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Custom Glass for Security Camera Cover

For more than 12 years, SXET has been considered the best custom glass for security cameras manufacturer in and around China. We’ve produced a whole wide range of CCTV glass products for different businesses and companies.

Being the best and most reputable security camera glass supplier, we’ve played around with a lot of materials in the production and manufacturing of these units. We’ve been able to produce high-end glass units for many different types of models and equipment for businesses around the world.

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    Your Security Camera Glass One-stop Solution

    Our experts and professionals here at SXET make use of a wide spectrum of materials to create your custom CCTV glass products. We can make use of crystal, quartz, Gorilla Glass, borosilicate, regular and reinforced soda-lime glass, AGC Glass, calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, and many other materials to produce it.

    All our custom glass for security cameras and CCTV units are made with a diameter tolerance of ±0/0.01mm, a curvature of ±0.02%, and a clear aperture of 85% to 100%. You’ll also enjoy the quality of the strength and surface because it is military-grade and has been approved in respective ISO and CE standards.

    Choosing us as your manufacturer for the security cameras you need will definitely help you save a lot of time, money, and effort. We can apply specific optical coatings on your products, whether you want them to have an anti-reflective (AR) coating, anti-glare (AG) coating, UV coatings, and others.

    Wherever you are in the world, SXET can be the all-in-one, go-to manufacturer for the custom glass for cameras you need!

    Why Choose SXET As Your Custom Glass For Security Cameras Manufacturer?

    SXET’s security camera glass units are so versatile and flexible that you can use them in various applications, such as the optical and camera industry, military and defense industry, automotive industry, aviation and space flight industry, marine and maritime industry, laboratory and scientific industry, and many more!

    We’re able to create extremely effective optical lenses that can withstand scratches, abrasion, cracking, and even pressure, so long as you give us the right specifications you need!

    • SXET can produce high-end and high-quality OEM custom glass units
    • We can apply custom edging profiles to your orders
    • You’ll be able to receive all your orders within 7 to 12 days from payment
    • SXET’s glass products conform to different standards and requirements
    • SXET does not have a minimum order quantity (MoQ)

    Whether you need regular or standard security camera lenses, or if you need wide-angle lenses, SXET will never fail in providing the specific type of glass units that you need.

    Negotiate with us and get the best and highest quality of custom glass for security cameras that will befit the devices and equipment you have.

    0.3mm - 6mm Thickness
    SXET can cut corning gorilla glass in various thickness, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1mm, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm
    Customized Edge Cutting
    SXET can fabricate custom edge for your special needs, 2.5D, 3D, belved edge, stepped edge.
    Holes Drilling
    SXET can drill holes on corning gorilla glass as per your drawing. Processing by CNC or laser machinery, it depends on your needs.
    Color Printing
    SXET can make any corning gorilla glass with color printing for your projects, any color is no problem.
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