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Our tempered mirrors are used in various business sectors and industries, most of which include the residential sector, the hotel and restaurant business, the optical and ophthalmology business, the automotive and aerospace business, the architecture and engineering business, and the medical industry, and many more!

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SXET Glass Co., Ltd., being Shenzhen’s most trusted tempered mirrors supplier, will be more than happy to get you whatever type and kind of tempered mirrors you need.

For over a decade of experience in the industry, we’ve been considered by many as their go-to tempered mirrors manufacturer, regardless of the field they are in.

We cater to residential, commercial, and even industrial sectors, and not once did we fail to meet our clients’ expectations.

Choosing us here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. as your tempered mirrors supplier will give you nothing but quality, contentment, and complete satisfaction. We’ve worked with over 100 businesses and organizations worldwide, and they keep coming back for more.

The quality of SXET’s tempered mirrors go back to where we get them – our suppliers. We’ve crafted the industry’s best and highest-quality tempered mirrors for whatever use they may need it for.

Our tempered mirrors are available in a wide array of sizes – you can order custom tempered mirrors from us and we can produce it for you, too! Not only that, but if you need certain levels of thicknesses, shapes, edging profiles, and even color, we can help you!

All our employees and professionals here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. have been trained fully and comprehensively to be able to produce only the best tempered mirrors.

You can count on us if you are looking for heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable tempered mirrors. And don’t you worry about the results – all the products that leave our manufacturing plants are carefully and thoroughly treated to be free from any impurities that are caused by processing.

Don’t waste your time by inquiring with other manufacturers. Get tempered mirrors with excellent quality, injury-free, carefully processed, completely durable, and that have high optical quality with SXET Glass Co., Ltd!

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Tempered Mirror – The Complete FAQ Guide

Tempered mirrors are part of the best, top-selling, and most sought-after products in the market. Choosing a tempered mirror alone is enough to get your gears going, because not all tempered mirrors are made equally.

So, in this guide, our team here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. created a simple FAQ guide to help you choose the tempered mirrors you can purchase for your business in the market.

  1. What is a Tempered Mirror?
  2. Tempered Mirror Applications
  3. How Can You Tell if a Mirror is Tempered?
  4. Do Mirrors Need to be Tempered?
  5. Tempered Mirror For Gym
  6. Specialty Mirrors
  7. Can You Purchase Custom Size Tempered Mirrors?
  8. What Shapes of Tempered Mirrors Can You Purchase?
  9. Is Tempered Mirror the Same as Safety Tape Mirror?
  10. What Are the Benefits of Using Tempered Mirrors?

What is a Tempered Mirror?

Figure 1: An image of a standard-sized rectangular tempered mirror

Tempered mirrors are specialized mirrors that have been engineered to be stronger, more durable, and more resistant. These are mirrors that are reinforced and specialized to be able to withstand more pressure, force, and stress compared to standard mirrors.

Don’t be confused with how it’s used, though, because tempered mirrors function and operate in the same way as traditional or standard mirrors.

Tempered Mirror Applications

Figure 2: Bathroom mirrors are among the most common uses of these tempered mirrors

You might be wondering what tempered mirrors are for, and to let you know about it, the following are the best and most common applications of tempered mirrors:

  • Typical bathroom and toilet mirrors
  • Mirrors for hotels and restaurants
  • Gyms and personal fitness centers
  • Cruise ships (because of elegance and security)
  • Retail stores and outlets
  • Offices and commercial centers

Thanks to tempered mirrors’ strengths, durability, resilience, and overall sophistication, you can never go wrong in substituting tempered mirrors from traditional and regular mirrors.

As you may have noticed, the common grounds for the application of these tempered mirrors are in the business, commercial, or industrial fields. Yes, you can use them for residential properties and homes, too. However, because they’re far more expensive and costly than standard mirrors, you might find it too lavish.

How Can You Tell if a Mirror is Tempered?

If you don’t have experience in identifying standard mirrors from tempered mirrors, you can find it troublesome and difficult. But hey, that’s what this guide is all about, right? Let us walk you through various steps and ways you can do to identify if a mirror is tempered or not.

Look At the Glass Edge

You can determine whether a mirror is tempered or not by looking at it. Check the mirror’s edges because tempered glass would usually have smooth edges. Why? – This is because of the extra processing that’s done to the mirror.

What you can do is check it or feel it by running your fingers through the edges.

Imperfections and Impurities

Tempered mirror is hardened, strengthened, and reinforced mirror. Therefore, the overlapping procedures of strengthening and enhancing it could cause the surface of the mirror to have impurities and imperfections.

This is a more noticeable feat because of how the mirror is progressively and continuously processes and worked on. You’ll be able to see it by looking closer and more thoroughly.

Stronger and Doesn’t Shatter

Have you ever dropped a piece of coin on standard glass at a height of about 1 meter? In most cases, standard glass will shatter – but that’s not what the case is with tempered mirrors. Tempered mirrors do not shatter. It will crack, yes, but it wouldn’t shatter to the point of its shards being dangerous and hazardous.

NOTE: Tempered glass, however, can crack if you drill it, whereas standard or regular glass would instantly shatter.

Do Mirrors Need to be Tempered?

No, not all mirrors need to be tempered because not all are used in the same way. There are applications of these mirrors where you don’t need the protection and strength that tempered mirrors offer because of the fact that they aren’t touched and accessed by users.

On the contrary, tempered mirrors are suited in applications and locations that are crowded, as well as those that are always touched and tampered with by people.

As we mentioned above, tempered mirrors are popular in the commercial or business field – places and locations where there are a lot of people (restaurants, gyms, fitness centers, hotels, etc.).

Tempered Mirror For Gym

SXET Glass Co., Ltd. is China’s top manufacturer and supplier for tempered mirrors for gyms. Gyms or fitness centers are places and locations that have a lot of heavy stuff – from plates, heavy equipment, machines, and most importantly, people.

We can supply wide vertical gym tempered mirrors, as well as large 48” x 72” large mirror wall kit for gym bathrooms, saunas, as well as the gym proper area.

Contact us and we’ll supply you with the gym tempered mirrors you might want and need for the business!

Specialty Mirrors

The idea of specialty mirrors encompasses what many people think, simply because they’re not regular. As a matter of fact, our team here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. have a wide library of specialty mirrors we can offer you, our clients.

We have specialty-shaped mirrors, tempered vanity mirrors, double-sided mirrors, anti-fog mirrors, and many more! You hold the option of whether you want your mirrors to be tempered or not!

Reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to help you with the specialty mirrors you might want and need for your business!

Can You Purchase Custom Size Tempered Mirrors?

Yes, as of the moment, tempered mirror manufacturers capitalize on their ability to work on client wants and requests. Gone are the days where businesses have to find a manufacturer that offers the size, thickness, and the type of tempered mirrors they’re looking for!

One good example of where you can get custom size tempered mirrors is us here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. Thanks to all our experienced personnel and staff members, as well as the state-of-the-art equipment and machines we have invested on, we’re capable of producing tempered mirrors in whatever size our clients want.

Nicknamed as China’s top 1 tempered mirror manufacturer, we can use all our resources, experiences, and skills to ensure that we meet, even exceed all our clients’ expectations.

Whatever size of custom tempered mirrors you want, we’re a call away! Let us know what you want, and we’ll never think twice to help you with it!

Safety Glass Mirror

SXET Glass Co., Ltd. is the biggest, most trusted, and the best tempered mirrors supplier in Shenzhen. We’re considered by many businesses and organizations as their go-to, one-stop-solution for all tempered mirrors because all our safety glass mirrors are OEM, we perform thorough assessments and checkups to all orders, and transacting with us is easy, thanks to our excellent customer service team.

Not to mention, you can get custom safety glass mirrors from us that would perfectly fit the application you’re going to have for it!

What Shapes of Tempered Mirrors Can You Purchase?

Akin to size, you can also purchase tempered mirrors in different shapes, all according to how you want it to be applied. It’s no secret that there are hundreds of shapes for tempered mirrors, and it’s something that you should always remember.

So, if you’re interested to get different shapes of tempered mirrors because you’re not sure what the perfect shape is, you can reach out and work with us here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. for it.

We can produce many different types, shapes, and structures of tempered mirrors that all fit what you need.  From the regular or standard rectangular shape of mirrors, round and circular shapes to custom polygonal tempered mirror shapes, you can count on us!

Is Tempered Mirror the Same as Safety Tape Mirror?

No, safety tape mirrors aren’t the same with tempered mirrors, and it’s kind of self-explanatory why. Safety tape mirrors, or also sometimes referred to as anti-shatter mirror safety tape is a type of tape, which is used as a complementary material to mirrors.

They’re clear polyester tapes used as a backing material for mirrors. So, in technicality, they are not mirror products per se, instead, they’re tapes and are often used as backup.

Tempered mirrors, on the contrary, are real mirrors that have been tempered and strengthened.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tempered Mirrors?

Tempered mirrors are a great choice, especially if you’re going to use it in applications and locations that are prone to damages and people.

So, to help you understand it a bit more, here are the benefits and advantages of using tempered mirrors.

Major Strength and Durability

Of course, the main reason why people would want to use tempered mirrors is because of how strong and durable it is. Unlike standard mirrors, tempered mirrors would not easily break when they’re suppressed and applied minimal force.

They won’t crack under pressure, temperature, stress, and even force that is below their thresholds. This is the major difference that tempered mirrors have from the usual and traditional mirrors we’re always using.

Wide Range of Applications

Apart from that, tempered mirrors can also be used in a wide range of applications, most of which are in the business or commercial sector. The combination of strength, durability, flexibility, and versatility that tempered mirrors have make it a treat for many businesses to consider.

NOTE: It’s a perfect substitute for mirrors in your business or commercial area that are always cracking and breaking.

Safety and Security

As opposed to traditional mirrors that shatter when they break, tempered mirrors do not. The reinforcement and added annealing process on the mirror makes it secure and safe to use as they would not shatter.

It’s safe for children, for guests, and even employees and personnel of the business because of the fact that they do not shatter and split into hundreds of pieces.

Heat Resistance

Ever thought about why your mirrors often crack? Have you ever considered the temperature the mirror is in? Yes, standard mirrors aren’t designed to withstand heat, as their main purpose is to produce reflections of the subject.

But not tempered mirrors. These specialized and reinforced mirrors are engineered to withstand heat, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and other factors that could endanger the health and overall structure of the mirror.

Tempered mirrors are extremely versatile, flexible, and beneficial, especially if you are going to use it for purposes akin to that of standard soda-lime mirrors. And if you’re not sure where you can get the best and highest quality tempered mirrors, you can get it from us here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd!

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