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With 10+ years of experience in glass manufacturing, SXET can produce any toughen glass as per your drawing, and we can deliver exceptional quality toughened glass with professional packaging.

SXET complete range of glass manufacturing and supply, offering you one-stop purchase on glass and its accessories.

SXET has an extensive toughened glass manufacturing capability of over 20,000 different sized pieces per day. That means our services will help you maintain your stock even in the peak season.

Large size glass panels

SXET can manufacture tempered glass with color printing use for advertising player, LCD display, TV display, and so on.

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SXET can do any size tempered glass panels as per your request

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SXET can cut clear tempered glass to size according to your drawing or sample

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SXET is a tempered glass one-stop solution and manufacturer, at SXET you can get any tempered glass to fit your projects

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SXET can produce any 8mm tempered glass size to meet your requirement

Your Leading Toughened Glass Manufacturer and Supplier - SXET Glass

SXET is experienced enough to know how to manipulate every kind of customer glass-related requirement. In case your custom toughened glass design or requirements contain or require the use of cutting, grinding, tempering, and sharp impacts, then there is a solution. The solution is to perform the necessary machining on a regular glass before the toughening process. Doing so will output a perfect and high-quality custom product.

SXET toughened glass is ideal for crowded places and environments and requires glass with strength, heat, and impact-resistant properties. Our toughened glass is also considered an exceptionally perfect choice for architects who must meet building codes and safety requirements. You can apply toughened glass on walls, windows, doors, railings, balcony balustrade, swimming pool fence, shower doors, interior glass screens, room partitions, facades, glass floor, etc.

SXET toughened glass is 5x times more potent than standard/annealed glass of the exact thickness. We guarantee that our toughened glass will not break unless extremely harsh pressure (more than 10,000lbs psi) is applied. However, in the rare event of SXET toughened glass breakage, it shattered into small harmless chunks. These chunks are harmless and prevent injuries due to glass breakage. We offer full customization on our toughened glass.

Our manufactured glass contains 5x more strength and heat resistance than standard glass and can withstand up to 250 degrees. Furthermore, our toughened glass is soundproof, provides UV protection, impact resistance, durability, and versatility.

However, you can have clean, laminated, reflective, tinted, and frosted toughened glass from SXET for your industrial buildings, luxury homes, restaurants, hotels, etc. Our toughened glass also provides an extremely rich and exceptional look to the buildings.

You can have a 1-year warranty on all of our products. In case of any issue with our glass, you can claim your new piece within the warranty period. We love manufacturing toughened glass here at SXET.

You can ask for your free toughened glass samples any time before ordering a large quantity, and we will happily assist you. Remember, all of our manufacturing glass passes through quality checks to ensure a high-quality and standard output.

SXET can also offer gorilla glass, glass panels, cover lens, and other glass manufacturing capabilities. It is one of China’s best toughened-glass manufacturers. Furthermore, SXET provides all glass-related services, including toughened/tempered glass, laminated glass, gorilla glass, and many more.

SXET is a trusted and renowned name in China’s glass manufacturing industry as a leading top-quality glass manufacturer.

SXET has the experience and stands as an approved supplier for several national and international customers and authorities. So, order your custom toughened glass now from SXET, and don’t forget to request a price quote.

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Toughened Glass – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to know each and every piece of information about toughened glass.

It contains all the guidance for you related to it like its types, manufacturing, usage, etc.

Therefore, before you consider ordering a toughened glass, read this guide.

  1. What Does It Mean by Toughened Glass?
  2. Is the Toughened Glass A Type of Safety Glass?
  3. Is Toughened Glass Unbreakable?
  4. What Is Toughened Glass Used For?
  5. What is the Glass Material Type for Toughened Glass?
  6. What are Some of the Essential Features of Toughened Glass?
  7. What is the Difference Between Tempered Glass and Toughened Glass?
  8. Is Toughened Glass More Expensive?
  9. What are the Properties of Toughened Glass?
  10. How to Manufacture the Toughened Glass?
  11. Can Toughened Glass Be Cut?
  12. Why Does Toughened Glass Breaks?
  13. Is Toughened Glass Fire Rated?
  14. Is Toughened Glass Heat Resistant?
  15. What Temperature Can Toughened Glass Withstand?
  16. What are the Applications of Toughened Glass?
  17. Is Toughened Glass Laminated?
  18. Can Toughened Glass Be Drilled?
  19. How SXET Provide Toughened Glass Services to Their Customers Internationally?
  20. Is the Toughened Glass Recyclable?
  21. What are the Different Ways to Identify a Toughened Glass?
  22. How SXET Uses Cost-Effective Ways to Manufacture Toughened Glass for Its Customers?
  23. How Do You Clean Toughened Glass?
  24. How Thick is Toughened Glass?
  25. What is Heat-Soaked Toughened Glass?
  26. What are the Different Colors That Can Be Applied on Toughened Glass?
  27. What are the Benefits of Toughened Glass?
  28. What are the Important Characteristics of Toughened Glass?
  29. What is the Process of Toughening a Glass?
  30. Why the Need for Toughened Glass?
  31. What Makes Toughened Glass Ideal for Homes?
  32. What Is Customized Toughened Glass?
  33. What Is the Custom Option for Toughened Glass?
  34. What Tools are Used to Make Toughened Glass?
  35. How to Package the Toughened Glass?
  36. How SXET Provide the Best Quality Toughened Glass?
  37. What is the Life-Span of Toughened Glass?
  38. Does SXET Offers Warranty of Toughened Glass?
  39. Can You See Through Toughened Glass?
  40. Can Toughened Glass Crack?
  41. What Happens When Toughened Glass Breaks?
  42. Can You Walk On the Toughened Glass?
  43. Can Toughened Glass Protect from UV Rays?
  44. What is the Difference Between Toughened Glass and Laminated Glass?
  45. What is the Difference Between Toughened Glass and Schott Glass?
  46. Can You Make Toughened Glass by Using Gorilla Glass?
  47. Can You Add Protective Coatings to Toughened Glass?
  48. What is the Best Manufacturer of Toughened Glass?
  49. Can You Provide Designing Service of Toughened Glass?
  50. Can You Offer Free Samples of Toughened Glass?
  51. Is Toughened Glass Impact-Resistant?
  52. Is Toughened Glass Burglar Proof?
  53. Can You Get Completely Smooth Surface of Toughened Glass?
  54. In Which Countries Can You Deliver Toughened Glass?
  55. Can You Judge Toughened Glass by Seeing?
  56. Is Toughened Glass Toxic?

1. What Does It Mean by Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass is a type of glass made for having strong properties like break-resistance and scratch resistance.

Toughened glass is known for its protection/safety, strength, and resistance to heat.

It cannot easily break, but whenever this happens, it breaks safely into small pebbles.

This glass can be achieved through a process called toughening, in which it is processed through various machines.

In this way, it becomes 5x times stronger than ordinary glass.

Each building project currently needs toughened glass because of its increased strength and safety characteristics.


2. Is the Toughened Glass A Type of Safety Glass?

Safety glass is the one that can be utilized ordinarily in protection to give additional shield from and in case of glass breaking.

Toughened glass is one of the top-notch and exceptional quality types of safety glass.

It also gives a far higher load and breakage resistance, making it a type of safety glass.

The toughened glass contains safety glass properties like it reduces the chances of glass break, heat resistant, more robust than standard glass.

Furthermore, it can withstand high temperatures up to 250°C.

3. Is Toughened Glass Unbreakable?

Being fragile and delicate is the native identity of glass, but the toughened glass is far stronger.

It cannot be damaged easily because of its sturdy properties.

It can withstand surface compression of more than 10,000lbs per square inch.

Moreover, it is likewise extremely resistant to thermal breakage.


4. What Is Toughened Glass Used For?

Toughened glass became an ideal option if you search for something that can give you strength and thermal-resistance with enhanced safety in our social environment.

It is most useful and preferred in places and environments that are prone to different impacts and breakage.

Toughened glass is mostly utilized in buildings, apartments, and houses as doorways, windows to minimize the accidental impact.

It is also considered the best material for shower doors, glass cabinets, glass tabletops, shelves, and fireplaces.

Most importantly, a toughened glass is known for its solidarity and protection. It also has many uses in areas containing children.

Toughened glass furniture and doors also make the environments feel lighter.


5. What is the Glass Material Type for Toughened Glass?

Glass materials used for making toughened glass can be Gorilla Glass, AGC Glass, Schott glass, Dragontrail glass, Float glass, and any more.

If you have other glass type requirements for making the toughened glass, you can contact us easily.

The usage of glass material type for your project depends upon your custom needs as we have various options.

6. What are Some of the Essential Features of Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass is known for its strength, durability, heat-resistance, safety, and flexibility.

It can withstand a temperature of 250°C easily.

It’s 4-5 times more heat- and impact-resistant than annealed glass and doesn’t break easily.

Toughened glass comes with a smooth surface and could have a lot of patterns printed on it.

Most importantly, in a rare event of breakage, it breaks into little, rock-like harmless pieces.

It offers more excellent safety due to its resilience. Furthermore, toughened glass can’t be altered after tempering.

Most importantly, Toughened glass is appropriate for high-traffic areas, and it is prone to very rare spontaneous breakage.


Figure: Toughened Glass vs. Ordinary Glass Breakage

7. What is the Difference Between Tempered Glass and Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass is somehow the same as tempered glass.

However, there could be some customized needs that can make a difference between them

Both of them are strong with a good number of similar properties.

Usually, the usage of tempered or toughened glass makes a bit difference between them.

For example, toughened glass is believed to be used in building materials more than tempered glass.

8. Is Toughened Glass More Expensive?

On a daily basis, toughened glass has become a cheaper and standard option.

If compared with the standard/annealed glass, toughened glass is approximately 10% more expensive.

It’s 10% more expensive with five times more strength, which means it’s worth the money.

9. What are the Properties of Toughened Glass?

The following are some of the basic properties toughened glass is known for:

  • It prevents the risk of thermal breakage/damage and has an excellent heat-resistance capacity.
  • It is physically and thermally solid and is able to withstand a minimum of 10,000lbs per square inch surface compression easily.
  • It’s a protection/safety glass and 4-5x times more robust than normal glass.
  • These glasses are stronger and lessen the danger/risk of disaster and collapse harm.
  • Toughened glass is more resilient due to the excessive heating and cooling process during its manufacturing.
  • In rare cases, if it breaks, instead of breaking into sharp shards, it breaks into harmless circular chunks instead. In this way, the chances of injury are reduced to a minimum limit.
  • Comfortable to clean and extremely flexible and versatile.

10. How to Manufacture the Toughened Glass?

Manufacturing a toughened glass is done by the following steps:

Material Cutting:

At first, the material is cut according to the size and other dimensional requirements.

Giving a shape to your toughened glass is performed in this process.

Edge Polishing:

After getting the toughened glass into a proper shape, the edges are polished according to the requirements.

It could be a beveled edge, flat edge, or any other specified edge requirement.

Glass Treatment:

Just after the glass gets a proper shape and size, it is processed to the most important part which is glass treatment.

It is done either by doing physical tempering or by doing chemical tempering.

The selection of these treatment procedures depends upon the requirements as some might require physical tempering or others chemical tempering.

This is the process where actually the glass is made and toughened up to a great extent.

Final Finishing:

Any final finishes like the use of colors, coatings, or adhesives sticking are performed in this step.

All of your customized finishing options of toughened glass are processed with the latest machines.

Quality Assurance:

In the end, quality is assured of each and every piece of toughened glass.

The quality is measured according to different dimensions like the adherence to all your requirements.


11. Can Toughened Glass Be Cut?

Yes, we can cut toughened glass according to your requirements.

Generally, toughened glass for shower enclosures, windows, walls, fences, or other applications can be cut to the necessary or desired size and shape.

You can have a lot of options like setting upsize, shape, colors, edges, and all other requirement presets.

We will provide you real design for making your toughened glass exactly what you want.

SXET has a wide range of machines to cut your toughened glass exactly according to your design needs.

12. Why Does Toughened Glass Breaks?

Every glass has some breaking point, and so does the toughened glass. Its properties make it significantly harder to break.

However, when it does break, toughened glass is shattered into little harmless pieces of glass.

It can only break in the case of an extremely unusual activity like extra pressure on the surface.

We can’t stop the glass from breaking, but we can reduce the breaking impact and extend the glass breaking point limit.


Figure: A Shattered Toughened Glass

13. Is Toughened Glass Fire Rated?

Fire-rated glass is made using the toughened glass.

Toughened glass is believed to be highly fire-resistant, but in certain cases, it cannot act as the fire-rated ones do.

You can rely on toughened glass if the heat is around 300 Degrees Celsius.

Somehow, toughened glass is stronger than fire-rated glass and has various fire-neglecting properties.


14. Is Toughened Glass Heat Resistant?

Yes, a toughened glass is greatly heat-resistant.

Being heat resistant is one of the secondary properties of toughened glass.

However, keep in mind that every toughened glass is not heat-resistant.

Normally, it can bear more than 255 Degree Celsius of temperature.

It entirely depends on the environment it will be utilized in and depends on your requirements.

15. What Temperature Can Toughened Glass Withstand?

Toughened glass is able to withstand a temperature up to 250°C.

Toughened glass is strengthened through thermal or chemical treatment.

However, it sometimes wholly depends on the manufacturer, and a final product can withstand more than the mentioned value.

16. What are the Applications of Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass is an excellent glass material to be inserted into your homes and furniture.

It can be useful for shower doors, glass cabinets, tabletops, shelves, and various other decorative furniture.

Furthermore, toughened glass is known for its strength, heavy-duty, and safety. It’s perfect for children’s environments also.

It’s resistant to heat, which became a perfect option and a safe choice for kitchen shelves and other kitchen accessories.

In particular, toughened glass can be utilized in windows, oversized windows, or floor-length windows.

Doing so will add an element of lightness and purity to your interior decoration and become the natural light source that absorbs UV radiation during the daytime.

Toughened glass additionally gives wardrobes an exceptionally excellent quality look.

Because of its adaptability, upgraded properties, and different applications, safety glass has gotten very well known.


Figure: Toughened Glass Luxury Shower Enclosure

17. Is Toughened Glass Laminated?

Yes, toughened glass can be laminated according to your requirements.

A collection of processes is performed to meet your lamination needs like colorings or shading etc.

Other protective coatings can also be done on the toughened glass using the latest methods.

18. Can Toughened Glass Be Drilled?

Yes, toughened glass can be drilled during the manufacturing process.

The design of your requirements is completely followed to drill the toughened glass and make holes in it.

SXET uses a number of tools to drill holes or other shapes in your toughened glass.

The shape of these drillings depends upon your customized design preferences.


19. How SXET Provide Toughened Glass Services to Their Customers Internationally?

We believe in quality and our customers’ satisfaction.

We support our customers with their glass design requirements and instructions for the shipment.

Our engineers and skilled staff facilitate our clients in every possible way.

SXET offers a smooth way of ordering toughened glass by providing free design services to its customers.

We offer a worldwide shipment network with informed delivery reports.

Most importantly, we give cost-effective and fast solutions and carry them through each toughened glass manufacturing step.

Contact our experts or request for catalog, and we will assist you in your projects.

20. Is the Toughened Glass Recyclable?

It’s a fact that the toughened glass can’t be recycled easily.

It’s also important to understand that toughened glass contains a mix of chemicals from its manufacturing.

That clarifies why it has a different melting point. Therefore, it is challenging and nearly impossible to burn resources in order to recycle it.

21. What are the Different Ways to Identify a Toughened Glass?

The following are some of the most common ways to identify a toughened glass:

  1. Look at the trademark. There should be a corner or the pane of the glass that contains a stamp. This stamp may say toughened, tempered, or temp.
  2. Touch the glass edges, and if they feel smooth, then it means the glass has been toughened. The toughened glass is way softer than standard glass.
  • Wear polarized glasses and view the glass in the sunlight. In case you see faint or obscure lines running through the glass surface, it implies the glass is toughened.

These dark/shady lines came from the toughening process; the rollers the glass is rested on became the cause of these lines.

  1. As a last resort, after applying the above three ways, if you still can’t find out that the glass is toughened, grab a window cutting tool and score a line on it.

If a glittery and uneven line appears, it means the glass is toughened, and if a clean, white line appears, it means the glass is just regular.

22. How SXET Uses Cost-Effective Ways to Manufacture Toughened Glass for Its Customers?

Our custom toughened glass services cost less, and we manufacture fast in a standardized environment.

We cost-effectively manufacture glass by optimizing the overall resources, energy, and time.

Our high-quality products are the output of our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.

SXET optimized, and fast production save our customers time and money both.

23. How Do You Clean Toughened Glass?

After the glass is made, polished, and finished, it is cleaned with the latest toughened glass cleaning plant.

It works by thoroughly cleaning the glass in such a way that no particles are left unwashed.

Ultrasonic bath cleaning is done to make the process quality-rich.

Every extra element is drained through the process under the supervision of a glass cleaning expert.


24. How Thick is Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass comes in a range of thicknesses entirely depends on your requirements and various environments it’s going to be a part of.

The toughened glass thickness ranges between 5mm to 19mm, and 6mm is considered an absolute minimum thickness for public environment use.

An expert and specialized glass manufacturer like SXET – China can advise you on your toughened glass thickness in detail.


25. What is Heat-Soaked Toughened Glass?

The possibility of spontaneous breakages in toughened glass can be reduced through the heat-soaking method.

The excellent glass manufacturers use a heat soak testing process to reduce the likelihood of spontaneous glass breakage after toughened glass installation.

SXET is one of the glass manufacturers that use a heat soak testing process to make the toughened glass stronger to prevent the majority of glass breakages.

26. What are the Different Colors That Can Be Applied on Toughened Glass?

The toughened glass is clean or tints color glass, and its surface contains thermal stress patterns.

These exceptional patterns are only visible to polarized light and can only be seen through polarized lenses/glass.

We can provide every color according to your requirements on the surface of toughened glass.

Furthermore, these stress patterns are often known as leopard spots. However, we can apply different colors to the toughened glass surface.


27. What are the Benefits of Toughened Glass?

It’s viewed as ideal for a wide range of uses, from shower screens to loft/apartment windows.

Some of the significant benefits it offers are the following:

  • It’s known as safety glass for a reason. It is five-time stronger than regular glass.
  • It’s additionally multiple times more thermal-resistant than standard glass and can withstand temperatures up to 243°C.
  • It has double the soundproofing capacities of standard glass. That is the motivation behind why each soundproofing glass has been tempered/toughened.
  • It absorbs roughly 70% of Ultraviolet (UV) rays, giving it an SPF of around 16. Its SPF can be expanded further by giving the glass a tinted finish in bronze or grey.
  • It additionally impacts protection and heat- and impact-resistance.
  • It’s much sturdy and less inclined to breakage.
  • It is a versatile design product and provides additional privacy and surface softness.

28. What are the Important Characteristics of Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass does not change or remove essential glass characteristics from itself after the toughening process but increase them to a limit.

Light transmission, solar radiant heat, and many other standard glass properties are still a part of toughened glass.

Furthermore, it is known to have higher thermal strength and higher heat resistance.

29. What is the Process of Toughening a Glass?

Most of the prominent manufacturers, like SXET, uses the latest procedures to toughen a glass.

The process is as follows:

  • The glass is cut and shaped according to requirements.
  • Then it is put into a healing process machine for providing extreme heat to its inner surface.
  • Immediately after heating, the glass is cold to provide an extra layer of toughness at its outer surface.
  • This blend of inner and outer surface finishes makes it a toughened glass.

30. Why the Need for Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass has a high temperature and impacts withstanding capacity.

It is viewed as reasonable for conditions where strength and heat resistance are essential.

Its 5x occasions more strength than annealed glass making it ideal for malls any other crowded places.

In rare cases, if it breaks, its small particles reduce the chances of injury.

All of the toughened glass properties make it suitable for windows, facades, doors, and partitions.

31. What Makes Toughened Glass Ideal for Homes?

Toughened glass provides high-level security and protection as well as resistance to heat and impact, which makes it ideal for homes.

It is preferred because the protection it offers is what elders and children require.

Its ability to not break under tension/pressure; regardless of whether it breaks, which is massively rare, it breaks in minimal harmless pieces.

Toughened glass is also the interior designer’s material of choice. Furthermore, it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


32. What Is Customized Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass is entirely customizable, from its color and size to its quality.

This glass can be manufactured based on the desired dimensions and thickness of the glass.

Your color and other decoration requirements can be fulfilled by laminating the toughened glass because it’s the only way to manufacture colored toughened glass.

Your customized toughened glass can be rectangular, square, round, oval, etc. Furthermore, you will define its quality, color, size, thickness, etc.

33. What Is the Custom Option for Toughened Glass?

There are various custom options available for you in a toughened glass as follows:

Toughened Glass Size:

You can have your toughened glass in almost any size you want to fit your project needs.

It could be a small size or a large one.

Toughened Glass Shape:

Various shape options are available for you, like rectangle, oval, round, square, etc.

However, you can come up with your own shape requirement, and we can do it for you.

Toughened Glass Color:

SXET can provide you a variety of color options for your toughened glass.

It could be any special color or a shade with tint.

Toughened Glass Thickness:

Various thickness options are available to fulfill your thickness requirements.

It could be a low thickness of 6mm or a high thickness of 18mm; we have got you covered in every requirement.

Surface Finishing Options:

SXET can provide you the use of adhesives with your toughened glass.

It can also drill holes and make customized edges like beveled, flat, 2D or 3D edges, etc.

You can also have a healthy amount of glass tolerance according to your needs.


34. What Tools are Used to Make Toughened Glass?

SXET uses the latest machinery to make toughened glass to fulfill your requirements in a firm way.

There are different tools to make each manufacturing step possible, like for cutting the glass, mostly, CNC machining is used.

Fabrication machines also drill holes in the glass alongside some machines for color printing and edge cutting.

Throughout the manufacturing process, the best-quality and most-suited machines are used to fulfill your custom requirements.

35. How to Package the Toughened Glass?

SXET is a professional and international toughened glass supplier from China. It knows how to supply toughened glass safer to the customers internationally.

Each glass piece is packed in a paper/plastic bag, and it is filled with light soft materials that do not cause any visual defects such as scratches.

Afterward, the whole toughened glass order is packed in containers or wooden boxes and delivered safely to the destination.


36. How SXET Provide the Best Quality Toughened Glass?

SXET provide strong and sturdy toughened glass along with a range of glass related services and products.

You will also get toughened glass customization availability that is also considered crucial.

We also perform safety tests on every batch to confirm its standard quality and secure shipment.

Getting customizable, toughened glass services from SXET means more satisfaction and less change/modification.


Figure: High-Quality Clear Toughened Safety Glass

37. What is the Life-Span of Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass has a life expectancy of roughly 80 years, making it ideal for an application requiring longevity.

Thanks to its incredible blunt force withstanding and heat resistant properties, which extends its lifespan.

If you take good care of it, the average life of toughened glass can become much higher than the mentioned one.

However, if the toughened glass is used in some extreme conditions, like extreme temperatures, for a long time, its average lifetime will get reduced.

38. Does SXET Offers Warranty of Toughened Glass?

SXET offers a 1-year of official warranty on their custom toughened glass products.

You can claim free replacement in a rare case of any fault or other reasons.

The standard warranty terms apply like the warranty starts from the date of purchase and ends precisely after one full year.


39. Can You See Through Toughened Glass?

Toughened glass comes with a lot of customized options, but all of them come with the ability to see through it.

You can clearly see through the toughened glass if it hasn’t been painted or colored with some unclear shade.

However, if you want to have a toughened glass with a great extent of transparency, you can mention it in your detailed requirements.

40. Can Toughened Glass Crack?

Yes, it can crack, but the terms in which it cracks doesn’t mean that it will throw dangerous and sharp pieces of glass out of it.

Toughened glass is made with extreme hardness properties that prevent it from getting cracked or broken.

It only shatters in some small pieces which, instead of getting out of it, sticks to it firmly.

This magical property of toughened glass makes it safer than other glass type options.

41. What Happens When Toughened Glass Breaks?

When a toughened glass breaks, its structure holds it to form a complete glass shape as much as possible.

It could also be said a breakage within the glass without affecting the outside environment.

A regular glass shatters all around when it gets hit, but the toughened glass offers more safety and reliability.

The formation of small pebble-like particles proves the toughness of a toughened glass.


42. Can You Walk On the Toughened Glass?

Surprisingly, you can walk on the toughened glass because it is meant to be used in hard environments without getting any breakages.

Since toughened glass is five times stronger than regular glass, you can put a great impression on your guests by having some sort of stairs of toughened glass.

For providing a grip onto the glass, you can tell us to put some patterns on it, and you will get them in reality.

Since toughened glass is a smooth-surfaced glass, it is always recommended to put some patterns on it to enable swift walking.

Moreover, you can also use toughened glass for having roofing windows or flooring material.

43. Can Toughened Glass Protect from UV Rays?

Typically, toughened glass can protect you from harsh Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the sun to a good extent.

However, toughened glass is not meant for protection from it, but its hardness properties make it Anti-UV rays glass.

If you want to make it more protected from UV rays, you can get in touch with us so that we can add protective coatings to prevent it.

44. What is the Difference Between Toughened Glass and Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass is specially made to provide the quality of not getting shattered all around after it gets damaged.

Whereas the toughened glass could damage and shatter into small pieces.

When we compare them in terms of strength and hardness, toughened glass surely gets its way to be on top with five times better.

Usually, most of the car windows are made with laminated glass, but for other purposes, toughened glass is used.

However, you can also use toughened laminated glass to get the benefits of both with a single glass.

45. What is the Difference Between Toughened Glass and Schott Glass?

Schott Glass is a type of glass made with toughened glass.

It comes with some additional coatings for specific purposes as it is widely used in kitchen appliances.

As toughened glass comes with the toughness property, Schott glass gets it from there and provides good temperature-resistance.

However, it depends upon your requirements to use either the toughened glass or the Schott glass as there are major price differences between them.

46. Can You Make Toughened Glass by Using Gorilla Glass?

Yes, SXET provides you the ability to make toughened glass by having a blend of Gorilla Glass.

Since both of these glass types share some common properties like toughness and smoothness, it is easier to amalgamate them.

However, the process of making the toughened glass can only be done during the manufacturing time because once the toughened glass is made, it cannot be changed.

47. Can You Add Protective Coatings to Toughened Glass?

Yes, SXET can add various protective coatings to your customized toughened glass.

All of these protective coatings are applied to toughened glass during the manufacturing time.

Some of the most used protective coatings for toughened glass are as follows:

  • Anti-Reflective Coating:

If you have specialized requirements of not having the reflection-ability of your toughened glass, we have got you covered.

You can use this type of toughened glass in various places like office buildings or in-home décor.

  • Anti-Fingerprint Coating:

As the name suggests, this coating is done to make your toughened glass fingerprint-proof.

You can use an anti-fingerprint coating on the places of extreme privacy and safety.

  • Specialized Optical Coatings:

If you want to have other coatings like some specialized ones, you can always contact us and mention your special requirements.

We can provide you suggestions to make your usage environment more impactful and swift as much as possible.

48. What is the Best Manufacturer of Toughened Glass?

Since there are a lot of manufacturers claiming to be the best, it could only be decided by observing the facts.

The qualities that a dependable toughened glass manufacturer should have are as follows:

  • It should have over a decade of professional experience.
  • The manufacturer should use the latest tools, machinery, and methods.
  • It must use reliable raw material to provide quality glass.
  • Adhere to quality standards.
  • Ships throughout the globe.
  • Have positive customer feedback.

Luckily, SXET glass manufacturer fits this criterion to a great extent.

Chinese glass manufacturing market has the privilege to serve customers throughout the world.

SXET is the most prominent name of glass manufacturers in the Chinese glass manufacturing market.

Therefore, you can evaluate that SXET glass manufacturing is the best glass manufacturer in the world on which you can rely.

49. Can You Provide Designing Service of Toughened Glass?

Yes, SXET has a state of the art glass designing department that can provide you the best designs.

Surprisingly, we can provide you free designing service for various glass manufacturing projects.

Toughened glass is one of those projects for which you can get free designing services.

In addition to this, we have a bunch of presets of toughened glass designs you can choose from as all of them are innovative and modern.

Get in touch with us if you want any specialized design on your toughened glass.


50. Can You Offer Free Samples of Toughened Glass?

Yes, SXET provides you the ability to get free samples of your larger order.

All of our samples will be according to your requirements so that you can check the quality of the material and adherence to your designing needs.

Only the labor cost will be charged, and for the material and production, nothing is asked from you.

Most importantly, delivery to your given address will also be free of cost as we believe in serving you the best.

51. Is Toughened Glass Impact-Resistant?

Yes, toughened glass is greatly impact-resistant.

It is made by applying heat processes and then immediately making it cold to form two layers of toughness.

The inner surface remains warm, and the outer surface becomes cold.

After its production, the glass shows impact and damage resistance to a great extent.

When it comes to usual impacts or pressures on the surface, our manufactured toughened glass can easily bear the damage without getting shattered.

Somehow, if the impact is extra-ordinary, toughened glass will get some damages from the inner side without showering the tiny little pieces of glass out.

52. Is Toughened Glass Burglar Proof?

Toughened glass is made with extreme hardness, and it is believed to resist great impacts on a daily basis.

The toughened glass made by SXET is completely burglar-proof as burglary can only happen if the material is not that hard.

With the super-fine quality of toughened glass, there is no need to add any extra security measures.

It provides a safe environment to be used in offices, homes, and all other places without any worries.

In addition to that, if your primary concern of using the toughened glass is safety and security, you can get in touch with us with your requirements.

53. Can You Get Completely Smooth Surface of Toughened Glass?

Yes, you can get a super-smooth surface of toughened glass through SXET’s manufacturing.

We do the latest machining to manufacture toughened glass, which in turn makes a smooth surface that you cannot get from others.

Usually, it is not possible to have a super-hard glass with smoothness at its best like frosted glass, but toughened glass has this magical ability.

54. In Which Countries Can You Deliver Toughened Glass?

SXET can deliver you toughened glass in any country in the world.

As being professionals, we have a great history of international shipments with a great satisfaction rate.

No matter how far you are residing, we can deliver toughened glass to you at your doorstep.

55. Can You Judge Toughened Glass by Seeing?

Yes, you can observe if a glass is toughened by simply looking at its edges.
Toughened glass, in any form, always have smooth edges at the end.

However, you may find the surface of toughened glass the same as the ordinary glass.

56. Is Toughened Glass Toxic?

As the toughened glass itself, it is not toxic from anywhere and doesn’t contain any materials that can harm the human body.

The process of manufacturing toughened glass only includes Silicate, which is non-harmful and non-toxic when given high temperatures.

In the end, the cleaning process of toughened glass doesn’t also include any toxic elements.

Every process of cleaning and finalizing it only revolves around the purpose of cleaning the pollutants.

Therefore, toughened glass is completely safe to use in any application and environment.


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