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Your Trusted Glass Processing Fabrication in China, More Than 12 Years Experience

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Focusing On Precision Glass Manufacturing, The Tolerance is +/-0.05mm

When it comes to glass fabrication capabilities, no other manufacturer is more trusted and more relied on than us here at SXET. For more than a decade, the glass fabrication capabilities we’ve rallied have been seen as the most effective and the least costly compared to our competitors.

Working with us can give you the benefit of getting OEM products for the minimal and the cheapest rates you can get it for.

The glass fabrication capabilities that we have here at SXET can get you jaw-dropping quality without burning a hole in your pocket!

Glass Processing Product Series at SXET

Cover lens for display screenGlass panelSilk-screen printed glass

Non glare glass Custom cut non glare glass AG glass

3D glass3D tempered glass 3D glass cut to size

Custom Cover lensCustom glass panel Toughened glass panel

Glass lens Cover lensUltra thin glass 

Ultra thin glass Cover glass

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    Producing Glass as Your Requirement, Just Gave us a Drawing or Sample

    You can get a whole wide array of glass products all in one roof! From your usual glass CNC machining needs, CNC drilling, polishing and grinding, strengthening, and other processes you require, SXET will be your best choice!

    Through the constant development of our products and glass fabrication capabilities, you can trust us no matter how complex or how complicated the services you need are. Whether you’re in the Aerospace and Defense (AS&D) industry, the consumer electronics industry, general engineering and architecture industry, and so on!

    You can purchase Gorilla Glass, regular float glass, thermally tempered glass, anti-reflective (AR) glass, frosted glass, ultra-thin glass – literally all the glass products you can think of!

    Our factory is filled with high-end and ultra-quality CNC machines and equipment, which are perfect for crafting and fabricating the products that you need for your business.

    We can supply all our glasses in varying sizes, dimensions, and thicknesses. The tolerance level of our glass panels is at ± 0.05 mm, and diameters in the range of 1.2 m x 1.2 m.

    It’s not just that, SXET can also offer you advanced techniques and methodologies in silk-screen printing, color-printing, edging, and shaping – all thanks to the advanced and fully mechanical CNC machines that we use.

    SXET Has the Best Glass Fabrication Capabilities

    You can take advantage of our skills and capabilities in glass fabrication for creating phone glasses, camera glass, 3D glass, ultrathin glass, chemically strengthened glass, and many more!

    Before delivery, our team of experts and engineers thoroughly and carefully examine and calibrate the quality of the glass products completed, and it’s done through consistent and multiple exams and calibration tests.

    • We can perform adhesive sticking, specific to where you want them placed
    • CNC hole drilling and glass CNC machining are all available upon request
    • All products are 100% OEM
    • We perform ultrasonic baths on all fabricated glass products
    • Lead time is in the range of 7 to 12 days from the date of payment
    • We’re capable of applying coatings and treatments to your glass products
    • And many more!

    With SXET, your dreams of working with a fully capable and experienced glass fabrication company will become reality.

    Work with us and get the chance to experience world-class quality products through our adeptness and your extraordinary capabilities in glass fabrication!

    Get ahold of us and secure yourself a free estimate for the glass products your business requires!

    Finishing 20000 pcs Glasses Per Day
    With srtonger capabilities, we can meet all your need.
    Designing a Drawing From Your Thought
    If you don't have a drawing or sample, just give us your thought, we can do any custom glass as per your request.
    Hole Drilling
    Glass can be drilled by CNC or laser machines, It deponds on your needs.
    Custom Edge Cutting
    At SXET, we are not just can offer you normaly edge, such as smooth/ polished edge, 2.5D, we also can do 3D edge, stepped edge, curved edge, etc,.
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