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SXET is a professional thick glass manufacturer and supplier in China, We can cut thick glass to any size according to your request. Most of our thick glass units have been used by many businesses and companies as a complementary or a primary part of their product.

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SXET is one of the world’s most trusted and most creative thick glass manufacturers. Topping the charts here in China, we’re the go-to supplier of many businesses and enterprises that are involved in working with thick glass products.

Our thick glass products range from the usual 8mm glass, 10mm thick glass – up to 25mm glass!

Choosing us as your thick glass manufacturer can shave off a lot of your time because you wouldn’t worry about getting quality glass fabrication products any longer! We surely got what you need, regardless of the thickness of the glass you want!

For more than 12 years, we’ve been producing highly-customized thick glass products for businesses and companies all over the world!

You can select your thick glass to have a beveled edge, a stepped edge, or even a ragged edge depending on the theme and the motif you want your thick glass to have.

Not only that, but we can also specify your thick glass to the shade, color, or tint you want it to be! We can perform customization of your 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, up to 25mm glass exactly according to how the style fits your taste!

Being the best thick glass China manufacturer, you can count and bank on our methodologies and processes in the production and creation of your thick glass products!

Why is SXET the Best Thick Glass Supplier in China?

Our thick glass products are so flexible and versatile that you can make use of them for a lot of business sectors and industries, but among the fittest and best applications that you can use it for include shower doors and walls, windows (for cars, houses, and buildings), marketing and advertising, furniture and ornaments, and many more!

  • We can produce your needed supply of thick glass in less than 3 weeks
  • You’ll be able to receive the thick glass products you need in 7 to 12 days after payment
  • We perform complete and thorough quality tests and assessments of your thick glass
  • Full and complete customizations and specifications are available
  • Hole drilling, color printing, even etching can be done upon request

SXET’s thick glass products – whether you need 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm, 20mm, or even 25mm – are easily available! You can contact us if you feel like you are in need of world-class quality thick glass.

Can SXET Manufacture Custom Thick Glass?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, our current focus is on the creation and manufacturing of custom thick glass products so that they will perfectly fit all your needs and requirements.

Never hesitate to contact China’s top and number one thick glass manufacturer, wherever you are in the world!

Reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to help you from the time that you’ll send an inquiry or order up until the that you receive your respective products.

Leave a message on all our channels, whether it’s on email, WeChat, or even call – we’ll be ready with an answer within a few hours!

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Thick Glass Buy Guide FAQ

The modern glass market of today is merely focused on the production of thin – even extra-thin glass. Oftentimes, many people forget the importance and usefulness of thick glass.

Not with us here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. We are China’s leading and top-selling thick glass manufacturing company running for more than a decade now. Many of the world’s most popular enterprises come and ask for our help and assistance for their needs of producing or manufacturing thick glass.

But why are we the best at it? For you to understand it more, here’s a quick and easy list of the most commonly asked questions about thick glass in the glassmaking and glass processing business.

  1. What is Thick Glass Called?
  2. What is the Thickest Piece of Glass?
  3. What’s the Normal Glass Thickness?
  4. Is a 3mm Glass Thick?
  5. Is Thick Glass the Same as Tempered Glass?
  6. How Strong is 8mm Glass?
  7. Can You Color Thick Glass?
  8. What is Thick Glass Used For?
  9. Thick Glass vs. Thin Glass
  10. Is Thick Glass Hard to Break?
  11. How Thick Can a Glass Be?
  12. Advantages of Using Thick Glass
  13. Is a 10mm Glass Strong?
  14. Is Thick Glass Heat Resistant?
  15. 25mm Thick Glass vs. 19mm Thick Glass
  16. Why is SXET the Best Thick Glass Manufacturer?

What is Thick Glass Called?

Figure 1 – An example of a thick glass unit

Thick glass is sometimes referred to as tempered glass, but in reality, it’s not always true.

They’re commonly referred to as “thick glass” simply because of their thickness, not their strength. To make it easier, simpler, and better – thick glass is not an implication that it is strong unless they’re tempered or toughened glass.

What is the Thickest Piece of Glass?

The thickest piece of glass, currently, is about one (1) mile thick – yes, you read it right, it is one (1) mile thick – and it’s called and dubbed as optical fiber.

This piece of glass is actually an ornament or a museum type of glass; it isn’t the glass that’s used in the engineering or architectural industry, like how most of you might imagine.

More often than not, thick glass units are usually those that are laminated. The thickness of these products ranges between 6.38 to 20.76mm. The thickness of these products is due to the overall strength, durability, and resilience of the glass unit.

What’s the Normal Glass Thickness?

Figure 2 – The normal thickness of the untreated, standard glass is about 2mm

In comparison to the thickness levels of these thick glass units, the average glass sheet, more commonly referred to as “Single Strength Glass,” is about 3/32” thick, or about 2mm.

From this alone, it’s already evident that thick glass units are different – they’re more of a special type of glass and they’re purposely used and benefitted from the thickness they have. You wouldn’t want to use an ultra-thin glass for applications that require strength, right?

Is a 3mm Glass Thick?

Figure 3 – A 3mm-thick piece of glass

A 3mm thick glass or, in its fraction form, about 1/8”, is part of the range of the “common thickness” of glass. It’s not technically “thick,” per se, but it’s just the average thickness.

Thick glass units are those that are above 6mm in thickness, and weigh upwards of 9.5 kg. So, if you’re thinking about using a 3mm glass, you can use it for end tables, picture frames, storm windows, shelves, and other things of the like.

They’re thick enough to be used for these types of applications, but not technically thick enough to withstand the extremities of pressure, temperature, and force.

These factors would still depend on the treatment of the glass, like with us here at SXET Glass Co., Ltd. We can produce and create highly resistant 3mm thick glass products that you can use for various applications.

You just simply need to tell us what you’re looking for and we will inculcate them in the glass product in the best ways that we can.

Is Thick Glass the Same as Tempered Glass?

Figure 4 – An image of a 10mm-thick tempered glass

No, thick glass and tempered glass are two (2) different glass products. As a matter of fact, there are tempered glass units that aren’t thick glass, and there are thick glass products that aren’t always tempered.

Thick glass can be any type of glass that is thicker than the usual size, which is about 6mm, and it can be any type of glass. It can be regular float glass, tempered glass, anti-reflective (AR) glass, anti-glare (AG) glass, or even fabricated glass types like panda glass, Dragontrail glass, Schott glass, and many more!

How Strong is 8mm Glass?

Figure 5 – 8mm toughened glass products are strong, durable, and long-lasting

You can consider an 8mm glass to be a “thick glass” since it’s just 2mm thinner than what’s categorized as thick.

But, when it comes to strength, though, an 8mm glass is about three (3) to five (5) times stronger and more resistant compared to ordinary glass or standard float glass.

Meaning, it would be able to withstand light forces, weight, and pressure, but not as much as a tempered glass even if it’s just about half as thick.

Can You Color Thick Glass?

Figure 6 – Thick silver-colored tempered glass unit

Yes, as a matter of fact, many thick glass manufacturers are adding it as part of the services they offer their clients. But here with us at SXET Glass Co., Ltd., we can offer it as a complementary addition to the orders you’ll get!

The market is filled with a ton of different colors you can choose from! The availability of the color combinations and schemes we have here at SXET is vast and wide – we can help you if you need Golden Bronze, Light Green, Dark Gray, Light Blue, Gold, Ocean Blue, and many more!

Just let us know what color you want your thick glass units to have and we will produce it for you!

What is Thick Glass Used For?

Being thick, you can expect that you can use these thick glass units for a lot of different applications.

Figure 7 – An image of a thick glass used as a window/door

Their strength, durability, and overall resistance can be an effective means of being used in various sectors and industries, among the most common include:

Construction and EngineeringDoors, windows, shop fronts, walls, partitioners, dividers, shelves, desks, tables, stairs, railings, etc.
Furniture and Decoration Ornaments, glass decoration, lighting and fixtures, etc.
Commercial and Industrial Touchscreen display support, stands, display support, tabletops, etc.
Defense and Security Shields, barriers, etc.
Automotive and Aerospace  Windshields, car windows, aerospace windows, machine and device components, etc.

These are among the most common applications and uses of thick glass. The applications you can use these glass pieces for are special and aren’t common.

So, in choosing the thickness of the glass unit, you can choose from a range that’s at least 10mm thick and 25mm thick. Of course, you’ll also have to consider the weight and the overall features of the glass that you’re dealing with.

Here at SXET, we’ll never let you down with the thick glass units you need! We have thick tempered glass, thick laminated glass, ultra-clear thick glass, and many more variations you can choose from.

Play with style, color, and design, and let us handle the structure and the overall effectiveness of your glass units for you!

Thick Glass vs. Thin Glass

Figure 8 – An example of a thin glass panel used for technological applications

At first glance, you might notice that the only difference they have would be in their terminologies, but if we look at it in a deeper and more meaningful sense, their distinctions are more than just their thicknesses.

Let’s dive deeper into what both of these are by discussing what both of them are, what both of them are useful for, and their applications.

Understanding What Thin Glass Is

Starting with thin glass, we do know what thin glass is. In our everyday lives, we almost always encounter thin glass. From the smartphone we use, the glasses we wear, the screens of our computer – literally everywhere you look, you’ll see thin glass.

Most thin glasses are used in the technology and the optical sector. This is due to the ease of handling and their considerable lightness, too.

Understanding What Thick Glass Is

Now, if we were to discuss thick glass, these would be the glass types we’re familiar with and used to seeing in various construction and engineering applications.

The most usual and typical places we see thick glass would be construction sites, furniture and ornaments, lighting and fixtures, commercial and industrial applications, the food services industry, and many more.

Because of their thickness, they’re used for industries and sectors that require their strength, durability, and their feature of being able to resist impact, force, even pressure successfully.

Those are the many differences between thin glass and thick glass, and hopefully, you now have a better, clearer, and more comprehensible understanding of it.

Is Thick Glass Hard to Break?

This actually depends on the glass itself. Just because it’s labeled as “thick” glass, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the hardest and most difficult to break. This is contrary to what most people believed in.

As a matter of fact, its thickness could actually be the reason or the culprit for why it’s susceptible to cracking. Because of the large heat transfer that happens at the beginning of the heat process, the glass could experience thermal shock, resulting in the cracking, and eventually, breaking of the glass.

However, there are thick glass products that are ultimately hard to break due to certain processes such as lamination, tempering, toughening, and even concentrated annealing.

These, most of the time, would not show physically unless tested and assessed.

How Thick Can a Glass Be?

The thickness of glass depends on the style and the design that the clients want, and what the manufacturer would do.

Figure 9 – Thick glass units can go as thick as 25mm

There’s actually not a limit when it comes to glass thickness because most of the time, the thickness will depend on the specifications needed by the client.

Here with us at SXET Glass Co., Ltd., though, we’re able to provide excellent-quality thick glass that has a vast window! We can produce thick glass from 10mm, 12mm, 15mm – even up to 25mm!

Most of our clients request high-quality thick glass units for engineering and construction purposes, that’s why we are careful in the production and manufacturing of our thick glass products!

Advantages of Using Thick Glass

There are quite a few advantages in using thick glass compared to regular glass or even thin glass. Most of the time, these pros and benefits pertain to their overall strength, resistance, resilience, and even durability.

To help you with it even further, here’s a list of the advantages and benefits of using thick glass:

Stronger and More Durable

Quite obviously, you would pick thick glass instead of thin glass if you’re looking for sheer strength, resilience, and durability.

They’re better receivers of impact, shock, and they can effectively and efficiently absorb force. While they’re not indestructible like how some people tag them to be, they’re still an excellent option if you’re looking for durability.

They’re Safer and More Secure

Being stronger, harder to break, and more durable, thick glass units also boast of their ability to promote safety and security, too.

Compared to standard glass or thin glass, thick glasses are the go-to product of most businesses and companies in the defense and safety sector or industry. They’ve been tagged as part of the most relevant components in some devices, equipment, and even technologies.

Cheaper and More Affordable

Although it doesn’t seem like it, thick glass products are actually way cheaper and more affordable, too. That is, of course, in comparison to ultra-thin, high-tech glass.

Their prices are generally less costly and they’re easier to find in the market – almost all glass processing manufacturers are capable of producing thick glass.

They’re Flexible and More Versatile

Lastly, you can count on these thick glass products when it comes to flexibility and versatility. They’re so flexible that you can use them for a lot of different applications.

Whether you want them to remain as thick glass or if you want to transform them into something thinner, something much more flexible, you can do so!

These are just four (4) of the best and most sought-after benefits and advantages of thick glass units in the market. There are a lot more you’ll discover along the way – especially when you experience using them firsthand.

Is a 10mm Glass Strong?

Figure 10 – An image of a clear, transparent 10mm-thick glass panel

That depends on the type of 10mm glass you’re dealing with. Standard 10mm glass wouldn’t be as strong as you think, especially when force is exerted upon them.

However, if we’re talking about 10mm tempered glass or toughened glass, then it’s less likely to break on impact.

The 10mm tempered thick glass we offer here at SXET has always exceeded the expectations of our clients. We craft them with intricacy, following all the details on how we can transform the glass into its best version.

From start to finish, the manufacturing process we have to produce thick glass products is over-the-roof, and will never be imitated even with the best and latest technology in the market.

Thanks to its strength, our 10mm thick glass products are often ordered by businesses in the construction business, real estate development sector, technology sector – even in the defense & military, automotive and aerospace, and many other business industries, too!

It’s a perfect product for applications that need strength, durability, and overall resilience with their glass products.

Is Thick Glass Heat Resistant?

Yes and no – it’s quite complicated.

Yes, because the thicker the glass, the slower the light could penetrate it, influencing its overall temperature.

And no, because the thickness and the sizes of glass do not necessarily affect its overall resistance. A thin glass can just be as heat resistant as a thick glass if they’re crafted and produced using the same material.

So, the real question is, would a thick glass be able to resist extremely high fluctuating temperatures even if it’s not treated? The quick and easy answer is no – it wouldn’t

The treatment on the glass would be the key to how effective and how resistant it will be to certain factors. For instance, if the thick glass is insulated, then it’ll be capable of keeping the temperature consistent, regardless of the amount of heat thrown at it.

If it’s coated with soundproof material, then no matter how loud and how high the vibrations are, the sound would not pass through.

25mm Thick Glass vs. 19mm Thick Glass

Similar to the comparison between thin and thick glass, a lot of people still get astounded when it comes to the comparison of 19mm and 25mm thick glass.

Figure 11 – An image of a 19mm-thick, curved glass

Both glass products are thick enough to be labeled as “thick glass,” but are they strong and resistant enough for their purposes?

To differentiate them successfully, we need to look at some of the most common applications and uses of both 19mm and 25mm thick glass, put them side-by-side, and compare them based on those factors.

Figure 12 – Multiple 25mm glass units stacked on top of one another

19mm Thick Glass25mm Thick Glass
Construction, building, and decoration (windows, doors, curtain walls, etc.)Furniture Glass (coffee tables, dining tables, glass support, etc.)
Manufacturing and industrial sector (heavy equipment and machinery, power devices, etc.)Commercial (building windows, facades, big glass screens, long tables, etc.)
Technology and appliances (TV, smart devices, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.)Electronic sector (glass components, switch glass, high-grade toughened glass, etc.)
Automotive and aerospace (windshields, side windows, pressure catchers, etc.)Displays (countertops, retail outlet tops, standees, etc.)

These 19mm thick glass units are usually used for their flexibility and their convenience, while 25mm thick glass units are often sought after for their strength, thickness, and weight.

At SXET, we can provide a few samples of how you can distinguish and differentiate 19mm thick glass from 25mm thick glass! Never be confused about what type of thick glass is perfect for you and your application!

Why is SXET the Best Thick Glass Manufacturer?

Across the entire country, no other thick glass manufacturing company has overtaken our reign in the industry. For more than 12 years, SXET has been the leading and top-selling thick glass manufacturing company all over China – even the world.

We’ve produced various types of thick glass for furniture, ornaments, desks, and even for unorthodox uses such as advertising or marketing boards, glass walls and partitions, windows, and many more!

Employed with the industry’s most trusted and most sought-after experts, we exercise complete research, development, and execution to all the products that come across our desks.

Our thick glass products have the perfect ratio of transparency, color, effectiveness, and overall strength, whatever angle you look at it.

What Other Products Does SXET Offer?

Other than thick glass, we here at SXET can also be your go-to glass processing and manufacturing body if you need complex glass products, such as:

  • Gorilla Glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • 3D Tempered Glass
  • Smart Glass Switches
  • Anti-Reflective (AR) Glass & Anti-Glare (AG) Glass
  • And Many More!

Never worry about where you can get high-quality glass application products in the market! Work with us and obtain world-class quality products without sacrificing or going over your budget!

With SXET, your need of getting a thick glass product will never go out of hand! We’ll always be ready and prepared to help you to the best of our ability!

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