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For 13 years and counting, we here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. have been considered by many as their go-to manufacturer and supplier in and around China. We’ve produced heaps of sapphire glass end products to our clients, particularly in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

  • We can create OEM sapphire glass products in different shapes and custom sizes
  • Our sapphire glass products are flexible and versatile
  • The delivery of your sapphire glass orders will just be within 7 to 12 days
  • Competitive pricing
Custom sapphire glass

SXET, being one of the best and most trusted sapphire glass manufacturers in China, can give you the assurance that you will get only the best custom sapphire glass units you can get, whatever business you have. We can create custom sapphire glass for all our clients, regardless of the field you are in. Just send us the draft or sketch of the sapphire glass you’re looking for and our R&D team can help you!

Sapphire crystal displays

We here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. can also produce and manufacture optical sapphire windows that you can use for machinery and equipment, vehicular properties, as well as certain infrastructure and real estate. Get high-quality sapphire optical windows in whatever thickness, shape, and size you want swiftly and urgently.

Rectangular sapphire windows

You will not have any worries or troubles getting whatever shape or form of sapphire windows, but among the top products we can produce, and manufacture are rectangular sapphire windows. We can produce rectangular sapphire windows in various thicknesses and sizes. So, you can trust and bank on us if you ever feel the need to produce rectangular sapphire windows!

Sapphire blue glass

Apart from optical windows and rectangular windows, we here at SXET can also produce and manufacture sapphire glass sheets that you want and need! All our sapphire glass sheets are made with passion. The raw products are sourced from the country’s most-trusted and most relied-on manufacturers. Get custom thicknesses of sapphire glass sheets, custom shapes, forms, and even custom surface finishing techniques.

Crystal sapphire glass

We’re also the quartz glass supplier that you can bank and count on if you’re looking for high-quality quartz crystal glass. We can produce accurate and precise cuts, thanks to the integration of CNC machinery in all our processes! With SXET, you’ll never worry about inconsistent cuts and holes

Swatch sapphire glass

Sapphire glass watches have been one of the top products we have here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. We have been expected by many watch companies as their go-to manufacturer for their sapphire glass units. All our sapphire glass watches have been treated and thoroughly customized according to our clients’ needs. Whether you want your sapphire glass watches to have 2D edges, 2.5D edges, 3D edges, and even custom edges, we got you!


Your Trusted Sapphire Glass Supplier in China - SXET glass

Sapphire glass is arguably one of the best, most unique, and hardest-to-find types of glass in the market. There is a reason for this, and it’s ideally because of the effects and the efficiency of it.

Here in Shenzhen, SXET Glass Co., Ltd. is considered to be the manufacturing leader of sapphire glass. All other sapphire glass manufacturing companies in and around the region come to us for help, aid, and assistance.

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Sapphire Glass FAQ – The Buy Guide


  1. What is Sapphire Glass?
  2. Can You Scratch Sapphire Glass?
  3. Sapphire Glass Watch
  4. Does Sapphire Glass Break Easily?
  5. Is Sapphire Glass Expensive?
  6. How to Clean Sapphire Glass?
  7. Sapphire Glass Window  
  8. How is Sapphire Glass Manufactured?
  9. Benefits and Advantages of Sapphire Glass
  10. Sapphire Glass vs. Gorilla Glass
  11. Sapphire Glass Screen Protector
  12. Is Sapphire Glass Stronger Than Gorilla Glass?

What is Sapphire Glass?

Sapphire glass

Figure 1: An image of a raw sapphire glass

Sapphire glass is a type of synthetic material that’s usually utilized as a material for wristwatches. It is a product made from synthetic sapphire and is produced and manufactured using aluminum oxide powder.

It’s not really “glass,” in fact, it is a transparent material that is made from the process of crystalizing aluminum oxide at highly fluctuating temperatures.

We’ll discuss more of that in the latter part of this guide.

Can You Scratch Sapphire Glass?

Apple watch sapphire glass

Figure 2: Sapphire glass can’t easily be scratched by regular glass

Sapphire glass, akin to other types of materials and glass, can be scratched if the subject or the scratching point’s hardness is more than the hardness of the sapphire glass – diamond, among others.

However, sapphire glass can be effective in sustaining scratches well, unlike weaker and less durable types of glass and other similar materials.

They can withstand impacts, scratches, as well as damages better and more effectively because of how they’re put up.

Sapphire Glass Watch

Swatch sapphire glass

Figure 3: Wristwatches and other similar products are the most common applications of sapphire glass

Sapphire glass watches are considered the best types of watches in the industry because they are scratchproof, abrasive-resistant, and they’re stronger than most types of acrylic glass wristwatch faces.

Most of the designer wristwatches you know are made from a higher and a more advanced level of sapphire glass. They’re engineered to withstand scratches, abrasions, as well as other minor to major damages.

Does Sapphire Glass Break Easily?

Sapphire coated glass

Figure 4: Sapphire glass products are resistant, strong, and extremely durable

This question is quite vague, because in terms of being scratchproof, it’s effective and efficient. However, they’re still susceptible to cracks and shattering.

As a matter of fact, they’re more fragile and more brittle compared to glass, says Raymond Soneira, DisplayMate Technologies President.

This simply means that they can also break and shatter if they’re suppressed with force, stress, and impact. They’re not indestructible, like how sapphire glass manufacturers label it. We here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. are being completely honest and transparent about it that it’s not indestructible.

Is Sapphire Glass Expensive?

Sapphire blue glass

Figure 5: Sapphire glass is expensive and costly mainly because of their properties and features

Yes, sapphire glass is expensive, and at the same time, not that easy to manufacture and source out. Due to their nature of being scratchproof, abrasion-resistant, and resilient to various types of damages and impurities, their value reflects its price.

Their extremely hard, but do take note that they are brittle, in fact, more brittle than standard glass. The rates and prices of sapphire glass depend on the manufacturer, as well as a couple of other factors and properties such as the surface finishing done, edges, size, and thickness.

How to Clean Sapphire Glass?

Scratched sapphire crystal

Cleaning sapphire glass is not as tedious and as difficult as how many people imagine it. Just because it’s strong, durable, scratchproof, and abrasion-resistant doesn’t mean that cleaning it would require you to carry the world on your shoulder.

Here’s a quick rundown of how you can clean sapphire glass effectively and efficiently:

  1. Cover non-sapphire glass components with transparent tape to protect it.
  2. Use a toothpaste, a poly watch paste, or a brasso polish as the cleaning agent.
  3. Buff your sapphire glass by wiping soft cloth in a small circular motion.
  4. Repeat the process for at least 3 times until you get the cleanliness and shininess you want to achieve.

If you have materials and equipment, you can use a polishing or buffer wheel to do it. It can do the job faster, better, and more effectively.

Sapphire Glass Window

Sapphire crystal displays

Figure 6: An image of raw sapphire glass that’ll be used for windows

Sapphire glass windows are among the many specialties we have here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. We boast of the resistance from acid and abrasion, high compressive strength, and optimum quality of our sapphire glass windows.

Not to mention that they are also chemical resistant, which means they’re able to resist most reactions from the mixture or combination of various chemicals and compounds.

How is Sapphire Glass Manufactured?

Sapphire tempered glass

Figure 7: An image of a newly manufactured sapphire glass

Sapphire glass is manufactured in a complex and comprehensive manner, in which not all sapphire glass manufacturers are skilled to do. Some source these out from legitimate sapphire suppliers and they just shape, enhance, and reinforce the products on their own.

  1. The sapphire crystals are manufactured. They’re heated and processed inside furnaces, which turn chemicals (aluminum oxide) into sapphire crystals.
  2. Uncrystallized sapphire is then added into the mixture and placed inside a crucible, which is then included inside the furnace.
  3. It undergoes multiple progressive methods of heating and cooling.
  4. When it reaches the required properties, they’re then put outside for cutting and shaping.
  5. The now sapphire glass product will be cut and shaped according to the form required by the client.
  6. From here, the sapphire glass will be processed, finished, and topped off with whatever requirement the client has.

This is the regular structure of how sapphire glass is made and manufactured.

NOTE: Remember that not all sapphire glass suppliers and manufacturers follow this method. Some may have their own version or style, which makes their products unique from all other manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

Benefits and Advantages of Sapphire Glass

Sapphire glass watch

Figure 8: An image of a sapphire substrate, which are scratchproof, hard, and optically pleasant

Sapphire glass wouldn’t be expensive and costly if it weren’t for the benefits and advantages of it. To help you with it even further, here are the advantages and benefits of using sapphire glass.

They’re Scratchproof

Rectangular sapphire windows

Of course, the main reason why they’re bought and chosen is because they’re resistant to basic scratches and abrasion. Typical scratch-producing objects and items would be of no effect!

For instance, if you hit a wall with your watch or with whatever item you have with sapphire glass, it wouldn’t be scratched!

They’re Hard as Diamonds

Sapphire crystal glass watch

Following the fact that they’re scratchproof, they are also hard. Meaning, you can expect not to see any type of dent, fold, or deformities on its shape and surface.

It can withstand the usual impurities, imperfections, and deformities of regular glass, and even steel. It’s hard to the extent that it can help you keep it safe even if you are clumsy!

The downside of sapphire glass units being hard, would be their brittleness. They wouldn’t be as durable as acrylic, but they’re hard and can resist the typical dents and deformities.

BONUS TIP: They’re about 3 times harder and stronger than mineral glass! You can take advantage of this by using it as a marketing feat in offering your products!

They’re Clear and Visually Appealing

Compared to acrylic, standard glass, and some other glass kinds is the fact that they have a clearer, better, and an optimal view. It’s clear – it’ll be as if you’re looking through nothing.

For its most common application – sapphire glass, it’s extremely pure and can make the dial stand out. It can emphasize the appeal and the color of your sapphire glass.

These are few of the many reasons why sapphire glass is chosen and selected by businesses and organizations from all around the world. That’s what we capitalize here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. These are true, and most of the time, we make sure that we achieve it for our clients.

Sapphire Glass vs. Gorilla Glass

Custom cut sapphire glass

Figure 9: An image of two (2) Gorilla Glass substrates

While many people think of them as the same, Gorilla Glass and sapphire glass are 2 very different materials. They have their similarities, yes, but the majority of properties and factors are incomparable.

Our team here is ready and prepared to help you with what you need. So, we’ve made a table that outlines the differences between the two.

Gorilla Glass Sapphire Glass
Typically used for smartphones and other smart wearable devices. Used in wristwatches, windows, sight glass, camera lenses, etc.
Strong, durable, and flexible – does not shatter. Hard as diamonds, but fragile (more fragile than glass), can shatter.
Hardness level in the Mohs scale is at 7 Mohs. Hardness level in the Mohs scale is at 9 Mohs.
Does not diffuse heat quickly, but can distribute heat evenly. Diffuses heat quickly and distributes it evenly.


Sapphire Glass Screen Protector

Figure 10: The first-ever screen protector/glass that is made from Sapphire glass

The market is now filled with a ton of sapphire glass screen protectors. There are 2.5D and 3D sapphire glass screen protectors you can purchase in the market.

Here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd., we are in the process of optimizing and finalizing our supply of sapphire glass screen protectors for smartphones, laptops, as well as various display screens.

Reach out and contact us here at SXET if you want highly customized, specialized, and modified sapphire glass for your screen protectors. Together with our R&D team, we’ll try our best to achieve the expectations you have for the sapphire glass you’re looking for.

Is Sapphire Glass Stronger Than Gorilla Glass?

Figure 11: An image of a sapphire glass used for a camera’s lens

As we mentioned above, sapphire glass is stronger than Gorilla Glass in terms of hardness. However, that does not directly translate to it being better and more effective.

For one, sapphire glass is harder because it is higher in the Mohs scale of hardness – it boasts of 9 in the Mohs scale, while Gorilla Glass sits at 7.

But, do take note that sapphire glass is more fragile and is more brittle than Gorilla Glass. Meaning, it’s not really that durable because it can crack under pressure, stress, and force, whereas Gorilla Glass would not.




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