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SXET’s watch glasses have been the people’s choice for more than a decade now. Since 2009, we’ve been operating as a watch glass manufacturer that caters to the needs of businesses in and out of China.

As the best watch glass China manufacturer, you can be sure that we’ll be giving you the best and the highest qualities of watch glasses that you need!

Watch glass

SXET can be your go-to company if what you’re looking for are high-quality, custom watch glass units. We can produce custom watch glass units whatever purpose you have for it! Used to delays? We don’t have them! In fact, we can deliver all that you need within 7 to 12 days!

Smart watch glass

Just like smartphones and other types of mobile devices, smart watch glasses would also benefit from watch glass covers as it can protect it from minor impurities and damages like scratches, cuts, even heavy ones like dents, markings, and so on!

Curved watch glass

SXET is employed with some of the industry’s most trusted, most experienced, and most skilled engineers – those that can give you the guarantee of quality even if you require curved watch glasses! Even if you’re looking for a pre-made curved watch glass or a custom curved watch glass, we’re sure that we’ll be able to help you!

Watch crystal glass

Apart from watch sapphire glass and watch mineral glass, you can also lean on us here at SXET if what you want is a watch crystal glass. Get the specific edge profile that you’re looking for without any hassle! Get it with premium accuracy and precision!

Watch mineral glass

We can also produce watch mineral glass that you can absolutely use for your watches! We’re equipped with the best, the most experienced, and the most reliable team that can create and engineer the watch mineral glass with tolerance ranges of about ± 0.05 mm for you!

Watch sapphire glass

Should you be looking for watch sapphire glass, our team of experts is also capable of producing and manufacturing it for you! Thanks to our highly advanced pool of CNC machines and equipment, we can give you the guarantee that your orders will be accurate and precise to what you need!

Custom Watch Glass Manufacturer, Over 12 Years Experience

We here at SXET, we always value the opinions of our clients. We don’t make decisions based off of our knowledge and skill. As much as possible, we try to inculcate the thoughts and insights of our clients as well.

Businesses like you can count on us if you need custom watch glass! Whether you need a watch sapphire glass, a watch crystal glass, or a watch mineral glass, SXET will be the perfect place for it!

Our excellence in the industry paved way for us to be deemed as the most relied on and the most trusted watch glass supplier in the entire country. If you need watch glasses that have beveled edges, stepped edges, 2D edges, 2.5D edges, even 3D polished edges, we can help you!

Over the years, we helped companies and businesses by producing watch glass units that have tolerance ranges within ± 0.05 mm. For your watch glass, you can also choose if you want it to be coated with anti-reflective (AR) coating, anti-glare (AG) or non-glare coating, anti-scratch coating, or even anti-smudge or anti-fingerprint (AF) plasma spraying or oleophobic coating.

All the products you will purchase from us would have surely undergone extensive assessment and testing. We perform multiple quality checks (QCs) and quality assurance calibrations before packaging. And if you’re worried about debris and other external imperfections, we perform ultrasonic bath cleaning to all products, too!

SXET’s Watch Glass Will Be Perfect For You

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. You can use SXET’s watch glass for all types of watches. For wall clocks, digital clocks, smartwatches, and other kinds of watches, too!

  • We can help you by producing the watch glass according to your drawing or sample.
  • Lead time is around 7 to 12 days from the date of payment confirmation
  • Color printing is applicable upon request
  • We can perform adhesive sticking to your watch glass units
  • Curved watch glass. We can do curved glass for your watch if you have special needs.

If you choose SXET as your watch glass China manufacturer, you will never have any troubles or problems with your business.

For the longest time, we’ve been producing watch glass for all types of watches. Even the best and the most popular companies in the world have trusted us.

Never hesitate to shoot us a message or to give us a dial if you find yourself in need of a good-quality watch glass manufacturer. We’re so skilled and adept to the extent that we’re not just limited to watch glass, you can also trust us if you need help in producing or manufacturing curved glass, 3D tempered glass, glass lens, anti-glare (AG) glass, and many more!

SXET will never disappoint you! Talk to us today and receive a free quotation within a few hours! Whether you want it custom-made or if you have a design, sketch, or drawing, present it to us and we’ll do the rest!

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Watch Glass – The Full FAQ Guide

SXET will never give you any headache if you’re looking for watch glass! Where you are in the world doesn’t matter. Our team of experts here at SXET will surely get you the watch glass that you need!

Before we dive deep into that, let’s first tackle the discussions of people from all across the globe about watch glass.

Watch Glass Manufacturers

If you’ll be involved in the watch business, you need to directly work with a watch glass supplier. Options would always be available of where you can find them.

Watch glass

Figure 1 – Sample image of a watch glass

There are watch glass manufacturers in India, watch glass manufacturers in the US and the UK, in Australia, China, and many more!

Try to do a search and it’ll point you to the nearest watch glass manufacturing company from where you live. But, there’s nothing better than choosing to work with us here at SXET.

We are a Chinese watch glass manufacturer and we’re more than ready to help and assist all our clients with the watch glass products they need. For years, we never turned a client down!

Watch Sapphire Glass

If you’re looking for quality watch sapphire glass without spending a fortune for it, you’re just in the perfect guide!

We here at SXET are deemed and considered the best supplier for watch sapphire glass by businesses and companies worldwide!

SXET is skilled in producing digital watch sapphire glass, automatic sapphire crystal watch glass, quartz watches, dress, mechanical, literally all you can think of!

Do Watches Use Sapphire Glass?

Yes, as a matter of fact, sapphire crystal is one of the most sought-after types of crystals used in watches.

However, it’s worth noting that most of the time, these sapphire crystals in watches are made from synthetic sapphire, which is the material known to successfully be able to resist being shattered and scratched easily.

Is Sapphire Glass Watch Worth It?

Because of its price, one might think that it’ll never be worth it to choose sapphire watch glass over other things.

Sapphire watch glass

Figure 2 – Sapphire glass watch replacement

When it comes to luxury watches, watch sapphire glass products are deemed to be the best and the most preferred options. This is because sapphire is part of the strongest, the most resistant, and the most durable materials on the planet.

Furthermore, watch sapphire glasses are also known to be shatterproof. Even if you exert force unto it, it would not shatter. It’ll be cracked, damaged, and you could puncture holes unto it, but you’re sure that it’ll not shatter into tiny bits and pieces.

So, for the price you have to pay, purchasing sapphire glass as your watch glass is extremely worth it.

Digital Watch With Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire crystal glass for watch

Figure 3 – Sapphire crystal glass that’s integrated into a digital watch

You can consider us here at SXET to be the manufacturer where you can get digital watches with crystal sapphires. One main benefit and advantage of doing so is the fact that you will never worry about the quality, even if the price is above considerate.

Never will you be able to find a digital watch with a crystal sapphire manufacturer as trustworthy as us! All you have to do is to send us the drawing or the draft of the glass you want to be produced and we’ll produce it for you!

Watch Mineral Glass

Are you looking for watch mineral glass units that have the best and the most competitive prices?

Sapphire crystal watch glass

Figure 4 – A watch glass that’s made from mineral crystal

Do you aim to get the most precise and the most accurate watch mineral glass units in the market today?

There are tons of sources that will teach you how you can purchase or buy the best quality mineral watch glass. And, after you find and figure that out, you’ll definitely see all the traits, properties, and characteristics of the best match glass manufacturers with us here at SXET.

Sapphire Glass vs. Gorilla Glass

A lot of people tend to confuse Gorilla Glass with sapphire glass. So, how do these two (2) glasses differ? How would you be able to distinguish sapphire glass from Gorilla Glass?

Sapphire glass vs. gorilla glass

Figure 5 – Quick comparison of a Gorilla Glass and a Sapphire Glass

Gorilla Glass is a type of glass that’s usually utilized for mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, computer monitors, televisions, and the like. The vast majority of smartphone brands are now using Gorilla Glass for their phone glass.

This is due to the fact that Gorilla Glass is more resistant to cracks, chemical reactions, impact, force, stress, and the like.

Sapphire glass, on the other hand, is actually a different breed of glass. Unlike Gorilla Glass, you use sapphire glass usually for watches. Many businesses and companies because of the chemical resistance, the reflectiveness index, and many more!

What is Mineral Glass on a Watch?

Mineral glass is a type of watch glass type that’s usually used for mid-range watches.

Mineral glass

Figure 6 – Mineral glass that’s newly produced

Compared to plastic and polycarbonate (PC) watches, they’re a bit more expensive and more costly. They’re usually made from silica and provide higher levels of scratch protection than other products such as acrylic crystals.

More often than not, mineral glass possesses heat-tempered surfaces, which increases the resistance of these glasses.

One of the drawbacks of using mineral glass on a watch is the fact that it’s not repairable. When it gets scratched, when it gets dented or chipped, or when it breaks, you wouldn’t be able to have it repaired.

You can’t get a replacement that’s only partial; you need to replace it fully.

Here at SXET, you will never feel the need to look for different mineral glass watch suppliers. We can produce all the different types and kinds of mineral glass watches that you or your business needs!

Mineral Glass Scratch Test

Does mineral glass crystals scratch easily? Are they incapable of sustaining or keeping the surface of your product free from any type of damage?

Sliding a probe of diamond over the glass surface usually is how scratch testing is done. During the procedure, the diamond is set to be at a constant force, load, and speed. Progressively, all of these things are increased until failure.

Based on results, mineral glass is scratch-resistant, but it’s not as scratch-resistant as sapphire crystal. However, it’s known that mineral glass is more durable and more capable of handling force, stress, and pressure than any other type of crystal.

For comparison, mineral glass is within the 5 to 6 range in the Mohs scale, while Sapphire glass is within 8 to 9.

Is Mineral Glass Durable?

Yes, mineral glass is part of the few strongest and most durable types of crystal. It wouldn’t be deemed as one of the most effective crystals if it weren’t.

Add the fact that distinguishing mineral glass from sapphire glass is hard, it really is something that you want to consider using as a component of your watch.

Sapphire Crystal Watch Glass

Sapphire crystal watch glass

Figure 7 – Hued sapphire crystal watch glass with marking for the date

What most people don’t know about sapphire crystal watch glass is the fact that the crystals are usually synthetic. They aren’t usually made out of real crystals, but, instead, crystalline aluminum oxides that are made using highly fluctuating temperatures.

Oftentimes, sapphire crystal watch glasses are cut and formed using highly advanced cutting and forming machines.

SXET can produce and manufacture the specific sapphire crystal watch glass that you’re looking for! The best part about choosing us as your watch glass China manufacturer is that you can shape, form, and customize the watch glass that you want to purchase.

Watch Crystal Glass

Watch crystal glass is the glass material that acts as a cover to your watch.

Watch glass crystal

Figure 8 – Raw watch glass crystal with date marking

It’s there in order to protect the internals of the watch from being damaged by any unwanted debris, dust, dirt, or other external objects that could break or damage it.

Other than watch crystal glass, several suppliers also utilize watch crystal plastics or acrylic crystals, or acrylic glass.

Our company, SXET, isn’t just limited to using one (1) specific type of material to create and produce our products. We can be your go-to watch glass manufacturer if you’re looking to purchase watch glasses in bulk, whether it’s mineral crystal, sapphire crystal, or even acrylic crystal!

Watch Crystal Types

Examples of different watch crystal types

Figure 9 – Examples of different watch crystal types

In the industry, watchmakers and watch glass suppliers often use three (3) primary types and kinds of watch crystals.

These types of crystals include, but are not limited to:

Sapphire Crystals

Let’s start with the most expensive and the most sought-after type of crystal. Sapphire crystal is known for its trait and characteristic of being ideally resistant to various types of dilemmas.

Sapphire crystals are scratch-proof, and it’s the least to be impacted by different kinds of damages like the chip when it’s dropped when it gets subjected to high and hot temperatures, and the like.

Mineral Crystals

What comes after the fame of sapphire crystals are mineral crystals. These are crystals that are made out of silica. Therefore, you can expect these to be the crystals that actually possess properties like those of windowpanes.

Similar to sapphire crystals, these mineral crystals are also scratch-resistant. But, its resistance is not as good as it.

Acrylic Crystals

Last, but most definitely not least, of course, would be acrylic crystals. This crystal is considered to be the cheapest and the most affordable out of the three (3) options because it’s made out of acrylic or plexiglass.

If watch sapphire glasses are those that are part of the best and the highest-end of watches, then watch acrylic glasses are the complete opposite.

Whatever type of watch glass crystal type you need, you can always count and bank on us here at SXET to help you with it. We’re skilled, adept, and more than capable of producing and manufacturing watch glass units that you specifically need!

Watch Crystal Replacement

Like many of us know, when crystals get damaged – and the damage is far worse than just scratches, there’ll be no way to repair it.

Watch glass replacement

Figure 10 – Image of a watch crystal being replaced with a new one

For instance, if it gets chipped, if t somehow gets corroded, or the like, the only way to fix it is to replace it.

While there will never be a shortage of watch crystal replacement centers and locations, wouldn’t it be nice if you purchase it from a well-known and popular watch glass supplier?

Here at SXET, we manufacture everything that you need about watch glass. Whether you need it for a brand new device or equipment, or if you’re purchasing it to get a watch crystal replacement,

Curved Glass Watch Display

AliExpress, Joom, Amazon, eBay, even Etsy, are some of the websites that you can scroll to see a list of curved watch glass displays in the market.

Curved watch glass

Figure 11 – Curved glass watch for a curved smartwatch

They’re convenient because you don’t have to set foot outside of your home to purchase.

But, one major drawback is the price. Since these products already passed through multiple people and entities, the rate would be double – sometimes even triple the original rate.

So, to escape this, work with a watch glass manufacturer directly, work with us here at SXET!

Watch Glass Cover


Watch glass cover

Figure 12 – Raw watch cover glass that’s still yet to be shaped and formed

SXET can deliver the best and the highest qualities of watch glass covers, whatever brand, type, and the company you plan on linking it to.

We’re employed with the best, the most skilled, and the most talented individuals in the industry and you will never have any regrets that you chose us to be your watch glass cover supplier.

Pocket Watch Glass

We here at SXET are also proud to be skilled in the art of producing pocket watch glass. Just like other types and kinds of the watch glass, you’ll also be able to find tons of pocket watch glass over the internet.

Pocket watch glass

Figure 13 – Sample image of what a pocket watch glass looks like

In fact, there are some people who craft homemade pocket watch glasses, too! Get it done professionally by letting us handle it here at SXET.

Other than the fact that we can help you create it in style and sophistication, you can also bank and count on us to help you customize its profile edges, too!

Pocket Watch Glass Replacement

Yes, we can also be your go-to watch glass manufacturer if you’re looking for pocket watch glass replacement. Unlike other suppliers, our team here at SXET will handle all your inquiries, concerns, and questions even before you give us the guarantee that we’ll be the company you’ll choose!

Send us a CAD file of the sketch, drawing, or the draft of the pocket watch glass replacement unit you want and we’ll act upon it quickly and urgently!

Pocket Watch Crystal Sizes

SXET will never let you down when it comes to the sizes of the pocket watch crystals you need. We’re skilled and capable of producing anywhere within the standard range of 13 mm to 14 mm.

Not only that, you can also count on us if you’re looking for custom pocket watch glass! Thanks to the highly advanced and computer-controlled machines and equipment we utilize, we can deliver precise and accurate measurements to create your pocket watch crystals!

Anti-Scratch Watch Glass

Anti-scratch watch glass

Figure 14 – Glass watch that contains anti-scratch properties

Get anti-scratch watch glass units from us here at SXET without burning a hole in your pocket! Over the years, SXET enhanced and amplified the property of our watch glass being anti-scratch.

All of our watch glasses can be converted into anti-scratch products with the help of the coating treatment we proceed to.

Watch Glass Manufacturers in India

India, being one of the countries that house various manufacturing companies and businesses, is a country that you can absolutely bank and count on if you’re looking for watch glass suppliers and manufacturers.

You have a ton of options – you have India Mart, Exporters India, JLab Exports, Trade India, and many more! Yes, you’ll find their rates to be cheaper compared to how US and UK manufacturers price them, but, did you know that these Indian manufacturers get their products from China, too?

If this is so, then it’s easy to assume that purchasing from a watch glass China manufacturer will be cheaper and more competitive.

Sapphire Watch Glass Manufacturers

In purchasing sapphire watch glasses, you have the chance to pick from the vast pool of sapphire watch glass suppliers.

Not sure where to find them? You can actually search for them on any of these websites: Global Sources, Alibaba, as well as other websites like Chrono 24, Made in China, Photonics, and many more.

All of these have one (1) thing in common – they rely on the strength and the capabilities of sapphire watch glass China manufacturing companies.

And if you don’t want to spend time trying to shop and look for the best in the market, we here at SXET are ready for what you need. We’re sure that we have everything that you’re looking for!

Watch Glass Suppliers UK

Watch sapphire glass

Figure 15 – A UK-made glass watch

If you’re trying to search the UK market, you can get it from various manufacturers there. You have Cousins UK, Tickin Time World of Watch Tools, Welwyn Watch Parts, Esslinger, and many more!

So, should you or your business be located within the UK, they’re your best bet, right? Not quite. They might be near you, but, if you’re looking for a complex custom watch glass style and design, you’ll be better off working with a Chinese watch glass manufacturing company.

Most, if not all of these suppliers get their products and materials from a Chinese manufacturer. Why not work with one directly?

What is Watch Glass?

Watch glass is the general terminology for laboratory equipment and apparatus usually used for evaporating liquids.

Watch glass lens

Figure 16 – A watch glass detached from the face of the watch

However, watch glass can also be identified to be the glass material of various watches and clocks.

What we’ll be discussing today, though, is the latter. Various watch glass manufacturers are continuously producing and manufacturing it and distributing it to various watch suppliers and manufacturers.

How Do You Use a Watch Glass?

Watch glass that you use in the chemical industry is used and utilized quite simply. All you need to do is to lay it flat and put on the substance you want to evaporate.

Different size watch glass

Figure 17 – Different-sized watch glass, which are for different uses and applications

On the flip side, watch glass covers are used in such a way where it covers and protects the front part of the watch. This would include everything like the bezel, the dial, the hands, the markers, and the like!

Where Do You Use a Watch Glass?

Watch glass, from its term alone, is used for watches. Disregarding the watch glass used as chemical apparatus, you can utilize watch glass for various types and kinds of the watch glass.

Watch glass that’s damaged and cracked

Figure 18 – A watch glass that’s damaged and cracked

Some of the most common applications of watch glass include:

  • Hand Watches
  • Wristwatches
  • Apple Watches
  • Smartwatches
  • Clocks
  • And Many More!

The most common line of products you can manufacture and produce using watch glass include night vision cameras, high-powered lasers, viewports for devices and equipment, mobile phone cameras, optical lenses, military machines, and many more!

What is the Natural Color of Watch Glass?

Naturally, the color of watch glass will be based on the silica sand it was produced from. Since most, if not all silica sand is transparent and uncolored, you can expect watch glass to not have any colors, too.

There are certain watch glass manufacturing companies, though, that experiment and innovate. They create and produce colored watch glass units for style, design, and sophistication – and we here at SXET are no strangers to that.

How Do I Know What Crystal My Watch Is?

Do you know how to distinguish what type of crystal your watch has? Many people like to tick on the surface of the glass.

Difference between a watch sapphire glass and watch mineral glass

Figure 19 – Difference between a watch sapphire glass from a watch mineral glass

But, were you aware that there exists a procedure looked at to be more effective than that?

Here’s how you can determine the type of crystal your watch has.

  1. Clean the surface of the watch glass using a microfiber cloth. You can use regular cotton cloth, too, but it might be harder; it can also take longer to remove the oils and greases on it.
  2. Once they’re all clean and dry, the next thing you want to do is to press your index finger on it, then start rotating the watch back and forth – like a pendulum.
  3. Do it on a moderate level of strength; doing too much can cause it to break.
  4. If you hear a sound while doing this, it basically means that the watch glass is acrylic or made out of plastic. There’s friction, and only plastics will make a sound.
  5. On the other end of the spectrum, if it does not make a sound, that’s when you know you have a mineral or a sapphire crystal on your watch glass.

This, by far, is known to be the easiest and the best method to determine what type of crystal your watch is.

How is a Watch Glass Made and Manufactured?

Here at SXET, we produce and manufacture watch sapphire, watch crystal, and watch mineral glass in pure sophistication.

How is a watch glass made

Figure 20 – Image from a clip of how watch glasses are made and manufactured

Unlike other watch glass suppliers and manufacturers, we use state-of-the-art machines and equipment. Nevertheless, we perform a combination of the traditional and the advanced way of creating and manufacturing watch glass.

  1. We start out by cutting the sapphire, crystal, mineral, or other types of glass well use. We’ll perform either laser or CNC cutting for the most precise and the most accurate measurements.
  2. After that, we perform double-sided flushing to rid the newly cut watch glass of imperfections on its sides and edges.
  3. Once the watch glass is free from impurities and inconsistencies, the glass will undergo shape processing to achieve the desired most accurate shape.
  4. The watch glass will now undergo rough grinding to get the shape to 98% of its form, then, fine grinding to get the watch glass’s quality to its best and purest form.
  5. After these four (4) steps, the watch glass will then undergo polishing in order to polish the entire product.
  6. The first round of inspection will occur. Everything will be checked to ensure that the watch glass is within the expectation of the client.
  7. Then, the product is annealed to eradicate the internal stresses that are on it. This is also the procedure done to toughen and strengthen the watch glass.
  8. Ultrasonic bath cleaning is done to the products to free them from all debris that could have attached to the part or component.
  9. Before packaging, the product will undergo extensive checkups and assessments to finalize its overall quality.

This is the most usual and common way of producing or manufacturing watch glass. Take note, not all watch glass manufacturers follow this religiously. There are some that stray from it, depending on what they think is best to go first.

What is the Best Crystal For a Watch?

According to popularity and effectiveness, sapphire crystal is deemed the best type of crystal for watch glass.

Compared to the other kinds of crystals, watch sapphire crystal glass is deemed to be the best because of the fact that it’s the strongest, the most fashionable, and the most vintage-looking crystal.

Its physical attributes make up the reason why people consider it to be the best; and it wouldn’t fail whatever you’re expecting.

Here with us at SXET, you will be in awe when you get the chance to use our watch sapphire glass units. We create them with accuracy, thanks to the efficiency of our cutting-edge technology.

Can You Remove Scratches From Watch Glass?

Removing scratches from watch glass

Figure 21 – Removing scratches from watch glass

Yes, it’s actually easy and simple to remove scratches on a watch glass. Here’s a quick method of how you can remove scratches from your crystal, sapphire, or mineral watch glass:

  1. Start by covering the bezel with tape so that it doesn’t get spoiled while you’re doing the process.
  2. Choose a substance that would help you clear out the scratch. You have tons of options such as poly watch paste, toothpaste with baking soda, Brasso polish, and more.
  3. Apply a small amount of it on your polishing rag or any other material you’ll use to polish it.
  4. Scrub it gently and carefully, following a circular motion.
  5. Wait until you see the scratches deteriorating. The process usually finishes within 3 to 8 minutes of continuous scrubbing.

NOTE: This method will only work for shallow and light scratches. If the scratches on your watch glass are too deep, you’ll be better off getting a watch glass replacement instead.

SXET can help with your need for a watch glass replacement! Being the best watch glass supplier in the entire country, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find the exact type of watch glass you’re looking for!

What is the Chemical Composition of Watch Glass?

Don’t be confused – just because it’s named and labeled as watch glass, does not mean that it’s made from various materials and contents.

In finding the chemical composition of watch glass, you’ll have to consider the material used to make it. For instance, if it were made from genuine sapphire, then whatever the contents genuine sapphire has, your watch sapphire glass would have it, too.

If it were made out of crystal, the composition of crystal would then be what the composition of the watch glass is.

What is Sapphire Glass in Watches?

The sapphire glass in watches that we often hear is a crystal that’s made from high-fluctuating temperatures.

Ideally, it’s made out of crystalline aluminum oxides. They are then formed, cut, shaped, and polished to achieve the required form the client or the custom wants.

SXET can perform all of these processes in shorter periods of time! Unlike other watch sapphire glass suppliers, we don’t need much time for it as we have successfully streamlined the entire process from the sourcing of the materials up to the polishing and the finishing.

How is Sapphire Glass Made?

The manufacturing procedure of sapphire glass does not fall far from how regular watch glass is made. As a matter of fact, the entire procedure can be separated into three (3) different parts:

Step 1: Sourcing and Manufacturing of Sapphire Crystal

The method begins inside large furnaces where aluminum oxide turns and transforms into a sapphire crystal.

For this particular process, the sapphire seed (aluminum oxide) is mixed with uncrystalized sapphire material and is heated up to about 4,000°F, just a little over above 2,200°C.

Step 2: Cutting, Forming, and Shaping

After the process is finished, you’ll get a sapphire block that is cylindrical in shape, and it’s known and called sapphire boules.

Factories then cut, drill, shape, and form these into whatever shape the client requires.

Step 3: Polishing and Enhancing

When the shape, form, dimensions, and even sizes are already finalized. The product undergoes several machines for further enhancement and polishing.

This is the part where glass experts and professionals periodically examine and observe the final products to see if it’s well within the expectations of the client.

Of course, these newly-made sapphire glasses are then sent to ultrasonic bath cleaning equipment to rid it of all unnecessary debris and substances that could have stuck to it during the process.

Is Sapphire Glass Anti-Scratch?

It’s not an unknown fact that sapphire glass scores 9 in the Mohs scale hardness. What this means is that it’s just a point away from being as hard as diamond – which is 10.

Due to this, we can easily assume that sapphire glass is resistant to scratches, as well as other damages and marks that are as shallow and as light as scratches.

Compared to other crystals, sapphire is one, if not part of the most famous, most popular, and the most scratch-resistant materials in the market today.

Watch Mineral Glass vs. Watch Sapphire Glass

Contrary to what we believe in, the glass material on our watches is not just a single thing. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few types and classifications of watch glass.

Watch mineral glass VS watch sapphire glass

Figure 22 – Sapphire crystal glass on the left, mineral crystal glass on the right

And, more often than not, how you can classify it would actually be based on what material it’s made out of.

So, how would you separate and differentiate watch mineral glass from sapphire watch glass? Here are a few of the differences between the two (2):

Water Drop

One of the more common tests and assessments are done to determine if a material is a mineral or sapphire is by dropping water. When a water droplet hits the surface of the sapphire glass, it’ll disperse and scatter.

Should you drop it onto the surface of mineral glass, on the other hand, the droplet would just appear as a droplet; it will be divergent on the surface of the glass.

Tactile Property

Another distinction or difference between mineral glass and sapphire glass is its tactile property. When you touch and feel watch mineral glass, you’ll feel and deem it normal.

On the flip side, if it feels icy, cold, usually at a different temperature, it’s sapphire.

Price and Cost

When it comes to rates and prices, sapphire watch glass or sapphire crystals are actually more expensive. This is due to the fact that it has a higher and more effective refraction rate compared to mineral glass.


Reflectivity is the rate or the measurement of a crystal to reflect light. Mineral crystal or watch mineral glass is less reflective than sapphire glass. What this means is that these materials usually have a lower and a less dominant refraction index than sapphire crystal or watch sapphire glass.


The natural color of mineral glass is light blue – or anything within that particular range. This is due to its chemical composition. Sapphire crystals, on the other hand, usually have light pink colors and hues.

Nowadays, though, there are few manufacturers that toggle and modify the colors and the hues of these crystals. That’s what’s making it harder and more difficult for people to determine and distinguish them from one another.


When it comes to durability, mineral crystal or watch mineral glasses are more useful if the damages are impacting or forceful. Sapphire crystal or watch sapphire glasses are better in sustaining scratches, as well as other impurities on the surface of the material.

These are some of the most notable differences between the two (2).

What’s the Difference Between Mineral Watch and Regular Glass?

Difference between mineral watch and regular glass

Figure 23 – Sample image of a mineral glass being scratched by a blade

Now that you know the difference between a sapphire crystal and mineral crystal, how is the latter distinguished from regular or the usual soda-lime glass?

Soda-lime watch glass

Figure 26 –Sample image of a soda-lime watch glass

Here’s a simple table that you can use to identify and distinguish which is which.

Competitive Soda-Lime Glass Mineral Crystal or Watch Mineral Glass
Soda-lime glass possesses little metal content. It’s known to miss certain retracting abilities. Contains metal content, as well as lead, which makes it refract light.
Competitive glass are known to be stronger and more durable than crystal. They’re strong, yes, but they can break even when minimal force is applied.
The color of glass varies depending on the content. These colors can also be due to printing, in some cases. Mineral crystal is known for its light bluish hue, and it’s natural.


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