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Custom Glass for Smart Phone and Cellphone

A varies of Glass Materials: Gorilla Glass, AGC Glass, Float Glass, etc

0.33mm-2mm Thickness

Any Custom Glass’ Shape is Available

2.5D Edge, 3D edge, Curved Edge

Surface Treatment: AR&AF Coating, Anti-glare Etching, Color Coating, etc

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    Your All-In-One Custom Glass For Smart Phone Manufacturer

    Custom Glass For Phone Front Cover, Back Cover, and Camera Cover

    In the market, SXET Glass Co., Ltd. has been China’s leading custom glass for the front cover, back cover, and camera cover of phones, and we are the best running for more than a decade already.

    Our complete lineup of custom glass units is known and regarded to as the best simply because of the complexity of the manufacturing process we have for it. Unlike the methods and processes of other suppliers, our procedure involves a complete and comprehensive approach.

    All our custom glass for phone front cover, back cover, and camera cover can be color-printed, image-printed, and even scratch-resistance-equipped to make sure that it wouldn’t have unwanted and unnecessary damages on its surface.

    SXET’s custom glass for the front, back, and camera covers of smartphones and other smart devices can be made all according to how you want them to be. We produce thickness levels ranging from 0.33mm up to 5mm, and we can customize and specify the edging profile of your products, and not only that, but we can also produce 2D, 2.5D, even 3D edge profiles for your custom glass products, all depending on how you want them to be!

    SXET can apply various types of surface finishing techniques and procedures to your custom glass unit, whether you want it to be anti-reflective (AR), anti-glare (AG), even anti-smudge (AS) or anti-fingerprint (AF). We’ll develop the specific final touches on the products you’re looking for without any hesitations!

    We use high-technology machinery and equipment to produce the custom glass products that you need. Furthermore, we can help you explore with the colors of the front, back, and camera covers you want from the available spectrum of colors we have in our arsenal.

    All of SXET’s custom glass for phone front covers, back covers, and camera covers have undergone a comprehensive ultrasonic bath cleaning, ridding it of all impurities and inconsistencies on the surface of the custom glass unit.

    Why You Should Go With SXET For Your Custom Glass For Phone Front, Back, and Camera Covers

    There are multiple types and kinds of uses you can have for our custom glass for phone front cover, back cover, and camera cover, but the description says it all.

    The primary advantage of choosing us over other manufacturers and suppliers is the fact that we can produce accurate and precise custom glass units for the front, back, and camera covers of your device, regardless of the type you have!

    • We can produce your custom glass for phone front, back, and camera covers using many different raw glass products
    • We’re able to provide you the custom glass orders you need in 7 to 12 days from the payment date
    • Surface finishing techniques and procedures are available upon request
    • Hole drilling, adhesive sticking, and color-printing can be done depending on your needs

    With SXET, you’ll no longer need to worry or think about where you can get the custom glass components of your smart device – we got it all for you!

    Contact us today and get an estimate of the products and orders you need in the next few hours!

    0.3mm - 2mm Thickness
    SXET can cut corning gorilla glass in various thickness, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1mm, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm
    Customized Edge Cutting
    SXET can fabricate custom edge for your special needs, 2.5D, 3D, belved edge, stepped edge.
    Holes Drilling
    SXET can drill holes on corning gorilla glass as per your drawing. Processing by CNC or laser machinery, it depends on your needs.
    Color Printing
    SXET can make any corning gorilla glass with color printing for your projects, any color is no problem.
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