Custom glass for smart home
Custom Switch Glass Plate

Custom Glass for Smart Switch as per Your Needs

  • Switch glass cover
  • Glass outlet covers
  • Glass mirror outlet covers
  • Glass socket plate

Custom Tempered Glass for Smart Switch as per Your Requirements

SXET focuses on glass processing for smart homes, smart switches, voice control devices, we can do any glass shape according to your request.

1mm – 6mm Thick

Any Shape Cutting is Available

Multi-holes Cut is Available

Color Printing&Coating is Available,  White, Black, Light Green, Campagne Gold, Brown, etc

Glass Manufacturing Workshop

Glass Cut



Glass CNC Machining





Glass CNC Grinding


Glass CNC Fabricating




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    Your All-In-One Custom Glass For Smart Home Manufacturer

    Custom Glass For Smart Switch

    Due to our innovations in technology and smart home applications, SXET has been considered by many as the go-to company when it comes to the production and manufacturing of advanced and high-tech switches.

    All of SXET’s custom glass for smart switches are made with accuracy and precision, guaranteeing the shape, form, thickness, and overall edging profile you’re looking for.

    We have engineered our custom glass for smart switch to be lightweight and thin, making it sensitive when it’s programmed to be part of a device overall. It’s perfect for smart home use, no matter how harsh or how changing the environment is.

    All our custom glass for smart switches has undergone complete and comprehensive processes. From the selection of the raw glass unit; to the assembly – down to the inculcation of the finishing touches or the surface finishing techniques you’re looking for.

    Choosing us to be your go-to custom smart switch glass manufacturer can give you tons of benefits! We are employed with some of the industry’s most experienced, most skilled, and most reliable engineers and glass fabrication experts.

    You can choose from the wide library of colors we can put up for your custom glass for smart switch, as well as the prints or the symbols on them. We use high-tech, advanced machinery to perform all the necessary processes you need without ever being short on what you’re looking for.

    Why Choose SXET’s Custom Glass For Your Smart Switch?

    We can produce optimum-quality custom glass units for your smart switch that is applicable, which you can use in various parts of your smart home. You can use our smart switch custom glass for your bathroom, bedroom, living room, as well as certain establishments like hotels, malls, restaurants, event centers, and many more!

    Specify and customize the size you want your glass smart switch to be, and our expert craftsmen will be more than willing to help you procure it!

    • We can produce single and 2-way switch sets for many different applications
    • SXET is a manufacturer that passed UK and EU standards
    • We can perform tempering, strengthening, toughening, laminating, and other developmental processing to the glass unit
    • We can send you the complete and finished products in 7 to 12 days from the date the payment was made
    • We do not require any minimum orders from our clients (strictly no MoQ, buy as you like)

    SXET’s custom glass for smart switches have been the best, most popular, and most sold in the market, not just in China, but in the entire globe. Our company has been regarded as China’s go-to for all custom glass units for smart devices.

    Whether you need custom glass for smart switches, smart watches and bracelets, even custom glass for car display screens and rear-view mirrors, we got just what you need!

    Learn more about our business and how we can be of benefit by reaching out to us or by contacting us through all the available channels we have! We’ll return your calls, we’ll respond to your mails as fast and as swiftly as we can!

    0.3mm - 2mm Thickness
    SXET can cut corning gorilla glass in various thickness, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.55mm, 0.7mm, 1mm, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm
    Customized Edge Cutting
    SXET can fabricate custom edge for your special needs, 2.5D, 3D, belved edge, stepped edge.
    Holes Drilling
    SXET can drill holes on corning gorilla glass as per your drawing. Processing by CNC or laser machinery, it depends on your needs.
    Color Printing
    SXET can make any corning gorilla glass with color printing for your projects, any color is no problem.
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