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SXET is an expert manufacturer and supplier in tempered glass panel manufacturing. We can cut glass to any size for you, and we can make corner finishing according to your request, shipping tempered glass panels to anywhere in the world.

With strong capability fabricate, SXET can finish 20000 pcs tempered glass panel per day, so no matter what’s large your order is, we can meet your demand, and shipping the goods out on time. Contact us for a good price.

Your Leading Tempered Glass Panel Manufacturer - SXET Glass

As the leading expert in tempered glass panel manufacturing, Sxet has an extensive product output capacity. So even if you need to complete a bulk order in a hurry, you can be sure we’ll deliver on time and with standard quality.

Sxet tempered glass provides a vital protective layer for your devices and furniture because of its unique power. It is highly resistant to impact and is essential in safeguarding widgets, displays, and reinforcing windows.

Many public spaces such as gyms, opera houses, radio stations, and more use sxet tempered glass to sound-proof their rooms and reduce noise.

We’re not only good at producing tempered glass panels. You can make other glass items for you like gorilla glass, AGC glass, and even Schott glass. As usual, you can be sure we deliver top-notch quality.

When you make an order for Sxet tempered glass panels, you have the luxury of customizing your order to suit your needs. We offer varying thickness between 0.4 – 15mm thickness for large glass panels. You can even get ultra-thin panels for your smart home. There are also special optical glasses like anti-reflection and anti-glare surfaces, and you can get them in large sizes too.

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Sxet tempered glass panels have various uses in many industries. We have clients that cut across several fields, including mobile phones, furniture, and many more services. You can use our glass panels as a protective barrier for your devices like phones and tablets.

You can also use our tempered glass panels as components for your outdoor electronic monitors. We can customize your order for any item that requires glass, such as LCD and other monitor screens. With our products, you have guaranteed safety against force or fire.

Tempered Glass Panel – The Complete FAQs Guide 

When it comes to your devices, you can’t compromise on safety to get the best value for your money. The tempered glass panel is a type of toughened glass that improves your devices’ safety by offering a range of benefits, especially strength. This post is a comprehensive guide to help you select the best kind of tempered glass, with answers to questions like how it differs from other optics? If tempered glass is worth it, and of course, how you can get one yourself.

What is a Tempered Glass Panel?

A tempered glass panel is a kind of protective glass produced by specific heat and chemical procedures.

The treatment for creating this unique type of glass is often controlled to improve tempered glass’s strength significantly.

Thus, it is alternatively toughened glass for its increased strength and durability. It can even be up to four times stronger than regular glass.

Any optic that undergoes a tempering process endures extreme compression on its exterior and excess tension on its interior.

This process increases the optic’s resistance to stress and ensures it doesn’t crack easily under pressure.

If it breaks, the tempering technique keeps it from shattering into large jagged pieces. Instead, it lets it splinter into smaller chunks that are safer.

12mm float glass

When Should You Use a Tempered Glass Panel?


Its emphasis on safety and strength makes it ideal for application in several fields, including electronic devices, windows, and more.

One of the most common applications of this safety glass is in electronics, especially mobile devices.

Tempered glass panels act as popular screen protectors for other forms of toughened glass, like Gorilla glass. It is also useful in protecting different kinds of touchscreen devices, including electronic monitors and laptops.

Their protective abilities also extend to protection from harsh elements like wind and rain, so they are useful for outdoor screens.

Several LCD glasses and advertising TVs use toughened glass to protect themselves.

Other applications of tempered glass panels include oven doors, swimming pools, and buildings.

Tempered glass panel for shower

Is Tempered Glass Panel Unbreakable?


No, it’s not. But it would be best if you had a lot of force to break it. What it doesn’t do is shatter.

The difference between break and shatter is in the size of the shards. When regular glass shatters, it splinters into several uneven pieces.

These varying bits of large and small shards can maim you if you’re not careful.

But due to the tempering processing, tempered glass panels don’t break up into uneven pieces.

The thermal and chemical treatment it undergoes alters the structure, so it doesn’t shatter, making it safer.

At the moment, no glass’s unbreakable, but tempered glass due to its strength and durability come close.

Ultra clear glass

Is Tempered Glass Panel Stronger than Regular Glass?

Yes, it is. The tempered glass panel is a regular glass that has undergone the tempering process.

The tempering process is a complex technique that subjects annular glass to various thermal and chemical processes.

There are three main phases in converting regular glass to tempered glass panel.

Heating the glass to a temperature of over 370 degrees Celsius is often the first step in tempering glass.

This step often takes place in a chemically controlled medium, and this phase marks the second step.

After heating the optic in a chemical environment, the final step is to cool down the glass rapidly.

The technique alters the fundamental chemical structure of regular glass and creates a more robust and more durable tempered glass.

8mm tempered glass

What is the Process of Tempering glass?

Tempered glass undergoes a unique thermal and chemical process to achieve its renowned strength.

Firstly, using the desired outcome, it is cut to the right size and shape. This fabrication process includes all the necessary etching and edging required.

Manufacturers often employ an abrasive to smoothen the edges and rid the glass of all imperfections.

The first significant step is heating in a high-pressure oven with a temperature anywhere between 370 – 650 degrees Celsius.

After which, the glass is rapidly cooled in a process called ‘quenching,’ responsible for the unique strength tempered glass possesses.

An unpopular method of creating a tempered glass panel is by adding chemical ions to make the necessary compression force.

However, that process is more expensive and thus less frequently used.

15mm toughened glass

How Can You Tell the Quality of a Tempered Glass Panel?

You must learn how to identify quality tempered glass panels to avoid being scammed in the future.

Standard tempered glass doesn’t shatter and is highly resistant to damage from sharp objects such as your keys.

However, if you want to be sure of the quality of glass you’re getting, you can use the following tests:

The feel test is about how smooth the glass panel is; quality tempered glass is even to touch. Anything otherwise is probably a counterfeit.

Another measure of quality is the fittest. When you acquire optics from a standard manufacturing company, it should readily fit the device.

Finally, good-tempered glass is also anti-fingerprint and anti-oil or water spills.

Thick tepered glass

What does D Mean in Tempered Glass Panel?

‘D’ in tempered glass panel terminology refers to the glass’s shape and denotes the curvature or lack of curvature of the optic.

It’s common to run across terms such as 2D, 3D, 5D, 10D, and so on when talking about tempered glass.

Manufacturers use this denotation to determine how to much curvature they need to add to fit a specific device.

2D, for example, is best for completely flat devices. As the number before the ‘D’ increases, so does the curve of the glass panel.

Hence, 3D has slightly fewer curves than 5D, and both of them lack as much prominence as ten or 11D.

How Do You Classify Tempered Glass Panel?


There are various ways to classify tempered glass panels; it all depends on the reference point.

The most popular classification group is curving, also known as radian. It might be any of the three types: flat edge, round edge, and curved edge.

The radian classification typically uses a numerical value in front of a ‘D’ to denote its level on the Mohs scale.

Next is based on technology. That’s what specific function the glass focuses on. It may be anti-glare, anti-blue light, tempered privacy glass, matte tempered glass, or so on.

Lastly, the design classification is dual; it may be either fully covered or non-full covered.

19mm toughened glass

What’s the Best Type of Tempered Glass Panel?

Determining the best type of tempered glass panel is not straightforward; it depends heavily on what you want.

That’s because tempered glass comes in all sorts of specifications suited for each need, so what might work well for one device might not be for the other.

With that in mind, what’s more, vital than knowing the best type of screen protector is the best manufacturing company.

Once you can guarantee the quality of tempered glass, you’ll derive satisfaction from whatever purpose you have in mind should for the optic.

Examples of factors to keep in mind when selecting the right option is its thickness, cutting, hardness, transparency, etc.

How Do I Choose a Tempered Glass Panel?

Choosing the right tempered glass panel depends on varying factors.

One of the popular ones, thickness, requires a lot of attention. Thin optics around 0.4mm are in high demand for mobile devices, while 4mm thickness is more appropriate for other uses.

The cutting process is another essential factor as devices may be flat-edged or arc type. So it’s crucial you know whether a 2D or 11D tempered glass is more suited to your device.

Other factors to consider and rely on your manufacturer are wear resistance, full or non-full coverage, material, and accessories.

Thick tempered glass

Does Tempered Glass Panel Look Different?

Many people think that all glass types look alike, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, tempered glass panels have a unique look that professionals can identify.

Experts lookout for features like the edges of the glass panel. Quality tempered glass panel always has smooth edges.

Manufacturers often inscribe a tiny label called a bug on a corner of the glass to signify it meets safety standards.

When looking through polarized lenses in the sunlight, streaks or dark spots appear on its surface because of the toughening process.

How Do You Cut Tempered Glass Panel?

Toughened glass is to be just that, though. So it’s tough to cut it on your own.

You need to be able to heat it intensely and cool it rapidly to cut it at home. But first, you must use a device called a kiln to anneal the glass.

Ensure you cover it with water when placing it in a heat-proof vessel, then cool it slowly and well below the straining point.

After annealing the tempered glass panel, you can clean it with a window cleaner and safely use a glass cutter to carve it out.

It would help if you took the necessary precautions. Still, you can always get it cut by a professional glass cutter to avoid mistakes.

15mm glass

Can You Cut Tempered Glass Panels With a Water jet?

No, you can’t. Though professional glass cutters use a water jet to cut through many glass types, the tempered glass panel isn’t one of them.

The reason water jets aren’t sufficient enough for the job is the unique process of tempering.

In tempering, the optic undergoes extreme stress, making it hard for a water jet to cut through it.

If you were to try it anyway, the glass would break into tiny shards.

Can You Cut Tempered Glass Panels at Home?

No, you can’t. The process outlined under the question ‘how do you cut tempered glass panel?’ requires an initial process called annealing to take place.

When you anneal glass, you reverse the tempering process. In other words, you convert the glass from tempered to regular glass.

So technically, you cannot cut tempered glass panel, not at home at least.

To cut toughened glass without first revering the tempering requires more sophisticated methods than the ones at home.

12mm thick glass

Is Tempered Glass Panel the Same as Laminated Glass?


No, laminated glass involves two glass layers with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between them. In contrast, tempered glass panels undergo a unique tempering process.

Laminated glass is another safety glass that many people use in glazing products and differs from toughened glass.

Of the two, tempered glass is the stronger option even though laminated glass can withstand even bullets.

They are both employed in glazing products, but laminated glass is more useful in preventing burglaries.

Which is Better, Tempered Glass or Laminated lass?


The answer to this question would depend on the application. For gadgets such as laptops, phones, and other LCD screens, tempered glass panels are preferred.

A custom display is often limited to laminated glass, so it favors outdoor protection in a commercial building.

Furthermore, it is more expensive than tempered glass because its process requires more materials. Using it for display screens also requires having additional online tools.

What is the Minimum Thickness of the Tempered Glass Panel?


Thickness can vary between 0.1mm to as large as 4mm; the choice depends on the purpose.

Screen protection, the most common use of a tempered glass panel, requires a fragile piece of glass.

The reason is the thicker the glass, the less sensitive it is to touch. So for touch devices, the thinner, the better.

More people opt for 0.4mm thickness because it is cheaper and thin enough to maintain sufficient touch sensitivity.

Custom curved glass

What is the Difference Between Tempered Glass Panels and Gorilla glass?

Gorilla glass is a type of tempered glass panel that undergoes additional chemical processes to become even stronger.

The supplementary chemical process makes gorilla glass multi-layered instead of regular toughened glass with only one layer. It also makes it harder to replace gorilla glass.

It is manufactured by one company known as Corning, while any company manufactures tempered glass in general.

Also, tempered glass often covers gorilla glass and acts as an extra layer of protection.

What are the Benefits of a Tempered Glass Panel?

There are several reasons users purchase tempered glass panels, such as their safety, strength, and resistance to temperature and damage.

In addition to those, it is also available in different patterns. So you can have several options to choose from and can go with the one that suits your style the most.

As a premium option for LCD screens, it also possesses high definition clarity and quality essential for other purposes like glass showers and windows.

Custom sunshade glass panel

Is Tempered Glass Panel Safe?

Yes, it is. Safety is one of the significant benefits of using tempered glass panels.

The complex tempering process alters the optic’s chemical structure in such a way that should it break; it splits into tiny blunt-sized pieces.

In such a scenario, you’re less likely to sustain injury from any of the pieces, unlike regular glass that sometimes leaves behind large amounts that can deeply penetrate the skin.

Ultra clear glass

Does Tempered Glass Panel Crack Easily?

No, it doesn’t. However, the tempered glass panel isn’t indestructible, so that it can break.

As highlighted earlier, it doesn’t shatter when it does break, so it is much safer than regular glass.

You require intense damage to crack tempered glass because it is reliable and resistant to wear and scratches.

Over time though, damages to the edge can contribute to it forming cracks later on.

Where is Tempered Glass Required?


Tempered glass panels have a wide range of applications and so are required in many industries.

The most popular one is using gadgets like phones, laptops, and tablets to often act as screen protectors.

When used in large sizes, it protects advertising boards and other LCD displayers.

From buildings and structures to household uses, various industries require tempered glass as it is invaluable in the modern age.

Can Tempered Glass Panel Damage My Phone Screen?


No, it can’t. Instead, it protects your phone screen from damage.

It’s unavoidable for mobile devices to fall to the ground or receive pressure from other external sources. So to preserve the phone screen’s lifespan, tempered glass panels often act as screen protectors.

Even phones produced by apple, such as iPhones that often use gorilla glass, require a tempered glass screen protector.

Are Tempered Glass Panel Phone Cases Good?

Yes, they are. The primary reason is that their rigid nature makes for a good screen protector.

Depending on the thickness, tempered glass panels don’t have to compromise the responsiveness of your device.

They come in thin pieces, so a layer of toughened glass can protect without reducing sensitivity noticeably.

Specific types also have other functions like reducing the sun’s glare and even protecting your screen’s privacy.

Will Tempered Glass Panels Reduce My Camera Quality?


If you use the right type, no, it won’t. So it depends on the kind of screen guard you use.

Some screen guards don’t have a cut-out for the camera, which will affect your camera quality.

If the tempered glass panel is too thick, it’ll show on the sides of the images you take.

To avoid reducing your camera’s quality, carefully choose the right tempered glass. Pay attention to the thickness, size, and radian.

Does Tempered Glass Panel Affect Brightness?


No, not noticeably anyway. All glass absorbs some amount of light, so when light hits your screen’s surface, not all of it is reflected.

When that happens, some of the light is lost. Now, the question is, how much?

The amount of light lost depends on the type of glass. Since tempered glass panel is an exemplary screen protector, it absorbs very little light and reflects the rest.

Is Tempered Glass Panel Worth It?

Yes, it is. As a great screen protector, it acts as a necessary cover in the event your phone falls.

Tempered glass panels are now in high demand because of their ability to preserve the original phone screen.

More so, they are a cheaper alternative to other glass options like sapphire glass and laminated glass.

They also preserve essential components like touch sensitivity, image quality, and brightness.

25mm glass

Which Devices Do You Offer Tempered Glass Panels?

SXET offers a range of tempered glass panel options for virtually all devices.

We have tempered glass available for all mobile phones and other electronic devices such as laptops and tablets.

You also have the option of going with custom tempered glass so that you can select the design for other touch screen devices.

We also have custom toughened glass for all kinds of LCD screens.

What Size of the Tempered Glass Panel Can You Make?

We make custom tempered glass panels so that you can specify your preferred size.

You have versatile options when it comes to shape and thickness. Select between 0.4mm – 6mm thickness for your mobile devices or large screen displays.

Also, pick whatever shape suits you, and specify what edge you would like.

Be it 2D flat edge, 3D rounded edge, or other custom edges, and we have your back.

How do I Get a Tempered Glass Panel for My Device?

It’s pretty easy to get a custom tempered glass panel from SXET.

First, send us what you want. You can attach your drawings, and our trusted engineers will work with it.

In eight hours or less, we’ll send you a quote and process your samples in 5 – 10 business days.

Once you’ve confirmed the samples, we’ll begin manufacturing your order.

After that, we’ll ship your order to your location.

19mm tempered glass


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