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You will never face disappointment with the quality of our phone glass. SXET’s phone glass will give you the complete solution to the raw material needs you have!

SXET’s phone glass follows its usual function and serves as the protective covering for smartphones. SXET’s phone glass has high levels of light transmission, which is perfect for display, and has 9H hardness level, which is effective for impact, abrasion, and is scratch-resistant!

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As a professional phone glass manufacturer, SXET can do custom phone glass as your need at a reasonable price, fast lead time to meet your schedule

Phone tempered glass

As an expert glass processing manufacturer, SXET focus on tempered glass processing for phone lens, all-glasses materials were bought from the original factory, you can trust our quality.

Mobile tempered glass

SXET is a professional mobile tempered glass manufacturer in China, we can offer you a wide range of glass materials for choosing, such as Gorilla Glass, AGC Glass, Float Glass, Schott Glass, etc.

Smartphone glass

At SXET, we can make smartphone glass as per your request, no matter you are a retailer or wholesale, we can meet all your needs

Phone glass cover

With strong R&D capabilities, SXET can design a phone glass cover’s drawing as per your thought or sample, we can do any phone glass cover for your business.

Mobile phone glass

SXET has been in the mobile phone glass field since 2009, we are focusing on precision glass processing, we focus on quality control at every step from raw materials selection to product processing, SXET as your a trusted glass manufacturer.

Custom Phone Glass as Your Needs, Over 12 Years Experience - SXET

In choosing the finishing for your phone glass, you can have it coated with anti-reflective coating, non-glare coating, and even chemical strengthening! The best part for you in choosing SXET’s phone glass is that you can have us perform custom edge cutting, adhesive sticking of 3M glue material, beveled edges, 2.5D, and 3D edges for design and aesthetics.

SXET, being the best phone glass manufacturer in China, can produce and manufacture custom phone glass units for you! We use CNC cutting and forming machines for precise and accurate measurements of the phone glass you need!

So, if you’re looking for customized edge cutting, CNC machining (cutting), and drilling, you can trust us!

Why Choose SXET’s Phone Glass

If you’re looking for high-quality phone glass that you can use for a wide array of devices like smartphones and tablets, work with SXET! SXET’s phone glass can be custom and cut depending on your need – and you can choose to have it beveled, custom-edged, and even heat-treated and chemically strengthened!

You can even choose to have it colored in the way you like it! You can never go wrong in choosing SXET’s phone glass – we’ll give it to you just in the way you need it!

SXET, the top Chinese phone glass supplier, will never fail to deliver quality products for your business.

  • We can give you whatever your order requirements are – no MoQ!
  • We offer a warranty that is worth one (1) year
  • Adhesive sticking and hole drilling are available as an add-on request!
  • We’re able to offer different surface finishing techniques to you!
  • We can offer a lead time of 7 to 12 days!

Under our employees are highly qualified and fully experienced glass engineers and experts. We are more than ready to help you with the production or the manufacturing of the phone glass you need!

You can contact us in advance to get a free quotation, the lead time after payment confirmation is just 7 to 12 days – and we offer one (1) year warranty on the phone glasses that you need!

Get world-class quality services from the top phone glass manufacturing company in China – SXET! You can also purchase many other types of glass such as anti-reflective (AR) glass, Gorilla Glass, and more!

With us, you will never worry or stress about getting your phone glasses properly packaged!

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Phone Glass – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Many mobile phone manufacturing companies are looking to partner with phone glass suppliers to assist them in the production of their devices. While there’s a surplus of phone glass manufacturers in the world, choosing the best one you can work with can be a hassle.

In this guide today, we’ll help you understand what phone glass is – from its composition, its use, its benefits, up to the advanced features and characteristics that you can get from treated and highly detailed phone glass.

So, this is the guide that you can lean onto if you are in need of a complete and comprehensive guide in understanding phone glass more!

What is a Phone Glass Used For?

Phone glass, from its term alone, is a type of glass that you use for mobile devices.

Phone glass

It’s specifically named and labeled as “phone glass,” because that’s what the particular use for it is. Unlike regular flat glass, which you can use for a wide variety of applications, phone glass is made and is manufactured specifically for phones.

In fact, the market of smartphones and devices today employs the use of phone glass. And just because it is deemed and labeled as “phone glass,” doesn’t mean it’s exclusively used just for phones.

You can use it for other types of mobile devices too such as tablets, portable gaming consoles, and many more!

There are even researches and studies that prove the effectiveness and efficiency of phone glass. These studies point out that because of the impact resistance and strength of some classifications of phone glasses, some companies and businesses are starting to use them in the construction or the structural industry.

Which is the Best Phone Glass For Mobile Devices?

There’s a myriad of different types of glass that you can use for the manufacturing or the assembly of your smartphones.

Gorilla Glass, known to be the best phone glass

You can choose from regular float glass, Schott glass, Dragontrail glass, and many more.

But, the best and currently the most used in the market today is none other than Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass is used and is considered the best and most sought-after type of phone glass due to its strength, flexibility, and its overall effectiveness.

Smartphone glass

Phone Glass Comparison: Panda Glass vs. Gorilla Glass

If this is your first time hearing Panda Glass, you’re not alone! A lot of smartphones and electronic manufacturers and distributors also weren’t aware of what Panda Glass is.

Panda Glass used as an alternative to Gorilla Glass

Many say that it’s better than Gorilla Glass, but is that claim true? Let’s try to look at what Panda Glass is first. Then, we’ll put it side-by-side with Gorilla Glass and see if it really does perform better and more effectively than it.

Panda Glass

Panda Glass is a type of glass that’s manufactured by the Tungshu Group in China. Akin to Gorilla Glass, it’s also an alkali-aluminosilicate glass that you use for portable electronic devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops, and the like.

The toughness level of Panda Glass isn’t specific like how Gorilla Glass is, but it’s marketed and it’s known to have:

  • High levels of scratch and impact resistance
  • Overall stability and durability
  • High strength levels

To name a few world-renowned brands that use and utilize Panda Glass, they include Motorola and Fero Mobile. It hasn’t received any negative comments as of the moment so its quality can be considered as unscathed.

You can consider it as one of the best alternatives for Gorilla Glass.

Of course, in the smartphone world, Gorilla Glass is known to be the pedestal of phone glass. But, as years pass by, manufacturers and innovators could spark up a product that could be better, more efficient, and more successful than Gorilla Glass.

What Type of Glass is Used in Phones?

The answer to this varies from one manufacturer to another. But, the most common phone glass type used is Gorilla Glass.

Because of its features and its functionalities, it is widely known and considered to be the most common type of phone glass in the market. The next less common type of phone glass is Dragontrail glass, and then Panda Glass.

Those are the three (3) types of glasses that you’ll see in the phone market.

Mobile tempered glass

What Are Phone Glass Screens Made Of?

Different types and kinds of phone glasses are made of different materials, but the vast majority of these phone glasses are made of aluminum, silicon, and oxide – or more commonly referred to as aluminosilicate glass.

With its building sodium ions as its blocks, you can expect the compression of them to be at a moderate distance from each other.

Aluminosilicate glass is a glass that has about 20 to 40% of aluminum oxide in its composition. It’s different from Gorilla Glass in quite a number of factors, such as the ions present in them, the strength and durability levels and capacities, and many more.

The composition of Gorilla Glass, which is the most commonly used phone glass is different as potassium ions are injected to replace sodium ions. This procedure, known as the ion exchange process is done to develop and enhance the durability and the overall strength of the glass.

How Strong and Durable is Aluminosilicate Phone Glass?

Aluminosilicate glass is the glass that is known to be strong ever since it was created.

The strength of aluminosilicate phone glass

The manufacturing procedure that it undergoes is quite different from regular float glass.

These types of glasses are produced and manufactured through a proprietary fusion that creates customized thicknesses and styles for glass.

In conjunction with Gorilla Glass, Aluminosilicate is the type of glass that’s close to what Gorilla Glass offers. Its usual composition of oxygen, silicon, aluminum, and other charged ions contribute to the overall strength and durability that it boasts.

Iphone glass lens

Is Aluminosilicate Phone Glass Scratch Resistant?

If we were to compare Aluminosilicate glass to soda-lime glass, it’s obviously more impact and scratch-resistant and is more durable.

When you choose Aluminosilicate glass to be your phone glass, you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting scratched, damaged, and filled with abrasion.

You can find peace in choosing Aluminosilicate as your phone glass!

Do Phone Glass Protectors Work?

Just to be clear, phone glass is far different from the screen protectors that you know for your smartphones.

The phone glass in question is the glass used to create the overall device, the one that you click and press, not the one inside it.

But, to answer the question, yes, phone glass screen protectors work and their primary goal and function are to protect and secure the screen or the glass of the phone from different types and kinds of scratches.

Scratches, marks, and things of the like, in case you’re not aware, help to weaken the structure of a display. Then, when it doesn’t get resolved, it weakens over time. This is the culprit on the breakage and the damage that phone glasses experience.

Therefore, using phone glass screen protectors can really add up to the durability, toughness, and overall strength of your phone glass.

Phone glass

What is a Nano Glass Liquid Screen Phone Glass Protector?

Is it a liquid substance that hardens, which you can then use for smartphones and other mobile devices? Or is the “liquid” just a name for it?

In the simplest and the best terms possible, liquid glass is a type of invisible product you can use to rub on your device for the application.

Rubbing it onto your mobile device’s screen protector is the way to apply it. When it dries, it modifies and restructures the chemistry of your mobile phone’s screen.

The composition of Nano glass liquid phone glass protectors is a mixture of silicon dioxide – an alternative to a tempered glass of tablets and phones.

While it isn’t a permanent solution and it’s not a type or a classification of phone glass, you can use it to offer protection and security on your devices’ screens. It helps by giving 9H hardness, transforming your screen to be scratch and abrasion-resistant.

Does Toothpaste Remove Cracks on Phone Glass?

The most common myth about using toothpaste on broken phone glass screens is that it can fix it – but is it really true?

Cracked phone that’s only fixable via replacement

To give you a straight and a direct answer, no, toothpaste is not a solution for a cracked or broken phone glass. You can use it to conceal the cracks and the lines on your screen but you really can’t call it a “fix.”

It can make the cracks and the damages less obvious, especially when under sunlight, and it can fill in the gaps, but your screen stays as it is – broken, cracked, and damaged.

Can You Fix Broken or Cracked Phone Glass?

If you’re talking about fixing up or resolving an issue of a cracked phone glass, then it’s possible by using a filler material to cover it, we’ll discuss that in a later part of this guide.

There are some cases, though, where it’s not only the phone glass damaged, but also other hardware and components of your smartphone or tablet such as the touch screen, the sensors, and other parts of it.

So, in fixing completely broken or damaged phone glass, you can somehow lessen the visual impact that it has, but you wouldn’t be able to recover the glass fully. For you to get the maximum effect, you’d need to perform a phone glass replacement where you’ll have to replace the entire glass.

It’s not going to be just a replacement of the area or the part that’s been damaged; you’d have to remove and replace the entire phone glass as a whole even if it’s just an inch of a crack.

Phone Glass Replacement Cost

The replacement of your phone glass will depend on a few factors, some of these factors include:

  • Size of the screen and the damage
  • Chemistry and the structure of the phone glass you want to install

To give you a general amount, though, it can cost you anywhere between $100 and $200. More often than not, if your phone has insurance, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying a big or a large amount.

Is It Okay to Live With a Cracked Phone Glass?

Nowadays, more and more people are being too clumsy when it comes to their mobile devices. Some of which are even ignoring the fact that the surfaces of their phone glasses are cracked and broken!

While this can seem harmless (but it can wound you), it’s actually not a good idea to keep a cracked or broken phone glass.

Here are some of the reasons why you should immediately get that cracked phone glass fixed or replaced:

Radiofrequency Radiation

It’s a no-brainer that smartphones and other similar devices emit and release radiofrequency radiation. Many people believe that the radiation in our smartphones wouldn’t can’t possibly be transferred without actually having access to the source.

But, based on the study of the National Cancer Institute, broken phone glass is one of the main culprits in how radiation is absorbed by the human body.

With a broken phone glass, the transfer of radiation is much easier, which, in turn, is harmful to us.

Possible Nomophobia Trigger

Nomophobia is a term that has been coined quite recently, and it is the “fear of not being able to use your phone.”

Many people psychologically think that using their devices with broken phone glass is difficult, and it’s true! It’ll be difficult and challenging, and can be the reason why you would just leave it as it is, you wouldn’t just use your phone!

As per Scientific America, a broken phone glass can actually be the trigger of nomophobia, which can worsen over time.

Eye Strain Will Be Worse

Whether you have an OLED display, an AMOLED display, or whatever other type of display, a cracked phone will be a cracked phone.

It’s going to be more difficult to read and to comprehend the contents of it if it’s cracked, right? This leads to you having more eye strain than you should!

You’ll have a hard time reading articles and stories, watching videos, and even checking messages!

Most people would say the chances of you catching these are rare, but it’s actually not. A lot of mobile phone users have reported experiencing some types of problems and dilemmas whenever they use or utilize cracked or broken phone glass.

LCD vs. LED vs. AMOLED For Your Phone Glass

You probably have heard of them, but you may be unsure of what they are.

Sample image of phone glass with AMOLED displays

To help you with it further, we’ll discuss what LCD, LED, and AMOLED is, just for you!

LCD, short for Liquid Crystal Display, is a classification of the panel that utilizes liquid crystals. This particular technology’s principle utilizes light blockage to project the clear and high-quality display it’s known for.

Advantages of Using LCD

Some of the pros and benefits of using LCD for your screens include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • LED Backlighting
  • Can support and function even in low sizes
  • No burning in of the screen
  • Long-lasting and affordable

LED or light-emitting diode is a type of light source that releases light when the current flows through it. The light on this particular type of device is produced and released when electrons are duly combined and mixed with semiconductor material.

Of course, the usage of LCD isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, there are a couple of downsides to it as well, they include:

  • Geometric distortion
  • Images and displays are perfectly sharp
  • Fixed aspect ratio and resolution
  • Viewing angles are restricted and can affect the contrast and the brightness of the display

Advantages of Using LED

To give you some of the best points on why you should choose LED:

  • Consumes less energy and is a power-saver
  • Can provide brighter and better image quality
  • LED monitors can produce images that are flicker-free, which are the best for the eyes
  • Can substantially reduce headaches, migraines, and eye fatigue even after continuous use

One of the most avoided drawbacks and negative factors that LED usage has is that when it overheats, the lamp life could be reduced and decreased overall.

And the newest of the bunch, AMOLED, which stands for Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode, is a classification of an OLED display and is usually seen and used on smartphones and other devices of the same kind.

Advantages of Using AMOLED

Some of the advantages of utilizing AMOLED for smartphone screens include:

  • Thinner, lighter, and more aesthetic construction and structure – no LCD panel
  • Can offer wider viewing angles
  • Drains energy less
  • Better and greater contrast ratios
  • Can produce truer hues and shades of color, pixel-by-pixel illumination

The main downside of choosing AMOLED is its price and rate. It’s considered to be one of the most lucrative types of displays for your phone glass.

Those are the differences between the three (3). As you can see, the AMOLED screen a big jump from the LCD that you used to know.

What is the Best Phone Glass For Mobile?

Needless to say, what many consider the best for the assembly or the creation of mobile phone glass is none other than Gorilla Glass.

Thanks to all of the features that it has, you can easily expect it to last longer, be more durable, and to provide better quality.

From Gorilla Glass 5, you’ll already be able to produce high-quality smartphone glass units that can be tough, durable, strong, and resistant to all types of wear and abrasion.

Can Damaged Phone Glass Cut or Wound You?

Yes, broken or damaged phone glass can actually cut and wound you, especially if they’re not properly treated.

Even when you apply filler on the damaged area, the cracks could persist, which can still slice you and give you a cut. While the material for phone glass isn’t as sharp and as deadly as regular glass, it can still puncture and scratch you.

Phone Glass Crack Filler

A lot of people are trying to find a workaround for their cracked or broken phone glass. But is it there really something that you can do to temporarily fix it? Is there something you can use as a phone glass crack filler?

Many smartphone users have reported their success in using superglue as their solution to filling the cracks on their smartphone glass. There were even reviews about it online!

The procedure goes as follows:

  1. You apply the superglue on the cracks of the device
  2. After application, cover it with a plastic that can entirely cover it up
  3. You need to leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes under the sun to dry it out
  4. After it dries out, take the plastic out and scrape off any debris using a clean cloth and alcohol. Some people suggested the use of blades but that’s just too rigid and rough
  5. You’ll notice the cracks to be narrower and to be more shallow than before

This crack filling method doesn’t completely cover up the cracks like they’re brand new, but it can bring you peace until you purchase a completely new screen or a new phone.

Is a Tempered Glass Necessary to Protect Phone Glass?

While most phone glasses, like the Gorilla Glass and Dragontrail Glass, are made to be strong and durable as they are naturally, would having a tempered glass still be as useful?

It’s one of the most common arguments people have when talking about tempered glass. Is it still going to be beneficial if you use and utilize tempered glass to protect and secure phone glass?

The answer is yes – it is still going to be important and significant in helping you protect your phone glass.

Our phone glasses, may it be a Gorilla Glass 3, 4, 5 – even 6, are scratch-resistant. But, let us not forget that there actually are micro-scratches. These micro-scratches wouldn’t be seen in the first few weeks to months.

However, over time, these scratches can appear vividly and you’ll just be surprised how it happened.

With tempered glass, though, you can be free from all these types of dilemmas.

For example, if you drop your phone 10-feet high, do you still think your Gorilla Glass phone glass will be able to pull it together? It can and may be able to, but if you have a tempered glass before the phone glass, it can absorb the energy and be the first to be broken.

Having tempered glass as a screen protector for your phone will actually help you save your phone and hundreds of dollars for repairs and replacements.

Can Phone Glass Be Color-Printed?

Yes, you can actually print colors on the phone glass you’re looking to produce and manufacture.

Sample image of color-printed phone glass

The availability of these colors will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer because of the colors they have available.

You can work with a phone glass manufacturer that’s only skilled in producing and in providing basic colors like Red, Green, and Blue; and you can choose to work with a manufacturer that offers 10+ colors.

If you’re looking to have a wide array of phone glass colors, choose a manufacturer that has this capability.

How Do You Remove a Phone Glass Screen Protector?

Removing a phone glass protector doesn’t mean you have to take the phone glass completely. The protector is only the outer covering or layer that helps you in keeping the main phone glass free from scratches, smudges, and any other type of abrasion and damage.

More often than not, these phone glass screen protectors are tempered glass. To help you understand it further, here’s how you can remove or take off the screen protector on your phone glass.

  1. Turn your mobile phone or your tablet off to make sure that no electricity is in circuit.
  2. Then, use a toothpick or a separator to help you separate the protector from the phone glass.
  3. Your next step is to lift and separate the screen protector from the phone glass.
  4. One big tip is to try and separate the protector from all four (4) sides so you can easily lift it.
  5. Use a clean and abrasive-free object like a card that fits into the gap, while keeping the nudge on the protector and the screen before you remove it.
  6. Carefully raise the card to lift the protector from the phone glass.
  7. Then lastly, remove the protector without scratching or touching the surface of the phone glass.

That’s the procedure on how you can remove phone glass protectors attached and installed on a phone glass.

How Hard is It to Scratch High-Quality Phone Glass?

The most famous phone glass, Gorilla Glass, has been reported to have a hardness and a toughness level sitting between 5 and 7 in the Mohs scale. It’s hard as quartz, therefore, if you use material as hard and as tough as quartz, it’ll scratch your screen.

But if you don’t have anything that is as hard as quartz, you shouldn’t worry.

Forget about finding quartz and think about the possibility of having your phone glass scratched. It’s not that difficult to find quartz, especially in our homes and our offices.

So, it will be wise and beneficial for you to have some type of protection on your phone glass to avoid scratches – a tempered glass would be the best bet.

Can You Order Custom Phone Glass?

Yes, there are phone glass manufacturing companies that offer and provide custom phone glass to fit the needs and the requirements of their clients; and that’s actually the forte and the specialty of the vast majority of phone glass manufacturers.

For you to know whether or not a certain manufacturer offers custom phone glass, you just have to ask the manufacturer about it.

9 times out of 10, your manufacturer will tell you that they’re able to do it, this is because they wouldn’t be able to survive the market if all they offered was pre-made and pre-cut phone glass units.

So, don’t be afraid to ask phone glass manufacturers if they offer custom phone glass. In most cases, they’ll tell you they do even if they don’t – and they’ll just work it out to provide you what you need!

Can You Purchase Folding Phone Glass in the Market?

Nowadays, many smartphone manufacturing companies and businesses are trying their shot at producing and manufacturing foldable phones, take Samsung for example.

They’re trying and attempting to produce a mobile phone wherein its screen is foldable to allow better access and aesthetics to its users.

And to answer your question, yes, there are some phone glass manufacturers skilled and adept in producing foldable glasses for the benefit of their customers and clients. But, Corning has been known and considered as one of the best when it comes to foldable glass.

Where Can You Get High-Quality Custom Phone Glass?

There are a lot of phone glass manufacturers that can produce promising quality phone glass, whatever size and dimensions you need it for.

And, you can never go wrong in choosing Chinese phone glass manufacturers. Chinese manufacturers have been known to be the best and the most trusted businesses in the industry – in fact, the world-renowned iPhone phone glass is made and manufactured in China!

Therefore, if you are on the hunt for high-quality custom phone glass, trusting a Chinese phone glass manufacturer will be your best bet!

Which Chinese Phone Glass Supplier Can You Trust?

While the Chinese glass industry is filled with many manufacturing companies, all of your wishes and requests will be followed here at SXET.

SXET is known as China’s top and primary choice for all types of phone glass. Whether you need Dragontrail Glass, Gorilla Glass, or Panda Glass, you can absolutely place your full and complete trust in us.

We are a company that is SGS certified and equipped with the most experienced and the most skilled glass experts and engineers.

Can SXET Give You Custom Phone Glass Supplies?

We here at SXET are the most popular and the most trusted phone glass wholesale manufacturing company in the whole of China.

Our company has been trusted by many businesses and corporations like you in providing wholesale phone glass units. The pre-made phone glasses we can give you as samples don’t matter – because we’ll actually ask you for the specifics and the dimensions of the phone glass you need.

Don’t worry about us not getting it right, we will actually help you as we can get you a free sample of the order you need!

So, wherever you are in the world, never think twice about contacting us here at SXET. We’re the best and we will never let you down!

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