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For more than a decade, SXET has been in the business of producing and manufacturing quartz glass tubes for various businesses and establishments worldwide.

We’ve partnered with different sectors and industries that utilize quartz tubes. Unlike other manufacturers, we’re open to all the factors of our products. As a matter of fact, here are a few of the things we can’t be prouder of:

  • Our quartz tubes have excellent thermal stability and electrical insulation
  • You’ll never experience rust, oxidation, and corrosion on our products
  • The spectral transmission of our clear quartz glass ranges between 89% and 94%
  • Our quartz tubes’ purity levels are at 99.99%

As the top manufacturer of fused silica tubes, we can give you the assurance that we’ll be able to produce high-quality tubes with adequate physical and mechanical properties. Our fused silica tubes are versatile and flexible, you can use them in a wide array of business industries!

The quartz glass tubes we’re offering aren’t limited to a small size range. We can produce small-diameter quartz tubes to large-diameter quartz glass tubes, whichever you prefer! Furthermore, we can also go for fused silica tubes that are chemically resistant, temperature resistant, and so on!

All the quartz heating tubes we produce are susceptible to all types of temperatures. They can withstand highly fluctuating temperatures, regardless of how they’re manufactured and produced. You’ll never have any trouble or problem if you need quartz glass tubes for the purpose of heating!

As the most trusted quartz glass tube manufacturing company, SXET can cater to the mass production of quartz test tubes varying in all different forms and sizes. We can produce different colors, lengths, and sizes of quartz test tubes!

Other than our colored fused silica tubes, we’re also experts and professionals in producing and manufacturing clear quartz tubes! Our clear quartz tubes are safe and non-toxic, all of which are made with extreme accuracy and precision.

SXET is the top and best manufacturer of large-diameter quartz glass tubes in the Chinese market. We’ve produced different-sized large diameter quartz tubes that have high purity content and are refined to their maximum.

Your Professional Quartz Tube Manufacturer in China- SXET GLASS

Being the country’s most reliable and most trusted quartz tube manufacturer, SXET can give you the complete assurance that you’ll not witness any impurities on your products.

We perform the manufacturing of our quartz tubes with the design of having long-term working temperatures for the purpose of providing excellent chemical performance, alkali and acid-resistance, as well as temperature resistance.

Overall, the quality of our quartz test tubes encompass the usual and traditional properties set by other manufacturers. To name some of the biggest and most notable advantages, our quartz glass tube units possess high purities, with SiO2 being always above 99.99%, we can guarantee no air bubbles on the surface, as well as no air streaks.

Businesses and organizations worldwide reach out to us for their quartz tube needs. They love the fact that SXET’s quartz heating tubes are excellent in resisting corrosion, heat, as well as force and pressure.

Our quartz tubes come in a wide array of sizes. You can get them in thicknesses ranging between 0.5mm and 40mm. For the diameter, you can get it between 1 and 400mm, and the length between 1 and 4000mm.

Don’t worry, our quartz glass tube manufacturing process entails a final assessment method to check the overall quality of the newly made quartz tubes for our clients.

We perform everything from ultrasonic baths, to heat soaking, and even insulation and resistance testing. Our services and products are extremely cheap and affordable, but without the danger or the harm of compromising the quality of our work.

Being the trademark of our company, our quartz glass tubes are easily sourced out and can be purchased either in retail or in wholesale. We do not have any limits on the types of quartz tubes you can get from us.

Why SXET is the Best in Manufacturing Quartz Glass Tubes

Whether you need colored or clear quartz tubes, or if you are looking for small-to-large-diameter quartz glass tubes, you can be assured that we’ll be able to supply you with whatever the sizes you need are.

Our quartz heating tubes are applied by our clients in various business sectors and industries. The most common of which include the military industry, laboratory and glassware, pharmaceutical industry, medical and health industry, furniture manufacturing sector, electronics industry, and even lighting and fixture.

If you want to add to the availability of your arsenal but you’re on a budget, reach out to us here at SXET and we’ll supply you with all the needed quartz glass tubes you may need!

  • We can have your orders delivered within 7 to 12 days after payment
  • All our quartz glass tubes are OEM and high quality
  • We can perform full customization of your quartz tubes according to your application
  • Complete surface finishing and coating are available upon request

Contact us by giving us a call or by shooting us an email and we’ll respond as soon and as fast as we can. Experience world-class quality services from China’s top quartz tube manufacturer!

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Why Choose Quartz Tube  From SXET GLASS

Used as a nickname for nichrome metal wire or metal tape, quartz tube is one of the primary materials that’s often overlooked in the glassmaking and glass fabrication industry.

If you’re interested to know more about quartz tube, what it is, and how you can use it for your business, we here at SXET has just the guide for you. We will be unearthing everything you need to know about quartz tubes in this FAQ guide, so you know what to expect from it.

  1. What is a Quartz Tube?
  2. Is Quartz Tube and Quartz Glass the Same?
  3. What Are Quartz Tubes Made Of?
  4. How Are Quartz Tubes Made?
  5. What Applications Do You Use Quartz Tubes For?
  6. At What Temperature Do Quartz Tubes Melt At?
  7. Quartz Glass Tube vs. Borosilicate Glass Tube
  8. How Do You Cut a Quartz Glass Tube?
  9. Quartz Glass Tube vs. Glass: How to Tell the Difference?
  10. What Are the Advantages of Fused Silica Tubes?
  11. Fused Silica vs. Quartz Glass Tube
  12. What Are the Properties of Quartz Glass Tube?
  13. What Should You Look For in a Quartz Tube?
  14. Are Quartz Glass Tubes Durable?
  15. Where Can You Purchase High-Quality Quartz Glass Tubes?
  16. Why SXET Should be Your Go-To Quartz Tube Manufacturer

What is a Quartz Tube?

Figure 1: An image of different-sized quartz tubes

Basically, a quartz tube is a piece of quartz glass material that can either be hollow or solid stock, based on how it’s needed. You can buy these quartz glass tubes as colored quartz glass test tubes – even transparent or clear quartz tubes.

There’s not a limit of the types and styles of quartz glass tubes you can purchase for your application. In fact, that’s the beauty of going straight with quartz tube manufacturers. You can ask them to modify and specify the quartz glass tube you want to produce!

But is a quartz tube and quartz glass the same?

Is Quartz Tube and Quartz Glass the Same?

Figure 2: A quartz glass formed into a tube

Quartz tube is a type of quartz glass that’s just different when it comes to the shape and form of the object. Basically, a piece of quartz glass tube is a reshaped or recreated quartz glass sheet.

So, don’t be confused when you encounter the term “quartz tube” because it’s just a tube-formed quartz glass sheet. It’s simple, easy-to-understand, and it’s not made from a different set of materials, it’s just the same.

What Are Quartz Tubes Made Of?

Figure 3: An example of a quartz glass product that is yet to be transformed into a quartz tube

Quartz tubes are generally made of naturally occurring quartz crystals formed into tubes and pipes. Ideally, they’re made by the fusing or the melting of these materials to form and create tube and pipe-like structures that have extremely high purity rates.

Don’t confuse yourself and complicate the situation. Quartz tubes are simply glass tubes that are made from quartz material.

To help you even further, here is the exact composition of quartz tubes.

  • High-Purity Silica (SiO2)
  • Sodium Oxide (Na2O)
  • Oxocalcium (CaO)
  • Boric Oxide (B2O3)

This is the basic composition of quartz tubes – no quartz tube glass type specifically. So, if you’re interested to know more about what reactions you can get with fused silica and quartz glass tubes, never hesitate to inquire about it by contacting us here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd.!

How Are Quartz Tubes Made?

Figure 4: Raw quartz tubes in the same sizes

The manufacturing procedure of quartz tubes is as simple and easy as manufacturing regular soda-lime glass tubes and pipes. The only difference would be with the materials used in the process.

To give you a glimpse, here’s how fused silica tubes are manufactured:

  1. The components needed are gathered, then heated until it becomes a molten piece.
  2. Then, the molten material is cooled down a bit and is laid out in the shape of a pipe or a tube.
  3. When that’s done, the material is checked, and heat tested to ensure that it wouldn’t crack or fracture under pressure.
  4. After that, the coating is applied onto the fused silica tube.
  5. Surface finishing and surfacing processes are done (coloring, surface finishing techniques, etc.).
  6. When these are done, edging profile customization is done to specify the tube’s edge.
  7. It will then be inspected and assessed overall before it’s sent for packaging and finally for distribution.

The complete process may take hours – even days, depending on the bulk and the size of a client’s order.

NOTE: This entire process is not mandatory to be followed by quartz tube manufacturers. Some follow different processes in doing it, and it’s something that has been practiced by different suppliers and manufacturers from all around the world.

What Applications Do You Use Quartz Tubes For?

Figure 5: Different-sized quartz tubes are used for various types and kinds of application

The usage and applications of these fused silica tubes encompass the traditional uses of glass tubes. Thanks to their high purity, strength, and non-conductivity, you’ll see that it’s used in a lot of areas of electronics and industrial sectors.

They’re used in quite a lot of business sectors and industries. The most common ones are for the electronic sector or industry, industrial applications like production and manufacturing, automotive, medical and health, laboratory and sciences, marine and maritime, and many more!

Thanks to its flexibility and versatility, you can make use of it for sight glasses, x-ray tubes, end caps, transfer carriers, gauges, CVDs, and many more!

At What Temperature Do Quartz Tubes Melt At?

Figure 6: Quartz tubes melt at higher temperatures compared to regular or standard soda-lime glass units

Quartz glass tubes or general quartz glass units boil at a temperature of 4046 °C or about 7347.3 °F. When the quartz tube’s environment is within these temperatures, then it will transform into molten material.

Quartz Glass Tube vs. Borosilicate Glass Tube

Figure 7: An example of a borosilicate glass tube, very different from a quartz glass tube

Both borosilicate and quartz glass tubes are used side-by-side in businesses and activities that require sheer strength, resistance, and durability.

And although they are utilized in the same ways and manners, there are a couple of differences between these two (2) materials. Here’s a quick representation of how borosilicate and quartz glass tubes differ.

Silica Content

Part of the primary difference between them is that the percentage of silica or SiO2 in glass has over 99%, while borosilicate glass only within the 80% range.

Unlike other tests and examinations, checking the silica content requires a more thorough and careful look at the composition of the quartz glass tube.

Temperature Resistance

Aside from silica content, the resistance of temperature is also different. Quartz can handle temperature better – it can work on environments with temperatures reaching over 1100 °C. On the contrary, borosilicate glass can handle only up to 450 °C.

How Do You Cut a Quartz Glass Tube?

Figure 8: An image of a newly cut quartz glass tube

Cutting quartz glass tubes is not a walk in the park, but it isn’t as complex as rocket science either. Many fused silica tube suppliers make use of auxiliary cutting tools and equipment to proceed with the cutting and dividing of these quartz tubes, but regular power tools would do.

To help you with it, though, here’s the process of how you can cut quartz glass tubes or any other shape of quartz glass.

  1. Take the quartz glass unit you want to cut and put markings on it.
  2. Then, take the cutting tool or equipment and trace it along the line of your marking.
  3. Double-check the trace and the path of the mark and while cutting, make sure it’s along a straight line.
  4. After one round of tracing, double the pressure on the 2ndround to make the cut.

NOTE: Power tools are the best to use in these situations because you don’t need to exert too much force and pressure to make the cut.

Here at SXET, we perform the cutting with all the tools, equipment, and the gear needed. It will be difficult and complex to do it manually and it will take a lot of time to do so.

Quartz Glass Tube vs. Glass: How to Tell the Difference?

Figure 9: An example of a quartz glass rod, which is very far from glass

Identifying fused silica tubes from regular glass tubes could be daunting at first. But, when you come to think of it, they’re not actually fully identical.

As a matter of fact, there are quite a few distinctions between regular glass tubes and fused silica or quartz tubes. These include, but of course aren’t limited to the following:

Silicone Dioxide and Lead Content

Glass units usually have only 80 percent silicone dioxide content in its overall structure, while quartz tubes have at least 99 percent of it.

In addition to that, the lead content of both materials also differs. Glass has an outstanding 32 percent lead, which is typically used for the purpose of enhancing the overall quality of the glass, giving it compatibility to be mixed with other artificial manufacturing components.

Chemical Structure

Another thing that differentiates regular glass from quartz glass is its chemical structure. Glass crystals usually have random molecular structures, while quartz glass has symmetrical and equal structures.

Temperature and Pressure Tolerance

Quartz glass is usually capable of withstanding pressure and temperature better than regular glass. This is the reason why quartz glass is better used in various environments, especially where temperatures are highly fluctuating.

Electricity and Energy Conduction and Insulation

Glass is an excellent insulator of electricity and energy. It’s mostly used in applications and fields where the transferring or passing of electricity is required. Quartz, however, is not very good when it comes to electricity insulation, but it’s great when it comes to conducting energy.

These are the things that differentiate quartz glass tubes from regular or standard soda-lime glass products.

What Are the Advantages of Fused Silica Tubes?

Figure 10: Two (2) pieces of fused silica glass tubes

You’ll find a ton of benefits and advantages in using fused silica or quartz tubes. To help you, though, the most common of these advantages you can draw from them include:

  • They’re extremely hard
  • Very low thermal expansion coefficient
  • High resistance (abrasion, corrosion, and oxidation)
  • High chemical purity
  • It has extensive and excellent electrical insulation qualities
  • The chemical resistance is high
  • It has extremely outstanding stability and remarkable atomic bombardment

Fused Silica vs. Quartz Glass Tube

Figure 11: An image of a quartz tube shaped as a rectangle

Many are interchanging the use of fused silica and quartz often. And while they usually share the same characteristics and properties, they’re not 100% the same and identical.

They’re used in the same ways (usually), and they’re interchanged because both of them are closely related to each other, but they’re not the same.

As a matter of fact, there are a couple of distinctions between fused silica and quartz.

For one, fused silica is made from non-crystalline silica glass. Quartz, on the other hand, is made from crystalline silica. This translates higher transmission in the UV spectrum in fused silica compared to quartz, which also has a very substantial lower OH content.

Fused silica refers to an amorphous solid that has been formed by melting quartz or a naturally occurring quartz.

What Are the Properties of Quartz Glass Tube?

Quartz glass is a wonderful material. It is absolutely wonderful to the extent that it has a vast array of properties available.

Here’s a quick table discussing some of the properties of quartz glass or quartz glass tubes:

Specific Heat 670 J/kg °C
Thermal Conductivity 1.4 W/m °C
Density 2.2 x 103 kg/m3
Young’s Modulus 7.2 x 1010 Pa (10.5 x 106 psi)
Poisson’s Ratio 0.17
Annealing Point1215°C
Refraction Index 1.4585

NOTE: These values are usually the most common. This doesn’t mean that all quartz tubes share the same properties. Since these are common, independent values would be near these figures, but will still depend on how each product is made and manufactured.

What Should You Look For in a Quartz Tube?

There are a couple of things to look for in the quartz glass tube you want to purchase. However, there are specific things to note before you decide on purchasing or buying quartz glass or fused silica tubes, and they aren’t as simple and as easy as you think.

In fact, what you should be looking for needs to lean more on the manufacturer’s side than the products. Here are a few of the most common things you want to look for when choosing a quartz tube.

Go For a Good-Quality Quartz Glass Tube Manufacturer

A good quartz glass tube manufacturer is the key to a successful business. You could have good-quality quartz tube units, but from an unreliable supplier/manufacturer? It’ll be just as worse.

It’s imperative to learn how the manufacturer you’ll be in partnership with works. Try to learn and ask about how the manufacturer works like if they send free samples, if they send a free quotation, how long they send out their products, and so on.

Make sure that you’ll be working with a manufacturer that can cater to your needs at exactly how fast you need your products!

Ensure That They Perform Excellent Quality Control

This follows the first (1st) thing of what you should be looking for in a supplier. Some manufacturers do not follow the standard procedure of manufacturing, where they don’t usually perform thorough and in-depth inspections and assessments on the products before delivery.

So, be sure to check out how your fused silica glass tube manufacturer carries out their manufacturing processes and we’ll be good to go!

Double-Check Prices and Rates

Of course, rates and prices are the main factor in choosing quartz tubes. Not all manufacturing companies offer the same prices. As a matter of fact, this is actually where most companies either fall apart or dominate.

Some manufacturers are capable of offering extremely cheap quartz tube glass products, while some can’t even go half the lowest of other manufacturers.

NOTE: Just make sure that the low price of the product doesn’t compromise the overall quality.

Check For Sample Availability

How confident are you that the products you see digitally would be the exact same product you will receive physically? Many people don’t realize this but getting samples from your manufacturer is a crucial and integral part of the business.

Going blind with your purchase can make or break your business. It can either be better than what you’re expecting or can be a total mess when you already receive it.

These are some of the things you might want to take note of when it comes to choosing quartz tube glass units. These aren’t the only things to assess and check, but these have the most weight and effects when it comes to business-purpose fused silica tube glass products.

Are Quartz Glass Tubes Durable?

Yes, quartz glass tubes are extremely durable, in fact, they’re one of the most durable and strongest materials in the glass fabrication and glassmaking industry.

They’re water and acid resistant, it has a high melting point, and possesses a low coefficient thermal expansion. This makes it all the more shock and stress resistant than other types of glass (mainly regular soda-lime glass).

Where Can You Purchase High-Quality Quartz Glass Tubes?

Quartz tube and quartz glass tubes aren’t that difficult to source out. As a matter of fact, you can purchase them from a regular glass manufacturing company, that of course, has a supply of quartz or fused silica.

You can purchase ready or pre-made quartz glass tubes from manufacturers or you can have them customized. The specific model of your quartz tubes will depend on the application you want to use it for.

There’s nothing wrong in purchasing pre-made quartz glass tubes – it might just not befit the specific application you want for it.

Here in China, you have tons of options for quartz glass tubes, but if you want to work with an all-around quartz tube glass manufacturer, choose us here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd.

We’ve been recognized as China’s best and most favorite quartz tube supplier, producing various types and kinds of quartz tubes to companies all over the world! We can help you in producing transparent or clear quartz tubes, colored fuse silica tubes, large-diameter quartz glass tubes, and many more!

What Other Quartz Shapes Can SXET Offer?

Aside from clear quartz tubes and colored quartz glass tubes, we’re also able to produce other shapes of quartz units. The more common of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Quartz Rods
  • Quartz Nails
  • Ingots and Quartz Cylinders
  • Quartz Pyramids
  • And Many More!

Why SXET Should be Your Go-To Quartz Tube Manufacturer

SXET’s quartz tubes will never fail in providing the application you need for it. We’re able to execute proper quartz tube manufacturing and production that do not have any inconsistencies.

We can produce it in a short amount of time and with all the specifications and modifications you’re looking for!

Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to send over a free quotation or a free estimate of the quartz tube products you need!

  • Get custom quartz glass tubes specific for the application you’ll use it for
  • Purchase quartz tubes in bulk or in wholesale
  • Get it for affordable pricing and volume
  • We don’t have an MoQ!
  • We’re available for communication in most hours of the day

Reach out to us and get a free estimate of all the services and products you’re looking for! With SXET Glass Co., Ltd., you can get your quartz test tube, or any other type of quartz glass tube without inconsistencies and imperfections!

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