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Do you have a business involving screen protectors and you’re trying to look for a wholesale screen protector manufacturer? We here at SXET have been the go-to screen protector supplier of a lot of companies like you!

Unlike other screen protector China manufacturing companies, we don’t capitalize on our ability and abuse our clients. In fact, we give them the best and the highest quality screen protectors in the market!

Glass screen protector

SXET can procure and produce various sizes and dimensions of glass screen protectors for you! Whatever smartphone you have, we’re sure that we’ll be able to produce it! SXET has worked with numerous smartphone brands and manufacturers from all over the world.

Screen protector iPhone 12

As the top and the most trusted screen protector iPhone 12 manufacturer, SXET can produce hundreds of screen protectors for iPhone 12 per day. We can help you with raw screen protector for iPhone 12, or a 360 iPhone 12 case, this includes covering the back and the front part of the device!

Screen protector iPhone 11

Whether you have an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or an iPhone 11 Pro Max, SXET can produce and manufacture the specific type of glass screen protector for your iPhone 11 that you’re trying to find! We can help you with a 2D, 2.5D, or a 3D screen protector, whatever your decision is!

Custom screen protector

Need help in producing custom screen protectors for your smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and even laptop screens? SXET can help you with it! We’re masters of producing and manufacturing custom screen protectors, we can get it to you in no time! We have a fast lead-time of 7 to 12 days from payment confirmation! Whether you need a TPU screen protector, PET, or nano liquid, we got it all for you!

Iphone 13 glass screen protector

The newest and the latest flagship iPhone is about to come in a few months. Here at SXET, we can get you the best and the highest quality of iPhone 13 screen protectors to ensure the safety and security of your new iPhone 13! It’s said that the screen of the iPhone 13 will be more fragile – now you know where to get high-quality iPhone 13 screen protectors!

Screen protector iPhone 11

You’ll find many screen protectors on Amazon. In fact, most of them would be from different countries, which means you’ll see varying prices. However, you wouldn’t be able to find protectors that are as good as ours here at SXET. Our protectors are carefully engineered; they undergo quality testing and quality assurance three (3) times before they’re delivered!

Tempered Glass Screen Protector Manufacturer and Supplier - SXET

You can freely choose from many different types of screen protectors from regular 2D screen protectors, 2.5D screen protectors, and even 3D tempered glass screen protectors.  The wide variety of options that we have for screen protectors isn’t just limited to a specific type of phone.

You can purchase iPhone 11 screen protectors, iPhone 12, iPhone 2 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protectors, iPad screen protectors, Apple Watch screen protectors, and many more!

SXET is also the best screen protector manufacturer to trust if you’re after different materials. You can choose from regular TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane, rPet or recycled polyethylene terephthalate, tempered glass, nano liquid, and many more!

You can entrust to us the overall requirements of your business, whatever type of screen protector you need! No matter how hard you try and wherever you look, you’ll always find us as the best and the most trusted screen protector supplier you’ll ever work with.

SXET as Your Screen Protector Manufacturer

Our company is skilled and capable of producing a wide range of screen protectors. From the regular materials, nano liquid – and even 3D tempered glass screen protectors for whatever device you have!

SXET’s screen protectors are applicable to different technologies. Whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung, an Apple Watch or other smartwatches, tablets and iPads, and even laptop monitors and screens, you can use them efficiently and effectively!

In case you’re afraid of getting the wrong or the incorrect size, fret not! We have a record of delivering accurately promising sizes of screen protectors to our clients!

  • We can deliver your screen protector orders in a short time – 7 to 12 days
  • We can use many different types and kinds of glass materials for your screen protectors
  • Custom screen protectors are available, whatever device you plan on installing or applying it to
  • Competitive price
  • 9H hardness
  • High transparency

If you’re not sure about which screen protector supplier to trust, don’t worry, SXET is here, and we’re always ready to help you!

Whether you need thousands of screen protectors per week, or if you need few specialized ones, SXET will be the best screen protector China supplier you’ll ever work with.

Apart from our screen protectors, we can also produce many different types and kinds of products like iPhone 12 screen protector, iPhone 11 screen protector,  gorilla glass screen protector, etc.

Reach out to us and get the best rates and prices! Shoot us a quick message and we’ll grant you a free estimate!

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Screen Protector – The Full FAQ Guide

You’ll never have a shortage of screen protectors in the market. Wherever you look and whatever type of business you may be in, you’ll be able to find them.

But, do you know where to find screen protectors of exceptional quality? You wouldn’t be able to find other screen protector suppliers as trusted as us here at SXET!

Whatever device you have – not just smartphones – we got you!

Before we delve deeper into that, let us first learn too few things about screen protectors.

What is a Screen Protector?

A screen protector is a type of material that you use to cover up the glass or screen that your devices have.

Glass screen protector

Image of what a screen protector is

Usually, it’s made out of a thin transparent, plastic film that serves as the cover of the screens. The primary benefit of having a screen protector is the fact that your screen will be safe from scratches and any other type of light-to-moderate damages.

Where Do You Use a Screen Protector?

Glass screen protector prevent scratch and damageScreen protectors can prevent scratches and damages

Screen protectors aren’t just used for smartphones alone. In fact, you can also use it if you have a smartwatch, a tablet, and even a laptop!

If your device has touchscreen capability and you want to preserve it, using a screen protector would be the best thing to do!

Do Screen Protectors Actually Help?

Most people believe that screen protector are just a waste of money. They don’t do anything to help maintain the quality and the overall state of your phone screen.

However, many experts argue that they’re actually helpful and effective in keeping scratches, greases, oils, and other damages from phones.

The latter is true as it has been proven numerous times by multiple individuals. It works in keeping the main phone glass or screen free from any scratches. Furthermore, you can also expect it to absorb the force of pressure and impact first before it reaches the screen.

Screen protectors are effective in that sense. However, if what you’re looking for is something durable, long-lasting, and is capable of resisting temperatures and chemicals, a screen protector is not what you need – you need tempered glass.

Screen Protector vs. Tempered Glass

A lot of people get confused when they’re faced with this question. They are not sure of the distinctions between the two. So, here’s a quick comparison of them.

Screen Protectors are simply thin layers of plastic film or liquid added to the screen of a device. Their main purpose is to deflect or to help a screen avoid scratches and damages.

Screen protector removed from the screen

Image of a screen protector removed from the screen

Tempered Glasses, on the other hand, are types of safety glass that are used in a wide variety of applications. It has physical and mechanical properties that can resist wear and tear, and can even be used in a thermal sense.

Example of what tempered glass is

You’ll only need a screen protector if your goal is to just avoid scratches and other types of slight damages on the screen. However, you would need a tempered glass if you want to make sure that the next layer you’re protecting will not be damaged even if pressure, impact, and other forces are applied to it easily.

Meanwhile, there are companies and businesses that create screen protectors from tempered glass units.

They’re stronger, more durable, and more resistant to wear, tear, and other damages.

Which Screen Protector is Perfect For Me?

Generic screen protector

An image of a generic screen protector

Not all screen protectors are the same. As a matter of fact, there are some that have big differences, while others have the subtlest distinctions between one another.

However, the most common screen protectors in the market include a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), tempered glass, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and nano liquid.

They each have their disadvantages and advantages. It will now just depend on the final results you are yearning to have. Whatever type of screen protector you need, we here at SXET can help you with it.

We are skilled and experienced in producing whatever type of screen protector you need!

Screen Protector Brands

There are multiple brands of mobile screen protectors available in the market. The top and the most popular ones are Spigen, RhinoShield, Tech21, and JETech.

The companies above are known as the best in screen protector production or manufacturing. The only problem in choosing them is the fact that they’re quite expensive for a single product. You’ll find them quite lucrative, especially if you’re frugal when it comes to your devices.

With prices ranging from $4 to $9, you’ll actually expect them to be cheaper because of their overall structure. If you’re looking for more affordable and more competitive rates for your screen protectors, don’t think twice to purchase from us here at SXET!

If you’re going to purchase screen protectors in bulk, we can give it to you for a much cheaper rate!

How Are Mobile Screen Protectors Made?

Screen protector produced

Image from a clip of how cell phone screen protectors are produced

The industrial way of how mobile screen protectors are made is quite complex and complicated. But, we’ve taken the diligence and researched it so we can discuss it with you in an easy manner.

  1. The process starts with the engineers checking the model, the overall structure, and the dimensions of the screen protector that’s patented.
  2. What follows is the cutting of the glass material to the desired shape and form. They’re also grinded and polished before they’re sent to the drilling part.
  3. Then, the protectors then undergo hole drilling for the specific device they’ll be used for.
  4. If it’s just a regular 2D screen protector, it’s just cut-to-size. If it’s 2.5D, it’s bent and curved on the sides needed; the same thing goes if you’re planning to produce 3D screen protectors.
  5. Then, they undergo the first round of ultrasonic bath cleaning.  Then, they’re dried and fully inspected by a specialist.
  6. After that, they’re tempered and further strengthened.
  7. The 2ndround of ultrasonic bath happens after and is then dried up again.
  8. The newly cut, tempered, and cleansed protectors are then sprayed with hydrophobic and oleophobic layers and are induced to color printing.
  9. It then undergoes OCA bonding or glue processing.
  10. Before being packaged, they undergo a round of complete quality control.
  11. Lastly, they are stored at a regular temperature rate of about 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius.

That’s the process of how mobile screen protectors are manufactured and produced.

Screen Protector Matte

Matte screen protector

An example of a matte screen protector

SXET is one of the first screen manufacturers that were able to effectively produce matte screen protectors. We had them for phones, tablets, smartwatches, and laptops! Due to our expertise and mastery, businesses from all around the world came running to our doors.

We can help you produce screen protector matte textures custom to your needs!

Screen Protector Price

As we mentioned above, the price of screen protectors varies from one manufacturer to another. You’ll be able to purchase protectors that start at $4.50, while there are some that start from $9.99.

Here at SXET, though, we can offer you prices and rates that are more than half of the prices you’ll see in the market! No, the quality of our screen protectors isn’t compromised. In fact, some of our products are far better than what other screen protector suppliers and manufacturers are offering.

Screen Protector Manufacturer

SXET has been China’s top screen protector manufacturer due to our overall skill, finesse, and experience.

Screen protector workshop

Image of a screen protector factory producing bulk screen protectors

For years, we have streamlined all our business processes and methods. Due to this, we were able to produce and manufacture numerous kinds and types of screen protectors.

The best part about it is that we don’t just produce a single type of screen protector, we can produce a lot of different types that you can use for your devices.

iPhone 13 Screen Protector

This year, we’ll be able to get ahold of the newest iPhone 13, are you ready for it?

Iphone 13 glass screen protector

Sample image of what the “alleged” iPhone 13 screen protector would look like

And if you’re trying to find the best screen protectors for it, you can bank and count on us here at SXET!

We’re two (2) steps ahead and advance because when word goes out on what the iPhone 13 will be, we’ll already be knowledgeable in creating the screen protector for it.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Protector

iPhone 13 Pro Max screen protector

We here at SXET can also be your go-to company if you’re looking for high-quality iPhone 13 Pro Max screen protectors! Wherever you are, we’ll be a call or an email away!

iPhone 13 Mini Screen Protector

Our arsenal also includes screen protectors for the iPhone 13 Mini, so, you don’t have to worry about that. We have a full arsenal of iPhone 13 screen protectors for all the different variants that’ll be available.

Screen Protector Manufacturer in India

India is one of the countries famous for its cheap screen protectors. Some of the top Indian screen protector manufacturers include, but are not limited to Trade India, Kubeex, and Exporters India.

And while you can get them for a cheaper rate than those of American and European brands, they also get their materials and tools from us here in China.

Meaning, their rates and prices are still high even if you purchase it from SXET. Work with SXET directly and never pay for any additional rate.

Cell Phone Screen Protector Manufacturers

You’ll find many cell phone screen protectors on Amazon. However, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get the exact ones you want.

Mobile screen protectors are assessed and calibrated

Image of a lab where mobile screen protectors are assessed and calibrated

No matter what type of mobile phone or cell phone you have, you can consider us here at SXET to be the best cell phone screen protector manufacturer you’ll ever work with.

Our company is versatile, flexible – and we are skilled and capable of producing custom screen protectors!

So, we can help you whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung phone, Motorolla, or any other type of device.

Screen Protector Manufacturer China

China is the breeding ground for the cheapest but the best screen protectors. As a matter of fact, our country has been determined to be the best-selling country of screen protectors.

And out of all screen protector manufacturers in China, SXET is the best. You can find whatever type of cell phone screen protector you need from us!

Wholesale Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Are you looking to purchase wholesale tempered glass screen protectors? Do you want to buy them in the best and most competitive rates?

Our screen protector factories are able to produce thousands of screen protectors monthly. You will never have to think about the quantity when you choose SXET’s wholesale tempered glass screen protectors.

Screen Protector Manufacturer iPhone

Machine storing produced cell phone screen protectors

To work with the best and the most trusted screen protector manufacturer for iPhones, purchase it from a Chinese manufacturer like us here at SXET.

You wouldn’t just buy high-quality screen protectors, we can design them specifically to what you need.

Screen Protector Packaging

Screen protector iPhone 11

Sample image of the packaging of a cell phone screen protector

SXET’s packaging types of screen protectors have been well thought of. For years, we have continuously developed the packaging in order to keep all of the products safe.

Now, we offer custom packaging as we can produce it for you to just sell it directly to end-consumers.

Screen Guard Manufacturers in Delhi

Manufacturers like Exporters India, India MART, Trade India, GrypEndeavours. They are some of the most popular screen guard manufacturers in Delhi.

But most, if not all of them get their supplies and products from us here in China. Work with a Chinese screen guard supplier directly and cut the costs of your manufacturing!

Screen Protector Wholesale Supplier

Image of a factory that offers wholesale screen protectors

Should you be in dire need of a screen protector wholesale supplier, SXET can be of service. We don’t just cater to the needs of local businesses, we are actually most known internationally.

We can help you if you ever find yourself in need of a screen protector wholesale supplier wherever you are in the world!

Nano Screen Protector Supplier Malaysia

Some of Malaysia’s pride in producing and manufacturing nano screen protectors include X-One Asia, Nanofixit, Monifilm, and KristallGlobal.

And while their offers seem low, it’ll be lower if you work with us here at SXET. The nano screen protectors that we merchandise can give you the peace of mind that you’re looking for.

Screen Protector Chinatown

Almost all countries have Chinatowns and in with them would be some of the cheapest and most competitive rates for some items that you can find in shopping malls and retail stores.

But, the common misconception is that they’re already the cheapest. No, they pay for shipping, freight, and cargo, and therefore, they need to charge more.

Instead of finding a screen protector in Chinatown, give us a message here at SXET and we’ll arrange everything from our factories to your doorstep.

iPhone Screen Protector China

You’ll be able to find a myriad of iPhone screen protectors in China. In fact, in just a few clicks, you can see different types and kinds of products from Alibaba, AliExpress, Made In China, and so forth.

However, if you are looking for a wholesale screen protector purchase, work with a direct manufacturer to save money! You’ll be surprised at how much the discounts will be when you purchase iPhone screen protectors in bulk from them.

Get ahold of our team and you will receive a free estimate of a free quote!

Mobile Tempered Glass Manufacturer in China

You’ll also be able to find a lot of mobile tempered glass manufacturers in China. You’ll never have a shortage of options because suppliers are abundant.

Not all mobile tempered glass manufacturers in China charge the same, so choose wisely.

Let us here at SXET give you the best and the highest quality of mobile tempered glass. Whatever device you need – whether you need it for your smartphone, tablet, or even your smartwatch, we got it all for you!

Tempered Glass Screen Protector China

We here at SXET never failed to deliver quality tempered glass screen protectors. We have delivered numerous tempered glass screen protectors in and around China, as well as other countries around the globe.

We have been able to consistently provide promising quality tempered glass screen protectors to businesses and companies all over the world.

Screen Protector For Apple Watch

Screen protector for Apple Watch

Sample image of an Apple Watch screen protector

For the screen protectors you need for your Apple Watch, you can entrust them to us here at SXET. We’re deemed to be the best and the most trustworthy manufacturer of whatever screen protectors you need.

Whether it’s an Apple Watch, a Samsung Watch, or even any different type of smartwatch.

Screen Protector For Apple Watch Series 3

Part of the most sought-after products that we have is the screen protector for Apple Watch Series 3.

Our products fit perfectly to the said device and we calibrated it to function and operate easier than the products of our competitors.

What is a Cut-to-Fit Screen Protector?

Sample of a cut-to-fit screen protector

They are screen protectors that you can tailor-fit to your device. Some screen protector manufacturers produce cut-to-fit screen protectors to give flexibility to the user.

Some people want their screen protectors slightly bigger than the exact size of their screens. Therefore, the regular size wouldn’t meet their needs.

So, these cut-to-fit screen protectors are those that you can cut when you’ve already placed them on the screen of your device.

We here at SXET produce high-quality cut-to-fit screen protectors! The overall benefit we have over other businesses is the fact that ours are fully reusable. If you discard a specific part, you’ll still be able to use it in the future.

Screen Protector For Apple Watch SE

If you had an initial thought that our screen protectors for Apple Watches are limited, think again. We have a lot more to offer, in fact we have screen protectors for the Apple Watch SE!

Screen protector for Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE screen protector

Our engineers’ ranges of skill and expertise encompass the regular skill of typical screen protector manufacturers.

You can trust us to produce high quality screen protectors for Apple Watch SE.

Screen Protector For Apple SE

Matte screen protector for the iPhone SE

Matte screen protector for the iPhone SE

Are you looking for high quality screen protectors for the Apple iPhone SE? Can’t you find the perfect product that will fit your expectations for the said device?

We here at SXET are offering high quality screen protectors for Apple SE. As China’s number one screen protector manufacturer, you’ll never be disappointed with the quality of our work.

Screen Protector iPhone 11

Screen protector iPhone 11

Most of the screen protectors for the iPhone 11 circulating in the market came from China. It might be branded as an American or a European product, but those suppliers source their materials from Chinese manufacturers.

This is does not only apply to screen protectors of the iPhone 11. We’re talking about all the other types of iPhones and even other smartphones, too.

Best Screen Protector iPhone 11 Australia

The best screen protector manufacturer in Australia is still under debate. Different claims and proofs have been submitted for the iPhone 11’s screen protector.

We have the IQ Shield Screen Protector, the DeltaShield Screen Protector, the OtterBox Alpha Glass, the UniqueMe tempered glass screen protector, and many more.

What most of you didn’t know is that these screen protectors came from a Chinese supplier. Yes, while some of these businesses and companies assemble it in their factories, their products came from a Chinese source, making it quite expensive.

So, instead of getting the best screen protector for iPhone 11 in Australia, get it directly from a screen protector China manufacturer like us here at SXET.

How Do You Clean a Screen Protector?

How you clean a screen protector installed on a phone

Image of how you clean a screen protector installed on a phone

Debates have been going on about the proper and the most effective way of cleaning screen protectors. Do you need to use alcohol when cleaning it? Would regular water be the simple trick? Or are you going to be required to use a can of compressed air to get rid of particles that are stuck?

These are the most common questions around cleaning cell screen protectors. And, to end the confusion, here’s the proper way of sanitizing your phone screen protector:

Cleaning screen protectors isn’t rocket science. In fact, you just have to follow simple rules. If it’s smudged with fingerprint and oil, remove those first before applying cleaning agents. Otherwise, apply cleaning agents to them directly.

  1. Check your screen protector and see if there’s oil or fingerprints, wipe it clean first without any liquid or solution.
  2. You can use a regular cloth but dust could actually be on the material.
  3. Once you remove the oil, grease, and fingerprints, dampen the cloth with rubbing alcohol. You can use water too but using alcohol can disinfect it simultaneously.
  4. Once done, wipe it dry using a clean microfiber cloth.

NOTE: Avoid wiping it too vigorously as it can damage the screen protector. Don’t put too much force or pressure on wiping it as it can be the cause of your screen protector bubbling. Gently wipe it, do it multiple times if necessary.

That’s the correct and the proper way of how you can clean your screen protector. Here’s another video that can help illustrate cleaning your screen protectors.

Screen Protector iPhone 11 Walmart

You’ll find many screen protectors for iPhone 11 on Walmart. In fact, you can purchase many things from them.

Screen protector options you have from Walmart

Sample images of some of the screen protector options you have from Walmart

It’s easy and convenient, yes. As a matter of fact, if you’re lucky, the people there can install the screen protector for you, too.

The only drawback is that you might find the price lucrative. Since it’s being sold in the U.S., the manufacturer would have topped it off with interest.

So, to avoid all other unnecessary fees, work straight with a screen protector manufacturer. It’ll be best to work with a screen protector china manufacturer to get more benefits and advantages.

Best Screen Protector iPhone 11 Pro

You’ll find numerous brands of screen protectors for the iPhone 11 Pro. There’s Spigen, Belkin, OtterBox, and others.

These three (3) brands we mentioned have one thing in common – they’re all expensive. They’re costly because they promise to provide the security and protection of your phone glasses and phone screens like no other.

But did you know that they’re actually sourcing their products and materials from China? Yes, most, if not all of these well-known and world-renowned brands go to China for their products.

Just like what we keep on repeating above, work with a screen protector China manufacturer directly and get tons of savings for the screen protectors that you need.

Screen Protector iPhone 11 Target

Similar to purchasing screen protectors for iPhone 11 on Walmart, you can also find numerous iPhone 11 screen protectors in Target.

Target’s arsenal of screen protectors for the iPhone 11

There’s a myriad of iPhone 11 screen protectors to go with, but the best ones you’ll ever find would be in China.

A lot of people frown upon the business of Chinese manufacturing. What they don’t know is that about 80% of retail businesses go to Chinese manufacturers and suppliers for their goods.

Think twice about purchasing the screen protector iPhone 11 on Target.

Screen Protector iPhone 11 Pro  

Should you be a user of the iPhone 11 Pro and you’re looking for a screen protector, you will never have any problems and troubles working with us here at SXET.

As we mentioned above, we have been able to produce numerous kinds of screen protectors. From the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, up to the newest iPhone 12, we got all sorts of screen protectors for you!

Screen Protector iPhone 11 Amazon

Amazon is one of the best places where you can find a multitude of screen protectors for the iPhone 11.

Screen protectors for the iPhone 11 on Amazon

Some of the top-selling screen protectors for the iPhone 11 on Amazon

You can purchase many different types and kinds of styles there. If you want 2D screen protectors, 2.5D screen protectors, or the full and complete 3D screen protectors, you’ll never have a shortage of them.

Ordering is fast, easy, and it’s overall convenient. One big problem, though, would be the fact that their rates and prices are expensive and costly compared to ordering or purchasing it directly from a screen protector supplier like us here at SXET.

At SXET, we’ll give you the raw prices of products. What’s even better is we can give you a far better and more competitive rate if you’re going to purchase in bulk!

Screen Protector iPhone 11 Pro Max

SXET also has a catalog of screen protectors for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, one of the newest flagship phones of Apple.

iPhone 11 Pro Max screen protector

iPhone 11 Pro Max screen protector

Even if it’s new, we have the skills, knowledge, experience, and materials needed to produce nano screen protectors, TPU screen protectors, and even improved tempered glass screen protectors.

Screen Protector iPhone 12 Pro Max

Of course, we also have screen protectors for the iPhone 12 Pro Max if you need one.

iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protector separated from the phone

The wide and versatile range of screen protectors we’re offering will leave you dumbfounded by our overall skill and ability.

You’ll find that no other screen protector manufacturer is capable of producing the same quality screen protectors that we have!

Screen Protector iPhone 12 Pro Max Near Me

Depending on your location, you will be able to see a lot of different suppliers, manufacturers, and companies offering screen protectors for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Searching “screen protector iPhone 12 Pro Max near me,” though, will get you all of the possible stores and shops within your vicinity. These may include local repair shops and other stores that could be offering it.

So, the best way to approach it is to go and work directly with a screen protector manufacturer in the likes of us here at SXET.

Not only will you get high quality iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protectors, but we will also be able to give you higher profitability in selling them, too.

Screen Protector iPhone 12 Mini Amazon

Get the highest quality screen protector for iPhone 12 Mini here with us at SXET. Yes, you’ll be able to find many of them on Amazon, but, then again, they’ll be expensive and costly.

You’ll be better of purchasing in bulk order from a screen protector China supplier.

Screen Protector iPhone 12 Reddit

Looking through Reddit for information about screen protectors for iPhone 12 can be nourishing. As a matter of fact, you’ll actually be able to learn about many things there.

It’s also where you’ll find claims about screen protector China manufacturers being the best. Yes, a lot of experts there state that you’ll be able to get high quality screen protectors from China without shelling out too much of an amount!

Don’t beat yourself up too much and work directly with us here at SXET, China’s top screen protector supplier!

iPhone 12 Screen Protector Size

The iPhone 12 screen protector size is actually about 15.99 x 8.99 x 1 inch.

Size comparison of the iPhone 12 variants

Size comparison of the iPhone 12 variants

While the overall size of the iPhone 12’s screen is 6.1 inches, the screen protector’s size would be a bit smaller since it would not occupy the entire screen.

However, some people like it in their own ways, and therefore, custom screen protectors for both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 are circulating the market.

Is the iPhone 12 Screen Protector the Same as iPhone 11?

If you’re talking about it fitting, it will fit since they’re the same size. The dimensions of the screen and the notch are the same, therefore, it’ll fit.

iPhone 12 (left) and iPhone 11 (right) in two (2) different colors

In fact, some Amazon iPhone 11 screen protectors will give you dimensions where they’re exactly the same. But, they’re actually not.

However, the corners of the iPhone 12 aren’t rounded just like how the iPhone 11 was. It will fit, but the corner parts of it would not be exactly the same with one another.

Don’t settle for an iPhone 11 screen protector, you can get it from us here at SXET! We’re able to offer a wide variety of iPhone 12 screen protectors! You’ll never have to think or worry about its sizes and dimensions any longer!

iPhone 12 Screen Protector and Case

In case you’re looking for an iPhone 12 screen protector with a case, that’s something we’re proud of here at SXET.

iPhone 12 full cover case

iPhone 12 full cover case

We have iPhone 360 cases, or those full-fit cases that are able to cover and fit up the entirety of the phone, both the front and the back.

The benefit of purchasing an iPhone 12 screen protector and case is that you’ll not have to worry about the overall condition or status of the phone.

Both the front and the back sides of the phone will be protected. Here at SXET, you can choose the case to be polycarbonate (PC) or silicone.

For the screen protector, though, we have a wide array of products such as regular 2D tempered glass, 2.5D tempered glass, and 3D tempered glass.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protector

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is currently the largest size of the iPhone. Its size is at 6.68 inches diagonally. What this basically means is that the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protector would be sized at almost the same size of the whole screen.

Currently, not a lot of companies have easy access to accurate and precise iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protectors. Work with us here at SXET and never have a problem with it!

We can give you an abundant amount of iPhone 12 Pro Max screen protectors! You can even resell or remerchandise it, too!

Custom Screen Protector Near Me

Custom screen protectors are those that are specifically made and requested by clients. More often than not, this type of product is best for the types and kinds of phones that aren’t too popular.

However, it’s also an effective way for clients to be specific when it comes to the size of the screen protectors they’re looking for.

You might find it difficult to find it when you search for custom screen protectors near me. But, as we mentioned, you can go and work with us here at SXET, wherever you are. We can abide by the timing and the schedule that you set in terms of delivering the custom screen protectors you need!

Custom Screen Protector India

We’ve discussed above that screen protector India manufacturers are too many to mention. But, when it comes to custom screen protectors, though, the top businesses in that field include RhinoShield India, Saco India, GadgetShieldz, 3Mindia, and many more!

They’re the most popular and the most sought-after custom screen protector companies. However, just like other manufacturers, they get and source their products from us here in China, too.

So, they might not be able to give you the quality that you’re looking for.

Custom Screen Protector Canada

In Canada, you have tons of options for custom screen protectors. You have DHGate, BestBuy, Parker, Phantom Glass, and many more companies to choose from.

And while they’re excellent at their craft, their rates and prices might actually be too much for you. They’re foreign companies and they ship materials from China.

So, they need to up their prices a bit to get profit margins from their sales.

Is a Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business Profitable?

Purchasing your tempered glass products from SXET will give you higher profit margins. Over the years, we’ve proven the competitiveness of our rates and it not only helped us get more sales, we were also able to assist other businesses get and work with more clients!

The tempered glass manufacturing business is not as difficult as other people think. Work with us here at SXET and we’ll give it to you in the simplest and the easiest way you can understand it!

If you’re new to the business, we’ll even give you some guidelines that can help and assist you! SXET will never leave you on your own feet!

Why is SXET Your Best Choice?

When it comes to screen protectors, you’ll never have any problems in getting the exact quality you or your business needs.

We here at SXET can produce a wide variety of screen protectors for whatever device you have and need! Whether you’re looking for a screen protector for an Apple watch, a smartphone, or a tablet, we definitely got what you need!

SXET is China’s top manufacturer of screen protectors and we’ve worked closely with some of the world’s most famous businesses. We were able to produce screen protectors for Samsung phones, iPhones, Huawei phones, Windows phones, and other types of phones!

Apart from our screen protectors, you can also trust and rely on us if you need iPhone 12 screen protector, iPhone 11 screen protector,  gorilla glass screen protector, etc.

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