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SXET is a professional tempered glass manufacturer and supplier in China, we can produce any tempered glass for your projects.

SXET also can do glass’s surface finish for you, such as AG etching, Anti-reflective coating, AR & AF coating, color printing, drilling, any more.

According to your requirement, SXET can fabricate tempered glass by Float glass, Borosilicate glass, Quartz glass, Gorilla glass materials, and so on. Contact us to get the best-tempered glass price.

Large size glass panels

SXET can manufacture tempered glass with color printing use for advertising player, LCD display, TV display, and so on.

Tempered glass panels

SXET can do any size color tempered glass panels as per your request

Transparent glass sheet

SXET can cut clear tempered glass to size according to your drawing or sample

Tempered glass

SXET is a tempered glass one-stop solution and manufacturer, at SXET you can get any tempered glass to fit your projects

12mm Tempered glass

Customized 12mm tempered glass for dining table

8mm Tempered glass

SXET can produce any 8mm tempered glass size to meet your requirement

Custom Cut Tempered Glass with a Variety of Thick

At SXET, we manufacture tempered glass for the primary purpose of gadget and electronic use, although we are flexible depending on the client’s needs. So from the lineup of most of our projects, which were successful just for the record, our tempered glass’s primary function is to offer great displays to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and televisions. With excellent display, we slide in the extra assurance on durability for our tempered glass is tough and of high quality.

SXET Glass has an excellent team of experts who deal with different departments; sales, manufacturing, packaging, delivery, and installation. These various departments work diligently to ensure you get your tempered glass exactly how you wanted. We also have excellent up-to-date machinery that enables us to work on your orders to achieve the exact requirements as requested. We also deliver every tempered glass order with accurate thickness, dimensions, shape, and finishes.

There are many ways in which you can make fair use of tempered glass. These different applications will affect the kind of toughened glass you’ll order due to the diverse needs. Some of the tempered glass applications include devices; screens, vehicle windows, aquariums, home, office windows, tabletops and refrigerator trays, bulletproof glasses, shower and boarder doors, helmets and diving masks, and cookware.

SXET Glass has been in the picture of the leading glass manufacturers for over a decade now, and with our track record, it is quite clear how we deliver on quality. Don’t you worry about the quantity of tempered glass, as we have the capability of taking orders north of 50 pieces?

Other than tempered or toughened glass, we also work on projects related to the custom glass panel, cover lens, and Gorilla glass. When presented with a quote, we work together with our clients to assist you with professional advice on the type of tempered glass to use and the approach to a successful application.

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Glass CNC Machining

Glass CNC Grinding

Glass CNC Fabricating

SXET Glass is the home of competent glass manufacturers based in China. We work with various glasses, and with the right expertise and machinery, we have ever since produced high-quality tempered glass. We offer different alternatives depending on the orders brought to use but let’s start by looking at what tempered glass is.

Tempered glass is relatively thicker compared to ordinary glass, which explains why they are less fragile. With the assurance of durability, you can be comfortable that whichever application you intend to use the tempered glass, tempered glass won’t break easily. (if you take good care of them – they are not break-proof, but they don’t break easily). Other than the durability, tempered glass has got fine edges and fits well on gadgets, which is a feature that assures SXET Glass’s quality of production.

On the benefits end, tempered glass shatters rather than breaks, which is different since you can expect to have an entire piece that can’t piece or cut you. Even though your device might have a shuttered, toughened glass, it will still function, although you might experience some difficulties in operating it. The surfaces of tempered glass are also smooth, which guarantees an excellent touching experience and excellent sensitivity. You will also be assured of a great display when you choose toughened glass for your devices regardless of the amount of sunlight you’ll be under.

Tempered glass is what is referred to as toughened glass, but why? Tempered glass undergoes a manufacturing process that involves repeated chemical treatments and thermal controlled procedures to make the glass tough. Just as the name suggests, toughened glass offers a level of resistance basically because it involves several layers of glasses, which are stack together and compressed to give it that ability to withstand pressure. The process also consists of squeezing the glass’s outer surfaces and exerting pressure on the interior parts to combine the glasses into one piece.


Tempered Glass – The Ultimate Guide


If you ask something about tempered glass, this is the best right guide for you

What is Tempered Glass?

Also known as toughened glass, tempered glass is the type of glass that, during its manufacture, undergoes procedures such as thermal control or treatments by chemicals to achieve strength. It is achieved by compressing the glasses’ outer surfaces and putting tension on the interior part. Tempered glasses are made of several layers of glasses compressed to achieve that toughness that is aimed at.

They are generally thicker, although in its thickness comes durability. They do not break, and they are easy to maintain since you can easily wipe off any impurities on the surfaces. Tempered glasses have fine finished edges and are recommended for their safety. These toughened glasses are preferred for devices’ screens for they have a good feel and a quick touch response.

Type of  Tempered Glass?

Black tempered glass, clear tempered glass, grey tempered glass, bronze tempered glass, blue tempered glass, curved tempered glass, glazed tempered glass, frosted tempered glass, tinted tempered glass, switch tempered glass, tempered glass mirror, colored tempered glass, coloured tempered glass, security tempered glass, chemically tempered glass, reflective tempered glass, stained tempered glass.

Tempered glass panels

Type of tempered glass

What Varieties Does Tempered Glass Come in?

There are different forms in which these toughened glasses can come one. In your quote, you will have to indicate the various features. The differences come in the form of thickness that’s affected by the number of layers involved. There is also the size, which is considered. The design of the finishing also matters, the application of the end product, the color or decorations, and quality.

How Does Tempered Glass Differ from Standard Glass?

Ordinary glass is very contrary to what tempered glass is all about. There are several ways to separate the two, but the primary factor that distinguishes regular glass from tempered glass is that the latter is more robust than the former (about four times stronger). This strength is achieved by how the process of manufacturing is carried out through the thermal exposure and addition of chemicals that eventually make it firmer. An additional significant difference is that tempered glass is safer than normal glass since when damaged, it splits into small, harmless pieces.

Standard glass tends to break all over with pieces going in different directions, which can hinder the safety many people want to achieve from the glass. Normal glass also has a single layer, making it more fragile than multi-layered tempered glass. As for the edges, normal glass has sharp edges that can pierce through flesh easily, while the toughened glass is known for its perfectly defined edges. Tempered glass is also thicker than ordinary glass.

Is Tempered Glass Stronger than Ordinary Glass?

Ordinary glass is less robust than tempered glass as the latter can withstand pressure four times more than standard glass would. The multiple layers are the top contributors to this factor and facilitate a device’s screen’s strength. Ordinary glass is fragile as it is so raw, and it does not undergo any process to toughen it. It explains how regular glass breaks while tempered glass shutters.

Tempered glass

Grey tempered glass

Is it Possible for Tempered Glass to be Broken?

Unlike how regular glass would break and shatter into many pieces, tempered glass does the exact opposite. Often referred to as shuttering, it is the response of tempered glass when exposed to too much heat or when involved in physical damage. Shuttering is breaking tempered glass into small pieces that are of no harm to the glass user. The significant difference from infringement is that the shattered parts still hold on together on the entire piece, although they appear as many cracks lying around. Even though a tempered glass might shutter, it still functions on the adapted application, although it will be less efficient.

Clear tempered glass

Clear tempered glass

What are the Common Reasons Why Tempered Glass Shutters?

Shuttering can also be referred to as spontaneous glass breakage, and this behavior by tempered glass relates to how the glass behaves when exposed to pressure. While installing a tempered glass, a binding frame is usually involved in keeping the piece together. These, however, are the most vulnerable parts of the tempered glass, and they are the significant contributors to the shuttering.

The common reason why a toughened glass can begin to shutter is the frequent dropping on your phone that might damage the edges of the screen. The shuttering of tempered glass is the chipping of these edges, or what is also called nicked edges. Moreover, the shuttering is like an infection carried through to the entire tempered glass piece from the edges’ small chipping. It usually results in the shattering of the whole screen, although it still holds together.

How Tough is Tempered Glass?

Toughened glass gets its name from how much it can handle. Ten thousand psi of the surface compression and nine thousand seven hundred psi of edge compression are the minimum pressure units that tempered glass can take if exposed to such. With such figures, tempered glass ranks high in the strongest glasses beating the regular glass four times its strength. However, it is not wise to expose such pressure on your toughened glass to prove a point.

Can You Differentiate Between Tempered Glass and Regular Glass by Sight?

So how can you tell if your piece is tempered glass? The fast and straightforward way of checking if a piece is genuinely tempered is by putting your eyes to the test. It only involves a simple procedure, and you will require sunlight to do so. By holding your piece in daylight, then the difference can be spotted since there is only one clear indication.

You’ll need polarized glasses for the procedure, and the primary lookout should be a uniformly spread pattern of either darkened spots or shady lines that extends all through the surface of the glass. These lines indicate the compression of layers of glasses tempered to come up with a toughened glass.

8mm Tempered glass

Custom cut tempered glass

How Can You Recognize a Tempered Glass?

When presented with a glass and you want to prove if it is a tempered or normal one, you can check the edges. The tempered glass edges have a smooth feeling compared to the rough one of standard glass, which can cut you if you don’t use protective gloves while handling them. Another consideration is the feel of the surfaces since tempered glass is usually smooth. The thickness can also indicate a tempered glass; since it has multiple layers, it should be thicker than standard glass.

Does Tempered Glass Offer Protection to Your Phone?

Definitely yes. As you can recall from the previous features, tempered glass is way much more robust than ordinary glass – four times more. That guarantees your phone’s screen life as long as you keep it off damages and avoid dropping it. Furthermore, when you accidentally drop your phone, which is not the end of its operations since tempered glass shutters rather than breaking.

It means that the screen will still be intact, although it will have multiple cracks, affecting the overall functionality. The various layers of the toughened glass are also a plus since even when the screen is struck, the harm cannot proceed any further to the other parts that constitute the general assembly.

Why Should You Install Toughened Glass on Your Phone?

Toughened glass is among the leading glasses that best fit for phone screen application. The following are the reasons why;

  • Durable – Compared to normal glasses, tempered glasses are more durable as they offer the quality that can last you for years. It comes from the point of strength and endurance of pressure that the lass can take.
  • Exceptional finishes – From the edges to the surfaces, tempered glass has unique finishes, making it smooth to feel and comfortable to touch. It facilitates a fair usage of your screen.
  • Visibility – Despite the kind of location you’re in, the tempered glass’s visibility is always perfect. If you worry about sunlight when you’re outdoors, then you should get a tempered glass for your phone.
  • Display – Your phone will have a perfect display if you’re using tempered glass for a screen. The sharpness of clarity on your screen will be spot on.
  • Thick tepered glass

Do the Shattered Parts of Tempered Glass Fall Out?

The accurate meaning of shatter is that the glass with break into many pieces but won’t split. The damaged parts of your tempered glass will be withheld on your device\s screen despite clear indications from the cracks that it is broken. However, it is essential to note that the shattered parts will cause a defect in operating your device since the tempered glass is already weak. The shattered pieces are also designed not to piece or cut you when using your phone.

Is Tempered Glass Drillable?

In simple words, you cannot drill tempered glass. The actual response upon trial to do this will be a complete shutter of the piece immediately after the drill bit comes into contact with the glass surface. However, that doesn’t settle it if you want to have a hole on tempered glass. If so, you should recommend that in your quote since the only possible way to achieve that is by drilling before tempering to come up with the final product. Once the tempering procedure is underway, then you can no longer drill the glass.

12mm float glass

How is the Pricing of Tempered Glass Compared to Normal Glass?

Buying a standard glass rather than a tempered glass will cost you cheaper funds. The pricing of tempered glass is higher, considering its quality and the process used to manufacture it, even though you should not consider the glass’s price so much considering the durability that it will give you.

Are Toughened Glass and Tempered Glass the same Thing?

Toughened glass is an alias for tempered glass. The toughened came as a result of tempering that involves the strengthening of the glass. Tempered glass is just a name given to clarify what tempered glass is all about.

15mm toughened glass

Does Tempered Glass Affect the Weight of Your Phone?

The tempered glass weighs almost the same as regular glass, maybe slightly less or more depending on the thickness achieved. Despite the procedure used to manufacture these glasses, the compression puts their weight in check. So whether you have a standard glass or a tempered one, your phone’s weight will probably be the same. Do not blame a heavy phone on tempered glass.

What are the Upsides of Using Tempered Glass?

There are many reasons for using tempered glass, and most of them relate to its advantages. So the following are the benefits of using tempered glass on your phone;

  • It feels smooth and pleasant when you touch it.
  • It does not affect the original display of the phone, and if yes, it makes it better.
  • It doesn’t result in distortions or the quality of the visual presentation of the screen.
  • Although not recommended, when you drop or fall your phone, then you can still use it properly, although it will feel the difference but usually operate.
  • The installation process is more straightforward than standard glass.
  • Toughened glass is easy to clean.
  • Strength – It will take a tougher contact to shutter a tempered screen.
  • Thermal resistance – Toughened glass can withstand high temperatures, unlike how regular glass would.

Tempered glass panel for desks

What are the Downsides of Using Toughened Glass?

Some bad aspects of toughened glass make some people rethink using them. So the following are the cons of tempered glass;

  • Purchasing tempered glass is more expensive compared to normal glass.
  • A simple shutter on edge will cause the whole glass to shutter eventually.
  • Tempered glass cannot be resized, recut, or worked on after the tempering procedure.
  • Toughened glass cannot be drilled.

Under What Temperatures Can Tempered Glass Withstand?

Since the primary process of tempering involves heating, tempered glass can be used for such applications. It is not a surprise that toughened glass can withstand temperatures as high as 238 degrees Celsius and still give the best quality.

Where Do You Draw the Line Between Laminated Glass and Tempered Glass?

The significant difference between the two lies in the process they individually go through to be manufactured. While tempered glass is put through heat and a series of chemical treatments, laminated glass is born from the same procedure. However, laminated glass goes further to include other processed to achieve a complete product. Laminated glass is a pair of tempered glass or, in some cases, regular glass, which is sandwiched in a special plastic resin that’s clear. It ensures more strength and durability compared to toughened glass.

Furthermore, laminated glass can also be repaired, unlike toughened glass. One distinguishing factor regardless of multiple layers’ similarity is that laminated glass is thinner than tempered glass. As the tempered glass responds to damages, laminated glass also remains intact despite being broken.

Can Tempered Glass Affect the Quality of Display?

A toughened glass will not come against the image quality, the display sharpness, or colors of your screen. They make them more transparent and offer that extra quality that is absent in regular glasses. You are assured of perfect displays when using tempered glass.

Large size glass panels

Does Tempered Glass Make Screen-Touching Any Better?

The surface of toughened glass is relatively smooth, and when installed on your phone, it makes sliding or tapping at different contents on your phone much more straightforward. It makes the emotional experience way much better.

Are You Able to Cut Tempered Glass to Accurate Size?

You can achieve exact dimensions according to the inquiry of a client on any tempered glass order. However, measurements are usually done before the heating and addition of chemicals strengthen the glass. Cutting and adjusting tempered glass sizes are typically done before the tempering process, although the finishing edges can be done afterward.

Can You Re-Cut a Tempered Glass?

Any intended adjustments to a piece should be notified to the manufacture as soon as the quote is given. It is mainly because the cuts and resizing ought to be done before the tempering process begins. When a product is complete, then it is no longer possible to make any adjustments.

How Thick is Tempered Glass?

The variety of thickness that tempered glass can achieve depends on the kind of quote presented to us and the application intended. Even though the most common range that many manufacturers lie on is between 3 mm to 19 mm, the customer’s requirements are what we work with. It is also hectic to achieve tempered glass on the thinner end since it requires a lot of compressing and heating to make it so slim.

25mm glass

Can You Scratch Tempered Glass?

Toughened glass is meant to be strong for proper usage. If appropriately manufactured, the then tempered glass should be scratch resistant. It is primarily because of the smooth aspect of the tempered glass, and the strength is meant to keep away scratches. However, in some cases of insufficient production, you might find some scratches on toughened glass.

Who Wins the Battle between Tempered and Gorilla Glass?

Both Gorilla glass and tempered glass are resistant to scratch and are durable. However, it can be quite a headache to choose one if given such an option. It is because they only differ in a few aspects. So how can you differentiate the two?

  • Gorilla glass has a single manufacturer, Corning Inc, while any company can manufacture toughened glass.
  • Unlike how tempered can be replaced easily, Gorilla screens cannot be replaced easily due to their unavailability.
  • Gorilla glass is a fingerprint magnet, while the toughened glass is not.
  • Tempered glass has several layers, while gorilla glass is single-layered.

Can You Effectively Use Your Screen Fingerprint Lock With Tempered Glass?

For the optical fingerprint scanner used in many devices, the fingerprint will work through the tempered glass as light can pass through it. In some cases, such as for an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, toughened glass will block the waves making the scanning ineffective.

How Can You Eradicate Any Scratches on Tempered Glass Surfaces?

Although it is made to be scratch resistant, you can still remove scratches on tempered glass. You can achieve this by using liquid pumice soap and a ball of cotton wool or soft cloth. Just pour some of the soap on cotton wool and, in a circular manner, remove the scratches on the glass. You can then wipe off with another soft cloth with water to see the results.

Warning: Do not wipe the glass if the screen is still fitted on your phone unless you’ll be so careful so that no liquid can penetrate the device.

Can You Recycle Tempered Glass?

Once used, you can no longer recycle tempered glass. It is because how the glass is produced does not allow you to do any recuts or resizing, making it unable to be recycled. Furthermore, the instance it shutters it can no longer be used again when removed from the device. It is because the shattered particles cannot be reconnected.

How Can You Wipe Off Sticky Stuff on Tempered Glass?

It would be wise to protect all the entry points that liquid can penetrate on the device before beginning the process. You have to get a clean cloth or cotton wool and ordinary dish soap for the procedure. Wet the cloth or cotton wool with soap, then move ahead to wipe off the sticky stuff. Rinse off with another cotton wool with water to remove the soap. Dry the screen with a soft dry cloth to finish up the procedure.

Is it Worth Using Tempered Glass?

The list of reasons that you ought to use toughened glass is long. The primary consideration should be how long you would want your screen to last since toughened glass is strong enough to keep you going. In terms of safety, you will be assured that there’ll be no harm to you even if the glass shatters since it is designed to stick on the screen regardless, so there’ll be no particles handing around to cut you.

How Do You Test the Quality of Tempered Glass?

There are several ways to test the quality of tempered glass. The following are some of the best;

  • Look through the tempered glass on sunlight with polarized glasses to see the lines’  uniformity or patterns.
  • Try drilling the toughened glass to see how fast it will break.
  • Attempt to scratch the tempered glass to see if it is possible.
  • Touched the finished edges to see if they have achieved the smooth enough.
  • Try breaking the toughened glass and see how it will respond.



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