them in would be beveled edge, 2D edge, 2.5D edge, and even 3D edge.

Here at SXET, though, you can have no limits to the type of edging profile you want for your optical lens. We can produce and customize your optics lens depending on how you want and need it.

Of course, we have our Research & Development (R&D) team that can tailor-fit what you want and what you need.

We can produce a 2D-edged optics lens for you, or even bevel the edges of your optical lenses. Not to mention that we can produce custom edges for you as well!

What Specifications of Optical Lenses Should You Look For?

Figure 10: Double-check the optics lenses you’re going to purchase

Optical lenses are known for their properties, and they’re not strangers to them, to let you know. There are a lot of properties for optics lenses and knowing them can help you determine whether they’re the ones you really need for your application or not.

In essence, the properties of optics lenses help determine its behavior when it’s subjected to certain occurrences. The level of resistance of the optics lens would depend on how the optical lens manufacturer approached it.

Various optics lens manufacturers have different properties for their optical lenses. Generally, though, you want to see the following properties on your optics lenses:

Clear Aperture

Clear aperture, CA, for short, is known to be the area inside the lenses, which optically functional specifications and tolerances apply.

You can a clear aperture of about 92% and above of the diameter to achieve the best results.

Surface Quality

This property or specification refers to the imperfection levels that can be seen or visually noticed on the surface of the optical lens. We’re talking about everything from digs, tiny scratches, chips, bubbles, blemishes on the coating, and more.

For your optics lenses, you’d want a surface quality of 40 to 20, or even better, if possible.

Center Thickness

Dubbed as CT, Center Thickness is the measurement of the lenses’ thickness in the center. This actually dictates the ultimate power of the lens. Your consumers won’t need to know this, but you, as a business, you need to be aware of the center thickness, so you know the minimum and maximum capacities of your product.

As a general rule, you want the center thickness of your products to be at ± 0.1mm. You want the inconsistencies to not be too thick or too thin.

Dimension Tolerance

Last, but most definitely not least of this list is dimension tolerance. In the simplest definition we can give, dimension tolerance is the range of measurement that is assigned to the lens, indicating how much it can lean towards a nominal measurement.

These are the some of the most common specifications and properties you want to see on your optics lenses.

What Are Fresnel Lenses?

Figure 11: An image of a Fresnel lens

A Fresnel lens is a type of lens that’s comprised of many grooves that are etched into plastic. They’re used for their excellent light-gathering ability, making them useful for a wide range of applications.

Among the most common of these applications include detectors, emitters, condenser systems, magnifiers, illuminators, and many more!

SXET is also one of the best and most reputable manufacturer of optics lenses, and you surely wouldn’t have any problems if you choose us as your supplier.

Benefits of Optics Lenses

You’ll find a lot of benefits and advantages in using optical lenses in all business sectors and industries where you can use them.

Among the most common of these benefits and advantages include, but are not limited to:

Wide Variety of Usage and Applications

Optics lenses are used by many business sectors and industries for a reason. They’re widely used for many different business sectors and industries, because of their shape, form, and customizability.

You can get them for clarity levels of 90% and above, 95% and above transmittance, focal length tolerance of ±1%, different edging profiles, shapes, and many more!

Vast Availability

Another advantage of choosing optics lenses is the fact that it’s easily available in the market. They’re not difficult to source and find because they’re not complex to produce, unlike other products and materials.

Most likely, you can purchase optics lenses from all glass production and glass fabrication manufacturers, so there’s really no pressure as to where you can source and find them.

Cheap and Affordable

Optics lenses aren’t as expensive and as costly as other fabricated glass material. You can even purchase them at severely discounted rates and prices if you purchase them in bulk or wholesale!

Depending on the desired results, optics lenses are extremely cheap and easy-to-purchase. Their wide range of availability is outstanding.

Customizable and Modifiable

Last, but most definitely not least is the fact that you can customize and specify optics lenses easily, too. It’s not as if they’re restricted only to the shape, size, and form they’ve been created on.

You can customize its overall surface finishing technique, for instance, changing it from the current one it’s on to a whole new different or customized optics lens, which can be anti-reflective (AR), anti-UV, anti-glare (AG), and many more!

Why is SXET the Best Optics Lens Manufacturer?

SXET has been China’s go-to optical lens manufacturer, and it’s been running for more than 12 years.

We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs as a company, and never did we fail to provide our clients with the help they need.

One of the primary reasons why we’re the best is because of our knowledge and style in specifically producing the orders and products of our clients specific to the teeth. We can customize and modify the optics lenses from the edge, the shape, the center thickness, and even the diameter!

You will never fail when you choose the list of our optics lenses and we’ll always be open to accept and strategize on the types of specifications and customizations you want!

Can SXET Manufacture Custom Optical Lenses?

Yes, as a matter of fact, we here at SXET are known as the best and most prevalent optics lens manufacturing company in China.

We offer a whole bunch of pre-made optics lenses, but we never fall short in manufacturing custom lenses, too.

The overall structure of our optics lens manufacturing processes has been streamlined so that they can cater to the needs of businesses in all sectors and industries. From the step of gathering raw materials, the cutting of the optics lenses, down to the application of coating and surface finishing techniques, our processes have been improved and fully developed to the brim!

Our ability to produce excellent-quality optics lenses have been recognized by a lot of corporations and companies worldwide!

What Other Products Can We Offer?

Apart from the wide array of optics lenses we offer, we here at SXET can also be your main man if you need other types of glasses and lenses, such as rear-view mirror glass, borosilicate glass, Gorilla Glass, anti-glare (AG) or non-glare glass, and many more!

You can get all different types and kinds of optics lenses from us here at SXET! Just shoot us a message and draft up the sketch or drawing of your optics lens and we’ll work on it for you!


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