Custom Privacy Screen Protector for Phone as per Your Request

Being the top privacy screen protector manufacturing company in China for more than a decade, we here at SXET are proud to provide and offer you custom products specific to your needs.

The privacy screen protectors for iPhone 12, other iPhones, Android phones, and other devices that we have will definitely give you the assurance that sensitive data and information would never leak.

Unlike other privacy screen protector suppliers, SXET was able to innovate up to 4-way privacy screen protection. This means, no other content will be visible in certain and particular angles, except for the full front angle, of course.

Privacy screen protector

SXET can produce and manufacture privacy screen protectors for you whatever device you need it for! You can order privacy screen protectors for laptops, smartphones, and even touchscreen monitors and kiosks!

Privacy screen protector iPhone 11

We are skilled and capable of producing privacy screen protectors for iPhone 11 that have anti-reflective (AR), anti-glare (AG), even anti-fingerprint (AF) coating for you! Our iPhone 11 privacy screen protectors will be the best you’ll ever see in the market!

Privacy screen protector iPhone XR

SXET can be your go-to privacy screen protector manufacturer for iPhone XR devices. We can help you with high-quality privacy screen protectors that are within the ± 0.05 mm tolerance range.

iPhone 12 privacy screen protector

Not sure if you’re getting the correct iPhone 12 privacy screen protector? Don’t worry, we utilize computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines and equipment to produce and manufacture the privacy screen protectors that you’re looking for!

Privacy screen protector iPhone

No matter what type of iPhone variant you need privacy screen protectors for, our experts and highly-skilled engineers can produce privacy screen protectors that have beveled edges, stepped edges, 2.5D, and even 3D edges!

Privacy tempered glass

Other than regular privacy screen protectors, we can also help you if you need privacy tempered glass units for your device. SXET is experienced and skilled in producing 3D privacy tempered glasses specific and custom to what you’ll be using it for!

Privacy Screen Protector One-stop Solution and Manufacturer in China

Choosing SXET as your privacy screen protector manufacturer will open a lot of business opportunities for you as we’re able to produce a variety of privacy screen protectors. Whether you need a thick privacy screen protector or a thin-film type of custom privacy screen protector, we’ll help you!

The best part about deciding to go with us to be your privacy screen protector manufacturing company is not because we’re able to offer fast and urgent delivery, but because of the fact that we can produce custom privacy screen protectors for you!

Whether you need a privacy screen protector for the iPhone XR, an iPhone 12 privacy screen protector, and even privacy tempered glass, we got you!

It doesn’t matter what the device is! Choosing SXET as your privacy screen protector fabrication will get you what it is you exactly need! We can produce custom privacy screen protectors for iPhone 11, privacy screen protectors iPhone XR, and even privacy tempered glass!

In case you’re worried about dirt, debris, dust, or any other external impurities, don’t worry! We here at SXET perform ultrasonic bath cleaning to all our products – and we do it in multiple phases!

Never will you be able to find another privacy screen protector manufacturer as talented, skilled, and as experienced as us!

Why SXET is the Best Privacy Screen Protector Supplier

You can make use of our privacy screen protectors in many different applications. Other than smartphones, you can use it on other mobile devices like tablets, touchscreen gaming consoles, and many more! In addition to that, our other clients even utilize it for touchscreen kiosks and screens such as automated teller machines (ATMs), touchscreen panels, and many more!

  • We can offer you different glass material privacy screen protectors, such as float glass, AGC glass, gorilla glass.
  • We can produce thousands of privacy screen protectors daily.
  • Our lead time runs between 7 and 12 days from the date of payment.
  • We can even produce custom privacy tempered glass units for your needs!
  • We offer OEM privacy screen protectors that have superior quality.

SXET will never be the most trusted and the most sought-after privacy screen protector fabrication company if we offered regular products, right?

Thanks to the determination and the skill of our engineers, we were able to pull it all off! Wherever you are in the world, if you find yourself in need of a privacy screen protector supplier, SXET will neither fail nor disappoint you.

You can also count and bank on us if you need other products such as screen protectors3D tempered glass, camera glass, phone glass, Gorilla Glass, and many more!

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Privacy Screen Protector – The Complete FAQ Guide

If you’re interested to learn more about privacy screen protectors, you can absolutely bank on and rely on this guide! We’ll be covering everything on this guide, from knowing what these privacy screen protectors are – to the benefits and advantages that you can get when you use them.

Without further ado, let’s now get to the part where we’ll understand the most-asked questions about privacy screen protectors!

What is a Privacy Screen Protector?

Privacy screen protector for an iPhone 11

Figure 1 – Privacy screen protector for an iPhone 11

It’s a type of screen protector that helps shield and protect the contents of your screen from everyone physically around you.

From the term alone, privacy screen protectors, overall, protect your privacy whenever you’re using your device.

The majority of these privacy screen protectors utilize micro louver technology, which allows light to pass through specific angles.

A lot of people tend to confuse privacy screen protectors with tempered glass. But, they’re actually different.

However, there are also privacy tempered glass units that you can use as a double-purpose add-on – to protect your privacy and to protect the overall condition or status of your screen.

We’ll discuss what privacy screen protectors are in the latter part of this guide.

Where Do You Use Privacy Screen Protectors?

Privacy screen protectors are so flexible and versatile to the extent that you can use them for many different devices that you use in public areas and places.

Privacy screen protector for ATM

Figure 2 – An ATM that has a privacy screen protector

So, the most common device you can use it on would be smartphones and tablets. But, you can also use them for other devices, such as:

  • Laptops
  • Computers
  • Touchscreen Kiosks (ATMs)
  • Digital Interactive Panels
  • And Many More!

NOTE: Remember the signal that privacy screen protectors are used to ensure that your privacy is kept. So, you can utilize them for devices that you use in public places.

How Can a Privacy Screen Protector Protect Your Privacy?

Privacy screen protectors keep your privacy safe and secure by ensuring that no other person is seeing the contents of your screen.

Screen privacy protector for laptop

Figure 3 – Person working on a laptop with a screen privacy protector

Therefore, it can protect your privacy by not showing people what you’re accessing. Moreover, you can also be sure that you’ll be the only one seeing the contents of your device by blocking it from the side, front, and even the rearview.

While your experience in using your device won’t be compromised, other people will see blackened or darkened screens from their perspective.

How to Take Off Privacy Screen Protectors?

Since it’s a screen protector, it should not give you a hard time in terms of removing it.  The removal process is actually easy.

In fact, it’s the same process as to how you would remove or take off regular screen protectors. So, the overall goal is to lift up the privacy screen protector, right?

To be able to do this, you’ll have to start by lifting the privacy screen protector from the corners. You can use a specific tool that’s sharp, thin, and pointy to be able to lift it.

When it’s lifted up, the next thing to do is to ensure that the sides would be lifted up. You can use a card to lift it up carefully; making sure that the protector is intact when you’re lifting up.

That’s the process of how you can remove or take off the privacy screen protector that’s installed and attached to the screen of the device.

Do Privacy Screen Protectors Really Work?

Yes, privacy screen protectors work – they actually work like magic.

Smartphone with a privacy protector

Figure 4 –Smartphone equipped with a privacy protector

Imagine putting a piece of material on top of a glass and it creates the illusion of being a darkened or a blackened screen except for the person who has a straight horizontal view to it.

We know that most privacy screen protectors use micro louver technology. It’s considered the best due to the fact that it can provide a better and more soothing viewing experience compared to other materials.

Does a Privacy Screen Protector Reduce Brightness?

Users of these privacy screen protectors reported that they didn’t have any trouble when it came to the brightness of their devices.

Screen privacy protector for smartphone

Figure 5 – Separated screen privacy protector from a smartphone

To answer the question, though, yes, it can somehow toggle and reduce the brightness of your screen. Because of the technology that these protectors have, they’re able to substantially decrease and reduce the amount of blue light that’s released or emitted by your device.

Whether you’re using a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a computer, or even other devices, expect to see a darker hue of the colors that appear from it.

Are Privacy Screen Protectors Bad For Your Eyes?

Smartphone with a privacy screen protector

Figure 6 – Woman using a smartphone that’s equipped with a privacy screen protector

A lot of people believe that using privacy screen protectors puts strain on their eyes more than regular screen guards and protectors.

The truth behind that is the fact that these privacy screen protectors for iPhones, Samsung phones, as well as other devices assist in protecting your eyes to some extent.

They’re known to provide extra technology that contributes to keeping your eyes safe from glare, stress, and even strain.

In addition to that, some good-quality privacy screen protectors for iPhone 11 have been known to help in withstanding pressure that’s generated by the screens of our devices.

In conclusion, privacy screen protectors are actually helpful and better for our eyes.

Is a Privacy Screen Protector Better Than Tempered Glass?

Comparing privacy screen protectors and tempered glass units is not actually something that’s going to equate in the same way.

Tempered glass screen

Figure 7 – Sample image of what a tempered glass screen looks like

However, you can distinguish them and their characteristics.

When it comes to protection and durability, tempered glass outweighs privacy screen protectors. This is due to the fact that tempered glass is engineered and made for protection and security, not for display and privacy.

On the flip side, privacy screen protectors are made and designed to protect the display and the contents of your screen from certain angles.

So, if you were to ask what’s better in terms of privacy, of course, privacy screen protectors are the better option. Tempered glass is the perfect option if you’re looking for durability, strength, and reliability.

The best thing about that is you can use tempered glass and a screen privacy protector at the same time! As a matter of fact, we here at SXET are able to produce privacy tempered glass that you can use to both protect your privacy, as well as ensure that your device won’t be broken easily!

Does the iPhone 12 Have a Privacy Screen?

If you’re asking about a built-in privacy screen protector, then, no, the iPhone 12 does not have that.

iPhone 12 screen privacy guard

Figure 8 – iPhone 12 screen privacy guard or protector

On the contrary, just like with any other smartphone, you can purchase a privacy screen protector to keep all of what you’re seeing private and secure.

Several manufacturers were able to come up with iPhone 12 privacy screen protectors. So, if you have an iPhone 12, don’t fret!

Is There a Privacy Screen Protector For iPhone 11?

Similar to the iPhone 12 privacy screen protectors, you can also purchase privacy screen protectors for the iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 privacy screen protector

Figure 9 – An iPhone 11 privacy screen protector

This smartphone model is older than the iPhone 12. This basically means that you’ll have more varieties of privacy screen guards and screen protectors for the iPhone 11 compared to the iPhone 12.

In fact, we here at SXET, China’s number one privacy screen protector manufacturer, can get you custom privacy screen protectors for your need!

Are Privacy Screen Protectors Worth It?

The worth of privacy screen protectors lies in how you want to protect the safety and the security of your smartphone usage.

Mobile privacy screen protectors

Figure 10 – Privacy screen protectors are worth every penny!

Of course, it’s going to be worth it if you don’t want people around you snooping and eavesdropping. But, if you don’t mind showing other people whatever you’re doing with your device, then you have the option not to get a privacy screen protector.

Overall, though, privacy screen protectors are worth their rates since you can be sure that you won’t have anyone snooping around your device when you’re not using it.

How to Install a Privacy Screen Protector?

Installing a privacy screen protector is not very far from how you install regular or traditional privacy screen protectors.

Installing a screen privacy guard or protector

Figure 11 – Installing a screen privacy guard or protector

To help you further, we’ve outlined the steps of how you can install a privacy screen protector on your device.

  1. Take out the privacy screen protector from the packaging.
  2. Ensure that all the needed things are there, these include:
    1. One (1) screen protector
    2. Microfiber cloth
    3. Stickers
  3. When all of the necessary things are there, proceed to unload the screen protector.
  4. Before pasting, make sure that the screen does not have a layer of thin-film coating.
  5. This is also the perfect time to clean the phone’s screen, freeing it of any dust, dirt, or debris that could have accumulated.
  6. Paste and attach it to the screen of your device.
  7. Make sure that the protector is correctly placed on the screen.
  8. Finish it up by cleaning and polishing the newly installed privacy screen protector on your device.

Does Apple Sell Privacy Screen Protectors?

Yes, Apple is selling privacy screen protectors under the brand Belkin. They offer multiple types of privacy screen protectors, from regular versions to ultra privacy screen protection units for your iPhone.

On the contrary, other manufacturers don’t have specific screen protector brands. But, you’ll be able to find what you need in places like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Etsy, and many more!

Do Privacy Screen Protectors Make the Screen Darker?

Contrary to popular belief, screen privacy protectors wouldn’t necessarily have a big issue when it comes to the brightness of your phone.

Slightly darkened screen after applying the privacy screen protector

Figure 12 – Slightly darkened screen after applying the privacy screen protector

As we mentioned above, yes, it reduces brightness by blocking off blue light emitted by your device. It’ll subtly and lightly make your device’s screen darker, but not to the extent that your experience will be compromised.

Remember, the primary goal of these privacy screen protectors is to secure and keep your device’s screen safe. It’s not made for the purpose of darkening or reducing the brightness of the screen, it’s just some type of additive factor when you use privacy screen protectors.

How to Clean Privacy Screen Protectors?

Cleaning screen privacy protector

Figure 13 – Cleaning screen privacy protector with a microfiber cloth

Just because they’re safe and secure, does not automatically mean that they’re safe and resistant against dirt, dust, and other types of unwanted debris.

Akin to other types of protectors, privacy screen protectors are also susceptible to dirt and dust. So, in case you’re interested to learn how to clean privacy screen protectors for you to educate your clients, here’s a simple and easy way to do it.

  1. For this process, you don’t want to reduce or decrease the privacy that it gives you by making the shade or the film lighter.
  2. Use three (3) parts of water to one (1) part of the cleaning agent. Usually, dishwashing soap or liquid is good.
  3. If there are sticky or greasy parts on the surface, use scotch tape to remove excess oils and dust that have been stuck on the surface.
  4. Then, what you have to do with this mixture is to apply it to a clean microfiber cloth. Using any other type of cloth would be good, it’s just that, microfiber cloth runs fewer risks of damaging or scratching the surface.
  5. Apply the mixture to the screen and soak it for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Refrain from rinsing it quickly because it might not sip into the surface efficiently.
  6. After that timeframe, rinse it off with water. Perform the same process as to how you applied the mixture to the microfiber cloth.
  7. Dry it out by wiping it with a clean and dry microfiber cloth to finalize it.

That’s the process of how you can clean privacy screen protectors! You can paste or attach this to your packaging!

What is a Privacy Tempered Glass?

Privacy tempered glasses are, of course, the more advanced versions of regular tempered glass and the traditional privacy screen protectors in the market.

Privacy tempered glass protector for an iPhone

Figure 14 – Privacy tempered glass protector for an iPhone

They’re a combination of tempered glass and a privacy screen protector and you can use them to protect the overall status and condition of your devices’ screens and your privacy at the same time.

You’ll find numerous stores and shops that offer privacy tempered glass. You’ll be able to find many privacy tempered glasses if you shop on Amazon, Belkin, Spigen, even manufacturer websites like Alibaba and Made In China.

But, if you are looking for the best and the highest quality of privacy screen protectors, there’s no doubt that it’s with us here at SXET. Over the years, we have been improving and developing all our privacy screen protectors.

We are so skilled and experienced to the extent that we’re able to produce custom screen privacy protectors for our clients, whatever type of it they’re looking for!

Do Privacy Screen Protectors Block Blue Light?

Do privacy screen protectors block blue light

Figure 15 – Blue light from devices can accelerate blindness

Yes, privacy screen protectors are handy and effective in terms of blocking or reducing the blue light that your devices produce.

To conclude, yes, you can bank and count on privacy screen protectors if you’re looking to block blue light. Although it’s common knowledge that they don’t block 100% of all blue light, they’re able to block anywhere about 30 to 70% of blue light that’s emitted by our devices.

How Are Privacy Screen Protectors Manufactured?

  1. The first part of the process involves the selection of the material to be used. Privacy screen protectors utilize multiple layers of PET films to manufacture privacy screen protectors.
  2. Then, after material selection, it’s cut to the size that’s desired. It’ll be partnered and programmed to be able to fit the device it’ll be used for.
  3. After that, the PE film is then laminated to the polycarbonate (PC) or glass material to achieve the protection and security you’re looking for.
  4. It’s then inspected and quality checked before it gets deposited into the next machine, which will be where it’s going to be drilled.
  5. Before it’s sent for cleaning, the multiple PE layers are positioned above and below one another and are examined if they fit correctly.
  6. After drilling, it’s sent for cleaning to make sure that no pieces of debris and dust are on the surface of the product. The usual cleaning process for privacy screen protectors would be ultrasonic bath cleaning.
  7. It’ll then undergo the final round of testing and calibration before it gets packaged to be sent to rightful clients.

NOTE: This is not the official way of how privacy screen protectors are manufactured. It’s just the general skeletal structure of how manufacturers produce it.

Can You Use a Privacy Screen on a Touch Screen Laptop?

Yes, as a matter of fact, most, if not all screen privacy protectors are compatible with devices that are touchscreen.

Privacy screen protector for a touchscreen laptop

Figure 16 – Privacy screen protector for a touchscreen laptop

They would not have any negative impact that could lessen or compromise the experience you’ll have when using the device.

You can treat and consider these privacy screen protectors like how regular screen protectors work. The only added benefit is that your screen is not in danger in case a person around you is eavesdropping or trying to look over to view and see the content you’re accessing.

The simple fact that there are privacy screen protectors for iPhone, privacy screen protectors for touchscreen laptops, and the like, make it obvious that they’re fully and highly compatible with touchscreen technology.

Can Privacy Screen Protector Screens Reduce Glare?

Glare is simply the loss of visual performance due to high-intensity light that’s greater than the light that the screen produces.

Basically, glare is something that can give discomfort whenever you are using the device.

Apart from being able to reduce blue light emissions from smartphones and other devices, privacy screen protectors are also known to reduce glare.

As a matter of fact, many of these privacy screen protectors have been known to reduce up to 95% of glare!

Privacy Screen Protector vs. Anti-Glare Film

Anti-glare film

Figure 17 – Image of what an anti-glare film looks like

A lot of people have the misconception that anti-glare films are the same as privacy screen protectors. While they share a lot of similarities, they’re not actually 100% identical.

Identifying them is easy; in fact, it’s clear and simple by identifying their terms alone.

Anti-glare films, from what it’s called alone, are films that you can attach to a display, which can help in diffusing light reflection, which, overall protects the eyes from the high intensity of light.

The primary purpose of anti-glare films is to reduce glare and reflections to provide a better and much more efficient and effective user experience. Usually, they just appear as thin films; it’s rare to see thick pieces of anti-glare coating on displays and screens.

Privacy screen protectors, on the other end of the spectrum, are made to be free from the threat and the dangers of visual hackers. Using these screen privacy protectors is effective in making sure that there’ll be no eavesdropping to happen wherever you are.

Unlike anti-glare films, privacy screen protectors aren’t just limited to thin films. In fact, several suppliers were able to innovate and create privacy tempered glass that can be used for smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and other touchscreen devices.

Another thing to note is that privacy screen protectors for iPhone 12, for example, can have anti-glare properties. These properties, though, aren’t just limited to them.

There are privacy screen protectors that could have anti-reflective, anti-fingerprint, and anti-smudge properties, too!

Laptop Privacy Screen Guard vs. Filter Screen Protector

laptop privacy screen guard and protector

Figure 18 – Sample image of a laptop privacy screen guard and protector

Do you know what the differences are when it came with laptop privacy screen guards and filter screen protectors? Are you aware of how you can determine which is which?

A lot of people think that laptop privacy screen guards and filter screen protectors are different. But, they’re actually the same!

Laptop privacy screen guards are the screen protectors that are solely used for laptops and other monitors of the like. On the other hand, filter screen protectors refer to any device that would need the effects of the screen protector.

Ideally, they’re the same. It’s just that the former is more directed towards laptops.

How Do Privacy Screens For Computers Work?

Privacy screen protectors iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or any other smartphone helps by keeping other angles hidden and unseen from a point-of-view.

So, how do privacy screen protectors for computers and monitors work? Does it work the same way?

Yes, actually, it does! These privacy screen protectors contain a special filter, which allows light to go through it at particular angles.

This makes it preset that a particular angle would be the only angle that would have a clear view of the display.

Privacy Screen Protector Advantages

Privacy screen protector advantages

Figure 19 – Privacy screen protectors can secure your information and data

Using a privacy screen protector for iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone XR, even other smartphones has its advantages.

Protection of Sensitive and Confidential Data

It’s common knowledge that these privacy screen protectors offer anti-peeping and anti-viewing technology, which prevents other people from viewing or looking at the contents of your screen.

That being said, you can have the peace of mind that there’ll be no other people prying around the activities you’re doing.

You’ll never have to worry about accessing files, media, content, or any other data in public!

Prevention of Eye Strain

Another benefit of using privacy screen protectors is that using them can help you prevent eye strain. Since it minimizes the brightness that could be dangerous and threatening to your eyes in the long run, you can be sure that your eyes wouldn’t be strained from constantly using it.

Protection Against Blue Light Emissions

Last, but most definitely not least would be the fact that blue light emissions would be minimized.

Over time, exposure to blue light can lead to blurry vision, dry eyes, cataracts, macular degeneration, and other bad conditions.

So, if you use privacy screen protectors, your risks and chances of being subjected to these are greatly reduced.

No, these aren’t all the pros and benefits of using privacy screen protectors. There are a lot more! These are just some of the most common and the most noticeable ones!

Privacy Screen Protector Disadvantages

While you might think that these screen privacy protectors are all rainbows and butterflies, think again!

Privacy screen protector disadvantages

Figure 20 – Cracked screen privacy protector for smartphone

Using them can get you a couple of cons and disadvantages, too!

Insensitivity of Touch

Cheap and bad-quality screen privacy protectors for certain devices have been reported to compromise the experience of using touch functionality.

For instance, if you’re using an iPhone 12 privacy screen protector that’s not from a good manufacturer, there could be problems when it comes to touch sensitivity and usage.

No Dimming

Several reports stated that the brightness of their devices was not dimmed when they used privacy screen protectors.

While some people prefer this, there are others that go against this particular thought. If you’re part of the demographic who wants to keep the brightness level at a low, make sure to choose a good-quality privacy screen protector.

You might find these cons and drawbacks workable, but, make sure that you purchase screen protectors for privacy that are of good quality.

How to Choose the Best Privacy Screen Protector?

Choosing good quality privacy screen protector for iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 12, and other smartphones are not as hard and as complicated as it seems.

As a matter of fact, we can simply categorize them using a few different things and properties.

Viewing Angle

Of course, screen privacy protectors don’t literally cover the entire screen of your device. What it does is add shade to certain angles, making them darkened to the extent that no other people from those angles would be able to see what you’re doing.

Most privacy screen protectors have viewing angles usually within the range of 60 to 90 degrees. Going over this can actually compromise your own experience.

Type of Material Used

Since we know that privacy screen protectors are divided into a few groups based on material, you have the option if you’ll be choosing privacy tempered glass or privacy film or screen protectors.

If you’re more of a tempered glass type of person, the obvious choice would be tempered glass. It’s more expensive and costly, but it can actually do more than what regular privacy screen protectors do.

2-Way or 4-Way Privacy

2-way privacy screen protector iPhone 11 is going to give you a darkened screen in one (1) orientation. Switching it will make the content or the display on your device invisible.

On the other end of the spectrum, 4-way privacy screen protectors work in both orientations. That simply means that no matter what orientation you’re using your device on, the contents would be hard-to-read and hidden from plain sight.

Privacy Screen Protector Manufacturer

Another thing you’d want to take note of would be the manufacturer or the supplier of the privacy screen protector.

There are a lot of privacy screen protector fabrication companies and suppliers in the market today. They might make it seem like they’re offering the same products, but, they’re actually not.

Here at SXET, we can offer you a free virtual factory tour so you have the chance to see and view the manufacturing process that we have.

Can Privacy Screen Protectors Hide Cracks and Scratches?

While it’s never known to be able to hide scratches and cracks, most screen privacy protectors are capable of protecting and securing your phone from it.

Scratched privacy screen guard

Figure 21 – Scratched privacy screen guard

Thanks to the multiple PET film layers, you’ll never have to worry about inducing scratches and cracks.

Some privacy screen protector suppliers are able to produce devices that can hide it, but it’s not 100% guaranteed.

Can You Make a DIY Computer Privacy Screen?

While it will require knowledge, skill, and the right set of tools and materials, several people were able to innovate and create DIY or Do-It-Yourself computer privacy screens.

Some people were able to create “invisible screens” by using an old and not-being-used LCD screen, but there are some that were able to create the PE filter.

Regardless of what you need, we were able to find a few DIY videos to help you out.

Here’s a video of using polarizing filter and attaching it to glasses. This results to you not being able to see the contents of the display without the glasses.

Why SXET is the Most Trusted Privacy Screen Protector Supplier

SXET has been seen and considered as the best and the most trusted privacy screen protector China manufacturing company across the country.

Being capable and skilled in producing privacy screen protectors within the tolerance range of ± 0.05 mm, we’re sure that we’ll be able to get you what you exactly need!

We’re able to inculcate various technologies in our custom privacy screen protectors! We can even produce privacy tempered glass for you!

Whatever device you want to produce it for, our engineers and experts will be adept and skilled in producing it for you!

Work with us if you’re looking for custom privacy screen protectors, as well as other high-quality glass products such as Gorilla Glass, 3D tempered glass, phone glass, camera glass, and many more!

Top 10 Privacy Screen Protector Manufacturers

In China, there are a few of the most sought-after and most trusted privacy screen protector manufacturers and suppliers.

While we can’t really say which manufacturer is better, here are the top 10 privacy screen protector manufacturers for iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and other smartphones.

SXET Glass

SXET is considered the best and the most superior privacy screen protector fabrication company in China. We specialize in producing screen protectors, as well as other additive products for smartphones and other electronic devices.

You can trust us if you need large volumes of privacy screen protectors for iPhone XR, privacy tempered glass, and even other types of screen guards and screen protectors!

Hainan Device Manufacturing, Co., Ltd.

Situated in the Hainan province, Hainan Device Manufacturing Co., Ltd. became known and famous for their tempered glass.

They’re one of the few manufacturers who were able to offer high-quality tempered glass for the cheapest and most affordable rates.

You can consider them also as your go-to privacy screen protector manufacturer as they’re able to produce good quality of it, too.

Shanghai Trading Company Ltd.

In the municipality of Shanghai, no other manufacturer is banked and relied on when it came to electronic parts and components but Shanghai Trading Company, Ltd.

They capitalize from their vast knowledge and skill when it comes to computer and electronic parts and components, as well as the assembly of these machines and devices, too.

Guangzhou Electronic Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Electronic Co., Ltd. can be your choice if you’re looking for rare and unique electronic parts. You can count on them if you’re looking for a highly extensive lineup of electronic parts and components that you would not be able to get and source from other manufacturers and suppliers.

Guangxi and Partners Manufacturing and Trading, Ltd.

Do you want more than just a privacy screen protector? Then Guangxi and Partners Manufacturing and Trading, Ltd. is the company for you!

Started out as a company offering OEM Gorilla Glass, they’ve evolved and turned into the company that many other manufacturers wanted to be!

You can purchase many different types and kinds of privacy screen protectors from them, regardless of the device you’ll be using it for.

Hebei Opto-Electronics Technology Ltd.

Specializing in optometry and technology, Hebei Opto-Electronics Technology, Ltd. is the number one source for optical lenses and glasses in the Hebei region.

They’re able to offer many different optical glass products from camera lenses, camera glasses, watch glasses, and many more!

Now, but they’re also offering a big roster of privacy screen protectors.

Liaoning Bright Innovations Technology, Co., Ltd.

Liaoning Bright Innovations Technology, Co., Ltd. can procure all the lighting parts and components you need for your business.

Not only that, but they’re also one of the best manufacturers of privacy screen protectors for iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 across the region of Liaoning, too!

Akin to us here at SXET, Liaoning Bright Innovations Technology, Co., Ltd. can be your all-in-one solution if you need custom privacy screen protectors for various devices and equipment!

Gaungdong ZXCHV Trading, Co., Ltd.

ZXCHV is one of the top and the most sought-after suppliers of iPhone 12 privacy screen protectors.

They started out in the industry offering phone glass and camera glass, and eventually, they improved and developed their flexibility and versatility by innovating and by coming up with better ideas for the user experience of consumers.

LKG Technology and Trading Co., Ltd.

LKG Technology and Trading Co., Ltd. might be one of the oldest glass manufacturing companies in the market, but they would never be outdated when it comes to the newer products yearned for by the market!

You can consider them to be your go-to manufacturer if you ever find yourself in need of privacy screen protectors. However, most of the time, they get the materials and the products they need from us here at SXET.

VMax Yi Network Technology, Co., Ltd.

One of the newest players in the market today, VMax Yi Network Technology, Co., Ltd. is one of the fastest-growing privacy screen suppliers.

They’re packed and employed with the industry’s most well-known experts and engineers. Like SXET, they too can produce high-quality privacy screen protectors for iPhone 11 and you’ll never be disappointed with the quality they’re offering.

Out of all the options, we’re sure that SXET will never fail in producing the privacy screen protectors that you’re looking for.

Wherever you are in the world, we can assure you of a lead time that’s within 7 to 12 days from the payment date!

Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to send over a free quotation or a free estimate for all the products that you need!

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