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SXET’s wide-range supply of optical windows has been the best and most-favored ones in the Chinese market. We’re considered the best in the production and manufacturing of pre-made optical windows, as well as custom optical windows.

  • We create OEM, heat-resistant UV optical windows using various glass materials
  • No minimum order quantity – Get the specific volume you need, no MoQ required!
  • We can produce highly-customized optical windows – from the thickness, the size, and shape
  • You can get a free quote and a free sample of the orders you’re looking for
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As China’s most-trusted optical window manufacturer, we can produce exceptional-quality quartz optical windows in all different thicknesses, and sizes. Not only that, but we can also produce custom shapes for your quartz optical windows, too! We make use of clear quartz that has a lower index of refractions and given wavelength. Let us know what you want, send us a sketch or a draft, and we’ll produce it for you!

Optical filter glass

When it comes to customizations of optical windows, you can bank and count on us, too! We can produce high-quality custom-shape, thickness, size, and form of optical windows. Work with us and we’ll grant you fully optimized optical windows specific to the application you’re looking for! Whatever type of coating you need, from AR coating, ITO coating, or any other type of coating, we’ll be able to help you!

Optical lens

SXET can produce superior-quality optical window glass for various types of application. Whether you need it for military or defense operations, for pharmaceutical and medical applications, and even the optical and technological industry, we’re ready and prepared to help you with whatever you need! Let us know what size, form, and shape you’re looking for with optical window glass units and we’ll assist!

High quality borosilicate glass

Fused silica optical windows are also part of our expertise here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. We make use of high-quality fused silica, quartz, and other types of similar material to create, produce, and manufacture optical windows that have excellent levels of heat and temperature resistance.

Toughened borosilicate glass

Being the best and most reliable optical window manufacturer in China, you can count on us and our skill here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. to produce optical windows of all sizes. We delicately do the measurement procedure to achieve accurate small and tiny optical windows that are specific to what you need! Just send us complete details of the small optical windows you need, and we’ll go right through with it!

Optical filter

We here at SXET can also produce sapphire optical windows that have excellent levels of chemical, temperature, and shock resistance. We make them thin to be able to cater to whatever application or business field you’ll use it in.  We can produce fine ground, 2.5D, 2D, 3D, and even beveled edges for your sapphire optical windows! Don’t worry about the rates because we’ll go and send over a free quotation or a free estimate of the sapphire optical windows you need!

Your Expert Optical Window Supplier - SXET glass

Wherever you are in the world and whatever business industry, field, or sector you may be in, you’ll definitely find optical windows usable and beneficial.

There won’t be high-quality optical windows in the market offered in the same prices as we do, so, don’t miss your chance to experience world-class quality optical windows from us!

  • We offer OEM optical windows using many different types of glass material
  • Our MoQ is zero! Get whatever you need for your business
  • All our optical windows undergo the complete 4-step inspection process (pre-approval, routine, compliance, and for-cause inspection)
  • Your orders will arrive at your door in 7 to 12 days after the date of the payment!

Apart from high-quality optical windows, we here at SXET can also help you when it comes to anti-glare (AG) windows, anti-reflective glass, Gorilla Glass, optical glass, and many more!

Reach out to us and we’ll help you with whatever you need!

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Optical Window FAQ – The Buy Guide

  1. What is an Optical Window?
  2. What Materials Are Used to Create Optical Windows?
  3. Where Do You Use Optical Windows?
  4. Optical Transmission Windows
  5. Infrared Window
  6. Large Optical Windows
  7. Benefits of Using Optical Windows
  8. How Are Optical Windows Manufactured?
  9. Can You Do Custom-Shaped Optical Windows?
  10. Can You Coat Optical Windows?

What is an Optical Window?

Figure 1: Sample image of three (3) quartz optical windows

Optical windows are flat, pane glass types that are usually used as barriers as detectors or sensors to detect things in the outside environment.

They’re typically strong, durable, and highly accurate materials that are engineered to be resistant to shock, force, chemicals, acid, and even stress.

The reason why they’re so wanted in the industry is that they’re designed to minimize absorption and reflection, and at the same time, maximize transmission in a particular wavelength.

What Materials Are Used to Create Optical Windows?

Figure 2: Sapphire-material round optical windows in different sizes

Optical windows can be made from a wide range of materials. In fact, many optical window manufacturers use various types of glass materials to produce optical windows.

The most common materials you can use to produce and manufacture optical windows include, but are not limited to:

  • N-BK7 or K9
  • Zinc Selenide (ZnSe)
  • Germanium (Ge)
  • Sapphire
  • And other glass types that are in the same field

There’s really no limit to the type of glass material you can use for optical windows. So, the overall effectiveness of the material you’ll choose will really depend on the effects or end results you’re looking for.

Where Do You Use Optical Windows?

Figure 3: Ophthalmology OCT – one of the applications or end results of optical windows

There are a lot of different application fields for optical windows. Because it’s a versatile, flexible, and useful material.

The different materials used in manufacturing or creating optical windows also have different end results and here are those.

Optical Instruments

Usually germanium and silicone materials, they’re used in various optical elements.

The most common ones include ophthalmology OCT, standard and high-powered microscopes, binocular lenses, active tubes of lasers, and other applications that either require protection from the outside environment or deflection from the inside, you can use optical windows!

High-End Equipment

These are usually machines and equipment in the commercial industry, the electronics industry, the smart home and smartphone industry, the computer and microchip technology industry, and many others!

Military and Defense Industry

The defense and military industry usually capitalize on sapphire materials to produce components and elements. In case you’re not aware of it, the most common applications of it in the military & defense industry include submarine windows and decks, gun sights, vision instruments individual combat lenses, barricades, and many more!

Space, Flight, and Aviation

Silicone windows are a hit if your application of it is for space, flight, and aviation. In fact, it’s used for applications such as aircraft windows, spaceships, aspherical lenses, and many more!

FUN FACT: Optical windows are used for some of the most important optical elements of the Shenzhou V spaceship, which is produced and made in China!

Optical Transmission Windows

SXET Glass Co., Ltd. can produce a wide range of optical transmission windows for many different business fields and applications. We’re able to produce custom-sized optical windows that have the specific surface finishing and coating techniques you want and need! Just let us know what specification you’re looking for and we’ll be more than happy to help!

Infrared Window

Being the best and most-trusted optical window manufacturer in China, we here at SXET can also produce infrared or IR windows, which are specifically designed to permit or allow infrared inspections of electrical components within enclosures. We have the right amount of skill and expertise in producing these types of glass products and windows, just let us know what specifically you need!

Large Optical Windows

If you need small, moderate, or large optical windows – or even a combination of all three (3), we here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. can help you! We can help you with the specifics of the optical windows you need, whatever size, shape, or thickness, we’ll definitely help you!

Benefits of Using Optical Windows

Figure 4: Optical windows have excellent levels of abrasion and scratch resistance

You’ll find many benefits and advantages when you use optical windows, and they’ll also depend on the type of material used to produce or manufacture it.

The most common advantages and benefits you can if you use optical windows include, but are not limited to:

  • High levels of mechanical strength compared to other types of optical materials
  • Excellent levels of scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Extremely hard structural integrity and surface hardness
  • Vast optical transmission band from UV to mid-IR
  • It’s low density, which translates to lower thermal conductivity and better thermal shock resistance
  • And many more!

These are just the general benefits and advantages of using optical windows, what more if you’re using the best and the highest quality of it like the one that we have here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd?

How Are Optical Windows Manufactured?

The manufacturing process of optical windows differs from one manufacturer or company to another. Not all optical windows are made equally; there will be those that stand out from those that just do the job right or worse – does nothing at all.

Here at SXET Glass Co, Ltd., though, we manufacture and produce optical windows transparently. This is so because we are open and clear with our intentions of producing only the best and highest-quality optical windows, without skipping any important step.

Step 1: Raw Materials Inspection

We receive the materials from our respective suppliers in the market. As a matter of fact, our supply chain is one of the best, if not the best all over China.

It’s delivered and brought to our factory for full inspection before they’re sent to the next step, which is…

Step 2: Precision Grinding and Cutting

We then proceed to grind and cut the materials so that it takes on the shape required by the client. Our product line contains a set of high-quality shapes, forms, and sizes, but we’re also offering accurate and precise customization of shapes.

Once that’s done, it’s sent to the chamber for mild inspection and then sent to the area where its edge will be assessed and grinded.

Step 3: Edge Grinding

Edge grinding is specifying the edging profile of the window. You can choose its edges to be beveled, stepped, 2D, 2.5D, 3D, or even customized; it will all depend on the type of edge you want to make use of.

Step 4: Polishing

The newly grinded material is now sent for polishing. It will be polished and will be inspected to ensure that it does not have any impurities or inconsistencies.

This is also the step where inspectors and professionals double-check the material from how it was made during the first step.

Step 5: Coating

Once everything is done, it will be coated according to the effects and the resistances that the client is looking for. The types of coating include AR or anti-reflective coating, ITO coating, conductive coating, or whatever the client requests and finds.

Step 6: Inspection

Before the finished products are sent for packaging, the last, final, and most vital step is to inspect the material holistically. This wouldn’t be like the initial regular inspection done in between steps and processes. Instead, this will be a complete and thorough inspection of the product.

Can You Do Custom-Shaped Optical Windows?

Figure 5: Some of the most common unorthodox custom shapes of optical windows

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, the market for businesses and clients that require optical windows are vast and therefore, optical window manufacturers offer customization on the shape, size, form, and even thickness – like us here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd!

We’re open to providing superior-quality custom-shaped optical windows that will be exactly what your business needs!

Can You Coat Optical Windows?

Yes, in fact, the coating type for optical windows depends on what the manufacturer is looking for or trying to get. Commonly, the coating options include ITO or Indium Tin Oxide coating, anti-reflective or AR coating, DLC or diamond-like carbon coating, and dielectric coating.

There is no limit to the type of coating you’ll need for optical windows; it will depend on what you are looking for!

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