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Rear View Mirror One-stop Solustion and Manufacturer - SXET glass

For more than a decade, SXET has been in the business of producing quality custom glass for car display screens and custom rearview mirrors, available for all cars and similar vehicles.

2.5D, 3D Edge, Custom Edge acceptable

Color: Blue, White

Surface finished: Anti-glare Etching, Anti-reflective Coating

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    Your All-In-One Custom Glass For Smart Home Manufacturer

    Custom Glass For Car Display Screen and Custom Rear View Mirror

    SXET’s customized glass units for custom rear view mirrors and display screens are engineered with quick-touch technology, making sure that the controls are easily toggled. We can produce car display screen glasses in varying sizes and thicknesses, complete with auto-dimming, brightness control, and vision adjustability.

    Choosing us as your custom glass for car display screen and custom rear view mirror manufacturer will be the best choice you’ll make. Not only are we skilled in producing high-quality, spotless mirrors, but we can also assure you that the pixel resolution of your displays will be on point.

    SXET’s car display screens and custom rear view mirrors are fireproof, waterproof, and are completely IPv4-rated, meaning, even dust wouldn’t be able to penetrate the interior of the device easily.

    We can customize and specify the shape or edging profile, the surface finish, as well as the shape of your custom glass!

    Choose from ITO, EMI, AS and AF, AR, or AG special functionalities to heighten and hype up the usage or application of your custom glass for car display screens or digital rear-view mirrors.

    SXET’s manufacturing process is so comprehensive that it undergoes a complete series of steps to produce and finalize it all according to your needs! Using top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, we can deliver exponentially promising quality custom glass for car display screens.

    Why is SXET the Best Custom Glass For Car Display Screen Manufacturer?

    The wide library of custom glass units for car display screens we offer aren’t made for one (1) particular car only. Instead, we can manufacture and produce it to cater to all different brands, models, and types of vehicles available.

    In addition to that, some other applications of our custom car display glass include custom rear view mirrors, car LED and LCD displays, premium digital portable screens, and other electronic-related products.

    • SXET can produce custom glass for car display screens using many different raw glass products
    • Custom printing and surface finishing processes are available
    • We can develop your glass units to have anti-reflective (AR), anti-glare (AG), anti-smudge (AS) and/or anti-fingerprint (AF) finishes
    • We do not have a minimum order requirement (No MoQ)
    • We can send the finished products to you in about 7 to 12 days from the payment date

    Get superior-quality custom glass for car display screens and custom rear view mirrors from us here at SXET. You don’t have to worry about our legitimacy as we are certified against all standards in the art and business of glass processing and glass fabrication.

    SXET, being the number one custom rear view mirror and custom glass for car display suppliers in China, can be your one-stop manufacturer if you need various materials of the like.

    Wherever you are in the world, whatever device or vehicle you wish to install it on, we can definitely help and assist you in producing the custom glass you need!

    0.3mm - 6mm Thickness
    SXET can cut corning gorilla glass in various thickness, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1mm, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
    Customized Edge Cutting
    SXET can fabricate custom edge for your special needs, 2.5D, 3D, belved edge, stepped edge.
    Holes Drilling
    SXET can drill holes on corning gorilla glass as per your drawing. Processing by CNC or laser machinery, it depends on your needs.
    Color Printing
    SXET can make any corning gorilla glass with color printing for your projects, any color is no problem.

    Rearview Mirror FAQ– The Buy Guide

    Rear-view mirrors are among the most common pieces of glass units in the market. As a matter of fact, they’re sold and purchased everywhere in the world!

    So, if you are interested in learning about Rearview mirrors, how they work, how they’re made and manufactured, and what benefits you can get it for, you’re in the right guide!

    1. What is a Smart Rearview Mirror?
    2. Are Rearview Mirrors With Cameras Possible?
    3. What Glass Products Are Used For Rearview Mirrors?
    4. Is a Smart Rearview Mirror the Same as an Intelligent Rearview Mirror?
    5. What is the Usual Thickness of Custom Glass For Rearview Mirrors?
    6. Can You Purchase Rearview Mirrors in Different Colors?
    7. What Shapes Are Available For Smart Rearview Mirrors?
    8. Can You Do Custom Printing on Smart Rearview Mirrors?  
    9. What Surface Finishing Techniques Can Be Done on Rearview Mirrors?
    10. Can You Use Plastic For Rearview Mirrors?
    11. Can Smart Rearview Mirrors Be Easily Installed?
    12. How Do You Choose the Smart Rearview Mirrors to Purchase?
    13. Why is SXET the Best Rearview Mirror Manufacturer?
    14. Can You Perform Coating on Optical Glass?
    15. Can SXET Produce Additional Accessories to Smart Rearview Mirrors?

    What is a Smart Rearview Mirror?

    Figure 1: An example of a smart detachable, rectangular-shaped rearview mirror

    A smart Rearview mirror is a type of technology that caters to cars, planes, ships, and many other types of vehicles.

    In comparison to a regular rear-view mirror, smart or intelligent rearview mirrors is actually a combination of a mirror and a high-res camera that can give you vision of the traffic conditions on either the front-end or rear-end of your car.

    Yes, it is the type of rearview mirror that has a built-in LCD display screen or monitor that projects the images from the camera.

    Some smart rearview mirrors are designed to be used in unison (as a rearview mirror and as a high-resolution camera (front and back)).

    Are Rearview Mirrors With Cameras Possible?

    Figure 2: A rearview mirror equipped with a camera

    Yes, it’s possible to manufacture and produce rearview mirrors equipped with cameras that are delivering a 180-degree view. It will show you either the front and back sides of the car or vehicle.

    They’ll usually be mounted onto the rearview mirror’s surface. It could be on the front or the back part and can be triggered and toggled either by flipping the mirror or by pressing a switch or a button.

    What Glass Products Are Used For Rearview Mirrors?

    Figure 3: Chrome glass – among the most common products used for rearview mirrors

    Many rearview mirror manufacturers use a wide variety of products (not just glass). We here at SXET use various materials for the production of our smart rearview mirrors, such as:

    • ABS Resin (All Grades)
    • Chrome Glass
    • Coated Glass
    • Convex Glass (Mirrors)
    • And Many More

    These aren’t everything, though. As a matter of fact, these materials are just some of the most common ones used for rearview mirrors. If you start in the industry, you’ll be able to find many other products and materials used to create it.

    In fact, we here at SXET are skilled in producing and providing superior quality smart rearview mirrors made from quite a few different types and kinds of glasses.

    Is a Smart Rearview Mirror the Same as an Intelligent Rearview Mirror?

    Figure 4: A digital rearview mirror with dedicated controls

    Yes, don’t be confused when you encounter both terms. They’re the same and are often used interchangeably. These products contain a built-in LCD monitor that displays the images captured by the camera.

    They’re tagged and labeled as “intelligent” or “smart” because of the functionalities they have.

    What is the Usual Thickness of Custom Glass For Rearview Mirrors?

    Figure 5: Thicknesses of rearview mirror glass units vary from one product to another

    The recommended thickness of a rearview mirror will depend on the size, shape, and the application you have for it.

    As a matter of fact, different vehicles require different sizes for rearview mirrors. Ideally, though, rearview mirrors need to be about 4mm to 6mm thick. This size is usually applicable for regular cars and SUVs.

    For trucks, though, it can go as thick as 8mm because of the magnification these trucks require. The same goes for larger vehicles.

    However, the ideal thickness of a rearview mirror will depend on the specs you’re looking for. If what you’re looking for is a rearview mirror that’s durable, strong, and flexible, we here at SXET would suggest going for a mirror unit that is about 4mm-thick with all the right coating and surface finishing procedures done to it.

    Can You Purchase Rearview Mirrors in Different Colors?

    Figure 6: A rust-colored rearview mirror

    Several manufacturers offer smart rearview mirrors in various colors and shades, but it’s not just easy to understand the point of doing so because of how rearview mirror units are used.

    A rearview mirror – let alone a smart rearview mirror is designed to show the reflection of what’s behind your vehicle (that’s why it’s called a “rearview” mirror).

    So, if you’re going to put a hue, color, or shade on it, it will just defeat the purpose and can confuse drivers on what they’re seeing. It can also be the cause of visual impairment when looked through the mirror to see reflection.

    But, to answer the question, yes, it is possible to purchase rearview mirrors in different colors – this is usually what the case is with smart or intelligent rearview mirrors. You can purchase a shiny-silver like rearview mirror, a fully transparent mirror, even a yellow or a greenish hue rearview mirror!

    There are no limits to the colors you can choose from. As a matter of fact, the color choices you can get will depend on the availability of the manufacturer. For instance, if the manufacturer only has yellow, green, red, and black color choices, then you can definitely get those as colors for your rearview mirrors.

    Here at SXET, we don’t have any limits on the colors you want for your intelligent or smart rearview mirrors. We have loads of suppliers across the country that supply us with all the complementary materials we need to produce the rearview mirrors you need.

    What Shapes Are Available For Smart Rearview Mirrors?

    Figure 7: Convex-shaped wide-angle rearview mirror

    The typical shape or form of smart or intelligent rearview mirrors is a wedge-shaped piece of glass that is in its cross section. What this means is that both the rear and front surfaces aren’t parallel and symmetrical to one another.

    However, through constant and continuous development, the industry was able to produce a heap of smart rearview mirrors in varying shapes, forms, and sizes.

    So, there’s no limit to the shape of smart rearview mirrors as long as it’s able to do its job and if it has a large viewing space.

    If you’re interested to know about all the other shapes and forms available, give us a quick nudge here at SXET. We’re flexible, fast, and we can get you whatever shape you’re looking for with the rearview mirror you want and need for the job!

    Can You Do Custom Printing on Smart Rearview Mirrors?

    Yes, it is possible to perform custom printing on smart rearview mirrors. Custom printing is actually what rearview mirror manufacturers do to embed or to paste their business or company’s logo on the surface of the rearview mirror.

    Custom printing on a smart rearview mirror is not a relevant and significant job because this would only “usually” be for the purpose of pasting or embedding the business or company logo on the surface of the product.

    But, if you’re referring to us here at SXET, then yes, we can perform custom printing on our rearview and smart rearview mirrors that would cater to whatever your needs are.

    Send us a copy or a draft of your business name, company logo, or whatever image you want and need to paste on your product’s surface. We’re equipped with an excellent Research & Development (R&D) team that can get you the specific rearview mirror product you’ve always wanted to have!

    What Surface Finishing Techniques Can Be Done on Rearview Mirrors?

    Figure 8: You can do all sorts of surface finishing processes on rearview mirrors!

    Rearview mirrors, from the term alone, are mirrors. Therefore, the surface finishing techniques you want to do with it will be sensitive to the overall result or product.

    As a matter of fact, there are only a select few surface finishing procedures applicable for it that would assist its overall effect. To help you identify them, here are a few of the most impacting and relevant surface finishing techniques you can perform on it.


    This type of finish is done on a mirror in order to enhance and reinforce its reflectivity. This gives the mirror a better viewing angle and surface and is typically applied to smart rearview mirrors.

    Ideally, silvering is done to make the mirror shinier and more convenient to look at.


    Beveling is the surface finishing procedure that’s done to mirrors to give them a plate-like effect or a beveled edge. This is usually done by inducing a hard, sharp edge and is used to replace glass that’s already been cracked, fractured, or broken.


    Sandblasting is the process that’s common in surface finishing, not only with glass, but with metal and steel as well. What this does is finish it in an opaque finish on the front part of the glass, adding a bit of artwork to the overall design of the glass.

    These are among the most common surface finishing techniques done to these types of mirrors, whether they’re standard rearview mirrors or smart rearview mirrors.

    Can You Use Plastic As Rearview Mirrors?

    Figure 9: An example of an ABS Resin rearview mirror

    Yes, it’s possible to use ABS plastic for the material of smart rearview mirrors, specifically ABS resin or plastic. This makes it stronger, more durable, and a lot more flexible compared to traditional glass units for rearview mirrors.

    This doesn’t mean, though, that all companies use plastic. The use of plastic for rearview mirrors is only an alternative to glass, simply because it’s cheaper, easy-to-source, and highly flexible.

    Can Smart Rearview Mirrors Be Easily Installed?

    Yes, the installation of smart rearview mirrors on vehicles can be installed easily, you won’t break a sweat! To put it in simpler terms, the process of installing it in your vehicle is just like how you install a regular rearview mirror.

    The only difference is that when you install it, you need to plug it into a power outlet within your vehicle. It’s “smart” and therefore, it needs to have electricity. However, there are dashcams and smart rearview mirrors that are battery powered.

    To give you a better sense of how it’s done, here’s a quick glimpse of the installation process of an intelligent rearview mirror or a dashcam to your vehicle:

    1. Unbox your smart rearview mirror and fit it to your original rearview mirror.
    2. Wire it up and connect it to a power source in your car before proceeding further.
    3. Stick it to your original rearview mirror after wiring it or hooking it up to power.
    4. Test the product to see if all features are working and functioning properly.

    How Do You Choose the Smart Rearview Mirrors to Purchase?

    There are various ways to choose the smart rearview mirror glass you can purchase. But among the most common of these top tips we can give you here at SXET include:

    Choose a Reliable Rearview Mirror Manufacturers

    The first thing to determine is the manufacturer or the supplier you’ll be working with. Not all rearview mirror manufacturers offer the same products, in fact, the capability and overall productivity of a supplier or manufacturer is a major factor in this formula.

    Look for a manufacturer you know you can trust in terms of productivity and reliability. Find one that offers free samples, free quotes, and unlimited inquiries!

    It’s also worth ensuring the quality of the rearview mirror they’re manufacturing. Ask for samples and perform tests and assessments, check the specs, etc.

    Double-Check the Pricing

    When you’re buying something, what is the one thing that you think about the most? Yes, it’s the price or the rate of the product when purchased in retail or in wholesale.

    Make sure that what you’re paying for is within your budget. You’ll find cheaper and more affordable alternatives, but you need to make sure that its low price wouldn’t compromise the quality of the rearview mirror.

    Check Properties and/or Main Mirror Specifications

    Last, but most definitely not least would be the properties and/or specifications of the rearview mirror you’re eyeing on.

    You’ll find a wide spectrum of specs and properties of rearview mirror glass units, but make sure to choose the best one for your specific application.

    For instance, you can purchase a rearview mirror that has a frame rate of 30 fps, an LED display type, resolution of 1920 x 380, and so on!

    Take Note of the Delivery Schedule

    Regularly, you’ll want to receive the glass or the mirror units earlier than what the specified date is. This is because you need to do the checking and assembling of your rearview mirror glass units first before sending them to clients for application.

    Ideally, you want to work with a rearview mirror supplier that can produce it about a week or two (2) earlier than your preferred time.

    And here at SXET, we can guarantee all your products within 7 to 12 days after the date of the payment! It’s that fast and you will never have to worry about the quality!

    Why is SXET the Best Rearview Mirror Manufacturer?

    For more than a decade, SXET has been producing superior quality rearview mirrors for businesses of all kinds worldwide. Whether you need a smart rearview mirror in the regular shape, if you want a convex mirror, or an irregular-sized rearview mirror, you can bank and count on us!

    • SXET can produce rearview mirror glass units from a wide variety of raw glass materials
    • We do not have an MoQ or a minimum order
    • We have a dedicated customer service department
    • With one (1) call or message away, we can give you a free quotation!

    From China to anywhere in the world, SXET can be your go-to rearview mirror glass manufacturer to help you with all the different kinds and types of products you need!

    Can You Perform Coating on Rearview Mirror?

    Yes, it is possible to coat a smart or a regular rearview mirror. You’ll find a ton of different coating processes applicable to these mirrors. Here at SXET, though, among the most common of them would be:

    Anti-Glare Film

    This type of coating reinforces the rearview mirror, making sure that it does not glare up when a bright light shines upon it. When it glares, it can be dangerous for the car to stride and travel, and therefore, an anti-glare film is often a requirement for some rearview mirrors.

    Waterproof Coating

    Another popular layer of coating done with rearview mirrors is waterproofing. This is a type of coating where the water wouldn’t seep or penetrate through the inner workings of the glass or the mirror. It can be considered as oleophobic coating because it resists smudges, fingerprints, and even droplets of water from entering.

    Anti-Scratch Coating

    This coating, obviously, is the type of coating that can keep the smoothness and the quality of the glass’s surface intact. It helps the surface of the glass become better and more apparent.

    Anti-Fog Film

    An anti-fog film or coating is the coating that’s used to prevent fog from building up on the surface of the mirror or the glass product. This is done especially for cars and vehicles so that the rearview mirror wouldn’t fog up and become hazy and fuzzy.

    Can SXET Produce Additional Accessories to Smart Rearview Mirrors?

    SXET, other than being the best rearview mirror glass manufacturer, we’re also considered the best and highest-quality supplier of additional accessories for these rearview mirrors.

    We have been producing high-quality rearview mirror glass units and accessories you can add to your rearview mirrors. We can supply you with all accessories you can use to complement your mirrors.

    Name an accessory, give us a draft or a sketch of the accessory and we’ll help you with it!

    Why is SXET the Best Rearview Mirror Manufacturer?

    For more than a decade, SXET Glass Co., has been viewed as the best and most effective rearview mirror supplier in the market. We have produced some of the world’s most-purchased rearview mirrors for different types and kinds of vehicles.

    You can never go wrong in choosing us if you need rearview mirror glass products regardless of the size, shape, and the overall structure of the glass!

    • SXET can make use of different types and kinds of glasses
    • We can shape, cut, form, and resize rearview mirrors
    • Various edging profiles are applicable

    So, if you can’t find a reliable rearview mirror supplier you can fully bank and count on, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at SXET.

    Other than calling us, we’ll also be capable of helping you if you shoot us an email or leave us a message on any of our communication channels available.

    Get quality rearview mirrors, smart or intelligent rearview mirrors, and other types of vehicular mirrors and glass units that are tailored to your needs by choosing us here at SXET!

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